Lining up for the wraith team\'s free kick.

Our caterer also handles first-aid and pirating duties.

Waiting for the next shot - or lunch.

Archie from accounting would like to go over your expenses with you.

Joel Polis as Elson, owner of Elson\'s Old Time Intergalactic Tavern.

A back-issue of Ancient Architectural Digest.

I\'m always misplacing my rifle.

Like most high schools the set splits up into cliques, the jocks and the dandies.

Clearly we don\'t pay these office P.A.\'s enough.

And people complain that my writing is illegible.

Your typical day at the office.

If you experience computer problems go see Sid over at tech support.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I went over the script one last time, then handed in after lunch. Finally, I’m done. Until, of course, I get the notes and have to begin the rewrite. Alex Levine, who went over the script before distributing it, had some thoughts. He found the Shen imbroglio too subtle (I thought it might be). He bumped on the end of Act IV and its resolution (I figured some would). He felt the reveal needed to be moved up and the big decision needed more of a build (Hey, man. Don’t come to me with problems. Come to me with solutions.). I expect feedback from everyone else in the not too distant future. Hopefully before we all go our separate ways this Friday. The rest of the gang is understandably busy. Still, we did find time to gather and discuss Martin’s script (a very special Stargate Atlantis). The highpoint of the afternoon’s progress was, of course, the place-holder title we came up with: Snow Globe. Ah, the satisfaction of another day’s work well done.

I was rewarded with a package from Atlantis fan and artist Helene Labrie (aka FargateOne) who, somehow, correctly predicted I would be completing work on Remnants today and perfectly timed delivery of various chocolates (including a very-intriguing/alarming dark chocolate and Brittany seaweed) and a booklet containing an overview of some of Helene’s impressive sculptures. Click on the link to check out her work: Merci, Helene.

Hey, just checked the sidebar and I see that next month’s Book of the Month Club discussions fast approach. A gentle reminder that we’ll have not one, not two, but all three authors swinging by to discuss their work and field your questions:

Kage Baker is coming by the week of June 30th to discuss In the Garden of Iden.

K.J. Bishop is coming by the week of July 7th to discuss The Etched City.

Jennifer Pelland is coming by the week of July 14th to discuss Unwelcome Bodies.

I’m hoping that we can equal this past month’s great reader response to John Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself and John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream. Oh – and I’ll be picking a couple of random winners from the recent discussions in the days to come.

And speaking of picking and the BOTMC, I suppose now is a good time to start thinking ahead to August’s selections. I have a couple of titles in mind, but would love to hear any recommendations you all might have.


Today’s pics: Behind the scenes on Outsiders.

85 thoughts on “June 9, 2008: Chinchilla Wins Mayoralty Race in San Monito County

  1. I’ve got a couple of suggestions for BOTM: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Maskerade by Terry Pratchett, and Kris Longknife: Mutineer. Check ’em out- I hope you like them!

  2. Again, great pics.

    BOTMC selection suggestions? Whoa. I barely have time to read anything other than Dr. Suess right now. *sigh* I wish I had something fantastic to suggest. But I’m sure you mean something a little more grown up than Green Eggs and Ham. 😉

    I have to go to bed soon. I’m getting up early to take Wolfen M. and her bunny, Alice, to the vet. Alice needs surgery. Kimberly (kdvb1) is coming along for moral support. Wish us luck! I’m driving.

    Trish 🙂

  3. Thanks for the pictures, cute captions and update… Joe… you are the best


  4. woohoo on getting the script in!!!

    am currently reading my way throgh a book called ‘the gun seller’ by the actor Hugh Laurie…any thoughts?

    im loving it considering the last book i read was to do with personal training and how to treat over use injuries ( by the you treat with ice and rest!! to begin with!!!)

    happy thoughts and hi-fives to all including those of the canine variety!!!


  5. It took me about ten minutes before I could type, given the drool your pictures set off. You’ve now made the withdrawal symptoms much worse; I see a minimarathon in my near future. Still, about a month to go. And hopefully I’ll be watching the premiere in the company of equally addicted fans at Shore Leave.
    It looks like your hiatus will be stress free from work, having hammered out your script quickly enough to leave you time for the rewrites. Oh, and back to the pictures. When I wasn’t drooling I was laughing at your captions. Priceless.
    My thanks as always for your time dedicated here. I’m in good shape on the book of the month club readings, and am excited at the participation of all three authors in this venue.

  6. Mr. Mallozzi, for “The Prodigal”, will the hybrids have a uniform appearance, or will they wear normal clothing? Also, does the title refer to Michael or Teyla’s son? What is his name by the way?

  7. Oh noes!

    “A Very Special Atlantis” for Marty’s script again? I thought that was the nickname you had for Remnants! Was that a typo…or something even more sinister?

    Shirt’n’Tie wrote:
    @PG15 : Lovin’ the reviews of the SG1 Marathon, in the main I totally agree with your assessments. I usually sneak in an ep. that you highlight, I can never remember the names, but always the events!

    Hey thanks man! It’s a pleasure writing these reviews as it helps to solidify the thoughts I had about the episode as it progressed; it’s hard to do that without just sitting down and thinking about it. And, of course, I want to give credit where credit is due; namely, Joe and his fellow buddies who work at Bridge. Glad you like reading them!

  8. Thanks for all the pictures!!! It’s always awesome to see some behind-the-scenes happenings =)

    book recommendations, all by Michael Crichton (since you’ve never read any of his books!):
    State of Fear-global warming thriller
    Jurassic Park-seen the movie? the book is 10X better!
    The Lost World-see above
    The Andromeda Strain-good stuff… unlike the 2008 remake
    Timeline-seen the movie? again, the book is better!!!

  9. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for the terrific photos from “Outsiders.”

    31 days to go to the premiere of season five on the SciFi Channel!

    (Not that we’re counting or anything like that.)



  10. Really love the pics of this Ep. 😀

    One thing though, it’s something that keeps on bugging me for some time, seeing the Ancient Script in that book in the 6’th pic from the top I just got reminded that the linguistic part in SGA is lacking a lot.

    I have a huge affinity for language, real or fictional.. but the Alphabeth of the Ancient, or those different scripts featured in the episode 2.17 aka Coup D’etat, I mean the different writing systems on the picture of Lorne and other ATA Gene Carriers, they just lack the exotique feeling and some kind of authenticity, as far as a fictional language can bear that.
    I would so love if you would put just a slight bit more effort in it. It would be nice if every alphabet shown in upcoming episodes had an unique feel and look.

    P.S.: The Wraith script is very nice though. Sorry for writing so much and getting all off-topic.

    @ Chevron7
    Hey fellow Lorne-Admirer… ^_^
    When I was small and we were on holiday, I used to go shopping in Turkey with my mom whenever we wanted to, ’cause they also have this 24/7 system, but here in Germany everything stays closed on Sundays, and we cannot go buy some food after 20:00 in the evening on weekdays. And I hate that!

  11. Fire! Using a blowtorch is only marginally cheating. Y’all need a flame thrower, excuse me, a flame effects cannon. That’d get the ole burn barrel going. Fire! fire!

    oooh, and a gun. And an indecipherable clipboard of doom. I drool.

  12. Completely unrelated thoughts: 1) Sid from tech support looks scarily like my dad. I will be checking his passport pages for Vancouver stamps. 2) I love Masthead Maximus!

  13. Hey Joe.

    My suggestion for the BOTM for August would be the first book in a series written by John Marsden. The book is called :”Tomorrow, When the War Began”. It follows a group of teenagers who live in Australia on their struggle for survival after the country is invaded…its the start of a war!

    It is a little slow starting, but once you get going you won’t be able to put it down! I read all 7 books in the series in about 2 and a half months.

    My question today is the same as yesterday because there was no mailbag…

    Is Fondy a fan of SGA? Do you tell her about the scripts you’re writing, or is she not interested?

    Also, I really enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes pictures from the set…now if you could only happen to show a page from the script in those pictures…:)

    Thanks Joe!

  14. Oh, one more thing.

    On the picture of the clipboard…

    I have no idea what you’re talking about with people saying your writing is illegible…I understood it perfectly 🙂

  15. (Re-post)

    So Joe, there was quite a lot of chatter about your casting skills and may I ask, how does such process work. I am asking becuase in my small thespian community at Saint Bernards Catholic Highschool (I’m not catholic! But it was the only school in humboldt county that offered Latin as a Second Language… 😉 there is not much competition for roles. We usually have three to five persons regularly appearing in productions, with the exeption of this year where we have seven in this months production. So as you can see, there is not much of an auditioning experiance.

    Also, would you ever consider shooting down here in Northern CA, Where the redwoods meet the sea? Beautiful country. Love living in it.

    (Want more info? Contact me @ [edited]


  16. OH! Also, I’m having some issues trying to find someone to critic (sp?) the first few chaps of this book I’m co-writting. I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking it over for me…I don’t really trust anyone just yet… E-mail me at me e-mail above and I’ll send it to you…

  17. Hi There,
    Hello from Australia!
    Congrats on getting the script to hand off stage, I bet you are relieved!

    I have a suggestion for BOTM, for the Sci-Fi section:
    Time, By Stephen Baxter.
    “Time is set on Earth, the inner part of the Sol System and various other universes onwards from the 21st century. The novel covers a wide range of topics, including the Doomsday argument, Fermi paradox, genetic engineering, and humanity’s extinction.”

  18. Joe,

    Since you have asked for BOTM suggestions for the August selections, the following books are just some that I have recently purchased and would love to dig into:

    Tim Powers – The Anubis Gates
    Ursula LeGuin – The Left Hand of Darkness
    Harlan Ellison – Deathbird Stories
    Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett – Good Omens
    Lois McMaster Bujold – Curse of Chalion or Paladin of Souls
    George RR Martin – A Game of Thrones
    Iaian Banks – The Algebraist or Consider Phlebas
    David Eddings – The Belgariad

    (Boy, do I have my reading cut out for me!)

  19. Is it hard to be part of your BOTMC? …too crowded? I picked up & read ‘the Android’s Dream’ on Friday and hope to get hold of ‘In the Garden of Iden’ tomorrow. If you’re getting plenty of commentary already, I can just follow along & not gum up the works; but I’ll at least know what you guys are talking about.

  20. May we pretty please have “Storm Front” by Jim Butcher as one of the BOTM for August (the first book in the omnibus edition of the Dresden Files, “Wizard for Hire”)? You wanted me to remind you, so I’m sounding off. 😀 “Storm Front” is also available as an audio book, read by James Marsters, for those who don’t have the time to read and would prefer to listen to an audio book during their daily commute.

    Also, regarding your ice cream post from yesterday, that was eeevil. I need ice cream like I need another hole in the head, but now I want to make some fig and honey ice cream and serve it with a drizzle of Scotch and caramel sauce topped with slivered, blanched almonds.

  21. Occasionally although, off the top of my head, I can’t remember one. There’s always a very good reason why a story is shelved.

    Wasn’t SG-1’s “Lifeboat” one of the stories that got shelved and then was revived upon Michael Shanks’ return since the pitch was meant for the Daniel character?

  22. Thank you for the lovely pic of Todd the other day. ^^

    Like Trish said, my little Alice is having surgery tomorrow — she has a bad malocclusion, which means her teeth are out of alignment, which in turn means that the bottom teeth are not getting ground down properly. The bottom teeth on a rabbit constantly grow, so if they don’t get worn down, they will grow through the lips (or depending on which way they are growing, into the *skull*, but in Alice’s case it would be the lips). Her bottom teeth need to be *removed*. It sounds harsh, but she’s already been happily eating a mix of baby food and softened pellets for months, while we tried to figure out what to do about it. Thing is, rabbits are such small animals, surgery is always risky. So Trish and Kimberly are driving Alice and I to a *specialist* (one that was kindly recommended to me by the head vet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom) because I’ve lost a rabbit to a “regular” vet’s attempt at surgery before. So *BIG HUGS* to Trish and Kimberly for doing this!! (And many thanks to the people online who pitched in or commissioned me so that Alice could *get* the surgery. There’s really a lot of wonderful people out there!) In the meantime, I’m way more nervous about Alice going under the knife than I was about my own surgery last year! XD

    I had to give Alice a bath this weekend, in preparation. She really looks silly when wet. XD

    How is Jelly’s hip doing?

  23. Joe,

    Will we see Teyla visit Earth this season besides the mentioning of her visit like we had in Midway?


  24. Morjana Said:

    31 days to go to the premiere of season five on the SciFi Channel!

    (Not that we’re counting or anything like that.)

    Heh I circled it on my calendar, put a reminder on my blackberry, set the PVR and booked a babysitter. Overkill? My hubby thinks so. I prefer to think it’s just excellent planning skills!


    Thanks for the pic’s Joe!

    Archie from accounting looks familiar. I think he might have done my taxes last year. Bum job too, I owed $1800. Just thought I’d warn you.

    However I feel I should question that last photo – is that a small propane bottle (the little blue container) next to the burning garbage can? I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a set but somehow I seem to recall a health and safety meeting about putting things that blow up next to things that make them blow up. Perhaps maybe someone should suggest moving the highly flamable/combustable bottle away from the highly flamable… flames?

    – Nika

  25. Hi Joe!

    I recently became a fan of the show and this is my first visit to your blog. I was wondering.. do we ever find out the origin of Ronon’s gun?


  26. Hi Joe:

    For book of the month, I’d suggest “I, Lucifer” by Glen Duncan. I think your promotion of Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror literature is wonderful. Reading is a great art. It’s a pity that many people see it as too time consuming. With an apology to you and your fellow Sci-fi writers, I have never seen a movie or television version of a book that was better than my own imagination.

    May I ask, have you and the other writers considered the ramifications to Earth if a Stargate had been available and as commonly used as it is on many planets in the Stargate universe? Would there have been interplanetary war? How do you think that our governments would handle such a device, assuming that it had been kicking around and used for centuries?

    Patricia (AG)

  27. Affinity for the written word… the book is very cool but the handwritten script on the clipboard is off the chill chart into icy cold awesomeness!! I don’t get what it is but I do get the book’s meaning.

    I love snow globes I have a whole freakin bunch. More parallel TV weirdness. And some of em don’t have “snow” my faves are the ones with money and bats.

    I’d like to see snow on Atlantis city. Snowflakes in Shep’s hair. McKay catching snowflakes with his tongue. Teyla throwing snowballs at them. Ronon shooting at snowmen.

  28. Excellent pictures. Everyone looks so happy and vaguely dangerous.

    I’m looking at the BOTM schedule and I think to myself, “Ah, you have plenty of time to read Unwelcome Bodies for the discussion.”

    And then I remember that I have no concept of time and despite the strategically placed calendars in my house, I usually have no idea what day it is and always think I’ve got more time than I actually do.

    Thank laws I already bought the book. I at least have a head start. 🙂

  29. Cool pictures and awesome captions.
    The last one – your guess etc., how bout Sponge Bob Square Pants with a little roasting tan?
    Sorry,could not resist cause that is what it looks like.

  30. *waves*

    Hello from Vancouver!!

    As you can tell, we arrived safely yesterday and are now kicking up a storm, as you can see from the weather outside. 😉 Today was the coldest June day on record for Vancouver we were told – typical!

    You can imagine how happy Linz and I were when we heard that whales have been spotted in Vancouver again. Most fortuitous, I hear you say, as we’ve just booked a trip to go whale watching. However, little did we realise that Vancouverites were talking about the two beached whales discovered in the Four Seasons swimming pool. Most perplexing is the fact that Linz and I are staying at that hotel and we haven’t seen anything remotely like that….

    Will post our schedule tomorrow afternoon after we hear back from Brigitte.

    PS. I wanted to thank you for posting the lovely yummies, but Linz has told me not to be so ridiculous as the couple of piccies of the old and dirty men aren’t yummy at all, and am I that desperate? Well actually, yes, some of us are, Linz! ;


  31. @ MELorne-Süper-Fän – First, I agree with you on the Wraith script – it’s very nice. I’ve only seen it a few times, but it seems rather elegant, as opposed to the more rigid Ancient script. Beautiful script for a brutal species? Nice contrast. Of course, the Wraith in general seem to have an artistic flair (evident in their clothing, hair styles, tattoos and other adornments), so perhaps it could be said that their script, like their personal grooming, is a reflection of their appreciation for beauty.

    It would be nice to learn more about the languages in the PG. I’m mostly interested in Wraith language – is it something that humans can even pronounce, or is it more like hisses and growls? We just don’t know because it hasn’t been explored yet. Related to Ancient in the written form, but what about in the spoken form? Does it sound the same? Different? Is it even spoken at all? Lots of questions there.

    @ JM –

    1. Still curious if we will ever see a Wraith that goes beyond what they consider acceptable treatment of humans, something that will help define their morality (since we’ve only viewed their treatment of humans from our moral standpoint).

    2. Question about the possible food alternative for the Wraith – if they accept it, will they still be able to feed as they once did (if they so desire), or will this ability be totally lost? Will that be the trade-off?

    3. And ya know the whole ‘I hate to read’ thing? Well…I really should change that. 😳 See…I stumbled upon an interview at Gateworld with Alan McCullough, and it really addressed a lot of my concerns for S5, and has me excited once again. I will do my very best to shut my fat face and let the story play out (something I tell people all the time about comic books, but cannot seem to apply to myself when it comes to SGA). So…yeah, yeah, yeah…read more, talk less…

    Wish me luck with that. 😛


  32. I could use some of the Galliano from the ice cream making to celebrate my kitchen and bathroom renovations being done. (Time for harvey wallbangers….)

  33. Do you have a ‘guaranteed to work’ method for getting rid of hiccups?
    If you do, can I have it now please? I’m about to reach for a sharp object to inflict some personal harm.

    (Hey, man. Don’t come to me with problems. Come to me with solutions.)

    I’m hearing ya! Also people with 20/20 hindsight who were noticeably silent when the tough decisions were actually being made.

    I’ve been told I smile when I watch Atlantis, Supernatural and Buffy – and Orlando Bloom but that’s a completely different topic – however I watch SG1 with a look of concern. Life is full of mysteries (and freaking hiccups).

  34. My recommendation for BOTM.

    Pawn of Prophecy (Book 1 of The Belgariad) by David Eddings

  35. Snow Globe.. hmmm, I like it. Keep it. It’s unorthodox. Is this episode going to make us all warm and fuzzy inside? I like those.

    Sometimes I feel like that one picture’s tech support could come in handy, aka when I feel like beating my computer with a sledge hammer when it doesn’t work properly!

  36. Funcokler Xerow said:
    I can’t see captions. Unless I’m looking somewhere wrong.

    Waggle the cursor over the picture and the caption comes up dude.

    Great pics and snappy captions.

    I’d really like to see some human-friendly wraith something on a par with the Tok’ra if you get my drift, cuz not all symbiotes were evil and I’d like to see the wraith given a chance too.

  37. @ Wolfenm: I love your bunny! oops that didn’t quite come out right lol. she is such a cutie. Ill keep my fingers crossed all goes ok with the surgery.

  38. 2 more episodes seen today:

    Menace: Again, another nice episode…which is basically my way of saying that it’s average. I enjoyed it well enough, and of course, I loved the replicator shootout, as well as Daniel’s attempts at reaching Reese; he was certainly desperate, and it showed in Michael Shanks’s great acting in those scenes. The ending was also great, seeing Danny (nearly?) in tears. However, the problem I had was with Reese herself. I thought the actress did a fine job portraying the character for what she is, a spoiled, paranoid brat…but I hate those kind of characters, so it sort of brought the episode down a notch for me. Still, I liked it.

    The Sentinel: Now this is odd. Looking back, there wasn’t much to the episode; SG1 go in, fight off Jaffa for most of the episode, then help save the world at the end with a fancy gadget. Ok, a few other people were involved, but still, it was a simple plot. However, I liked it a lot! I was all caught up in the ever mounting tension as things got worse and worse for our heroes, and I felt sorry for Marul as he watched his city being pelted from the skies. He seemed so innocent, and yet at the end he still faced his fate with dignity. That was a great scene. Similarily, it was nice to see Grieves making a stand at the end as well. Overall, a very entertaining episode with lots of action…and Christina Cox. 😉

    Tomorrow, Daniel dies.

  39. I’m hoping that we can equal this past month’s great reader response to John Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself and John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream.

    Wasn’t John Shirley supposed to stop by your blog also? Or did I imagine that part?

    A Honshuu wrote:

    Is it hard to be part of your BOTMC? …too crowded?

    Hard? Not particularly. Prepare to be assimilated. If you read the books and comment on them, then you’re pretty much a member of the BOTM club.

  40. Hi, Joe —

    Some additions to my previous recommendations for the BOTM (pretty much anything by Lois McMaster Bujold):

    His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik. First of the Temeraire series, it’s an alternate history take on the Horatio Hornblower-style story, but with dragons (and less of a stick up the hero’s butt.)

    Any of Jim Butcher’s Dresden files books, though Dead Beat is my favorite.

  41. Hi there Mr M!

    Greetings from a balmy Tipperary (21 degrees C!)

    With regard to the BOTM Selection, I’m mid-way through “The Magician” by Michael Scott. This is Book 2 (just released) of his Nicholas Flammel Series. Book 1 Called “The Alchemyst” is worth a look. Also, a bit lighter, but none the less entertaining is the Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer. Or how about an old chestnut “Slaughter House 5” by Vonnegut?

    oh, and for the last caption, I would suggest ….. Atlantis Crew Rig Up Smores Creation Device!?!

    Best wishes to all


  42. Hi Joe,

    I have missed your blog the past few days cause I was away up the coast at my mums place on the water. So pretty up there.
    My mum had to have some surgery done now she is at home recovering!
    Great pic’s as always! Happy that you got your script in!
    woo hoo!
    Cool behind the scenes pics.

    Take care & happiness always!


  43. Congratulations on finishing your script, well for now, Haha. I was thinking the other day that I want to take up another language after seeing your abilty to speak a number of different ones. Im gonna attempt to take up a course at uni, it should be interesting as I dont have much time as it is as Im currently undertaking a nursing degree, but Its something I really want to do, so just saying thanks for the inspiration.

  44. Cool Ancient Fairy Tale there Joe. The ending was a bit of a shock. 🙂

    Has my parcel not arrived yet? I sent it 2 weeks ago. Although it did take 10 days to travel interstate in Australia before that. Hopefully it’s not lost in transit.

    What has surprised you most so far about Season 5?

    Cheers, Chev

  45. Cheeky lil Devil said:

    Hello from Vancouver!! As you can tell, we arrived safely yesterday and are now kicking up a storm, as you can see from the weather outside.

    Have a fantastic time ClD and Linz. I’m soooo jealous. It goes without saying, take plenty of photos, we’ll just live vicariously through you for a day.

    All the best!

  46. Cheeky lil devil wrote:
    As you can tell, we arrived safely yesterday and are now kicking up a storm, as you can see from the weather outside. Today was the coldest June day on record for Vancouver we were told – typical!

    How fortunate you are. We here in the metro Atlanta had a record high for the date at 98’F. I think that’s the fifth day in row we hit or topped 90′ (it’s still only the first half of June). I do not look forward to what we will be in for when the “hot” months get here. And still not enough rain while the mid-west is getting storm/flood clobbered.

  47. Hi,

    I am a daily reader very infrequent commenter. I know other readers mention that your pictures details associated with them. I can’t see any comments for the pictures – do you know why? I have tried turning off firewalls etc. but no go. I would love to see names and details associated with the pictures. I love your blog thank you for the effort you put into it.


  48. Wow, great pics from the set! Love your captions as well, lol!

    I don’t have a specific rec for BOTM, but if you choose a Stephen Baxter I’ll try and join in this time! I read the first two books in his Mammoth series (which I see if now available in one book called Behemoth, but I bought separately as Silverhair, Longtusk and Ice Bones) a few years ago and finally managed to get around to reading the third one whilst on holiday this year! (The delay was due to the ME/CFS affecting concentration levels and making book reading difficult – fortunately I am starting to improve now.)

    Anyway, I loved the books and am now wondering which one of his to try next… Even if you don’t do any of his books as BOTM, can you recommend another couple for me to start with?



  49. Have we done Elizabeth Moon’s “The Speed of Dark”? Great book that is definitely worth the discussion.

  50. Dear Sir,

    Mille fois merci pour votre blog de ce matin, tout aussi inattendu que touchant et généreux de votre part.

    Hey man you are a gentleman and a sweet soul !

    About the Brittany seaweed chocolate, the artisan who sells it to me tells me that you can hardly taste the seaweed itself but it is more to enhance the anticancer properties of the dark chocolate because seaweed has also anticancer property.

    Have a very good hiatus time !!

  51. Okay, the blowtorch thing is making me crazy. The yellow hose leading into the burn barrel, that’s likely propane to feed the flames. But the torch! I think the blue canister is butane, but why does it have a tank with a cap? Oil? Gas? Some diabolical mix? And two nozzles, aeration and???? That’s not a flame as I look more closely, that’s smoke (?) but it sure looks like it will ignite. Argh!!!!

  52. Marenamoo wrote:

    I know other readers mention that your pictures details associated with them. I can’t see any comments for the pictures – do you know why? I have tried turning off firewalls etc. but no go. I would love to see names and details associated with the pictures.

    Hi Mary,

    I assume you’re not using IE7 as your web browser. If your web browser is Firefox version 2 (or earlier), you’ll need to right click on a photo, and select properties in the box that pops up, and read the tag/comment there.

    Alternatively, you can download the following mozilla add-ons:

    In theory, these should allow you to hover your mouse over the photos, and see the alt text description as you would if you were browsing in IE7.

    Hope this helps.

  53. To Libcat I know exactly what you mean, “Dead Beat” rocks my freakin’ socks! And for one reason: Sue! *chortles* Well, and Butters. And hey, if we get Joe hooked on the Dresden Crack, maybe he’ll add more of the series to the BOTM. *crosses fingers and toes*

  54. The Innocent Mage (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker) by Karen Miller
    I have heard good things about this book
    and Maybe the RUINS for a horror pick?

  55. BOTM – suggestions for your consideration:
    I met the authors at our 2006 convention and they are great guys. And, I guess more importantly, the books are Science Fiction and had read appeal as I skimmed thru them. Now as I renew my “ability to read,” I have these in my “to read” stack.

    Kenneth Tam – 2 series
    The Rogue Commander – The Martian Wars I
    The Almost Coupe – The Martian Wars 2

    The Human Equation
    The Alien Equation
    The Renegade Equation
    The Campaign Equation
    The Genesis Equation
    The Earther Equation

    Russell Lutz
    IOTA Cycle

  56. Might I suggest something classic for the next BOTM discussion? How about Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”? After almost 30 years on earth, I finally read it…and was surprised to learn that all my pre-conceived ideas about the story were completely wrong! It isn’t exactly what you expect it to be…which made it all the more fascinating a read.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents….

    Oh, and I finally read “The Android’s Dream” (a little late for the discussion, unfortunately). All I have to say is: holy crap! What a GREAT read. There were a number of times I found myself laughing aloud on the bus. Hilarious, and thoroughly entertaining, John Scalzi is one of my new ‘favorites’. Two Thumbs Up from me…WAY up!

  57. I finally took the plunge and brought something that goes totally against the grain for me.

    Yes I purchased my very first odd ball bar of chocolate ‘Lemon and Black Pepper’ to be precise.

    I decided to try it out on my sister first while on a road trip…well it might taste horrible and where can you spit unwanted chocolate out in a car doing 80mph.

    I was surprised when she didn’t expediently expectorate in my direction, which quickly turned to annoyance as she had the audacity to ask for more.

    So I’m on the look out for another bar to quell my burgeoning whimsical taste, do they do pickled gherkin and goats cheese chocolate at all?


  58. The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks
    The Dark Ruver by John Twelve Hawks

    John Twelve Hawks in an unknown author – no one knows who he/she is – his novels are about living “off the grid” to survive – I tried to find out more about him/her but I guess no one knows. Book manuscripts are send “off the grid.” There is a web site, but it deals with other dimensions – very interesting.

  59. a good BOTMC is Prelude to Foundation by Isacc Asimov. Yes, it is a series but a damn good one at that.

    Another one? Being by Kevin Brooks

    And even better yet, Entanglement by Martha Wells. (Fankids, go google this book, you’ll have quite a suprise. As did I. And then read it. As did I.)

  60. 57 iamza wrote:

    Marenamoo wrote:

    I know other readers mention that your pictures details associated with them. I can’t see any comments for the pictures – do you know why? I have tried turning off firewalls etc. but no go. I would love to see names and details associated with the pictures.

    Hi Mary,

    I assume you’re not using IE7 as your web browser. If your web browser is Firefox version 2 (or earlier), you’ll need to right click on a photo, and select properties in the box that pops up, and read the tag/comment there.

    Alternatively, you can download the following mozilla add-ons:

    In theory, these should allow you to hover your mouse over the photos, and see the alt text description as you would if you were browsing in IE7.

    I’m not Mary, but I certainly thank you for these add-ons for Firefox.


  61. I did not know that Karen Miller also wrote bestselling tie-in novel Stargate SG-1: Alliances. MY sister also voted for the INnocent Mage

  62. you asked for book club suggestions, but what’s your criteria? do they have to be recently published? if so, that leaves out my suggestions, but here they are anyway.


    The Sorensen 4 Incident by Gary Crookes (sci-fi)

    The Great Game by Dave Duncan (fantasy, i guess. a parallel world is involved)
    which is 3 books in 1;

    Past Imperative

    Present Tense

    Future Indefinite

    Songs of Earth And Power by Greg Bear (fantasy. with another world & magic)

    The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt (horror-ish. the main character becomes a wolf at night) even though this says “part 1” it is a self-contained story

    even if you don’t choose any of these mr. mallozzi, if just one person reading this goes; “that looks interesting” & reads the book, my job here is done.

  63. Well I finished In the Garden of Iden last week and started The Judas Strain by James Rollins and finally picked up The Android’s Dream to start next.

    For your BOTMC I do recommend anything by James Rollins, Map of Bones leans a little towards The DaVinci Code, but Ice Hunt is more scifi/horror. Really all of his books have been enjoyable.

  64. Hey Jo’

    Why are you not at “Le Festival de télévision à Monte Carlo” like Chris Judge and Brad Wright ?
    Cool pictures, when the shooting of 5th season will be finished ?

  65. “Bomb Squad blows up chicken rigged with explosives.”

    Kid you not. That was the headline in today’s paper and I immediately thought you were branching out into newspaper reporting.

    You once mentioned that 6 out of the 7 SGA cast members were members of SAG. Can you tell us which cast member is not a SAG member? If the strike does happen, can we expect the six to come down with some sort of Pegasus flu and the seventh has to hold down the fort?

  66. Try Rachel Caine The Weather Warden series.

    “The Wardens Association has been
    around pretty much forever. Some
    Wardens control fire, others control
    earth, water, or wind— and the most
    powerful can control more than one
    element. Without Wardens, Mother
    Nature would wipe humanity off the
    face of the earth….”

    An interesting idea, the thought that somewhere someone is smoothing that hurricane into a gentle zephyr, that blizzard into a winter wonderland and how it can all go pear-shaped when they fail.

  67. Two Questions

    1.) In Season 5, are there any Earth Stories?
    2.) Are we going to see a rebuilt Midway Station in Season 5?

    – Brendan

  68. Joe,

    Do you know who will be going to Comic Con from SG-1 or SGA? Sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend!

  69. Don’t really have any suggestions for Auguts’ BOTMC selection but find the need to point out that the one year anniversry of the club is fast approching… How time flys eh!!

  70. Tomorrow, Daniel dies.
    Even after dozens of viewings, it’s still only watchable because Daniel came back in season 6, which produced some of my very favorite episodes: Full Circle, The Changeling, Abyss

    In fact, I’m watching Full Circle right now. Which is why I had to say. And if Daniel hadn’t come back… I don’t think I could’ve ever watched Meridian again.

  71. Oh dear, looks like I missed an interesting issue of Readers Digest. I knew I should have taken up their SPECIAL subscription offer.

    Thanks for the photos and captions (which were equally rewarding). And congratulations on getting your script in so fast.

  72. BOTM suggestions, these are purely selfish because they are books I already own – meaning I won’t have to fork out any more money.

    White Apples or The Wooden Sea by Jonathan Carroll,

    Scar Night by Alan Campbell

    Or One of Us by Michael Marshall Smith, which is the book I recommend to everyone.

    Of course you’re not going to pick any of these (though I’d be chuffed to bits if you did) but I look forward to seeing what your choices are.

  73. Hey Joe,

    Has all of Atlantis been discovered yet? Or are they still being discovered? I like the episodes where they discover things in the base such as Before I sleep ( I think that is the title), Hot Zone or Tao of Rodney. Although they haven’t always been good discoveries.

    Thanks for the blog.

  74. BOTM suggestions from Cornwall are as follows and in no particular order of preference:
    I Am Legend- Richard Matheson. Never mind the movies see the book.

    Ship of Magic – Robin Hobb (part one of the liveship Traders series)

    Reaper Man – Terry Pratchett

    Good Omens – Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

    The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly

    Weaveworld – Clive Barker

    Abarat – Clive Barker

    Cabal – Clive Barker

    The Briar King – Greg Keyes (part one of the Kingdom of Thorn and bone series)

    Carpe Jugulum – Terry Pratchett

    Shadowfall – James Clemens

    Before They Are Hanged – Joe Abercrombie

    Its time I was horizontal and catching some zeds. G’night all!

  75. Funcokler Xerow says:

    I can’t see captions. Unless I’m looking somewhere wrong.

    Do you have a Mac? I am unable to see the captions on my MacBook, so I just use my roomie’s computer or the family desktop to read Joe’s blog. A bit of a pain, but worth it, IMHO.

  76. *grin* San Monito (Saint Monkey) County…*heeheehee*

    Picked up THE ARK OF TRUTH today. Just don’t ask how little…*ahem* how much it cost.

    Will contact local Gate fans Nolamom and spouse to suggest a viewing party.

    No suggestions for BOTM but hope to participate in August. Just started summer eight-week semester, two ASL classes, make-or-break time for my sign-language skills.


  77. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the great behind the scenes pictures. Its always good to see some of the work and effort put into the final episode.

    I have to admit though, the knocker shown in the book with Ancient text doesn’t have an ‘alien’ feel to it, as it hangs on the door of the cathedral, just up the road from my college in Durham.

    Thanks for the blog,


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