Nicole and Paul

Sergeant \"Dusty\" Mehra

Captain Alicia Vega

Leela practices the fine art of the pistol whip on a hapless Lawren.

It\'s as heavy as it looks.

Will delivers the double thumbs up

I was standing by the monitor alongside the seated Will Waring, watching the rehearsal of the finale Whispers sequence. As Will got up to go give the actors some last minute direction, I stepped in and claimed his seat. And it was just as I settled into the director’s chair that a heavy wooden ladder came crashing down on the spot I’d just vacated. My wrist had received a glancing blow but I was otherwise unharmed. But had the ladder fallen just a couple of seconds earlier, or had I not moved to take Will’s seat, I would no doubt be writing this entry from an emergency ward – provided I was still conscious of course.

Brush with death or brain injury aside, it was an excellent day and marked the end of the Whispers shoot (outstanding inserts and pick-ups aside). Christina Cox wrapped yesterday and, today, it was everyone else’s turn: Nicole de Boer, Janina Gavankar, Leela Savasta, and, last but not least, the lovely Paul McGillion. A great time was had by all and I was genuinely kind of sad to see the episode wrap. Will declared it the most difficult episode he has ever shot. But also the most fun. I can’t wait to see a cut.

I stayed late yet again, wandering over to Stage 2 where The Queen was being shot to take a few snaps of that creepy new wraith, check out the amazing sets, and grab one of the complimentary smokies being served. I returned to the FX Stage as the second unit pizza delivery arrived. “Worksafe B.C. prohibits eating on set,”I informed a bewildered P.A., confiscating his barbecue chicken pizza.

It was delicious.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday girl Amyfo.


SusantheTartanTurtle writes: “Is there any particular reason that you have been lurking whilst “Whispers” is being filmed. Apart from all the pretty ladies that is.”

Answer: Most of the time, I’m simply too busy to spend time on set. In the case of Whispers (as was the case with Harmony late last season), I have a window before I start my next script (episode #16). Also, this episode is a little more complex than most, requiring a substantial amount of fog FX, and I wanted to be on hand to deal with any potential problems. Fortunately, things went swimmingly.

Gwen writes: “On May 3rd drop by Elfsar Comics and Toys in Vancouver and get 5 FREE comics!”

Answer: If I’m in the neighorhood, I’m definitely dropping by.

LostCityGuardian writes: “Is the Shrine of Talus still going to be called that, or is it now just The Shrine?”

Answer: It’s now called The Shrine.

Shado writes: “Were any of the rest of the main cast of SGA asked and opted not to do one or did you guys only ask Amanda?”

Answer: I have nothing to do with organizing the DVD commentaries, so I have no idea.

Christie writes: “Also, have you ever read the Incarnations of Immortality series, by Piers Anthony?”

Answer: I did recently read On A Pale Horse. Is that the first book in the series?

David writes: “If part 1 of a two parter episode is written by one person, is the second part written by that person as well?”

Answer: Not necessarily.

Leesa Perrie writes: “How’s the eye? Any better?”

Answer: Much better. Thanks.

Demon Hunter writes: “ Have you read any of the Artemis Fowl books?”

Answer: I’ve often eyed them at my local bookstore. Any good?

StellaByStargate writes: “I’ll ask again if we’re going to be treated to another fantastic Joel Goldsmith full orchestral score for Continuum as we were with AoT?”

Answer: Oh yeah.

Joel413 writes: “When you are snapping pictures of cast/crew and other people on the set, do you let them know you will be posting them on your blog? To you ask folks if it’s Ok to shoot the pics? I wouldn’t exactly call the SGA set a “public place” where someone might get snapped. Have you ever had anyone politely ask you not to post their picture? And if so, have you just obliged their request, or have you negotiated some comprimise, or just said, screw it they’re my pictures and my site?”

Answer: I’ve alerted the actors, crew, and any guest stars that I may be snapping pics for the blog. If, for whatever the reason, someone prefers not to have their photo taken and/or posted, I’ll happily respect their decision and avoid taking pictures of them until such a time as they express a willingness to have their picture taken again.

68 thoughts on “May 2, 2008: That’s a wrap!

  1. It is nice to see Paul McGillion back on set, but he seems to be looking a little ‘leaner’ in the photos. Has he been working out? and if so, was this for the SGA storyline or something else?

    I finally got to seen Ark of Truth last weekend – GREAT movie.

    It’s 8 days to my birthday; not that I’m counting, mind 😉

  2. Thanks for the dedication and the first picture is wonderful! Two of my favorite sci fiction actors side by side. I made it my desktop background because it is an adorable picture of the two of them. Thank you!!

  3. Hey Joe,

    I’ve seen some of the final numbers for Season 4.5! Like you said to me before, the numbers are out there just have to find them. Anyway, It would seem the most recent season half pulled in the best numbers since Season 2. Do you think the odds are in favor of a Season 6 pick-up? Sorry if it seems early I’m asking, but it could likely be less than 6 months away for SCI FI’s decision. Time flies when you are enjoying a show like Atlantis.



  4. Glad you’re okay!!!

    I had a really important question to ask, but I forget… I was so busy worrying about my calculus final it completely slipped my mind!!! Haha I guess I’ll ask when I remember!!!

  5. I suppose the next time someone complains about you swiping their chair you can always point out that it once saved your bean.

    Way to cheat a hospital trip. Yikes.

  6. Hold on a sec! The last answer from your Mailbag today…
    Does that mean, Kavan Smith actually does smile like that all Day??
    And by the way, any new Photographs of him for the next Blog?!

  7. Yay, Paul pic! 😀 My, but, as Sherwood Forest Maiden suggested, Paul’s ing *very* well. 🙂 Thanks for the others of him of late as well. Sorry I’ve been MIA — busy, busy. (Wish it meant I were busy making *money* XD …) I almost always skim your blog at least, though, even if I’m usually too tired or busy to respond or read the comments! XD

    Glad things have gone so well with Whispers — I look forward to seeing Paul and Nicole again. 🙂 And the spoilers over at Gateworld for The Shrine (and David’s gushing over the script) have me salivating (what with Rodney being my fave charrie and all, plus I’m very fond of Jeannie) …. Also looking forward to the Mckay/Sheppard interactions you mentioned a while back, of course — I’m always grateful for good emotiona scenes between them!

    Re: On a Pale Horse, yes, it’s the first in the series, and, IMHO, the best — Although the one about Satan, For Love of Evil (the 6th book), was really good too. (Well, at least it was when I was in high school. One of these days I should reread them all, methinks …) And I think you might like the 2nd book, Bearing an Hourglass, which is about the Office of Time, Chronus, who lives his life backwards.

  8. Thanks for all the great pictures of “Whispers”;all these glimpses of the behind-the-scenes action has really piqued my appetite for more Stargate: Atlantis episodes so I’m glad that Season 5 will be starting in July!

    As a Wraith fan, I couldn’t help but notice your comment that “The Queen” is in production and that you stopped by to snap a few pictures of the “creepy new Wraith”. Will you be able to share them with us soon?

    I’ve got a real weakness for complex villains and anti-heroes, so “Todd the Wraith” is one of my favorite SGA characters; I was thrilled to hear that he would be featured along with Teyla in that episode. Did you happen to run into him while you were there?

  9. Holy smokes!! Joe. Lets leave your adventurous side to food and leave the hardware out of it. Shall we. We’d miss you to much. Some of us live for this blog as it enlightens and brightens our days. I speak only for myself here when I say some days, I need a good hearty chuckle. You deliver. 😉

    Be Safe!!

  10. I know what you mean about pictures of people. I get a lot of please no pictures from family members. Fortunately the dogs don’t mind a bit and are perfectly content in front of a camera lens or video camcorder.

    At least that’s what all the wet kisses lead me to believe.

  11. How many episodes can we expect to see the awesome Connor Trinneer in next season?

  12. Glad to hear you’re ok.

    God forbid if the medic had been in the middle of making a soufflé.

  13. Heard there might be a SAG agreement by next week, great news if so. Selfishly, I don’t want any interruptions in SGA s5 filming –> getting to my TV asap.

    Answer: I did recently read On A Pale Horse. Is that the first book in the series? (Incarnations of Immortality)
    Just to answer back about one of my fave authors, yes it is. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Piers Anthony several times over the years, he lives in my neck of the woods (got to pet the horse!). My fave series of his is the Apprentice Adept (1st book is Split Infinity), definitely recommended if you haven’t read them. The Xanth books started out awesome, but as the series went on they got to be a bit too much for me.

    Thx for the Whispers pix & vid

  14. Glad to hear that you escape the deadly ladder. Really don’t want to see a News bulletin about TV producer being smack to death by the dastardly ladder in Vancouver. Sounds like a line from a very bad film.

    If Christina wrapped on Thursday. Does that mean she have the “Space Cow” encounter? Hope for some more Major Anne Teldy tidbits.

    Will have to avoid the nutcases around the Bell Center for tonight’s hockey game with the Philadelphia Flyers. Hopefully the police riot squad is ready, unlike the last game in Montreal. The Habs better not disappoint the nutcases (fans).

  15. ‘On A Pale Horse’ is the first in that series, and it is a fun read. If you haven’t read these, try David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” series, (great space opera) and David Edding’s “Belgariad Series”, some of the most fun fantasy I have ever read.

  16. Man, glad to hear you’re all right since you moved just before the ladder crashed. In Android’s Dream, John Scalzi hones coincidence to a fine art, but those real-life close calls can be pretty unnerving.

    “Whispers,” through your write-ups and pics, has approached the near-mythical in my mind. As long as it doesn’t make me run shrieking from my house, though, I promise not to send you the chocolates with hidden mint-flavored mouthwash.

  17. RE:Demon Hunter writes: “ Have you read any of the Artemis Fowl books?”

    Answer: I’ve often eyed them at my local bookstore. Any good?

    The Artemis Fowl Books, I have found quite amusing. However, I believe they are written for a younger generation…a Young Adult crowd. I am in the middle of the most recent one…”The Lost Colony” I have always enjoyed them, ever since I started reading the first one when it came out years ago. Even though they are written for a young adult crowd, I would highly suggest that everyone try them.

  18. That first pic is so adorable. Nicole’s quite lovely.

    Well, I’ve been by Borders three times and they haven’t had The Android’s Dream at all. Maybe tomorrow while I’m driving around in parts of town I don’t usually go to I can find a bookstore that has it.

  19. hey joe how are you? Long time no comment, been busy here delivering baby goats!

    So my QOTD- are we going to see more of Major Lorne next season?

    how’s the pack are they glad that you wont be spending as much time getting up at odd hours and thus confusing the heck out of them?

  20. I just have a quick question. If I wanted to decorate a Stargate Atlantis cake to enter in my town’s local fair in September, who would I get written permission to use any copyrighted images from? I just remembered that I need to attach something that says I have permission from the copyright holder so no gets sued for copyright infringement.

  21. Hey…I just came back from Montreal and I loved every minute of it…

    Only have two questions….

    1) Now that most of the Asurans are gone will we ever see ones like Oberoth or Naim ever again?

    2) In “The Last Man” why did the expedition abandon Atlantis…why didnt they take it back to the Milky Way or something?

  22. I agree with wasted155 about the Honor Harrington series. Epic space navy battles, political intrigue, great characters, and treecats!

    Also, thanks again for recommending F. Paul Wilson’s “The Keep”. I’m still hunting down the rest of the Adversary Cycle, but I’ve just finished his “Repairman Jack” books published to date. Jack is an interestingly written “reluctant hero”, and is someone you definitely want on your side!

  23. Joe-

    Yes, On A Pale Horse is the first one, the one I’m currently reading. A friend’s boyfriend is trying to get me to read more sci-fi and fantasy books, so he lent me that one. Can’t seem to get through it, though, lately I have quite a short attention span when it comes to books. I like it, I just can’t sit still anymore.

  24. wolfenm Said: Re: On a Pale Horse, yes, it’s the first in the series, and, IMHO, the best — Although the one about Satan, For Love of Evil (the 6th book), was really good too. (Well, at least it was when I was in high school. One of these days I should reread them all, methinks … And I think you might like the 2nd book, Bearing an Hourglass, which is about the Office of Time, Chronus, who lives his life backwards.

    drldeboer Said: Just to answer back about one of my fave authors, yes it is. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Piers Anthony several times over the years, he lives in my neck of the woods (got to pet the horse!). My fave series of his is the Apprentice Adept (1st book is Split Infinity), definitely recommended if you haven’t read them. The Xanth books started out awesome, but as the series went on they got to be a bit too much for me.

    I read Piers Antony many years ago too, but I quit after reading one too many of his epilogues. I’d like to know what the guy is like in reality because his epilogues suggest a guy with one helluvan ego which actually put me off reading any more of his. Mind you Bearing an Hour Glass got my brain fried and I suspect I should have read it whilst experimenting with hallucinogenic mushrooms which I never did. experiment with shrooms I mean.. oh hell you’re not gonna believe me anyway PMSL.

  25. Pictures of The Queen set – drool 🙂 – pleasae post some of them! *makes huge puppy eyes* – please!
    I so can’t wait till season 5 airs

  26. Geez… Glad you moved Joe! That must have been a little scary…

    Somewhat related I thought something might have happened to you cause I keep checking the blog and I didn’t think it’s been updated since 4/30… well duh blonde moment (can say that as I’m blonde, and why is it that blonde has 2 spellings?)… It’s MAY… so when I was going to my fav’s it was set to April… had to reset everything and catch up today…

    So now that Whispers has wrapped what’s next for you? Are you now relegated to your office and computer pounding out the next script?

    Thanks for the great pics… really looking forward to the episode..

  27. Hi Joe,
    Oh my goodness! I am glad your weren’t hurt apart from your wrist!
    Great pic’s from the set! Creepy new Wraith? Cool!

    Be careful & stay safe!
    Happiness always!


  28. Hello Joseph… =) Sa va ???

    Ohhh O_O Vous ne vous êtes pas fait mal jespert….Graaa je maudit tout les échelles du monde!! Mais bon vous n’avez rien, c’est le principal!

    Ahhhh une belle journée qui commence aujourd’hui..Il fera trés chaud et trés beau.

    Merci pour ces superbe photos…humm il y’a trop de fille autour de suis jalouse lol …Snif il ne peut pas avoir de jolie garçon a la place encore mieux des francais ( hum bon Ok j’arrête avec sa..)


    1)Quel temp fait t’il aujourd’hui à Vancouver?
    2)En quel année êtes vous venu pour la premiére fois en france?Où êtes vous allez?

    Voila =) merci..Gros Bisou, je vous adore fort!!!

  29. Waw, talk about being lucky. I’m glad you sat in the director’s seat when you did. It’s also a good thing your eye is better.
    So, how is your wrist doing? You seem to be getting in all sorts of bodily harm lately… shouldn’t you leave that to the stuntmen? ;^)

  30. This isn’t a rant or moan; it’s a long winded question. In the episode ‘Before I Sleep’ Weir told the team about the early days of the war with the Wraith. She talked about a massive fleet of ancient ships that took some delegates to try and negotiate a treaty with them. Is it at all possible that we’ll ever get a flashback type episode where we’ll get to see that battle re-enacted? Or any other battle between the ancients and the Wraith?


  31. o.O Good grief, Joe! I’m glad to hear that you weren’t beaned by that ladder and that no one else was injured.

    Thanks for posting all of the behind the scenes info, photos and video clips from the Whispers set, I’ve really enjoyed them. This is definitely one of the episodes I’m looking forward to seeing the most in season 5.

  32. Answer: I did recently read On A Pale Horse. Is that the first book in the series?

    So I notice a lot of people have commented on this, but I can’t resist adding my own .02. Incarnations is a fantastic series. The second book, Bearing an Hourglass</i?, will entirely confuse all of your version of how to handle a timeline (that you listed back for Timescape). My favorite has always been For Love of Evil, but the whole series is just wonderful. Excellent writing, and they really make you think. (Piers Anthony is my favorite author, possibly ever.)

    Thanks for the set pics, again!

  33. Perhaps the Vancouver area chocolatiers and/or florists had something to do with the “accident” with the ladder? If you went to hospital, they might be counting on an influx of orders to be sent to you. Glad that in this universe the ladder did miss you ; life is stressful enough without wondering why you actually missed a day of blogging. Whispers is looking more and more intriguing, and I’ve really been enjoying all the behind-the-scenes peeks you’ve provided. Many thanks for your consistant dedication to maintaining this blog. You no doubt are single-handedly improving the mental health of thousands worldwide. Not to put any pressure on you or anything..

  34. Joe,

    Wow! That is super creepy that on the set of your super creepy episode you almost got crushed by a ladder! I am so glad you are OK. Scary!

    I feel sorry for the poor P.A. who’s pizza you stole. Bad producer! Bad! No more stealing people’s food! 😉

    Well I’m off to Disney to the Epcot Flower and Garden Show. I’m going to pick up Wolfen M along the way. I hear it’s going to be 90 degrees today. This is when I dislike living in Florida. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

    Have a great weekend!


  35. Hi Joe,
    at they auctioned off a lunch with RDA at $ 37,000 on 21-24 August on the Atlantis set!Does this mean there’s a chance we’ll see Jack in Atlantis in season 5? Also I’ve heard Amanda’s a brunette now, does this mean Sam will be a brunette in the her second episode later on in season 5?

  36. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you again for the lovely photos and the season 5 production updates.

    A reminder to US fans, the SciFi Channel repeats three SGA season 4 episodes this Tuesday, May 6, beginning at 7pm – Doppelganger, Travelers and Tabula Rasa.


    Hope your eye is doing much better. Hi to Lulu!


  37. Sorry, two more small question, are we going to find out the name of the aurora-class ship controlled by the Travellers, and do the Travellers actually call themselves ‘Travellers’ or is that a name the Expedition has given them?


  38. Jeeze Joe, talk about your close encounters! Good thing that angel/devil on your shoulder suggested you sneak a rest in the vacant chair!

    Glad to hear the wrap, well, wrapped sans injury!


  39. I’m reading World War Z and loving every freaky word of it. The format of having individuals give short interviews that come together to form an entire story works very well. The book reminds me a little of “The Last Man,” with only McKay giving an ‘oral history’ of how things went after Sheppard was blipped into the future.

    My question is whether your scripts are affected stylistically by the books you read in terms of general storytelling, point of view, timeline, etc. If so, can you give an example?

  40. Oy, I need to watch for that damn “insert” key, which I’m always accidentaly hitting, and not type over my own words! XD That was *supposed* to read: “Paul’s looking *very* well.”

    Oh, glad your eye is better and that you didn’t get killed by that ladder! XD

  41. Thank god it was only your wrist that got hurt Joe and nothing more serious happened – did your life flash before your eyes? 😛

    I love that first pic by the way, Nicole and Paul look cute together. 🙂

  42. Joe,

    I’ve loved the Artemis Fowl series. Even though it’s shelved in the “Young Adult” section, the books are quite enjoyable for adults, as well. Might I suggest you also pick “Here There Be Dragons” and “The Search for The Red Dragon” by James A. Owen? They are books 1 & 2 in The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series.


  43. That must have been a very startling experience with the ladder, but I think you should take comfort becuase if it’s any sign at all, it’s that the universe deffinatley still wants you around. 😉

  44. You may have to consult Fondy on this one…

    Does McGillion look as hunky on film or in person as he does in your photos?

    How far do you think your Pistons will go this year?

  45. Eep! Brushes with death & injury like that are always creepy and leave you with the “What If?”s for ages. Thankfully you are fine.

    Also, stupid question: What are smokies?

  46. Hi Joe!!

    Glad to hear your ok! Couple of questions: What has been the most difficult scene/episode to film? What has been the most fun? What scene/episode was the most fun for you to write either for Atlantis or SG-1? Most difficult?? Speaking of difficult, I am off to study for my finals! I have my Biology 206 final on Monday at 8am. Wednesday I have Spanish 101 at 8am and Math 111 at 10:15 am. Through all this, I still have all my kids end of year stuff. My youngest daughter (4th grade) has her intra school track meet Monday from 8:30-noon. So, I’ll be rushing from my final to watch that with Spanish books in hand. So be thinking of me as my life is going a little wacko! LOL!! Have a great weekend!!!

    from Indiana 🙂

  47. “I stayed late yet again, wandering over to Stage 2 where The Queen was being shot……..”

    Thank you, Joe. That’s kind of what I thought as far as the filming schedule goes. I remember SG1 filming several episodes at a time.

    Wow, Joe, you were really lucky not to have been hurt. It’s a good thing that you moved when you did.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  48. Apparently you had the CEO and a few execs from my favorite site (deviantART) on set?! Need say, I love you guys even more 🙂 I haven’t been able to keep up with your blog lately because of the flu, then allergies. I’m glad the evil ladder missed you!

  49. RE Artemis Fowl – They are good – atleast I like them. They are like the Harry Potter books in that they are more for teenagers but still enjoyable for adults.

  50. Having very nearly missed Doctor Who I’m chuckling muchly to myself over a scene n which teh Doctor, having donned a gas mask says somewhat arbitrarily to a military dude “Are you my mummy?” I swear I nearly choked on my boiled water.

  51. Flippin’ heck Joe, glad you’re OK.
    Will you consider wearing a hard hat on set in future?

    I’m glad that most actors and crew allow your photo taking. For me they add that exciting extra to your blog.

  52. Just wondered if you’ve read the second book of Kay Kenyon’s trilogy “The Entire and the Rose”–A World Too Near. And if so, what you thought of it.


  53. Do all the writers contribute to each other’s scripts, or do you just weave together an overall storyline once the scripts are written?

    good pics!

  54. *shudders at the near-miss with the ladder*

    Congratulations on your survival! Long may it last.

    I’m off to Victoria tomorrow. I’m still debating on whether I’ll use my one “free” day to ferry over to Vancouver to check out Fuel and the various chocolatiers that you occasionally torture us with…

  55. Thank you for the Paul pictures—-he is very easy on the eyes. I’ve loved coming here and seeing so much of him lately.
    Glad to hear you missed possible dismemberment/brain injury from the ladder falling on top of you—scary!
    I am very much looking forward to this episode after reading all of the commentary and seeing the pictures!

    Thornyrose said:
    Perhaps the Vancouver area chocolatiers and/or florists had something to do with the “accident” with the ladder? If you went to hospital, they might be counting on an influx of orders to be sent to you.

    Hmmm… there’s a theory…….

  56. Wow, Someone was looking out for you. Your guardian angel was working overtime. How scary is that?? Glad you weren’t hurt. Sorry to hear it’s been so cold. It’s been really warm here in S.FLA. Any chance of maybe going “off world” and filming in Orlando or Miami?? I live right in between so it’s no problem for me to travel 2 hours north or south and I’d be glad to lend a hand.
    Be safe.

  57. Maybe you should fingerprint the ladder and see which people on the set were tired of breathing in all that fog! 😀

    Glad you’re okay!

    Reminds me when I was in my wharehouse at work and a huge metal shelve came crashing down, nearly missing my head for no reason! It makes you think twice about life!

    Glad everything wrapped up on “Whispers” despite an attempt to whack you! Can’t wait to read the process involved in your next script!

  58. Oo, that ladder may have been caused by me waving Buh bye from the Skytrain (well if a butterfly flapping it’s wings can cause a hurricane?!) My Vancouver holiday is all over an done now and I’m going home thins evening – I tried something from the Japanese restaurant (not that I could pronounce it, I just pointed at the menu) I dunno what it was, some of it was chicken, one thing looked like shrimp, there was some green stuff and something that turned out to be fish. I think the staff were all hiding somewhere laughing at the daft Irish woman who [b]A[/b] couldn’t use chopsticks (and had to ask for a fork -try saying “can I have a fork please” with an Irish accent and not get yourself arrested!) and [b]B[/b] didn’t know what the little bowl of brown liquid was for…

  59. Bon Joseph..Je vais au lit …J’ai tondu la pelouse de notre nouvelle maison toute la journée avec une chaleur affreuse.Je ne pense pas avoir du mal a m’endormir cette nuit. ^^

    Et comme on dirait en Cht’i (c’est la façon de parler des gens qui vive dans le Nord de la France.D’ayieur trés populaire en ce moment, grâce a la sortie d’un film)

    “hey biloutte, Jte caire tell’min, tu ché? A dé…Babache!
    Eud ti el meilleur dé chplanet.”

    …vous n’avez rien compris.Ne vous inquiétez pas c’est normal^^!

  60. I know you don’t have anything to do with the cover art on the DVDs, but the Continuum artworks looks awesome!

    Good to hear that a ladder didn’t put you in the hospital!

    Ever read horror writer Dean Koontz?

  61. I am glad you survived your brush with death. Kind of spooky that you are shooting a creepy scary ep and some scary almost happens to you. I wonder if it is a coincidence. Hmmm? ; )

    I wasn’t so lucky. I almost gave myself a concussion. I bent over to pick something up and on the way back up I just WHACKED my head on the corner of the shelf. It has been a few days and I still have a small bump.

    Thanks for all the pics. : )

  62. Whew! Been a long day – just got back from Free Comic Book Day madness to read such wonderful news about a ‘creepy new Wraith’ – can’t wait!!

    @ Trish – See Iron Man yet? Glad I could be of assistance with the credits thing! *hugs back*

    @ JM

    1. As always, thanks so much for all the pics and stuff. But…Paul looks like he’s 20 again! Is that Michael’s doing??! 😕

    I sometimes try to avoid spoilers, but I also can’t resist knowing what’s coming up! Whispers sounds like a great ‘snuggly/lights out’ kind of episode…with popcorn and everything…really looking forward to it!

    2. Also looking forward to any pics from The Queen you may have to share…especially any of “I’m too sexy for my hive”, Todd. Speaking of which – will he ever get to keep a hive, or will he keep losing them as fast as Sheppard loses ZPMs?

    3. My sister now hates me because of SGA. See…when she was up last visiting from Florida, I made her watch several SGA episodes so she could appreciate the Wraith as much as I do. We watched The Rising 1&2, The Runner, Sateda, Common Ground, and a couple others. Well, she came to appreciate something, alright, but it wasn’t the Wraith. It was Ronon. 🙄 Reason I’m telling you this (and probably repeating myself) is because I just called her, and she said (literally), ‘Can’t talk now, watching Atlantis – they’re trapped underwater with a Queen – Sheppard is so funny, he keeps talking about The Abyss as if he still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that he’s in another galaxy where weird things happen, and it’s really good, and…ack, sucked dry guy!…I HATE YOU! Gotta go!’

    Ah, yes…another fan is born. 😀 (do I get a commission or something for that??) 😉


  63. Any chance of us seeing Richard Dean Anderson on SGA?

    Greetings from Brazil^^

  64. Good for you Joe, glad in your battle with the bad bad ladder, you won, well more or less. I guess the accident unnerved you and you do what I do,, eat,, smokies, someone elses pizza… 😀 as long as you are ok there. Happy the episodes appear to be going well and you are sharing with us, thanks for the updates. Be safe.;)

  65. [I’m French ; I hope you will understand me…]

    Hi from a Stargate’s-totally-mad-french-girl !

    I’m very happy to see Nicole de Boer in Stargate Atlantis. I’m wondering if she is in Stargate just for “Whispers” or for a longer time…
    And thank you very much for the pictures of her : with Paul McGillion, it’s a great picture !
    [Have you got more picture of her as “Alison Porter” ?]

    Thanks for all ! I hope someone will answer to me…


  66. “Answer: I’ve often eyed them at my local bookstore. Any good?”

    You shouldn’t just eye them… Pick one up, thumb through it and buy it. 🙂

    Tupopoflungo Said:
    “The Artemis Fowl Books, I have found quite amusing. However, I believe they are written for a younger generation…a Young Adult crowd.”

    You’re only as old as you feel, and Artemis Fowl may be intended for the “younger” crowd… I absolutely adore them and I am closer to 30 than to the teenage-stage of my life.
    Actually I kinda wish someone would take the books and put them on the big screen. I think with the right kind of vision they could look amazing. Lots of CGI though…

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