My French bulldog, Lulu, hates it when I sleep in. In that respect, she reminds me a lot of my mother who, when my sister and I were teenagers, used to rouse us out of bed by serenading us with early morning hymns. Not so much hymn-singing in Lulu’s case, but a lot of outraged yips, yaps, and growls as she springs up and down beside me, occasionally grabbing a mouthful of sheet in an attempt to tug me off my mattress. This is particularly annoying on weekends and holidays because: a) it is my only opportunity to sleep in and, b) Fondy has already fed her and taken her out so she has no reason to wake me up outside of pure spite. Although I’m an admittedly persistent sleeper, her determination inevitably wins out in the end and so I crawl out of bed, tired and cranky, brush my teeth and head downstairs – where I discover Lulu fast asleep in the living room. And despite my own determined efforts to prod HER awake, she proves an even more persistent sleeper.

In retrospect, this particular morning saw the Gonzaga Bulldogs in NCAA action, so that may have had something to do with it. But, alas, it’s been a bad weekend for bulldogs, not to mention owls, eagles (Golden or otherwise), jaguars, wildcats, huskies, and, uh, retrievers. Looks like Lulu’s last hope is Butler.

My lintmuffin account received an email from a Mrs. Nelly Nwagod who was contacting to remind me about the $550 000 I was owed. $550 000?! It rings a bell. Just in case it had slipped my mind, Mrs. Nwagod was kind enough to refresh my memory – and suggest I get in touch with her lawyer to help expedite the transaction. Percival H. Lintmuffin sent her legal representative the following response:

“Dearest Mr. Williams,

I received an email from a Mrs. Nelly Nwagod informing me of some developments in a business matter I have absolutely no memory of ever having taken part in. That said, simply because I can’t remember it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen as I’ve been incredibly absentminded of late, misplacing my house keys, my glasses, and my meandering nephew Jibarki over the course of one recent afternoon (Thank God I found the house keys or I would‘ve really been screwed!). So I suppose it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a $550 000 transaction would slip my mind. However, sitting back and re-reading the email, I was able to recall some elements of the deal that were not covered in Mrs. Nwago’d correspondence. For instance, I believe the sum I am owed is more like $750 000. And, in addition to the cash, I was also promised a Nintendo Wii, six cases of malt liquor, a new liver, and your undying friendship. Does any of this ring a bell? I sure hope so.

Get back to me to confirm.


Percival H. Lintmuffin”

I was blessed with yet another stroke of good fortune when my alter-ego, Margaret Quibble, also received an email informing her of a big pay-out. Apparently, she won 1 000 000 euros in a lottery. And she didn’t even half to purchase a ticket to do it. As Mr. Pete Burren at the claims department explains: “No ticket were sold but it is to encourage internet users.” Fab! Margaret wrote back:

“Mr. Burren,

Mercy me, this is wonderful news. I thank you for awarding me this prize and also commend you for doing your part to help garner interest in the internet, one of the world’s most woefully overlooked and underutilized resources. I would hope that my cashing in these 1 000 000 euros will, in some small way, help steer people out of their local libraries and parks, away from their friends and families, and into the solitary comforts of a dimly lit room where they can discover the joys of surfing for hairless monkey porn and cute cat pictures.

Keeping it real,

Margaret Quibble”

Let’s hit the mailbag –

Elizabeth S. writes: “1. Have you ever read The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents by H.G. Wells? 2. Have you read any of the Fandemonium Stargate novels?”

Answers: Sorry. 1. No. 2. Nope.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “What you can do if they don’t make it to the dvd is just make it available to us via the net. Simple.”

Answer: If this issue isn’t resolved, the bloopers/outtakes will never be made public. Sorry.

Dovil writes: “Do the actors have to sign off on them as well?”

Answer: Most definitely.

Kelly writes: “Anyway, when Teal’c showed up he was wearing his jaffa clothes, not an SGC uniform.”

Answer: I wouldn’t read anything into that. There were plenty of times on SG-1 when Teal’c, still a member of the team, headed off-world in his ceremonial Jaffa garb.

Zabadoo writes: “1.) Even though you probably don’t plan on having an episode involving Lt.Ford in season 5, do you think it’s possible to bring him back ever again? Ever?
2.) When you keep the Replicator storyline going without Torri Higginson, are you going to write in a possible chance for Ms.Higginson to play her character again, or is she done for good?”

Answers: 1) Is it possible? Hey, this is science fiction. Theoretically, anything is possible. 2) See the preceding response.

Tiger’s eye writes: “Myself, I found your blog when looking up “alien probes” +cartman +producers.”

Answer: And I bet my blog was at the top of the list.

Elizabeth S. also writes: “Well, I don’t know about lightning but we could start a petition vote thing, like everyone who thinks the bloopers should be kept leave a comment saying that they’d like the bloopers to remain. If there were enough responses, it could work.”

Answer: Actually, no it wouldn’t. The studio is already onboard. In fact, it’s been something they’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

MizMoose writes: “The best sushi I’ve had so far in my life was in San Diego. Where’s the best you’ve found ever (so far)?”

Answer: The big restaurant at the heart of the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan.

Stephanie writes: “I haven’t even caught up on the entire series yet (not even close, really), but I think it is safe to say that I’m teetering precariously on the edge of the black hole that is Sci-Fi Geekdom, and I’m embracing every minute of it!”

Answer: Awesome. Now all you have to do is start join our Book of the Month Club and my work here is done.

66 thoughts on “March 21, 2008: A rude awakening

  1. Ohh, you poor man. (hmph) I do so sypathise with your canine alarm clock. (snickermruph)The image of Lulu tugging your sheets is heartbreaking. (mmheheheh) And the unkindest cut of all, her going to sleep after awakening you.. (bwahahahaha). I’m sorry, the whole imagery is just too funny. It’s taken me the better part of 10 minutes to quit laughing so I can write this. Then the spam mails “hairless monkey porn”. Oh, my, what a great way to start off the weekend. Even with the wholesale massacre occurring in the tourniment, I’m sure there are enough beasties and whatnot to help you forget about your early wakeup call. Thanks for the mailbag, and enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

  2. Joe said:
    b) Fondy has already fed her and taken her out so she has no reason to wake me up outside of pure spite.

    Always thinking of the worst possible intention, Joe? Could it be at all possible that Lulu merely wanted to wake you so she can enjoy your witty and affable company while you were conscious? Perhaps she just wanted to see you smiling at her and petting her before taking her nap, then lovingly ignoring your jabs that WERE actually for pure spite? Tsk tsk Joe, tsk tsk.

    I would shake my head in disappointment right now, but I’m afraid that’ll just make my headache worse. Yes, I still have it. Damn you nervous system!!

  3. Crap I thought I was going to be first.

    Oh well, LULU shows like my cat Bubie. He used to wake me up at 7 a.m. on weekends but my ability to ignore him has move the wake up and feed me attempts to at least 8:30 – 9 am. He just loves to walk all over me and then park his butt in my face. What a lovely thing to wake up to. ; )

  4. **Round of evil applause for Lulu**

    That’s brilliant!

    I was reading Spambait. Very funny stuff. Can’t you get in trouble for impersonating an FBI agent? Oh well, I’ll send chocolate if you end up in prison. But you better keep blogging and writing Stargate episodes :-D, otherwise the “Free Joe” t-shirts might be delayed.

    I’ll try a question again, what’s your favourite word at the moment?

    Cheers, Chev

  5. 1)For the mid-season 2-parter, will Daniel be integral to the new enemy story arc, or will he just play an introductory role? 2) Will the new enemy be something out of mythology, or something involving religion, ( as that is Dr. Jackson’s expertise)?

  6. Personally I would prefer it if Lulu would have bitten you in the Ar…uba is a nice Island, have you ever been there? XD

  7. My dog does the same thing. She’ll yip and whine and orbit around the room, her nails going click-click-click in the most irritating manner. She knows it doesn’t take long until I’ll get up.

  8. Here’s hoping the blooper issue gets resolved favorably. I’d sure love to see them.

    Quick question that occurred to me as I drove to work this evening: From which galaxy do the Ancients originally hail? Atlantis has always seemed to say that they come from the Pegasus galaxy, but SG-1 and the Ori storyline seem to imply that the Ancients were a part of the same race as the Ori, and that they were a group who broke off and left the galaxy, making the Ori galaxy their original home. I’m probably just missing/misreading something, but I was hoping you could clear it up for me.

  9. Oh, yes, and next time your dog does that, just send her out of the room, shut the door, and go back to bed. That’s what I do. If you concede to get up, you’re just letting her win. Are you or are you not an evil overlord?

  10. Geekdom indeed. A very special slice of that market segment indeed.

    I sympathize with the early morning alarm-clock-dog. My puppy would wake me on the hour every day for the first six months I had him. Then he started sleeping in too…for an extra 15 minutes. Then the yip-yip would begin. It’s amazing the sense of time animals can have.

  11. Never made public?? waaaaaaaa!!!

    Oh pleaaase give us the bloopers.. don’t fail us Baron!

    I hope your sheets are holeproof.

  12. How old is the lovely Lulu? Could this still be excused as puppy behavior?

    I have a friend who is going through first week with a new puppy trauma, so everything is bringing puppy behavior to mind. Like the stereo in the next apartment makes me want to whack my neighbors on the nose with a newspaper. Or maybe have them neutered.

    Do you know yet where you will be filming when the Creation Con location tours are going on? It would be cool if you could come out and say hi. And Lulu could say yip.

  13. Lulu is in cahoots with The Baron. See what a simple tattoo leads to? Juvenile delinquency, that’s what. Actually, my Siamese does much the same thing, bring me his toys and meows loudly at four in the morning. Then he sleeps all day.

    Very excited for the weekend, out Spring Sproing Burn is tomorrow night … bonfires and catapults and art in flames, oh my. I spent all day making a new Easter bonnet. Click on my username and it’ll take you to the pics in my blog. Mrs. Bucky the skeleton mom models my creations for me, but I’m going to wear the hat on burn night, oh yes! Keep scrolling down and you’ll see my horribly gaudy bunny shirt, a testament to Bad Taste. Come Sunday or Monday there will be Fire pics too. Yay!

  14. Hey my kids are the same yapping and whining, wanting to eat but you soon learn to ignore them.

    If they’re persistently problematic invest in a shinny polished wooden floor suckers will slip over long before they reach the bed.

    Best way I’ve found to wake someone up is a water pistol filled with ice cold water works a treat.

    Gets my son out of bed for school every morning and if I’m feeling particularly mean weekends as well!


  15. Tiger’s eyes writes: “Myself, I found your blog when looking up “alien probes” +cartman +producers.”

    Answer: And I bet my blog was at the top of the list.

    Of course not. But the obvious first step was to eliminate Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone from my list of possible authors of your blog. (As others have observed, how many executive producers do this sort of thing?) After having ruled out Trey and Matt, I switched my search terms to “love vinegar new england patriots,” et voilà.

    Confession: I haven’t yet read any of your Margaret Quibble emails on Spambait; but now that I know just how funny she can be, I’ll have to check those out when I’m next inclined to avoid doing some work – say, in about 15 minutes. – I also enjoyed Lintmuffin’s response, this part in particular: “In addition to the cash, I was also promised. . .six cases of malt liquor [and] a new liver. . . .” Still laughing over that one, and feeling grateful that, thanks to a message received from the future, my bionic liver (sounds like a cover band for Aerosmith) will be ready 24 years from now.

    Props to Lulu for her determination, a characteristic that can do great things for a female dog. Funny story, too. It’s made me decide to sleep in again tomorrow.

    Poor Retrievers. One more item that ensures this being a day that will live in sports infamy is that in Division III action, the Amherst Lord Jeffs beat Ursinus. Tories, the whole lot of ’em. *stalks off muttering about those who should be forcibly extradited to Commonwealth countries*

  16. “I would hope that my cashing in these 1 000 000 euros will, in some small way, help steer people out of their local libraries and parks, away from their friends and families, and into the solitary comforts of a dimly lit room where they can discover the joys of surfing for hairless monkey porn and cute cat pictures.

    Keeping it real,

    Margaret Quibble”

    Let’s hit the mailbag -”

    Not to quibble with you or Mrs. Quibble, but shouldn’t you call your internet correspondence, the “emailbag“?

    Regarding Lulu and her irritating habit of waking you up bright and early on a holiday Friday, how about just closing your bedroom door so she can’t get in? But then, I guess we wouldn’t have the pleasure of enjoying your funny experiences at the hands (paws) of your pooches.

    Patricia (AG)

    P.S. It’s not to late to agree to drop in to a fabulous party on April 2nd!

  17. Hmmm…”Book of the Month” club, huh? I’m intrigued (either that or it’s the pull of the black hole again). Tell me more…

  18. I have just the opposite problem with my dogs. They love to snuggle early in the morning, which makes it really difficult for me to get up and get ready for work. When I used to work from home, the dogs would ride with me to take GeekBoy to school, and then when we got home, they would run toward the bedroom, looking hopefully over their shoulders, hoping for a morning nap together. I really hated to disappoint them! So, quite often I didn’t. Now they are home alone all day, quite obviously sleeping on the bed, and then when I come home, they can’t wait for an after-work nap/snuggle.

    We just watched Ark of Truth, and to quote my nephew: “freakin’ awesome!”

  19. hey Joe,

    cool replies! “hairless monkey porn and cute cat pictures” LOL yes Teal’c went off-world in his Jaffa clothes but Sam told Ronon “Teal’c WAS a member of SG-1 for over ten years, so he knows all about dealing with the I.O.A. …” (Midway) this in my opinion means that he’s no longer part of SG-1. I think everything will be much clearer in july.

    interesting answers regarding Ford’s and Weir’s possible return. “Hey, this is science fiction. Theoretically, anything is possible.” that’s pretty much what I expected…

    oh and Alex Levine’s episode sounds very interesting. I’m thinking it might have something to with a court-martial (obviously either Sam or Shep). hmm…

  20. Perhaps Lulu is attempting to revive your inner “early bird” nature? And then demonstrating how it’s much more fun to give attention to someone while there awake, by going to sleep herself. I can see it now, Joe. She’s onto something.

    Hey, it’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow, and seeing as she got me into Stargate, do you think you could wish Mary a happy birthday? Please?


  21. Hi Joe…

    Could you clarify something about the blooper/outtake issue…does that relate to the deleted scenes as well? Cuz you know…some of us are hanging on for dear life to that deleted Trio scene…

    Just had to ask…

  22. Sleeping in Joe? What happened to the cardio workout? I suppose when you try to wake up Lulu, you don’t yup, yap, growl, spring up and down beside her, and tug her off her bed. Perhaps hymn singing?
    Good news! My copy of Timescape arrived at my local library branch – just one in a system of country libraries, though while giving access to many more books than one library, my local branch is a smaller one, and generally overcrowded.
    Glad to hear you’re still keeping up on the spam front. Though there seems to be alot of people with the surname Williams – related perhaps – like a internet mob family?
    Cheers, and have a good weekend!

  23. Still wondering about the shepcentric episode, but I have a different question as well, Have you guys come up with any new episodes past the 9 that have been leaked and if yes or no, what kind of episode would you like to do if you had all the power and could put out whatever you wanted?? Another words what would be your ideal episode that you wish you could write and produce un-altered, what would you like to see happen and to whom??? Thanks for all the tidbits..
    ^ ^
    > @ @ <

  24. Have you considered consulting a trainer, or trying to cajole this behavior out of her? I had this problem for several years with my yappy Irish Terrier/Poodle. He goes off like an alarm at the slightest dog noise, which always starts at dawn. I am not an early riser, in fact I don’t start class/work till at least 10 am. He was really going off because my mom walks him every morning at that time. Eventually I had enough and started getting up to shush him myself. Now one word from me (even in another room), and he shuts up. My mom however, can’t make him shut up herself.

  25. Today, I think, is a day for just realizes. I’ve just realized a lot of things, including the fact that I just realized that I just realized a lot of things. Some of those things that I’ve just realized:

    I just realized I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have pets. Like, completely forgotten. That’s kind of sad, when you think about it.

    I just realized an interesting trend in your show. The amazing thing was I wasn’t even thinking about your show when it came to me. But that’s the thing about just realizing. You just realize. Anyway, it occurred to me that every season since season 2, a major character’s been killed off. Oh, sure, they come back in unusual and different ways, but about hearing about Zelenka’s death is starting to make me suspicious. I don’t mind the deaths, they create necessary drama and add a component to the storyline that makes it seem more real. Which is sweet. But the thing is, you guys can come up with different ways to have that effect, can’t you? I mean, you don’t have to resort to killing someone off every season. If for some reason you do, well, it’s not all bad, I can just set up a place to make bets on who loses the Russian roulette each year. I bet it’s, uh… well damn, you guys don’t have a lot of killable characters left do you?

    Hold on, let’s think about this. Well, Rodney will never die, he brings the pizazz. If Sheppard wasn’t the lead I’d say him, although you guys have managed to replace one of those before. Ronon’s a the guy who replaced the last one, and I’ve never seen one of those get killed off… I guess it would have to be Teyla. Well, I guess Rodney’s still up, Beckett gave an equal amount of pizazz and he still wasn’t safe from the writers’ almighty death laser. So Rodney or Teyla. One of them’s it for sixth season.

    (I just realized my spell-checker thinks “them’s” should be spelled “therm’s”.)

    Okay, sweet.

    I just realized I’ve never gotten an honest-to-god spam email. Oh I’ve gotten tons of corporate offers, but nothing along the lines of quality bad speeling and grammor emails with a hint of penis enlargement. I suppose I am both poor and have everything the internet can offer me.

    I just realized that Khaled Hosseini is a best-selling author, and yet no one I talk to has ever heard of him. I haven’t even seen one of his books at Wal-mart. That’s weird.

    I just realized that shovels are a lot of fun. It may be hard work to dig a hole for no reason, but once you’re finished, think of the applications!

    I’ve just realized that, while I’ve just realized many more things, most of them are either too boring, don’t align with the tastes of this readership, or are too difficult to explain. In fact, most of what I just said was pretty boring. Hopefully you’ve just scrolled right past this big block of text; after all, lots of reading could lead to dangerous eye strain, and I don’t feel like getting sued.

  26. Hello Joseph =) Contente de voir que vous allez pouvoir un peu vous reposze durant ce lomg week end=)!

    Ouiiii!!! ont veux des bloopers!!!! c’est trop bien en plus!

    0_0 encore un adresse email, mais comment vous faites pour vous y retrouver? je n’ose imaginer le nombre d’email que vous reçevez pas jour!


    1)Comment vous est venu l’envi de faire un blog?
    2)Avez vous l’intention de mêttre des Genii dans cette saison 5?

    Bon , bah voila =) Kiss Kiss, a plus =) Merci♥

  27. hey never mind TELLING us about Lulu’s attempts to wake you up where the frell was your cam? *taps feet,folds arms about to purse lips*

  28. on a more sober note which I am this morning I have to get my ass out and replace a fence panel blown down by my next door neighbour sneezing….oh all right it was the wind, I was just trying something a little different is all but the frikking fence panel still needs replacing!

  29. Hi Joe,

    As always a great read your blog is! Love it! Your dog Lulu sounds like such a character! My dog is an early riser. My mums dog on the other hand would sleep in the bead all day long if she could! You have to literally pick her up to take her outside in the mornings. For her to do her thing!

    On the Atlantis front I have seen some more eps of season 4 now & I have to say it gets better & better with each episode! So a huge thankyou to you the cast & crew! For such a brilliant sci fi show!

    Do you know when the stargate sg1 dvd movies will be available for release internationally?

    Take Care & happiness always!

  30. Answer: If this issue isn’t resolved, the bloopers/outtakes will never be made public. Sorry.

    Are you allowed to specify what the issue is? (As my granma used to say, “The truth hurts…but curiosity is killing me!”)

    Also: “hairless monkey porn”? *submits this comment, then skips off to Google*

  31. Hee! Found sites devoted to “hairless monkeys” and “penguin porn”…and also Joe Mallozzi’s blog.

  32. *waves*

    At least Lulu doesn’t try and suffocate you by sticking her face up close and personal, blocking your nose and mouth to wake you up!

    My cat obviously has some issues… And yep, not so much as a lie in. 😆 Yet we still love the little rascals…. go figure. 😛

    So Mr M, Inquisition!! Spanish, or court room? If it’s the former, if you need to borrow some props, i’ve got a great whip one of my staff gave me before I left. I’d be happy to bring it on over, it really wouldn’t be a problem. 😉

    Ooh look!! A short post from me, will wonders never cease. 😉


  33. Singing hymns to you is nothing. My mum used to wake us up with a highly pitched tone deaf rendition of ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’. If that didn’t work she let in the neighbours cat and through it at us.

  34. LOL!! Um, sorry, commiserations on your alarm clock. (chortle) I’m sure it’s just affection on her part (or she’s been listening to the Baron, chuckle)…

    Loved the spam reply! Even read it to my hubby and he LOL as well!! Love your dry humour, Joe, love it!

    Have a good easter holiday – even if you’re getting up earlier than you intended!

    Leesa Perrie

  35. Knowing that there’s not much you can do about the bloopers issue, but hoping it can be resolved…which one of them there actor critters isn’t up to letting themselves look human?????

  36. i would like to recommend the book “the blue knowhere” by jeffery deaver very good book.

  37. Joe,

    I have a five year old son who is equally persistent. I was so spoiled with my daughter who, like me, loves to stay up late and sleep in. I can’t do it on the weekdays – something about actually having to be in class when it starts at 7:25 (principal’s oddly picky about that) – but now that the kidlets are older, I figure I should be able to sleep later that 7:30 on weekends. Not according to Matthew.

    To his credit, now that he’s five, he comes in and rubs my arm to wake me. When he was three, he would come in a “tap” my cheek – hard. Always scared the living crap out of me! I try to tell him to not come into my room until the clock says “Eight, Oh, Oh,” but it never works. So I get up, make him breakfast, and then crawl back into bed until he gets finished and can’t wake up his sister (who is a persistent sleeper herself). I’m not usually cranky when I get up, but lately, Saturday mornings are finding me extremely short-tempered.

    DH says I should stop staying up until all hours, but what does he know?

    So, in a nutshell (I know, too late), I feel your pain.

    Thanks again for writing this blog and taking the time to answer readers’ questions. Speaking of which, since it is Easter season and you like chocolate, have you ever had Kinder Eggs?

    MA Milan

  38. Hey Joe!

    Looks like Lulu is a morning dog. Do you keep the bedroom door open? Heh

    Oh boy, get a load of all of those monetary offers! If you get that Nintendo Wii, can I have it? *Snickers* 😛

    And one more question…where did you get ‘Hairless Monkey Porn’ from? 😛

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  39. Wow, thanks for answering so many of my questions! It’s very nice of you. You should really read The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, it’s a collection of short stories and it’s pretty good, if this link works you can read it online here: Okay, no petition (good, I needed the time for school anyhow).

    If I may ask, what’s the problem with the bloopers then? (Not trying to be impolite or anything, just wondering)

    Happy Easter! (I think that’s the holiday that’s coming up…let me check…yep, on the 23rd)

  40. I disagree with killing off Teyla since she is my favorite female character on SGA and the only one I think kicks ass and then some so NO to seeing her die ..
    Killing off John and McKay and even Ronon is not the way to go either.
    I agree with getting rod of Weir though since I never felt she was interesting and she was terrible at being a leader. Woolsey looks to be much more promising or possibly Caldwell ..
    I’m hoping the Teyla episode means Teyla will use her gifts and I’m hoping Season 5 brings much more on the Wraith story arc and lots more Shep whumping ..

  41. Bonjour Joseph,

    «Mon pays c’est l’hiver» comme le chante si bien Gilles Vignault, je suis tout à fait d’accord. Mais, là je suis pu capable de l’hiver. Je suis presque toujours de bonne humeur, assez positive comme fille (bon, j’ai mon côté hystérique aussi, personne est parfait !), mais là je suis pu capable de la neige. Hier, il faisait vraiment tempête, des vents violents accompagnaient ben entendu cette tempête. J’étais sur la route, puis tout à coup tout en devenu blanc, tout !! La route avait disparu, les côtés, le ciel, c’était comme se fermer les yeux mais voir tout en blanc. Et bien sûr, mon auto à commencé à ralentir et à vouloir aller de tous côtés parce que les bancs de neiges sur la route étaient énormes. Ça durer quoi, quelques secondes ? Assez longtemps pour que je me retrouve en contre sens et en plein milieu de la route. Par chance, j’étais sur une route de campagne, mais une route qui est aussi emprunter par des gros camions de marchandises. Je ne dirai pas que j’ai vu ma vie défiler, mais j’ai eu le temps de penser: Merde, c’est pas vrai je veux pas mourrir ! J’ai pas encore faite tout ce que je voulais !!! Bon, si j’écris c’est que je m’en suis sorti. Mais, j’ai vraiment, vraiment eu peur pour ma vie. C’est la première fois que je me rends compte à quelle point je l’aime !!! lol, je me rends compte que je suis drama, mais tout ce que je veux dire c’est que je suis vraiment contente d’être en vie et que je suis pu capable de l’hiver !! Non, mais, pourquoi Jacques Cartier ya pas découvert HAWAIE ! Je serais entrain de faire du surf aujourd’hui, pas entrain de pelleter mon entré! lol
    Bonne journée

  42. Joe, I just wanted to wish you, Fondy, and ‘the kids’ a very Happy Easter.

    Take care,


  43. At least Lulu doesn’t sit on your head to wake you up like my 15 pound cat BobaCatt does. It is very difficult to sleep with a cat butt on your face.

    Hey Joe, now that you’re writing season five, if you ever find that you have a need for…say…a pole dancing wraith chick let me know.

    I’m not sure 33 year old pole dancing, scifi loving chicks are in high demand, but I just thought I’d put the offer out there.

  44. (TODAY ITS MY BIRTHDAY OF 19 YEARS PLEASE ANSWER ME=]…give me this present haha !)
    Hi Joe…i’m from brazil…i just want u to know that the brazilians fans of stargate are very happy about the movie the Ark of Truth…we dont have the movie yet…and we dont know when it will arrive here =[! And we are very exited about Continuum…we are big fans of Jack O’Neil (with 2 ll’s ) haha … soo0 here its my question…Will Sg-1 participate of some episode of Stargate Atlantis in S5 ? (even ONE ) ??? [Please] haha
    so00 i hope u answer me …Happy Easter…[sorry about my in brazil we speak portuguese…]

    Take Care.

  45. Waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

    Morgia!!oufff tu est pas mouru!! mince j’ai connu la même chose que toi il ‘ya quelque mois, sauf qu’il pleuvait et il faisait nuit…La personne qui conduiser ce jours là, a fait un dépréssion et n’a pas conduit pendant plusieurs mois ..glurp

    Ohh oui il fait un sale temp un peu partout en ce moment! il a fait 1 petit degré ce matin chez moi..snif même cette hiver il ne faisait aussi froid.

    Lol Pauvre Jacques Cartier, c’est pas sa faute, a l’origine il voulait trouver un passage vers l’asie ou des richesses…HUM je ne suis pas sure qu’il est trouver tout sa….! En tout cas les habitant de ce pays sont vraiment génial et sa, sa vaut toute les richesses du monde =DD

    Bon aller Bonne nuit Joseph, Morgia =)!a demain =)

  46. Answer: I wouldn’t read anything into that. There were plenty of times on SG-1 when Teal’c, still a member of the team, headed off-world in his ceremonial Jaffa garb.

    I’m very glad to hear that. I was absolutely disgusted when I read AT’s comment that she thought SG1 was disbanded just because Carter wasn’t there. It was as if the other four members were of no importance at all! They did just fine without her at the beginning of season 9 and I can’t imagine them not being out there doing their “peaceful explorers” routine as they were shown at the end of both season 10 and Ark of truth. SG1 is far more than any one character!

  47. Elizabeth S. also writes: “Well, we could start a petition vote thing, like everyone who thinks the bloopers should be kept leave a comment saying that they’d like the bloopers to remain. If there were enough responses, it could work.”

    Answer: Actually, no it wouldn’t. The studio is already onboard. In fact, it’s been something they’ve been wanting to do for a while now.
    Hmmm…so if it’s not the studio, and the showrunners are behind it….. Could it be that one of the actors is being a bit of a sissy about it? *smirk* Doesn’t want to be shown in a bad light???

    Yeah…I’m starting rumours again…sorry! *wink*
    (or I’ve hit it on the head!)


  48. Last season there was discussion on an episode seeing the return of Kolya, but wasn’t made, will that episode be made in season five?

  49. So what exactly is the problem with the bloopers? Sounds to me like everyone has signed off on them, did I miss someone?

  50. I feel your pain. My basenji, Arwen, is a poker. Not to be confused with pawing, she has a very specific POKE. Poke poke poke. 45 pokes one morning (I counted to see who would give in first). Sigh. There are advantages to stuffed animals.

  51. Claire said: “So what exactly is the problem with the bloopers? Sounds to me like everyone has signed off on them, did I miss someone?”

    Mr. Mallozzi said once that ALL the actors had to signed off. And as far as I remember he’s never said they had actually done it. I guess all the actors that appear in the bloopers need to sign off and it just takes one that doesn’t want to (for whatever reason) and they can’t put the bloopers at all.

    I hope everything works out in the end, because I’d love to see them…

  52. A water pistol next to the bed works wonders. You may get slightly soggy at first but a couple of Sundays down the line Lulu will be “trained”.

    Dustin Said:

    i would like to recommend the book “the blue knowhere” by jeffery deaver very good book.

    It’s a bit dated now, but don’t let that put you off. Drop the K – it’s called the The Blue Nowhere.

    “The blue nowhere means the entire world of computers and our relationship with them — from the Internet to how our lives have changed because of these miraculous machines. Also, as is revealed in the book, the phrase “the blue nowhere” has a second, significant, meaning to a central character in the story.”

  53. Kimberly said: “Could it be that one of the actors is being a bit of a sissy about it? *smirk* Doesn’t want to be shown in a bad light???”

    I should’ve read your post first before my previous reply to Claire… I don’t know how the actors in SGA feel about this, but I heard other actors in the past saying that they didn’t like bloopers and stuff like to be shown to the viewers because they consider them as something unprofessional. I don’t know if it’s the case here.

  54. Re: your comment that Torri Higginson could “theoretically” return as Weir at some point in the future…

    Joe, if it’s anything like the info that’s been leaked to Gateworld and other sites about the plot of “Ghost in the Machine,” I hope she doesn’t return. Not because I don’t want to see Torri as Weir again; in fact, I do want to see her again, very much. But I don’t want to see the character butchered to the point of being nothing more than a lame MacGuffin, used and thrown away like a snot-filled tissue.

    Elizabeth Weir had tremendous potential as a character that was wasted by inconsistent and indifferent writing. Even this “new direction” that she’s been sent in could have been so much more awesome than it was, but it was written as flat as a pancake. Please, just let the character become one of the Ascended already, and let her retain at least a bit of the dignity that this Replicator storyline has denied her.

  55. Here’s me checking in to see if you’ve updated and nope. whats the point in me getting out of me bed to come and visit and you’re not in.

  56. Oh so you’re lurking huh? well this is about as much fun as watching paint dry, where are you? Is the baron going to comment? hows cookie monster doing and where’s the video of Lulu trying to wake you up? Enquiring minds want to know.

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