These are the types of days that make me wish I’d pursued a different career. Something far less stressful or emotionally taxing like, say, mining, teaching at an inner city high school, or working undercover with the DEA as a mule for a Colombian drug cartel. To say that this afternoon’s notes session didn’t go well would be to seriously understate the fact. As a rule, when the person on the other end of the line begins the call by complimenting your script in general terms (ie. “We really like what you did here.” or “You used a really standout font!”), you know you’re screwed.

Rewriting a script is like playing a game of Jenga. You try to your best to make adjustments that will not compromise the structure as a whole. But there are times when the adjustments require you to shift the blocks at the bottom and, as a result, the whole thing collapses, leaving you to sort through the scattered pieces and reassemble them over the Easter long weekend.

But just because I’m feeling somewhat dismayed (not to mentioned disillusioned, disenchanted, discouraged, disheartened, displeased, disconcerted, disconsolate, distraught, disappointed, disaffected, discomforted, discomposed, dissatisfied, distressed and, yes, even a little discombobulated, disappressed, and disfrangled), doesn’t mean you all should be miserable with me (although, to be honest, it would be nice), so here are some behind the scene pics that I’m sure will brighten someone’s day.

186 thoughts on “March 17, 2008: Worst day of 2008. So far.

  1. Oh my God! The pics of Mr. Smith just made me happy. (and I bet many more fans) ^_^ It is really kind of you to post these!

    A friendly hug for you, which I hope will make your day slightly more bearable.

  2. Did you forget to wear green today? Smile! It’s St. Patrick’s day. I hope your day does get better and thank you for the pics they are nice. Have a better day tomorrow. I agree with susanthetartanturtle, eat chocolate and cuddle the dogs. There’s never anything wrong with that.

  3. Kavan looks like he’s having fun… David looks like he’s smiling gamely whilst secretly plotting your untimely demise. 😀

    Sorry to hear your day has been crummy but thank you for posting lovely pics to cheer us up – you’re terribly thoughtful for a megalomaniacal evil overlord. 🙂

    Here’s hoping tomorrow finds you feeling more positive.. or, if not, then plotting satisfying revenge against those who have dared to wrong you. 😀

  4. I’ll be miserable just for you Joe. Not that I know what that will entail. Should I be snarky at people for you? Or use as many words with the “dis” suffix as possible? Eat chocolate perhaps (I’d send it personally but there aren’t any really good chocolate stores around)? Or I could run around the block in a wraith-like costume screeching “Frederique the fishmonger has struck”. Take your pick and let me know.

    (That’s also my way of saying I have no idea what to say on the evils of note-giving when someone has had a day as bad as yours sounds. I could have hazarded a “maybe it won’t seem so bad upon review of what they said”, but that might seem a cop out.)

    I also have a nice whine I could use.

    Seriously though, I hope things are better for you tomorrow.

  5. Sorry to hear you had a bad day, but thank you for the pix. From the tantalising pix you’ve shown us, that ep looks like it’s going to be fantastic. I’m sure you’ll get on top of the script issues for this current one. We’ll all have a giggle, though, if when it finally airs, everyone is frquently using words starting with ‘dis’.

  6. Hi Joe!

    Sorry to hear you’re having a crappy day. 🙁 Lovely pics, though! Thank-you!!

    Also, thanks for the interesting behind-the-scenes info as a scriptwriter. I hope your future script notes sessions are better.

    And keep using that wonderful font! 🙂


  7. I’m so sorry that you were having a crappy day, Joe! Maybe the bright side is that tomorrow has to be better by default?

    Cheer up!

  8. So sorry you had a bad day Joe, I know how you feel…go drink some green beer and Yell at the top of your lungs… I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE… it won’t change the facts, but you might feel better. Thanks for the post and BTS Pic’s and Happy St. Pat’s Day!

    Patricia Lee

  9. Man, I’m sorry to hear about that. That’s gotta suck big time. Well, I wish you luck in reconstructing the story, and I hope it comes out even better than before, thus making up for all the extra work.

    In the mean time, thanks for the pics. I especially like the first one. Dirty and bloody is always promising.

  10. Bonsoir Joseph,
    wow, j’ai découvert plein de nouveaux mots ce soir qui débutent par dis… Bhaaaaa, faut pas s’en faire avec une mauvaise journée parce que tu sais quoi ? Demain est un autre jour ! Un bon chocolat chaud réussi toujours à me réconforter lors d’une mauvaise journée !
    ET comme chante si bien Flanders dans les Simpson:
    «N’Aie dont pas l’air si triste, fais moi un beau sourire, Ne sois pas fataliste, fais moi un beau sourire !!!!!»
    Ha ! Ha ! Je rigole ! lol
    Prends soin de toi

  11. Hi, Joe.

    Sending you positive vibes: ++++++++ and Jack O’Neill bear hugs (hmmm…maybe you’d prefer the female variety of bear hugs — so think of, hmmm, ME! LOL!) (((((HUGS)))) and more positive vibes: +++++.

    Thank you for the lovely photos, including the one with Sam!


    And I wish your St. Patrick’s Day ends on a brighter note…perhaps some hot chocolate with rum and marshmallow will help?

    Best wishes, Morjana

  12. Poor Mr. Mallozzi… Dream of the day when you will be able to go up to them and say, “Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris,” or “antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem.”

    Happy thoughts, Mr. Mallozzi, happy thoughts indeed.

    (Just don’t actually say that to them, or you’ll be looking for a new job. See Henry Beard’s “Latin for All Occasions”.)

  13. sam! sam pic! happy!! 😀

    sorry about your lousy day, joe. i had one a couple of days ago, but the next day i ODed on chocolate and all things were brighter. i wonder, though, what’s *really* in chocolate…

    this might cheer you up. i responded to one of those spammer email dimrodders with this: “i’m sorry i can’t help you. my family was killed by mutant turtles. so sad.” does that help? 😀

    sally 🙂

  14. Hey, I have the flu…miserable enough??

    Nice pictures. How long did they have to wear all that “dust”?

  15. Sorry to hear about your day! It must be difficult to have your work picked apart. I’d be happy to be miserable with you, considering my organic chemistry final is looming threateningly over my head. Based on Mr. Levine’s comments in his blog, I’m really looking forward to Whispers, and I hope you’ll be able to preserve all the horrific terrificness of it despite the fact that the metaphorical Jenga tower fell down. Hopefully it just pancaked instead of scattering off in all directions?

    I have to admit I’m curious what sort of notes you received. I don’t always read your thorough breakdown of your episodes because I haven’t seen them at the time so you might have already done this, but have you considered pointing out what the studio/network notes were on one of your scripts? It would be interesting to see what specific sorts of things these notes concerned. Though if such notes are usually as disheartening as this, I understand if you never want to relive them.

  16. Plot problems? Just remember: sentient mist. No need for those grateful tears of thanks.

    Go outside, take a deep cleansing breath, kick over the catering table, fire the closest person to you, and then stroll out to the carpark and slash everyone’s tires. Not only will you feel so much better but everyone elses foul day will make yours seem better in comparison. (Take a deck chair, a bar of chocolate and hang out in the carpark to wait on the guy taking his pocessions home in a cardboard box to witness his finding out about the slashed tyres. See! Much worse day!)

  17. I am excited about the scenes with Lorne and McKay. I have loved their dynamic together since Runner and their banter is one of the reasons why I like Atlantis so much.

    More Lorne in Season 5 Please.


  18. These are the type of days that my history teacher used to say made you glad you had a job that you could finish. He would say that you could be mowing the grass and/or straightening headstones at Arlington Cemetary or painting the Mackinac Bridge for a living: once you finish you have to start back at the beginning. Over and over until you retire/die/quit and someone takes over for you. At least you know eventually you’ll be finished. Even if at the start it looks like one of the afor-mentioned circle jobs that never end.

    And looking at the pictures did make me happy…as I procrastinate writing two essays for my social problems class.

  19. I’d give you a cyberhug, but that’s a little too overly familiar. So, I’ll leave you with a little comforting thought…

    You might be “somewhat dismayed (not to mentioned disillusioned, disenchanted, discouraged, disheartened, displeased, disconcerted, disconsolate, distraught, disappointed, disaffected, discomforted, discomposed, dissatisfied, distressed and, yes, even a little discombobulated, disappressed, and disfrangled)”…but things COULD be a lot worse…I could be sitting right next to you, endlessly arguing the benefits of Wraith human population control, and pestering you to add Todd into every third episode…AND to give him a bathtub scene…with Rodney.

    See, now doncha feel a wee bit bettah already? 😉

    (A rested mind after a good night’s sleep can work creative wonders. Hope tomorrow is much brighter for you!)


  20. Bad days make us appreciate the good days – that said – sorry you had a bad one! I really liked that you gave us some pictures – this is my first visit and won’t be my last. Thanks for doing what you do!

  21. I understand your job frustration at the moment. However, as a teacher in a big-city high school, let me tell you that you do NOT want to do it. Not only would you be frustrated beyond imagination, but you would be too poor to afford quite so many lovely dinners out.

  22. BTW were the TPTB commenting on Whispers?

    How dare they say that the space cows had to go!

  23. I’m willing to be miserable with you, Joe. I’ve got 87 pages of an Egyptology text book that I have to read for the Easter Weekend (I only took that class because it was Stargate-related…and there was a hot girl in it), and for a slow reader like me, I’ll need every one of those 4 days. Oh, and I don’t like reading (I know, blasphemy, but still), so it’s especially bad for me.

    Of course, I would love to help you rewrite said scripts. Seriously, it would not bother me at all. In fact, I can do it for you while you go and have a chocolate binge, or something. I wouldn’t mind AT ALL. Really!

    Seriously though, I’m sorry you had a bad day. Rest assured, you can always depend on us to try to cheer you up! I mean, not me, since I usually make things worse, but others, the others will surely succeed where I’ve failed miserably!

    And on that note, good thoughts go out to [b]Anne Teldy[/b] once more for a speedy recovery! Now that Joe’s despressed, we need her skills more than ever. We miss you [b]Anne[/b]!!

  24. It might also brighten your day to know that I have won a West Caribbean cruise in a sales contest at work! Upon further reflection, perhaps that doesn’t brighten your day as much as it does mine.

    While you are tapping away at your keyboard in mid-May, rebuilding your script from the destruction left in the wake of the ‘notes’ sessions, I will be enjoying Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Cozumel, and Belize City with all the other winners and their guests. My only great concern is whether I should swim with the dolphins, ride horseback through the rain forest, or slide down a zip-line through caves in Belize.

    What a rough and tumble life I lead. I’ll do enough vacationing for the both of us, to be sure. Oh the drinking, oh the dancing, oh the gambling and the gluttony. Have no fear, Joe; I will indeed maximize my fun during that week. Come to me, O Sweet Sweet Sin…your flavor never tasted so vital!

  25. Well, heck, I’ve been wallowing in the pool of “un” today (unappreciated, underwhelmed and just plain ole unhappy). I can join you in the realm of “dis” if it’ll help ease your load.

    Thank you for the pics, though. Most generous of you when you’re having such a bad day. Good luck with the rewrites.

  26. Ah Joe,
    So sorry for the bad day! I hope this session wasn’t for Whispers (as from your prior posts it seems that you had a time getting through some if it the frist time). As someone said Tuesday has to be better by default right. Here’s to a better St. Pattie’s Evening than your St. Pattie’s Day. Oh and thanks for the wonderful pics!

  27. Aw, Joe, sorry about your bad day. I’m there with you – I’m sick and they asked the impossible from me at work today. How the hell am I supposed to write 3 press releases and market them by COB tomorrow when they don’t give me the information to do so?

    Did ye at least have a pint ‘o green beer to cheer ye up? Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

  28. You went to town with the Thesaurus.

    And Im sure you will figure it all out to deliver yet another wonderful script! (no pressure or anything)

  29. Hey Joe,

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. Things can only get better. Plus today is “Monday”. You know how Mondays are. :p



  30. Sorry about your cruddy day Joe.Loved the pictures.

    Tomorrow is my 44th Birthday could you dedicate the blog to me?

  31. Hi Joe, I just have a few questions!!! 1. Will we see Shep’s ex-wife again in Season 5??? 2. How many episodes will Kate Hewlett appear in during Season 5??? 3. Are there any current plans to revisit Ford and if not is there any chance of seeing him later in Season 5??? 4. Will Hammond ever go to Atlantis??? 5. Are the Replicators going to return in full during Season 5 or is it only going to be Replicator-Weir and her crew????

  32. Ok, will it help that while it’s not the worst day of the year for me, things have gone crappy here? Though the pictures are making it hard to stay in that sympathetic misery zone. And who knows? With a little luck, the reassembled pieces will turn out well…not so bad?

  33. As that… thing I read once says: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning. Then your day can’t possibly get any worse.”

    Hey, life’s all about perspective anyway. Give it a try.

  34. Sorry to hear you had a bad day, Joe. Hope you don’t have another for a long,long time.

  35. Sorry you had a bad day. I’d offer some words of encouragement, but I’m sure I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said. So allow me to just say that I appreciate the time and effort you put into your work – it really shows in the final product – and I hope the rewrite goes as smoothly as possible.

    On an unrelated note, maybe you can ask Robert Cooper why the Replicators are programmed in JavaScript… 🙂


    (Sorry, geeky programmer that I am, I couldn’t resist that one. I really did like Ark of Truth!)

  36. At least you aren’t on Dancing with the Stars getting scolded by the judges on live TV. Brutal premier tonight.

    Hugs hugs hugs!!!!! If today was the worst day, then the year can only improve from now on.

    Wonderful piccies, thank you very much. Ah, those poor dusty men, I’d be willing to brush them off. Repeatedly.

  37. I am so sorry to here of your sucky day. I offer a hug, and my dog offers kisses. And in turn I offer wet naps to get rid of the slobber 😀

    Do you like Banana bread? I have a good recipe if you would like it to cheer you up over the weekend. I’d send ya some. But I doubt it would still be good after a trip in the mail :X

  38. I am guessing you had a crappy day, all the dis, I get it,,sorry for your luck, Hope tomorrow is brighter, Ya want me to punch something for ya?!?Hug the puppies and Fondy and it will feel better, for sure.

  39. Joe,

    Thanks for the pics. So happy to see Kavan Smith! That said:

    Aww! Nobody should have a bad day on St. Patty’s Day. I’m so sorry. I really hope tomorrow is 100 times better! . And, hey! At least they liked your font! (Glass half full, here).

    Have a great Tuesday!


  40. Great photos, especially of David and Kavan all dirtied up. Ah, boys and their toys 🙂

    Yeah, those generalizations are killers, but then it could be worse. You could be stuck at your desk listening to two colleagues ranting on about post-it sizes. Really, it could be worse.

  41. I’m sorry to hear about your bad day, but at least St. Patty’s Day is a good excuse to drowned your sorrows in green tinted alcohol. It’s a little late in my day to start being miserable, but I’ll try to be extra miserable tomorrow.

    Thanks for the pics, you can’t beat dirty AND bloody. 😉

  42. AAGH! My virtual plate of cookies got snipped! I’m sending you a virtual plate of double chocolate, chocolate chip pudding cookies (My specialty) your way. Hope it lifts your spirits, just a little bit.


  43. For a second I thought you’d changed the uniforms to camouflage! Sorry about the bad day. That’s what dogs are for.

    P.S. Season Four kicked ass right up to the last bang!

  44. Ooooh! Rodney and Lorne whump-pix 😯

    I can’t wait for that episode!!!

    Crappy day? Been there, done that.

    A medicinal dosage of chocolate will surely elevate your mood … 😆

  45. Hi Joe,

    Sorry about the crappy day; I hope tomorrow is better for you. It seems like everyone me has been having craptastic days lately (myself included) also. Eat lots of chocolate, rant/rave, throw some things around your office (make sure they are not breakable), plot some revenge, find someone to talk it out with, and take the time to just relax and refocus. It will all work out in the end.

    Thanks for sharing the BTS pics. It looks like you guys are having fun. Can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to in the dusty stage.


  46. I think you need a hug.

    (((((( Joe )))))))

    Repeat after me…

    “Sod ’em, the bloody lot of ’em”
    “just a bunch of flamin’ mongrels”

    Set the pugkids on ’em.

    Hope things are better tomorrow Mr M.xx

  47. Sorry for the very bad day. Re-writes suck, but having to re-write parts of a script must really, really suck.

    I will do my best to fill my day with the (dis-) words as often as possible in your honor. After all, I have a masters in whine and use it often as possible and this is another thing I can inflict on the co-workers. *evil grin*

    Loved the pics by the way,


  48. Aww Joe, what a day! Would it help to say I know exactly how you feel? Probably not…. Anyway, here’s hoping the muse inspires, the fingers type fleetly and that Jenga tower is reassembled in no time at all in as painless a manner as possible. *hugs*

  49. Hey Joe!

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad day, and I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. We’re all here rooting for you! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your night though, have a nice pint of Guinness (or Green Beer, whatever floats your boat) and enjoy the rest of this St. Patricks Day! 😀

    Luck of the Irish be with you,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  50. Well I can share in your miserable nature today. I got sick in a proper “McKay” fashion: bad stomach bug (meaning you can’t keep ANYTHING down) + reactive hypoglycaemia = hospitals, glucose IVs and constantly getting stuck with needles.

    But the clincher: NO WRITING! This comment is a small exception ;-). Now not being allowed to study – that suited me fine. But apparently writing requires brain usage. The brain needs sugar. I got limited supplies of sugar. DAMMIT!!

    So good luck with that script. Hopefully you’ll get it fixed as quickly as I at least hope this stomach bug disappears :).

  51. I’ll put on the most emo music I can find in honour of you and your miserable-ness, Joe. =( Look on the bright side, though – it’s almost (or already is, depending on time zones, which I was never really good at figuring out anyway) tomorrow!

    And remember: there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true….and who would have thought a Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer cartoon would hold such original advice?

    Hugs and cyber-chocolates for you!

  52. Aw Joe, all your hospitality to the visiting execs, late dinner, even car rides downtown, and they turn around and give you the shiv on your very own script? Next time, send them to the Burger King drive-thru.

    Seeing as how you’ll be rewriting over Easter, maybe you can add a scene with a killer bunny.

    The dusty Rodney and Lorne pic is awesome!

  53. I’ve had a spectacularly bad day as well, so I’m miserable right there with you.

    I hope tomorrow doesn’t suck nearly as bad, for both of us.

  54. It’s coming up on Easter weekend already?!?! OMG!!!! I have a preliminary book manuscript revision due on the 24th, and when I looked at the calendar, I saw that today is only the 10th, so no probl — OH NO!!! WTH happened during that week after vacation??? I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!!!!!! Shoot me now, please!! PLEASE!!! If no one does, my boss will have me drawn and quartered. With no regard to the agony induced by the protesting sentient parasite that now must surely be threaded through my upper vertebrae, its tentacles closing in on both my brainstem and my larynx. Which fate would you choose?!?

    Besides that, I woke up with a stomach ache, couldn’t get back to sleep even after dosing myself liberally with complementing gastric-pain relief agents (brandy makes it WORSE?!? NOOOOOOO!!!) plus the standard two extra-strength Tylenol, then finally got back to sleep after hubby left for work, only to be reawakened two and a half minutes later by a WHAMMO!! YOU’RE TOAST!!! type of thunderclap that had me scurrying under the bed, sniffing for my favorite chew-toy, and not caring that a thick coat of dust tended to obscure its beef-basted leathery goodness, in addition to setting off my dust allergy. No Kleenex = nassssty. I didna get a lick o’ work doon in th’ hool dye (except on my own blog, just so I could stay awake so I can sleep tonight) and now, my symbiote-wannabe is trying to get me to talk like the Scottish golfing villain from Kim Possible. AAAAAARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    – Okay, so maybe I’ve exaggerated a wee little bit. But believe me, I do feel your pain, and will be feeling it again in about 8-9 days when my boss demands to know (actually, politely inquires) why my work seems so rushed. I’ll have my own set of notes to work through – and man, aren’t they ugly in red ink and journalistic shorthand, splashed all over the page. (Not that that’s any worse than getting the feedback over the phone. In fact, negative feedback via phone is worse. I really feel your pain now.)

    So, best of luck for the next go-round, and thanks for the pics of all the smiling people. I could be like that again — someday. . . .

  55. Sounds like someone needs a pint of Guinness or ten. Channel your inner leprechaun and move on…to the next pub.

    Meh. It works for me when I’m feeling depressed. But then I’ve always thought sex is better than alcohol, so you might like to try that as well!

    A few more “dis” words you can throw about would be “disassociated”, “disenfranchised”, “disparate” ,”dismembered”, and “disgusted”…just ‘diss’ the lot of them. WE appreciate you!!

    sending cyber hugs and cyber pints! Slainte!

  56. Sorry to see you had a dastardly day 🙁 Love the pics though, and I have faith that the house of cards will be the last footwear to fall (what do I even mean?! I don’t know, I fail at ‘encouraging’)!

    Here’s hoping we get to see lots more of Lorne this season!


  57. I’d written the word “screwed” 8x on various things before coming here, sorry to find your day was as bad as mine. Thanx for finding the time to post the great pix despite crap & may you have a better day tomorrow. I know I will because I’m determined to make it so.

  58. I’m with you, Joe. I got a request this morning to change a couple informational items on a web site that is currently in comps. Those “couple, small changes” have cascaded through all 60 page comps and have hampered functionality and structure throughout.

    The bright side is that while I’m changing this, I’ll have a chance to make some other changes to make the design even better. I find that these frustrations usually end up in a better final product.

    There’s nowhere to go but up.

    Also, I know you didn’t write Ark of Truth, but in the beginning scene all the Ancients were played by actors we’ve seen in previous SG1 episodes. Do you know if this was an attempt to show that Ancients have been keeping an eye on us all these years or does it just mean that there’s a limited pool of available actors in Vancouver?

  59. Bummer about your bad day Dude.

    Try to cheer yourself up.

    Eat some chocolate, make yourself either a large or extremely potent (or both) adult type beverage, and watch the final 1:15 of the Super Bowl again. 🙂

    Here’s the play by play for you in case you don’t have it readily available…

    Score NYG 10 NE 14
    3-5-NYG 44 (1:15) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass deep middle to 85-D.Tyree to NE 24 for 32 yards (37-R.Harrison).
    Timeout #2 by NYG at 00:59.
    1-10-NE 24 (:59) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning sacked at NE 25 for -1 yards (96-A.Thomas).
    Timeout #3 by NYG at 00:51.
    2-11-NE 25 (:51) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass incomplete short left to 85-D.Tyree (31-B.Meriweather).
    3-11-NE 25 (:45) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass short right to 12-S.Smith pushed ob at NE 13 for 12 yards (31-B.Meriweather).
    1-10-NE 13 (:39) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass short left to 17-P.Burress for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
    9-L.Tynes extra point is GOOD, Center-93-J.Alford, Holder-18-J.Feagles.
    NYG 17 NE 14 Plays: 12 Possession: 2:07

    New England Patriots at 00:35
    9-L.Tynes kicks 61 yards from NYG 30 to NE 9. 39-L.Maroney to NE 26 for 17 yards (51-Z.DeOssie, 57-C.Blackburn).
    1-10-NE 26 (:29) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete deep right to 10-J.Gaffney.
    2-10-NE 26 (:25) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady sacked at NE 16 for -10 yards (93-J.Alford).
    Timeout #1 by NE at 00:19.
    3-20-NE 16 (:19) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete deep left to 81-R.Moss (23-C.Webster).
    Timeout #2 by NE at 00:10.
    4-20-NE 16 (:10) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete deep left to 81-R.Moss (28-G.Wilson).

    New York Giants at 00:01
    1-10-NE 16 (:01) 10-E.Manning kneels to NE 17 for -1 yards.

    Hope that at least cracks a smile. 🙂

  60. Well, that sucks. I hope that you can put humpty dumpty back together again. What am I saying? Of course you will.

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a crap day too. It’s my 12th wedding anniversary today and the hubby forgot to ask for the night off work. So I spent my anniversary alone.

    Wanna gorge on chocolate together?

    (BTW, thanks for the pics. Looks like Kavan and David had a fight with dustbunnies and the dustbunnies won.)


  61. Hey, I am TOTALLY willing to trade. I’ll rewrite the script, and you can teach at my inner city middle school (middle schoolers are way worse than high schoolers), write the 2 teaching portfolios I’m working on, my action research paper, and grade folders, persuasive letters, and tests. Heh. *consoles self with pictures* (Sorry you had a bad day too.)

  62. Sounds like you had one of THOSE days. My sympathies.

    Look at it this way, if they didn’t like the first draft, the rewrite will blow them away. And if it doesn’t, there’s always dynamite!

  63. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. And that the rewrite goes smoothly – at least much smoother than the original write.

    Take care and take a bit of time to spend with Fondy.


  64. Sorry about your bad day =( Working all Easter weekend doesn’t sound a bit fun. But hey, that just means the next ones gotta be easier 😉

  65. Ah geez, I used VBB coding instead of HTML in my post. See, my day just got worse. Doesn’t that make you feel better, Joe?

    Well, it should!

  66. Being that I’m single, playing (or just talking with) my dog has usually been the best way for me to feel better after a shitty day. You can’t beat that kind of affection. A puppy smile goes a long way.

  67. Sorry to hear about your bad day. It seems to be in the air. Things have been so crazy(and not the good kind of crazy) where I work that we’ve just decided give in and declare it National Nutty Month. (I guess it’s actually binational, apparently.) It hasn’t made things any less crazy, but at least we know what to expect every day. (Today it was our first caller of the day screaming — literally screaming — at me for reasons that… don’t need explaining at this juncture but certainly don’t justify the way she was acting.)
    In solidarity with your misery, I’ll try not to let the nice pictures you posted brighten my day, but I hope the rest of your week is better.
    – KB

  68. Sorry to hear you had such a disarraying, disembroiling, crappy day. Sit back with the pugs and some chocolate. Lots of chocolate. On the bright side, you’ve had 76 not the worst days this year already.
    Hope tomorrow brings a better day!

  69. The pics are great; your pictures always brighten my day. My days need more brightening right now, as picking up and moving to a new town where you know nearly noone for a new job is scary and depressing in its own. And I’d say that your D paragraph looks like my description on Facebook, but then I might curse you to further be entwined in the snare, so forget I said that.

    And thank you for the book recommendations. They’re on my list to get to once I’m done packing… if I’m ever done.

  70. Dont worry Joe *pat pat* we still love you and are sending a strike force, with the combined efforts of Baron Destructo and Captain Planet to the office of that evil masked villian behind the phone call!

  71. I’m sorry you had such a lousy day. After all the advice you gave last week on how to get started as a writer, it’s a good reminder that being established doesn’t guarantee an easy ride.

    Your analogy with the Jenga blocks reminds me of an experience I had a few years ago. I was writing a story, and halfway through I had left a gaping plot hole. It was one of those “sit up in bed” moments, only I didn’t shout eureka. It took a lot of work and some very quick thinking, but I managed to fix it in the end. I hope you are similarly successful.

  72. Oh, Joe! Believe me, I sympathize. As a corporate communications writer, I’ve agonized over plenty of feature stories/byline articles/speeches that I felt I finally got just right, only to get comments from executives that meant almost rewriting the whole thing. Trying to incorporate the changes but stay with the flow and tone – which I thought was pretty damn good in the first place…Aargh! It’s almost like giving birth and then being told that it was a good effort, but you need to put the kid back and try again. …Okay, I know you wouldn’t know about this, but believe me, as a writer and a mother I know it’s a pretty good analogy.

    So, try doing what I’ve done (in writing and in giving birth) – scream, yell and curse. Then just breathe…and push through it. And remember, it will be over soon and the painful memory will fade…until the next the next Time You Get STUPID NOTES AND HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!…Uh, sorry, just trying to commiserate. Hang in there.

  73. Sorry your day sucked so horribly, Joe. If it makes you feel any better, I just got accepted into grad school! Yay! More school! More avoidance of the real world!!

    Tiger’s Eyes, your post reminded me of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Which is such a great book, really.

    And Rachel, you made me throw up in my mouth a little. And thank the gods that I wasn’t you (I don’t think anything sounds more abhorrent to me than ‘writing teaching portfolios’).


  74. Joe, I hope things improve. With all the positive vibes coming your way it has to. Thanks for the pics. They improved my day. Sick 4 year old and husband home all day. Hope the rewrite goes smoothly.

  75. Poor Joe! I’m sorry your St. Patrick’s Day was such a drag. In situations such as this, where the week is off to a crappy start, I’ve found that eating copious amounts of chocolate and cuddling with puppies makes life a tad bit better.

    The pictures are lovely, though, and your list of dis- words was truly impressive.

    In other news, today is my dog’s birthday! Bailey, the neurotic beagle. She’s 12 and showing it, the poor darling!

  76. We LOVE YOU, Joe. You are doing it for the fans. Suffering is part of the great circle or great scheme of things, or something of that sort. We appreciate it!! Without your struggles, we wouldn’t have the wonderful stories we love so much. So, THANK YOU!

    Patricia (AG)

  77. Hi joe!

    Sorry your having such a crappy day! Hope the rest of the week is alot better for you. Eat some chocolate! That always cheders me up! I know what crappy days are like I have had alot of them recently! I have been looking for a place to live for ages & it is so stressfull,depressing etc… We have to move out of were we are in less than a month & so far we have got nowhere to move into! So I think we might end up at our relo’s house!
    Thanks heaps for the pic’s they are great! Yes! They sure did cheer me up & made my day brighter!
    Thanks heaps!

  78. ((((((((JM))))))))

    Did you forget depressed? I’ll be miserable with you…as I’m still dealing with my dog with cancer and I’ve had to go out of town with my Mom for a treatment that will hopefully make her MS better. Now, when it works, we can be happy again!

    Tomorrow will be a better day, hug those doggies and kiss the wife, but don’t forget to indulge in chocolate and all should be well again…


  79. I’m sorry to hear about your terrible awful no-good day. My day was equally miserable, having to work while being ridiculously nauseous and dealing with an obnoxious new manager who thinks constructive criticism includes being threatening and belittling.

  80. Yes Sir, Mr. Mallozzi sir.

    Dr. HUG states the excellent prescription for a suquey day is chocolate, many HUGS, some wine or other libation if you are partial. And, a juicey BIG Bronx raspberry to the sodding lot of them.

    There…your day made my day seem a bit better; it is a lot easier to tell others who are irritating in an irrigation contest manner to sod off.

    I am taking Dr. HUG’s advice – chocolate and wine.
    and reading your adventures.

    Have to admit, I am embarassed as I bought a couple of the BOTM choices and real life job has taken that pleasure away. BUT…never give up, never surrender (oops wrong show), we never leave one of ours behind.

    I am buying a couple more of your BOTM in the hopes that I will tell the powers that be – to SOD OFF cause I have to read my BOTM selections and report to Joe’s BLOG. So there.

    Thanks so very much for the pleasure you give us.
    The pixies are wonderful as usual and you know how to please. Please do have a better day.

    Very best Regards and TOP OF THE Mornin to ya.
    And, in gaelic:
    La Pheile Padraig Sona Duit
    Happy St. Patrick;s Day to you!

    ps…no I am not, I am Chinese.

  81. You know what I often say on days like these? Some days you just can’t piss a drop. Actually its a term the Royal Navy used to use I don’t know about now but I digress, I’m sure if you asked nicely one or two of us here would happily go round to whoever distressingly disgruntled you and put a horses head in his bed for you, probably still attached to the horse knowing us, we’re a pretty humane lot all in all, still there wouldn’t be much room for anyone else in the bed and the manure would be a real bedroom inconvenience (good for the roses tho)
    Oh well, Nil Desperandum yada yada yada.
    BTW its 05.14AM here, who knows I may even go back to bed!

  82. Well I’m sorry you had such a sh*te day. I’m feeling a bit vexed myself. My only bit of work of late is a website being done for free for a friend. It’s not going well and is made more difficult in that I am working for a friend. So it could be worse for you. You could be unemployed.

    My advice is to have a bit of a drink (mine will be baileys and milk) and watch some amusing television (Top Gear for me) and wake up refreshed tomorrow and try to look at the bright side of things.

    The pictures did help though. It was a nice pick me up. Thanks for that.

    I do have a question. One of my biggest annoyances while reading is when the author is writing for well established characters and doesn’t seem to know them properly or perhaps even care. It is one of my pet peeves when a character says something that they would normally never say to further the story. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to a characters voice. Do you have any pet peeves when reading?

  83. pg15 Said:

    Ah geez, I used VBB coding instead of HTML in my post. See, my day just got worse. Doesn’t that make you feel better, Joe?

    My favorite teacher always used to tell me that instead of wallowing in my own disfrangulation, I should think about the poor unfortunates who used BB code when they should’ve used HTML. *sighs* Some other comments make me feel like St. Patrick just plain forgot to show up yesterday. (Oh boy, I have something in common with a saint! – Uhhhh. . . .)

    To restore a general sense of well-being and bonhomie, you could always challenge Joe Abercrombie to a round of Scramjet Chicken. (Real scramjets; no real chicken allowed until after the game. It’s expensive to get those control panels cleaned.) I’m quite confident that would enhance your appreciation of life – not to presume too much about the likelihood of your and his survival – as well as basic things like ground to kiss (if your facial muscles remain operational), and pubs to make you both not care that you look like death on his way to having all four wisdom teeth removed.

    And I thought it was brilliant of Bloomgate to give all you New England haters *sniffles* a revisit on the end of the SB. (I take consolation in the fact that Boston College won their bowl game – the Finger Bowl, was it? – and that the subject of the Pats’ loss didn’t come up among all the Bahston guys on This Old House. *tries not to think about uncle’s description of classic SNL parody, “This Old Whorehouse”* – BTW, I will *always* thank you for pointing out that the loss kept the Pats from turning into the NY Yankees. My heartbreak at the time kept me from being able to thank you properly for profoundly positing the proverbial silver lining; instead, I ate the dark chocolate-cinnamon-cardamom- hint of cayenne single-malt-whiskey extra-dense pound cake I had intended to send you as consolation. But my point here is to let you know that every little thing you do for us in your blog is appreciated by someone [usually a lot of someones], even on those rare occasions when it stings a bit at first.)

    *goes to see about having a gourmet snack of saltines and Lipton’s chicken noodle soup, and hopes no timber-rattling transport aircraft from Whiteman AFB do a fly-by on our house at dawn*

  84. Joe.

    Listen very closely.

    Are you ready?

    This may cheer you up a bit more.


    Here goes.

    YOU. Yes, YOU, Joseph Q. Mallozzi, is the single GREATEST showrunner in the history of the…wait for it…UNIVERSE that’s right, the universe. Why? Because during your reign, you allowed the writing of one Ghost in the Machine, about which spoilers have been released on Gateworld. Do not worry, oh lord Mallozzi, as I did not read the whole thing. I do, however, know one fact, of which I am currently so happy about that I have to make up a new word to express it, and that word is: UGLOMARA. Yes, it has to be in all caps. No, it doesn’t stand for anything. I am UGLOMARA about the fact that one…Chummy; Earl Grey, Hot; Will Smith Movie minus I, is returning. Think about it.


  85. How was your St. Patrick day Joe? (I’m sure even if is not a Canadian tradition is definitely fun to celebrate)

    thought you might find this funny, crappy photoshop and a little of a red dwarf sense of humor

    by the way
    Vosges Chocolat is amazing! Loved the Barcelona Bar and was surprisenly disturbed at how much I actually enjoyed the Mo’s Bacon Bar” if you hadn’t commented about it I would have never thought of trying them.


  86. hey Joe,

    sorry to hear about your day. you must’ve put a lot of effort into improving and finalizing the script. to get such a response really sucks! I’m sure everybody knows how you feel. thanks for the pics though. I can only agree with some of the suggestions: drink some beer, eat lots of chocolade, maybe watch an episode of one of your favorite shows 🙂

  87. Emily Said:

    Sorry your day sucked so horribly, Joe. If it makes you feel any better, I just got accepted into grad school! Yay! More school! More avoidance of the real world!!

    Tiger’s Eyes, your post reminded me of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Which is such a great book, really.

    And Rachel, you made me throw up in my mouth a little. And thank the gods that I wasn’t you (I don’t think anything sounds more abhorrent to me than ‘writing teaching portfolios’).

    Major congratulations, Emily!! Will you be going to grad school at UWisc? If so, a hearty Five-Beer Cheer to you – Madison rocks! (Great school, too. 😀 )

    Thanks for reminding me of a book I also love. During my babysitting days, I think I almost had it memorized. It was fun to try to capture all the flavor while reading it aloud, and more fun still to watch the kids very clearly relating to the story. There’s so much out there for kids that doesn’t get its proper share of accolades.

    *dies laughing over Sylvia’s emphasis on SOD OFF and shiningwit’s far too funny “horse in bed” comments*

  88. Hi, Joe —

    I’d like to sympathize about your bad day, but I’m too busy thinking

    “OOOOOOOOH, pictures of Kavan Smith!! MUST NOT drool on keyboard.”

  89. Rebecca H. complained re your not using ‘real words’. Hey, you’re a writer… maybe one of your words will be the next one added to Merriam-Webster. Gotta be better than “bootylicious”.

  90. Joe,
    You having a bad Hair Day????….take a break and go eat a Pastramie sandwhich with melted Swiss Chesse and a large coke.

  91. At least you weren’t disheveled like David and Kavan.

    Time to add a studio/network Bozo Bop punching bag to your exercise routine?

  92. Well, that bites. :-/ Blast TPTB for their meddlesome ways. *hands you a virtual glass of good chocolate port and a plate of Fran’s Chocolates Bittersweet Truffles* I hope you don’t have to completely eviscerate the script in the rewrite and that the next notes session goes better.

    Thank you very muchly for the pics today! It’s very kind of you to make our day when you’re having such a rotten one yourself. I absolutely loved that one of DH and Kavan Smith, they look like they’ve just been thoroughly whumped. The rest are great too, especially the one of Sam and…is that Alicia Vega standing next to her, firing the 203? Sweet! *does happy dance* The season premiere can not get here soon enough!

  93. Adding to preveious post: I just looked at that pic again and, nope, Alicia isn’t firing the 203 (the trigger for that is in front of the magazine well of the M4). It’s still a freakin’ cool pic anyway!

  94. Hey Joe,
    I feel your pain.
    I have numerous assignments and tests due this week and next week, something everyday.
    Although it doesnt really relate that much to your rewrite i give you my sympathy and inform you that i am also miserable with you.

    Lets hope the coming days will be a bit more brighter for all of us.

  95. Rebecca H Said:
    discombobulated, disappressed, and disfrangled

    Oh, come on. Those aren’t real words.

    discombobulated definitely is… though I admit I’ve yet to find an online dictionary that isn’t distressed and dismayed by disappressed and disfrangled….


    Ahem. Sorry, I just spied the Kavan pictures and fell off my seat.
    Joe, you are the best supervillain on the entire planet, thank you so much for those pictures.

    By the way, how did they make Lorne and McKay look so grubby? Do they stand them against the wall and throw mud at them? 😉

  97. Oh! I totally had something else to say but the Kavan pics distraced me 😀

    I send you a trans-Atlantis hug which hopefully will brighten your day. (I can’t afford to send chocolates at the moment but the imaginary ones I sent you should be delicious)

  98. That was meant to say “distracted”. (See the effect he has? ;)) Excuse my terrible spelling. And sorry for the multi-post. I’ll go back to my corner now…

  99. Sorry you had a crap day, my week is going quite badly, my 8,000 word essay for my degree is due in next Monday, and well I haven’t done all that much at the moment.

    Any chance we’ll see the Tria in season 5?


  100. Hi Joe,

    Wow, ok, let me take a breath for you, take it all in, and let it out, nice and slowly, as to not drain the lungs too quickly. Now deep breath in, walk about ten paces, let it out, and run to the writers room.
    jog around the room 1 time. sit down. get yourself about a litre of water. Drink it. Blank your mind. Now that it has a blank, quickly, yes very quickly, start looking at the outline, and start picking at the script with a fresh mind. Just make sure you have one of those voice recorders, records your thoughts, leave it there for your buddy Paul and telling him that you used the writers room instead of the conference room.

    That way, you can break from your norm, and do something different. Then go for a walk, smell the crisp air that you have over there, then go back in, seek out Damien, and have a soothing talk, about anything except the script or what it is that they didn’t like… (very bad when they don’t like a persons’s style, been there copped that, that is another story), then calm down.

    So now what do you do? It should be time for lunch or dinner (depending on your time zone), or breakfast, and attack the issue using the flanking technique, not head on. Go on its side and have a look at the scripts great lines, and then, CHANGE THEM.

    But then again, everyone has his own style. 😉 🙂

    oh yes, in your column about “want to write for television”, check out my pending comment, you are welcome to get some ideas 🙂 or better yet, a whole episode, although this is totally off topic.

    Ok, now get the kettle off the fire and drink your tea. Actually, chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey and a drop or two of lemon is great. Prepare warm, drink cold 😀

    B.N.J. aka Aries1470

  101. OMG is it my freaking birthday? Two photos of Kavan! Thanks sooooo much Joe.

    Isn’t it nice to have someone or lots of someones to listen to your rants? I could almost see the steam coming off your keyboard. Do you really bash those keys when you’re angry?

    But seriously….where were those nitpickers when you guys were writing Woebius? 😀 I’m sorry to pick on you Joe, it sounds like you need a hug. So consider yourself virtually hugged :-). Have a cool Easter anyway.

    Cheers, Chev

  102. Sorry to hear about your shi**y day
    Givies you a big hug *HUGS*
    Hope tomorrow will be a better day!
    Wonderful pics of Kavan and David 🙂
    First time I actually leave a comment here, love your blog
    Looking forward to S&R, it’s looks like gonna be an excellent episode!

  103. Joe, can you tell us what causes TPTB to want you to change a story to begin with. I’m sure what you will come up will be brilliant.

  104. Hey Joe,

    I don’t mean to get entirely off topic, but I’ve got a question about a SG-1 episode. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been asking this question around the internet, but could you identify for me the two hip-hop songs played theough 807 (Affinity)? One was played through the prelogue, and one by the ending credits.

  105. Poor Joe. I know what it’s like to put out something creative and then to be told it isn’t as good as you’d hoped it was, or was not quite what was expected, and then you have to revise it all. It’s soul destroying. 😥 I won’t offer hugs, because I know you don’t like them, but you have my sympathy 🙁

    Eat some choccie, it’s a cure for everything, I find. I hope you manage to revise the script without compromising your original vision.

    You probably don’t want to know this, but the pics you posted cheered me up. So, thank you 🙂

  106. Ah yes, bad days- must have been today in general. You see, I am a teacher in a high school (teaching maths and science so I am the double whammy) and today was a cracker for me as well. I went to gym (beating up a punching bag is a good frustration reliever) and then ate GOOD chocolate…and tomorrow is another day. Dont you just love knowing you have work over the long weekend??

  107. HEY! Tell you what, Joe. Why don’t you post the script (original) HERE and WE’LL tell you if we like it. You can have OUR notes 🙂 on the whole thing. Who’s with me people???

    Or, if not, we can break the gang out of the moonbase, grab some sporks and give the spork-over to those disturbed people at – ?Sci fi? MGM? who would dare, DARE question your creative voice!!

    What are THEY thinking?! Tell them you get enough “notes” from the DISgruntled fans 😉

    Seriously, since it’s already Tuesday, here’s hoping the day is better. And that you didn’t overindulge on St. Patty’s.


  108. Awww, here, have some virtual hugs and a good dose of chocolate, the official cure for all down days.
    Will we ever find out what was the episode that is giving you all this grief and what did you have to change ?

  109. When you wrote the Michael/Teyla/Beckett arc for the end of season 4, did you plan on stretching it out to season 5?

  110. awww sorry to hear you had a bad day joe. i hope that today is loads better for you!

    /hug and tyty for the pics of kavan!!!

  111. Yay! My days of driving kids around have just diminished noticeably, son number two has just passed his driving test (Go Billy!)his second attempt and he deserves it, he’s worked really hard these past 12 months, he saved up and bought himself a car-ahem puddlejumper because he was determined not to get one on credit, he has practised on a daily basis and my best friend (and his adopted auntie) has been wonderful by sitting with him so I didn’t kill ‘im(not overendowed with patience on a good day me LOL)
    I’ve got a few years to go before I’m completely out of the woods though, the youngest Katherine is only 12 so I’m not completely useless yet.

    Oh what about DISCOMKNOCKERATED? a word invented by one of our great brit comedians and national institutions (possibly with a preservation order slapped on him) Ken Dodd.
    I myself rather like the sound of DISCRAPULATED and will work out what it may mean sometime soon.

  112. Hello Joe!

    All the episodes for Season 5 sound exciting so far…thanks for being so forthcoming.

    But some Sheppard fans are starting to worry that there is no Shep episode in the first half of the season. Can you put our minds to rest and tell us which of the first half season episodes will be Sheppard centric?

    So far we have eps for McKay, Teyla, Ronon, and Keller. Heck, even Fran the Replicator now has a show! Thanks in advance for any information you can give us!

  113. Sending you a HUGE BEAR HUG, Joe. And my dog sends you some doggie kisses. We both hope that today is much better for you. And if not, walk onto the set, drop your pants and tell the world to kiss your a**.


    Terri and Skipper

  114. I had a friend who had a breast reduction who told everyone she’d been “discomboobulated”…

  115. Thanks for the behind the scene pics!

    I’m sorry to hear you had such an awful day. When my betas (friends that edit my stories) take a while to get back to me, I know they’re going to send me six pages of everything wrong with the story and I’ll have to start over. I hate how that feels so much! Sometimes it makes me want to give up writing, but that would be like giving up an arm. It just can’t happen.

    So I hope the rewrites go well and fast and that the others love your next draft! I also hope today is a better day for you.

    I am off to take finals (math grad school). *shivers* I’m also hoping today goes better than yesterday.

  116. Sorry you’ve had a bummer of a day – let’s hope it gets better from here on out… (for some reason I have that horribly peppy pop song ‘The Only Way is Up’ on my mind now! ARGH, help!!).

    Thanks for the pics. Ah, dusty and bloodied McKay (and Lorne) … *drifts off into fantasy land*

    Um, oh, where was I? Oh yeah, good photos. Does McKay need some help getting all cleaned up, ‘cos I’ll volunteer if I have too!! *wink*

    Yeah, it’s a dirty job … *grins*

    Leesa Perrie

  117. Dear Joe,

    I know why it was a tough day for you. Because you were focussing on all that you could do to be sure that I would receiced my gift for my birthday. AND IT WORKED. Thank you for your endless efforts. I received it. And tonight, with all my familly, we will watch The Ark of Truth. Now you can rest and return to your script writing. Like I alredy said, you are a wise guy and you know where your priorities are, first a gift to your fellow friend FargateOne and after to work on a good script.

    Hallowed are those who followed Mallozzi’s path !

  118. Hey, if other’s writing misery will make you feel better, the rough draft of my Master’s analytical paper (avg 70 pages) is due at the end of the month and I haven’t even started writing it yet. In fact I have done barely any research and I’ve spent the last two weeks since I found out it was due paralyzed with a mix of fear and 3 year old tantrum “I don’t wanna do it!” I do have a flow chart and three different versions of an outline at least… So on the writing misery scale I think I beat you because mine is longer, has less done, and will never gain me the admiration of many fans (unless they are interested in green buildings and land use planning).

  119. Huh.

    *sends sympathies*

    Okay Mr.M, onward and upward! You’ve proven you know how to get the job done.

    Now, if TPTB don’t like the revisions I’m sure you are already making, then I’m all for wams352’s suggestion…

    *rummages through desk for spork collection*

    Thanks for the pictures.

  120. Joe,

    I’m surprised at you! Have you forgotten your SUPER POWWAS?!

    * You could have mind-melted the person on the phone who dared to start the conversation with such a fluffy line.

    * Spontaneous human combustion. You can do it! Concentrate!

    * Draw together the elements and send a barrage of wind, hail, and high water to their conference room in Los Angeles.

    * If all else fails, YOU KNOW WRAITH! A little stun gunning here. A bit of life-force draining there ….

    Your adoring fan,

  121. So you didn’t get the praise you thought you would and you have to go back to the basic premise and perhaps rebuild.

    Yes it’s irksome and I know your first thought will be chocolate but don’t do it Joe it’s only a temporary fix.

    Yes you start with the odd square, but soon that’s not enough, then one day you find yourself in some seedy back alley in down town Vancouver.
    Your hands trembling as you hand over the money to Willy Wonker your over friendly dealer.

    He surreptitiously passes you a bar of the hard stuff 80% pure chocolate.

    Phenylethylamine buzzes through the mesolimbic pleasure-centres of your brain you get that fleeting high then the crash as you spiral into the abyss of a Cadburys Cream Egg.

    One day you look at your self in the mirror at work and you see what your love of chocolate has reduced you to, licking fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground cacao seeds, often combined with a sweetener from discarded foil wrappers in the office bin.

    Your friends hold an intervention telling you how they have seen you go from the odd Kit-Kat to Chocoatl ‘Ecuadorian denso’.

    They point to the remnants of your last ‘hit’ smeared across your mouth and suddenly you realise you’ve hit rock bottom just a step away from the 95% hard stuff.

    Is it all really worth it Joe?

    F**k I’ll say it is!

    Don’t be down hearted do what I do go for a nice long walk on your own. Walk the plot through in your head. Yes you’ll get some strange looks as you utter snippets of dialogue but what the hell.

    Word of warning if men in white coats approach you RUN!


  122. Hey Joe.

    I know of a horror writer who when he is seriously pissed of at certain individuals he writes about them. Since he is a horror writer you can probably imagine what horrible fate befalls them. He says it is a great stress reliever. : )

    Have you ever imagined doing that to those lovely note giving people? ; )

    Awesome pics. David looks a bit too happy. Are you sure he is being whumped in S5?

  123. Yes, the pics cheered me up sufficiently. Thank you, and happy remodeling of your script!

  124. *sends you some delicious food to cheer you up* Don’t worry, we all like your scripts! And thank you for thinking of making others happy on a crappy day.

  125. If the sentiment expressed in this blog has yet to impress itself upon you Joe,

    *** you are beloved *** and we ALL care.

    Tomorrow will be better. Hey! It IS tomorrow! Happy March 18th everyone!

    I’ve found that rewrites can lead to a better end product (or not). Oh well, we’re still with you in spirit Joe.

    Carol Z
    (ninja squirrel fighter extraordinaire)

  126. Yay! Lorne piccies! Excuse me while I drool all over myself (and I’m not even 90 and in a home yet LOL)

    On the subject of crappy days…. I’m with however first suggested chocolate. It is THE miracle mood lifter. It’s good to know crappy days are universal… but here’s hoping you have a better day tomorrow, Joe.

    Keep up the hard work and the great blog entries!

  127. Hello, Joseph.

    Bon tout d’abord oublions l’email que je vous est envoyer, car vous vous en fichez.

    Ouch…Mince, et oui des journées comme celle la, sa arrive malheuresement et j’en sais quelque chose, Ce qu’il faut faire:

    1)Se dire que sa aurait pu être pire.
    2)Faire un activité qu’on aime bien pour ne pas trop y penser
    3)Ne pas stréssé, car demain est un autre jour…
    qui sait? peut être que vous trouveriez des idées de scénarion génial, que vous gagnerez au loto, ou même rencontré votre plus grande idol dans la rue…tous est possible.

    jespert que tout ces bonne chose vous arrivront. Gros Bisou, Je vous adore♥

  128. I am sorry to read that you will have to do a script re-write. That sounds like a most unpleasant prospect, especially with the visually aid of the Jenga analogy. Have you done a script re-write before?
    I am always up for supporting those who need a pity party, I’ll bring the depressing music to set the mood. Unfortunately though, the 1st picture of David and Kavan cast a huge smile across my face. If it were legally I’d have it as my Wallpaper on my computer. So at least you have brightened my day. I am sure, however, that once my depressing music selection starts playing I will get in the despairing mode once again.

  129. Well heres to your day tommorrow being desireable, dynamic and err dreamy? Have a good un!

  130. Okay, hopefully this will cheer you up (!)


    Wish I could claim it as my own, but alas it is not. I saw it on the net somewhere and snagged it (I know, slap my wrist!).


  131. Damian Marley is playing in my kitchen whilst dinner is cooking. its a bit awkward really getting all the instruments and stuff in there because its not very big and it makes juggling hot pans quite risky, of course if you’re going to juggle hot pans you kinda expect some minor peril but a toking rastafarian thrown in is going to add that random chaos element, especially if he brings his own seasoning.

  132. I’m sorry you are so disappointed about having to do a major rewrite. Especially since you seemed to be having writer’s block while composing it.

    At least you don’t have my crappy cold, complete with an extremely sore throat(not just the garden variety type sore throat), headache, achey body, and major nasal drip with the ensuing coughing up a lung. At least my fever hasn’t even hit 100F.

    I hope the rewriting goes quickly and painlessly for you.

  133. Hi Joe

    Thanks for the wonderful pics of David and Kavan. You have made my day. You deserve some instant good karma for that. As it is now tomorrow perhaps it has already arrived:)

  134. Yeah, that sucks. You have my sympathy. Oy! You even have my empathy. (For what it’s worth.)

    Here’s hoping for a better today, tomorrow and the day after that. *wishes mightily*

    For Carol Z (or anyone else who comes along)…
    I’m always happy to provide a laugh. For instance, check this out. 😀


    Hugs, Joe!!

  135. You haven’t responded to numerous questions about whether or not there will be any Shep-centric episodes in S5. Is your silence an oversight, a ploy to drive some of us crazy, or should we read something more ominous into it?

  136. I’m sorry that the luck of the Irish wasn’t with you this day 🙁

    Chin up!!

    Today is another day.

    Wishing you the best in the re-write.


  137. Great pictures. I love the behind the scenes stuff. Sorry your day went south, though.

    Pretend you’re Scarlett O’Hara and think about it tomorrow. Life’s too short to be miserable for long.

  138. That does sound like a rotten day. I’m glad you choose to persevere–I’d really miss the entertainment you provide.

  139. Just a random thought about dusty men … that’s what folks look like on the playa at Burning Man after an hour or so. Just add goggles. No sand in the Black Rock Desert, just talcum-fine dust everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Sometimes the most incredibly interesting and embarrassing everywhere(s).

    The guys in the background with the dust masks slung around their necks made me downright homesick.

  140. Someone else has already asked, but I thought I’d ask as well, any news on the Tria?

  141. I don’t think you’ll answer this b/c others have asked it repeatedly, but what is Carter’s rank in Ark of Truth? In Continuum? What happened to SG1 when she went to Atlantis? Is it not around anymore? New team members? Teal’c came in his Jaffa robes, like he’s not on the team anymore too. Why not answer these questions? Please tell us about the characters we love!

  142. Oh man….. no pics of Ronon and Sheppard walking out of the debris….

    Ominous fate for our boys? Sheppard’s pinned and dying like in the painting, right? And Ronon hulks out and pushes and pulls all that debris off him and carries him to safety right? Right?

    *falls to his knees wailing cuz he can’t stand the wait*

    Come on, Joe. There’s room for another down here. Come kneel and wail with me. Hate people who just have to make your day hell. I bet the script was perfect and they’re just being holes. Can I say that? Holes? What. I was being polite.

    Sic the pugkids after them Joe. We’re all with you. We got your six, man.

  143. I’ll commiserate (sp?), Joe, as long as you’ll let me crow a bit. Chimaeracon 2008 went well, no major hiccups, found work-arounds for the minor ones. Seemed that everyone went away satisfied.


  144. After Rains comes sunshine but not this day or this week….

    My computer crashed the other day and my 20 pages work was lost(Had worked on it over a month….) It´s due this week and I need to rewrite every thing.. Or else I don´t get a grade on my University course…
    So I say Yes to the worst WEEK EVER!!…..

    Good Luck with the rewrite!!!

  145. Dear Joe,

    I hope today was a much better day for you, if its not the weather that messes up one’s mood its always work related. Anyways what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and after rain there is always sunshine. There is nothing like a good massage to destress you from the rutine and hectic life… keep your head up bro.

  146. I had the same kind of day. There’s nothing quite like sitting through two hours of people ripping apart one’s models to make one wish one was elsewhere — preferably warmer, with a drink, a beachfront view, and nobody else about.

    I was good, though; I only rolled my eyes once. It was a conversation stopper, especially when the boss accidentally trampled on my left eyeball as it skittered by underfoot…

  147. Monday was probably the worst/stressful day I had at work this year. So i feel your pain.

    Also, first time poster, just wanted to say I love the blog, I come here every day to see your update.

  148. Joe,

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of Kavan Smith! Apparently before and after a shower!

    And it could be worse, I suppose. I lost my job in Dec and met with a new recruiter today. Joy. And a button fell off my suit. And I need to dig up a reference from the place that fired me from somewhere. Crap.

    But I’m sorry you got a smackdown. Take Fondy out for a nice dinner.

  149. *waves*

    You forgot depressed. 😉 Or did the depression set in after you wrote your blog. 😛

    Cheer up Joe, only 15 or so more scripts to go! I’m not helping am I? 😳 Actually, I had a good productive day today. So while I’d love to join you in your pit of despair, would you mind if I took a rain check today? Monday’s are normally good for me. 😉

    If it makes you feel any better. The set for S&R looks absolutely fantastic and huge!!! Goodness me the size of the concrete blocks looks really impressive, and the BTS pics are much appreciated. I can tell a lot of care, hardwork and attention went into this and the detail is fantastic!! I love it! Hope all that hard work pays off, and that the same TLC is applied putting Shep back together again, none of that beam me up Scotty type of rescue, please. 😉 How is my subtley coming along?

    Since you’re in a meloncholy mood and feeling sorry for yourself, thought you might appreciate this. 😉



    Go stuff yourface with chocolate, I hear it’s a great mood enhancer. 😀

  150. Oh, I’m totally on the misery bandwagon as I’ve got me a shiny case of the flu; come tomorrow, even with a doctor’s note, my supervisor is going to give me her patented I’m-very-disappointed-in-you look for missing work that makes me feel like a 5 year old who’s drawn all over the art projects of the rest of the class with permanent marker thus making them all cry (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!).

    Here’s hoping today went better for you than yesterday.


  151. Bad days suck! But chin-up, Mallozzi, it could be worse, you could be dismembered.

  152. Bon , Bonne nuit Joseph =)A demain.

    Voici quelque photo trés drôle qui vous redonneront le sourir jespert:

    •IkEA ce lance dans l’automobile

    •Les nouveau Corn Flakes américan

    •Le hamster le plus heureux de la planet:

    •Petite hommage au canada, avec cette superbe MOTO neige^^:

  153. Hey Joe,

    I thought I was having a bad day too! Problems with the house/town says it’s not their problem/landlord lives out of town and has to get someone in to help/said help works another job and we get put on hold/you get the drift.

    If it’s any consolation…….your blog always cheers me up. Love the behind the scenes stuff….the cast pics especially. Seeing Rodney and Lorne all dirty made my day. Thanks. So just know…..even when your day isn’t so great…….we still appreciate that you take the time to blog for us every day.

  154. Sorry to hear your day was so rough – I know the feeling of that Jenga game. I`ll still be ploughing through my pile of work come this weekend as well – no rest for the wicked I suppose… or maybe just engineering students and those of us working on scripts!:)

  155. I feel for you – it stinks having people rip apart your work without leaving you anything to rebuild. Hope tomorrow’s better.

  156. Joe,
    How many times do we have to tell you? David and Kavan are there to act, not clean the dust broom closet.

    Here’s hoping today was a better day.


  157. For Lise

    “For Carol Z (or anyone else who comes along)…
    I’m always happy to provide a laugh. For instance, check this out.” (re: link to Flight of the Conchords)

    Such a thoughtful, dear one… THANKS Lise! I did indeed laugh out loud! 😆 And since I was at work and supposedly on a teleconference call, I gave away that I wasn’t actually listening too closely, but, instead was reading this blog. Hey, I KNOW my priorities!

    I am just astonished by all the heartfelt well-wishing here of late. See, Joe, you have fostered international, social camaraderie, swathed in abundant, joyous offerings of hilarity.
    All of this Joe to CHEER YOU UP!!


    Carol Z
    Intrepid ninja squirrel warrior
    New Jersey, USA

  158. Hey Joe, I will be at Bridge Studios tomorrow and Thursday (probably) shooting the movie “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, (Starring Christopher Plumber, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Tom Waits). Would I be able to stop by your office on our lunch break and say a quick hello if you are around? Thanks for your time.


  159. I think my bad day still wins. Were you up with a stomach virus for the past 24 hours? 🙂

    Best of luck with the rewrite. For all the aggravation, I’m sure you’ll put something together that’s even better!

  160. One less Sci-Fi writer, Arthur C Clarke has died aged 90. Who could forget 2001 a Space Odessey.


  161. You have my heartfelt sympathy for a horrible day, Joe! Things are bound to be better tomorrow — it’s St. Joseph’s day and those Italian saints take care of their own!

    And thanks for taking the time to share your experiences -good and bad – with us through this blog. It truly is fascinating and we really appreciate it.


  162. Oh you poor Dear,

    Actually it can only get better then huh? Perhaps you could ‘pitch’ it for an Ep called Worst Day????

    Just what you need…. sarcasm!

    Hugs for the dogs, grin for you. You make my day every day, Joe just by doing what you do.

    Be well, Izzy xx

  163. Oh No! Don’t give in to the suckiness, Joe! Sorry to hear about your bad day, I hope tomorrow’s tons better! No worries, there’ll be a moment, maybe soon, which will once again make you smile and think, this is what it’s all about. So don’t give up just yet!

  164. Hi, I got a email from a friend who had spotted me in the Art of Truth extras video when I was in the front row at the Stargate panel at Comic Con 2007. I just got my DVD from Amazon and sure enough there I am in the white t-Shirt and khaki shorts and knobby knees.

    Pretty cool and I will be happy to accept residuals in the form of Zaat’s, ZPM’s, or Asgard tech 😉

    Am looking forward to the next DVD and hope sales are such that you are able to produce more.


  165. You might be having a bad day-but I work for Bear Stearns and that trumps…sigh

  166. well, I could offer to trade – you deal with taxes and I’ll goof off on the SGA set. But that might not go over well. Chocolate and wine. That will make things seem less overwhelming.

    And thanks for the pics 🙂

  167. disappressed ???? Google says that word is in use on 4 webpages – yours is one of them *g*

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