If you were to consult my long, long list of Things I Hate, you’d find “rewriting a script” right up there, somewhere between “world hunger” and “the New England Patriots“. It’s not that I’m particularly precious about my ideas. It‘s just that after spending days upon days going over a script, writing and rewriting it until it‘s so tight it’s, in your mind, bullet-proof, the last thing you want to do is revisit it. Especially if this revisit requires you to make changes that will effectively undo what it’s taken you weeks to do. The fact is even the most seemingly innocuous note can have major ramifications. Pull the tiny thread and the whole damn thing comes apart. But it’s all part of the business and you can’t expect your first draft to be perfect. And so, knowing that, you put it out to the other writers who weigh in with their thoughts, valuable input that will, in the long run, make the script that much better, that much tighter – that much more bullet-proof. You spend days incorporating their notes, shifting scenes, rethinking the rhythm of the dialogue here or there, and then, when you’re finally done, you sit back and say: “Finally. It’s over.” Until the script goes out to the writers one more time and they offer up their thoughts on the revised version. But generally, at this point, the notes are minor. An adjustment here. A tweak there. And voila! At this point, having gone through two revisions, you can usually feel pretty confident heaing into your notes session with the network and studio. After all, the entire writing department has already been over this script with a fine-tooth comb. You’d assume that any further notes would be almost inconsequential. You’d assume wrong. Back to work you go…

I stayed up late last night wracking my brain, juggling scenes in my head into the wee hours of the morning. And then, spent most of the day trying to incorporate the notes. I feel confident I’ll be able to do most of them, but one in particular poses a problem due to military regs. I did take some time off in the afternoon to deal with the teeniest of potential on-set crises after John Lenic informed me that we were in danger of not making our day. We dropped scene 50, trimmed scenes 44 and 49, and that was hopefully enough to take most of the pressure off. I wanted to stick around for the big sword fight sequence, but I had that rewrite to get back to. I still managed to snap a few pics though.

Today’s pics: Don’t go chocolate-shopping when you’re feeling bummed, and…from the set of Broken Ties.

108 thoughts on “March 18, 2008: I hate rewrites.

  1. And on top of it all, Joe — today is the 18th!

    (You’be been stuck in time time/space vortex, I know.)

    Thank you for the photos!


  2. Ok, now I’ve read the post (thought we were in the time traveling puddle jumper there for a second)… I thought maybe the chocolate was a bribe from some kind of whumper or something.

    Thanks again for the piccies! You’re killing me though, as I am dying to see what happens in the next season…hints welcome.

  3. Cool Dutch chocolate!(I’m Dutch hehe.) Never heard of Thomas Haas though. How does Rooibos taste? I know what it is, don’t know the English word, but I remember that the tea version of Rooibos taste awful.

    It neat to see pictures of the set, are you coming to UBC any time soon? There’s always people filming at the Rose Garden but I never know what show.

    Back to studying Latin for me, yay!

  4. Heya Joe,
    Now you’re talking…chocolate!! In a bummer mood is the best time to shop chocolate, except for the amount one might buy and consume; also the damage to the credit card. But…been there; done that. Looks like you too. Oh..AND, wonderful pictures. You’ve made my day. Many thanks.

  5. I hope everything turns out alright with your script. I have a hard time when my editor sends back my stuff saying “you need to put more here” or changes a person’s quote so I can’t imagine having your job. It’s much more creative than reporting on what training is being done. Have you ever felt like a script was being attacked? As far as miltary regs are concerned, if you guys ever need an US Army military advisor, I’d be happy to oblige.

  6. So, how long will that chocolate serve to keep you from going actively homicidal during the re-writes? I hate to hear about having to trim scenes back, but alas, economic realities will always foil the desires of fans. I don’t suppose that…never mind. you’re the pro writer. I know you’ll work out whatever roadbumps still remain. Though for all our sakes I hope you’re able to do it without losing too much more sleep. And thanks for the great pictures. They are worse than heroin in a way. Makes you feel great, but wanting another fix, and when they’re not available life is torture..

  7. Ohhh, now I think about it, telling you the date is wrong is like asking for a rewrite. How rude of me.

    better slink off to bed now…sorry to post so much in one evening :o)

  8. I just had my last piece of Trader Joe’s 72% Dark Chocolate, so I’ve had my quota for today.
    Loved the picture with Todd – I’m kinda liking Todd a lot! I know so much work goes into writing – thanks for wanting it to be great – we all thank you and value your talent! Now go get some rest!

  9. Love the pics!

    I see that Jason still has his long dreds. Has he decided if he is going to keep them long for the entire season?

    Hope you have enough chocolate to get you through your rewrites.

  10. Apologies for posting twice, but a request. Since another giant has passed from this mortal sphere, might we have an Athur C. Clarke selection in the next BotM club choices?

  11. So, here’s a question: do you *have* to take the notes from the studio people? You say this problem has something to do with military regulations. Couldn’t you just say that what they’re suggesting goes against military regulations (which, if they’re real ones, it’s not like you made them up, and you can’t just change them)? I guess the main thing is, are these notes they’re giving you really suggestions or orders?

  12. Hi Joe!

    I hate rewrites for you! Just trying to help, eh?

    I can relate, having to go and re-edit videos for clients (back in the good ol’ days of analog video – yes, taking out that one sentence in the middle of the show will be a pain in the ass, but I’m glad to do it–not!) or create completely new graphics or content without input from my clients – and it needs to be done yesterday. LOL! People are so strange!

    Choooooocolate. Preeeeetttty choooooooocolate! Mmmmmmmm…

    Oh! Where was I?!

    Hee hee hee! Great set pics!! Thanks for taking time from your very busy workday to take them! Shep! In danger!!! WooHoo! Er…I mean, D’oh! 😉

    eddy! of the Excessive Exclamation Points eddys!!

  13. Holy crap that’s a lot of chocolate. I thought I was bad – I usually go for 3-5 when I binge shop. Thank you so much for the sneak peak pics you’ve been sharing with us. Much appreciated, as I’m sure you already know.

    As a graphic designer, I can kind of relate on the continuous morphing of a project. Clients can be very very picky. And the last thing a graphic designer ever wants to here is “make the logo bigger”. Makes one want to buy a whole plantation of cacao trees to secure one’s own chocolate for years on end. Er, something like that.

    Here’s hoping that your script locks into place. Maybe you need to take a step back, breathe, have a bite of chocolate, or two, and return to the script with a fresh outlook. 🙂

  14. That’s a lot of chocolate.

    Are you perhaps telling me, in your vague, subtle, yet obvious way that you have accepted my invitation to do your rewrite for you so you can go on a chocolate binge? Well then, just give me a time on the weekend and your address and I’ll be over and ready to rewrite it in no time…just give me a few minutes to do my brain and typing exercises (I play knife games, basically).

    I have advice for you: since you’ll be getting notes anyway, perhaps it’s best to use less effort on the first draft. Why create a brilliant McKay line when you can just put “McKay says something awesome here”, and then let the notes take care of it? Seriously, it makes perfect logical sense. Also, instead of writing a small paragraph describing the action in a scene, doodle some stick figures portraying that scene instead. It’s theraputic. Trust me.

    And just forget about the tag. Let someone else do it. You’re the freaking boss for cryin’ out loud! You should be giving THEM notes…ON EVERYTHING! EVEN THEIR CLOTHES!

    That’d shut ’em up lickity split.

  15. Oh. freakin’. GUUUUHH!!!! I don’t know what’s making me drool more, the chocolate…or the….GGGUUUUHHHH!!!! *swooooooooon…THUD!*

    WHY do you torture Wraith fans like this??! Give us such a sweet treat, when we know he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the episode. You are an evil, evil man. (Perhaps you should name him ‘Snowball’…ya know, considering… 😉 )

    (Thanks for the pics, though. They’re fab! And it gives me a chance to start preparing now for the bummer of an episode that will be Broken Ties… 🙁 )


  16. Hi Joe – We all feel your pain. Don’t you wish the powers that be would just leave scripts alone?? After all you have the hands-on experience, plus have put in the blood, sweat and tears to make SGA and these characters,so great!

    As for military regs, I spent 20 years in the Air Force and still fuss over non-military folks, like networks, trying to bend them.

    Have some of that great chocolate and try to relax. Everyone on this blog knows you’re the expert!

    Also, looking forward to dinner at The Fuel on April 3rd. Hope to see you there.

  17. So, when do I come over for the chocolate fest?

    Great pics, especially Shep tied up and on his knees.

    *climbs out of the gutter* Uh, where was I? Oh yeah…

    I have every confidence in you that you will make the script work. Just keep eating that chocolate!


  18. Sounds like today wasn’t much better. Missing out on the big fight… stupid rewrites.

    I second pg15, just start yelling out notes as you pass people. “Nice rug, baldy.” “Clearly, it’s way past medication time.” “Is that new cologne or did you crawl through the sewer on your way to work this morning?”

    For Carol Z… Happy to oblige. ~tips hat~ Sorry for getting you busted. 😀

    Cheers, Joseph! Hallelujah, Chocolate!!!

  19. Hey Joe! I got my copy of Ark of Truth today and was so excited to watch it; it met (almost) all my expectations and I really enjoyed all of the behind-the-scenes (although the fire torching was a bit too much for me). I can’t wait for Continuum to come out this summer. I have no idea of how I’ll manage between now and then.

    I was just wondering:

    1) In the whole movie, what was your favorite/least favorite scene?

    2) Were there threads in the Ori storyline you would have explored had there been an eleventh season but had to eliminate for time? And do you think that the overall story/fans lost out because of those cuts?

    3) There was a notable lack of bloopers included. Any chance for a gag reel on Continuum?

    4) Robert Cooper made a parallel between Teal’c and Tomin in one of the interviews. I suppose it’s possible this was asked when the character was first introduced, but: was the character of Tomin written to be that way on purpose?

    5) Why, after all of the things that the Ascended Beings have stopped other Ascended Beings from doing, wasn’t Morgan stopped from fighting with Adria?

    Bonus Question from my sister:

    6) Why, after the repeated screw-ups from the IOA, was it decided that Woolsey would be the right new expedition leader for Atlantis? (If you tell me it’s so that he could balls it up enough to get the IOA completely removed from the Stargate program, I’ll be more than happy. )

    PS: Can we get warned beforehand if Woolsey is going to spend the entire season in Atlantis uniform vs a suit? Because I’m going to have mentally prepare myself for that…awkwardness.

    Thank you!!!!


  20. If it takes chocolate to make the day a bit better, then chocolate be it!

    For me (my day was pretty horrible again) it took shoe shopping. Too bad I can’t have chocolate, it’d be a whole lot cheaper…

  21. Can kinda tell you’re bummed.

    This too shall pass.. meantime get stuck into that chocolate, hopefully it will make you feel better. If not then know that you have a good job, a good life and some things will be annoying and there’s hiccups along the way.. but mostly you do have a good life.

    And we all here love you to bits just because you are Joe…

    Great pics! Thanks 🙂
    (who cares about the dates.. it’s March 19th here lmao)

  22. Hey Joe!

    You seem quite stressed right now, lucky you have some chocolate to deal with that. Once you’re done the script, sit back and relax for a bit. As I said before, we are all supporting you. 🙂

    Or even better, purchase a massaging chair for your office! 😀

    Thanks as always,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  23. Thanks for the awesome pics. It sounds like those types of things happen pretty often. Thanks for being real and honest about the business of television. It’s helpful to all us noobs to know that sometimes it beats you down.

  24. OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (drooling heavily over John on his knees) I’m so with the previous swooner in another comment!!

    Ty so much for all the behind the scenes piccies and I seriously hope the regs have nothing to do with some kind of shipping,lol. I don’t know about anyone else but I live for John being the charming,single,swaggering hero.

    I also think i broke a nail trying to snag a piece of the choccie. Bring on grab it out of the TV tech already!! This is killing me!! 🙂

  25. Spring Break started for me on Saturday, and I finally found myself with time to read. I headed to the library and already had a stack of four books when I came across Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind.

    Now my local library never, ever has any of the books you mention on your blog, so I was understandably excited. I finished The Name of the Wind yesterday, and I was blown away by the story.

    The writing was tight, descriptive, and completely endearing. Kvothe is such an unbelievable character, and yet he feels completely real at the same time. I can’t wait to hear more of his story.

    Thank you for mentioning how good this book is. I probably never would have discovered it otherwise.

  26. Some days it just takes a LOT of chocolate to make things better. Hope it did the trick for you.

    But what a treat for us — Chocolate, a new Wraith, Ronon and Mark Dacascos all in the same blog! It doesn’t get much better than this. And did you say something about a big sword fight? Now I am *really* starting to look forward to next season.

  27. Haha, I think you might have actually shown some restrain where buying chocolate is concerned. I know people who go out and buy those giant blocks they sell at specialty marts when they have a bum day.

    Hurray for set pictures of Ronon and the Wraith!Not a whumper by any means, but any action scene involving swords ought to be great. Nice to see you don’t believe the old saying misery loves company.

  28. Mark is just enjoying himself way too much. Again great pix I bet shadow-Shep has already been d/l 1000x.

  29. hi, joe,

    1- what is sam’s second episode in the first half of s5?

    2- i know ‘search and rescue’ is one of her eps, but is that the ep where she actually leaves?

    sally 🙂

    ps – i *needed* chocolate again today. sometimes i feel like i use it as a drug. 😛

  30. Bonsoir Joseph
    Heuu, c’est pas le carême présentement ? En tous cas, toi tu dois pas attendre avec impatience Pâque !

  31. In my experience, chocolate makes everything better!!!!

    ***Question: Start to finish, about how long does the first draft of a script usually take you to write???***

  32. Rewrites suck, horrible things to do, even if there is an error, because when you think about it, when something is super huge in size, and your asked to change something, like you said your brain just freezes lol

    well hang in there, sounds like fun!

  33. Alas, poor Joe, do rewrites give you tartan nightmares? Thirty bars of chocolate … there’s symbolism and synergy in that. You’re going to be wired for weeks. Good for you. Here’s to Better Days.

    Military regs, huh? I suppose there’s no wiggle room on some issues. More so for officers. That’s why I was happy to be an enlisted sailor, we got away with almost anything as long as we looked fairly sharp, were on time and sober, and got our work done. Go Navy! As if skinny dipping with the chiefs was within regs, sure it was, right right right. Not everyone got caught sans coulottes that night, only had to run bare-nekkid through the jungle to make an escape. Those were the days.

    The long drunken versions of these sea stories are much more fun. Try this tequila shot and see if I’m correct. No? Try one more. See? No? … and so on.

    I’ll throw in a hug or two if you still need ’em. Hugs! Hugs!

    And Bless You for the Wraith pics, yummeh!

  34. Ooh Shep on his knees….nice! Better than chocolate. Thanks for the tease.

    Joe, try to squeeze some sleep in between all of the work. Take care!

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Joe,

    Try not to OD on chocolate. You might burn yourself out and then where would you be?

    Quote “If you were to consult my long, long list of Things I Hate, you’d find “rewriting a script” right up there, somewhere between “world hunger” and “the New England Patriots“. Unquote

    Glad to hear your hatred of the Patriots is still strong. Perhaps my recounting of their downfall at least cracked a smile for you.

    As for re-doing work you’ve spent alot of time on, it sucks for everyone. It’s happened to anyone that does any planning for anything at all.

    Move on. Show your strength of character by using the adversity to create something even better. Sure there’s the whining and moaning phase, but move on from that in a public forum at least, Sir, please?

    To quote Wayne from Wayne’s World: “Game on Dude!” Try to take the limitations given you, and turn it into something new and awesome. It might require some new spinning, but thinking inside the box got you shot down. Blow out the side of the box and make something new and awesome like we all know you can. 🙂

    You have friends. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for a bit of input. This isn’t unsolvable and it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon either. 😉

    I appreciate everything you do. I’m just trying to nudge you out of a funk as it were.

    Question for mailbag: So, how’s your day going?

  36. Which of the purveyors of fine chocolate provided that selection, please? (‘Cause I have GOT to try the dark chocolate with cardamom & white pepper.)

    Once all the angst is over, and the episode has aired, would you be willing to revisit the changes in less vague terms?

  37. I was wondering if you could reflect on the passing of the great science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke. Were you a reader of his works and, if so, what story or stories stand out in your mind and why?

  38. When the episode finally airs, will you be able to tell us how you originally wanted it to go?

  39. Oooo that’s a lot of chocolate, all those stressful rewrites must develop quite a need for some chocolate endorphins…

    All I can say about those military regs is… grrrrr… from a Jack/Sam shipper point of view ;o)

    I hope you tweak out all those problems, but I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out as I’ll be away from a computer :o(

    Enjoy the Easter break (at least I hope you get one and you don’t spend the whole time rewriting).

  40. I had a sucky day at work yesterday too – not as bad as yours but just one of those days where I pretty much just reached my last nerve and was in a foul mood… and if I’d had to have just one more pointless, circular telephone conversation with my waffly colleague in London I *would* have hung up on him. It would have either been that or snap completely and yell abuse down the phone at him.

    Thankfully, I feel a little calmer today. 🙂 Here’s hoping your mood improves (there’s certainly enough chocolate there to do some serious work on your serotonin levels!) and that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

    P.S. Obviously it will help improve your mood to know that you have boosted mine with that lovely pic of a certain Lt Col on his knees. 😀

  41. It’s 4:50 am…and I’m still doing my project for my finals tonight and to top it all I have to go to work from 8:30 am to 5:00pm (working on actionscript and PHP *yawn*) then school from 6-10pm.

    Just shot me!

    Now where did I put that Creole chocolate Bar?

    What is your fav Vosges bar? any recommendations?

  42. Sheppard on his knees, hands tied behind his back, looking all serious and concerned? Be still my heart… 😆 THUD! You’ve done it again, you’ve made a whumper, well thousands probably, swoon! 😉

    Awesome piccies, and so nice to see one of Joe. So thank you! 🙂

    Nice to see the choccie too. I want some now! It honestly sometimes does make the world a better place, in my opinion – she says as she runs out to steal one of the easter eggs she’s bought the kids… 😳

    Well, you seem to have the script revisions under control, so that’s good, isn’t it? Just one pesky revision which involves military regs? I’m intrigued. Hope you get it sorted very soon. Hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end.

    I haven’t asked a question in, oh…days. So let’s have another attempt at getting you to loosen those lips. I’m going to ask a very original one. Well, you can’t say that Shep fans aren’t determined, can you? 😉

    Er, well…I was wondering, is Sheppard going to have an episode centred around him in season 5? 😉

  43. Holy crapola Joe! How much chocolate??? Whatchya gonna do build a frikkin fort with it? Hey actually thats a really neat idea, chocolate forts to eat your way out of.
    Just to reiterate to anyone who missed it that Sky One are showing AoT @8pm Easter Monday! Bring your own chocolate fort!

    heading off shortly for student progress day which is an exercise in futility as we already know what kind of progress our kids are making and seems to give the teachers more of a sense of importance, some of them don’t even seem old enough to be able to vote or am I just getting old? And there’s no chocolate!
    *mutter mutter*

  44. *#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*
    * *
    * Happy St Joseph’s day !!!!! *
    * *

  45. Nice procrastination there, a brilliant post.

    Back to study. 30 hours of emotionally intense work + full time study a week… I need some lime truffles or ginger and wasabi chocolate. Sigh.

  46. Joe, Looking at your giant haul of chocolate it is all dark and milk chocolate. What’s you thoughts on white chocolate.

  47. Hey Joe,

    Some questions:
    1) I’ve noticed a lack of those original bayonet large Wraith stunners, were there complications with using them or will we see them again?
    2) Any chance of seeing those elusive Wraith Keepers we heard about back in “Allies” that ‘made their alliances’?
    3) Will we learn more about how the Wraith actually won the war against the Ancients? “Spoils of War” explais a bit but were there any other elements involve that helped the Wraith develop from bugs to an interstellar threat?

    Take care Joe!

  48. The screeching-round-the-block offer is still open if it will cheer you up a bit Joe.

  49. You said: “I wanted to stick around for the big sword fight sequence, but I had that rewrite to get back to. ”

    I love to see in movies sword fights and I think you have a good idea to include this type of fight in Stargate Atlantis. We could see in SG1 some sword fights with Col. Michell and I liked it.

    What type of swords will use your characters?

    Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

  50. Hey Joe. I’ve read your posting and I really like the tone you’ve set, here. I think you do a great job at capturing the angst and inner turmoil your writer character experiences when the network characters suggest seemingly insignificant changes. The rhythm works really well. You build up a great sense of tension by describing the collaborative efforts of the team of writers. That’s interesting stuff – personal, yet with a team dynamic at the same time. I even like your paragraph breaks.

    One thing though, Joe, it’s “fine-tooth comb,” not “fine toothcomb.”

    Could you work on that and resubmit? Thanks.

  51. Wow! That’s a lot of good looking chocolate. And to think I’ll settle for M&M’s when my day is going badly.

    I loved your use of language in today’s blog–“It’s not that I’m particularly precious about my ideas” is a very nice turn of phrase.

    Hang in there with the rewrite, and enjoy your chocolate!

  52. Hello Joseph=)..
    Merci beaucoup pour ces super photo!
    Vous savez quoi? sayer! c’est aujourd’hui!! donc…

    BONNE FÊTE JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Je ne sais pas si c’est pareil au Canada, mais en france c’est la Saint Joseph aujourd’hui!!^^

    Olala oui, comme dit Morgia , vivement Pâques dit donc..!

    Bon GROS BIsou, jespert que cette journée sera plus cool! Je vous adore♥

  53. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the pics!

    Nice to see a picture of Joe on set and my whumpy heart is now even more full of squee!

    Thanks again Joe! 🙂


  54. Sounds a lot like the whole process of web development. I wonder how many other professions have a similar process.

  55. When you wrote the Michael/Teyla/Beckett arc for the end of season 4, did you plan on stretching it out to season 5?

  56. Hi Joe!

    Lovely Wraith pictures, thanks for posting them! Who is playing the Wraith or is it a new actor?

    Wish you all the best!

  57. My, that is a mouth-watering selection…

    Thanks for that post on “how to pitch”; interesting (and illuminating… how did those people you mentioned actually get the chance to pitch? But maybe they were just having a really, really bad day and are usually awesome writers *nods*)

    I have a question, should you be in the mood for some procrastination on your rewrite. How do you guys decide what is an appropiate cliffhanger for a season finale? And, if it is, how is this different for a mid-season two-parter?

    The Last Man had multiple points where you could have cut and told us to tune back for more… Theoretically you could have had a whole politic/intrigue Genii eposide and ended it on Sheppard stepping through the gate and finding the City abandoned. Or you could have stopped it right after he goes into stasis. Or even right after he comes back but before they mount the mission. I find it hard to believe that it was a matter of filling up the one-hour (you usually have more material than necessary and then cut, right?) So it must have been for story-telling purpouses. Was it a “this involves more characters directly”? “Better emotional impact”? “Higher sense of drama”? Or a “this way in the second part we’ve already got all the set-up out of the way and we can dive in the thick of things”?

  58. YES I finally joined the party. We watched Arkk of Truth yesterday night.
    (BTW it was MARCH the 18 )
    A very very good Stargate episode but a good film. Great photography, Good scenario. Great sounds effects.Great music plaid by an orchestera we ear the difference. Great actors. But we felt that it was too short to end the Ori story.

    Je pense que Robert C Cooper est un meilleur écrivain-scénariste que réalisateur. On sent la différence d’avec la réalisation d’un Andy Mikita, Peter de Luise, William Warring.Aussi , le budget pour 1h40 de film n’était si supérieur à celui de 2 épisodes de 44 minutes. Pour la suite des choses en dvd on aurait intérêt à augmenter un peu le budget de chaque dvd; sans toutefois exiger le niveau d’un film, il y a une marge entre 6-7M$ et 100 150M$

  59. Oh j’oubliais, ANAIS, oui au Québec le 18 est la fête de St-Joseph comme en France mais surtout c’est MA fête !

  60. Question for other posters?
    How do you get the smileys into your posts? I don’t see any option to put them in mine.
    Thanks for any help,
    Bailey B

  61. Thanks for the pics! Looks like an interesting ep – and the Shep whumpers are all giddy with delight over that last photo! (Oh, what would I give for it to be poor Rodney…!!)

    Hope the rewrites go well. Sucks that you have to do that.

    A couple more pics to cheer you up that I saw on the http://www.icanhascheezburger.com site:


    (Me thinks you saw this and thought, oh, replicator magnet, there’s an idea … go on, admit it! Just because it wasn’t posted online until well after the episode aired doesn’t mean a thing!!! *grins*)



  62. Horse N. Buggy Said:

    One thing though, Joe, it’s “fine-tooth comb,” not “fine toothcomb.”

    Could you work on that and resubmit? Thanks.

    Even though that’s quite correct (and I see you changed the punc. in your entry, so I don’t have to get a red marker and correct it on my monitor screen), since I’m in the process of self-editing and have been since last night, because I can’t sleep, and so I’m halfway to sleep-deprivation psychosis (it doesn’t take long for me) – well, anyway, right now the word “resubmit” just makes me want to nock an arrow with one very long and very sharp red-tipped pen, and aim it at whoever said that.

    Odds are good that I will shoot myself in the foot.

    When my stomach recovers, I’m going to google for the chocolate manufacturers whose names I see above. I think a local store carries some of the varieties some of the time, but crosstown traffic is so bad these days – sodding 60 mph speed limit. . . .

  63. Joe,

    Thanks for the wonderful set pictures! You really made my day. Sheppard on his knees never, ever gets old.

    And speaking of Sheppard is there any chance you can give us some information on a Shep centric episode in season 5?


  64. You can do it, Joe!! Lock yourself in a quiet, comfortable room with a couple of snickers bars, a small glass of ice cold milk (unless your LI), a bottle of water, and your trusty thinking cap and let your mojo do its thing. What will result will surely be your best work ever.

  65. A moment’s diversion:

    Chimaeracon had an alien-looking visitor…a little bitty gray spider skittering across the top of a computer monitor. Yours truly did a doubletake and exclaimed, “It’s a replicator!”

    Jason’s dreads are impressive from a distance, though I know they’re weaves. I found some really funky yarn that might work for “Ronon”, so there may be a reggae cap in the mail soon.

  66. Is it bad that every time I see a picture of Mark Dacascos on your blog I keep wanting him to say “Ale Cuisine!” and then wonder why you have yet to guest judge on IC:A. Or if you have I am wondering how I missed that episode. heh.

  67. I second thornyrose’s suggestion that Arthur C. Clarke be considered for the next BotM. Perhaps “Childhood’s End” or “Against the Fall of Night”.

  68. I absolutley loved Season 4, and was really looking forward to Season 5.
    Sheppard has been favorite character since Season 1, not just because Joe Flanigan is fantastically easy on the eyes. It’s more that because his voice, face, and body language are so expressive, Sheppard is always interesting to watch and can keep me engaged for an entire episode. But JoeF’s been your leading man for four years, so I imagine you don’t need me to tell you what a good job he’s doing.
    And now that you’ve posted these pictures of Ronon and Sheppard, I can not wait for July. Sheppard – yay, Sheppard and Ronon – double yay! So thanks again for Season 4 and the great pictures.

  69. WAouu!! c’est trop cool! Tout le monde fête la saint Joseph!!! Youpi^^! Bonne fêtes a toi aussi Fargate One!

    Vous savez Joseph (euh joseph mallozzi^^) ..oui donc voua savez quoi??? ..et bien tout mes amis fan de stargate avez pensée a votre fête! et même avant moi!! rooh je suis trop contente^^

    Tient donc ,aujoud’hui c’est votre fêtes, l’anniversaire a Connor ainsi que l’anniversaire a Bruce Willis (aucun rapport mais bon.. XD lol) Vive le 19 Mars! ==D

    Ps: ce soir je vous parlerais de quelque chose concernant les réplicateurs ..

  70. You’re a great guy, Joe. Not only have you had a couple of really crappy days here… but you still thought enough about others to post these great pics. And chocolate too.

    Thanks for the Ronon and Shep pics… now I know their fate from S&R wasn’t as ominous as it appeared in those previous pics. We need another poem though… and we promise not to tell you to re-write it.

    How about a galactic softball game on the southwest pier? Allies vs. Enemies… that’d be fun huh?

  71. Don’t take this in a pervy way, but do the actors get to wear knee pads under their clothes for those scenes? I know I couldn’t kneel like that for 10 minutes, much less for take after take.

  72. Looks like you did like I was thinking you should after your bad day – chocolate and green beer. At least the chocolate part. Don’t eat it all at once! I know, tempting, but you’ll really reget it if you do.

    And thanks as always for the photo’s. You are a tease. You know that, right? And Whoo hoo! Finally The Flan!

    How many episodes are you all going to shoot now before you break? Are all the episodes with Carson in the early part of the season, since it seems you have him in the 2nd episode? Which bring the question – what are you doing with him after that?

  73. Is there enough chocolate there to get you through the re-write??

    YOU CAN DO IT!! We all have every cofidence in your ability to whip that script in to shape 🙂


  74. All I can say about those military regs is… grrrrr… from a Jack/Sam shipper point of view ;o)

    I must second that grrrr. (from a John/Rodney shipper point of view)

  75. Mmmm, chocolate and quite the selection, but really is there any other way to get over a crappy day. I don’t think so!

    Got my Ark of Truth dvd this week and have already watched it twice, and love it!

    Thanks for the pictures; it’s making the wait for Season 5 bearable!

  76. Now that I’m on high speed and can actually enlarge the pictures…all I know is I MUST find that chocolate somewhere!! I love dark chocolate, especially with hot chili peppers. But WHITE pepper?! Sounds deliciously spicy! Must. Find. NOW! Dark, spicy chocolate with a nice cab, or better…a (red) Zinfandel…’tis yum!

    Add to it a Wraith, and it’s pure bliss! 😀 Thanks again for ALL the yummy pictures.

    Wraithy question:

    In a recent interview, Chris Heyerdahl said: “You know, evil is a point of view. I think that evil comes out of choice…But as far as if the Wraith, or that race, being evil simply because they feed on human beings, it’s like saying a wolf is evil because it eats a sheep. It’s in its nature…So there are certain things that the Wraith cannot change. It’s simply that’s what they are.”

    I agree with this – and wonder how you, and the other PTB – view the Wraith? As something ‘evil’ that must be destroyed at all costs, or as something that simply acts upon its nature and needs to be understood (hopefully with a view of preservation over extermination)?


  77. What’s wrong with that much chocolate? Just freeze it! Save it for a rainy day. Then, if you’re like me, you move someplace like London or Seattle!

  78. Rooibos White chocolate? How Bizarre. I love our national tea, but putting into chocolate just never occurred to me.

    Also, please do not eat too much at once. Sugar shock is not a nice thing to experience and can be lethal.

    On the other hand…there are worse ways to die. 🙂

  79. Oui donc m revoila!=D

    Je vient de faire un autre sondage il y’a quelque heure sur mon blog, et voila les premier résultat:

    •Sa vous dit de revoir des réplicateurs dans la saison 5?

    OUI: 8

    Donc voila=) en plus je suis d’accord avec ce sondage! je fait un overdose de réplicateur, j’en est marre de les voir, j’ai l’impréssiont que c’est toujour pareil avec eux .Sg1,Ark of the truth, atlantis please stopppp!!!

    Donc voila, je vous dit bonne nuit a demain Joseph=)

    (a oui ofaite , j’allais les oubliers ..c’est leurs fêtes a eux aussi..mais on le sait peut êtrs moin , Donc bonne fêtes à “Joseph Harold Flanigan” &” Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa ” (bah oué tout de suite sa casse le mythe lol)

    aller Bisou Bisou

  80. To Carol Z
    Your friendly neighborhood ninja squirrel warrior

    Thanks!!!!! 😀

    Joe, Hope you had a much better day today!

  81. Chocolate does not cure typos however!!

    Ah well, back to the grindstone…. tssk even fans have to re-write darn it!!


  82. Sorry, I suggested Arthur C. Clarke’s “Against the Fall of Night”, but the book title is actually an expanded version called “The City and the Stars”.

  83. *waves*

    I’m sure if you stuff yourself with all that chocolate, it’s not just going to be the script that makes your head spin. LOL

    The pics are just fabby, and I have to echo Linzi’s words, Shep on his knees! Oh my. Oh btw did Andee pass on a message to you? Is it me or does Ronon scare the crap out of anyone else? It’s those eyes, they’re piercing, and i’m a bit frightened. LOL I might need a pillow to hide behind when this ep airs. 😳

    So, do tell, military regs snafu? Interesting! As an Air Force brat for 25 years, maybe I can help. 😛 Feel free to bounce your thoughts off me. I promise my lips will be sealed. I won’t tell a soul. 😉

    Keep persevering, not too much longer now, and then you can sit back and watch the fruits of your labour.



  84. Hi Joe,

    Thank you….once again you’ve made my day.

    Chocolate + Shep tied up on his knees = GOOD DAY. Seeing Shep like that never gets old……we love our Shep Whump! The more chocolate and more Shep Whump the better I say!

    Nothing really against the New England Patriots or anything, but……I’m glad the Giants won the Super Bowl.

  85. From MGM’s Mission Stargate – “Remember, many exciting adventures are still on the horizon! Be sure to look
    out for an all-new season of Stargate Atlantis, the DVD release of Stargate:
    Continuum, and a brand new Team Stargate website – all in July 2008!”

    Sure sounds like they’re talking about Atlantis Season 5 premiering in July, doesn’t it? Any news you can share?

    And always remember, dark chocolate is good for you, so a lot of dark chocolate must be very, very good for you, right?

  86. 1)In Season 5, will any of the crew face any dire ultimatums?

    2)Does Teyla’s child serve a greater purpose in Season 5?

  87. Thank you for the pictures. A cute Wraith you have found and I wish him lots of luck. He will need it.

  88. Ooooooo!!! Thanks for another great batch of piccies, Joe! Shep on his knees and tied up in front of a Wraith and Ronon’s just watching? *rubs hands together in anticipation* This is gonna be good! I can’t wait to see this ep (or S&R, or the rest of the season ;))

    I hope there will be some great character moments between Shep and Ronon (and some team love and angst, of course ;))! Will you guys continue to write in more character moments in S5 like you did in S4? Because I really think S4 was the best season character-wise. And I loved it!

    As for the re-writing, I feel your pain. I’m currently on the fourth (!) re-write of the short story I’m writing for a college course. Okay, so writing a short story is nothing compared to having to write a script for a live-action show, but I know what it’s like to keep receiving notes on your work and having to re-write it constantly.

    So, good luck! And thanks again for the pics! They’re getting me soooo excited for S5! 😀


  89. I sympathize about the rewrites, they entirely suck. In other news, I managed to do well in my midterm vocal performance and my sister did too! (College class, extra credit for high school thing, my twin sister is in the class too and we both have really bad stage fright) Could we get a blog dedication? (if it’s not a big problem, if it is then nevermind please).

  90. And yeah, if anyone noticed, I disappeared for a while (school, it kidnaps you and drains the life from you…well, not literally just figuratively). Oh, I have a question, is Easter coming up? (I do not have a calendar or a watch; I should probably get one of each…hmm, maybe) Sorry, I have another question, are the pictures from the season five Ronon episode? It looks good, but does Ronon turn into a bad guy? If yes, I hope it’s not permanent, that would not be cool.

  91. Hey Joe,

    I’m sympathising with your frustration recently. There is something screwy with the karma on this planet at the moment (although I’ve heard it’s going great on HD189733B). Just ask the Dalai Lama. He should have karma credits, but alas, it has abandoned him right now.

    So our plan is to sell the company and everything else, move to Thailand and live on a beach in a hammock. A much simpler but less stressful life. Sound like an option for you, Fondy and dogs?

  92. I think my blood sugar rose just from looking at that picture of all that yummy chocolate. MMMMMM.

    I drool (at your chocolate) in your general direction.

  93. Hi Joe:

    Re wrights suck!!! but, I wouldn’t know since I don’t have to do them. Hmmm…. if only I could re wright my life. Oh, what not possible not even if I can change the time line. Ha Ha.
    Anyways, thank-you for the Wraith pictures good to see the Wraith in season five. Will Todd be in season five too?

    Ohh, and all that chocolate!!! WOW,I be in Chocolate heaven. I remember all those great chocolate shops when I lived in Vancouver. Why did I move out here?!! Thank-you, again for the Wraith pictures.

    Hope you have a great Easter Sunday. Me, I have to work:( Take care


  94. Does almost being a full moon have any effect on the rewrites?!? It supposedly makes some people and things go crazy/silly/mad. But I am sure the chocolate will help, (it would me) and thats what Harry Potter was told to eat by the dark arts teacher ,,, so it has to be a cure-all..
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  95. You seriously bought all that chocolate?! Joe, can I come hang out with you, please? You can educate me about beer, it’s my 21st today…

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