The email message said: “Please check out the following lowlifes at…” and provided me with the appropriate link. At first I thought I’d been put on one of those silly group emails. Then I realized it was from Corinne, our local casting director. Oh, right. The low life! So I headed over and checked out the online auditions. Yep, all in all some pretty wretched lowlifes but, in my opinion, only one stood out as the lowliest of them all. So we’re going to cast this guy and, years from now, some producer will be scanning his credits and note: “Hey, you were the lowlife in that episode of Atlantis. I remember it. You were really pathetic.” “Thanks.”

I received notes on Whispers, worked on the rewrite, and took a tour of some of the new construction on the FX stage. Jason came by the office about a half dozen times today, each time popping up to discuss Broken Ties for all of two minutes before being called back down to set. Then, I rounded out my afternoon by skimming past scripts for appropriate flashback sequences. Alan is off and running on the new episode #9, The Queen, while Paul does a pass on Ghost in the Machine, Carl works on Tracker, and Marty G. gets a head start on the mid-season two-parter. Looking way ahead, I’ve talked myself into the #16 spot with “a very special Stargate Atlantis” (apologies to James Stewart), while we’ve got some other potential stories floating about in search of definitive slot.

Oh, I notice David H. has commented to my comment on a recent special script request, threatening to drop off Baz in the writer’s office while he collates his double-salmon pages. Well, David obviously misunderstood what I wrote because, on principle, I have absolutely no problem with someone collating scripts for the actors. After all, collating is a long and arduous process that demands an inhumanly inordinate amount of time and concentration, not to mention extreme physical exertion. Several years ago, my uncle Lamont put his back out collating a third draft of Diagnosis Murder and, to this day, still complains about a persistent stiffness in his lower spinal column whenever it rains. In fact, I was only responding to the very specific request that scripts be solely distributed on white pages as opposed to the offensive multi-colored sheets that apparently plague the more ocularly sensitive among us. Some of you will accuse me of heartless sarcasm but, truth be told, I can empathize with anyone who has experienced the stomach-churning nausea that comes from skimming a tan page, or the eye-stinging hell that is goldenrod. No, all I want to do is make a couple of things clear –

For starters, as long time readers of this blog well know, the human child is my favorite sub-species of the animal kingdom (followed closely by lemurs, platypuses, and the bob-tailed weaver – in that order) and I would, of course, be delighted to provide babysitting services for any precocious little loose-stooled imp. Time permitting of course.

Secondly, unlike actors, we lowly writers often don’t get it right the first time. It usually takes two, three, or more drafts to bring a script to perfection. With each successive attempt, different colored pages are distributed (blues for the first round of changes, pink for the second, green for the third, and so on). These, of course, serve as a harsh reminder of the writer’s mortal failings and, only incidentally, also serve to apprise the rest of the production of the changes made to the draft they happen to be working off of.

Thirdly, in addition to having them collate their own scripts, members of the production are contractually obligated to amputate their own gangrenous limbs should the need ever arise. These are sad holdovers from the days of vaudeville that I would love to see changed.

A big thank you to Paula for the Mexican candies that gave all of the writers a buzz – and had Alex Levine wandering the halls in a sugar-induced daze.

And good luck to tm on those mid-terms!

70 thoughts on “March 4, 2008: Lowlifes, scripts, and those infernal colored pages!

  1. Hi Joe,

    I have a question about the recurring characters like Lorne and Zelenka, Do you sign them to a contract for each individual episode that they appear in or do they sign one for a certain number of episodes before the season starts and adjust them as needed.

    Thanks and love the blog!

  2. Well if you do get stuck with Baz and the filled diaper. Just remember to hide it in David’s new trailer, I have had this happen. It is not a good smell, but it funny as hell for everyone else.

  3. I guess the key difference would be the shade of color. Are we talking a nice, soft, faintly heart-warming pastel pink, for example, or an 80’s-inspired hot pink that looks like it should have “I heart NKOTB” blazoned across it in magic marker?

  4. Would you be so kind as to tell us how the director line-up looks for the front 10 episodes of season 5? New title today…”The Queen”…let’s guess what that’s about!!

  5. So… Last Man… so close! Right?
    Don’t you feel like giving any spoilers?
    Just kidding

    Hey, could you put a Brazilian member in season 5???
    just show someone with a Brazilian patch back on the scene or something

  6. *coughtmailbagcough*

    How is the pilot of season 5 coming along when filmed, are the dailies turning out how you expected them to be? Any surprises?

  7. Hey Joe. Quick question how do deal with all the pug hair? Seriously I adopt a year old pug and good lord how can one little animal have so much hair?? And yes I have bought stock in lint brushes/rollers etc.

    I might have to get use to the pug hair everywhere including my meals.

  8. Maybe your very Special Stargate Episode could revolve around the Science Department getting a mix up with their office supply order and instead of white paper they’re instead sent ream upon ream of puce and magenta coloured terror. With a cry of dismay McKay can blindly stagger out of the lab, hitting the railing and tumbling into the sea below (it’s fine, he can land on a passing whale and be carried to safety, though if DH doesn’t pick up his kid from your office you have some serious leverage). Atlantis can implement security shut down protocols and everyone can run back and forth between rooms screaming and arms waving for at least three add breaks until Sheppard in a moment of heroic quick thinking nukes the science department saving the day until the next episode where everyone gets radiation poisoning and Ronon’s dreads fall off.

    And then at the end of the episode you can play the blooper reel. See, being a Executive Producer/writer can have perks.

  9. Hi Joe:

    I had a question, but I can’t remember what it is. Do you know what my question is?

    Patricia (AG)

  10. Hey Joe,

    hehe the pathetic lowlife! #9 The Queen sounds interesting. I was immediately thinking of ‘The Tower’ don’t know why. obvioiusly I suspect it’s about a Wraith Queen… Yay for the mid-season two-parter, I’m really looking forward to those eps (yes Daniel’s one reason). regarding #16, I actually read ‘a very special guest star’ and was thinking about Sam, O’Neill etc. so what could this mean? hm…

    are those pics from the set of ‘Broken Ties’? oh and I was wondering if you have any ratings info on ‘The Kindred Part 2’? thanks 🙂

  11. Aww….c’mon now….where’s your sense of humor? David was only kidding. Little Baz is the innocent in all of this…. I expect to see a kiss and make up picture of you and David (and baby Baz) very soon.

    Leesa Perrie, you should be ashamed of yourself. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I now pronounce you “The Pot Stirrer”.

  12. “David was only kidding.”

    Uh, so was I. Actors are not contractually obligated to amputate their own gangrenous limbs. Our directos provide this as a free service.


  13. We used coloured paper for versions here too. (usually for advertisements) it makes life SO MUCH EASIER than trying to find a way to make sure everybody knows what draft something is. Eig.

  14. Joe said: “Uh, so was I. Actors are not contractually obligated to amputate their own gangrenous limbs.”

    And I’m sure there would be many a fan at a convention happy to do so for a memento of their favourite character.

  15. Do gangrenous limbs happen often in the entertainment business? What happens once they’re amputated? Does the props department find an appropriate substitute, or are the missing limbs CGI’d in after the fact?

  16. Joe, this 16th episode troubles me.. You do know that ” A very special…” is a sure sign of a show Jumping the Shark.. (Heck it even has its own catagory at jumptheshark.com) and really I think Atlantis is far too young to be even in the vincinty of a shark.. Just please do not cast Ted McGinley in the show any time soon, especially on episode 16.

  17. Hi

    Since we now know that our exteme Shep whump epi got moved to the second half. Any clues as to which spot? You can’t leave us whumpers crying in our soup.


  18. Hey Joe,

    After a sad day in Wisconsin history (Bretty Favre’s retirement), it was nice to hear about all the happenings at the Stargate studios! Yay for another Season 5 episode title!

    How long does it usually take to film an episode? Is ‘Search and Rescue’ already done filming?

  19. I think Dovil’s idea has some merit. However she has left out one very important aspect: security drones.

    I ask you, where are the security drones? They can at least provide ONE act break:

    “Security drones? We don’t HAVE security drones!”

    “Well, we do now!” *boom*

    See? Brilliance.

  20. “Actors are not contractually obligated to amputate their own gangrenous limbs. Our directos provide this as a free service.”

    Gee, maybe next time the writers have a new contract up for negotiation, you could work in this as a perk.

  21. Ah yes, collated scripts – what fun I had with them when translating Rome … except for the fact that they were copied onto white paper (with the name of the color conveniently placed in the top line of each page). Sometimes I had five versions of one scene weaving into each other, not always conclusive. In the end, I had to puzzle together the finished version from the episodes. Sweet! It was hard word, but also huge fun 😀

  22. Uh, that sounds as if there will be a lot of McKay whumping in your next scripts…

    joanieloveschachi Said:
    “I expect to see a kiss and make up picture of you and David (and baby Baz) very soon.”

    That would be great. Some of us are waiting. 😉

  23. I am sure that you would be all too willing to look after Mars instead of Baz. Although I would guess that he eats more than the average Pug – and needs longer walks.

  24. did it snow at your place yesterday?? and were is the farthest you have had to travel for a set?

  25. Ok before you start panicking about being left in charge of incontinent midgets let me reassure you, dogs LOVE dirty diapers(or nappies as they’re called over here) so no worries there, you got plenty to go around.
    Now as far as it being made blatantly obvious to one and all that you writers are far from perfect you’d think your union would’ve been pushing for perhaps subtle hued outside edges on rewrites/redrafts, in order to spare your embarrassment or alternatively pay less for more coloured pages thus inspiring you to GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME! it is after all well known that certain colours can affect those unfortunates who are Dyslexic, i.e. a coloured filter is often used for someone with mild to moderate dyslexia, apparently it helps the brain unscramble the letters, so it stands to reason that maybe the colours can have a detrimental effect on others.

    Kindred II- what can I say? LOVED IT! Loved Ronon’s reaction to Carsons second imminent demise, loved the interplay between Carson and Keller, chortled oodles over the “dogs breakfast” line and loved Rodney’s reaction to his new/old best friends return, and thank you for the Elizabeth mention it was beautifully done, looking forward to seeing how his story ends up.

    Thanks also for the dozens of sketches that have enabled me to spend my inheritance on making my house a scale replica of Atlantis, of course the extra levels I had to have both dug and built were costly but luckily I know a firm of Cornish builders called Bodgit & Scarper who’ve done a top notch job and the rain only comes in when its from a westerly direction, and the wind when its coming from the east, how they managed to do that is a mystery of engineering ability and building ineptitude that is quite frankly staggering but nevertheless they’ve earned every single penny of the £2.50 each I promised them and I doubt at those prices they’ll be short of work. Needless to say I’ve had some problems getting someone who understood the transporter technology to come in and work on such a small scale but luckily again the guy across the street dabbles in a bit of everything and he said he’ll come over after tea and take a look, he reckons its just a matter of switching polarity and we’ll be away, the last time I had it fixed and tried to get to the bathroom I ended up in next door-but-ones conservatory which was funny really as they don’t have one yet but plans are in place since I told them how nice it was.
    I’ll send some pictures when its all finished and I’ve relocated it to somewhere less crowded always assuming the engines work and the duracell batteries I’m having to use instead of a ZPM last out!

  26. Just watched Kindred 2 as it aired in the UK. LOVED IT! Have been reading some of the comments on fansites and see some are unhappy with the way Beckett returns and although I still haven’t quite forgiven you for killing him in the first place I think we have to accept the only way for him to return would be as part of a credible storyline. I love the way you are still keeping us guessing about how it all finally pans out. Looking forward to Season 5 but please consider more than 5 episodes for Beckett. Will he and Rodney ever get to go fishing?

  27. the stomach-churning nausea that comes from skimming a tan page, or the eye-stinging hell that is goldenrod

    Go all retro on them and use colours like Mustard! Burnt Orange!!!


    Hope all is well with you Fondy and pugkids.

  28. Y’know, if this whole script scandal turns into some sort of all out conflict, I suspect there will be diapers left all over Bridge Studios. And given the number of babies produced in the past year, there could be plenty of ammunition! 🙂

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the sugar rush. Thanks for letting me know they arrived okay. Any scenes that don’t work in Season 5 can be blamed on me. (Just don’t give anyone my e-mail, or they’ll know where to find me!)

  29. Hmm…I’ve never heard of this collating business before.

    Anyhow, any chance we’ll ever see an AU version of Ronon or Sheppard? They’re both oh-so-cool, it’d be nice to see them as total goofs.

    Also, why would anyone want to be cast as a lowlife? It can’t be that good for your resume, can it?

    Actors are weird, and slightly desperate.

  30. I worked as an office production assistant on a film once and my entire job was to drive at break neck speeds to and from the 24 hour Staples to photocopy (usually at 3 pm and 3 am). The back seat of my car was full of various coloured papers. Good times.

  31. All this talk of coloured paper has me intrigued. How many script drafts do you have on average (ie how many colours per episode)?

    And what colour would you want the paper to be if you had a 100th script draft?

  32. Cor blimey guv’nor, while you’ve been catching the zeds, countin’ bulkhead rivets an what have ya, some of us half a planet away have been busy. Actually I’ve been to the hospital and had Jerry removed, Jerry turned out to be a wart growing at the back of my throat just above Tony tonsil, anyway the Derriford equivalent of Keller, who having introduced herself to Jerry proceeded without so much as a backward glance to remove him from his roost and is sending him off to get a social life. Nice to be back to what passes for normal in this neck of the woods.

  33. Oh, I feel sooo ashamed!! *hangs head* I didn’t mean to start a blog war!!

    Um, I haven’t? Joe and David were only joking?

    Oh goodie! *sighs in relief*

    I kinda hoped that was the case!

    Leesa Perrie

  34. HI Sir,

    Winter storm on Québec City today. Please remember the date : March the 5th 2008 where we hit 400 CENTIMETERS OF SNOW FOR THE 400th ANNIVERSARY OF FOUNDATION OF QUÉBEC CITY by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 AC.

    Even SGA does not have such this sense of the timing in action !!

  35. Oh! Oh! *raises hand* The Queen is about John Sheppard. The flashback scene you’re looking for is at the end of Harmony. Come on. Maybe just a little?

  36. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the pics, always great to see whats going on with the show. I read an article on-line that Atlantis will have a summer premiere? Can you confirm this? Also, do you know how “The Kindred” faired in the ratings? I hope it at least tied with episodes like Spoils of War and Harmony. Thank you.

    Have a great day!


  37. Is “The Queen” Helen Mirren as a Wraith Queen?

    That would be awesome! Oh! What if she has to cut off a gangrenous limb? This stuff just writes itself!!

  38. Hey Joe!

    Oh boy, mid-terms! Thank goodness I finished them not long ago, they can be quite a hastle. 😛

    Looks like Season 5 is in full swing, with some intriguing sounding (and looking 😉 ) episodes. Also sounds like Jason is one of those ‘back-and-forth’ people. I surmise he doesn’t just like to stand around?

    Thanks as always, and only 2 more days to the finale!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  39. Alas, pity the writers, flogged with the Rainbow of Shame, actors and the whole damn production team flaunting the Technicolor Badge of Dishonor, causing much gnashing of teeth and wailings of woe! How the writers must struggle under the threat of the Polychromatic Author Mistakes Paper Error Recording System. PAMPERS! The threat is PAMPERS!

    Okay, I used up my polysyllabic ration for the week. And most of my brain cells on the acronym, which is a stretch, but I tried. And in one of those moments of serendipity, I can’t find my new ream of white paper for my printer, all I have unearthed is a box of pastels. My printer is loaded with Pale Puke Orange. Positively Poisonous Pastel Purple is next up, then Yuckalicious Yellow. Punishment of the Gods, no doubt.

    What? You mean today is not Alliteration Thursday?

  40. Joe, please tell me those set drawings are of a well that David Hewlett/Rodney will fall into… that would actually make my day 😀

  41. Hi Joe!

    Hey we’ve seen Torri’s dog in the show, and we’ve also seen Joe Flanigan’s kids in the show. Well what about David’s dog Mars and his wee one Baz. Mars does have acting credit under his collar and as for Baz he’s just so gosh darn cute how can you not resist putting him in an episode. Any chance of us fans seeing Kate Hewlett in an Episode in Season 5? She’s great as Jeanie Miller and we fans all love her.



  42. In the books Department Joe. Tow questions. Have you read all of the Arthur C Clarke “Space Odyssey” Books and what one was your favourite? and have you seen the movie’s and what did you prefer the books or the movies?



  43. The choice of colors can make a big difference, so if it is absolutely vital to script operations perhaps asking the person if they have color preference might help. I have the same issue but pastel colors are okay for my eyes.

    Or what about using highlighters across the title and side of the front page of the script?

    Either way, great pics. Season four has been really great so far. I’m very excited for season five. Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long.

  44. I wont be original. Mostly because I have a question about Lorne. The 4400 got canceled and finally Kavan wouldn’t have any scheduling conflicts. Which would mean you could use him as much as you’d like (yes please).

    Were you guys reasonable enough to sign him up before he found himself something new to conflict with Atlantis???

  45. Hey Joe,

    Can’t wait to see Carson back in season 5, especially after Kindred part 2. As for this special 16th episode, I’m intreaged and also worried. Maybe we could have Rod and his team from the alternate universe turning up?

    Question: Have you ever written stories as opposed to scripts? What are the differences between the two types of writing and do you find one easier than the other?

  46. Leesa Perrie said …

    Oh, I feel sooo ashamed!!

    As you should! Tattling on the Squirrel King to Emperor Mallozzi, what were you thinking, woman??

    I think this calls for a flogging with Mars’ tail! 😉

  47. Damn it Joe, you just made me burst out laughing in the middle of the computer library. Now I’m getting weird looks. Well, more than I do on a normal day…

    “The Queen”. Hmm. Stab in the dark here, but does that mean Jodelle Ferland will be making a return appearance in season 5?

    And if DH doesn’t want Baz, I’ll have him. I love babies. They go well with mustard.

    (I’m kidding of course. Ketchup is way better).

  48. A well? Do I see artwork of a well? Oh oh. Isn’t this where Timmy (or maybe McKay, or Beckett) falls into the well? Lassie! Lassie! (I don’t say Sheppard or Ronon because they would know better and besides, it would be prime whumping territory to drop someone down a well, I would think… breaks, bruises, bugs, scummy water) 😉

  49. Ok I just have to say how great ther last few episodes have been and how much I’m looking forward to the season finale. I’m also EXTREMELY excited about Daniel coming to Atlantis.

    A quick couple of SG-1 questions, first will we get any shipper worthy D/V moments in Continuum (from what I HEAR there aren’t really any in AoT, which really surprises me) cause I’m still slightly p****d about the whole Unending ending?
    Secondly (this may have been asked before) Will the decision on wether to make any more movies be dependent on the sales of the 2 already filmed, or have ideas for a third movie already been pitched. And if so any hints?

  50. The Queen….hmmmm.

    Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let it be Ronon in drag….


  51. Will we be seeing Michael’s Super Bugs again or have they ‘mysteriously disappeared’?

  52. Hi Joe
    First time writer…..LUV the blog and yes dogs are my favourite people.
    Just a quick question. Who likes to see the Shep-whumpage more Joe Flanigan or the writers? Oh and please don’t say both, one has to like it more then the other *grin*. I’m thinking writers.
    Regarding your re-write situation. I ran a Drama Workshop at my daughter’s high school for several years and it being an all girls school I had to write 2 short 30 minute play every year(not to many short all girl plays out there). I found just a colored sticky on the top right corner of a white sheet was enough to let the girls know the pages that were re-writes, of course different colors for each re- write. To be honest most of the time there was only one. Suggestions from the principal, if you will, but we would go down that road right know. Just a thought so the guys and gals stop complaining about color blindness. Have a good one. Take Care

  53. Hi Joe,

    I just got into an argument with my sister over SGA, and while I basically disagreed with her, I came away from it in a really bad mood, because I couldn’t think of any counter-arguments beyond, “dude, relax, it’s just a sci-fi adventure show. Don’t take it so seriously.” (I know. I suck.) So I’d like to hear your opinion on this, if you have the time.

    She pointed me to a livejournal post and she said that she completely agreed with the author who says,

    “I’m just so fucking sick of the creepy colonialism of a bunch of Western scientists and military crashing into a New World, and then nobody — nobody, not the characters, not TPTB, not the fandom as a whole, nobody giving a good goddamn about the people who, Jesus fucking Christ, actually live there. The characters are importing bottled water and playing video games in their spare time, turning the Lost City of the Ancients into a fucking dorm. The writers are trying to fob off a half-baked “Athosians in jeopardy” plotline on us, without going to the enormous bother of ever giving us one scene with, well, Athosians, like how would having seen their faces sometime in the last two years possibly make the danger of losing them more resonant in any way? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, fans are always going on about how Pegasus Galaxy is, like, totally John and Rodney’s home now — they’ll probably never go back to Earth, because they love it here so much!

    Let’s be really clear, here: they don’t love Pegasus, and all the feigned concern they show for the galaxy when IOA threatens to recall them is total bullshit. What they love is Atlantis, and they love it because it’s a big, empty tree fort with central air. If they gave one one-millionth of a fuck about anything in the galaxy, this whole arc wouldn’t be about, “Teyla’s people are gone, jeez, that’s gotta be pretty hard on Teyla, sure hope Teyla finds those people of hers!” If they gave one one-millionth of a fuck, *they would know some of those people, too.* After three years, they’d be a little bit concerned about the fate of the neighbors — not just because Teyla seems pretty down in the mouth about the whole thing, but because *they would just care.* Human beings can frequently suck, but they also tend to have a lot of empathy when people they know and have regular contact with and do business with and generally have a relationship with, even a casual one, are attacked. Our characters have treated this whole thing like a terribly unfortunate thing they read in the paper. They haven’t given the slightest sign of being personally sad or scared or angry or moved in any way at all; it’s all Teyla’s problem, and their only reaction to it has been a certain moderate sympathy with Teyla.”

    (And the rest of the post is weird ranting about other stuff, but yeah. That was the part we got into an argument over, and I couldn’t really think of what to say in response.)

  54. So Joe,will there be alot more Teyla in S5 to make up for the lack of Teyla in S4?

    Will there be any Teyla whump next season for Teyla,maybe some torture or something,i need my Teyla whump fix;)?

    Is the episode “The Queen” the Teyla ep?

  55. im shocked that you were just recently introduced to dan simmons, his hyperion series (hyperion, the fall of hyperion, endymion, the rise of endymion) is my absolute favorite of all time. not to mention illium and olympous , and the terror (his newest). have you ever read forge of god and anvil of the gods by greg bear?

  56. Hi Joe,
    I was wondering if you could give us any episode titles that you have so far for season 5 of SGA? And maybe a little hint about what each episode is about, just a little something to get our imaginations going until the new season starts.

  57. *giggles*

    I was so hoping you wouldn’t be able to resist DH’s comment about Baz and the scripts. You are a hoot!

    Question: Is there any plan in the future (along the lines of ‘Let’s see what we can do to torture David!’) to highlight Rodney’s allergy in a tense situation? I know that McKay is very cautious about what he eats and that’s protected him so far, but he’s mentioned it so often, it might be nice to get a payoff–a peril that for once has nothing to do with Space Vampires and nanoviruses and other scary Pegasus Galaxy hazards.


  58. hey Joe, I wanted to know if Jennie Miller/Kate Hewlett will come back in Season 5? I really like how she contributed in the 2 last seasons!

  59. Hi Joe, is Season 5 gonna start in July??? Any possibility of seeing Ford in Season 5??? Thanks

  60. Joe, have you ever read The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key? It’s one of those books that makes a little place in your mind and stays with you long after reading it.
    I love those kinds of books.


  61. 1)Any mysterious new allies next year?

    2)Will there be any episodes next season that physically test the faith and loyalty that the team have with each other?

  62. Jay Lewis Said:

    “Is “The Queen” Helen Mirren as a Wraith Queen?”

    That would so totally rock! She’s so…so…regal. 🙂 Brilliant idea, Jay! 🙂

    Marko, nothing against your sister, but that guy/gal’s livejournal post is waaaaaaaaay over the top. Even if she agrees with him/her on some things, the hyper-swearing, ridiculous assumptions and assertions make everything he/she says moot. If you’re looking for ideas, beyond the great replies by JM, I’d say, “Who pissed in his cereal this morning?” 🙂

  63. AV eddy said: Even if she agrees with him/her on some things, the hyper-swearing, ridiculous assumptions and assertions make everything he/she says moot.

    Passionate, expressive language is stupid! They must be female because men are rational, logical creatures that don’t ever get ‘het up’ by an argument.


    If you can take it upon yourself to overlook the swearing (let’s assume you’re not one of those rare individuals that doesn’t let a swear word out on occasion) then you should be able to see the points are valid. As are the assumptions.

    A couple of seasons back we saw a random female scientist/solider getting her ankle strapped in the infirmary because (and I paraphrase), “The Daedulus only has room to bring over vital mission equipment and sport shoes don’t fall into that category.” Cut to a shot of Sheppard polishing his golf clubs (and no, that’s not an euphemism) in his room. Golf clubs, bottled water and plastic-wrapped sandwiches are vital?

  64. sarcasmo said: Cut to a shot of Sheppard polishing his golf clubs (and no, that’s not an euphemism)

    That’s Late Night Stargate Atlantis but you can only get that on cable in Guam.

    They did want to bring sport shoes over, but they took them off the ship when they realised that they needed to stock up on playstation consoles and Budweiser. As for the golf clubs, bottled water and plastic-wrapped sandwiches, they didn’t actually bring these over – instead once they had colonised and abandoned the Athosians they set up factories where they toil for 18 hour days making this stuff for a shiny nickle each. Apparently next month Nike has sub-contracted to have it’s own factory set up and then they’ll have more sport shoes that you can shake a golf club at.

    But you’ll have to tune in at 10pm on Guam TV for that kind of carry on.

  65. Finally, seen Kindred Part II. Loved all the Carson2 stuff.

    After the Clone degeneration stuff, I was terrified you were going to kill him again!! I don’t think I could of taken another death scene.

    Given that they should have access to the Asguard libary surely they might have ways to save Carson2? Cause when the O’Neill clone was degenerating they said it was the way it was made that made it unstable but they fixed it.

    Does this mean Michael was inept in his cloning technique or was he intentionally ensuring that Carson2 wouldn’t last if he ever got free?

    Does the Asguard knowledge help save Carson2?

    Also, I have to say that the costume dept have really outdone themselves with Teyla’s pregnacy outfits. She has to be the most well clad warrior mum-to-be. Loved the dress in Quarantine and the floaty tops. Very Cool.

    Can’t believe that the season finale is only next week.

  66. Sarcasmo…huh? I “should be able to see the points are valid?”

    No. There is no “should” or “shouldn’t” in this situation, because it’s only his/her/its opinions.

    Also, I decide whether or not to “overlook the swearing” and aggressive writing style, and I decide how I will interpret the author’s opinion based upon how it was expressed.

    For me, yelling, excessive swearing, ranting, overly aggressive, hateful words, even for opinions I agree with, are usually ignored or dismissed.


  67. AV eddy – ‘Should’ as in you’re capable of, not as in you must agree. You understand the distinction, yes?

    For me, yelling, excessive swearing, ranting, overly aggressive, hateful words, even for opinions I agree with, are usually ignored or dismissed.

    Well, bully for you. What an excellent way to never learn anything new.

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