During my 9+ years here in Vancouver, I’ve seen many a comfort food restaurant come and go. For whatever reason, these places have failed to elicit much interest. It could be because, given the vast variety of offerings presented by the Vancouver restaurant scene, many diners aren’t all that interested in going out for food they can just as easily make at home. Or it could be a result of an evolution in the ever-refining palates of local gourmands. Or, more than likely, you can chalk it up to the fact that none of these restaurants were particularly good. Seriously. It’s really tough to fuck up macaroni and cheese and yet, time and again, these places managed to do it. Which, in my opinion, is why their former premises are now occupied by plants shops and stores selling knick-knacks.

Fortunately, it’s still possible to find good comfort food in the city. The trick is not to go to a “comfort food restaurant”. Instead, set your sights on one of the many local eateries that serve up these homey, rib-sticking dishes as part of their regular menu. Like Bistrot Bistro.

Four of us went last night: Marty G., his gal Stephanie, Ivon Bartok, and myself. As I stepped inside, I was immediately greeted by the lovely Valerie (who co-owns the restaurant with husband and head chef Laurent) who commended me on my timing. Apparently, it was exactly one year to the day that Bistrot Bistro opened its doors – and I had been their very first customer (and given them their very first review way back in: http://josephmallozzi.com/2007/03/09/march-9-207/). It was nice to see that, one year later, the place was hopping and clearly enjoying some well-deserved success.

Since Martin paid the last time we’d gone out (our last visit to Fuel), I informed him that it was my turn. And, since it was my turn, that meant “dishes for the table”! I tend to do this when: a) I’m paying and b) am torn between several interesting looking plates. I’ll order something for me, and then order “something for the table” which becomes a communal dish that everyone can enjoy. That said, the fact that my fellow diner’s plates are technically “non-communal” has never stopped me from helping myself.

We started with the Bistrot made charcuterie accompanied by a warm, crusty baguette. The platter included prosiutto, hearty pork rilette, a mouth-melting chicken liver port fondant (my personal fave), and an exquisite house pate made with pork, veal, pistachios, and what may have been fig to lend it a subtle sweetness. Oh, and we also enjoyed a warm gruyere tart. And a surprisingly nice (surprisingly insofar as I wouldn’t have thought it would be something I’d enjoy) endive spiced walnuts stilton balsamic poached pears. And a phenomenal melted brie bacon basil oil puff pastry (!!!). It would have been quite a satisfying meal if we’d stopped there. But, of course those were only the appetizers.

For his main course, Ivon chose the sole petrale meuniere, a dish that never fails to transcend its simplicity. Butter, flour, salt and pepper to taste, a touch of parsley and voila! Heaven! Apparently, this was the first dish Julia Child had when she was in France. It proved to be the culinary equivalent to a spiritual awakening for her.  While the sole didn’t inspire Ivon to drop everything and enroll in chef school, it did impress. 

I wrestled with indecision, trying to choose between the filet mignon with the blue cheese herb crust or the filet mignon with the scallion butter. I ended up going with the latter and it was perfection – the meat, served medium-rare, as buttery rich as the half-melted pad that topped it.

Martin and Stephanie each had the halibut with watercress emulsion. Martin enjoyed his but, Stephanie found her’s overcooked. Upon hearing this, Valerie apologized and whisked the halibut away, striking the charge from our bill.

Fortunately for Stephanie, there was plenty more to choose from (including my steak which she ate half of, proclaiming it the “best dish of the night”).

I also ordered a little something for the table, Bistrot Bistro’s version of mac and cheese which includes duck confit and gruyere cheese. Talk about comfort food. I thought Marty G. was going to break into tears.

Our sides included mashed potatoes with butter and cream, pommes alumettes and mayo, gratin dauphinois, and those bacon braised brussel sprouts that I raved about on my very first visit that Ivon couldn’t stop talking about on this visit.

For dessert, Martin and I had the dark chocolate mousse (scooped onto our plates from an enormous serving bowl), Stephanie loved her lemon tart, and I also ordered up the malted Belgian waffle topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (for 2) for the table.

It was quite a meal that left me, yes, incredibly comforted – if not altogether stuffed.

To those asking, the following line in the teaser poem was the reference to Kindred II: “The experiment’s minions the team will combat.

By the way, finished Michael Flynn’s Eifelheim and loved it. All I’ve got to say is that Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End must be quite a book to have beaten it out for the 2007 Best Novel Hugo Award.

A couple of reminders. Discussion begins on Children of the Night by Dan Simmons, our final selection in this month’s BOTM club. This gives everyone well over a month to read either one, two, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, all three titles for the next BOTM club discussions –

In the scifi category, it’ll be Timescape by Gregory Benford. Discussion will begin April 7th.

In the horror category, F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep gets the nod. Discussion on this book will begin April 14th.

In the fantasy category, it’ll be Jeffrey Ford’s Empire of Ice Cream. Discussion on this book will begin April 21st.

Finally, just wanted to offer up some links of interest.

Director Ken Girotti (who is in town to do the honors on episode 3, Broken Ties) has a blog over here: http://bootinthepants.blogspot.com/

Writer Denis McGrath offers up some ever-informative, always entertaining insights into the Canadian film and television industry over here: http://heywriterboy.blogspot.com/

And, of course, if you’d like to check out all of Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo’s correspondence with the various email scammers who have contacted them over the past year, head on over to: http://spambait.wordpress.com/

Oh, and to all those asking – the dogs are fine. I have plenty of pics to post, but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Today’s pics: Marty G. and Ivon, filet mignon with scallion butter, Sole Petrale Meuniere, Bistrot Bistro’s mac and cheese with duck confit, Stephanie and I partying hard on the “fun side” of the table (x2), we do a pretty good job of cleaning up, and even thought Martin and Ivon are feeling stuffed, and the same can be said for Stephanie and I – we still manage to catch our second wind with dessert, which Marty G. enjoys with a glass of Chateau la Rame, whereas I enjoy mine with a glass off 2% 2008, a bowl of chocolate mousse, and the malted Belgian waffle for 2.

75 thoughts on “March 2, 2008: A comforting culinary excursion

  1. ummmmmmm food!!!!!!!
    gotta say i cannot wait for the kindred 2!!!!!!!
    hows fondy doin???whats she up to!!!!

  2. I showed the picture of the belgian waffle to my mother. “Oooh. That was cruel and evil. Inhumane.” I have to agree with her, but BOY, that looks good!

  3. How do you manage to eat so much and not put on weight? Even with others around to share the wealth, that’s a lot of chow. Nice to see Mr. Bartok. Seems the Stargate franchise really does hire on basis of looks. Looking forward to the promised doggie pictures, as well as the discussion on Children of the Night.

  4. Hey Joe!

    How much do you guys eat when you go out, and how big are your stomachs? You always seem to order one of everything from restaurant menus! 😀

    Not that I’m complaining of course, if I want to be hungry, I just open your blog. You always provide great imagery of your culinary experiences, and that image of the Belgian Waffle makes me drool! Ever thought of sitting in on a taping of Iron Chef America?

    Thanks as always,

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – Loved Kindred, Part 2. Looking forward to the finale!

  5. Now THAT is more like it! Me likes to see them BIG portions in restaurants. Fuel’s nice, but like I said, they were like, bite-sized or something!

    Ok, question for the inevitable next mailbag coming in a few weeks: Since the teyla story for 509 is new, does it mean the spoiler poem doesn’t mention it?

    Lastly, I like to make a mention of Avatar. I’ve tried to sell you on it for a while now (hint hint hint…), but something’s come up. I make this request to everyone who reads this: Avatar has been nominated for Best Cartoon in this year’s Kid’s Choice Awards. The Awards are more-or-less irrelevant, but still, having Avatar win (especially against the SpongeBob juggernaut) would be a great triumph for both the show and the fanbase, of which I’m one. It’ll also, hopefully, show the Nick Executives that the fans care about the show, A LOT.

    Voting for the awards start tomorrow, here: http://www.nick.com/shows/specials/kca/

    It’ll last until March 29th, when the awards show will be broadcasted on Nickelodeon. Now, most of you have probably never heard of the show or seen it, but as a request, I hope you’ll take a few moment to vote for the show tomorrow or anytime before the 29th. Or, better yet, take a look at the show yourselves, and then vote. The poll may also allow multiple voting, and if so, please do so. None of you have to do this, obviously, but…well, think of it as a favor, for me.

    Thank you all so much!

  6. Looks absolutely scrumptious. Judging from the picture, it appears as though the mashed potaters were the lowlight of the evening…

    What’s up with Marty G.’s shirt? Is that tape? Does he get paid so little that he must mend his shirt with tape? Or is that all the rage in fashion in Vancouver at the moment?


  7. I’ve been thinking about the “five episodes” we’re supposed to get with Carson next season, and the “two episodes” with Carson we got this season, which, unless there’s a big surprise in “The Last Man,” included one episode with a grand total of fifteen seconds of Carson. So I hope it’s not too late to add a few conditions to what we fans expect (and I think I speak for at least two of us!) when we hear that we may expect “five episodes with Carson”:
    1. Carson must appear for more than fifteen seconds for the episode to count as a “Carson episode”. More than five minutes, in fact.
    2. No child actors playing “young Carson” or aged actors playing “old Carson” or simply different actors playing “AU Carson.” (The same actor playing AU Carson should count, but following the lead of the Canadian government’s proposed bill, I reserve the right to revoke my approval and my funding after I see the finished product. Oh, wait–I’m not giving you any funding. Still, my conditions stand.)
    3. If Carson appears only in flashbacks or dreams, it doesn’t count (unless said flashbacks and/or dreams exceed twelve minutes total of episode time, in which case I could be persuaded to grant a waiver).
    4. People talking about what Carson is doing off-screen doesn’t count, even if they spend the whole episode doing it, if Carson doesn’t appear.
    5. Seeing Carson simply in stasis doesn’t count.
    6. Rodney reading, ranting, or otherwise soliliquizing to a frozen Carson in stasis doesn’t count. Ditto on anyone else delivering monologues of any kind to Carson (although I’m having trouble imagining anyone else delivering monologues to frozen Carson).

  8. oh man! I absolutely love “fancy mac and cheese”. Whenever I make macaroni I make it a special meal and get very creative with my cheeses. I am particularly fond of white cheese for this… but that might be because I have an ongoing love affair with mozzarella.

    I finally finished Kindred II — it was simply perfection. Carson is everything I expect (and love) of Carson, and I like how he was very prominent in the storyline but didn’t completely dominate it. It was fabulous. You have me on the edge of my seat for next week – after which I’m going to have to find a new hobby until the season premier.

  9. I’ve been craving waffles for weeks. Alas, I have no waffle maker!

    Speaking of waffles, last week I watched an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. It was a Fried Chicken and Waffles Throwdown. Apparently it’s soul food, originating during the Harlem Renaissance. Waffles topped with butter, syrup, powdered sugar, and a couple of pieces of fried chicken. I’m undecided on this delicacy. Your thoughts?

  10. “And a good time was had by all…” Sounds it, indeed… and yes, that Belgian waffle looks amazing.

    Glad the pups are good…the pics will be fun I’m sure.

    Re: Kindred II. Cool to see Christopher Heyerdahl doing “double duty,” so to speak; was glad to see Halling wasn’t one of Michael’s hybrids. Whatever happened to Jinto??

  11. All the food looks delish, but …

    OMG that waffle!! 😯

    I think I would surrender my first-born for a taste of that …

  12. Hey Joe,

    dinner looks delicious. grr I was wrong about the poem reference to ‘The Kindred Part 2’. the theory I posted was pretty wrong too. I forgot the baby, the Phoenix, Captain Vega… to be honest I’m a little embarrassed. anyway I’ve got a new theory but I don’t want to bore you with it. wow I can’t wait to see ‘The Last Man’!!!!

    there’s something I wanted to ask you about ‘The Kindred Part 2’. when Carson freezes the camera focuses on Sam’s face. was it your intention to remind folks of ‘Lost City’? by the way the reference to ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’ was really cool! I’m still hopeful that you’ll mention some ratings info on The Kindred 🙂

  13. Ahhh, yummmy, it all sounds and looks delicious, that malted Belgian waffle would be hard to pass up.I gained 5 pounds looking at the picture, thanks,lol!! .A question, any chance the Asgard can help the clone of Beckett like they did the young Oneill on SGA?

  14. Good GOD, man, how on EARTH do you keep your boyish figure? O_o

    Seriously, everything sounded so incredibly delicious. I will think of it as I dine on my home-cooked steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

  15. Oh my that foooodd….

    You drinking low fat milk? Hence the 2% 2008 comment? I take it you were driving everyone home.

  16. Ya know…with all this talk about satiating one’s hunger, methinks Mr. M is part Wraith…OR part Rodney… 😉

    Brings me to a question: Is ‘Sateda’ named such because it sated (albeit briefly) the appetite of those who gorged upon it?

    Joe – since you love food so much…have you ever tried puerco pibil? It’s WONDERFUL! I got the recipe from the Once Upon A Time in Mexico DVD – it’s not hard to make (I posted the recipe here on another site if you’re interested: http://www.606studios.com/bendisboard/showthread.php?t=129491&page=5 )

    It is very yum – so, if you get a chance, try it!


  17. Mmm, that melted brie, bacon & basil oil pastry sounds good (except I’d substitute the Fakin’ Bacon, of course, being vego ‘n’ all). Are you a cheese fan, Joe? I spent $60 on some great cheeses over the weekend, including a fantastic gruyere, a gorgeously ripe brie (oh, how it oozed!), a beautiful gorgonzola piccante, and – la piece de resistance – a brilliant West Australian Sheep’s cheese. I’d been wanting to try some sheep’s milk cheese, but it appears most Australian sheep farmers are only into producing lamb or mutton (which I never liked, back when I did eat meat). Do you have a favourite cheese?

    Watched The Kindred Pt II last night, was really touched by Ronon’s reactions – I tend to forget about the amount of loss Ronon has suffered. David Hewlett was wonderful again, and the Flan’s little Flanlets were adorable. And how great was it to see Halling again? Although the concentration camp look was distressing. Only one more episode to go … I hope we don’t have to wait too long to buy the Season 4 DVDs.

  18. Hey Joe,

    In Kindred II, Sheppard said that Todd didn’t have anymore intel on Teyla. Does this mean that Sheppard reneged on the deal of giving Todd the rest of the Hoff plague research even after Todd did hold up his end of the bargain? (It’s not his fault Atlantis ‘n Daedalus weren’t able to rescue Teyla.)

    Also? Apple pie with a gruyere covered crust is very good.

  19. jedi43 wrote:

    jedi43 wrote:
    Which of JF’s two sons where in The Kindred Part 2 as part of the jailed Athosians?

    anneteldy wrote:
    Since Joe Flanigan’s third son, Fergus, was born in September 2006 and wouldn’t be walking all that well ;-), I’m guessing it was his older two Aidan and Truman.

    My 2 year old Nephew walks just fine for that age, and if it was Fergus in that scene he was being held by the lady at times and walked off holding his brothers hand.

    Going by David Hewlett’s Twitter entry

    We’ve got an old friend on set this week! Won’t you be Mchappy 😉 10:21 AM August 13, 2007

    The “Kindred” episodes were filmed in August 2007 making Fergus Flanigan 11 months old at the time. Since both boys were obviously older than 11 months, they had to be Aidan and Truman.

    Anne Teldy (who has seen the older Flanigan boy’s name as both Aidan and Aiden. Which is correct?)

  20. Hi Joe,

    Before you said that Sam would be a full Colonel in both movies, but in the credits for Ark of Truth she is listed as only a Lt. Colonel. Did Rob and Brad decide to change things, or were you mistaken? Are the credits wrong, maybe, because you said yesterday that the packaging also had errors on it.

    Also, will you please tell which she will be in Continuum? If it takes place after Atlantis’ fourth season, which I believe it does, she should be a full colonel. Is there a way for you to check and make sure for the credits next time?



    PS I am so jealous of your dinner! It looks fab!

  21. Hi joe!

    I just saw the preview for the episode The Last Man!! I must say it IS the best preview ever!!Nice work!! I love the last scene JUST because i know some fans are frustrated right now!!! ahahahah!!LOL!

    ( i just don’t ship anyone on SGA!!( Ex: Keller/Ronon or Keller/Rodney or… Keller/the technician or the sanitary guy who clean the floor on wednesday and friday don’t bother me at all!) … my only hope for a resolution goes to Sam and Jack!!)

  22. Now I’ve got a bad jonesin’ for a huge waffle thanks to you! 🙂 Nice pics though – that bowl of mousse looks pretty good too.

  23. I checked out your Spambait blog, and I have to say that it was the most hilarious and creative things I have read in a long time (I am especially biased toward the Ali Abbas story and how the crocodiles mysteriously were sent to Cookie monster 🙂 brilliant!!). Anyway, keep up the good work and keep us laughing!!

  24. I’m catching up on all the postings since Friday. I was at my parents’ house, which comes equipped with the world’s slowest dial-up connection which locks up the computer anytime someone tries to call. It just wasn’t worth it. However, my 16-year-old nephew had recorded “The Kindred, Part 2” for me, since I was driving across Missouri when it aired, and the two of us watched that and four other episodes. It was nice bonding time, since the rest of the relatives looked at us like we were the biggest dorks they’d ever seen and left the room after the first five minutes. We probably did look pretty ridiculous, snuggled up together on the couch under an afghan, a large pizza box balanced on our laps, debating between slices of pizza whether the newly arrived Carson was going to turn out to be a clone or a Replicator. We had to pause it a lot so Dyl could ask me questions (he hasn’t seen every episode a minimum of three times, like I have), and we had to pause it so I could explain why Carson’s line about “a dog’s breakfast” was so funny. We agreed next visit we’re going to watch A Dog’s Breakfast and Hot Fuzz, which he thinks all cops should watch. I promised not to watch it without him.

    Did someone carry you home after the dinner, JM? I learned Saturday night just how much a difference it makes when you drink on an empty stomach. It only takes half as much wine to make me incredibly witty and entertaining. That’s what they told me, anyway. I woke up this morning with my very first hangover, and I didn’t even finish the second bottle of wine!

    maggiemayday, thanks for the suggestion for combatting color deprivation at work! I had thought about tie-dyed lingerie, but not scarlet. I’m going to be giggling all day tomorrow every time someone in uniform walks by, thinking about that.

  25. Am I the only one having problems viewing the pictures as of late? Maybe it’s just Firefox?

  26. Hi,

    I have a question about Sam and how the Ark of Truth falls in the timeline with Atlantis. In the credits at the end of the movie (someone already got their copy in the mail and posted a screencap of the end credits), it lists both Cam and Sam as Lt. Colonels. So does this mean that Ark is before Sam moves to Atlantis?

    Also, I could’ve sworn you said that Sam is a Colonel in the Ark of Truth, but that’s obviously not the case. Did someone change his/her mind about this or did I just remember wrong?

  27. Everything looks wonderful. I particularly like the looks of the chocolate mousse and the Belgian waffle.

    In many previous posts you’ve shown off your vast anime collection. If you had to rate the 5 best anime titles for a non anime watcher (or the uninitiated) what would they be?

  28. Mac and Cheese with duck confit makes me want to cry too Marty G….
    What’s up with no one in NYC being able to put two and two together on that one?

    Quick side note- Todd is the best wraith ever- just incase no one’s said that. You’re comments on wraith casting were hilarious! Did you cast Christopher Heyerdahl as Todd because you knew you wanted him for the role/ another role, or did he have particular interest in playing this wraith?

  29. Oh that food looks so good Joe. I always love hearing about your restauranteuring, although it makes me wish I ate out more.

    Actually that reminds me. For my birthday we found a lovely Turkish restaurant which I’ve been meaning to go back to. Do you like Turkish food?

  30. Okay, after pondering over it a bit, I’ve decided that I’m very glad to have clone Carson and hope to see him around a lot in the future. In fact, I can envision him having some very interesting storylines, both comedic and dramatic (although, given my recent track record, I doubt any of them will come to pass…although I will say that, given my unending hope for Michael to eventually pull a Spike and join the side of good, I can see a lot of potential for the clone Carson in this). I just have to accept the fact that he’s not the real Carson, but he’s a wonderful character in himself. In fact, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing ways in which he is unlike the Carson we know. All in all, looking forward to more. (Although I do really hope Shep and Co. realize that he is, fundamentally, a different person, even if a great deal like the original.)

    Oh, yes, and one question, if you can answer it (unless it’s going to come up in some later episode): who was it that Teyla was talking about in “Sunday”, about some guy she liked? I’ve heard theories that it was Carson, which I didn’t quite buy, but seeing as how she doesn’t seem as romantically-inclined toward Ronon as I’d once hoped, and I don’t see much happening with Shep, that seems like a more plausible answer than it once did.

  31. In re-watching “The Kindred II”, I was able to really focus on the music by Joel Goldsmith, which was so poignant in the last scene.

    I’ve collected scored soundtracks over the years and have several hundred. What I’ve noticed is that many times movie characters will have their own theme.

    Joel’s music is just beautiful, and I was wondering if he has ever composed any particular individual themes for the main characters for Atlantis.

  32. Salut joseph, sa va ? moi oui!! waouuu!! vous avez bien manger!! wwaaaou encors des photos de vous^^mais c’est super, je vais m’enprésser de les méttre dans ma gallerie photo^^!

    Je ne serais pas là justqu’a Samedi..et oui..snif je vais chez mon cheri, vous n’etes pas trop triste? =( votre blog va me manquer cette semaine.

    Bon bah je vous souhaite de passer un trés bonne semaine, je vous fait plein de gros bisou, à Samedi. je vous adore fFFOOOOooooortttt ♥♥♥!

  33. Awesome Sauce Said:
    “Jesus, is all you people do is eat?”

    PMSL! sorry this comment just struck me as hilarious, chalk it down to a lousy night. Must admit tho that reading your food critique and eyeballing the pictures has left me feeling stuffed too, great for the diet!
    Can’t wait till Tuesday then I can weigh in on Kindred II by which time everyone will have forgotten and be on another subject- oh well.

  34. Hi

    Been in Vancouver for the last days from Adelaide in Australia, tried to to go for a schnitzel at the budapest restuarant last night but it turns out it’s closed till futher notice due to sickness, was quite disappointed.
    Anyway i’ve been dying for a decent expresso coffee since i left home and havent found one in canada yet (i’ve tried the chain p;aces and a few cafe’s). Can you recommend a good coffee place or am i going to have to wait till i get home?

  35. Joe, since you aren’t a fan of prequels, I have decided to write my prequel into my story. The history of my universe will be unveiled throughout my masterpiece in an archaeological fashion. The toughest thing I am finding, is getting all the back-story and technical information that I want into the story. Most of my first chapter is made up of this sort of information. It is quite boring at the moment. I have given myself 5 years to complete my work, so I will edit, re-edit, and then edit it all again many times between now and then. I might even have one of the characters–one of the originators of a certain type of technology (a top secret type of technology)–named Dr. J. Mallozzi, if that is ok? I will have my publisher send you a copy for your book club when it is finished.

  36. Oh man. This is a post made entirely of things which I cannot eat. I’m currently dealing with the heartbreak of gallstones, and I’ve had to cut back my fat intake almost to zero to avoice having another attack. If you’ve never had a gallbladder attack, I don’t recommend the experience. The spasming gallbladder causes pain in the center of the chest that can be so intense, it’s frequently mistaken for a heart attack. Good times!

    I’ve got surgery scheduled for March 28 (I might have to request a blog dedication then!) to remove my gallbadder and thus the offending stones. They tell me I should be able to return to eating normally within a week of the surgery, at which point I look forward to indulging in mac n’ cheese again.

    It seems like everyone I mention this to has a friend or family member who’s had their gallbladder out. So, Joe, have any of your family or friends had theirs out?

  37. Was just watching Man vs Wild. If you were stuck on a deserted Pacific island, who would you like to be stuck with and why?

    a. Paul Mullie
    b. David Hewlett
    c. Martin Gero
    d. Fondy
    e. Joe Flanigan
    f. Bam Bam
    g. Jason Momoa
    h. Rachel Luttrell
    i. Kavan Smith
    j. Rob Cooper
    k. Brad Wright
    l. Bear Grylls
    m. all of the above

    Cheers, Chev

  38. BISTROT BISTRO !!!!!!! je reconnais le décor… alalala Valérie et Laurent me manquent ! 🙁

    Arf tout me manque ” nostalgie OFF”

    Toujours pas d’information concernant Continuum ?
    Comment va lulu ? ( fait elle toujours des aneries? est elle propre ?)

    Bonne journée.


  39. I got to see Kindred II last night after all and I LOVED it. Especially when Beckett shot the guys holding Teyla without even thinking about it.

    And good to see Christopher back onscreen as Halling instead of Todd.

    I was also watching The Storm and The Eye last night and remembered a question I meant to ask you ages ago. Sheppard says to Kolya “I have hidden the C4 where you will never, I repeat NEVER find it.”

    Any clues as to where that was? 😉

  40. Oh my gawd. Mac n’ Cheese made with Gruyere? I am SO there! I love Gruyere. ::drool::

    Well, it looks like once word gets out on your culinary good fortune, other new restaurants might start to court you in the hopes of having the same success as Bistro Bistrot.

  41. Thanks for my Ivon fix!

    You’re making me miss Vancouver so much!
    Why did I leave????

  42. Thanks for the link to Dead Things on Sticks–interesting rundown on the bill you mentioned in a previous entry.

    I liked The Kindred, part II. The scene between Carson and Rodney was easily one of the best of the season for me. And the two emotional mentions of Dr. Weir were appreciated. I also liked the scene at the end where Carson is being placed in statis. I don’t begrudge him an opportunity to say his goodbyes, as it were, because I love the character, but I couldn’t help thinking that he had that lovely scene and a moving funeral…and Dr. Weir had neither. I will always be very disappointed that Weir was written out, but I would have felt slightly better if she had been given a memorial service, or if the team had gathered to watch some taped last messages from her, or something. Those kind of scenes are what really make things dark–to see the psychological and emotional toll living in Atlantis really takes. And it would’ve honored the character who led Atlantis for three seasons.

  43. Well, after reading Samfanatic and Shards posts, I think I need to increase my Ginkgo intake because I honestly don’t remember you ever saying that Sam would be promoted in “Ark of Truth”. And I’m positive that you avoided the questions that asked about Mitchell. If Sam is promoted ‘on screen’ I always thought it would probably be in “Continuum” because Jack will be there. Hopefully with Daniel and Teal’c by her side too like they were when she was promoted before.

    That picture of the Belgian waffle is to die for!!!

    *runs off to make waffles for breakfast with an extra dose of Ginkgo*


  44. My family enjoyed Kindred 1 & 2. My husband hates two-parters and it’s always fun to watch his face wrinkle up when he realizes he has to wait another week for a conclusion. He’s still out of sorts because he wants Teyla rescued already!

    My other favorite blogger, PZ Myers of Pharyngula, wrote a blog about “Canadian Bluenoses”, i.e. Martin Gero’s film, “Young People F**king”. Check it out!

  45. Hey Joe,

    You are making me hungry with all the food pics, lol. I was curious to know if you had any ratings info for “The Kindred”. An amazing episode should hopefully follow amazing numbers.



  46. Hi Joe

    You know what I love most about your blog – aside from all the great inside info on how Atlantis is made? It’s this wonderful invention of yours – virtual banquets.

    For a cuddly little person like myself, it’s a real treat to look at at all this fantastic food, fantasize about eating it, and not put on an ounce of weight! So thanks, Joe, you’re helping my diet no end!

    And how you’re spoiling me, what with today’s pics and yesterday’s goodies from the cast dinner. I especially loved the one of Paul and Jewel – don’t they both look happy?!?

    Quick question, if I may – given how good friends Paul and Jewel are in real life, am I right in hoping that they’ll get a chance to work together in season five?

    Congrats on getting the go ahead on that, by the way. And yes, I know I’m late in saying this too, but I’d still like to say thanks, so much, for all you did in bringing Paul back.

    I’m sure you know from the SCB campaign how grateful everone is, and we can all see from your recent blog pics of him on set just how delighted he is to be back.

    The Kindred airs here in the UK tomorrow night, and having seen part one, I can’t wait for part two!

    Thanks for your time, Joe, and love to all – keep well.



  47. Dear Joseph,
    I am writing you because I have a question to ask you. I am a graduate student in philosophy in Atlanta (Georgia State) and Sorbonne in France (I am French). I am thinking in writing a 10-20 pages paper about “stargate and philosophy”, in the spirit of the “matrix and philosophy”, “the simpsons and philosophy” and others “tv shows and philosophy”. I would like to know if you would accept to help me in this writing, answering to the questions, and why not forwarding my messages to the others members of the staff.
    Thanks in advance,

  48. Nah, not a firefox issue.

    There was internet hiccups yesterday. Some ISP have traffic flow problems. I have to reload this blog repeatedly for different date entries. And the pictures only load partially after a long time. Whatever internet issues yesterday seems to be resolved today.

    at 8:01 pm Michael Said:

    Am I the only one having problems viewing the pictures as of late? Maybe it’s just Firefox?

  49. First and foremost, congratulations on Kindred I and II, it was a fantastic piece of television and was nice to see Dr. Beckett if only for a little while, and the option to bring him back or not is there (without have to deal with the whole “pink mist” thing). Well done, and kudos to everyone on the SGA staff, cast and crew.

    Now my question that I had while watching the episode and it’s silly and has to with props.
    Are some of the props actually what they are? Now before you go and give a whitty answer like everything is CGI’d in and there’s nothing on set… I mean.. are things like the microscopes actually microscopes or are they just empty shells? Not that the actors are actually looking at slides of blood samples or anything, but you know what I’m getting at don’t you? Yes? No? OK.. told you it was a stupid question.

  50. Nice pix.
    I know you like your “fancy” foods but do you ever go out for bar-b-que or sloppy joes or anything like that?

  51. I’m craving real Amercian-style waffles with proper maple syrup and ice cream and fruit and…

    *sigh* Oh well. Will have to make do with a yoghurt instead…

    Leesa Perrie

  52. Waffles. Oooh, I want one! Now I have to find the waffle-maker.

    Foodwise, I am not a happy woman … I mean, we were out running errands this weekend and I felt like death warmed over anyway, and we got hungry. Really truly belly-grumble hungry. There’s not many choices in Riverdale, we had to hit up the Lucky Buffet for lunch. You know, one of those extremely inexpensive and Very Scary Chinese places with pans of food which are vaguely reminiscent of what the little tag on the sneeze guard claims they are. It was that or Chilis or IHOP. Ick and Ickier. Micky-D wasn’t even under consideration, we eat there only if there’s no other food available within 100 miles and my collarbones are beginning to poke out. Ain’t happening. My collarbones are so well padded I could pass for a shabby chic sofa.

    I actually like the Lucky B’s coconut shrimp, but it is unlike any other coconut shrimp I’ve ever had, a sort of alternative universe version. Creamy, not crunchy. I refuse to think about the implications of the juxtaposition of the words “Lucky” and “Buffet.” I have Vegas for that.

  53. Danielfanforever,

    I know you were trying to be funny and to defend Joe, but you’re wrong. From Joe’s blog, June 14, 2007:

    Jen, the cow hugger writes: “Since Carter will be heading Atlantis, does this mean she was promoted to Colonel?”

    Answer: She will be a Full Bird Colonel for both the movies and Atlantis‘s fourth season.

    I guess you do need some of that Ginko.

  54. Will next season further delve into the extent of Michael’s reaches, perhaps even giving examples of some incentives (other than death) he’s used to lure others into joining him?

  55. I’ve been intrigued by all of the whump discussion out there. Everyone over the course of season 4 has been getting whumped – including you Joe. This time (Kindred 2), it seems that a bunch of us fans were the ones on the receiving end of emotional whump. Ouch! That episode was so poignant.

  56. Joe, the filet mignon with the scallion butter looks absolutely delish! Have to try it when I get to Vancouver. (That is: if they let me in the country… I heard, immigration has a fixed quota for nutcases, so hopefully nutty me will get in before that quota has been exhausted…)

    Until then, I’ll just have to do my own “Possessed Chef” thing, coming up with dishes like these nice Ostrich Steaks on Baby Cabbages Ostrich must be the leanest meat on the planet: only 2% fat! And very tender, too! Yum!

    Two Todd questions: Was wraith Todd named after Todd Masters? And was his facial look inspired by “Kiss”?

  57. What are you thoughts on Bill C-10? I just read Martin Gero’s comments in the Globe, and thought I’d ask your comments.

  58. Hey there joe,
    the other day you mentioned that a young man came in for an audition and brought a cape. Well that young man is my teacher at vfs and was telling us about his audition for you guys. I was so pumped that you had mentioned it.
    PS its my birthday i am 25 today possibilty of well wishes?

  59. I have been busy at work lately, in my attempts to get my UG degree, and it came to my attention that one of my friends became the UG for the English Department of UNBC events organiser, and a bunch of us Honours Students have been discussing the possibility of getting a few accomplished screen writers of TV, who are working in the Canadain grounds to come up to UNBC and giving a lecture. So we were just wondering, if we could pull it off, would you be interested in us contacting you and orgainsing a lecture featuring you?

  60. Testing…1..2..1..2..Is this thing on? Oh there you are:) now what about those adorable puppy pics and updates? and when does Fondy get back? how is she enjoying herself? c’mon don’t leave us hangin’

  61. Samfanatic,

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t trying to be funny – I was Dead Serious!!! It really bothers me that I didn’t remember Joe ever saying that. I have followed Joe’s blog since his gateworld days and being a HUGE Sam fan, I thought I’d always paid special attention to everything that Joe has said regarding Sam’s promotion and *cough co-leadership cough*. Thank you so much for posting it though, because after reading it, I honestly do remember it now. *sigh* Now I’m really bummed because if she is a Full Bird in BOTH movies then I guess we won’t see her promotion ‘on screen’.

    So, Joe, was it just a mistake in the film or is Sam not promoted until “Continuum”?


  62. Thanks for the links regarding Bill C-10. I am thinking of contacting my MP about this. I hope Canadians don’t get too complacent about this…. Censorship is a scary thing.

  63. maggiemayday said: My collarbones are so well padded I could pass for a shabby chic sofa.

    Oh my god, I *literally* snorted when I read that. Thank god I’d already swallowed my coffee.

    Zoniduck: yeah, I’ve been there, done that! Excruiatingly painful, but a great weight loss programme! I hope you get the keyhole surgery, not the full, cut-you-in-half type that I had. And be aware – I still have problems with digesting fatty foods, and I had mine out around 18 years ago. Best of luck with it!

  64. Still wanting waffles and maple syrup and ice cream and other good stuff…

    The yoghurt didn’t do it for me. Nor did the evening meal. Or the snack I had just now. Feeling pretty full and yet I still want a waffle…

    See what you’re doing to us?!!!

    Leesa Perrie

  65. We’re back!

    We’ve seen people complaining about how Michael could have cloned a complete Carson and given him all of the real Carson’s memories through “Misbegotten.” Well, for all the nay-sayers out there, Greyias and I, in consultation with my Brilliant Husband, have come up with answers. Feel free to incorporate them into a season five script or two, Mr. Mallozzi; all we ask is that you credit us properly. (Remember, Aelfgyfu is spelled A-e-l-f-g-y-f-u. And Greyias also goes by Grey, Grey Lupous, Greywolf Lupous–you’d better put them all in there just to be sure. Don’t forget Aelfgyfu’s Brilliant Husband, either.)

    Ready? Here goes:

    In Michael’s dastardly and long-reaching plans to take over the Pegasus Galaxy (one convoluted plot thread at a time), he took his Carson Beckett DNA Sample® way back at the end of the episode “Michael” and brought it to ye olde Wraith Cloning Center a la “Spoils of War”, where he sticks it through the machine to make his insta-Carson™. He then has plenty of time to work on it. The clone is nearly ready to go by “Allies,” but Michael needs to get the real Carson apart to do the memory transfer. When the Hive comes in “Misbegotten,” Michael does a direct memory transfer between real Carson and insta-Carson™ via the PWL (Psychic Wraith Link) while both Carsons are unconscious–hands on both Carson and insta-Carson™’s heads like an evangelical preacher. The memories transfer, and Michael doesn’t have to hold them all in his head (for which he is very grateful, because he really doesn’t want to remember all those hours and hours Carson spent in conversation with his dear friend Rodney, or Carson’s Mum, or most of what actually fills Carson’s head). Carson is left on the planet for his friends to find, still thinking he’s the only Carson Beckett in existence, and Michael escapes with insta-Carson™, who thinks he’s the only Carson Beckett in existence.

    We should note that the copyright on the Carson Beckett DNA Sample® and the trademark on insta-Carson™ may be held by Michael or by an as-yet-unidentified Wraith consortium, so you may want to consult a lawyer about permissions before using those.

  66. I made waffles for lunch with butter and maple syrup and glazed walnuts and a dash of cinnamon. New waffle maker, I misjudged the batter amounts, it takes less per section than my old waffler. I now have waffle batter all over my kitchen. So totally worth it, and I have leftover waffles to toast for brekkie.

    So glad you didn’t have a coffee-direct-to-keyboard incident, Riley. But now I’m grinning like a fool, heehee.

  67. So how come when some of the Atlantis team has gone to Earth on a couple of occasions in Season 4, Landry is nowhere to be seen??

  68. Wow Joe! That food looks divine. I’d even eat some of it. I’m not sure why the word “pate” gets a knee-jerl “gross” from me out, I eat liverwurst! That’s one place I’d like to try – after I win the lotto. I’m willing to give almost any mac-and-cheese a try and that one is no exception. I’ll pass on the

    And here I thought I was crazy to dip my steak in some of the whipped butter that comes with the yeast rolls at my favorite steakhouse. Who knew I was going more high-brow than th Texas-style steakhouse I know and love?


  69. In one of my classes, we’re writing specs of currently running shows.
    I’m looking for somewhere to get my hands on actual production scripts (not to plagiarize, but to get a good feel of what these actually look like and how the shows are formatted. I need an actual production script, not a transcript… any ideas on places to find some?

  70. Hi Joe,
    I love the way season 4 has been going. Ever since Be All My Sins Remember’d everything just seems better. The stories are engaging and move along at a great pace, but I think the dynamic I am responding to so well is that the characters seem more solid, if that makes sense. They’re reacting to each other in a way that seems deeper and more personal. Which is not to say they weren’t doing that at all before. It’s just been particularly well done lately, as evidenced in that final scene of The Kindred Part 2. That was just fantastic and nuanced and wonderful.

    My one distaste for the latter half of season 4 is the off world-pseudo puffy-leather jackets. I recognize the need for a wardrobe change, especially in This Mortal Coil. I’m just saying those aren’t doing it for me. I noticed that Sheppard hasn’t worn one yet and I hope it’s because Joe Flannigan had the sense to say, “Yeah, I’m not doing that.”

    And after being unapologetically snide I have no room to ask a couple of old questions I’ve always wondered about, except I’m going to anyway.

    1 – Why recast Weir? Not that I don’t think Torri’s work was great. I just always wondered what precipitated the change. Was Jessica Steen not available or not interested in a long term role or the move to Vancouver? I know its an old question, I’ve just never found the answer in any articles I’ve read online or anything.

    2 – Richard Ian Cox. He was Nyan in SG1 and then Dr. Brendan Gall in The Defiant One. Why? It’s plausible to bring Nyan to Atlantis or to cast someone else as Dr. Gall. That particular recasting has always just sort of boggled my mind. And I know the answer is probably simply that he was the right actor for the role. The show is usually just so consistent in its characters and this particular discrepancy seemed so simple to rectify it’s bothered me. And even as I type this I feel completely nit-picky; I just can’t help it.

    Really, though – loving season 4!

  71. With all to Joe’s and Martin’s around to refer to do any communication or conversational confusions occur?

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