Yesterday, production shifted from Norco to the Bridge Studios, leaving the dark and sinister confines of the wraith sets for the clean sleek environs of the Earth ship Daedalus. Almost the entire cast was on the lot in addition to a few familiar faces (pictured). And I’m pleased to report that Search and Rescue is coming along nicely. It will continue the tradition of big Atlantis season openers.

On the script end, the past couple of days on Whispers have proven a breeze as I approach the end of Act III. I’m finally into the fun and fog and it’s utterly creeptastic. I’m hoping to complete a first draft before Thursday – when prep begins on Broken Ties. Jason came in and we discussed the big sword fight (Enough with the sparring! Let’s see some real clashing steel!), hair issues, and redemption. You know, the usual.

Yes, the extreme Shep-whump episode has been moved to the back half, leaving a big yawning empty space in the #9 slot. But we sat down for a couple of hours this afternoon and spun out a fantastic Teyla story. It’s one of those stories that, after you’ve finishing throwing out ideas and putting together a rough structure, you sit back and say: “Damn, I wish I was writing this one.” And with that, we have our first half mapped out. Much like last year, it’s a nice mix of individual and team episodes.

Another big thanks to Lou Anders who was kind enough to assume guest blogging duties and deliver an interesting, informative and, above all, entertaining entry for all of us scifi fans.

A big weekend awaits. As with my previous scripts, I’ll be providing a blow-by-blow recap of Kindred I. So be sure to swing by tomorrow for the usual behind-the-scenes insights, hidden meanings, and wild ramblings. And Sunday, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster will be weighing in with their Oscar picks! Oh and, time permitting, I suppose I should take down the Christmas tree.

Reading: Crossover: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel, by Joel Shepherd

On deck: Eifelheim, by Michael Flynn

Watching: Damages

On deck: South Park, The Complete 10th Season

127 thoughts on “February 22, 2008: Production shifts, some headway made, and that final first half slot filled

  1. Just get the Christmas tree down before March. 🙂 If you don’t, I double-dare you to hang Easter Eggs on it.

  2. Nice pictures. Aw…and now I’m having flashbacks to an X-Files episode. Anyway, glad to see Caldwell’s gonna be back. He’s the Picard to Sheppard’s Kirk.

    So, I’ve read a lot of comments regarding anime here on in the past (and I’ll have to do a search to look through them again), so I thought I’d mention this. I never have watched much, if any, anime, but I’ve always had the impression that I could easily enjoy it if I bothered. So, last night I stumbled upon this very amusing anime series on youtube, or at least the first few episodes of it, with the rather incoherent title, “I My Me Strawberry Eggs”. (Seriously, did they just string a bunch of random words together and call it a title? Because that’s sure what it looks like.) It’s about a man who has to dress as a woman in order to teach at a school where they only hire female teachers (and, in typical anime fashion, he manages to be an attractive man as well as an attractive woman). Have you ever seen this?
    I’ve also noticed you saying repeatedly that you only watch the versions with English subtitles, not the dubs. I was a bit dubious at first, because normally when it comes to subtitles I tend to get a bit distracted from the picture while trying to read the words, but after watching four and a half eps with the subtitles, I was forced to watch a section of the dubbed version, and I have to say, you’re absolutely right. The subtitled version is far, far better.

  3. Hey Joe.
    Thanks for the pictures… lovely! All of them, except Marty G. looks mad! What’s up, didn’t he get his dose of choclates today! Giggles. BTW, it’s the 22nd, you need to fix the date on your blog.

    only 2 more hours to Kindred 1… Yahoo!

    Have a great weekend

    Patricia Lee

  4. Thanks for the pics!! Any word yet on when we (US) will actually see S5? or the S4 DVDs?

    Is Micheal looking even less wraith-like than usual? It seems to me that he’s more human than when we last saw him.

  5. i just scared the kitties laughing out loud.

    who knew todd was a super sekrit highlander fan?

    our tree was up until may one year. it was too pretty to take down!

  6. Great episode, can’t wait for the follow up. Hopefully I won’t be as confused at the end of that one.
    Thanks for the pics!!

    Have a great night!

  7. Joe!!


    I KNEW IT!

    I knew it was the Hoffan thing…Mike being behind it, though, that was a twist…

    But … RepliCarson? How would Mike have gotten him in the first place?

  8. Just finished watching tonight’s episode, and all I can think of is the line from 200. “Are you kidding? It’ll be in the commercial.” That, and the “there can be only one” line where I turned to my husband and said “Break out the swords.” Michael is seriously creeping me out!

    Okay, someone tell me who the guy in the first picture is, I cannot place him!

  9. I just finished watching “The Kindred Pt. 1”

    I’m really trying hard not to spoil anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. I’m observing spoiler protocal so anyone can turn back now before reading my question.
    Is there a difference between Michael and Kannan or are they one and the same?

  10. Just finished The Kindred. That was AWESOME!!!! Kudos on a job well done. Excellent tension throughout and the surprises just kept coming. Nice move with answering the Hoffan question. My love for Todd and Michael knows no bounds. Can’t wait for next week!

  11. Was that supposed to read Febrary -22- 2008? It says 21 🙂

    Anyway, just finished watching tonight’s episode. It was really good–despite Teyla’s gullibility. It was great to see both Todd AND Michael.
    But, honestly, can someone knock some sense into the people who make the previews at the Scifi channel? Geez. They should check in with you guys before showing them on TV, because they obviously have no common sense. At all.

  12. Hey Joe,

    thank you so much for those pics! so we’ll get to see the Daedalus in Search and Rescue? awesome. ‘utterly creeptastic’? you might’ve invented a new word LOL. ooh there’s going to be a big sword? wow I can’t wait to see that.

    if I’m correct then ep #9 was written by Alan McCullough right? from what I’ve heard there will be enough Shep whump in the first half, I’m sure the extreme whumpers can wait until the back half 🙂 looking forward to that Teyla ep

    oh and Joe I believe it’s the 22nd ;):)

  13. Just finished watching The Kindred…and wowsy wow wow WOW!!! AWESOME!! And guh – Todd was at his sexy best – loved how he had more attitude (or should I say, Wraithitude) on his home turf. Won’t say anything more for fear of spoiling it for others, but gotta say – it was a powerful episode! SO much packed into the hour, without it feeling cluttered or rushed or confusing. Excellent job – praises to all involved!

    (And yeah – now I want even MORE Todd next season, which I probably won’t get…just because I whine so much about it… 😛 )


  14. Just finished watching Kindred, and figured I’d give my 1 3/4 cents worth(after adjusting for inflation). First off, I’ve given up on trying to figure out which are my favorite episodes this season. There are at least five out of 18 so far vying for top spot, and the other 13 are not that far below those. Kindred had almost literally everything. We had fate of the Hoffans, Teyla whump, Teyla/Rodney moment, Todd, Michael, Lorne, sort of the fate of the Athosians, and almost bestest of all Caldwell and Daedalus. I suspect when I re-watch the episode I’ll spot the kitchen sink. The final scene with our favorite Scotsman was the cherry on the overloaded banana split, so to speak. And with the second part promising to focus much more on Carson, I can forgive his minimal appearance in this episode. But just so I’m not gushing the same endless praises, I will mention the one bit that kept this episode from being a full 10/10. That was the opening teaser. For a few moments I was wondering if this was going to be the framing for a flashback story, or if this was a vision on Teyla’s part. But the camera work pretty much telegraphed the answer, with the close ups on Kanaan’s face. A minor quibble, since I was already invested in the episode. But it’s rare for the teaser not to ramp up the anticipation for when the commericals are over. Thanks for the great pictures, not to mention the glimpses into the upcoming episodes.

  15. Hey Joe!
    Thank you for those gorgeous pictures! Amanda looks stunning as always and it’s great to see Mitch on set as well!!
    Although I find myself wondering why Martin Gero isn’t smiling when he has Amanda hugging him…the mind boggles! 😀
    Have a great weekend. ~Chelle

  16. Thanks for the picture of Major Marks. He sure did fly through the ranks during the years of SG1. I am a sucker for quality secondary characters.

  17. The #9 was written by Alan McCullough has me curious. Makes me wonder what a creative ‘snafu’ is? If its an issue with the writing process and its the ninth eppy wouldn’t there be enough time to write it out?

    Or does the entire thing have to be re-written?

    It sounds like its still going to be done so that’s cool. Always love a good Teyla eppy. Wasn’t sure if you guys were just going to write another Sheppard eppy to balance the hole?

    My thoughts on Kindred in a little bit, but it was great! One of your best scripts!

  18. I realized tonight that I may never again be able to watch TV with anyone but my immediate family. It seems I’ve developed a bad habit of talking back to the TV. All three of us do, actually, but apparently I’m the worst. No matter what show I’m watching, it’s like MST3K, with the couch commentary. When I’m watching “Speeders,” it’s “A warning?! I can’t believe he didn’t give him a ticket for that!” and “Okay, his uniform is just way too tight. That can’t possibly be comfortable to sit down in.” During “Magnum, PI,” it’s “Wow, I never realized his shorts were so short.” Then during “The Kindred,” I kept yelling, “Oh for heaven’s sake, it’s Michael, you idiots!” Sorry, but it was a long day (60+ accidents reported today, thanks to the sleet) and Sheppard’s not that slow, and even if he was, McKay’s not. Still, I can appreciate the dramatic effect and plot mechanics going on there, and it was a fun episode. I told you Todd wouldn’t have given that other Wraith the info on the gate bridge! Hah!

  19. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the super-sweet pics of Kirby, Amanda, Mitch, and Angry!Martin!!

    Can’t wait for Kindred Uno to show up on iTunes! 🙂

    Best to you and all!


  20. boo Said: “who knew todd was a super sekrit highlander fan?”

    @ Boo: After Todd said that, I got this mental image of Todd and Ronon on Atlantis, sitting on the couch together, munching on popcorn and watching Highlander…and Todd coming to the realization that feeding on an immortal may be the answer to all his problems. “Ahhh-ha…it would be like an MRE – food that never perishes.” 😛

    I SOOOO gotta watch this episode again! And The Seer is re-airing at 2 am on Sci Fi – so my night just keeps getting better!


  21. Jesus Toast! What a great episode! I knew Michael had them, but Todd! Hungry Rodney! Teyla! Lorne! And of course Carson! Okay, I’ll stop with the exclamation points, but seriously, dude, awesome ep.

  22. Just finished watching Kindred and all I can say is “Wow! Is it next Friday yet?” Excellent episode! During every commercial break I phoned my Dad so we could discuss what happened in the previous act. He only knows what SciFi shows him, so I was quite impressed with his guesses after each act. Neither of us like to read spoilers so it will be quite a challenge to avoid them until next Friday. 🙂

  23. Thanks for the pics! 😀 yay, Caldwell! Oh, and yay Kleinman and Carter!

    Things played out in this ep pretty much how I originally expected them to, before those Sci Fi previews, with Michael being the source of the visions. (The Hoffan thing was a surprise — a very nice one, really, I’m glad that story was revisited). I figured out that Kannan was really Michael pretty quickly, anyway. And way to throw us for a loop with Kannan’s funeral pyre art — here I was thinking he would die in this ep, until the show actually started and I realised the scene was just a vision! Nicely played. 😉

    So are all the Athosians Wraith-hybrids, now, I wonder? Oh, poor Halling and Jinto!! *cry*

    What was up with the preview saying that this was a Replicator plot, though? Yeah, I know, you don;t know either. I have to wonder if the people who write the copy for the ads even watch the eps ….

    I still think *this* Carson is the real deal, and he’s been a prisoner all this time. Maybe Michael is working with the Replicator faction (in which case last weeks preview jumpt the gun on the plot), or maybe he cloned Carson some other way, but I’m thinking that the Carson who died last season was the fake.

    Loved that we finally got an exchange between Rodney and Teyla about the baby. *Shakes head at Rodney* It’s *so* him to make the gift to the baby be focused on himself — both arrogant and sweet, that he would want the baby to be as smart as himself. 🙂 But I thought the Motzart thing was all about the *patterns* in the music helping to develop cognitive ability and increasing their over-all intelligence, not inspiring babies to become musicians? *scratches head*

    Lots of classic Rodney, always hungry. I love how John and Rodney’;s realationship seems to evolve while still staying the same 00 John;s still dragging Ridney around everywhere (almost like a security blanket, it seems), yet Rodney, while he does still whine, doesn’t fight agianst it anymore, he just goes with it. *Grin*

    Loved Ronon telling Rodney he’d buy Rodney something. “Really?” “No.”

    Loved the Highlander ref!!!!!!!!!!! (It was intentional, right? Hey, didn’t the writing of this coincide with the airiing of The Source? Funny that I saw an ad for the DVD earlier today — I’m sure my mother will buy it, while I want a refund on the time I lost watching it in the first place, on TV …)

    Yay for Todd not being evil!!! (Or still being an ally, at any rate …) Now I am inspired to finish making that plushie …

    Yay, Carson! (And yay, Lorne! Even if he did lose Teyla.)

    Only two eps left this season! *sniff* 🙁

  24. Kindred pt1: another great episode in what has been just an amazing season. Is there anything more frustrating than the 3 words: to be continued? I would also like to say how amazing it is that the people at SciFi channel know nothing about the show. “Teyla falls victim to a replicator trap.” Wow, I didn’t know Michael was a replicator. They should let you guys do the trailers.

  25. Eifelheim? You’re kidding. I must get my hands on this book. I do live in the Eifel (German nature reservoire) and there’s an Eifelheim nearby. Since I also like Asimov, I think this must have slipped past my attention way way back.

    SciFi and Eifel in one book equals in must have. Thanks for the tip.

    Also thanks a lot for the lovely pictures. Off to avoid any spoilers for The Kindred I.

  26. Judging from the preview, it looks like Kindred II will be pretty intense! I think if I’d been Rodney there at the end of part 1, I’d have fainted.

  27. Kindred absolutely rocked!! I loved it. The twist with Michael experimenting on the Athosians not to make them bug people but Wraith instead was great.

    Must admit I kind of saw the whole Kanan vision thing as Michael in disguise or Michael controlling Kanan but all in all it was nice twist to have Kanan show up at her cell….explains some things.

    Awesome ep and can’t wait til next week 🙂

  28. Enjoyed The Kindred very much, bravo everyone! Nice! Can hardly wait to watch it again when hubby gets home from Vegas tomorrow night.

    And I see in the comments that I’m not the only Highlander fan out there … Methos vs. Micheal … ah, sorry went somewhere else for a moment. Let us not speak of it again.

    Heck, just let the dogs take down the tree. I’m sure they’ll do a fine job.

    Oscar picks, I have visions of tiny evil sausages invading the fancy-pants post-party buffets with gold-plated toothpicks stuck through their middles.

  29. thank you so much for the Kindred Part 1. Had me on the edge of my seat all night. Actually it repeats again in 4 minutes.
    Is there a special significance to the kid that rodney talks to? Interesting accent on him.
    Thank you!!!!!!!


  30. Hey Joe,

    Just saw the Kindred. It kept me on the edge of my seat. The whole Michael arc and with Teyla’s people truly adds a nice dark tone to the show, I love it. I think you raised the bar with the show. I have always thought that Michael was truly one of the most interesting and dynamic enemies on the show.

    Also, I think someone from SCI FI needs to conceal the spoilers a little better. For the folks who don’t read spoilers, it was not much of a surprise the ending since it was in the promo which aired like 2 or 3 times every hour this past week.

    Looking forward to part 2!



  31. Great job on The Kindred, Joe. Well, I must admit that I din’t LOVE it, like I did Midway or BAMSR, but it was a very good episode. I suppose the SciFi spoilers ruined the ending, even though most of us knew that Carson was returning…
    I can hardly wait for next week…

  32. The Kindred

    I really enjoyed Teyla in this. She followed her hunch, was tenacious and unwilling to back down. Her scene with Rodney was cute, I think the gift was so him. Of course John was willing to go down the planet based on her vision, it was a difficult thing trying to do what was right for her, yet having the big crisis unfolding in the rest of the galaxy.

    I feel bad for her, the entire time she was being played, Kanan has obviously been changed by Micheal. Nice to have that nugget about them sharing the gift, sheds some light on how they could have become close, but it would have fit better if we had ever seen him before.

    On the whole Michael thing. I never saw the twist about him reverting his need to feed. Thats very dangerous, almost a complete new hybrid and now he has followers. He’s refined his experiments while at the same time finding a way to wage war against the wraith by contaminating the food supply.

    So this is the more ‘sensitive’ Micheal? Doubt it, makes me wonder what he wants with her son. The most perfect of hybrids perhaps?

    I guessed the Carson-Micheal connection a long time ago, but never all the way to the Hoffman plot line. It’ll be very interesting to find out how the heck this is all going to come together. Is this Carson? If so from when? Is he a clone???

    In either case, it’ll explain his appearance in next season, he’ll be the expert on Wraith/Hybrids.

    For a TON of plot, this was very well put together. It wasn’t a ‘explosion’ episode. It had a lot of ground to cover and did so in a very entertaining way. Too bad Sci-Fi ruined the ‘ending” for those who did not know.

    Let’s see extra points for seeing Team Lorne. That was a nice change.

    Always good to see Todd and Team Sheppard once again wheeling and dealing. Todd’s brought a lot of extra layers to season 4.

    Bring on next week!

  33. The SciFi channel ruined a perfectly good ending. I want to pull the fine little hairs on the forearms of the idiot over there who thought it would be a good idea to spoil the ending of tonight’s epiode. Way to kill the buzz dudes!
    That said, I loved the Teyla/Rodney moment. Rodney even wrapped his gift and put a sweet blue bow on it. Awwwww.
    The teasing moment between Ronon-Rodney was also sweet. I love me some TEAM!

    Thanks for the pictures of Amanda, hottie Mitch and the King of All Hotness: Martin Gero.

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    Lovely is it not? I almost felt bad for myself.
    However before I pounce off into my “lurkerdom” I have to say that Kindred Part 1 was utterly amazing. Seeing Todd, learning about Micheal, having some good moments with Mckay and the big (which actually was throughly spoiled by the promo) reveal of carson at the end just blew my mind. Yay for stargate and itslovely cast and crew!

  35. Thank you so very much for posting the fabulous pictures of Mitch (and Amanda looks adorable too, of course). Quite a few of my friends and I have been big fans of Mitch’s since his X-Files days so it’s always a treat to see him on SGA . . . and your blog!

    Just 30 minutes till Kindred airs here. Can’t wait for the return of Carson. 🙂

    Question: Has SciFi Channel or MGM ever considered having an SGA panel at WonderCon in San Francisco? It’s run by the same folks who do Comic-Con. Just curious since I’m checking out WonderCon for the first time this weekend.

  36. Good episode, but it really would have been way better were it not for Sci-Fi channel spoiling the episode. I already knew the ending so I didn’t feel surprised, excited or anything. It was anti-climatic.

    I will be disappointed if Carson’s a replicator type, but I also think that you guys are creative enough to make it very interesting if that is the case.

    I love the whole Teyla/Michael connection. With the baby and all that…I was enjoying the hell out of the whole interplay with them. I always felt there was a chemistry of sorts between them and I like how it’s playing out.

    Hopefully, Sci-Fi channel will get a little smarter in the future. That really hurt the episode, IMO.

    Thanks to you and the team. Excellent episode.

  37. UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING episode, Mr.Mallozzi! Kindred 1 added sooo much more depth to the show… Keep these new amazing developments coming in the Atlantis universe and this show will no doubt continue. Can’t wait to hear about new Season 5 episode titles!

    On a contrary note, contact Sci-Fi and seriously ream whoever decided to put Carson and the abduction of Teyla in the promo!!!! It certainly diminished the effect knowing those would happen… I read some spoilers, but those are just too blatant.

  38. Great episode, finally we have a lot of answers! I was happy to see Teyla, Michael, Lorne and Carson. The only thing is the hasty explanation by Todd of the betrayal. Boy, these people are too trusting. I would love to see a showdown between Michael and Todd as well I wonder if Teyla is going to have some type of super baby.

  39. So, The Kindred – Wow doesn’t really cover it. Amazing comes closer. 😀

    Just one question, are we ever going to see Nabel again or is he completely unimportant?


  40. Please keep spinning out more like this one, Mr. Mallozzi. I liked the episode overall, but it spent a lot of time in the market place. But it is Part I of a two-parter, so looking at it from that perspective, I thought it really built everything up nicely.

    The Michael character always intrigued me, partly because he was both a scientist and science experiment. I also felt you did a great job in adding to his ruthless bad-guy side, while still maintaining that he was (at least initially) a victim of the expedition.

    I liked how you tied it in with the previous episodes he was in, in the sense that he had this (mostly on his side, but she does seem to feel a little more guilt then the rest) kind of sympathy-disgust relationship with Teyla that mirrored his battle between his human-Wraith instincts. He both considers her a kindred spirit and a cruel enemy.

    Anyways, just wanted to say that between Michael and Todd, the Wraith might soon eclipse the system lords in personality.

  41. Just re-watched The Kindred (it’s just so good!)…and a couple things have me wondering…

    1. Todd’s ‘there can be only one’ line – is this a bit of foreshadowing, perhaps to The Last Man, or some other future event?

    2. Okay – I just gotta ask – do the Wraith get some sort of gratification from feeding that is akin to sexual satisfaction in humans? When Todd says (regarding Teyla), “I suppose she’s already made some lucky Wraith a very tasty meal,” I got a rather pervy vibe from the guy, as if feeding was more than just for nourishment. Afterall, with so few Queens, and all these uptight male Wraith running around, I figure they’re basically eunuchs whose ultimate passion in life is to feed. Is that a correct assessment, or am I all wet?


  42. Thanks for the production update Joe. Sounds like all is going well.

    On the Teyla episode you were talking about for #9, who IS writing it then? Or are you still working that out?

  43. Something has been bothering me since Quarantine and after Kindred, it has only confirmed my suspicions.

    In Quarantine, when Teyla and John are stuck in Rodney’s lab, the baby starts kicking. Teyla gets John to put her hand on her stomach to feel it. But after she takes her hand away from Johns she seems uncomfortable as though the baby is, I don’t know how else to put this other that “unhappy”.

    Now after Michaels talk to Teyla in Kindred, and Teyla telling Sam that both she AND Kanaan both have some wraith DNA (which would mean the baby is a strong carrier than both of them) I have one question for you:

    In Quarantine, when Teyla looked uncomfortable with Johns hand was resting on her stomach, was that just Rachel playing the scene like the baby was kicking her and just making her uncomfortable OR was it that the baby (and its strong wraith DNA) was making Teyla uncomfortable because it was having a negative reaction to John and his strong Ancient DNA?

    Please feel free to tell me if I’m right, or what’s probably most likely, that I have finally become one of those overbearing fans that over analyses everything just to annoy you.

  44. I loved Kindred, Pt. 1. Course, I’ll like it better after Kindred, Pt. 2, but that’s the way of all two-parters. (You have no idea how glad I am you guys don’t go the BSG route, and have 5 two-parters in a season. That’s just unnecessary torture.)

    Teyla looked gorgeous and the boys were all fantastic as usual. (Rodney’s pre-baby present! So ridiculous! So perfectly him! So adorable!) And there was Lorne!

    I was thrilled to learn that Todd isn’t a traitor (well…), and the Highlander line made me flash back to my childhood. Was that line on purpose or purely unintentional?

    I just recently started rewatching SGA from season one and, ironically enough, just saw “Poisoning the Well” last night. I wondered what had happened to those people and was glad to see them worked into the story.

    Fantastic episode, as usual! You guys are all brilliant. My only complaint is with SciFi for ruining the “surprise” ending. Those punks. (But, Carson!)

    Oh, Joe! Only two more episodes! Alas…

  45. das said …

    After Todd said that, I got this mental image of Todd and Ronon on Atlantis, sitting on the couch together, munching on popcorn and watching Highlander…and Todd coming to the realization that feeding on an immortal may be the answer to all his problems. “Ahhh-ha…it would be like an MRE – food that never perishes.”

    Pardon the net lingo, but ROFLMAO!!!! XD

    das also said …

    1. Todd’s ‘there can be only one’ line – is this a bit of foreshadowing, perhaps to The Last Man, or some other future event?

    Ooooh, I had not considred that! Very clever! 😀

    Count me firmly in the “More Todd! TODDTODDTODDTODDTODD!!!!” camp.

    Forgot to say, I felt so bad for Teyla too, when she relaised Kannan was … not himself. What a horrifying way to lose the one you love! 🙁 Well-played by Rachel! 🙂

  46. I enjoyed Kindred I tonight. It wasn’t the traditional team episode, but it was nice to see our favorite Atlantis team together again.

    So that’s who’s responsible for the missing Athosians! I should’ve guessed it, but I didn’t. I wonder what’s in store for the baby? Are Teyla’s people going to be okay? Questions I have that I’m sure will be answered shortly. (Not to mention the ones I have about Beckett.)

    Those are really good and cute pictures of Amanda (especially the one with Marty G.)! Thanks!

  47. So does Bay Area mean that Lorne is from Northern California, maybe even San Francisco?

  48. Gonna give us any clues about the Shep whumpage? You told us about sword fights and other tasty bits…can’t you spare us a little bitty tidbit about how he gets whumped??

    Kindred was good. Kind of creepy, as it should be when Tod and Michael are involved. I feel bad for the Athotians. Any hope for their recovery? I know, I know. You can’t say. ::sigh::

  49. Kindred was pretty fast and tense. Good set up, though yea, now I want the second one now. Nice story line for Teyla, but OMG – you did WHAT to all the Athosians!!??!!

    Good to see the Daedalus and Mitch back for Season 5! Hey – how about some pics of Joe F. and David H.? Pretty please? 🙂

  50. first of all just had to say that i totally loved tonight’s episode……..even though i knew michael and carson were gonna be on tonight i still squealed like a silly school girl when they appeared onscreen……..
    i also do have a question that i will come out of lurking to finally ask…….i have discussed this with a few friends of mine that are familiar with stargate and we can not really seem to find an answer anywhere so maybe you can help……with carter’s character being in both the movies and atlantis is there a sequence of events they follow like the movies came before she goes to atlantis or are they independent and we aren’t really supposed to put that much thought into it……just curious…..thanks….

  51. Great episode Joe!

    I love that Lorne is form the Bay Area (probably because that’s where I’m from too 😉 but did you guys have a more specific location in mind for where Lorne was from, or did have you only decided so far that he is from somewhere in the Bay?

    I really love seeing scenes with Todd. I think it’s great that we’re getting to know him more because now the wraith seem much more complex than just, “hey we suck the life out of humans and we’re evil” He also has a pretty darn good sense of humor. I still love his wraith humor handshake joke 🙂

    And please tell me that Michael brainwashed Carson, and that the real Carson is in there somewhere! The previews for next week are great, but both me and my roommate were creeped out by Beckett’s menacing grin *shudders*

  52. Hi, Joe.

    By any chance…are you related to Niccolò Machiavelli? How about PT Barnum?

    Very clever how you “leaked” THAT photo on Jan. 24, and had everyone clamoring.

    REALLY had me intrigued that it was used at the BEGINNING of Kindred, Part 1. I thought this was the how the episode was going to END, and it starts this way? And then…

    We’re off on a roller coaster ride of plotting, scheming, implications, and of course, those lousy spoilers in the SciFi Channel trailers.

    VERY much looking forward to seeing Kindred, Part 2.

    Thanks, Joe, that was a blast!


    (Or so many questions…)

  53. The Spanish sub-titled version of Ark of Truth available on Amazon Canada is the U.S. version. Got the same Amazon ASIN number. It’s still $2 dollars more than the U.S. price.

    Don’t get you hopes up for it. Amazon had previously imported other MGM Stargate DVDs from the U.S. with a lower price than the Fox Canadian version. But Amazon Canada arbitrarily select who gets them, they have a limited one time supply of the DVDs. Your order get canceled and they will present the Canadian version to you at “reduced by 10%” list price after the pre-order period. It’s a scam.

    Wait for Best-Buy to match their U.S. store prices.

    From the February 21 listing
    Carol wrote on February 22, 2008 at 10:30 am:

    Agreeing with J’s post above. As a Canuck it is infuriating to wait a year and a half past the Americans for the latest SGA (on Sci-Fi versus Space). To add insult to injury, the Ark of Truth is 23.99$CAD versus 16.99$USD on the Amazons (strangely there’s a 19.99$CAD version on amazon.ca that has Spanish subtitles).

  54. Ahhh, much love for tonight’s episode. 🙂 I’m sorry I ever doubted your evil deceptiveness in showing us a pic of Kanaan’s pyre. Of course alive but a zombie hybrid isn’t much better than burnt…

    Hm, some “quick” highlights of what made me clap for joy:

    Teyla telling Rodney about the vision. Could there be a worse choice for sharing such information? 🙂 But at least he had enough sense to agree with her to her face and extra points for actually noticing something was wrong in the first place. She was just generally awesome and I liked how the fact that she’s there by choice was brought up. I’m wondering if she’s going to be stuck with Michael into next season or if they’ll rescue her by next week…

    Todd! Oh how I love him. I can hardly contain my joy for him and his sense of humor and his ability to play the team no matter how many times he causes them trouble. Why oh why do they seem unable to resist him? I was also struck by the Highlander reference, but I’ll blame it on all those DVD commercials if it wasn’t intentional on your part. I hope he never ever dies. EVER!

    Michael! I don’t know how other people were predicting this twist! Why would anyone think of Michael being behind it? I mean last we saw he was making giant bugs with nothing but a dart to his name. Er, I guess perhaps that does indicate a tendency toward making a plague… But really I guess there were spoilers for it that I luckily missed. It also explains people’s comments about Michael and Todd teaming up. I gotta say I haven’t liked Michael much since Todd came along, he’s like a failed first attempt at a wraith buddy for Atlantis and Todd’s doing such a better job. Michael’s such a psycho! But I feel bad because he’s only psycho because of what the expedition did to him. Anyway, I liked him this episode even though I think he’s crazier than ever. I don’t know why he’d want to work with Carson after all he’s done, but I’m pretty sure that’s some evil version of Carson anyway. Though having two of Carson’s greatest… moral failures? in one show may be coloring my expectations for him.

    Ronon teasing Rodney on the way to the village. Too cute! They need to get to have their own time alone having an adventure.

    Little scavenger kids! I just like the idea that there are orphans going world to world surviving on leftovers.

    Lorne! What’s not to love about him?

    PS. Since The Seer is on right now, I absolutely cannot wait to see Woolsey in charge of Atlantis! I just can’t imagine that going smoothly at all. 😀

  55. Not even reading the comments here yet LOL

    I did however love this one

    Just get the Christmas tree down before March. If you don’t, I double-dare you to hang Easter Eggs on it.

    hahaha!! Now that would be a funny photo. Buuut, I know you know Joe, about the danger of chocolate, so make them those sugary eggs instead and then you can video tape your pugkids doing high speed donuts around the house (if you can catch them that is)until the sugar wears off!

    I triple dare ya!

  56. As long as the extreme Shep whump episode does happen I dont mind waiting a little longer! 🙂

  57. Long time lurker here Joe. I just wanted to tell you that the networks have got it all wrong about this downloading crap. within minutes of Kindred being uploaded onto the net there were and I kid you not 3000 leechers. just checked it now and there are 16,609. now if this content were made instantly available worldwide for a small fee they would surely clean up! I don’t have access to satellite tv or cable, living out in the sticks like I do so if I want to keep up with my fandom I have no choice. sorry and all that but needs must when the devil drives.
    love the blog btw


  58. Great pics! A hundred to one MG is doing a little acting there, and that AT is behind it, hehe.

    On the script end, the past couple of days on Whispers have proven a breeze as I approach the end of Act III. I’m finally into the fun and fog and it’s utterly creeptastic. I’m hoping to complete a first draft before Thursday – when prep begins on Broken Ties. Jason came in and we discussed the big sword fight (Enough with the sparring! Let’s see some real clashing steel!), hair issues, and redemption. You know, the usual.

    So glad to hear the breakthrough on the script came sooner, not later. And after watching The Kindred, pt. 1, I must say you do creeptastic wonderfully. The fx were of course a big help; but the writing, I felt, was stellar. (My single small quibble is that sometimes things are explained when it seems to me they don’t need explaining; but then I remember that anytime high-tech and/or military stuff is involved, I sit there thinking, “Man, I hope they explain that.” So really only a halfhearted quibble.)

    Like others have already said, I loved the nod to The Highlander, and am looking forward to an AU episode in my mind in which Ronon and Duncan MacLeod clash swords – speaking of clashing swords. Details TBA. (Not.) — But back to The Kindred: I was so glad to see Sam as a confident, natural leader, and that’s how I’d like to remember her brief tenure as Atlantis’s CO. It was good to see Shep actually consulting with her as her XO. I’m not that big on rules and regs, and unlike the military personnel who comment here about lack of realism, I’m not often sure what’s realistic and what’s not; but instances of obvious things (like the chain of command being followed) are welcome, in my book.

    I really liked the Kanaan of Teyla’s visions, and loathed Michael doubly for what he did to Kanaan and however many other Athosians he has hold of. I haven’t forgotten that the folks at Atlantis set the stage for him turning to the Dark Side; still, my operating system says he’s solely accountable for what he’s doing now. So, more food for thought about the ambiguous nature of both heroes and villains.

    It was nice to see the trademark touches of humor getting sneaked in wherever possible, like in the early background exchange between Rodney and Ronon. I’ve really enjoyed Ronon in these past two episodes.

    There’s so much more to comment on, but I’ll end here by saying again that I loved The Kindred, was totally absorbed and so caught up with wondering what happens next that I didn’t mind really badly that the SciFi promo people royally screwed up the surprise of Beckett returning at the end. It was a great scene despite, and it was so good to hear Carson chewing out the team for not showing up sooner. “It’s about bloody time,” was it? Very funny, along with the dropped-jaw effect on Shep & Co. (Oh yeah, also nice to see Lorne a little more experienced and mellowed out as a team leader.)

    Hope you enjoy your reading and viewing. South Park seems like it never gets old.

  59. Hello Joseph =) Sa va bien? Moi oui trés trés bien =D ◘

    Waou!! Génial ces photos!! Merci beaucoup!!

    Hier the Kindred a était diffuser! jespert que pleins de gens ont regardaient cette épisode!


    Tournez vous les scéne d’un épisode dans l’ordre chronologique?

    Voial =D Je repassrais plus tard, gros gros bisou!

  60. Joe, I’ve read reports that part of the new X-Files movie is being shot, will be shot or already has been shot at Bridge Studio’s. I’m sure you can’t say a lot but can you confirm or deny? Maybe a picture or two? Superb episode last night, by the way.

  61. Joe,
    WOW, was Kindred a great episode. I can’t believe how wonderful this season has been. I’d have a hard time picking my favorite episode, there are about 5 tied for first.

    You really need to go over to SciFi channel and kick some butt. You did such a great job hiding the fact that the prisoner was Carson and the reveal would have been such a “HOLY S***” moment, if SciFi hadn’t shown it in their preview.

    Can’t wait til next week.

    Thanks for the pictures. Since we’re talking extreme Shep-whump, don’t forget some extreme Rodney-whump.


  62. Wow, great ep.

    Michael is so freaking awesome. And he’s become sort of a supervillainous evil genious.

    When Todd said, “There can be only one,” I half expected him and Sheppard to pull swords from mysterious places in their clothing. Please tell me that was intentional.

    I knew Michael was involved with the baby. Very cool to see the interactions between him and Teyla. I’m looking forward to more of that next ep.

    Wow, Carson. Sure, it was just a tease, but gotta love him. As much as I dearly hope this is the real Carson, I can’t help but think he’s a replicator-created dupliCarson. Which would explain, partially, the use of the Hoffan plot device. Since it happened so early, he would have had all that knowledge when they encountered the replicators and the reps took the knowledge from them or however that was that they did it. But if that was the case, he wouldn’t have known who Michael was, would he? Not that we know whether or not this Carson does.

  63. By the way, Teyla/Michael is my favorite ship of dubious canonicity. That is, they clearly have a connection and a history (and I loved when Michael talked about that, and then got that little look like she hurt his feelings), and there’s definitely some sort of tension/chemistry there (sexual or otherwise), and the episodes so far this season have done nothing to hinder my belief that Michael is, in some sense, the father of her child (whether as literal DNA doner or as mastermind)…all of which, to me, adds up to one twisted and dysfunctional, yet strangely intimate, relationship. It’s dark and complex and I love it.

    You know, when it comes right down to it, I think Michael’s just a lonely boy who wants the pretty girl to be his friend. Now that I think of it, there’s something very school-age Snape/Lily about the whole thing. But perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

  64. Well, I really liked Kindred I, and had to watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. So, good job! 🙂

    Anyway, after a somewhat leisurely start, I thought Kindred gathered momentum and I really enjoyed it as it raced onwards towards the end of the episode. Even though it was a ‘To be continued…’ 😆

    I won’t go into details here in case I spoil anyone, but I loved Michael and his revelations, (I was really surprised concerning one of them!), and Todd’s information and subsequent request for help, and Keller’s discoveries. I thought the overall story progressed really well, and feel all the little bits of storyline are finally coming together concerning Teyla. I look forward to Kindred II very much.

    I wasn’t surprised to see Carson, obviously, but I’m interested to see what becomes of him in the next episode. If he turns out to be what I think he is, I won’t be surprised, obviously, but I’m ok with it. I still am concerned how he can be a part of season 5, but I look forward to seeing how that happens 🙂

    I felt Kindred I is the start of something big, and I hope I’m right here. A most entertaining episode.

    I see I was unfortunately correct about the Shep whump episode. Damn, why couldn’t I have been wrong? I really wanted you to snark me and call me a lemming for jumping to the wrong conclusion! I wouldn’t be insulted, you’d probably be right! 😉 😆

    Oh well, as long as it happens, I guess I shouldn’t be too impatient, should I? Yeah, this is me we’re talking about, so…hmmm, not happening. Patience is definitely NOT one of my virtues…if I actually do have any. As long as it’s not shelved indefinitely… I’ll survive. Though I will sulk. How dare anyone have creative issues and hit snafus? Huh? Most inconsiderate. Next time the whumpers will send choccies with some multi vitamins and ginseng in it to boost creative brain power. Does anyone manufacture chocolate like that? If they did I’d be a genius by now – a creative one at any rate 😉

    I have to ask this though: I’ve not heard, as yet, anything about an episode centering on Sheppard. Is there one planned for the first half of season 5? Is there anything significant planned for him in season 5 at all? I really hope there is. I’ve heard things about an episode for Teyla, spoilers for Ronon’s one, and I know about Daniel coming over for the two parter. I’m just trying to work out if there’s anything for my favourite coming up? 🙂

  65. Bonjour Joe,

    Pas de question aujourd’hui lol.

    Je suis simplement ici pour vous dire un immense MERCI pour les très belles photos d’Amanda (de Martin et Mitch aussi). Toujours aussi souriante.
    Vraiment MERCI Joe et n’hésitez pas à en poster d’autres.

    Bonne journée

  66. Hey Joe,

    I got some questions regarding Michael and his ‘faction’:
    *Will we see the Bug People again? I quite enjoyed seeing them back in “Vengeance”.
    *Do the Bug People have a name? I mean they arent really Wraith so perhaps a name being given to them to differentiate them from the standard Wraith?
    *Did all of the Humanized Wraith with Michael, that were rescued by that Hive-Ship die, or are some of them out there?

    Take care Joe!

  67. The Kindred Part 1 was fantastic. I have to say, I think that it’s the best episode you have ever written. I can’t wait until next week, and I hope Michael plays a much bigger role from now on, this story is great!

    The Pegasus Galaxy just got VERY interesting!

  68. First thanks to Joe, Lou and youse fans for the VERY interesting discussion of the FF anthology & sci fi, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but its definitely climbed in priority on my list due to the enthusiasm here.

    Kindred I = payback is a bitch!! and a pregnant one at that. Thanks Joe for the pix! and glad to hear season 5 is off to a smooth start. You guys have QUITE a job ahead, trying to at least equal the quality & depth of season 4 which has definitely been the best since season 1. In my opinion, too much of season 2 & 3 got eaten by the 2nd worse SGA story arc = Michael & the Retrovirus. Now, let me counter that by saying that it was a gutsy move carrying that morally repugnant storyline (for which we thought it was fair that Carson finally paid with his life) on for so long… but now Beckett’s back! along with the original “retrovirus” story Poisoning the Well (where we think Carson initially got his idea, being Earth’s foremost xenobiologist and all), and Michael is my fave Wraith so I was VERY satisfied seeing him again in all his righteous glory. I’ve said it before & now again- the Wraith are the best “villains” since the original Klingons and I absolutely love that we now have strong individual characters among them, keep it up!! (I think fondly of John Colicos & Michael Ansara’s Klingon portrayals to name 2). Nice poke at the myriad Highlander fans in the Stargate ranks (we groaned then LOL). Oh and there has GOT to be some room, in some future ep, for the “Rod & Ron Show”!! the exchanges between Rodney & Ronon are just getting funnier/better. Wait’ll Rodney… willingly gives him his BLUE jello. LOVED seeing Lorne’s team and ohh, his face when he had to tell John he lost Teyla… which wasn’t his fault. LOVED the assertive & determined Teyla! Excellent start to a season end, can’t wait to see next week’s. And just for the record, we made time to watch it LIVE and also DVR’ed it, and plan on doing the same for the last 2 eps.

  69. i vote for leaving the Xmas tree up!!!!!!! itll make a cool halloween decoration!!!!

    ohh cool damages..irish tv murders it by putting on late at night….i am loving ‘shark’ with James Woods..have you seen it????

  70. Hi Joe!

    Wow that is some amazing pictures! Amanda looks stunning! Im not use to watch pics from the sets of my favourite series of all time! So i love to tune in and read your blog and watch these amazing blogpictures! Keep on writing and take pictures.
    I wish Amanda had a blog like this, that would be cool!

    I have not watched the kindred yet, i will do that soon. Can´t wait! 😀

    Ha en skön helg!! Swedish for have a nice weekend.

    hugs from Daniela from Stockholm, Sweden

  71. Wow – Michael seems to be totally off his trolley, now. 😯 That’s an interesting turn of the story. Respect! I haven’t foreseen that.
    Let me guess: that Beckett who died in “Sunday” was a replikator (same as the ones in “This Mortal Coil” )?

  72. Hello…just a quick question please. Sheppard will be in Season 5 right?

    So far the only mention of him has been in an episode pushed to the back half of the season. So far we episodes featuring Keller, Beckett, Ronon, Teyla and Vega but no Sheppard. Can you tell us a bit more about another episode featuring him?

  73. To Zona! Wow, that’s an interesting theory about why John/Teyla looked so uncomfortable when the baby was kicking in Quarantine! I’ve been wondering the same thing – her face was so obviously “disturbed” about something….hmmm!

    Das – I wondered the same thing (about the lucky meal).

    Lise: But who is Nabel? I recall the name but not sure who that is.

    What happened to the thief man that was on the planet – did he get eaten by the wraith?

  74. Kindred 1 was great. The back half of Season 4 is turning in some real gold, and there was just so much of it in Kindred 1.

    Also your new picks fill me with happiness. I think Caldwell is the best thing to happen to Atlantis since… well… Lorne and Zelenka. The more of him we get, the better! He’s certainly been missed this Season, which is why it was such a joy to see Mitch’s name appear in the opening credits for Kindred 1.

    Cannot wait for Part 2. Looks ace!

  75. Poor Teyla. She argued the most against using Michael but she’s paying the highest price – all of her people turned into hybrids. Well highest price outside of all the mass murders on the planets.

  76. Wow…Intriguing episode all the way around. I managed to stay mostly unspoiled aside from the promo. There’s a lotta interesting tidbits in Part I, including the whole Hoffan thing…that you revisited that gains plotbunny points in my book. 🙂

    Not sure what I think about the idea of a RepliCarson, but shall wait and see how this all pans out. 🙂

  77. Joe, I don’t know whether to slap you or kiss you for this ep. ; )

    I can’t believe you waited until that last moment to reveal Carson. I was on the edge of my seat during the fight at the end. It is a good thing I was alone watching it because I was saying out loud get back to the room, get back to that room!!!!! I just knew what who was in there. Now I have to wait a whole week more.

    I am looking forward to you revealing the hint that you place in one of the last three eps. It has to be VENGENANCE, Right?

  78. Bon matin Joseph,
    J’ai un problème, j’ai décidé que je ne voulais plus avoir de spoilers concernant la saison 4 (qui est sur le bord d’être terminé je sais), mais je suis entrain de tout gacher avec mes lectures des commentaires et lorsque tu en parles dans tes blogues. Alors que faire : arrêter de lire ton blogue ? Le lire juste avec un oeil et le fermer rapidement lorsque je semble percevoir un début de spoiler sur un épisode? Le lire en diagonale sans trop savoir ce que je lis comme ça si je comprends rien je n’aurai pas d’infos sur la saison 4 ? Ouais, mais moi j’aime ça te lire et pratiquer mon anglais. En fait, ce serait gentil d’écrire Attention spoiler comme ça je saurais à quoi m’attendre. Comme là je sais que demain tu vas parler de l’émission de ce soir (enfin, demain c’est aujour’hui et ce soir c’est hier…)En final, quoi qu’il advienne je vais survive car comme dit la chanson «I will survive » Lalalala !!! Bon ça y est j’ai la chanson dans tête !
    Bonne journée (et en passant ici il fait -5 quel temps superbe !!! )

  79. Eep, I see that that’s Marks, not Kleinman — I’ve been told before that *that* guy was Kirby Morrow, and I see now that he is not. Colour me embarrassed …. XD (Hey, I only knew Kirby as a voice actor, I didn’t know what he looked like!)

  80. Hey Joe,
    I don’t know if this has ever been answered, but do we yet know what episode and what the actual foreshadowing event was that was supposed to give the viewers a clue as to how Carson came to be where he was found?

  81. Joe, THE KINDRED was a great episode. Of course, it would have been enhanced had we not known who was the prisoner. Who do we write/e-mail to complain about that?

  82. Sorry – forgot some words in my prior post: Who do we write/e-mail to complain about Sci Fi’s advertising screw-up?


    Well, JM, weren’t we all surprised that your “accidental” reveal of Kannan’s funeral pyre wasn’t a real spoiler after all. How you must have chuckled at us.

    The Kindred Pt. 1 was everything you promised, even though SciFi just about beat us to death with that trailer showing the team finding Carson Beckett. Poor Teyla. Normally, she isn’t one who needs much sympathy, but I really felt for her when she saw that Kannan is now Michael’s zombie. I can’t wait to see how you resolve this story line (are we going to have to wait until Season Five, really?) . I was a little creeped out by Michael’s vow to take the baby, too. That’s going to be a Season Five story arc, isn’t it? Seems to me, either Michael is going to turn out to be sort of a good guy (and what a waste that would be), or Teyla is going to end up killing him. I know which one I’m cheering for (after a suitable number of episodes, of course).

    Another grand job. I can’t believe we’ve come almost all the way through the season, and I haven’t hated a single episode.

    One quick question: On most other TV shows, you rarely see anybody sit down to a meal or eat anything. But much of the expository dialogue in Atlantis takes place over trays of food. Is that because the writers (you) are such foodies?

  84. The Kindred part I was a fantastic episode! I really enjoy that sense of being left with more questions than answers as we head toward the season finale. If this is any indication of what is coming in the final two episodes, then I anticipate being totally blown away. : )

  85. Wow! I had low expectations for this episode because I was not at all pleased with the preview. I particularly disliked what appeared to be Psychic Teyla. I was relieved to learn the truth (and pleased with myself for figuring it out well before Michael revealed it). The revelations about Kanaan’s psychic gifts and the baby’s probable psychic strength were handled well; I thought “The Kindred Part I” was a very strong Teyla episode.

    I loved the scene with Rodney giving Teyla his gift. He’s getting better at friendship, but he still doesn’t quite have the niceties down–like recognizing that “I’m not sure if I want to tell anyone” probably includes him. Great scene (and a very Rodney sort of gift). I also loved Ronon teasing Rodney at the flea market, Sam and Teyla’s scenes, and Lorne.

    I feel just a tad bitter that I have been expecting a Carson two-parter for months now, and I saw more of him in the previews for next week than I did in the episode itself! Yes, technically Carson is “in” “The Kindred, Part I”–but honestly, don’t you think it was a little misleading to tell us we were getting a Carson two-parter? And so much for the big surprise at the end of the episode! (I do know that the previews are not your fault, and that you have probably contemplated bodily harm to the people who make them more than once. You might have been a bit more circumspect on your blog as well, considering how little Carson actually appeared last night.)

    Greywulf Lupus (aka Greyias) and I are still waiting for our theory of Carson’s survival to be vindicated.

    I look forward to reading your notes on the episode. I’m waiting even more eagerly for next week, and then for next season, where I’m still hoping for more than five Carson episodes….

  86. Hi Jo’ !

    Thanks for the photos, they are vey coool ! Amanda is so funny ^^
    It’s super to see Mitch Pileggi and Martin Christopher !

    Big work which is waiting you. Good luck !

    Question : Is Amanda taking drugs (maybe Wraith-enzyme) or is she just naturally very funny ? I think there is a very good atmospher when she is here ! ( humor^^)

  87. Loved Kindred 1 and can’t wait (but will have to) for part 2…! I loved the way it built up, the way things were revealed and the interplay between various team members. Kudos for revisiting Hoff and using the serum.

    For those who keep talking about a RepliCarson, I have one question: when did the Replicators probe his mind? Not in Progeny or The Return, so when? ‘Cos the memories of a person by his friends are not enough to make a RepliCarson who will fool said friends…no one knows a person well enough for that. He might be able to pass himself off for a while, but sooner or later something would give him away.

    I mean, if someone tried to replicate me from family and friend’s memories, it wouldn’t be me ‘cos there’s stuff they don’t know about me (let’s face it, there’s even stuff I don’t consciously know about me!!)… Do you get what I mean?

    It just doesn’t make sense to me – unless there was a mission he was mind probed on that we (as yet) don’t know about. There is a similar problem with the cloning idea. Oh well, I guess we’ll find out next week and all will be explained (hopefully in a way that makes sense)!

    Leesa Perrie (struggling to explain what she means!)

  88. Hey im Glad there is Going to be a new Teyla Episode next year as Missing was Excellent

  89. Hey Joe!

    Cool images, great to see Amanda Tapping as well! I’m also glad to hear that you have the first-half of Season 5 planned out, cudos!

    Just curious, do you like The Price is Right, and did you catch the Million Dollar Spectacular on February 22nd?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  90. A good episode with the Kindred, it was good to see all of the season arcs come together for this episode in some way or another, but they all felt like they were returning in different ways, or from different angles. And it was good to see. The Beckett reveal was quite good, although I must admit I thought he would be in more of the episode then he was, but it will be interesting to see how he returns.

    Michael in it again, good, I’m glad to see him. I’m also SLIGHTLY glad his bug people aren’t really back, if you take this current plot in a good direction then it could be quite interesting, but it’s one of those plots you have to work on to get good rather then just being automatically good but it is feasible easily.

    Teyla’s direction is good as well, good to see her back as well, but again she’s proving interesting this season. Please tell me that her and Ronans arcs next season will make you care for the character and their development in the same way this one has. Teyla’s justifying herself on the show now, it’s just a shame it took her until season 4 to do so.

    Plot and pacing of the episode was good, seemed to steadily speed up the pace towards a conclusion. I’m hoping next weeks will be just as good and carry on this. Next weeks episode has a lot of potential, especially if the episode sets up future plots and carries on the story. But good episode, nice to see new CGI shots of the Wraith cruiser as well, but I suppose you didn’t really have any cruisers in hyperspace shots anyway. But overall the story, characters and plot worked well and it turned out to be a good episode. 9/10 for me.

  91. Nice ep with Kindred I. Until now my favorite Sci Fi bad guys have been the Borg, but I must say the Wraith are up there with them – I may even like them more. Mainly because the writers have given them so many layers. There are the original ruthless human-feeding bad guys; then there’s Todd, a CHARISMATIC, ruthless human-feeding Wraith whose motives are always suspect; then there’s Michael, a human-feeding bad guy turned victim turned vengeful, obsessed mad scientist turned Teyla-stalking, psycho scientist.

    I also really like the way Ronon’s character is gaining more depth. Ronon kicking butt is a given now, but it’s good to see the humor and team moments with Ronon (Midway and Kindred I in particular). And I’m with others who’re calling for a Ronon and Rodney adventure. I’d love to see one that shows that they’ve gained a new level of respect for each other and that adds another layer to the Ronon the Badass/Rodney the Genius canon.

  92. Joe, Kindred was AMAZING. (It had nothing to do with the huge amount of Lorne screen-time we got, of course. Nothing at all…)

    Thank you so much for that by the way, it’s fantastic to get Kavan in so much of an episode. And having him chuck a bucket of water over that guy really made me laugh. Please can we have lots more of him next season? Pretty please?

    I’ll refrain from mentioning a certain Scottish doctor in case I start rambling endlessly about how much I adore you. No one needs to hear that 😉

    I was wondering what the name of the actor in the first picture is? And while we’re on the topic of Daedalus crew members, will Kirby Morrow be making any appearances in season 5? I’m beginning to miss Captain Kleinman!

  93. The Kindred I was…amazing. I think it’s my favorite episode of the season, maybe even the series, and I haven’t even seen part II yet. A question: Since the Wraith obviously don’t call Michael by the name we gave him, what do they call him to distinguish him?

    Also The Seer was on last night, and Todd’s joke made me wonder, could the Wraith feed simply by shaking hands? Is it just quicker to feed by placing a hand on the chest?

  94. Glad to hear Teyla will get a good episode next year. Her opportunities are far too few. However, please keep Keller far away. Keller ruined “Missing” for me, and that could have been a great Teyla piece if Keller had not been there.

    Kindred was a big improvement over previous weeks, and it was good to see Lorne get quality time. I’d rather he be a reg instead of Keller next season.

  95. Bon je vient vous passer un petit coucou..^^!

    et oui maintenant que je suis en vacance vous allez tout le temp m’avoir sur le dos lol!

    Si sa vous intérésse voici la mauvaise nouvelle de la journée:

    “C’est une bien mauvaise nouvelle qui vient de tomber pour tous les fans français de la franchise Stargate. Selon le magazine Télé-Loisirs, M6 abandonnerait Stargate !

    Le groupe M6 laisserait donc la franchise de côté et ne diffuserait plus les séries Stargate Sg-1 et son spin-off Stargate Atlantis sur sa principale chaîne M6. La raison de ce choix serait les mauvaises audiences réalisées par la série phare Sg-1 mais peut-on s’attendre à des miracles en diffusant à une heure aussi tardive… Pour une diffusion le samedi soir de 23h15 jusqu’à 1h, réunir en moyenne plus d’1 million de téléspectateurs est plutôt convenable.

    Malheureusement, cette déprogrammation définitive n’a rien de surprenant, il a déjà fallu attendre 1 an et demi pour voir revenir la série Sg-1 à l’antenne avec la diffusion de l’ultime saison. Ensuite, la chaîne a stoppé la diffusion en décembre après le 12e épisode “La Grande Illusion”, sans annoncer de date de retour. La franchise ne rentre plus vraiment dans les plans de la chaîne qui diffuse d’autres séries comme “Prison Break” ou “NCIS” qui réunissent un plus large public.”

    NON!!!!!!!!!!!! C’est trop NuL!!!!Pour la peine je téléchargerais illégalement les versions francaise qui passe sur le cable avant leur sorties en dvd! Même mes dvd je doit les acheter en bélgique car leur sortit est trop tardive!! pourquoi je ne vie pas en amrérique??;_;

  96. Regarding Kindred….

    Overall a very good episode. I am irked that Sci-Fi may have ruined it for those who aren’t as active in the online part of the fandom, but even so, this was a good episode. I thought the big revel was very well done. There were lots of hints of Carson – even if his name was never mentioned and the idea that Micheal had help…in refining the virus.

    One thing I noticed…Micheal’s comment about the Wraith’s need to feed being a weekness was very similar to Todd’s comment back in The Seer. Was that just a coincidence…or is there something more going there.

  97. I really dont want to seem ungrateful because your support for SCB and the character of ‘Beckett’ has been truely awesome and I would like to say a heart felt thank you for that. However, does 10 seconds really qualify as an episode? After all the hype and continued hint dropping…seriously, 10 seconds? I can understand wanting to get fans excited to encourage them to watch, up to a certain point. The problem is that when you dont deliver, it becomes disappointment and if you keep doing it, eventually it becomes viewed as ‘crying wolf’.

    I found it hard to swallow my disappoint when the annoucement was made Paul McGillion would only get 5 episodes next season after all the hope built up by the continual hint dropping and hype. But it is nothing in comparison to my reaction to the Kindred Part 1. I understand you wanted the big reveal at the end of ‘Kindred’ for dramatic purposes as a hook to bring viewers back for part 2. Couldn’t this have been at the end of the teaser before the opening credits role? And then found something else suitably dramatic for the cliffhanger and given the fans their TWO episodes? Or at least been honest about the true amount of the character’s involvement so as not to get hopes up and inevitably end up disappointing us? I’m even wondering now if ‘Kindred Part 2’ will pretty much see Beckett relegated to the B story (following in the ‘Michael’ episode’s vein). I will of course, reserve judgement until the episode airs.

    As for season 5? I was always realistic about the chances of getting ‘Beckett’ back full-time, but I hoped it would be acheived and after all, you should always set your sights high. I can be honest and say 5 is disappointing after the build-up and hard work, though I am of course, enormousely grateful we got any at all and for the support that made that happen. But am also fastly becoming very cynical; will it really be 5 episodes? I’m not even going to go into ‘it could be more then 5’ because frankly, for whatever reason I think you’re just saying what you think we want to hear and I’d be willing to lay money on the fact THAT there is realistically, a slim to none chance of it being more then 5. I’m not even sure we’re going to get 5 REAL Beckett episodes…right now I’m leaning more towards it being generally a handful of scenes here and there based on last night’s so called ‘episode’.

    I’m really sorry if you feel I am being ungrateful, but am beyond disappointed.

  98. I really enjoyed last night’s episode, but it would’ve been a whole lot better had I not accidentally watched the commercial ruining the entire ending for me. What was SciFi thinking?!?! I feel cheated of that moment where you jump off the couch going “WOAH! BECKETT!!!” Did they think this would increase the ratings or something? It only makes me wish I had watched my previous program on DVR so I wouldn’t have to sit through their commercials.

  99. I said I didn’t care, I said I wasn’t interested in this show anymore…..then I saw Carson and I squealed like a little girl again……..If every episode is as good as this I would start watching again regularly

  100. Kindred 1 was awesome….

    1)Will season five have moments of wreckless decisions and blurred lines of morality?

    2)In The Last Man, will Sheppard discover/face some harsh realities about himself on his journey to the future?

  101. *waves*

    *reads the extreme shep whump being put back due to a creative snafu*

    Oh Mr M, you know how much we love our Shep whump, especially the extreme variety. 😉 So, I was upset to hear it had been put back to the second half, due to a creative snafu. 🙁 Did Alan and Mr C (obviously in their desire to give us that wonderful intubation and nekkid under the infirmary blanket scene) whump Shep past oblivion? 😮 Did they whump him so much that there was no coming back for our hero, and that those injuries inflicted on poor Sheppy to give us the intubation scene would have resulted in killing Shep!!! WOW you guys are good, you know it’s not always a bad thing to kill Shep off, providing that the old defib paddles are working and that they’re correctly positioned. 😉

    Please feel free to whump him as you did in 38 minutes, then cut open his shirt (obviously I only say this as it’s a) vital to the plot, and b) to ensure accuracy and authenticity) 😉 Then the paddles get placed on his chest, give Sheppy a good jolt, 360 should do it, stick the old adrenaline right into his heart and all will be right with the world. 😛 Then just stick him on a ventilator for a few days until you’ve got him semi healed. Because let’s face it, with his ATA gene, i’m sure it protects him from regular whumping, so you’ve got to take it that step further, or dare I say it? To the extreme!! 😛

    Just as long as you fix him up afterwards, cos you know, it’s all about the comfort and the team whump and the recovery. 😀 And bless your lil cotton socks, you’re going to make it a two parter just to cover all that lovely stuff aren’t you, and that’s what the creative snafu is. 😉 If not, anychance we can have the chocolates back. 😉 😛 😀

    Just know that we appreciate all the great stuff, angst and whump we’ve got in S4, and we’re looking forward to what you have in store for S5.

    Before I go.. Just so you know, I was only joking about the chocolates.

    *takes her meds*

    I’ve not seen The Kindred yet, darn it, shall let you know my thoughts when I have. I know you always look forward to them. 😀 Do you want me to pass you the bucket now? 😆

    Have I mentioned it’s been a very long stressful day?

  102. Sorry, I felt the need to add, on reflection of a second viewing that my disappointment aside (I stand by the fact hyping a 10 second scene as an ‘episode’ was totally unfair and bound to cause disappointment) and looking at the episode aside from Beckett’s return, it was a very good build up to the reveal. Loved all the threads from Hoff, Michael, Vengence, Missing and more all carefully woven into the plot, it’s always nice to tie up loose ends! Hoff and the anti-feeding serum has always been an element I hoped to see capitalised on. And once again, I am incredibly grateful you decided to listen to the fans and bring our ‘beloved’ Carson back, I feel there has been something missing from the show, a warmth and charm within the casts chemistry that Carson uniquely added.

  103. Geez this is So difficult not reading all the comments and tryin’ real hard to be good until Tuesday is killin’ me here. Still I’mbetting its another worth waiting for and at least I do getit a few days later! Had to give up on the likes of CSI etc we never know when we’re getting them, can’t wait till we have a properly joined up world!

  104. Hello Anaïs,
    C’est vraiment une mauvaise nouvelle pour la diffusion de Sargate en France. Pour ce qui est de l’Amérique, ben c’est certain qu’on peut avoir la série en anglais (mais bon faut avoir le câble), mais pour ce qui est des émissions en français, ben nous ça passe au canal z et c’est vraiment populaire. Toutefois, s’il n’y a plus de traduction pour la France, j’ai bien peur qu’il y ait des répercussions au Québec également. Hummm, je commence à être un peu stressée.

  105. Great pictures! It’s nice to see everyone happy and goofy.

    And let me jump off of my sycophant status to tell you how incredibly EVIL you are!

    ::grumble:: Making me wait until next week to see how this ends. ::more grumbling::

    This episode was one wild ride!

  106. TJ said:

    Sorry, I felt the need to add, on reflection of a second viewing that my disappointment aside (I stand by the fact hyping a 10 second scene as an ‘episode’ was totally unfair and bound to cause disappointment) and looking at the episode aside from Beckett’s return, it was a very good build up to the reveal. Loved all the threads from Hoff, Michael, Vengence, Missing and more all carefully woven into the plot, it’s always nice to tie up loose ends! Hoff and the anti-feeding serum has always been an element I hoped to see capitalised on. And once again, I am incredibly grateful you decided to listen to the fans and bring our ‘beloved’ Carson back, I feel there has been something missing from the show, a warmth and charm within the casts chemistry that Carson uniquely added.

    I wasn’t disappointed like you but I can see where you’re coming from. Though if you think about it really the whole thing WAS about Carson in a way, with all of the references. I could see exactly what they were leading up to with all of those references – that Carson had been captive by Michael and Michael had used Carson to do everything he’d done. No we didn’t see him until the end but Carson was present the whole time. Okay yes, his presence was being used to do something bad but he was there.

    Also from the preview I saw at the end of the episode it did feel like most of the second part is going to deal with figuring out if this is the real Carson or not (now I realize I shouldn’t be trusting the SCIFI previews but every scene in that preview had Carson in it.

  107. Bonne nuit Joseph, a demain ♥♥!
    je vous adore♥♥

    Ps: j’ai vu “The Kindred” j’adore! impatiente de voir la suite!

  108. Boy, I just want to punch something every time someone complains about not getting enough of their favorite dead character. Hey, if you can be disappointed when you’re getting something you have no reason to expect at all, I can want to punch something when I read whining about it. 🙂 I’m not trying to pick a fight, I’m just expressing my deeply held feelings, same as you.

  109. Hey Joe,
    Just can’t say enough good things about The Kindred. Michael is by far one of the best villans around.

    On a totally different note, but still somewhat Stargate related, I have a question. Just caught part of Iron Chef America and notice the “chairman” is non other than Mark Dacascos. You’re a foodie, Mark’s coming back for Broken Ties. Since he’s guesting on your show, when are you going to be a judge on his?

  110. Hi Joe,

    congrats and thank you for that amazing Kindred P1 episode. I am really looking forward to part 2. Isn’t it Friday already? Damn!!!

    Ok Carson Beckett theories.

    I believe, just by watching the MGM trailer, that it is safe to assume that theories such as Carson ascended or Carson was beamed out just before the bomb blew up, don’t hold much water. Carson has been a prisoner for months and knew nothing of the one living in Atlantis or dying for that matter.

    So how did he survive or is this the real Carson after all?

    My guess, he is the real deal. In “Misbegotten” Michael captured Carson and told him they have a lot of work to do. He is wide awake. The next time we see Carson, when he is saved, he is conveniently unconscious. I believe the Carson that was rescued was not the real one but either a clone or something like that.

    Off course the question is, how did Michael do it? Where did he get the technology to clone him? Where did he get the know-how to clone him? Especially considering the fact that Michael had his memory wiped only few days before when he was turned to human for the second time.

    What I do know, though, is that Michael needed the real Carson because he knew so much about the retrovirus and this drug. Then throughout season 4 we get hints all the time about advancements the Wraith never had before.

    The clone theory is looking better than the rest but if the Carson that died was a clone how did he get all of him memories but also his medical abilities?

    My head hurt!!!!

    Joe, am I getting warm at all here?


  111. Hey Joe!

    Thanx for the great Amanda pics!! Really going to miss her in season 5.

    Kindred 1…EXCELLENT!!! On all levels. Plot lines great, opened so many options for S5. Wow. Loved the character stuff too. Ronan and Mckay quips. Great Teyla moments. Really liked the scene between Teyla and Carter. All this and Carson back, in some form or other. Todd is such a great BAD GUY great sarcasm. An enjoyable way to spend Friday evening! Thank you!

  112. On February 23, 2008 at 2:15 pm LLB Said:
    Boy, I just want to punch something every time someone complains about not getting enough of their favorite dead character.

    Carson is alive. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I won’t see any of series 4 for some time yet, but everybody that has watched it speaks very highly of each and every episode.

    I am a member of SCB and love the fact that there is a Scotsman in the programme….but first and foremost I am a fan of Stargate Atlantis.

    I am grateful to Joe and all the writers, crew and cast for creating a programme that is fun to watch at a time where crappy programmes are in abundance.

    Shippers, Save-Weir members, Save-Carson members, fans of individual characters not needing saving etc etc etc – we are all here because we love the programme – or are fond of little dogs with bashed faces and bandy legs…..or food that none of us could afford to buy regularly!

    DragonCon here I come! 🙂 🙂

    Susan and two Scottish pussy cats (Frankie and Princess Merlin) xx

  113. I love being right!!! Yes I was spot on about Carson and Michael and the virus!!

    *pats herself on back*

    Gah Carrssssssssssssssonn!!! I smiled from ear to ear. Amazed you didn’t hear me squeeing(what IS that word?) from Australia.

    Now I’ve got to wait a week for more!

    Loved the sets..just gorgeous!!!
    Kudos to Rachel’s costume designer/maker. Her outfits are awesome and should go on sale in maternity depts..

  114. D’oh!!! The book got returned to the library!!

    Did you really turn the Athosians into Wraith kind-of things? (I haven’t seen the episode (cable is too expensive and it’s a whole two dollars for each episode, I still think they should sell the two parters together, like two for the price of one), they don’t have the transcript up yet and Wikipedia doesn’t really have anything on the episode) Not cool if you did, I liked them!

  115. Some comments on the above posts:

    Is Micheal looking even less wraith-like than usual? It seems to me that he’s more human than when we last saw him.

    It would seem that the repeated treatments with the retrovirus to make him human is removing even more of his Wraith DNA away each time.

    But … RepliCarson? How would Mike have gotten him in the first place?

    Assuming that RepliCarson was the one that died, wouldn’t have they noticed in Atlantis all this time?

    So are all the Athosians Wraith-hybrids, now, I wonder?

    Very good question.

    I still think *this* Carson is the real deal, and he’s been a prisoner all this time. Maybe Michael is working with the Replicator faction (in which case last weeks preview jumpt the gun on the plot), or maybe he cloned Carson some other way, but I’m thinking that the Carson who died last season was the fake.

    Agreed. I believe this to be the real Carson, I’m still a bit baffled about the dead one.

    I love the whole Teyla/Michael connection. With the baby and all that…I was enjoying the hell out of the whole interplay with them. I always felt there was a chemistry of sorts between them and I like how it’s playing out.

    There was always a strange vibe between Teyla and Michael. They hated each other but also it seemed as if … well not respected but sort of understood each other… weird vibe i tell you.

    I really love seeing scenes with Todd. I think it’s great that we’re getting to know him more because now the wraith seem much more complex than just, “hey we suck the life out of humans and we’re evil” He also has a pretty darn good sense of humor. I still love his wraith humor handshake joke.

    Todd has made the Wraith interesting to me. Up to “Common Ground” i doubt I would have given any thought past braindead lifesuckers. But apparently there is more to… some of them.

    I just wanted to tell you that the networks have got it all wrong about this downloading crap. within minutes of Kindred being uploaded onto the net there were and I kid you not 3000 leechers. just checked it now and there are 16,609. now if this content were made instantly available worldwide for a small fee they would surely clean up!

    That is very true. If the network head were a little clever, they should make the episodes available for small prices as soon as they started airing. More than 50.000 downloads per week for sure.

    I feel just a tad bitter that I have been expecting a Carson two-parter for months now, and I saw more of him in the previews for next week than I did in the episode itself! Yes, technically Carson is “in” “The Kindred, Part I”–but honestly, don’t you think it was a little misleading to tell us we were getting a Carson two-parter?

    I have to agree with this. We expected a carson two-parter and we were cheated out of the first part. 30 seconds just as the episode closes is not a whole lot. but hopefully you’ll make it up for us with part 2.

    For those who keep talking about a RepliCarson, I have one question: when did the Replicators probe his mind? Not in Progeny or The Return, so when?

    Interesting and a very good question.

    one thing that bothered me about the Michael-Teyla exchange was how did Michael knew about Teyla’s baby? Or was the surprise genuine in the second vision?

  116. amanda!!!
    I Love U!!!!
    I so sorry about the ending of stargate sg1!!!
    It’s so sad!!
    BUT YOU H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE U!!

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