8 thoughts on “February 17, 2008: Trio stuntwork compliments of BamBam

  1. riley wrote:

    Usually, though, I prefer to turn on the French subtitles and yell, “That’s not what they said!” when they use an “interpretation” instead of direct translation. It is actually necessary to interpret, though – many things just don’t translate between languages!

    Heh, yeah, I’m doing that with anime all the time, particularly when the literal translation actually *does* make sense just fine (at least to me), or the “interpretation” isn’t at all acccurate, it’s just what someone thought would be more accessable to English-speakers. What they seem to forget is that people who prefer to watch subtitled anime instead of watching the dubbed version generally have enough knowledge of Japanese language and culture to understand the references and notice, at least occaisionally, when something’s inaccurate. That’s why I’d rather see more US distributors do what ADV did with the Excel Saga DVDs: have a “pop-up video” explanation option for the cultural stuff, and lean more towards being literal with the subtitles.

    Oh, wow, I really got off-subject, didn’t I! XD (Destructo-sama, gomen nasai!)

    Okay, okay, back to work on my column …

  2. Stunts! Aw, man, I wanna play! Of course, being fat, old, arthritic and afraid of heights, stuntwork is probably more fun as a fantastic thought than reality. Dang, whatta way to earn a living!

    I’m still going to jump off the damn cliffs into the ocean at South Point on Big Island! Came close, but hubby wouldn’t let me because I’d get the rental car all wet. And it was near sundown and even the local kids were coming in because that’s when the sharks feed. And he knows I can’t climb wet, rusty, metal ladders worth a damn, nor scramble up the lava rocks. Drinking Kiwi beer on the edge of the cliff seemed far more prudent.

  3. In the Trio episode, the thing that jarred a little bit for me was Sam taking a backseat to Rodney. For example, when throwing the hook she does not assert herself. She is supposed to be as smart (if not smarter) and better field trained than Rodney. Any particular reason for making Sam’s character a little more subservient?

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