Last night, the transformation was almost completed. A Boston team came very close to becoming that which it has historially despised: the New York Yankees. But as it turned out, it was all for naught. I know, I know. Oh, ye of little faith. Cookie Monster was gloating all night. Despite my pessimism, those Giants came through. I couldn’t have asked for a better game. Or a better outcome. To go undefeated in the regular season, make it all the way to the Superbowl – and lose. How sweet it is! Probably the only ones happier than me, Cookie Monster, and fans of the New York Giants were the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins team. Oh, and my sister who doesn’t know anything about football and called me yesterday afternoon on her way to a Superbowl party. “Who should I bet on and what should I say to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about?“ “Bet on the Giants,“I advised. “And say they have the better pass rush.“ She ended up winning $60 in the party pick’em pool.


Also, a handful of great commercials. My Top 5 faves:

5. Bud Light – Ability to Fly

4. Bridgestone – Squirrel

3. Tide – Screaming Stain

2. Doritos – Mouse Trap

1. Doritos – Mouse Trap!!!

Check ‘em out here: http://sports.aol.com/nfl/superbowlads

The results are in for the next book of the month club discussions.

In the scifi category, it’ll be Timescape by Gregory Benford. Discussion will begin April 7th.

In the horror category, F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep gets the nod. Discussion on this book will begin April 14th.

Finally, in the fantasy category, Jeffrey Ford’s Empire of Ice Cream wins a hard-fought battle. Discussion on this book will begin April 21st.

Hopefully, that will give everyone plenty of time to read the selection(s) of their choice. Between now and then, I nevertheless intend to read the nominees that didn’t make the cut (Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box, Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, and Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind) and invite you to join me and weigh in with your comments.

Perusing the fan forums this past weekend, I noticed a significant amount of anxious speculation concerning the show’s fifth season. Some of the more outlandish assumptions seem to stem from a SliceofSciFi article that refers to various rumors surrounding Atlantis’s fifth season. Allow me to put some of those rumors to rest. According to the article:

“With the absence of Carter, Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) will pick up more leadership responsibilities. Rumor has it he may even be in for a promotion to Full Bird Colonel, however, nothing along those lines has been confirmed.”

There has never been any discussion about promoting Sheppard and his leadership responsibilities as team leader will remain unchanged.

“We may also be seeing a little less of Rachel Luttrell as Teyla, at least in the early goings of the new season. As every fan of the series knows Rachel spent most of Season 4 being pregnant for real. By the time Season 5 airs she will have delivered her baby and will be spending some quality time with her new addition to the family. She is expected to return in full capacity later in the season, however.”

Rachel remains a series regular and an important part of the team. Two of the first three episodes see some major developments for the character.

“There will be an addition to the Atlantis SG Team named Captain Alison Parker. She is military, tough and ready for action, but frustrated over Colonel Carter’s slowness in making her a permanent part of the team. That will change quickly after the first episode.”

The character’s name is Porter, not Parker, and there are no plans to put her on Sheppard’s team. So, to spell it out for everyone – Porter has NOT been brought in to replace Teyla on the team.

“One of sci-fi fans favorite actresses, Kari Wuhrer (”Sliders”) appeared in Season 4 in the episode “Outcast” (air date Feb. 1, 2008) as Homeland Security agent Nancy Sheppard (Lt. Col. John Sheppard’s ex-wife). It has been rumored that she may be back for a few episodes next season as well.”

Kari is a wonderful actress and we like the character a lot, but there are at present no plans to bring her back. That’s not to say it won’t happen – just not anytime soon.

“Michael, everybody’s favorite Wraith (Connor Trinnear of “Star Trek: Enterprise”), will have a very significant storyline in Season 5,”

A very significant storyline? That’s news to us in the writing department.

“The show will also get to see a lot more from recurring characters like Major Evan Lorne (Kavan Smith) and Dr. Katie Brown (Brenda James), Rodney McKay’s (David Hewlett) love interest.”

Half points on this one.

I’m posting early today to tell everyone to go back to bed. Apparently, Scifi has pushed the press release to tomorrow. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Today’s entry is dedicated marielabbott who sent us two boxes of Midwestern chocolates and Giants wide receiver David Tyree who made the catch that sunk the Pats.

Today’s pics: Dogs and chocolate. Always a dangerous mix!

244 thoughts on “February 4, 2008: Hey, where’s that press release?

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the delay. I’ve been haunting every website I can think of all day long. (Better than doing work, but still a waste of time.)

    Pretty funny about that website. I wonder who was their “source?”

    Have you and Marty been playing around online again? 🙂

  2. Thanks for blogging early!

    I’ve heard that Daniel Jackson may be part of this announcement…is that just hearsay?

  3. thanks for the infomation Joe you are the best source for everything Stargate. Just wanted to compliment you on two episodes I thought I wouldn’t like but really did. Harmony really good child actor and interesting story. Outcast liked the backstory and character interaction Dr. Lee was funny but I just love him paired up with Carter any chance of that happening next season? I wanted to ask you what plans for Carter next season? I hope it does her character justice and is a promotion or equal posting. Any chance of RDA appearing Amanda has put out that she would welcome it but now with the change in her status will it happen? Thanks for all the little tidbits you throw our way. It is much appreciated by the fans.

  4. THANK YOU, JOE!!!!

    I love Teyla and I don’t want to see her reduce or ever let go!!! I really need to stop reading spoilers!!!!

    And yes…keep that team INTACT!!!!

    No more newbies for the perfect team!

    Damn press!

    Off to bed!

  5. Thanks for the word on the announcement. Now I can spend tomorrow sneaking on to gateworld and scifi.com to see what is going on and hope I don’t get a nasty gram from the IT department.

    About the superbowl, I have never been so happy to see the Giants win as I was yesterday. What did you think about Beli-cheat leaving the field early? He not only disrespected the Giants, but his own players who had to stand out there and watch the last play. And remember, Tyree doesn’t make that great catch if Eli doesn’t do his Houdini impersonation.

    As for me… “Wait til next year!” The battle cry of a Philadelphia sports fan.

  6. Really? That’s your top 5 best ads? You disappoint me, Joe…
    But thank you for letting us know about the delay. Now…any plans for blowing up one of our cute little ships? Maybe the Daedalus, so that Caldwell can take charge of Atlantis? *hint*

  7. As one of the people who will have to deal with the fallout on GW from the Skiffy press release tomorrow I don’t suppose you could give even a teeny tiny clue as to how big the freakout could be? Just so I can be prepared. 😀

  8. Thank you Joe for telling, I was getting prepared with my bed and tea next to the computer, so that I can click the refresh button every time my alarm clock on my mobile goes off (every half an hour)…
    so for now, I can’t even be angry at scifi, but whoever told you about the date of the release, don’t trust this person anymore, please, I won’t survive that Oo

    good night

  9. Thanks Joe, I was looking for the press announcement! My husband is a die-hard Giants fan, as he hails from New York. I am just glad a NFC team won. I root for the Eagles every year even though I hate football.
    I am so glad to hear that Teyla will be featured in the first three episodes of season five. Please include details of her family line. Thanks.

  10. SciFi apparently decided to release the news about Doctor Who today instead of Stargate. It will be interesting to see how the Sarah Jane Adventures does, it being a show geared towards younger viewers (but still pretty good). To keep an eye out for press releases from SciFi, keep an eye on the NBC/Universal Media Village at http://www.nbcumv.com/scifi

  11. Hi, Joe!

    Thanks for the update on the press release.

    To assuage my hunger for Stargate Atlantis season five news, I’m going to go have dinner at my favorite Japanese sushi establishment in Sacramento – Taro’s. Yum… a puff daddy (deep fried shrimp with crab, topped with special sauce and roe), a jack roll (crab, scallop, shrimp, avacado, seared tuna, masago, onion and special sauces), and a pimp my roll (tempura shrimp, spicy tunaa, avacado, fresh salmon, crushed macadimia nuts with Japanese Mafia sauce lightly torced and topped with masago and onion) as the appetizers, with a bento box (Japanese style curry and gyoza) for the dinner.


  12. I must say I loved Bud’s fire breathing … but then, I’m fond of fire breathers. I know a passel of ’em.

    Chocolates? Ever tried See’s?

    My, my, there’s a lot of chest clutching going on today. Okay everybody, remember to breathe … one, two, three, it will be tomorrow before you know it.

  13. Thanks for the update on the press release – and debunking the Season 5 rumors.

    And the dedication to David Tyree is cool. We’re especially ecstatic in our town because he’s an alumni of the high school. Needless to say, not much got done at the high school today beyond celebrating.

    Okay, enough football talk…back to SGA and the best season so far.

  14. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Bon j’avais déjà écrit et j’ai tout effacé… Ça m’arrive vraiment souvent sur ton blog, trop énervée d’écrire peut-être… football, mais tu réussis tout de même à venir piquer un peu ma curiosiét… As-tu commencé à lire Dan Simmons ? Moi, j’ai ben hâte d’entrer dans le vif du sujet, chapitre 16 et toujours en attente de rentrer réellement dans l’histoire… Ouais, je suis peut-être un peu chialeuse…
    Passes une belle soirée

  15. “I’m posting early today to tell everyone to go back to bed. Apparently, Scifi has pushed the press release to tomorrow. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

    Now why did they go and do a thing like that? There’s talk of revolt over on the forums at SciFi and GW.

    Is the Michael storyline going to be revisited at all in S5? Or have you done everything you’re going to do with that for now?

  16. Allo,
    Y manquait un bout à cette phrase «[J’y connais rien au ]football, mais tu réussis tout de même à venir piquer un peu ma curiosiét…»
    Voilà c’est plus clair !

  17. Before I start this, let me say that I’m not an angry Weir fan. I’m a Shep/Team fan, so this is my opinion on things you said recently.

    You mentioned the other day something along the lines that Weir was originally supposed to be about the equivalent to General Hammond (I’m pretty sure that’s what you said.) Anyways, it got me thinking and I decided that was the big problem. She was a great character (and still is) but as long as she was the commander, there just wasn’t many places to take her… but when it was attempted to expand her character, through storylines of her own, it made her fan base double and made people almost expect for her to have about the same importance as one of the leads.

    So, when it was decided by you all that her character wasn’t going anywhere, it had a larger impact on the audience who had grown much closer to her character than they would have had she just been the commander. (Not that she couldn’t have a character of her own, but be like Hammond was.)

    And now, Carter isn’t going to be around as much… My question is are you all planning to emphasize whoever the new commander significantly? To the point that Weir was, that is? Like, we’ll he/she be closer to Hammond, or to Weir?

  18. Didn’t get the chance to weigh in last night on the Giant’s win but how sweet it was to see that final touchdown. I almost screamed myself hoarse.

    I guess you’ve heard that only the M.A.S.H. finale ranks higher in American TV history than last night’s Super Bowl. Pretty impressive.

    And the squirrel ad was my favorite.

    Any news from Carl on the status of the strike? Seems like maybe we’re finally seeing some progress on that front…

  19. Thanks for blogging early and letting us know. I’ve been checking for the announcement since 6am. Yes, I’m excited to find out. I’m also really hoping that Daniel is mentioned in the press release in some form. I’m really anxious to find out what is going on with Daniel in season 5 along with the rest of the cast. Also, Joe, thank you so much for clearing up the rumors from the ScliceofSciFi article. It’s really appreciated. *Hugs*

    I agree with your top 5 commercial faves. Loved them.
    Still squeeing over the Giants winning. What a FANTASTIC GAME!!

    til tomorrow….


  20. Posting early? JOE!!!! It’s 6 p.m. in Texas! I’ve been refreshing news sites all day to catch this elusive press release! Argh! I chipped a nail!


    Sadly, I know I’m going to repeat the searching tomorrow!! *hugs Joe*

  21. Thanks for letting us know. I will continue quietly cursing Sci Fi.

    If they don’t follow through this time, will you make the announcement yourself? Are you bound by contract to let them make the announcement first?

  22. Oh dear, do you realize there are probably a handful of fans who are going into sleep deprivation waiting for that press release? 😉

  23. Hi Joe – Thanks very much for the update and the puppy photographs. Will wait patiently for tomorrow’s annoucement. Thanks for commenting on rumors and such.

    Did you know that today is the 4th and not the 5th as your blog reads? However, it’s February 5th somewhere.

    Enjoy the chocolates!

  24. Ah, spoilers. Many of us are still reeling over the Graham/David Sheppard thing. But very good to know that we’re keeping our main peeps (I was hoping that Rachel would still have time for SGA), and I’m waiting, oh-so-impatiently, for the official announcement. Got my fingers crossed for Woolsey as the new leader. I’ve got a soft spot for old Baldy.

  25. One question- the new commander- military or civilian? Wouldn’t be too much of a spoiler.

  26. Hey Joe! I just wanna say…WTG NY GIANTS….SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!! What an awesome game! Anyway….(1)how many Atlantis episodes will Daniel Jackson be in? (2)Can you tell us what kind of storyline you have in mind for Daniel? (3)Also….what kind of interaction will he have with Atlantis characters?

    Sue Jackson

  27. Oh goody. Looks like it’ll be another night on teather hooks as I wait for SciFi Wire to update at midnight EST.

    Thanks for the clarification on the rumors! Wow…so…they didn’t get anything right except for the bare essentials? That’s FAIL on an ultimate level.

    Once again, my questions, if you’ll entertain them:

    1. What was the name of the restaurant in which Ava met with Shep and Ronon after the wake?

    2. Was Bill Dow really sunburned, or was all of that makeup just to set up the joke that Dr. Lee got called in from vacation?

    3. Although it’s kinda obvious, would you mind confirming for us the line in the Spoiler Poem that refers to Outcast?

  28. Tomorrow I will be dead….I have to write a story for my creative writing group with that as the beginning!

    So here goes…Tomorrow I will be dead and the bloody Scifi Channel still won’t have posted its press release…The End.

    Oh well that was easy bring on the Pulitzer.


  29. Thanks for the update on the press release and for debunking the Season 5 rumors.

    And the dedication to David Tyree is cool. We’re pretty ecstatic here in town because he’s an alumni of the high school. Needless to say, nothing much got done at the high school today beyond celebrating.

    Okay, enough football talk…back to the SGA and the best season so far.

  30. Where’s an embarrassed icon when you need one? Thanks for dedicating your blog to me; you didn’t have to do that, and it was very kind. Especially after answering two of my questions last week; I’m still reeling from that. Thanks also for putting to rest the wild speculation about Teyla—I’ll admit I was speculating, because I thought it possible Rachel might want a longer maternity leave.

    Just to let you know, my username isn’t actually connected to Abbott’s Candies. I don’t have the good fortune to be a chocolate heiress. But if by some bizarre series of events you ever visit that particular shop, make sure to mention you’re a first-time visitor and they’ll give you loads of free samples. It’s a neat little shop, really, with a showroom that is surrounded on two sides by the workroom, which is glassed in so you can see the workers mixing, scraping, and decorating the chocolates. And, oh, the delicious smell…! I hope you all enjoy.

    Thanks for reading my letter in addition to my usually tiresome, one-track blog comments. =)

    Thanks again, and take care.

  31. Hi Joe, thanks for alerting us early! By the way, today is Feb 4, not Feb 5 as in your blog title 😕 On this day I was born, oh many, many, gosh darn many, moons ago…

    Like Paula, I’ve been scouring all over the ‘net for news that I thought I missed. Now I know tomorrow should bring the announcements.

    Well, other than that… do the regulation boots worn by Joe F hurt his feet? I’ve noticed that he sometimes wears black sneakers while in uniform. Love those low camera shots… 😛

    Until next time,
    Carol Z

  32. Joe,

    I know you have nothing to do with how Scifi does its press releases but AHHHHHHH

    It’s bad enought that I have to wait and extra day (not really but it seems longer when your on the other side of the world eg Super Tuesday is actually super Wednesday here)

    Your a tease! Can’t you just tell us already!

    Congrates on the Giants win *goes to sulk in a corner*

  33. Wow. It’s a rare thing for me read to today’s blog entry today and not tomorrow. I enjoyed Outcast, expecially the dockyard location. Where was that? It reminded me a bit of a retired WWII era tank farm where I’ve done some field work.

  34. Geez… these does indeed seem to be a lot of speculation… I don’t really see the point, I just enjoy whatever is delivered to my tv!
    So is the new character Alison Porter then? if so… YAY!… I love the name Alison (I wonder why though?)
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  35. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the update on the press release. Even though I wasn’t aware of the speculation out there, thanks for making those corrections. Hopefully, it’ll calm a few souls in angst out there in the ether.

    Cuuuute pup pics again! 🙂 Thanks!

    I watched the game yesterday. It was a lot of fun, when combined with good food, friends, and drink. *hic* Those last couple of minutes were very exciting, even for a non-football fan.

    I plan to pick up at least one of the BotM Club selections and will be ready to discuss.

    Take care!


  36. Hi Joe. Two things: those pics are great. The second one is just SO cute.

    Secondly: I’m glad you’ve cleared a few things up – I know a few folk who were almost tearing their hair out!

    QQ: The recurring character who’s coming back – Beckett? That seems almost certain, though many people believe it’s Weir. Do you think your writing time have given any inclination that it could be Weir? I certainly don’t think so but just thought I’d ask!

  37. Thank you for putting some of those rumors to rest! And booo for the delay in the SciFi press release! 😉 I’d also like to say that I love the characters of Major Lorne and Zelenka, and I hope you manage to work them into as many episodes as possible in S5 and beyond.

  38. Thanks for letting us know and addressing the rumours. The speculating is fun..but hard facts are better 😉

  39. hey thanks for the info Joe,

    I’ve been hunting the net all day long, there was one website who did have the announcement that should of come today in the press release but sci-fi pulled it. I guess who ever leaked it go into trouble.

    I bet the owners of the Atlantis Archive have got egg on their faces now as they have had to announce they had to pull it.

    I too have heard that the press release will contain something about Daniel Jackson.

    As always your fantastic, keep up the great work

  40. Hi Joe 🙂
    (dam capslock)

    Your reaction to SciFi’s pushing back the press release made me laugh out loud! Luckily, I’m at work late, printing out topographic maps of the fine African country of Ghana (courtesy of the CIA; the map source, that is.) So, just me to laugh literally out loud and no one cares (here or here.)

    You gonna post the press release here, too, so I don’t have to go searching for it? 😉


  41. I logged on early to catch up on yesterday’s blog, and lucky me, I got two! 🙂

    Yesterday’s Superbowl was amazing! Like you, I didn’t think it would be much of a game, but I was happy to be wrong. The MVP should have gone to someone on defense for keeping the Patriots offense from dominating and sacking Brady five times. Beautiful.

    The squirrel commercial and the pigeon commercials were my favorites.

  42. Awww, thanks for informing us early about the change in press release! I promise not to be angry with you since it isn’t your fault! MY question would be, if you chose to answer it that is, where did you and the rest of the SGA writers, get your sense of humors? Love it!!!!

  43. I will concede (through my heartbreak) that David Tyree’s catch was un-be-freakin’-lievable. At the Cambridge, MA Super Bowl party that I attended, our screams of agony and despair were immediately tempered by the acknowledgment that it was an amazing play. But I still hate all Giants fans.

  44. BTW I think it was hilarious how you went from being ambivalent to ecstatic about the super bowl. Can we expect an analogous turn for the season finale?

  45. Okay, thanks for letting me know I can put the laptop away for the night. Jeez, it’s been crazy, checking scifi.com every hour, getting my kids to check it while I was stirring risotto.

    Anyway, how do these casting rumors get started? I mean, do people just make them up out of thin air, or do they get wind of something and misinterpret it? Of course, some rumors turn out to be horribly true, but I’m relieved that Teyla’s not going to be away for any part of Season 5 and, hopefully, Katie Brown won’t have a significant story arc or whatever it was the rumor implied. She’s a nice lady but not very interesting.

    Tuesdays are generally boring around here, so at least I have something to look forward to.

  46. Thank goodness! I though I was either insane or mental handicapped because I couldn’t find the press release anywhere!!
    Thanks for picking Empire of Ice Cream, I’m looking for it on Amazon right this minute.
    Yay Giants!

  47. Tomorrow? Well, thanks for telling us so I didn’t spend all night endlessly refreshing pages.

    So, I see the report of Michael’s importance is false. I’d like to request that we see a lot of him, anyway. For some odd reason, he’s my third favorite character, and I am still hoping he’ll eventually somehow make ammends with the good guys. There was so much potential for friendship there at the beginning, and then the good guys had to go and ruin it by deceiving and betraying him.

    Also, one of the above comments has caught my attention. Could it be possible that Caldwell is the new commander? Because I like Caldwell, so that would be really cool. Except…well, I suppose having Carter lead has already changed the civilian-led nature of the expedition.

  48. Wow, that SliceofSciFi article was some real quality journalism going on there. Do they cover politics as well?

    And very good news about Rachel. One cast member confirmed, the rest to go!

  49. Its DANIEL JACKSON!!!!! it’s all over the internet

    or well… it will be tomorrow but hey it’s tuesday here already LOL

  50. I have decided to actively look for and read the books for this month. I’ve never done a “book of the month” thing before, so this is exciting. I don’t know that I’ll have anything useful to say about them, but read them I’m going to try.

  51. ““The show will also get to see a lot more from recurring characters like Major Evan Lorne (Kavan Smith) and Dr. Katie Brown (Brenda James), Rodney McKay’s (David Hewlett) love interest.”

    Half points on this one.”

    Please, please, please, please, please let that mean that Kavan gets more screen time in season 5. Now that The 4400 has been cancelled, there’s nothing to stop him getting it, right? I am, as always, willing to beg for more Kavan screen time.

    I think I already did that at the beginning of my post but you get my point 😛

    Oh, and including Lorne’s first name on screen will earn you extra special brownie points. 😉

  52. Nancy Sheppard? Shouldn’t she have a different name at this point? It was strongly implied that she is remarried. Even if not… Why would she have kept the name? I hope that’s a typo on their part. I know it’s minor, but if the character does come back, it’d be nice if she’s not just “Sheppard’s ex-wife”. I do hope she comes back, btw. I liked her.

    Thanks for the update on the press release. And :p about the Giants.


  53. Um, pg15, that’s tenterhooks … or in garbled and incorrect American usage, tenderhooks, where the “t” has softened to a “d” pronunciation.

    Cloth stretchers were called tenters. So if you feel all stretched out with anxious waiting, then you’re on tenterhooks, pulled taut like wet cloth. Or a tent these days.

    Sorry about the pickiness, the ESL teacher in me never lets go … I’ll stop now.

  54. Thanks for letting us know that SGA stuff Joe, looked for the damn release all day. Til tomorrow…

    Re: Doctor Who, glad new shows are crossing the pond to our continent faster!! me=life long Who fan.

    Also glad my book choices made the list, already halfway thru The Keep (from my shelf) Maybe I’ll give the losers a go too.

  55. I got so excited over the blog’s title of the day I actually skipped the pictures. An error I’ll shortly correct. Thanks for letting us know we had another day to wait; I probably wouldnt have gone to bed for hours otherwise. More thanks over touching on the rumor control mill. As for the half point one, seeing more Lorne is good. Very good. More Caldwell, more Zelinka, more Chuck…I know, I know. Impossible to feature our primary cast enough. Just glad for what you can mnanage. Thanks also for the link to the ads. Due to work I missed a good number of them. Luckily I got to see the final quarter of the game, so it worked out.
    One question of idle curiosity. When the decision was made to cast Hewlett, was there a lot of revising of scripts early on? Or was the originally concieved science officer close enough to McKay to avoid the extra work?

  56. Joe said: The show will also get to see a lot more from recurring characters like Major Evan Lorne (Kavan Smith)…

    OK, I must have missed something … somewhere… sometime … I didn’t know Major Lorne even had a first name!!

  57. Oops – I guess I should have put in there that Joe was commenting on a Season 5 rumor re: Lorne …

  58. Thanks for giving us the heads up on Sci-Fi not posting the press release until tomorrow and clearing up those rumors, Joe.

    Also, I finally made it to the post office today, so “Wizard For Hire” (the omnibus edition containing the first three Dresden Files novels) is on its way to you. Please let me know when you receive it.

    I read “The Diamond Age” about ten years ago and thought it was an interesting book. I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

  59. It’s 01:30am February 5th in the UK and I was hoping the press release would be posted by now but alas. My presentation is ready for tomorrow and I’m off to bed to get some shut-eye.

    It would be a huge boost to moral if you could spoil us a bit with some hints or clues as to what we should expect from said press release….

    Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying!!!! *wink*

  60. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow brings the long-awaited press release.

    Also, sporadically reading (I don’t know how anyone, including you, has the time to read them all) some of the comments on your blog yesterday was kind of alarming. I understand being invested in a show…but being so vehement about everything? For example, I was sad when Weir was nixed…but that’s also a creative choice of a group of people producing entertainment over which I don’t have (and don’t really think I should have) control over.

    So, I guess this is a solidarity! comment. Cute dogs!

  61. Actually, it IS February 5th where I am (Australia!) so I’m not chiding!

    YAY!! I’m back!! Didja miss me??

    Had an amazing holiday in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Gotta say, I want to MOVE there, it’s so beautiful. Alas, I had a ‘holiday romance’ with a flyboy which has left me feeling very depressed. Nice while it lasted…but I hardly think it has a future. Story of my life. *sigh*

    ON a more positive note, thanks for quashing those rumours, Joe. Look forward to more good news in that press release as well. And please make sure that in S5 Sheppard stays ‘footloose and fancy free’ – DON’T find a ‘love interest’ for him as it would bore the crap outa me. But that could be just sour grapes over my latest romantic disaster…

  62. “I’ve been hunting the net all day long, there was one website who did have the announcement that should of come today in the press release but sci-fi pulled it. I guess who ever leaked it go into trouble.”

    Does this mean that some people had the chance to read it before it got pulled? Are there any posts with the leaked information?

  63. Eeesh, amazing how far out in left field rumors can get, that’s for sure…

    *shakes head* Patience is not normally my strong suit, but all the rabble-rousing makes me wanna tell folks to relax!

    So…will the Baron and Cookie Monster be making any predictions regarding the 2008 presidential election? 😉

  64. hi, joe,

    will sam’s exit reveal what her future is? (i hated writing sam’s exit 🙁 ) and will her future be revealed in the *first* ep?

    *trying to think happy thoughts*

    sally :sam:

  65. I’m a little sad. We’ve had two fantastic female robots on the show but neither have managed to last longer than an episode. 🙁 Any chance we’ll get to see a robot love interest in season five? 🙂

  66. I’m getting another dog! yay! what should i name her? My sister named our labrador retreiver Pebbles so what would be a good name with Pebbles beside Bamm Bamm ahaha.

  67. My father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate (that’s from Spaceballs) told my best friend to tell me that Lt. Colonel Lucretia MacEvil is joining Sheppard’s team in Season 5, but only after she has Chuck-the-Technician’s Love Child. I read it online, so it must be true.

  68. Weird, Jenny Robin! My dog’s mother’s owner’s paternal father told my hubby that the new commander’s name is Colonel Cyrus C. Colonel. There are supposed to be plans to use the “Colonel Colonel” joke as much as possible, leading to a contest to Count the Colonels on ScyFy.

    I don’t believe it, because supposedly the winner of the Count the Colonels contest wins dinner with an SGA exec producer at some trendy restaurant in, like, Vancouver or something. Who makes this stuff up?????


  69. Can I get the next blog dedicated to me? Today is my birthday! Sadly, I don’t have the money to go out to celebrate.

  70. where did you and the rest of the SGA writers, get your sense of humors?

    I would think it was either have a sense of humor or be driven insane by this fandom…

  71. On February 4, 2008 at 6:17 pm Jenny Robin Said:
    My father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate (that’s from Spaceballs) told my best friend to tell me that Lt. Colonel Lucretia MacEvil is joining Sheppard’s team in Season 5, but only after she has Chuck-the-Technician’s Love Child. I read it online, so it must be true.

    Uh uh. Sorry, you got your facts wrong. It’s not Chuck-the-Technician’s love child. It’s his evil twin brother from an alternate universe’s love child. You know, the InterNational Enquirer doesn’t always factcheck…

  72. There has never been any discussion about promoting Sheppard and his leadership responsibilities as team leader will remain unchanged.

    Which statement relieves some concern that J. Flanigan might have been leaving the show.

    Re the dog pics: I have suddenly realized that one of my dogs (Maximilian, whose reign was in the 70s), was probably a French bulldog or Fb mix, and not the Boston Terrier mix we assumed – a pound rescue, he was. Lulu is a dead ringer for him. Max was a lively, sweet-natured creature, and I still miss him terribly, even after all these decades.

  73. Joe,

    First of all, those of us in Miami are over-the-moon happy that the population of Perfectville still stands at 1 – especially when the prospect of sharing that distinction was with the *Pats* (shudder!). WTG Giants!

    Second, thank you for clarifying the rumors, but there was one that was left off and I can’t remember where I read it. I was wondering if you would be so willing as to confirm or deny Acastas Kolya’s reappearance in Season 5? I don’t know how you’d do it but I can just see Joe Flanigan’s face as John Sheppard says “But I shot you *in the chest*!” It would prove that Kolya doesn’t really have a heart…LOL!

    I appreciate greatly your continued efforts to keep the fans up-to-date. Have a wonderful week.


  74. Thanks for letting us know not except an update today. It just figures that it would be tomorrow as I am away from the computer most Tuesday nights.

    I hadn’t heard any of those rumors. I tend to stay away from most of those sites or least take what they say with a large grain of salt.

  75. As a female viewer, I’d really like to see less ‘women in power’, and more men in spiffy leather coats. Ya know, those guys with the long, silky hair and charming personalities (yes – this is my daily Wraith whine…).

    Any chance we’ll see more Todd in S5? Also, any chance we’ll see an end to the Wraith genocide, and steps made to find a way for Wraith and humans to co-exist?


  76. Hi Joe:

    I have an important question for you. Why do people get hang nails on their fingers, but not on their toes?


    If McKay was permitted to bring Carson’s wee baby turtles to Atlantis, would Sheppard be permitted a dog, or Zalenka be able to have a cat?

    All the best for the balmy weather you are getting (is so jealous)


  77. I loved the Sheppard and Ronon episode, especially how Ronon invited himself along. It seemed finally to be an episode that paid off the magazine interviews back when they hired Jason that said Joe was reading with the ‘Ronon’ candidates because they wanted to get the chemistry right as they were intended to be buddies. It was a great episode to have last Friday for me, since Friday was not a day that went well for me.

  78. Bugger can’t watch those ads you linked us to. Sucks to be over here sometimes!

    Gorgeous piccies of your doggies, I love the first one. Looks like they’re scanning the front lawn looking for the ideal place to do a ‘wee jobbie’ as Billy Connolly would say (a poo lol )

    Ok I must be the only one here not refreshing my page for the season 5 info. Is it my Aussie ‘she’ll be right mate’ laid backness? Yeah sort of. Or is it the fact I’ve been at the pool exercising to get the fat off.

    Is chocolate known as ‘candy’ there???

  79. Hey, Joe, what line of the poem refers to “Outcast”? I haven’t had a chance to mark that one yet.

  80. Hey Joe!

    The press release has been pushed to tomorrow? Bleh!

    After looking at the great, as always, pictures of the pugs, I was wondering, how’s Lulu doing since her surgery?

    – Enzo Aquarius

  81. Congratulations on the superbowl win. I was also in a room full of “not Pats fans”. Thanks for posting the book club selections, they’ll provide an interesting break from selected class readings.

    On a more serious note I’ve got some film school course selection questions for the Baron or Cookie Monster. I’ll understand if they can’t answer them right away. I’m just trying to make the most of summer session at school. Thanks for posting some great pictures as always!

  82. Joe,

    Any reviews/favorites of Daniels’ Chocolates of Vancouver? Or a substitute vendor?
    The photos of your mini herd are hilarious, I have 2 big labs. Goofy but not as cute as your lot. 🙂
    Warm thoughts and wishes for a great season 5!

  83. Hi Joe, I’m not really passionate by superbowl but I waiting the discussiob about timescape, and thanks for the delay so I will have time to finish it…Lovely pictures.

  84. Yep, I love the secondary characters especially Zelenka and Major Lorne (so don’t kill them!!!) but I don’t really want to see them replacing the leads. Though I could do with less of Katie Brown. Way less.

    So, okay on bits with the secondary, but please don’t make them the main focus. And what’s with this new female you’re adding? Is there some reason for her?

  85. Can you tell us if John’s brother Dave, who we meet in Outcast, is older or younger than John? I know the actor is younger, but I sort of got an older brother vibe off the character in his interactions with John.

  86. Thanks for the breakdown on that article. I’ve been working all day, so I didn’t get a chance to look at any news, but I found it really interesting to see just how distorted some “news” can be. And even if I had read that, most of it I would have automatically thought “Nah, Joe would have hinted at that in his blog”, or laughed.

    (Who’s copy of Fast Foward 1 still hasn’t arrived!)

  87. I hope that you do discuss The Diamond Age, even if it won’t be featured in a full-blown book discussion post. It’s an interesting book that uses a plot structure that I think isn’t very common in North American lit; it has much in common with contemporary UK SF.

    To me it was captivating in some ways, aggravating in others. 🙂

  88. Hey Joe, wondering if you can shed some light on the newspaper clippings at the start of Outcast?

    Is that Wallace? You? Or McKay? LOL! I mean the one that has the $600K Grant money in the title… some folks on GW think it is Wallace others think McKay and one actually thinks it is YOU!

    Please can you let us know? Thank you Joe 🙂

  89. I must be gettin’ old, I just can’t bebothered trawling around the net any more for spoilers/press releases or any of that malarky so I’ll just hang around here a while.
    Love the picture of Lulu, she has such a sweet little face under those big ole ears, how can anyone resist it?

  90. Total bummer! I clicked on the link to see the commercials and was told that the clip I was trying to view was not available in my area!! Is this the friggin’ 21st century or what??? I say its all crap!

    *stompin around an sulkin’*

  91. Hi,
    thank you for your information on Stargate. I’ve been sitting infront of my computer the whole day although I should have been learning for my exams which are now *shockingly* tomorrow. And here I am again just because I cant find that *grrrr* book I need.
    Well anyway. I’ve come up with two questions:

    1) AS you mentioned before, Katie might have gotten pregnant if Teyla/Rachel hadn’t. How would the realtionship between Rodney and Katie have turn out then? About the same way it did now?

    2) I think you dogs are really lovely and sweet but -and thats no critism, just curiosity- I’ve herad that dogs like yours are prone to have breathing problem because of the way the nose is. Can you confirm that?

    3)I wondered in how man episodes a character with the status “recurring” would at least appear?

    Have a nice day

  92. Ooops, that were three questions now. Can’t count…
    Anyway. Found my book and will now learn about nuklear reactions and the kind!

  93. Thanks for the heads up on the press release, and also for shooting down those rumours! Cute dog pics, as usual – they obviously know how to do the cute dog act when the camera appears. Good training there, Mr M.

    My husband and I was discussing the new commander of Atlantis, and in his usual style (ie not serious) he suggested Laura Cadman. Ah, no, she’s only a lieutenant, I pointed out to him.

    His next suggestion, however, was much better, and although I’m sure it’s too late for season 5, I’m starting a campaign for a new leader in season 6 (fingers crossed we get a season 6):

    ‘The Katie Brown for Leader of Atlantis in Season 6 and Onwards Campaign’

    Catchy title, eh? What do you think the chances of the campaign’s success might be?

    Of course he also suggested Radek, but that’s just plain silly – I mean, you can’t have him leapfrogging Rodney in the hierarchy, that wouldn’t be at all believable!!!

    Leesa Perrie

  94. Thanks for clearing that up!

    Also, you should come see an Aussie Rules Football grand final sometime. You’ll never be bothered watching that silly pansy american sport again.

    We dont need Juddy and We dont need Cuz because we got big Cox! (And Lynchies’s pretty big too.)

  95. well, tried to watch those commercials, but us europeans are obviously not permitted to…..:o) so I guess i will have to go look for them on youtube later………and: still waiting for that press release….sigh…

  96. Joe, out of curiosity, have you read Susannah Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell yet? If so, what did you think?

  97. Pauline wrote:

    Tomorrow I will be dead….I have to write a story for my creative writing group with that as the beginning!

    Tomorrow I will be dead. Thursday’s not looking too good, either.

    marielabbott wrote:

    Where’s an embarrassed icon when you need one?

    😳 Right here 😳 You can find the list of WordPress-supported emoticons here.

    Emerald wrote:

    Nancy Sheppard? Shouldn’t she have a different name at this point? It was strongly implied that she is remarried. Even if not… Why would she have kept the name?

    If she made her professional reputation while married to John, she may very well have decided to keep ‘Sheppard’. I personally know a woman who kept her first husband’s last name even though she remarried because she was known in the legal field by that name (her publications, trial reports, etc.)

    Anne Teldy

  98. Wow! What a Superbowl. Although, now that I’ve been able to watch it 6 more times, I have some complaints.

    1st off, it was poorly written. Not knowing if the Patriots were cheating or even if they had tried to cheat is a major PLOTHOLE. 😉

    Second, the fact that the writers put the Patriots in a position where they were trying to commit GEONOCIDE upon the NFL was in poor taste. 😉

    All that being said, please ignore that I’m using the words in all caps incorrectly and only for effect to strengthen my point.

    What’s my point? I forget. I think I’ve been reading the Gateworld forums too much lately.

    Kidding aside, I really just enjoyed watching the game how it unfolded because I trust that the writers will tell me a good story whether or not it turns out how I want it to.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

  99. “There has never been any discussion about promoting Sheppard and his leadership responsibilities as team leader will remain unchanged.”

    I’m glad that he’s going to remain the team leader, but as for there being no discussion about promoting him… why on earth not? Carter made lieutenant colonel one year before he did; wouldn’t it then make sense for him to be promoted to full colonel one year after her, that is, in season 5?

    I know that he’s a bit of a black sheep at the SGC whereas she’s a golden child, but he’s more than proven himslef over the past several years. And I certainly got the impression that he had the full backing of Stargate Command in dealing with the replicator in the last episode.

    (Although I have to say that I felt bad for both of the replicators. Since “This Mortal Coil” aired, I’ve come to see replicators as sentient beings, and I believe that they deserve to be judged on an individual basis as much as any human. Ava really got treated unfairly, and the other one didn’t do anything a human being faced with death might not have done.)

  100. So the casting info is out, and of course, no mention of Torri.

    Are you brining her back or not? Is this all going to be a behind the scenes thing where we hear about Elizabeth but don’t see her?

    You can say that Michael Shanks will ‘guest star’ in several episodes, but you can’t give the same statement for Torri.

    Woolsey as leader. Just. No. How on earth did you come up with that one? Just because you wanted someone Sheppard could hate? Because we know that didn’t work with Carter, despite people expecting some sort of friction.

  101. Dewey Said: Can you tell us if John’s brother Dave, who we meet in Outcast, is older or younger than John? I know the actor is younger, but I sort of got an older brother vibe off the character in his interactions with John.

    Maybe John and David are fraternal twins, born by C-section so they’re exactly the same age? 🙂

    More seriously, I also got an older brother vibe during David’s interactions with John. I also thought I heard Ronon say something like: “Your big brother seems to be handling it well,” which supports the idea of Dave as the older brother, but it’s quite possible I am remembering that line wrong.

  102. Mr M wrote:

    “There has never been any discussion about promoting Sheppard and his leadership responsibilities as team leader will remain unchanged.”

    marko wrote:

    I’m glad that he’s going to remain the team leader, but as for there being no discussion about promoting him… why on earth not? Carter made lieutenant colonel one year before he did; wouldn’t it then make sense for him to be promoted to full colonel one year after her, that is, in season 5?

    I know that he’s a bit of a black sheep at the SGC whereas she’s a golden child, but he’s more than proven himslef over the past several years. And I certainly got the impression that he had the full backing of Stargate Command in dealing with the replicator in the last episode.

    Well said, marko! We all want Maj. Lorne to be promoted to Lt. Col. If you don’t promote Sheppard to full bird, they’d have the same rank which could be awkward.

    By the way, I hate you! 😉 When I first read your quote above, I thought for sure it meant a military commander as expedition leader was coming in. When I re-read it, I realized it doesn’t prove one way or the other if the new leader is civilian or military. Do you stay awake nights thinking up ambiguities?

    Anne Teldy (almost as cheeky as Cheeky today 😛 )

  103. Aaron — The West Coast Eagles are a pack of losers. Why do you think Judd wanted to leave? Ben Cousins’ dirt obviously sticks, and he wanted out.

    Joe — can you tell us how many episodes you’re planning to have Elizabeth in, if you’re in fact planning that at all. I’m finding it hard to believe since you could tell us how many Carson will be in — five episodes for a goddamned dead man — but you can’t say how many Elizabeth will be in.

  104. Good choice for Woolsey as Atlantis commander. Should be quite a controversial choice when revealed to the team. I hope you do something a bit more interesting with his character though. I can already imagine the direction you’re going in with him. He’s going to need to earn a lot of trust and that will be hard!

  105. Joe… Currently it is 10:30 am here on the East coast of the US. no update on the Scifi.com site about the press release. However, I just checked Gateworld and they had some interesting information about Season 5 that they claim came from the press release.

    *Spoiler Alert* ~this means if anyone wants to be surprised skip over the rest of my comment.

    Most of the information we already knew about from you. how ever the addition of Robert Picardo as the new commander I think is remarkable. The Woolsey character has gone through an amazing change through the seasons of SG-1 and the appearances on Atlantis. He definitly has the diplomatic no non-sense attitude needed for the commander position. I am left wondering what exactly is going to happen with the relations of the SGA and the IOA? Well done Joe. I applaud you and the rest of the staff.

  106. So, the PR came out on NBC/Univ today (Feb 5th, 10:15am.m. ET)…


    Robert Picardo, whom Stargate fans will recognize as International Oversight Committee rep “Richard Woolsey,” joins the Stargate Atlantis cast this season as Woolsey assumes command of the Atlantis expedition. The team, led by Lt. Colonel Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett), Teyla (Rachel Luttrell), Ronon (Jason Momoa) and Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite), must adjust to his unique leadership style.

    Fan favorite Paul McGillion, will return for five episodes to reprise his role as the beloved “Dr. Carson Beckett.” Amanda Tapping (“Colonel Samantha Carter”), who remains a fixture of the Stargate universe, will appear as a special guest star in several episodes this season and Stargate SG-1 star Michael Shanks (“Dr. Daniel Jackson”) will appear as a special guest in episodes as well.

    I just hope he’s grown a bit (or at least a backbone) since “The Seer” 😉

  107. Can’t say I am at all happy with Woolsey as leader. In no role have I ever seen the actor (whom I have loved since China Beach) be a LEADER, and that goes incredibly more so for SG episodes. Sigh. Oh well, I doubted you and fretted when you all promised Priorizing Daniel would be OKAY, and you were right. So I guess I should stop fretting and hope you transcend his weak character and turn him into a leader.

  108. Woosley as the new commander huh? That should be very interesting. I like that it is not a clear replacement. Should make for some fun story lines. Are you guys planning some interesting fish out of water type threads?

  109. Leaving the changes for season 5 aside, I have just watched Citizen Joe (I love that episode). What about sending Joe over to cut Ronan’s hair, he has the ancient gene, knows everything about SG1 and having Homer in Atlantis would be so cool.

  110. Woolsey? Woolsey?????

    You can’t be serious.

    Hahaha. OMG.

    I just saw this post on GW, which pretty much sums up how I feel about it:

    TPTB can now “ship” Woolsey and Keller. They can whine, cry and snivel together for us every week! Just think of the marvelous stories!

    Good grief. What have they done to my show????? *cries

  111. And OMG. Tell us how Woolsey, the spineless, lily livered character is a better leader than Weir? Hell, you would have been better off keeping Carter in the leadership role and just mentioning her instead of showing her on screen.

  112. WOOLSEY !!!!!????

    J’aime beaucoup Robert Picardo mais Woosley en leader d’Atlantis, j’ai vraiment du mal à le concevoir surtout après l’épisode “The Seer”.

    WOOSLEY !!??? Enfin bon on verra bien, finallement ça risque d’être intéressant. Et puis je lui laisse une chance de me prouver que j’ai tort de douter de lui lol.

    Une petite question Joe; est-il possible que Sam et Daniel apparaissent ensemble dans un même épisode?

    Bonne journée.

  113. I’m withholding judgment on the Woolsey-as-expedition-leader issue. Did the character get a divorce or is his wife coming to Atlantis?

    Anne Teldy

  114. So I read the cast stuff on Gateworld. Woolsey taking over doesn’t surprise me too much. I just have one question, since Torri Higginson wasn’t mentioned, does that mean that for sure Elizabeth Weir is not going to be in season five, or is there still a chance?

  115. You have to be freaking kidding me. Woolsey. Leading Atlantis. Is all the chocolate going to your head and affecting your thought process?

    I predict a bad reaction to this. Really bad. Caldwell would have been a great choice. He’s a popular character, he creates conflict with Shep when needed. But you go back to a civilian after all the fuss about how it needed to be a military expedition, and make it a whining sniveling civilian at that?

    All it does is prove to me that you really didn’t want to go military on this show. You just wanted to dump Elizabeth.

    You’ve said she’s coming back, but there’s no mention of her in the press release. Are we to believe you, and take your word for it, did you throw one of your plays on words at us and have us all believing it would happen when it really won’t?

  116. Hey Joe,

    So the fans saw the press release. People on GW are already bashing the decision for Woosely. Go figure. I think it will be very interesting and cannot wait till next season. I was a little let down about Carson Beckett. I was hoping for a few more eps than just 5. Could there be anymore added to that number? Thanks!



  117. Hi, this is my first post but I’ve been a regular reader for months.

    Very interesting news on the new leader. I was really thinking Caldwell but Woolsey could be great too. And who could seriously turn down having someone like Robert Picardo as a regular? I just really hope there’ll be a nice scene with him and Carter and/or Landry now that the shoe is on the other foot.

    Can you confirm if Jewel Staite will be regular or recurring next season?

    And I’ll put my vote in for plenty of Weir in season five too. Much as I hated to see her step down, the replicator arc has been brilliant so far.

    That said, to me the show has gotten better with every season [except for a slight dip at season 2] and I’m confident whatever season five brings it will continue the trend.


  118. WOOLSEY! That’s going to be fun! Really I like that he’s going to be in charge. Sure he’s been shown to be a coward and someone who jumps to the worst case scenario without thinking things through (gee that sounds familer!) But this is also the guy who has repeatedly protected the members of both SG1 and Atlantis from whatever the IOA wants to do. All he really needs to do is grow a back bone and not be so scared of everything all the time. If Rodney can do it why can’t Woosley?

    Sure there will also be some conflict between him and the rest of the team but that’s half the fun of it, right?

    Joe did you guys pick him for the potential entertainment value of watching the Atlantis team drive him crazy with all their stunts? And him having to deal with all the dangers of living on Atlantis?

    Season 5 is going to be fun! :O)

  119. Just realized I posted this in the wrong day. Oops.

    Reposting here:
    Just saw the news at Gateworld. I’m very happy!

    To be honest, I was afraid the new commander would be another actor from the main SG-1 cast. No offense to the actors. I’m sure they’re all wonderful people. But after having a main character from SG-1 in s4, I think having another one as the replacement would’ve been too much.

    Woolsey wasn’t my first choice, but I like the character and I think it’ll be fun to see his interaction with the rest of the characters.

    Glad to see Keller is back. I would’ve liked Carson to be in more than 5 episodes, but I’m glad that he’s at least in those. Any chance we see him in more than 5 or it’s all already set in stone? I’m asking because I remember that Jewel was supposed to be in 8 episodes when the news about s4 casting came in, and then she said she ended up being in 11 episodes…

  120. While I was getting behind the idea of either Caldwell or Ellis being the new head honcho of Atlantis, I am more than willing to be happy about Woolsey as leader. Should make for some very interesting conflicts and situations. What was the impetus for changing the leadership role back to civilian again? (I mean within the story itself, not as it pertains to actor availability).Carter seems to be doing a good job. And hopefully, Mr. Woolsey won’t be a completely unlikeable guy, I like the flashes of humanity we’ve seen from him over the years.

  121. I have no problem at all with Woolsey; it makes sense that the Committee would want one of their own in charge this time, and Robert Picado is a fine actor.

    A few more episodes for Carson would be appreciated though.


  122. To all the people asking why Michael Shanks and Paul McGillion were mentioned but not Torri Higginson. My bet is that it’s because they already signed contracts with Michael Shanks and Paul McGillion, but haven’t signed any contract with TH yet.
    Joe here said that there were plans for continuing the Elizabeth story arc, if I remember things right. If they decide to go in that direction, and Torri is interested and accepts, we’ll here about it in another press release or here at Joe’s blog when the time comes.

  123. I was already not feeling well this morning — I was hoping for a pick-me-up, and that press release didn’t really do it for me, alas. 🙁

    Woolsey? *whimpers* Well, you made McKay likable, so I’ll just have to cross my fingers and trust in you. Or accept that maybe you’re going for a new approach to that role, as in having it as a near-constant source of drama for the team, instead of being a source of support. But I have personal reasons for not liking Picardo, and even small exposures tend to grate on me, so … yeah, I’m not exactly pleased, I have to admit. I wish the actor well, but, from a viewing standpoint, I can’t help but hope that overall, his role will be far more reduced than Hammond, Landry, or Carter-as-head-of-Atlantis ever was. *Sigh* I was really, really hoping for Landry — I adore Beau Bridges. 🙁

    And Paul’s only going to be in five eps? *pout* That’s not terribly recurring! Well, I guess it’s better than nothing, but really? I’d have taken Beckett as head of Atlantis over Woolsey any day! 😉

    I’m kinda surprised and confused by the fact that Torri’s not mentioned in the press release ….

  124. Woolsey of all people? As a leader? Oh my. Granted, as he’s “Mr. IOA” himself there might be some interesting stories coming up, and I like Robert Picardo, but Woolsey’s so incredibly annoying… I really hope the team will show him that Atlantis is more than just an outpost, that it’s home to many of them, and that they have their own way of dealing with things. Especially Weir and a little bit also Carter understood that and acted accordingly. They cared for the people under their command. I doubt that Woolsey will be ‘on their side’ or make them his priority.

    And Carson will only be back for five eps? Seriously, can’t you just fire that whiny and much too young Keller (personally I really hope she/JS won’t become a regular in season 5, my fast forward button won’t survive that) and get Carson back as a doctor? All CB/PM fans would be so happy then, and I do dare to say that there might be more CB fans out there than JK fans.

    All imho of course. And I know that the decisions have already been made and that we have to live with it. I will still watch SGA, but mainly because of McKay. He’s (or better, David Hewlett is) the main reason why I’m still watching. I loved SGA right from the first ep on, and I’m sad to see where it’s going now. That said, I know that some people will also like the new direction, and I’m happy for them. But for me my fav show has changed so much in such a short time that I cannot love it anymore as I once did.

  125. Hi Joe !

    Woolsey… ohohoh, this should be very interesting, this pain in the ass, commander of atlantis, this is going to be… let’s find the word… stormy !

    Personnaly I’m really happy with this, it will bring struggle for team to make their point to woolsey, some humor too and robert picardo is such an amazing actor !

    As I already love to hate him, and repect Amanda’s decision to leave (I’m thrilled for sanctuary), so I’ll be just fine with woolsey, who is an interesting character (I prefer a hundred times a bad-guy-no-so-bad-but-you-know-what-I-mean than a very very very annoying character who thinks he is funny but he is not, like Landry – God, I hate him !)

    I was more thinking of Ellis, I thought you would pick him, he is the same kind ok character than woolsey, but more recent, but we’re are not already attached to him ! Caldwell would have made a great commander IMO. But he’s great on the dedalus.

    So Carson is back… great, you are making a lot of fans happy out there ! I must admit I liked him a lot but since I met Paul in person last year (at the London Expo), I don’t know, it’s such a strange thing, I love Carson even more LOL

    What else to comment… I, for one, was not fond of elizabeth, I don’t know why, just, you know, she seems useless (some times she was clearly not), i didn’t connect with the character… that said, I understand the feelings of weir’s fan, you (almost)kill Sam, I (almost)kill you ! But really turning her into a (possibly) a bad weir, I loved it.

    If you didn’t have I would have been desapointed, this become a lot more interesting ! Hope she will be a real bad guy threat in season 5 !

    Ok I think that’s it, continue to hint us with little somethings every day, and the photos and the videos (not only about SGA but Lulu too – I’m crazy about her !-, and the other pugs).

    No questions today as I already wrote what seems to be 10 pages or more !

    Bye !



  126. Can’t say i’m surprised it was Woolsey :). If i had to guess, i’d say that short list of canditates to take over for Weir was “carter, woolsey, and caldwell” maybe? I would guess mitch couldn’t commit to a whole season though. I’m hopeful woolsey will make a good impact on the stories for Season 5, there’s a lot of conflict potential all over the place. I’m a little worried about other fan’s reactions (however not surprised that GW has already gone negative). But the ball is in the writer’s court now, of course if they give us good entertainment with the woolsey character, all will be ok ;).

  127. Five episodes are better than two episodes. For that I am grateful but……………..

    Anyway – Woolsey will be an ‘interesting’ commander. No doubt sent at the insistence of the IOA.

    A new soldier, a woman, has also been mentioned – me wants more men!!

  128. I just saw the press release, and I am pretty excited. Even though he is a recurring character, he’s been around enough to have some interesting character development. The Woolsey in SG-1 was not teh same person who left Atlantis after “The Seer.” I think that you and the other writers are going to have a fun time writing episodes for next season.

  129. Why isn’t there any info on Weir? The press release mentions other guest appearances… Do you have plans to bring Weit back for more than 1 episode?

  130. Woolsey? Huh. Didn’t see that coming. Love the character, not sure about him in the role of expedition leader.

    Guess I’ll just have to trust you fellas. 🙂

  131. You’ve really terrified me about the new season. I really cannot see Woolsey doing well over Atlantis, especially after his run-in with Carter. There’s going to have to be a lot of growth for his character to be able to handle the responsibilities.

    Wonder how comfy this handbasket is, and why is it going downwards?

  132. Ok… Woolsey as a leader… First thought: is this a joke? Now, he’s my third best (after Elizabeth and Caldwell), but I don’t see him as a leader. He’s definitely not tough enough. So easy question: will he be the same Woolsey as we know, or will he be tougher? Because if he stays the same Woolsey, this will be hard for him ‘cos they won’t take him seriously. Especially not Shep and his team.

    Also, why is there no mention of Torri in the press release? I thought you said she was going to come back since you want to explore the story-arc on-screen? Just to say that we want an answer on this side too.

    Oh and your dogs are so cute! I’ll continue in French ‘cos I’m not so sure of my English for what’s to come. Une personne que je connais à un bouledogue français aussi, blanc lui, et ce sont les chiens les plus mignons qu’il y ait je trouve. 😉

  133. Joe,

    You keep making for interesting episodes. Woolsey is going to get a big time reality check. It is one thing to tell someone what they should do but to actually have people’s lives in your hands. Also to have the weight of responsibility on you. OH boy! Then there is the flip side of it for the people at Atlantis. Conflict makes for some good story telling! If you guys have the whole season 5 pretty well planned out, what episode number is your favorite so far? You don’t need to give any information on the episode, unless you want to (nudge, nudge :)!!) How many are you credited for writing this for season 5? Hope your having a great day!!!

    Jen 🙂

  134. Hi,

    I’m still going to keep watching, but isn’t it one hell of a gamble to put Woolsey at the helm of Atlantis? I see the benefits of it, I really do, but that whole business in ‘The Seer’ where he wanted Sheppard to fire on the Wraith and Carter told him not to, would suggest that there’s the possibility he won’t make the right decision in a tense situation, either he’ll wait too long or not long enough. Surely it would be better for someone who has the physical experience?

    Sorry to sound whiny?

  135. To join the crowds, I am very disappointed by the choice of making Woosley the base commander. I was personally wishing for Caldwell to take the lead. He seems very level headed, already has positive familiarity with the cast and after protecting Atlantis’s skies/space for so long is the most deserving IMHO of the lead position. While I believe that Robert Picardo (everyone’s favorite EMH) is a great actor, the Woosley character has always been the weak fool everyone loves to hate. I can only hope that the usual Woosley comedy situations of “Oopps.. you were right. You proved me wrong, happy now?” are not overused.

  136. While I am ESTATIC about Carson’s return…I must confess to being a little down about him only being in 5 episode’s…maybe there might be a chance for more?!?! 🙂

    AND…I REALLY hope he’s a good guy and not a bad guy
    i.e. Ford and Weir (to some extent)

  137. Me again *grins*

    To all those who are complaining about Woolsey: I’ve never been an SG-1 fan, but I’m told that Rodney changed a lot since the first time he appeared in SG-1 as a guest star. When you have guest stars/recurring roles, they serve a purpose (usually to make the regulars look like heroes and the guest stars like idiots). When those characters become regulars, they change and grow progressively. If Rodney changed so much through the years, why can’t they do the same with Woolsey? Or are you telling me that Rodney wasn’t spineless at the beginning of season 1? And look how he’s changed since then. Why not give Woolsey the same chances?

    About Caldwell… Obviously, I’m just a fan and I have no idea whether Mitch Pileggi was or wasn’t in that short list of possible commanders at the beginning of s4, but I’ve been told by fans of Mitch Pilleggi that the actor wanted to retire and be full time with his family. So maybe, just maybe, TPTB considered Caldwell too, but the actor wasn’t interested.

  138. I heard about the press release and the addition of Woolsey to the cast. Interesting choice. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the character and how you make him a better leader.

    That said, all I can say be sure to get ready for reaction of the Wier fans…who will see as yet another slap in their faces.

  139. Hi Joe,

    and Thank you for bringing back Carson Beckett, even if it is for just 5 episodes. Hopefully, they might get boosted to few more.

    The choice of Woosley is interesting to say the least. He wasn’t my top choice for commander. However, knowing how he thinks when he is in the critic’s chair, I am dying to see how that will change now that he’ll be in the hot chair. Will he stand by his crew like Elizabeth and Samantha did? Or will he whine about every decision made? Will the expeditions to new planets change character and how is he going to honor old alliances? He is unpredictable IMO and maybe that will make it interesting for storytelling.

    Anyway, if you think you can give us some clues what to expect for season 5, it would be much appreciated.

    BTW, is Dr Keller staying aboard? Personally, I think her addition to the cast last year was not well accepted by the fans. She is majorly disliked.

    Many thanks

  140. Joe – as you predicted the decision about casting, to make Woolsey the leader of the Atlantis expedition, was going to be a polarizing one. You mentioned that Woolsey was previously considered an option as a Weir replacement. Was Amanda Tapping’s existing contract the only reason she was chosen over him – or were there other reasons you decided against Woolsey at the time (and if so, what prompted the turn-around?) Oh and BTW, so there’s no confusion, i LOVE the decision, and think it will create an excellent dynamic with the rest of the characters!

  141. “”On February 5, 2008 at 7:33 am kate Said:

    Aaron — The West Coast Eagles are a pack of losers. Why do you think Judd wanted to leave? Ben Cousins’ dirt obviously sticks, and he wanted out.””

    Have to agree, drug cultures in sporting teams arent weeded out overnight, and just cos Cousins is gone, doesnt mean that the Eagles will suddenly be champions again. As if losing your two best midfielders isnt gonna affect the whole team. The Cats will go back-to-back, and the rest of the teams will be fighting it out to be the team to get thrashed by 20 goals in the Grand Final, and sadly, there’s nothing to be done about it. Go Kangaroos!

    On the other hand, some very interesting casting choices, Joe, looking forward to seeing how they play out, sounds like Season 5 is already lining up to be the best yet. Can’t wait. A question though, do you anticipate the same “mix ‘n’ match” production schedule as Season 4? Not that it is unusual for episodes to be shown in a different order to when they are produced (as far as I can tell), its just that 13 previous season of Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis) have had little to no changes from production order to airing order. Was there anything in particular that made Season 4 different?

  142. So Joe, having fun yet?

    I love to hate Woolsey, I’m happy. And the mere promise of Daniel Jackson … well, my inner fangirl can silently sqeee herself to sleep.

  143. Excellent news – love Richard Woolsey as new commander, should make fun watching and oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving us back Paul Mcgillion!! Don’t really care about the rest, although had a thought on Ronan losing his hair – Samson got together with Delilah – haircut; Hercules (Kevin Sorbo tv series) got together with Goatgirl (can’t remember her name, funny that) – haircut; Ronan gets together with horrid female doctor – haircut. Plus note, all these guys got haircuts and then went to the dark side – pause for thought!! Keep up the good work, Barb xx

  144. Hey, I’ve never posted on the blog before, but felt like I needed to add my two cents. While I don’t expect Woolsey to be a popular choice, I’m surprised by everyone who has already decided the show is going to crap because of the decision. I feel that Woolsey would be the logical choice given Stargate politics, and while I’m a little apprehensive of the decision, my trust is with Joe and the writers. 🙂

    For everyone who watches and enjoys the show, you have to admit that so far they haven’t steered us too wrong yet with any of their previous controversial decisions (imo, the decision I was most worried about was McKay on Atlantis…I hated him on SG-1, but it’s worked out marvelously). So I hope no one gives up on the show because of the new casting, just give Woolsey a chance! But I have to ask: Joe, did TPTB anticipate such a strong negative reaction to Woolsey?

  145. While I am ESTATIC about Carson’s return…I must confess to being a little down about him only being in 5 episode’s…maybe there might be a chance for more?!?!

    AND…I REALLY hope he’s a good guy and not a bad guy
    i.e. Ford and Weir (to some extent)

    Interesting thing to say. Please can you confirm that Carson has not converted to the dark side because of his almost year long captivity.

    I can understand being peeved a bit for not being rescued earlier but I’m guessing that hearing all the facts, he’ll be more understanding.

    But please no dark, evil Carson.

  146. One February 5, 2008 At 8:06 amndt Valley Said:

    On February 5, 2008 at 8:06 am Val Said:
    WOOLSEY !!!!!????
    J’aime beaucoup Robert Picardo mais Woosley en leader d’Atlantis, j’ai vraiment du mal à le concevoir surtout après l’épisode “The Seer”.
    WOOSLEY !!??? Enfin bon on verra bien, finallement ça risque d’être intéressant. Et puis je lui laisse une chance de me prouver que j’ai tort de douter de lui lol.
    Une petite question Joe; est-il possible que Sam et Daniel apparaissent ensemble dans un même épisode

    And then Babelfish sorta translated (cuz I had to know)

    WOOLSEY!!!!!???? I love much Robert Picardo but Woosley as a leader of Atlantis, I have really evil to especially conceive it after the episode “The SEER”. WOOSLEY!!??? Finally good one will see well, finallement that is likely to be interesting. And then I leave him a chance to prove to me that I am wrong to doubt him lol. A small Joe question; it is possible that Sam and Daniel appear together in the same episode


    Heh, yeah, well, a lot of fans seem to feel this way. Initially I went, well, Atlantis is soo screwed, basing my feelings on how Woolsey has basically been sorta spineless (or panicky) when it came to life and death decisions.

    So I’m the writers will evolve him past whining and at times, yes, cowering. He’s gotta ‘buck up’ or else he won’t last long on Atlantis, especially since the guy probably won’t have a single friend there.

  147. See! I was right about Carson! OH YEAH! In your face Jack Bauer! 😳 Sorry…channeling David Hewlett’s Spacey acceptance speech there! 😯 More than 5 episodes would be better. 😆

    Woolsey? Really…um…don’t know where you’re going with that choice. He is such a cautious, cowardly character…I don’t know how he’ll survive the Pegasus galaxy. He made so many bad decisions when he was in “The Seer”…or tried to have Carter make those decisions…that I can’t see him being the head of Atlantis. I hope you aren’t planning on having him for a short while too, and then back to Earth he goes. Atlantis needs a strong leader…and a compassionate one. Someone that doesn’t make choices out of pure fear as Woolsey seems to. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    Still wondering who is older, John or Dave?
    And where’s their mom?


  148. WOOLSEY haha the expedition’s gonna just love that!!!
    That’s what I call having a sick sense of humor. But at least its bait and Sheppard & McKay won’t have to leave. They can continue to sharpen their wits at our bureaucratic friend’s expense. I will assume at this point Sheppard will remain MILITARY commander of Atlantis.

    Jackson coming to Atlantis HUZZAH!!!! More Beckett & keeping some Carter HURRAH!!!

    On a real life note, I love actor Bob Picardo (from my hometown Philly PA) great guy to have on set as a regular.

  149. In all honesty, I have supported most decisions ever made by the Stargate franchise. I have been an optimist when most have expressed a negative opinion. I enjoy episodes that many would bash and have supported many character changes, but I have to say that the news of Woolsey as base commander is the single WORST move I have ever heard! I am so disappointed, and as much as I love the show and I will watch no matter what, that I see this move potentially becoming the tanking of the series. I know this will not be a popular move among fans (it already isn’t). tis sad.

    Still, I’m very happy to see Daniel back, and I’m hoping by the plural ‘episodes’ in the press release that he will be in at least a 2-parter. Carson, while I’m a person that thinks if he blew up, he should be dead, I still appreciate his return.

    I’m thinking the main cast is still intact (GOOD!). Just hope Torr Higginson will be in a number of episodes, like you’re hinted on this blog.

  150. Hi, Joe,

    1. I think Woolsey has great writing possibilities as expedition leader. Write away!
    2. Just picked up “Old Man’s War” on your recommendation to take on vacation and share with my husband. It’s all I can do to keep from starting it until I’m on the plane… Hope it lives up to the expectations you’ve raised…
    3. Now that Carter will theoretically be based back on Earth, and will be recurring only, please please please can you give us Sam/Jack fans some official positive closure on their relationship??? Please please???


  151. I must confuse, Joe, that while I have enjoyed season 4, I have found it to be a good season, but not “the best”. I still think season 3 was the best season of Atlantis to date. Who knows? My view may well change once I’ve seen the remaining episodes. But the news about season 5 has me very excited about it! Unless you have Woolsey make no growth at all as a character, he’s going to be loads of fun to watch. That was actually what hooked me onto theMcKay character as my favorite – watching how he was going to grow and change.

  152. Ahh. I love seeing the usual wave of contradictory opinions in Stargate fandom! 🙂

    Put me in the “happy about Woolsey” camp. I think it’ll make for incredibly interesting stories!!

    And bless you. Carson and Daniel!! Makes my heart go all happy. Today is a great day.

    Hang in there, guys!

  153. That press release is certainly going to generate some “lively” discussion on various forums.

    Daniel maybe more then once is AWESOME!!!!!


    Woolsey as commander is something I would never have thought of in a million years. As much as I love his character, I just never pictured him as the leadership type. Should make for an interesting dynamic on Atlantis. The team is certainly going to have a hard time adjusting to this. Can’t wait!!!!! SGUEE!!!

  154. Great news about the cast changes. I loved Robert Picardo on Star Trek: Voyager as well as his many appearances on the Stagate shows. Boy, the Woolsey character will certainly bring conflict and make for some interesting story lines. Yay for the writers. And, another bonus for Picardo: he doesn’t mind appearing in photographs on your blog! The Ellis character as commander would have been cool, but Woolsey is great, too. Have fun writing for that character.

  155. Since news sites are already paraphrasing the NBC/Universal press release, can you please confirm if Jewel Staite is remaining as a recurring character, or if she’s been moved up to regular (as in the front credits).


  156. As with this blog, I’ll follow you wherever you (guys) decide to take S5.

    Try not to take the fans’ reactions too personally, and keep up the great work!

  157. Yeah!!! I’m super, super excited that Michael/Daniel was mentioned in the press release…and they said “episodes”… which is more than one!! *Squeee* I know that several others have already asked, but can you tell us anything at all yet about Daniel in season 5? Has Michael already signed for a certain number of episodes yet? Will he get to be in an episode with Sam/Amanda? Any crumbs you can throw out would be extremely appreciated, Joe.

    Congratulations to Robert/Woolsey for becoming the new commander of Atlantis. I’m really anxious to see what you have planned for his introduction and Sam’s departure as commander.

    I’m also excited that we will get Carson in five episodes in season 5. I miss him.

    But most of all, thank you so much for bringing Daniel to Atlantis in season 5 for some episodes. I can’t wait to see Daniel’s interaction with the Atlantis cast. *Squeee*


  158. OMG – WOOLSEY?!!!! Are you guys nuts?!

    Ok – gut reaction and complaining aside – I like the character and the actor. I just can’t imagine that he’ll “grow a set” required to command Atlantis. (Pardon the crudeness of that)

    So, when the PR says that the team is going to have deal with his “unique” style…there is either going to be alot of yelling or alot of Xanax perscribed by Dr. Keller!

    You guys have some fun writing ahead of you as you’ve shaken up the universe again! People who don’t like change, are in trouble.

    Have fun,

  159. Hi Joe!

    Unlike others, you get many, many claps and woots of glee for bringing Woosley on as the leader of the expedition from this girl.

    I love the idea of a vastly different leader. Thus far, all of the leaders of the Atlantis expedition and even Stargate Command have all had similar agendas and styles – albeit very different execution of their command duties. Woosley? Not so much. Woosley comes at it from an entirely different place that should make for some interesting tee-vee!

    Plus, Robert Picardo is aces!

    Oh, and yay that Daniel will finally make his way to Atlantis. 🙂 And everyone loves Carson, so there is no bad there! 🙂


  160. I’m beside myself – I LOVE Woolsey! Inspired choice – you get conflict right from the get-go but still keep the mission run by a civilian, albeit a civilian with a very conservative and Earth-centric viewpoint. Plus, nothing tickles me like the sight of Woolsey walking out of the wormhole carrying a briefcase.

    Well played, Mr. Mallozzi – this round goes to you.

  161. I figured you may be getting some negative feedback about this Woolsey thing, so I just wanted to give you some positive thoughts!

    I would have preferred Caldwell, to be frank, but Woolsey is almost as interesting! His character has lots of room to grow and his obvious conflict with the team should make for some good drama. I have faith in you guys that you can make this work. Yay for season 5!!!

  162. I want to second tardisheart’s question:

    In one of these newspaper articles we see in “Outcast” – is that a photo of you or of McKay or of someone else we don’t know? Because there is also a photo of Sam and a sentence that seems to be a reference to Carl Binder, so it would fit if that was either you or maybe DH/RM on that pic. It’s just not easy to make out who it really is. Can you enlighten us?

  163. Wow! Woolsey! I’ve got to admit I didn’t see that coming.

    I think Woolsey’s addition to the expedition will make for some great story telling. And Robert Picardo is a damn fine actor. Can’t wait to see him sweat.

    Also nice to see that Carter and Beckett will be back for a few, and it’ll be great to see Daniel.

    Nice work Joe, et al. I’m already salivating for S5.

  164. Hi, Joe.

    Oh…the snark level on SGA’s season five has high potential with Woolsey on board!


    Shep (to Ronon): “What level is your blaster set on?”

    Ronon: “Snark Three!”


  165. ““The show will also get to see a lot more from recurring characters like Major Evan Lorne (Kavan Smith) and Dr. Katie Brown (Brenda James), Rodney McKay’s (David Hewlett) love interest.”

    Half points on this one.”

    I hope those half points are for Lorne! Nothing against Katie Brown, but Lorne…well, Lorne is Lorne! He’s fabulous =)

    Woolsey as the new commander of Atlantis? I’ve gotta admit, Joe, that one threw me for a loop – I’ve been trying to think of who might come in as Carter’s replacement, and of all the names, Woolsey wasn’t one of them. I like that though; it’s something totally unexpected to me and I think there’s some great potential. I look forward to seeing Command!Woolsey in action. =P I thought for sure it would be Caldwell in charge next season and I’ve gotta admit I wasn’t looking forward to that at all.

    And Carson for five? Daniel for sure as a guest star? xD I’m quite content!

  166. My first thought when I read the announcement: Woolsey!?! Then I immediately thought, yeah, Woolsey! I can not wait for the drama, conflicts, heated discussions that will be coming forth with him running Atlantis. I’m also looking forward to the unexpected things will learn about Woolsey. I’m looking forward to seeing Sheppard’s reaction when he learns Woolsey’s in charge. I’m excited about it if you can’t tell. I’m looking forward to Season Five even more now!

    Have a good one!

  167. Heard the news too. This fan is fine with everything that looks to be happening for Season 5 (hey you guys didn’t “kill” off the entire main cast so I’m happy!).

    Keep up the great work (that goes of course to the crew too!)

  168. Well nice on the cast announcements, I f’ing called Woolsey though 🙂 But yeah hearing that particular announcement was quite good to read to be honest, I did guess it but hearing the final thing was quite good. He’ll make a good leader because like McKay he’s flawed, and there is a lot of room for character development, which will be good to watch. So I think it will be good.

    Beckett’s five episodes, I’m happy with that number. People wanting to see him I think will be happy with that number, while it doesn’t bring him back and erase all of the emotional impact that Sunday had on the audience, the characters and on the show. It’s still got its significance.

    A few questions about it though which I assume will be ok now the announcement’s been made, Keller returning, is she full time cast memeber now or reccuring?
    The mysterious character Porter, was an announcement about her *not* included because the actress hasn’t been decided, because she won’t be *significant enough* in the show, or some other reason?
    Will we learn about resuming recurrings such as Lorne, Zelenka, Ellis and Caldwell if they’ll be in the series or not?

    Also how was the decision to bring Woolsey over made, I know the writers have said it was considered when thinking who would be in charge for season 4. Was it a quick obvious decision or did it require a lot of thought?

    But overall, I’m happy with the annoucement. There is nothing there I can really argue with over.

  169. Not sure how I feel about the decision to bring Woolsey in as commander. Picardo is an excellent actor. I’ve enjoyed him since the China Beach days. I have to trust that you guys will write his transition back to the tough but fair character in Heroes and Inauguration from the comic relief buffoon he has been lately.

    Happy about Michael Shanks doing more than one episode. I’ve missed my frequent new doses on Daniel-y goodness.

    Any idea when we might get definitive news about Torri Higginson’s participation? I’m assuming that she wasn’t mentioned because the contracts aren’t signed.

  170. Me again, because I want to second yet another question as I really want to know the answer to this:

    Who is the older brother, Dave or John?

    And the fictional house, where in the US was that supposed to be located? I know it’s just one of many, as John said, but I’d really like to know where you think it is and where John Sheppard grew up.

  171. Noticed they didn’t mention the actress that will play the new character Alison. Does that mean she hasn’t been cast yet? I hope you will try something different with her and not cast the typical “hottie.”
    It would be great fun if you could find an actress that would be more in the lines of female gladiator/wrestler, so not saying she couldn’t be attractive, but just able to majorly kick ass!

  172. With no mention regarding Torri/Weir in the press release. Please can tell us how many episodes she maybe in for season 5? That’s if you know yet?

  173. Wow!! Woolsey!! You know, a friend and I were discussing this the other day and she said Woolsey and I said, they’d never do that…! Today she got to tell me ‘I told you so’!!

    But I’m happy – I suspect there will be problems at first when he arrives to take over, but I think you hinted in The Seer that he might be trying to change (and yes, he made the wrong call, but he did ask Sam about her decision, so maybe he learned something?). I trust you guys to make Woolsey as leader believable, and hope to see him grow into the role. Personally, I think this opens the way up for some interesting (and possibly even fun) situations to occur!

    Boy, you’re a brave lot over at Bridge Studios, though, choosing him!! Stand back and watch those fireworks go…!!! Hehehe!

    As for Carson, I’m glad he’s back for five episodes. Of course I’d like to see him in more, but I’m just glad it’s going to be more than two episodes!! I’m also glad that Keller is still around – looking forward to seeing her grow in confidence. In fact, I’m hoping we see some of that in Trio this weekend.

    As for Elizabeth, you’ve already stated several times that you intend to pick up on her story next season, so I don’t know why people are panicking. It’s early days yet. There are more press releases to come later, I’m sure.

    Leesa Perrie

  174. Woolsey??? You’ve got to be kidding!!

    Cool, Beckett and Jackson will be on the show!! But what about Weir?

  175. Hi Joe:

    I just heard that Woolsey will be the new commander of Atlantis; I have to admit I’m a little worried but I have faith in you. 🙂 I love Robert Picardo and have grown to like the character that he plays. Woolsey has grown quite a bit from his first appearance but will he be strong enough to lead Atlantis?

    I’m really REALLY happy to hear about Carson! Thanks Joe!

  176. I’m really excited about the decision to bring Woolsey in as the leader of the expedition. I love his character (cowardliness and all!)

    There should be interesting times ahead on Atlantis. I can’t wait to see how you will introduce him and how things develop in S5. 😀

  177. Woolsey? Crap. This character has been nothing more than a bureaucratic buffoon on this show. The worst thing I can think of is that the writers will continue to write his character as a buffoon. The best is as miss-porcupine put it in her blog…that’ll he’ll be sneaky, working for Atlantis to get things by earth. Either way, I’m not looking forward to it. As miss-porcupine said (paraphrased), putting him in charge is one more step toward making Atlantis less of a frontier and more just a short drive to work. It becomes nothing more than a second SGC, just as easily accessible. Which really sucks because the real possibilities for truely different stories come when they’re cut off from Earth. Now if they put Woolsey in charge and then cut them off, yeah, that could work. But otherwise I suspect it’s just going to be painful to watch. I haven’t minded them getting rid of any character. And while I still haven’t bought into Keller (this show really needs some help writing female characters), I don’t hate her. Woolsey on the other hand is so painful to watch that I want to leave the room until his scenes are over. Sigh. We’ll see. I’ll hope for the best.

  178. Oh, forgot to say. I was rooting for Maybourne. Now that would have interesting.

  179. Hi, me again, don’t worry I’m not here to rant, completely unrelated question actually;

    I was watching my season 10 boxset, and in the Pegasus Project at the end, while the Ori mothership is blown up, you can quite clearly see when Teal’c is relaying the end result to the Odyssey, that there are some large peices still left in tact. How come we never saw anyone harvest the remains to see if there was anything useful? At the least surely some of the hull could have been used on another ship?


  180. Whoa, lots o’ comments!

    First, I’ll comment briefly on the press release before moving on to a completely different topic.
    Interesting press release. I’m ecstatic about Daniel making an appearance (for possibly more than one episode?!?!?)!!! And happy about seeing more Carson. Nice to see that Carter will be back, and I kinda like Keller, so glad to see that as well. As for Woolsey, that should be interesting! As others have said, I didn’t see that coming; then again, I didn’t spend any time at all thinking about who might replace Carter, so I would have had the same reaction no matter who was chosen.

    On a completely different note, I finished reading Bright of the Sky. I was a little concerned about it since it kind of straddled the line between sci-fi and fantasy (imo) and I’m not a huge fan of fantasy, but overall I thought it was a good read. My least favorite storyline was actually Quinn’s…I found myself kind of bored with some of his stuff; my attention tended to wander at times. I liked the politicking stuff back on Earth–Helice/Minerva/Mateo stuff.

    I was most intrigued and interested in the Sydney/Inyx storyline. It’s interesting how Sydney garnered all this hatred for her parents for not rescuing her, etc, when “in reality” Quinn tried everything he could to save them. Then we get the end where he actually DOES choose to leave Sydney.

    I don’t find myself particularly invested in the Entire; I don’t really care, at this point, about the different species living there and whether or not they’ll get freedom from the Tarig lords. I’m glad the “harvesting power from the Rose” plot came along, because it gave me something more to care about.

    I can’t say that I entirely understand the relationship between the Entire and the Rose and what exactly the Bright is, etc. But that doesn’t really bother me. I do hate it when chapters begin with poems or excerpts from books (fictional or otherwise). So that was a pet peeve of mine. I tend glance over them very quickly and not give them much thought. Which may explain some of why I’m a bit confused on the workings of the Entire. Oh well.

    So anyway, overall I enjoyed reading it. I liked the characters (although, like I said before, Quinn sometimes bores me…although at other times I find him very interesting). I’m definitely interested enough to read the next one when it comes out.

    Your thoughts?


  181. So, casting news – finally!

    I was anticipating Caldwell, but Woolsey could be a good choice, I believe. It’s taken a while for me to get used to the thought of him as leader, but I hope I see where you’re coming from here. And hey, I guess Shep is in charge of the military again? 🙂

    I’d like to see some conflict really – and Woolsey will certainly ruffle a few feathers – epsecially Sheppard’s, I suspect. That has to be good for me!

    I’ll miss Carter though – she was ideal for the show, I thought, but understand why she can’t be a regualr now. Good luck to Amanda et al with Sanctuary.

    I adore Robert Picardo. Wonderful actor and a real sweetie. But, I hope Woolsey will adapt to the challenge and that he’ll not be too cowardly as he sometimes is, or used as comic relief too much. I’m sure he can grow into the role as leader of Atlantis. This all sounds promising to me.

    I don’t know about Beckett. I’m waiting to see what happens in Kindred before I comment on him returning, so I can see if I accept his re-introduction to the show.

    Daniel? Hmmmm, well, yes, not my favourite Stargate character, though I don’t dislike him, but as long as he doesn’t dominate too much and is only in a couple of episodes maximum, I can live with it, I guess, and I was expecting him to guest star, as you’ve mentioned it previously. I’ll cope, I’m sure!

    Otherwise, is Jewel a regular now, in the main credits? Some media sites are saying that. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Can you shed some light here?

    So, all in all, the news sits well with me. I’m hopeful for another great season. 🙂

  182. Well Joe, you guys a braver lot than me, that’s for sure. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for Woolsey. And thanks for having Paul in 5 eps 🙂

  183. That was meant to say “you guys are a lot braver than me”. The lack of caffeine is messing with my brain…

  184. Who was the genius who has the masterplan to use the news of Woolsey as the new commander to deflect attention from the fact that poor wee Carson only got 5 episodes?

    Give my love to the pugs and Lulu.

  185. I’m not panicking yet, because I’m sure you’ve not written out the whole season, but Joe, can you tell us if that means Weir will only be in episodes in the back half of season 5? Any chance of a clue on how many? (Even a little one? 😉 )

    I totally called Woolsey. 🙂 Not sure if I’ve seen enough of the character to form a definite opinion of him, but Robert Picardo is one of my favourite actors. Although, can you tell us, does this mark Atlantis moving back to a less ‘militarized’ atmosphere? And if you can write a supporting civilian-leader role for Woolsey…does that leave a way open for Weir to come back in some sort of supporting, civilian role again?

    Hey. Can’t blame us for asking!

  186. I guess Joe Flan wanting conflict with leadership is going to happen with the pencil pusher in charge. On a postive side it’ll give us good drama, means Sheppard will be back in charge of the military.

    Glade to see Carson back, hopefully Keller won’t be in every episode as she’s still a weak chracter to me in comparison.

    Glad not to hear news of the new characer, I was beginning to feel like the cast was getting bloated which is always bad. You guys did a great job with Carter, hopefully all this change won’t take away the reason why I watch the show which is the Team.

    Sheppard, Rodney, Ronon and Teyla. With all this shuffle I’ll count on you guys to keep the focus on them and maybe even some arcs.


  187. I have to say that I totally didn’t see it coming with Woolsey becoming leader of Atlantis. But really, I don’t see why so many people are complaining about the choice of Woolsey when season 4 isn’t even finished yet. From what we’ve seen of the character so far, I can’t say that I think he’d be an excellent choice to lead Atlantis, but if he’s going to be leader, I hope we’re going to see a lot more of him and how the expedition members adapt to his leadership, for better or for worse.

    Also, only 5 episodes with Carson appearing is somewhat disappointing if this is a concrete number for the entire season, but you guys have only just started fleshing out the first half of season 5, right? There is a possibility you will be adding more eps for him later on like for the second half of the season, isn’t there? *begs* Oh, please tell me that this number isn’t fixed! I think I can live with 5/10 episodes with Carson in them so long as we can hope for more to come, but 5/20 would be extremely difficult for me to bear! A Beckett fangirl really needs a regularly scheduled Carson fix, you know?

  188. Just read the press release and I am really excited for season 5! I think you all made an excellent choice for the new commander, sure to add some interesting conflicts for the team.

    And 5 episodes with Paul!!! Carson is my favorite character so this really makes my day since I’m stuck at home hopped up on drugs for my neck. Maybe a blog dedication would make the pain go away? 🙂

    Wait a sec, you are bringing Daniel over too! Could season 5 get any better?!

  189. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering if I could forward a bit of e-mail that I received from the Chiesa Cattolica Italiana (also known as the Catholic Church Italy, as opposed to the Irish one). It seems that they want to donate $650,000 to me, and I just wasn’t sure how to respond to them. I was thinking that perhaps Cookie Monster or Baron Destructo might give me a hand in a proper response to their generosity. Do you think they might be up for it? If so, where should I send the e-mail to?

  190. OMFG only five episodes for Carson?! AAAARGH!!!! Why?!

    (And my friend would like to congradulate you on your excellent casting choice for Robert Picardo. I do too.)

  191. Um, Carson is great, love to have him back, but what about Dr. Radek Zelenka?
    Is he gone? I didn’t see anything in the press release about him.
    Woolsey is great idea. A spineless git at the helm. How delicious to write about.

  192. *waves*

    Okay, so the news is a bit of a shock! Woolsey?? First thoughts… not a happy camper as Woolsey is a muppet, and couldn’t lead anyone out of a paper bag. For me if I can’t see them as that role, then I have problems adjusting. I love RP, but his character is for me a bit of a panic merchant and because he panics, he makes wrong decisions. While it can be argued that it creates drama, conflict and allows the characters to butt heads, for me it just makes it hard to see him as a leader. Whether the whole creating conflict was part of your reasons for picking him, i’m not sure, was it? If so, I do love conflict, and people butting heads and finding that balance, so that’s the way i’m going to think of it for now. I’m not normally a pessimist, but it’s Woolsey? LOL. I keep repeating it like a mantra in the hopes I get used to it. 😛 I’m glad that Rachel will be back with the team, and good news about Beckett. I do love the team, bless their dysfunctional little hearts and while we’ve had lots of character moments (which I do adore), I love and have missed (understandably due to circumstances) the teamyness. Hopefully we’ll see lots of that in S5. As for Daniel making guest spots, for me his character changed quite a bit in the last couple of years, and I went off him to be honest, even with the ep Pegasus project he didn’t seem to fit. Sorry.

    I’m just overreacting aren’t I? Just pat me on the head, tell me to stop being a muppet and that i’m overreacting and that everything will be fine! 😛

    I’ve never been disappointed before, and I don’t expect to in what’s to come, but it’s Woolsey! Okay i’m done being a pessimist. You know, I loved RP’s character in Star Trek, are there plans to develop his character more for S5?

    Okay i’m done being a pain in the ass today.


  193. Is there a possibility we will see Robert Davi in S5? I know Sheppard killed Kolya in “Irresponsible,” but you should be able to find some way to resurrect him or create a new persona (such as Kolya’s even more evil twin brother).

    I bet there are days like today you wish that nobody knew you had a blog!

  194. I guess this has fans panties in a bunch, but I will wait and see how it goes. I think it will be fun. Someone who isn’t as close to the mission of Atlantis will be good. Not many people agree with everything their boss does, so why should Atlantis be any different. I enjoyed Weir and Carter. Woosley will be the anti Weir and Carter. It is good when people don’t see eye to eye on things. Hot Zone in season one was great because of it. It gives Sheppard the chance to be defiant. This could be very fun to watch. I was hoping for more Carson though. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for season 5.

  195. And the fictional house, where in the US was that supposed to be located? I know it’s just one of many, as John said, but I’d really like to know where you think it is and where John Sheppard grew up.

    The license plates on the cars were from Maryland….

    Superbowl – Yea Giants! (You have no idea how hard that is for a Cowboy’s fan to say.) AnybodybutthePatriots!

    Outcast – LOVED it. Well written, well directed, well acted (especially by Joe Flanigan). As a Sheppard fan, I would love more backstory into what actually happened with his dad, what happened to his mom, etc, but this was a tremendous first step in that direction. Kudos to all involved.

    S5 cast – I adore the idea of Woolsey – a bureaucratic paperpusher ought to really set the team’s teeth on edge. Yea for conflict! If we can see Woolsey grow like we did Rodney, we are in for a real treat. Having the IOA put one of their own in charge makes perfect sense. And I’m thrilled at the prospect of more Lorne. He and Zelenka add so much richness to the show. I’m looking forward to what you have in store.

  196. Hello Joseph =) sa va bien?

    Yéé!!!Vive les Giants,!!! votre soeur a bien eu raison d’écouter son frêre^^!!

    Cool, Merci pour le lien vers les publicités, snif, nous les publicités vont bientot être interdite, pour le superbowl il nous on passer 7 foix la même publicité^^!

    Trop adorable vos petit Dog^^!♥

    Yé! Merci pour ces petites infos sur la saison 5^^!

    Aujourd’hui mon lycée est passer a la tv^^!(a cause de l’intoxication) sa fait étrange de voir son lycée a la tv^^!


    S’il vous plait, dite nous une foix pour toute si vous avez l’intention de mêttre un francais sur atlantis???

    Photo de la journée:

    aller, gros kisou, je vous adore!a demain =) Merci

  197. Joe,

    what the hell are you thinking sending Daniel to Atlantis WITHOUT Vala? You know very well that these two are totally incomplete without another around! And I swear, I’m gonna hate you forever if you make Daniel act like Vala doesn’t exist at all and there won’t be at least one mention of her.

  198. HAHA!!! I may be in the minority here, but Woolsey makes me laugh!
    I think it will be interesting to see him in command, I am looking forward to it!!!
    Only 5 episodes for Carson? Ach well, at least he is back!!
    Cherished friends will be lost! NO!!! Now THAT makes me worry more than any of the other things!!!
    And new races to be found? I had wondered if that would happen! COOL!

    Interesting stuff and now looking forward to season 5!!

    Fraggle D

  199. I really should have sent you guys Tylenol instead of chocolate. 🙂 (Thank you Anne Teldy for the smiley list.)

    I’m glad you stated on your blog that Weir would be returning, since today’s press release didn’t mention her. As always, I hope she can return for as many episodes as possible.

    I loved Robert Picardo in Voyager. Truthfully, he was the main reason I kept watching the show. But Woolsey as commander…I’m trying to wrap my head around it. Why did you decide to go back to a civilian leader, after one of the reasons stated for adding Carter was the need for military control? I was also hoping Carson would appear in more episodes, though I’m very glad he’ll returning.

    Anyway, I’m sure you have tons of other comments awaiting moderation…please take whatever unhappiness is expressed today as an indication of how much SGA has touched people, to stir up such passions, positive or negative. I’ll be around, politely pleading for Dr. Weir to appear in the 100th episode. 🙂

    Take care (and I’ve heard that chocolate helps with headaches).

  200. Okay, okay, I know you’ll be getting approximately 500 messages that all say approximately the same dang thing, but when have I ever let that get in the way of my smart-alecking?

    First off, re cast changes: holy crap! O_o Woolsey??! Or that was about my first impression. Then, before I went off on a Godzilla like rampage, I realized ‘Hey, I love to hate Woolsey, but I just plain love Robert Picardo— this is quite awesome!’ And Tokyo was spared. That was damn sneaky, though. 🙂

    Lessee, Paul for five, Amanda for ‘some’, and Michael for one? Very nice.

    Actually, I’ve gotta say, I’m kind’ve glad Carson’s only back as a recurring for Season 5 (and hold on while I start formulating a disguise and arranging passage out of country)— I’ve missed his character, sure, but I was worried if he came back full time that the Keller character would get the short end of the stick, and while I can’t speak for the majority, I’m really fond of her. It is a little bit of disappointment with Carter dropped to recurring, but then, she’s a well developed character and seems more capable of gracefully taking up a diminished role (and heck, Amanda’s doing her own show which I’m particularly thrilled to see ^_^ ); but, to lose Keller, after only one season? That was one of my more sad moments with SG-1, when the Jonas character departed after one. Don’t know if you care to get this kind of feedback, but, anyhow, that’s my little confession of paranoia and relief for the week.

    Congrats on not-the-Patriots winning, by the way. Did you have a bet riding on it? Oh, and, could you amend that policy where you cause bodily harm to anyone who supported the Pats without being an avid football watcher? If not, I’d just like to note that I protest. Not being an avid watcher myself, I tend to root for whichever team my friends and/or family are rooting for. One, less snack food gets thrown, and crushed Doritos are hard to get out of hair when it gets as long as mine. Two— hey, they care, why not give them one extra voice of support. Though, I have to admit: that was pretty cool, watching the Giants steal it at the last minute. 🙂

    Speaking of Dorito’s— I’m making a wild guess here and saying, you’re fond of their Super Bowl Commercial. O_o I don’t suppose you saw the (pregame) Pepsi commercial done entirely in sign language? I personally thought that one was one of the best ones, but then, I’m wildly biased in its favor, probably because I take ASL.

    One last thing that just occurred to me— any idea when we might get to learn more about this Alison Porter character?

  201. Well, you guys have done ruined Atlantis. What is this. . whining cenral? Now we have Woolsey, Keller, and McKay. The tops in the universe for whining and complaining. McKay I can put up with, but Keller is useless, and Woolsey. WOOLSEY? Iz joke? Poor Carson gets a crummy 5 episodes. Weir isn’t mentioned at all. Thanks Joe. Now I have to find something ELSE to watch on Fridays. *Disappointed*

  202. Hey Joe!

    I’m quite happy about Woolsey being brought in this year. I’m also happy about Carson’s return, but quite miffed at the number of episodes. Is this a definite number, or could Carson be in more than five?

    I’m also deeply disappointed that there was no mention of Elizabeth Weir in the press release. Will there be news about Weir at a later date?

    Thanks 🙂

  203. 1)Will Season Five introduce new enemies alongside its new Atlantis personnel?

    2)Will Michael’s extent of power in Kindred take Atlantis by surprise?

  204. I am psyched for Season 5 (well, more psyched!), I’m a long time Picardo fan. While part of me wishes he as “the Doctor” would take over, I’m looking forward to seeing how his character develops in this new role, and while I was a little surprised, thinking back on all the eps he has been in on Atlantis, it makes sense. Good for him, good for y’all, and sweet for us!

    P.S. Here’s hoping you give him an episode where he gets to sing a hilarious Atlantis song ala: “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy” and could call it an homage to VOyager.

    P.P.S. Here’s hoping you put him in a uniform of some sort and take a picture of him holding an assault rifle screaming (somewhat like the painting shows McKay in Harmony).

    But this is awesome news (part of me was like, could Joe be surprising us all by having Daniel take over? But figured Shanks was too busy for that kind of commitment and didn’t necessarily fit the bill) Now we just need to get Colm Meaney back for a few eps and give him and Picardo some screen time together *cough* unsubtle-hint *cough*

  205. I just wanted to drop you a line and say I really enjoyed “Outcast” (and the latest season in general), and I hope the fifth season has lots of conflicts between Woosley and the other characters.

  206. Hey Joe,

    I just started skimming and then came across someone posting a spoiler, so had to skip down to here. If I’ve missed those other good posts out there, I apologize. I just don’t appreciate spoilers but an happy when folks point it out before doing so 😉

    Woolsey is a fine choice. He’s grown quite a lot over the years and will do well in the role.

    I’m also the kind of viewer/fan that likes to accept the decisions of the writers/producers without much discord. We certainly want to have nice stable character placement and keep them there. Of course, in real life, that doesn’t happen. Why should a TV show not follow the same pattern? Don’t commanders of military bases and such change hands from time to time, too? Why should this be any different? I didn’t like the death of the psychologist/psychiatrist Heidtmeyer (death by falling was rather appropriate to her name, though.) I accepted it, though I would have accepted her sleepwalking to her death instead of “death by dream” (I’ve died in dreams many times, yet here I continue in life.) I accept that the actors have other priorities and that it’s a good idea to move semi-regular characters into bigger roles. It’s all about growth and change, like it or not 😉


  207. Woolsey ! Surprising ! I haven’t seen season 4 ( nothing in Québec for now )But probably a good decision as always.

    A guess! More, a wish? but highly unlikely : Captain Alison Porter = Claudia Black ?!

  208. I’m very excited about Season 5, didn’t think you could top season 4 as it’s the best yet but now I think season 5 is going to be even better.

    Woolsey as leader, wow I’m looking forward to the fireworks between him and Sheppard. Love Robert Picardo in Voyager and I’m interested in the Woolsey character.

    Daniel coming over for a visit, Carson back for 5, I miss him and am looking forward to seeing him, the main team in tact, hopefully plenty of Zelenka and Lorne, this fan is very happy.


  209. Joe-

    Thanks to you, I don’t have dinner duty for the next week! My man and I placed bets …I took Woosley, he took Caldwell. Good thing too; he’s a far better cook than I. Although Carter is my all time favorite Stargate character, I’m glad to see Amanda stretching her wings, but also glad she’ll still be around. She’s a wonderful actress and I’ll miss her around Atlantis. As for Woolsey, I think he had his “come to J” moment on the Seer when he realized, after Carter told him to shut up, that it was all a lot more complicated than he thought. It was probably a defining moment for him when he spoke to Carter as he was leaving. I can’t wait to see Woosley interact with the big guy. He had dreads? Guess I never looked above his beautiful eyes. I suppose my New Year’s resolution to be less shallow is blown. Like most, I’m glad that the team is still intact. It is their banter that keeps me coming back every week. Can’t get enough of John and Meredith.

  210. dang it, forgot how the html tags work, I need notes … anyway, Farscape fan said: “Joe,

    what the hell are you thinking sending Daniel to Atlantis WITHOUT Vala? You know very well that these two are totally incomplete without another around! And I swear, I’m gonna hate you forever if you make Daniel act like Vala doesn’t exist at all and there won’t be at least one mention of her.”

    Wow. Just wow. Don’t let the electrons hit your bum on the way out the virtual door. “Hate you forever?” What are you, 12 years old?

    I knew I should have held off on the Obsessive Entitled fan blog for a few days. Wow, words fail me. For now. Wow.

  211. Woolsey as the new Atlantis CO should be interesting for the show writers. Hope he will be have same screen time as Don S Davis (Gen. Hammond) and not much more. The focus should on the team not individuals.

    I just got my hands on the season 3 box set (which is starting on the Canadian Space cable channel). Let the blog readers comment on this idea. Doctor Beckett ascended when he died. So the TPTB could bring Carson back as a holy ghost, sort of.

    Fargate One wrote:
    A guess! More, a wish? but highly unlikely : Captain Alison Porter = Claudia Black ?!

    Not likely. If I recall it’s someone in their late twenties in the press release. Claudia is about a dozen years too old for the Alison Porter role. However does TPTB bring in a looker or geek for the Porter role? My money is on a looker if Skiffy have big say on the casting.

  212. On February 4, 2008 at 7:38 pm dasNdanger Said:
    Any chance (….) steps made to find a way for Wraith and humans to co-exist?

    For heaven’s sake – no! 😯 That would spoil their whole charisma, their fascination, their dangerousness, their proudness – simply everything I adore them for. I don’t want “teethless” Pet-Wraith! 🙁

  213. *reads Farscapefan’s post*

    ROFL… I know it’s one of those ‘consider the source’ posts, but it was still really funy. LOL sorry, Joe *ahem* but if it wasn’t sooo funny then it would be really sad.



  214. i can not wait for season five. i’m especially looking forward to the 100th episode to see what you guys can come up with.

    i love that woosley is going to be in charge. i have met robert picardo in person and he is one of the nicest people you can meet. great choice!

    i can not wait to see daniel pop up on atlantis.

    i have two questions. What do you think about the fans that are freaking out over the decision and have said that their completely giving up on stargate all together?
    do you think if fans give up that season five could be the last season?

    Keep up the great work. i can not wait for season five.

  215. Woolsey as commander of Atlantis in Season 5?

    Wow, Really?

    So, I guess that means they’re going to make like 20 new enemies next season? (Not counting times that they encounter two or more new civilizations on different planets in one episode)

    This is going to be a very action filled season I suppose, Not to mention having our favorite team being put on the brink of death everytime Woolsey even farts.

    Woolsey?, Looking forward to seeing that Atlantis Toilet episode, Chances Woolseys decision on toilet paper is going to start an inter-galactic war.

    OK, I’m done ranting.

  216. Woolsey as base commander

    oh crap…..fade out

    ah well, we’ll just have to wait and see if it pans out.

    Here’s hoping for the best.

  217. **Ducking, weaving, swatting as the hornet’s nest has been poked by the writers of Atlantis, now stinging, choking…**

    **Throws two cents on the growing pile already tossed in from others on this blog **

    As a writer, when selecting a new commander for Atlantis, you have in the blue cornerrrrrrr:-

    Woolsey = unpredictable storyline possibilities.
    He has a lot of room to grow; as an individual, his team skills, his appreciation for those he scrutinises. We already know he can be a pain in the butt.
    There has never been a commander in either SG1 or SGA that would even be remotely like him. So less of “that’s like Ep X from SG1 when..”, “that’s like Ep Y from Next Gen when”..

    And in the red cornerrrrrrrr:-

    Ellis/Caldwell = predictable military reactions to a situation which means less storyline possibilities. Similar commanders have existed in SG1.

    So, Woolsey will give many more storyline possibilities, seems like the obvious choice … some may be unhappy now, but I bet they will tune in to see how TPTB manage this. Job well done Joe!

    Great to see Daniel paying a visit. Hmmmmm, 10 years of puddle jumping – I would love to be a member of Atlantis and be able to pick his brains for knowledge.

    Looking forward to sitting down and watching how this unfolds.

  218. Woolsey? *forcing eyebrows back down from hairline* Oh, this is going to be a hoot! Though, Woolsey is an excellent administrator and trouble shooter and a pretty decent diplomat, so hopefully he’ll grow into the position (and grow a spine) quickly. The best part is that we get Robert Picardo on a regular basis and I’m all for that 😀

    Thank you for bringing Dr. Beckett back for 5 episodes, Joe. I’ve really missed him in season 4 and it’s going to be great to have him back, even on such a limited basis. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for more Weir, though.

    To the folks who are calling for Sheppard to be promoted to full bird so soon, Stargate Atlantis may be a science fiction series, but it is based in our own reality with characters in the US Military and there are laws specifically governing the promotion of officers (10 US Code and 42 US Code to name the two that I know of). Sheppard does not meet the time in service or time in grade requirements for permanent promotion to the rank of Colonel under these laws and there is no overriding reason to promote him on a temporary basis.

    Regarding Lorne’s promotion, the issue of command between two officers of the same rank is decided by time in grade. Sheppard has more time in grade than Lorne would if he were to be promoted, so there is no issue in that regard.

  219. I’m happy to see Keller will be returning as well as Carson, Carter and Daniel.

    But my gut sunk on Woolsey.

    I like the character – in small doses. I love the actor – always have since China Beach. I’m just not thrilled with him being in charge. I thought having a military person in charge was the way to go and I hate to see the show back away from that, honestly. I also get a sinking feeling that Sam’s leadership ability is going to be called into question and that doesn’t sit well with me at all. Hopefully you can at least put that one worry to rest?

    Having said all this… I will still watch season 5. I’ve very much enjoyed this season and I have faith in you and the other writers. I’m leery of Woolsey but I’m willing to give him a chance.

  220. “I suspect that the page count in the Daniel/McKay scenes (featuring the two fastest-talking actors in show business)…”

    No shit! I don’t know how those two boys do it. Surely, there must be hours of blooper reel of the two of them tripping over their tongues in the most hilarious screw-ups ever to be recorded.

  221. Just wait ’til they’re over budget……Woolsey will start auditing. They’ll have to count bullets and repair uniforms. At least they save some money on socks, considering Shep doesn’t seem to wear them.


    Btw, why doesn’t Sheppard wear socks? Is it a character thing or a Joe thing?

    Looking forward to the developments in Season 5. Should be fantastic. Thanks for giving us more Lorne :-D.

    Cheers, Chev

  222. Hi Joe,

    If Daniel & McKay are “the two fastest-talking actors in show business” then I take it you’ve never seen the movie Altered States 😉


  223. Inpa writes: “The mysterious character Porter, was an announcement about her *not* included because the actress hasn’t been decided, because she won’t be *significant enough* in the show, or some other reason?”

    Answer: She has yet to be cast and we have yet to see how significant a role she will play in season 5.

    Wow, can one apply for the role? Although I’m from Germany? :o)

    And a question about Dr Keller.

    I’ve always thought she seems quite young for a Doctor. Jewel Staite is only 25 years old and I doubt that one can have a phd at that age already. So I was wondering what age Dr Keller is in your opinion.

    I’m very happy about carsons return although some SCB-supporters are rather dissappointed than happy about the 5 episode. My guess is, that is was hard work bringing him back. I just hope that the storyline will allow him to come back to a season 6 that might happen in the future. maybe even more than 5 episodes?
    always asking for more, i know. But one has to keep asking for more or nothing at all :o)

  224. There will be an addition to the Atlantis SG Team named Captain Alison Parker. She is military, tough and ready for action

    Why not bring back Cadman?

  225. Where do you get these peoples names? I know a girl named Alison Porter. She’s very similar to your description, though not military.

  226. I like the episodes regarding zpms especailly recently.Hope there will be more or maybe more can be found somewhere or at least 2 more for atlantis.All The Best!

  227. Oh and maybe mckay could fix the tainted zpm from camulus wiht 50% power.Hoping Atlantis has 2 zpms at least if not 3 permanently or for awhile anyway.

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