35 thoughts on “January 23, 2008: On the set of Harmony

  1. Great video, by the way someone on the stargate worlds forum complained that Jodelle was cast as Princess harmony or something because she had been cast as young adria in 2 roles, no one took said person seriously, everyone loves Jodelle there.

    Can’t wait for the episode, video makes me wanna see more =]

  2. Joe,

    What…No mail bag! Ah Bahumbug!

    You must be having a bad day! Sorry! Or are you just tired of answering the same Q’s over and over again!

    Ta ta for now! Enjoy your week…


  3. in the words of my roommate… “If you saw Rodney jumping at you, you’d be scared too!” Most entertainment I’ve had all night! Thanks for that one Joe! Definitely looking forward to this weeks episode!

  4. Oh, Joe, you love to tease us, don’t you??? I can’t WAIT to see Harmony! Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghh!! Friday get here, SOON!

  5. Joe-

    Feel free to put up a video of behind the scenes of The Kindred if you’ve got any and are in a giving mood…. 🙂



  6. In kindergarten, I made an ornament that was supposed to be a representation of my dog. My dog ate the ornament shortly after I put it on the tree. Does that make her a cannibal or suicidal?

    Oh, thankee for the Hewlett vid! ^^ I can’t get the behind-the-scenes vid on the MGM site to load, for some reason. *pout*

    Hope you remembered to wish Rick a Happy Birthday! (You should have dedicated today’s blog to him! Tsk-tsk!)

    Aren’t you glad you have all of us to keep you company while Fondy’s away? *G*

  7. Joe:

    You probably won’t answer this because of spoilers and whatnot, but I’m curious about the direction you are going with Teyla’s pregnancy. Now that you have demonstrated this amazing spiritual link between Teyla and her son, have you thought about how you will use this in Season 5? Obviously, Teyla and her son are communicating at some level – but newborn babies aren’t really capable of communication. I cannot wait to see how this is going to play out once he is born – and please, please – you’ve done such a great job rejuvenating her character this season. I hope she isn’t relegated to the shadows like she was in seasons 2 and 3. I didn’t realize Rachel Luttrell was such a good actress until this season! She is officially my second favorite character (Ronon is still my fave!)


  8. Hey Joe

    No word in Martin Wood returning yet? And has Ken Girotti done any Stargate directing (or any sci-fi directing for that matter)? I’m interested to see yet another director’s take on SG:A.

    Tim the Technician

  9. Hey Joe,

    OK I’ve been debating whether to mention this or not, but I figure you can take it (if you don’t know already). However, you might want to edit this comment so we don’t ruin things for everyone…

    So…what’s in a name?

    As an MD, I have to say that everytime I hear/read Ronon’s ex’s name (just Google “Melena”), something inside me twitches just slightly. Maybe it would have been OK if you had just spelled it differently. I recommend that next time you guys are throwing around “alien” names, you at least check an online medical dictionary (that would help you rule out names like “dolor”, “eosin”, “apraxia”, etc.);-)

    Can’t wait til tomorrow…


  10. I…erm…googled “Melena”….. O_o

    lololol! TOO funny!!

    And I thought ‘Todd’ was bad… :p


  11. Hey I once worked with a nurse called ‘Melena’.

    She thought her name was lovely.


  12. PMSL! maybe you ought to employ someone just to double check any alien names before they cause mucho embarrassment.
    I don’t think many peeps spotted this comment opportunity, I didn’t till I checked back a lot later and made my first post for the Lonely Guy entry. Dontcha know we’d NEVER give you chance to get lonely?

  13. ok so truely off topic here, but I was at work yesterday right…( I work in the largest Emergency/trauma unit in the south) ok so i was thinking.. does Atlantis have external fixators for when you t-terrabily break a limb and need extensive repair? or do they just go back to earth? or could I be thinking to much and in great need of a vacation 😉 thanks for listening

  14. Actually….I have another question thats been bugging me for a while. As a writer can you explain why it seems that in most every good vs evil plot teh bad guy ALWAYS has an english accent? Do we actually have a school for super villains that I don’t know about?

  15. Oh, wow, “Melena” just made my otherwise boring day. A thousand thank yous to the resident MD!!!!!

    Joe, if I may repost a question possibly skipped due to the huge post-Quarantine mail bag (or so I tell myself): how did y’all go about shooting the scene with Sheppard climbing the control tower? How much was a real constructed tower vs SFX?

    Tomorrow’s Friday!!!


  16. I am really looking forward to Harmony!! You tease with the clips!!!!
    Need to wait until Tuesday….but off to Wolf Pegasus 3 tomorrow!! No internet until Monday evening, how will I survive my daily blog reads!!

    “HA! You woz scared!” HAHAHA!!!

  17. Hey Joe,
    Thanks alot for the video! Can’t wait to see it!
    The poor girl, being attacked by David 😛

  18. Thanks for the video! Joe you wont be alone you have your dogs & us to keep you company!


  19. Do you want to know something peculiar? (rhetorical question, because I´m goig to tell you anyway)

    When I talked with my aunt about all of the SEW campaign, and all our wishes to have her regular again in the s5, she told me that I must make a visit to “San Nicolás, (who is a very popular saint in my country), and ask him for the return of Elizabeth.

    I had doubts, but finally I´ve gone this morning.

    Would has this worked??

  20. I would not of been scared I’d have given him a hug, and I know I did not win the contest but if you ever get stuck for a nice Scottish name for a character feel free to use my surname that is if you can actually see my email address.

  21. Hey Joe!

    Nice little teaser, now I can say ‘I saw the making of that scene’ when it airs. Thanks! 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  22. I didn’t know there was a video comments section..

    Is that your director’s chair over there???? Yeah, hidden behind that rock?


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