A late blog entry today as I spent the afternoon at Rob Cooper’s place, watching football and eating prime rib.  In attendance: Alex Levine, Ivon Bartok, and the co-owners of  Vera’s Burger Shack, Gerald Tritt and Noah Cantor (try the drunk chicken sandwich!).  NFL Playoffs Regular Carl Binder was greatly missed (he’s back on the picket line Monday from what I hear), and I paid tribute to him by keeping the front row seat beside me empty in his honor…for as long as it took the disrespectful Ivon to come over and claim it for himself.  Cold.     

Incidentally, the roast was MUCH better than the games.  Rob is not only the barbecue king, but prince of the grill.  And, I suppose, the, uh, Earl of the smoker. 

Lou Anders, editor of February’s book of the month club selection (Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction From the Cutting Edge), left the following message at my back-up blogger site:

“Occurs to me, now that you’ve kindly featured the cover, that I should point out that the wonderful art and design is courtesy of award-winning illustrator John Picacio. John and I go back many years and he’s done all but one of my anthology covers. He has a website at http://www.johnpicacio.com and a blog at –


Both well worth checking out.

In this instance, he was very consciously trying to project forward the design of 21st century SF.”

I really look forward to checking out some short story collections for a change, and especially look forward to seeing which stories resonate with which regulars. At present, I’m halfway through Iain M. Banks’s Against A Dark Background (having recently finished Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes) and am enjoying it immensely. You can check out my last 10 reads as well as what I currently have on deck in my profile.

On the anime front, I’m four discs into Ergo Proxy.  Beautiful series.

Again, for those of you keeping score –

“And the means of production is fully revealed.” = Spoils of War

Today’s pics: Prime Rib, Rob uses one of his countless in-house gadgets to carve the roast, my sandwich, Alex “Poindexter” Levine, Rob multi-tasks, Ivon Bartok chows down, I’m despondent after yet another Patriots win.

85 thoughts on “January 12, 2008: A shamefully late blog entry

  1. Here I was hoping that line of the poem meant our humble expedition members had finally stumbled upon the ZPM producing machine. Alas, looking over the poem today, with 50/50 hindsight on the show, I figured it mean the production of the Wraith army.

  2. Any chance for a hug between Shepard and McKay in Season 5 similar to that of Jack and Daniel in “Need”?

  3. Oh ,you big meanie! I’m salivating onto my keyboard here, over those pics of the prime rib! I’ll get electrocuted, at this rate!

    If you ever get down here to Disney World, I highly recommend the Yachtsman Steakhouse, over at the Yacht & Beach club (on Disney property). Expensive as all get-out (we got the meal for half-off, and it was still over $100 for the three of us) , but it was the best prime rib I have ever had (it was herb-crusted) — and the skins-on garlic & rosemary potaoes were pretty damn tasty too!

  4. Hmmm…Joe, did you really expect the Pats to lose? They are so well put together nothing, save injury, is going to stop them. Brady, Welker, Moss, Maroney–they are scarily inhuman. For as uncertain as the college football season was, the NFL seems pretty darn certain.

    Flowers for Algernon was a wonderful short story. The movie adaptation, “Charlie” wasn’t half bad either, though it lacked the heart of the short story.

    Does this mean the ‘untimely birth’ you foreshadowed is Teyla???

  5. As it hit midnight, the lack of an entry make me fear that yet another blog site had locked you out. I also thought you might have actually missed a day.

    Then I remembered you’re in a different time zone. Oops.


  6. Hehe, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the Spacey award sitting on the shelf. =P

    By the way, I wanted to pass on my neverending love for you guys for the brilliant SG-1 series boxset. Santa was extra-generous this Christmas, and it occured to me I haven’t offered my feedback on it. To me, the bonus discs of extras are worth doubling up on my SG-1 DVDs; this set is a perfect celebration of SG-1. Thanks to everyone involved in it. I’m just praying now that it isn’t re-released in a year or so with the movies and/or more bonus features in it – I don’t know if Santa’s wallet could handle it! =P

    On the SGA front, I loved Spoils of War, and I’m a true blue fan of Todd – I must say, he’s on the verge of replacing Steve as a favourite Wraith! Teyla’s storyline is one of the best this season, I think; I’m finding myself excited to know what her little guy will be like (dare I say it?) three or four seasons from now when he’ll actually start to become a real person. 😛

  7. Ahh, a nice relaxing weekend. Share your disappointment with the Partiot game outcome. Ah well, Green Bay advanced too so its not a total wash. The roast is mouthwatering even in 2d.
    So, question(s) of the day. Will we see Todd again this season? If not Todd, and not including Michael related episodes, will we see any other major developments on the Wraith front? Can’t wait to get home to download Spoils and give it another look through before the upcoming week’s offering of Quarantine. Thanks again to all for a fantastic job this whole season.

  8. …. I second joanieloveschachi‘s request. (Well, okay, I realise that she(?) asked it as a question, not phrased it as a request, but still.) No pressure, but if something like that were to make it onto the screen, I would be a deliriously happy fangrrl. In fact … name your price! I’d happily do an art request in trade!

  9. Sorry to hear the outcome of the game was not as you had hoped. But, it did look like you all had an awesome time hanging out. It’s always nice to see you guys just being regular people (or sports nuts, same thing).

    I’m in the process of going back to school at Columbia University in NYC, and I’d like to sharpen my creative writing skills a little with some undergrad courses. Do you have any recommendations for course types? Like most of the regulars here, my interests generally lies in science fiction. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Most of my experience writing was during high school. I wrote advertising copy that appeared in outdoor-type magazines (for Bass Pro shops).

  10. I figured you were late due to game day. Glad that you were able to still post, your postings are highly entertaining. While I am sure that you get this type of response all the time, I had as of yet to leave any encouraging remarks and while I am at last no one in particular from the throngs that frequent your blog…I am leaving my twenties tonight and felt that I was going to go and do a whole slew of things before I have to “official” become an adult! Posting on your blog was one of them (I am frequent lurker)! However, do not be overly ecstatic by this, as I am sure you will not be…it was low on the list. Here is to a timely post later today!

  11. Neener Neener Neener Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Brady was awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Can you please tell me what street Carl is picketing I know you said he at Disney but what street is that. I am going to Cali on Monday and staying for a week and he is there all week right Mon thru Fri? I am going to make chocolate chip cookies.

    You said Vala has a juicy scene in Continuum with who? Does Vala have any scenes with Jack they got nothing in 200 or The Shroud. I really liked the scene Vala and Rodney had in Pegasus Project I would love to see that kind of scene in Continuum with them is there any thing to look forward too.

    Any eps that we should really look forward to in the second half any funny eps.

  12. I hate to think that I’m this stupid, but I can’t figure out how to get to your profile on this site. I mean, honestly, how hard can it be?? So…how do you get to your profile? I am insatiably curious about your past, present, and future reads.

    I remember reading Flowers for Algernon in my 8th grade English class. Although it must’ve either been a shortened version of the story or a brief snippet, since I remember it being much shorter than the actual book (which I know isn’t that long). I remembered it earlier this year and had fond memories (well, sad fond memories) and went out and bought the book to (re)read. Which I haven’t got around to yet.

    Speaking of short stories read in school that really resonated with me, have you ever read the short story “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury? I read that in the same 8th grade class and I think that it actually made me cry.

    (It is quite short)

    [Emily – the link you provided led to a pdf file on educational reform in Brazil.]

  13. We just re-watched “Spoils of War,” which reminded me of my first thought when they were all watching Teyla get into the Queen’s mind: that was a really bad idea to let Todd watch her do that. That could come back and bite them later.

    Also, we watched all three parts of “The Siege” for about the tenth time, but this time with our new home theater sound system. Way cool!

  14. Just saw Spoils of War. I can’t help but like Todd, and I hope we see him again!

    I forgot to mention before – I was really glad to see Skinner Caldwell back in action in BAMSR.

  15. It’s gotten to the point where I just expect the Patriots to win. It’s just what they do this year. Though I did expect the University of Michigan to be steamrolled by Florida, too, and look how that turned out. The Patriots, on the other hand, just keep winning. It’s almost not fun to watch anymore.

    I loved Spoils of War. It was nice (and disgusting) to see that little bit of wraith… I’ll say culture. And I adored the scenes with Teyla and Lorne.

  16. I would be extremely envious of the yummy food you were eating, except we dined at Macaroni Grill and ate some divine food!

    We had:
    Marsala Chicken Ravioli
    Ravioli filled with sliced chicken and Parmesan, then sauteed with fresh asparagus, savory mushrooms, smoked Italian prosciutto and a Marsala wine cream sauce

    Boursin Filet
    Tenderloin filet cooked to order and topped with creamy pepper Boursin cheese. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh grilled asparagus

    Primo Chicken Parmesan
    Tender chicken breast hand-breaded with Parmesan cheese and garlic, sauteed and then baked with oven-roasted tomato asiago sauce and mozzarella cheese. Served over a generous portion of imported capellini pasta

    And the free rosemary bread was scrumptious!
    We ordered 3 entrees for my husband, 2 teenage sons and me and shared them. The boursin filet and marsala chicken ravioli were the best…but then again I am not much of a chicken parmesan eater. The garlic mashed potatoes and the asparagus were to die for!!! I have never had mashed potatoes that were so heavenly.

    I am so happy because we have leftovers of the marsala chicken ravioli, mashed potatoes and the rosemary bread!!! I am having it for lunch tomorrow….if I can make sure I get to it first!!! ;-D


  17. Another fantastic episode was Spoils of War! This season has been awesome.

    My review: Link

    And one more try:

    I thought the Replicator Aurora class ships were kind of weaker than their Lantian cousins in BAMSR. They barely fired any drones and their shields seemed to have come down really fast. Do you agree? If so, is there an in-show reason for it (i.e. the reps were occupied with something yet to be seen)?

  18. You know Ivon is really pretty to look at, but couldn’t you have told him to step aside so we can all admire the signatures on the wall? 🙂 Or maybe just take a picture of that next time you’re over at Rob’s? Pretty please? 😉

  19. Wow that prime rib looks succulent. How did you all prepare it? BBQ’d you say? I know this is an odd question but what type of roll did you use? And the cheese…that looks like cheddar and Monterey Jack…am I right?

  20. Oh, and if it isn’t too much, I gots me another question:

    For the spoiler poem, am I right to say that each episode/notion only got 1 line in the poem? I.e. There aren’t 2 separately lines that point to the same episode?

    Thanks in advance!

  21. Regarding anime, have you ever watched the Dragon Ball Z series? (I am rather excited for the digitally remastered season 4 widescreen version of it to come out next month).

    I see in the one picture you own a few Star Wars movies. Have you read any of the Lucas Press novels? Over the Christmas break I read Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, Darth Bane: Rule of Two, Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, Cloak of Deception, and Outbound Flight. Path of Destruction was great. It follows the development of a miner into a Sith Lord. I am working on reading The Approaching Storm which “delves into the internal conflict of Anakin Skywalker and the psyche of the Jedi” (USA Today). Good times.

    Anyways, I look forward to reading Gaiman’s short stories. I was looking at it a few months back and ended up buying The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure, by Storm Constantine.

  22. Um, what I meant to say was I see in the one picture Mr. Cooper owns a few Star Wars movies… 🙂

  23. Was Spoils of War the episode where Alan was to Introduce Wesley was Major Lorne’s First name until it was discovered that Evan was used on a flight suit? Will we ever see Lorne address by /reveal his first name on screen?


  24. Hi Joe:

    You guys seem to have such a wonderful time together. What a great team. Has Robert Cooper or Brad Wright said anything about any advancements made for the next Stargate series?


  25. Make my ankle better! *pouts*

    I keep reading the internetz and not taking anything in because my brain is sort of… buzzy with pain. If it’s broken, will you sign my cast? Or at least carry me down the hill to work?

  26. Although Carl’s picketing as a writer, if the strike continues into February (God forbid, although I totally support their demands), will he be back to produce any shows for Season 5?

  27. OMG I really didn’t need to see that meat right now. 5pm and I’m almost due for dinner..on a weight loss regime here so seeing all that delectable flesh (and the meat) has me drooling over my lappie. Hope the pugkids got some in a doggy/kiddy bag!

    Sorry the Pats won.. you do look despondent. Hope the ratings of SOW cheer you up. I think you need to set good ol’ (sorry BAD ol’) Baron onto them. Let him devise some dastardly ways to destroy their winning streak?

    Nice artwork too.. love those covers. I’ve snavvied that last pic of you to see if I can do anything as good as that (doubt it but I’ll have a go)

  28. ooooOoooO that meat looks good!

    i have a wraith question. for a long time all the wraiths where you could see their faces were tall and skinny. then there were different looking ones like michael who was lots shorter. then shepards wraith is tall again but not as skinny, but his traitor one is a wee little thing. and the new born one was wee too. i think the superwraith last year was pretty big?

    does how tall they are have anything to to with age or relative status?

    oh, and when the replicators are shown with their bits flying off to fran, the man on the right — has he been on before,cause he looks awfly familiar? or maybe he just looks pale so he reminds me of the retrovirus(s?)ed wraiths on that one planet.

  29. Incidentally, the roast was MUCH better than the games. Rob is not only the barbecue king, but prince of the grill. And, I suppose, the, uh, Earl of the smoker.

    Joe, does your realm not have the position of “Bubba”? I think that’s the ideal designation for the overlord of the smoker. – j/k (if Rob doesn’t really want to be a Bubba.) – The beef looks more than merely delicious, and the only way I can keep from being jealous of you for getting the sandwich is by seeing it as consolation for someone who can’t stand the Patriots. *w* – And, as always, thanks for the great pics of yourself/ your family/ your buds and colleagues. Faces always have their own story to tell.

    Flowers for Algernon is one of the most touching stories I’ve ever read. It used to be hard for me to allow a story (book or screen) to make me cry, but that one broke down my defenses. Not a bad thing, I found out. “Letters from Pegasus” did the same thing, as one example out of many.

    I’m glad that I’m going to be able to read Fast Forward 1 in time to keep up with the discussion, and also look forward to finding out what other readers like, and why.

    – Okay, I’m feeling *really* dim, because I can’t find your profile. The book info mentioned isn’t on your “About” page, and I only see two pages listed for your blog. Should I be looking back at Blogspot?

  30. PS: If you don’t do an ep with a harmless yet tantalizing guys’ shower scene (as Annie tongue-in-cheekily suggested, and many of the rest of us have likely thought about … often), then how about a scene – a nice long one – that shows all the guys of Atlantis (including some who work behind the scenes) donning black t-shirts? 😀 – I know, I know, but….

  31. Hey Joe, I have a couple of questions I’m interested in hearing your answers to. Take your pick (or answer both if you really want to).

    What’s your opinion on short story collections vs novels?

    Have you ever written narrative fiction?

  32. Hello Joseph =) sa va bien?

    Ralalala encors du Football^^! Remarque je vous comprend, je serais pareil a votre place^^!
    C’est vrai que le blog de john picacio est bien.
    Merci pour les photos! Elle son génial!! Surtout celle de vous^^!

    Hier j’ai vu “spoils of war” Waouuu!!! je l’adore trop! On apprend plein de chose sur les wraiths!!! En plus il y’avais du sheyla♥♥!^^

    Comme ma journée commence je n’est pas grand chose a dire….donc a tout a l’heure. KISouu!!

  33. Hi Joe,

    I’m late, I know but happy new year etc.

    So you hang out with co-workers on days off? That is amazing. What I mean is, I would never, ever, EVER entertain the idea of going to the home of someone I worked with. I see enough of them at work, I have absolutely no desire to ever see them out-side of work. Actually the idea kind of disturbs me and would no doubt give me nightmares if I ever had this misfortune of having to visit the home of someone I worked with.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone I work with is “social” with any one else out side of work. I guess we just aren’t that friendly!

    I guess this is why they are co-workers and not friends.

    Anyway, hope you had enjoyable time off work. Good luck with season … uhhh what are you up to now? In Australia I don’t think they have shown season 2 of Atlantis on TV yet so I’m pretty behind in what season you are actually up to. Is it season 4 or 5 now?


  34. I must admit that short stories usually leave me with an empty feeling, they normally end just as you get the feel for the characters but I hope to be pleasantly surprised just as soon as my copy turns up. Mind you if I’m out when it arrives it’ll end up with dog teeth marks in it like a few of my more recent purchases, I really must get a mail box for outside, its very wearing having to fight the dog for the post!
    BTW droolworthy pictures!
    Question: what were the women doing while all that male bonding was taking place?

  35. 1)A quand un Français sur Atlantis ? (When will we see a french guy on atlantis ?)
    2) Etes vous déja venu en france ? (Have you ever been to france ?)
    I live near dijon, do you know it ?

    Have a nice end of week end

    El floruso.

  36. Was the cloning facillity only used for creating wraith warriors? (the ones with the masks) if so how are the other wraith created? and is there a limited amount of queens meaning once their all gone the wraith species will die out ?

  37. Hi Joe!
    It is a very good food!
    I have some questions:

    1- When we will can see the place where the ascended ancients are living and what are doing there?

    2- When we will know why they have created and what were their reason for the “rules of the ascended people”?

    Have a Happy Weekend! 🙂

  38. At present, I’m halfway through Iain M. Banks’s Against A Dark Background […] and am enjoying it immensely.

    Quite possibly my favourite of Iain M Banks’ books. I just love the concept, the characters, the story, the world-building, the little touches like the number of names you have (and the concept being the reverse of the usual) that really just bring everything to life.

    I think what I enjoy most about Iain M Banks’ books is the way he creates this incredibly detailed world/universe and then just throws the reader into the middle of it and, instead of trying to explain everything, just lets you work it out bit by bit as the story progresses. I just find it utterly absorbing.

  39. Really quick question. What day does production begin for SGA’s fifth season? Thx.

  40. Oh, man. You can’t even watch a football game without indulging in some sinfully delicious meal! ::drool:: Have you ever eaten something like McDonald’s?

    A rather belated thanks for “Spoils of War.” Once again, another intriguing episode that keeps answering questions, yet tormenting me with more. You are all evil, evil writers to do that to me. Yet, I find myself totally unable to be mad at you guys because this continues to be an awesome season!

  41. Silly question and has probably been asked before: was the ‘friendly’ Wraith given the name Tod because it means death in German?

    Giants over Cowboys by 3
    Colts over Chargers by 10

    Love the blog!…Love the show!…

  42. Since you’re a captive audience, here it is:

    My ankle hurts. Even more. It’s 3am and I just crawled to the bathroom to throw up from the pain. I have to get to the doctor before work in the morning but my only transport is walking… I hate being big and grown up in the city, I just want my mum.

    I think I’m going to wear my cookie monster t-shirt to work tomorrow and if the “smart casual” police pounce on me I will glare at them. Or something. Please make my ankle stop hurting and my brain work.

    Good night.

  43. After watching SOW twice, and pouring over the poem, I finally guessed correctly! Of course, that was at 2:00 AM CST. Had to DVR this week as King George (George Strait) was in town performing and no self respecting Oklahoma City resident was not in attendance (the arena was full to the ceiling and my usual parking lot was full at my usual arrival time leaving me to park 3 blocks away!!). But the evening was fun and the man knows how to work the crowd.

    SOW was wonderful as expected. Looking forward to the development of those Teyla/Sheppard moments, and hoping for some Teyla/McKay moments. Loved when Ronan practically lifted McKay out of the locker room so that Teyla and Sheppard could be alone to not “have this discussion again.”

  44. I’m right there with you on the Patriots’ win. Hopefully my beloved Colts will beat the Chargers today then turn around and crush the Patriots dreams of returning to the Super Bowl. That would make my month.

    And that prime rib looks seriously good. I need to go eat lunch now.

    So if you watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight I’d love to hear what you thought about it. I’m quite curious to see if they can pull off the transition from movie to TV as well as Stargate did…

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  46. You always say you don’t mind criticism when it’s well based/ constructive. Well…

    I won’t hide the fact I haven’t been enjoying Atlantis much this year, apart from the odd episode or two (or three, actually, BAMSR rocked). But I had a very specific problem with Spoils of War. John doesn’t want Teyla to go on missions because she’s pregnant. Fair enough. But it’s not the limitations she might have due to her pregnancy that’s bothering him – obviously, at 3 months she’s as capable as before – but her risking her yet unborn child. There’s a generation long arguement about whether, at 3 months, a foetus can be considered a living being – not to mention all the rambling about it having a mind of its own in SOW – and there’s a very good reason there’s still a debate on it. As a matter of fact, the stand that seemed to be taken for granted in this episode – “it’s a person, you have no permission to risk his life” – is the same one taken by the peopel who object to abortions – any kind of abortions, at any phase of the pregnancy.
    I have to admit the seemingly taking for granted of that position bothered me quite a lot, especially combined with the scene where Teyla is being told to “take it or leave it” – swallow her dignity and accept what she’s offered by John, or be out of active duty altogether. Not to mention the final scene where she accepts this view so readily, or the fact that – granted, I know Amanda Tapping was only contracted for 14 episodes and I guess you guys woudln’t have used one of those 14 for a 2-minute scene – but the fact that, at no point, did we see Carter asked/ consulted on the matter, even though she is currently the highest ranking military officer in Atlantis and has priority over Sheppard over who goes out to missions.

    Yay for more Todd though. Hope to see him again soon.

  47. I have to second [i]Joanieloveschachi’s[/i] request for a [b]HUG between McKay and Sheppard.[/b] Actually I would like for it to be Sheppard that hugs McKay.

    We have seen McKay try to overcome his awkwardness at this by Hugging Jeannie and then Ronan. We have seen on a number of occassions how Sheppard reacts when someone hugs him so I would love to see a situation where he really feels the need to hug someone and that someone should be McKay.

  48. ARGGGHHH it looks like my italics and bold aren’t working.

    Oh well. ; )

    What year and catergory is the SPACEY AWARD for that you so unconspicuously have in that pic of you?

  49. With ya about the Pats. *sigh* It seems a fleeting hope that someone will knock ’em off in the playoffs, sadly enough.

    Looks like you boys all had a good time despite the Pats win, however. 😉

    Curiosity of the moment: How long did it take you to write that “spoilery” poem, anyway? LOL

  50. Visions of Roast Beast …. yes, I know, Prime Roast Beast … make me want to go out and fire up the much loved, albeit propane, grill and toss on some of our dead cow. However, the 18 inches of snow makes me want to simply crawl in front of the fireplace and slurp down turkey soup. Or ramen. Hey, hey, hey … real ramen not the cup o’ sodium stuff.

    As if I didn’t love Todd the Wraith enough already, Shep’s college comment had me rolling. Ah, Todd. I dated a Todd in college. Seriously! Pale, wicked smart, taught me to play chess and how to win at casino blackjack. Nice kid, I don’t believe he ever sucked the lifeforce out of anyone. That would have been my previous college boyfriend, Steve.

  51. Definitely enjoyed reading Flowers for Algernon in High School (and back in Elementary school as well I believe).

    I was wondering where yesterdays entry had gotten to… but I justified it’s mia status by the time I went to bed (4am EST – okay I didn’t check right before I went to bed… but it wasn’t long before then that I had checked to see if it was there or not) by it being a Saturday night with football games being available to the masses – sorry to hear that game didn’t turn out the way you were wanting it to…

    My roommate and I absolutely loved SOW – definitely enjoying Season 4! We are eagerly awaiting the remainder of the seasons episodes, and we’re starting our own count down (of course it has to be modified rather frequently until we have exact air dates) to Season 5. Keep up the good work!


  52. Hi Joe

    Loved the latest episode. Quite exciting. Keep them coming!! Anyway could you post some pics of Carl .. Miss his “Paul Newman” esque snaps in your blog…


  53. Sorry if I missed it, but did you ever explain which episodes the clues of last year’s poem alluded to? Did any of them reference an episode that has yet to air? Some of the clues seem similar, particularly the ones about mutations. Oh, and I loved SOW – one of my favorites of the season.

  54. Hey Joe,
    I don’t know if you will/can answer this, but my parents think that Amanda Tapping’s voice sounds different on Atlantis. I really haven’t noticed, but I was wondering if you knew if it was just their hearing or they’re right. My dad was speculating that it could be b/c of more open sets (opposed to an underground military base) or different microphones or something like that. Thanks!

  55. I have nothing important to say today.

    And then I think, “When has that ever stopped me from writing a comment?”

    To which I respond to myself, inside my head, “People will be disappointed if I don’t leave a comment. There are a good .667 people here who think I’m interesting. I’d better post something.”

    And so I have.

  56. Hmm, I’m glad someone can enjoy football; I never could get into it. =)

    I had a chance to watch the full episode of BAMSR this weekend, as well as SOW, and I’m pleased to be able to say I liked them both. I had some quibbles and concerns. I really, really dislike Larrin and the juvenile humor between her and Sheppard. The concept of the Traveler’s is cool, however; maybe we can have dealings with non-Larrin Travelers?

    I’m starting to get a little concerned about Teyla’s baby…such a big deal was made of her priorities shifting–and rightly so (and well done). But…will she be on the team next year? Will her concern for raising her son–potentially the last of her people–outweigh her mission for finding the father and the rest of her people, or vice versa? I guess it depends on what else we learn about the Athosians this season. I also hope that the problem is not conveniently solved by having the baby kidnapped, forcing Teyla to spend the season searching for him.

    And of course I miss Dr. Weir…though I loved her dramatic reveal at the end of BAMSR. That must’ve been a tough secret to keep. I think you stated on here that you would be revisiting her storyline next season; can you give us any hints about that? I’d love to see her full-time.

    Thanks and take care.

  57. Me revoila,

    je voudrais simplement savoir si c’est normal que le Film “The ark of the truth” est disponible en téléchargement et sur certain site de video en ligne??

  58. I’ve heard Jack will be in less than 10 minutes in Continuum. Is it true?

  59. Dear Joe,

    1. Did u guys happen to catch the bastard/s that leaked The ark of truth on the net?

    2. Any technological type of eppy like BAMSR or travelers or space ship episodes left in the remainder of the fourth season?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and congratulations on the People’s choice awards.

    your friend Rachid

  60. Huh? I thought Rob and Brad we’re picketing south of the border?… Does this mean Universe is back on track for late 2008? (*Crossing fingers*)

  61. Bonne nuit Joseph =)

    Je vient de voir “Ark of the truth” sous titrée en francais, et je le trouve fantastique, je suis impatiente de le voir au conéma et l’avoir en DvD.

    Gros Kisou, jke vous adore, a demain ♥♥♥

  62. Oh et bonne semaine aussi! et oui c’est reparti snif…

    ps: je vouler dire cinéma et non conéma lol

  63. Dear Joe,

    I forgot to ask you the following question…. Can you give us a little more details on the asuran vs wratih war that took place during the fourth season like how many hive ships they took out…etc. Thanxs a lot

  64. Hi, Joe. I really enjoyed “Spoils of War,” especially on my second watching. My questions are: Why did the Wraith refer to darts as, uh, darts? Don’t the Wraith already have a name for them besides what the humans came up with? Same with ZPMs. I would think that ZPMs had a Wraith term for them a long time ago. I’m sure if these things were refered to by the (probable) Wraith terms for them we’d have understood…eventually.

    I’m looking forward to next Friday’s episide! The emotional, interactive scenes this year have been top notch.

  65. in your entry for the 10th you said you haven’t seen I Am Legend yet. I reccomend it! just have your hankies ready!! loved spoils of war btw!!!

  66. Hi Joe!
    I can see you enjoyed the Football night!!
    My friends and I do the same on the Fridays nights, but we see European Football.
    My other favourite night is the Saturday night. We go to a pub near the sea, and when we come back we have breakfast watching the Sparky Episodes of SGA, we usually call it “The Sparky Night”.
    But after Lifeline we have cancelled the sparky night. And, although I like Battlestar Galactica, I miss my favourite show (SGA) and my favourite couple (Weir-Sheppard)!!
    So, just a question:
    Will we be able to reinstall the night for the next season, with more sparky episodes???
    In other words, there will be Weir-Sheppard moments in the season 5???

  67. I have loved sci fi short stories ever since I read The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One (edited by Robert Silverberg) in my early teens. There are some great classic stories in that one! I’m looking forward to this month’s book club selections; hopefully I’ll be able to find them.

    Spoils of War was fabulous! In fact, the whole mid-season three-parter was just super! I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait for this season’s boxed set and all the juicy extras.


  68. Very random question re “Outcast” ( occurred to me while watching Teyla and John in SOW): Is John older than his brother or younger?

  69. A quick question based on “Spoils of War”: Sheppard says he knew a guy in college named Todd. I had made the assumption that immediately after high school he had attended the Air Force Academy instead of a university/college. So, what is John Sheppard’s academic history?

    Anne Teldy

  70. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Quelle belle journée ensoleillée au pays de la l’hiver. Que demander de mieux que de passer la journée au grand air avec de bons amis ? Ben en fait, peut-être le blog du 12 janvier sur Blogger, parce que y parait qu’il a des personnes qui lisent ton blogue sur ce site et écrivent ensuite des commentaires sur celui-ci….

    Ho ! and Jenny Robin:
    «I have nothing important to say today.

    And then I think, “When has that ever stopped me from writing a comment?”
    To which I respond to myself, inside my head, “People will be disappointed if I don’t leave a comment. There are a good .667 people here who think I’m interesting. I’d better post something.”»

    I like your attitude ! lol

  71. The Teyla arc in this season is very interesting. But she seems to lonely, I wish we could see Elizabeth-Teyla moments now that she needs a friend.
    Maybe in the next season???

    Spolis of war: Amazing!!!

  72. Amanda talked about the scene in a recent TV Zone interview (spoilers for Ark of Truth):
    “It’s not an emotional film for her at all, although there’s a lovely scene between Colonel Mitchell and Carter that fans are going to go Shippy –crazy for, and Ben and I just had a blast playing it,” continues Tapping. “it’s not a Shippy scene, and it doesn’t have to be. It’s just two friends who have gone through this incredible journey and have a history together. Prior to this, we’d had these little scenes with the two of them, like in [the season 10 stories] Line in the Sand and The Road Not Taken – even though it’s set in an alternate reality – that spoke to their friendship. In The Ark of Truth you really feel the history of that friendship between carter and Mitchell. It’s just a page-and-a-half goofy little scene where he’s in the infirmary and Carter comes to visit him. Ben and I just found this little moment in there where we sort of went, “OK, let’s play and have some fun.”
    Will Sam and Jack shippers get something similar (even an ambiguous friendship/shippy scene) in Continuum?

  73. Joe, is Amanda Tapping returning for season 5? OR, is she still involved in super-secret, contract negotiations?

  74. By the way, i think you may be equally amazed at Ergo Proxys ending, i mean it may just hit you entirely out of the blue, it has a perfect ending just if you don’t understand it i guess you may be left watching the beautiful animation

    Ergo Proxy is one of those series that doesn’t rely heavily on moe

    Moe = Turn on(in japanese terms).. aka cute young girls in anime etc..

    a lot of anime relys so much on cute young girls as leads

    if you want a suggestion try Gun X Sword

    Do you watch Anime in Japanese? if not then the same english dub cast that does Ergo Proxy does Gun X Sword too..

    Gun X Sword is one mans tale of revenge against a guy who killed his wife, he becomes obssessed, and he pilots a cool mecha.
    Mecha battles arent a forefront but it is equally cool, worth a rent at least, it isn’t a childish anime, has a fair amount of swearing and violence

  75. Joe, nice to see you guys getting some relaxation time before you start shooting SGA again. I hope that the writers strike gets resolved soon so that Carl can be back with you guys. Is it true that most Canadian like ice hockey? I am a fan of ice hockey & live in Australia. I use to play it when i was a teenager also field hockey. Girls can be vicious when their playing there was always many an injury.
    I have decided to get my big bro a book probably one that you have suggested on your blog i just have to decide.
    If you have any other good book suggestions for a gift that would be greatly appreciated.
    It looks like you all had fun at Rob Coopers place.
    If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live & why? Do you have a favorite hobbie?

  76. Hey Joe, the roast looked good!
    Have you started the contrat negotiations for the next season??
    Any surprise for us???

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