With the NFL Wildcard Weekend upon us and the BCS National Championship Game on deck, I know that many of you are just dying for some expert insight into the upcoming match-ups. Whether you’re in an office pool, wagering with friends, or just putting it all on the Chargers in a desperate last-ditch bid to win back your home and get that loan shark off your back, it never hurts to hear one more half-assed opinion. And so, with that in mind, I’ve elected to turn today’s entry over to this blog’s resident pigskin prognosticators, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster, for their informed takes on the big games.


(Seattle favored by 3 ½)

Cookie Monster: “Seattle got game like Count at Hooters clozing time. Sure, can score, but most seriously ugly wins. Washington, meanwhile, like feisty blond waitress dat tell off Count last Saturday night – reeeal hot and veeery angry. And this weekend, it turn for Seahawks to get unexpected kick in de peanuts. Final score: Redskins 24 Seahawks 21.”

Baron Destructo: “Bah, Washington’s final game victory over a disinterested Cowboys team should not be lent much credence. The visitor’s offense shall be crushed under the onslaught of the host defense, like not so much as an ill-advised attack on our moonbase headquarters. That’s home cookin‘, churl! Final score: Seahawks 42 Redskins 14.”


(Jacksonville favored by 2 ½)

Baron Destructo: “A Pittsburgh team with far more post-season experience shall savor sweet vengeance on their own home field. Final score: Steelers 33 Jaguars 30.”

Cookie Monster: “Stealing not nice. Finale score: Jaguars 27, Stealers 21.”


(Tampa Bay favored by 3)

Cookie Monster: “New York have heart like turd Snuffleupagus leave behind when visit Sesame Street: big, impressive, but easy to overlook on way to beer store or, in dis case, Superbowl. Close one, but Buckanears hit da skids like poor Grover on bysickle. Final score: Giants 33 Buckanears 31.”

Baron Destructo: “With nary a post-season win under the direction of team leader Manning, these so-called Giants shall be exposed for the overmatched mortals they are, ultimately succumbing to the might of an exquisitely merciless Buccaneers defensive unit. Tampa has been competitive all season and is far superior than their 9-7 regular season record would indicate. Dallas, take note. Final score: Buccaneers: 34 Giants: 3.”


(San Diego favored by 10)

Baron Destructo: “Like Count Sinister denied the fruition of his masterfully evil plan to sink Australia, the Chargers are still smarting from their unexpected defeat in last year’s play-offs. The Titans shall learn the same lesson imparted on the upstart Meerkatman and his sidekick Beetle Boy: never underestimate the power of bitter humiliation. Or that of an anti-matter chipmunk let loose in one’s apartment. Final score: San Diego 37 Titans 17.”

Cookie Monster: “Vince Young scramble better den Grover, but San Diego defense fierce and determined like Grover’s ex-girlfriends catch him and make him pay. Hopefully, Vince Young get to keep most of his fur and not have to get replacement testickle. Final score: San Diego 32 Tennessee 24.”


(LSU favored by 4)

Cookie Monster: “Both very tasty teams. LSU Oreo-good. But Ohio State choclatey-chip better. Final score: Ohio State 35 LSU 31.”

Baron Destructo: “Ohio State appears to be the superior team, yet appearances can be deceiving. Simply ask Captain Spectacular after that incident with his cloned Sherpa accountant – or Ohio State following last year’s BCS title game. The Buckeyes shall surely guard against overconfidence on this outing. But still lose. Final score: LSU 28 Ohio State: 21.”

Voting for next month’s book club selections continue until midnight Tuesday. The contenders –

In the SciFi category, it’s Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge (edited by Lou Aners) vs. Bright of the Sky: Book One of the Entire and the Rose (by Kay Kenyon).

Sample story from Fast Forward 1 available here: http://www.pyrsf.com/chapters/Wikiworld/WikiWorld.htm

Sample chapter of Bright of the Sky available here: http://www.pyrsf.com/chapters/BrightofSky/BrightofSky.htm

In the Fantasy category, it’s The Darkness That Comes Before: Prince of Nothing Book One (by R. Scott Bakker) vs. Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions (by Neil Gaiman).

In the Horror category, it’s Fevre Dream (by George R. R. Martin) vs. Children of the Night (by Dan Simmons).

Well, the response to BAMSR has been overwhelmingly positive. Marty G. will be pleased to read your responses – and get around to your questions, hopefully for tomorrow’s blog entry.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track:

The key to success is compress not diffuse.” = Be All My Sins Remember’d

Today’s blog is dedicated to birthday celebrant Shiningwit.

109 thoughts on “January 5, 2008: Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo’s football picks

  1. Joe – Have fun watching your football – I gave up on our Vikings several years ago….Anyway, I had the weirdest dream last night when in that dream, a water leak in our kitchen spread into my laundry room and abracadabra, frogs began hopping about. Not so strange really, frogs and water, but the interesting part is when a little black creature started snuffling around our flooded living room and it turns out to be a miniature version of Lulu! Our leaky faucet sprouted not only frogs, but a French bulldog! I can’t imagine this is how Lulu was born. And to end the saga, our 2 cats WERE NOT happy. Cheers and Happy Football!

  2. Bonne nuit Joseph ♥

    Deja une mise a jours…plut tot que d habitude non?
    Alalala le football…..J’adore sa! Mais malheuresemnt ce n’est pas tré connu ici. Chaque année que prend une journée ou je ne vais pas en cours pour regarder le superball. Car avec le décalage horaire…en france la final ce termine a 6 heure du matin.

    Bon aller je passerais demain. gros kisou. je vous adore fort!!!!!!

  3. From this Redskin fan, since the day I was born, two words…Sean Taylor.

  4. I must say that while I found most of the first half of this season to be somewhat lacking, BAMSR just rocked! Well worth sitting through the first half. I LOVED the battle sequences, which were the best I’ve ever seen on any Stargate. The solution for defeating the replicators was brilliant, and Sam is back!!! I’d buy the Season 4 DVD set for this episode alone! The ending was the icing on the cake where we find out the the splinter faction of the Replicators arranged the whole thing. They gave Atlantis what they needed to finish off their adversary for them. Even though I doubt that I’ll get an answer, I have to ask. Was the Weir at the end of the episode the real one or RepliWeir?

  5. BAMSR was outstanding!! Just finished viewing it again and I must say that it’s probably the best episode of the season to date. And that’s sayinga lot because there was only one or maybe two from the first 10 that I didn’t give a score of at least a 9!
    Interesting place for Teyla to let Sheppard know that she was pregnant. And she comments that she had tried to tell him on other occassions…did I miss something??? What did you have in mind when you wrote that line? When and how would she have attempted to tell him? His response was certainly interesting…and taking her off active duty I hope meant only off world activity. She is quite capable of other responsibilities, such as managing Atlantis while both Carter and Sheppard are off fighting the good fight.
    Most excellent episode!!! And is there only one line in the Christmas eve poem taken care of by this episode?? Oh dear, I thought there might be a few more. Hummmmmm…..

  6. Hi Joe – I hope it’s not too late to put in a question for BAMSR. Anyway, here it is. We all know the story was written by Martin Gero, but the opening credits also showed “Excerpt Written By: Alan McCullough”. What does this mean?

  7. Oh the horror! Here I was giving my respect and devotion to the Baron, only to find out that instead of being a World Class Megalomaniac with accompying genius, he is a fake, a poser, and clueless about football! Besides, one has to remain loyal to one’s team, come what may. The Seahawks are about to discover that Gibbs can do more than run a NASCAR franchise. Though I’ll grant that Cookie Monster’s spread on the score looks about right.
    A couple of questions. Will we be seeing more of Daedelus and Apollo, and more specifically of their commanders? And is McKay’s growing reputation as Destroyer of Worlds in Pegasus Galaxy going to come back to haunt him, this season or next? My congratulations to all involved in bringing BAMSR to the screen, with special kudos to Mr. G. for giving us a wonderful balance of geekiness saving the day and flat out shoot em up military action.

  8. Why wouldn’t the team try and steal a ZPM or a ship during the assault on the replicators, it seemed like a great opportunity to do so?

  9. I have two questions, both of which are completely football-unrelated, because football and Fia are entirely unmixy. I… know they wear lots of padding and the ball is sort of oblong-shaped. The rest is Greek to me.

    My first question is: I recall having read someplace that the length of a day on the original Lantean planet was approximately 27 hours, opposed to Earth’s 24. What is the length of a day in Atlantis’ new home?

    The second has probably been addressed to some degree, but if it has, I’ve missed it: It seems that, as the hundredth episode will coincide with the season five finale (and, if Atlantis isn’t picked up for a sixth season, the series finale) it will be more difficult to have a slightly-frivolous, just-for-fun episode in the same vein as “Wormhole X-treme” and “200.” What ideas, if any, have been thrown around so far for the hundredth episode?

  10. I’m not a huge football fan, but the Baron and Cookie Monster make it sound so tantalizing. My book club votes:

    Sci-Fi: Aners
    Fantasy: Neil Gaiman
    Horror: Martin

  11. My family and I loved last night’s Stargate Atlantis episode, BAMSR. The one scene we kept replaying was when the team meets up with Larrin and she notices the Wraith on board the jumper. As her team gets ready to fire on the Wraith, we loved watching Ronon leap out of the way of fire. (“Please shoot the Wraith, just not me!”) He’s just so spry!

    Regarding the special effects and the big battle: I’m going to have say, “I’m a girl” on this. I am horrible at figuring out which ship is whose, and when they were getting blasted, I kept wishing there were labels on all the ships so I could know who to root for or gasp. Instead, I just see big gray things all firing at each other. Thanks for having Sheppard tell Larrin he was sorry that she lost one ship, because if not for that, I would have no clue. It wasn’t until I saw the Replicator ships sifting their way back down to the planet that I got a clue what their ships looked like.

    So, for all the ship noticing-impaired people out there, could you make your next villains’ warships in a different color?

    Is there some rule that makes them all gray? (Hey, the SR71 Blackbird is black and that’s probably why I remember that one.)

    BTW, my favorite warship so far is the Ori ship. That thing is absolutely beautiful. And, yes, I am able to recognize that one.

  12. Oh my, this is the very first time you blogged before midnight (CET)…

    I have to say BAMSR was an incredible episode, awesome.
    The Colonel’s greeting so funny, everything was just great!!
    Thank you Martin for such an incredible episode!


  13. Okay, fellow Southern Hemisphere dwellers, I have Googled the letters NFL and they stand for something called National Football League. http://www.nfl.com/.

    Apparently word has it that a country can invade the US during something called the Super Bowl and nobody would notice.

  14. Well, I don’t know anything about them there “football” that you keep harping on about, Joe, but I know what I like. If there is a way to introduce Cookie Monster and/or Baron Destructo into an Atlantis episode, I say do it. Or, better, yet, in the eventual demise of the Stargate franchise (in a few decades, if that), I want to see a show about those 2, written by you, to be made. Let copyright on Cookie Monster be damned!

    Ok, seriously now. I’ll be watching BAMSR in a few minutes, and I was wondering, can I still pose questions for Marty G? When’s the deadlines for the questions?

    Thanks Joe!

  15. Hey Joe!

    Indeed, BAMSR was absolutely amazing! Once I read that clue at the end of today’s entry, I instantly understood why (but never thought it would occur the way it did in the episode).

    Great takes on the NFL games by Baron and Cookie Monster, can you get me some autographs? 😛 Heh

    Always looking forward to new entries in your blog!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  16. Hi, I have three questions from last episode. Who was in charge of Atlantis while they fought the replicators? Will we see the wraith ally again this season? Was Dr. McKay in a slump because he was sad that Dr. Weir had died?

  17. Bon début de soirée Joseph,
    Juste un petit mot pour te remercier de la clarté de tes propositions de lecture: les titres et les auteurs sont parfaitement évident! Lors de tes premières suggestions je n’étais pas toujours certaines des auteurs. De plus, il est toujours agréable d’avoir des suggestions de lecture, surtout dans le genre fantastique car je ne connais pas les nouveaux auteurs. Alors, n’hésite surtout pas à faire des suggestions de lecture le plus souvent possible !

  18. Ah, M. Mallozzi !

    Merci infiniment pour l’épisode BAMSR, qui a ramené ma foi en la série, et qui m’a temporairement fait oublié mon concours dans deux jours…
    J’espère sincèrement que la suite des épisodes sera aussi bien, surtout au niveau “character development”.
    C’est vraiment rafraichissant de voir des retournements de situation qui n’ont pas fait l’objet de malheureux spoilers… J’espère que ca continuera comme ça.

    J’ai bientôt mes premières vacances depuis septembre et je cherche un bon bouquin à lire (et ce sont les seules de mon année, donc je n’ai pas envie d’être déçu).
    Vous n’auriez pas un livre à me conseiller? quelque chose qui vous aurait marqué récemment… (sinon, je me rabats sur Old Man’s War, au vu de vos dernières recommandations)

    ps : and the way the planet exploded in BAMSR ? Wayyy overkill in my opinion ! (je perds mon français à force..)

  19. BAMSR was probably the best hour of Atlantis, ever. And what an ending. I’ve watched it once, have to go see it again after the little one goes to bed. I don’t know how you’ll ever follow up that one.

    As for football, well, my Eagles were a dud this year (been cheering for them for 41 years and still no championship), I’m torn between the Redskins (for Sean Taylor) and the Bucs (Eagles should have kept Jeff Garcia) in the NFC, but in the AFC, I’m with you, anyone but the cheating Patriots. If it’s a Dallas/New England Super Bowl, I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably have to do the unthinkable and root for the ‘Boys.

  20. Wow, that was an amazing episode. I had to keep myself from laughing so loud as to wake up my roommate.

    We got to see John’s reaction in this episode, which was very appropriate considering his responsibilities, but not Rodney’s. How do you imagine McKay would have reacted to the news?

    Was there anything specific causing McKay’s dry spell? Do you see it as having started at the beginning of the season, or just in this episode?


    Sorry I’m a huge hockey fan and I’m so proud of my Kitchener Ranger Matt Halishuck and new Kitcherner Ranger goale Steve Mason for bringing it home again!! Did you watch the game?? I thought I was going to eat my red blanket in anxiety during the 3rd period where the falter’d a bit. But YIPPIE WE WON!!!

    I saw on the news that BC felt an earthquake I know that you were far from it but did you feel it?

    I didn’t read any of the comments over the last 2 days because a lot of the comments are for BAMSR which doesn’t air untill Monday, do you think that Marty would be open to answering some late questions from Canadian viewers who can’t see it till then??

    And my picks for the Book Club are:
    Bright of The Sky
    The Darkness That Comes Before
    Children of The Night.

    Have a great night

  22. oh, I forgot … Kudos to everyone involved with BAMSR. The best ep of the season so far, IMO.

    And the bit at the end … Marty G, you are an EVIL man! It’s been putting myriad possible plot developments for the rest of the season running thru my head ever since. I love it!

  23. Hello to both Joe and to Martin Gero!

    I just wanted to first say thank you so much for yet another wonderful episode! BAMSR was one of my favorites yet as it had a lovely mix of action and character moments. Thank you!

    One question in relation to BAMSR and to the season if I may? Mr. Gero wrote that Teyla had a crush on Sheppard in Sunday and it was again touched on subtly in Doppelganger. Yet two episodes later in Missing, we learn that Teyla has a new beau. So Teyla has obviously made her choice this season. It was perhaps touched on again slightly with Sheppard’s reaction to Teyla’s news in BAMSR then as well. Will we ever see further explanation or subtle touching on of these feelings or does her choice give a permanent end (meaning through series end) to the previously established teasing moments between Teyla and Sheppard? I don’t want outright romance, but I am hoping we’ll continue to see some of these feelings subtly explored. It seems odd to touch on them in Doppelganger so close to Missing otherwise. Without giving anything away, can you give us a hint if this is permanently at end or if we’ll still perhaps see more on this?

    Thank you!

  24. Just saw BAMSR. Very interesting. Lots of good stuff. Loved how Carter defended her team. Fran was refreshing. I wonder, is she really gone for good? I liked Shep’s reaction to hearing about Teyla’s pregnancy. I do still hope the answer to all that is more interesting than it is thus far sounding, though.

    Here’s my main question for Martin, though: Where did the title come from?

  25. deeinsouthafrica Says:
    “Apparently word has it that a country can invade the US during something called the Super Bowl and nobody would notice.”

    LOL! It is true that many Americans would not notice as they are glued to the TV set during Super Bowl. Hey…good idea for a movie..invasion during the Super Bowl. I don’t really watch football….uh actually I don’t really watch any sport unless I am forced to. If I had to pick one to watch, it would probably be basketball as it’s fast paced and the ball moves around a lot. Baseball??? OMG that is so boring to me. I know…I’m a different kind of American. I guess I will have to be one of the few.. the diligent… the ones always watching America’s six. (did I use that correctly?) Um… unless I’m on the computer…then we would have no chance of me noticing. ;-D


  26. Joe, whoever comes out on top in the playoff games, or in Sheppard/Larrin and Romo/Simpson-type games *coughs*, this entry made me laugh to the point where I thought my navel might get uncorked. (But I didn’t care.)

    Anytime a Monday Night Football game turns into an unexpected snoozefest, at halftime the commentary booth should be turned over to Cookie and the Baron. Ratings would go through the roof. 😀

  27. My daughter is turning twelve next week, and she’s a huge fan. Have you read and do you recommend any of the books?

  28. Joseph Aloysius Mallozzi you get right back to your computer and do your thing!

    (Pouts like a ten year old and stamps feet)
    Joe I have my night time routine all set out.

    Let dog out/let dog in.
    Brush teeth.
    Put on silk pyjamas okay so they‘re not silk.
    Write 1000 words, check and see if Joe has posted, if not spell check 1000 words.
    Write another 1000 words check to see…blah blah, you get the idea…spell check.

    So you can see my predicament do I carry on writing or do I watch the two episodes of Californication that are on TV?

    I am bereft, inconsolable comfortless, dejected, desolate, despairing, disconsolate, discouraged, distressed, forlorn, heartbroken, heartsick and sad.

    Can you see a pattern forming here?

    All of this because you posted too early, don’t you feel ashamed young man???


  29. I’ve been reading a lot of posts questioning the meaning of the title of the episode.

    I think it may refer in part to the fact that the Ancients created the human form replicators to aid them in the war against the Wraith, and it backfired on them. Then Rodney goes and creates a human form replicator to aid them in the destruction of the OTHER human form replicators, a situation which had the potential to go horribly wrong (if Fran had decided that maybe she didn’t want to die, after all …). Like, shouldn’t we have learned something from the first fiasco?

    Am I a little right? A lot wrong? Anyway, just my opinion.

  30. Hello Joe.

    I really enjoyed last night’s episode it was top drawer! Five Stars

    I thought you might like to know that I have done something a little insane. I have adopted a 1 year pug by the name of Molly. Any advice?

    Molly in the snow

  31. I’m not sure which way to go on the SF choice by as far as fantasy, I’d like to voice my vote for the R Scott Bakker. I’ve been meaning to read that for a long time now.

    Cheers Joe, Happy New Year!


  32. LOL!!! While I yearn for the Baron’s prediction for Pittsburgh to come true, alas, I fear Cookie Monster may be more on track. Some key injuries and some rather sloppy play in places has cost us this season. *le sigh*

    So, gonna do a Super Bowl party? If so, what marvelous culinary goodies would be there?

  33. Hi Joe, was that the real Dr. Weir at the end of BAMSR or was that another Replicator???

  34. Hi Joe,
    I loved BAMSR…the minute Rodney started talking about reversing the process I was gabbling out “the key to success is compress not diffuse!”, thank you for letting us know it corresponds to that line of the poem. The effects were amazing as well. I had a few questions. Didn’t Todd leave with the other Wraith, or did he stay to finish his work with McKay? I liked FRAN, is her creation and destruction going to have any other impact on the show beyond this episode? And will there be any other “fireworks” or reactions to Teyla’s news, maybe Rodney’s? Thanks for your time.

  35. CDB: He’ll never tell. If he did, the Baron’d have to kill you..

    Well…….CRIKEY!!!! Just watched BAMSR…. Holy cow you broke the budget on that one. Poor Joe, Jason, David et al will be having nothing but bread and water at the studios for a while!

    (Because I’m Aussie I’m going to fill this paragraph with Aussie slang in order to make the usual positive commentary on the episode a little different, unique lol )….

    Crikey.. the special fx doovilakky machine was going like a dunny door in a cyclone! There were more space ships than blowies on a dead roo I can tell ya! Strewth Joe mate, you did a bonza job and the ending bit with that surprise Sheila popping up like that, she was a bit o’ alright.. mate crack open a tinny because you coulda knocked me over with an emu feather with that show. Good on ya!

    Hope I don’t have to translate.(no I don’t speak like this in actuality)

    As for foot-a-ball… Tell BVD and CM that I don’t watch it.. but I will ask one question pointed at BVD.

    Mr Count: Does your long flowing cape ever get caught in your dastardly bicycle?

    (Thanks for a ripper episode Joe.. it was brilliant!)

  36. Hey.
    I love love love Be all my sins remember’d quite fast paced…and Ellis, a tool indeed.

    Anyways I have a question(or 4). Is BAMS the 4th episode for Torri Higginson? Or will she appear once again later on in the season? I really loved that last scene of BAMS, will that lead to more story lines in the later half of season 4?

    Now that Weir(in one form or another) is alive(well sort of, if not a duplicate) will there be storylines in season 5 involving her?

  37. Annie from Fremantle Says:
    Crikey.. the special fx doovilakky machine was going like a dunny door in a cyclone!

    Is that the same as “Going like the privy door when the plagues in town?”

    See I told you I was bored!


  38. Damn. I bow to Baron Destructo’s omniscience. However, I will forever love the Redskins. On to hockey. Go Minnesota Wild!

  39. Also, I noticed Christopher Heyerdahl was not the wraith Todd this time, was he not available? Will the actor come back to reprise the role later on in the season?

  40. Me again, one question for Martin: Could you explain how does the title refer to this story?

  41. Pauline…

    Ummmmm I have no idea so I’ll google at the same time as typing.. ok… answer is Cooeee cobbah a big bloody oath!

    Watching BAMSR again now and three things (non spfx) stand out to me 1- colonel, colonel, colonels, colonel, colonel…aaaahahahah!!! 2- Ronan holding Teyla’s hand.. sweet. 3- The banter betwixt Todd and Mckay.

  42. Thank You for BAMSR! that was a great episode! I loved the action and all the twists. I really likes the scene when Teyla tells Shep and Ronan that she is pregnant. Shep is upset, but Ronan congratulates her and then takes her hand ans goes with her to be with her while they check to see if both she and the baby are alright. I likes seeing Ronan’s gentle and supportive side. It really showed the strength of the relationship and care that has grown in the team. This one episode will so far be the first I watch on the DVD set. Thank you Martin!!
    Joe thank you for your blog. This is the first time I have ever posted a comment. I am much better informed about foods since I started reading it in March. Your dogs are great. Lulu in the snow was wonderful!

  43. Congratulations on BAMSR. It was, without doubt, the best episode so far this season. If future episode(s) out-perform this one, you can all revel in some of the best work you have ever done and a hopeful assurance that SciFi will renew the show for a 6th season. It is not often that an episode can make me laugh, chew my fingernails, AND scream at the end, so kudos to you!

    I was wondering why the episode was titled “Be All My Sins Remember’d”?

  44. *pops back in to think about the antimatter chipmunk. wonders about quantum mirrors, then pops back out*

  45. (grudgingly mumbling apologies for doubting the Baron). danged deadskins…

  46. Absolutely loved BAMSR! I’m about to watch it yet again.
    Questions for Martin:
    1) How did the idea of the character FRAN come about?
    I’m curious because – while I liked the character – it seems to me she really wasn’t needed in the story – you could have simply allowed McKay to finally figure out how to make the block of nanites work. So I’m wondering if you simply wanted another twist in the already jam-packed story (I’m not complaining!), or if you wanted to create another type of character that might reappear in the future.

    2) How did the idea for the “compress not diffuse” solution come about? (I loved it.) And do you have real scientists that you consult to get the science right once you come up with a plotline?

  47. Hi Joe,

    Someone asked you if “Psych” was canceled after you mentioned it was shot in Vancouver in the past tense. I know that you were talking in the past tense because the show has either finished filming for the season or down due to the strike, but I don’t think the question ever got answered for the person.

    Just wanted to tell the person who asked that I was driving near NBC Universal today and there’s a big billboard advertising that “Psych” is returning Jan 11 with new episodes on USA. And yes, I’ll be watching, too. (in case you are wondering why, it’s a buddy show — the same thing that got me watching both SG-1 and ATL, and what’ll keep me watching as long as that is part of the mix… although right now I’m immersed in Band of Brothers and Boston Legal season 3)

  48. Thanks for an episode with as much going on as BAMSR has! Not only did we get immensely satisfying space battles, but also humor, great character moments, and hints of things to come. Season Four continues to impress!

  49. “Apparently word has it that a country can invade the US during something called the Super Bowl and nobody would notice.”

    Hey, not only the U.S wouldn’t notice, but Atlantis would be in serious danger as well. Sheppard would be unavailable to lead a battle.

    Just an FYI, Joe. As a very good girl in Canada who is not downloading Atlantis off the internet like another Canadian in Vancouver that I suspect may be, (cough-PG-15-cough) if Marty G. answers questions about BAMSR on Sunday, I won’t get a chance to ask an intelligent question about it. So, watch for my stupid questions instead.


  50. @WayBeyondSoccerMom – I never can tell who’s who in the battle scenes, either, except for the Wraith ships. I’m no good with cars, either.

    For Martin: which line in BAMSR do you wish you could take credit for that someone else actually wrote? And why didn’t McKay make a blonde Replicator?

    Loved the episode! Will you do the DVD commentary?

  51. Ok, just finished BAMSR.

    Review: Link to VEEERY long post

    Just…bloody brilliant. One of the best episodes of Stargate, period. I go into a lot more depth in my review, but just as a taster:


    -FRAN!! Please bring her back? Please?!

    -The Battle of Asuras = Greatest Battle EVAR.

    -Teyla/Ronon/Shep scene = So heartwarming that it hurts, in a good way. Joe Flanigan especially did a brilliant job with his portrayl.

    -McKay’s solution (e.g. the subject of the line in the poem) = blew my mind.

    -Everything else.


    -Episode should’ve been spread out over multiple episodes to allow for more depth in the various stories. I.e. more interactions between Fran and everyone else; more reactions from Shep and Ronon from Teyla’s pregnency; more build-up to the BIG BATTLE, etc.

    And one question, to Joe or Martin:

    Do you guys know where you’re going with Weir’s story? A yes or no will be fine. Thank you.

  52. Some people think it was the real Weir. Some people think it was a clone Weir. Some think it was the clone Weir from “This Mortal Coil”. Some are even thinking full Replicator Weir.

    Is she good or bad? And who was she with? The ‘good’ replicators or someone else? If she’s a clone, are there clones of the rest of the team with her?

    “Good. We can finally get to work without having to look over our shoulders. It’s time to begin.”

    What “work”? Will it be good for Atlantis or bad?

    Complete ambiguity. You’ve outdone yourselves, gentlemen.


    Anne Teldy

  53. LOVED BAMSR – favorite this season (at least so far)
    I usually don’t like the spacebattle episodes but this one rocked. It had big character moments. And little moments – like when Sheppard jumps in front of the Wraith to protect him while Ronon jumps away as if to say “have at him.”

    To echo previous posters, I need to the title spelled out for me too, please. I can think of several sins that could be remembered for this episode, not the least of which Atlantis people sort of being responsible for the Replicators killing off the Wraiths feeding “herds” because they brought the Replicators back into the fight with Wraith.

    Jumping around – the bit about the lack of queens and inability to produce new warriors got me thinking about wraith reproduction – yuck.

    Thanks for a great show!

  54. Hello, Mr. M! I just got back from seeing Sweeny Todd. It was AWESOME! Have you seen it? It was very dark. I’m listening to the soundtrack now. It’s awesome.

    Will there be anything shippy in Quarantine?

  55. Hey Joe,
    1) Is there any story-line arcs planned in Season5 of SGA for Torri’s Character? Because you left us hanging for more after BAMSR
    2) Also, I LOVE “Be All My Sins Remember’d” EPISODE, it has to be one of the greatest so far in this season apart from Tabula Rasa and This Mortal Coil… the visual effects my have costed heaps I’m assuming?
    3) Was the Asurans Aurora Class Ships meant to be a plot hole? Because there has been a lot of complaints of how the combined ships of Atlantis, Travelers & Wraith managed to destroy the Aurora Class Fleet so easily.
    Because in ‘Before I Sleep’ it was mentioned that One-One an ancient warship was more powerful than a Wraith Ship, yet in the scene we see there is 7 Hives Ships, 5 Travelers ships, 1 Aurora Ship and 2 Asgard- Enhanced Daedalus Class Ships -> Considering this the Aurora Fleet should have been able to wipe them out as the Atlantis Fleet were still outnumbered and outgunned (Drones & The Amount Of ZPMs)… Could you please elaborate on this

    4) Last question! Promise =) Where were the ‘Super’ Jumpers during that battle scene


  56. OMFG!!!!!!!!!! BAMSR was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
    I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never stared at a screen so intently, sooooooooo much props to Marty G XD
    My Question: When writing the episode, did you pitch the idea of massive effects, or were you given the freedom of budget beforhand and determined it on that?

  57. Eh, sorry about this, but after watching some satonic video on youtube, I thoroughly dislike the cookie monster – mainly because it gave me the creeps…oh well. Envisioning it in my mind is also damn creepy.

  58. For various reasons, I haven’t been able to read your blog for the past two weeks, so I played catch up tonight. I was starting to go into withdrawal!

    BAMSR was absolutely amazing!! Moments I liked: McKay’s response to the “Colonels,” Carter confronting Ellis, Ronon’s response to Telya and the space battle.

    I wasn’t too fond of Larrin in Travelers, but I actually liked her in this episode. If she comes back, I hope it remains that way. 🙂

    Unless I’m mistaken, Torri’s name wasn’t listed in the credits at the beginning. Whoever made that decision, I applaud you because I was actually surprised at the episode’s end.

    Again, this was a fantastic episode!

  59. OK. Wow. Just… Wow. I didn’t get to see BAMSR last night, and so i just finished watching it. I don’t even know what to say. You’ve left me utterly speechless. You guys gave me a, “Holy sh*t! No way! No f*cking way!” moment! No TV show has managed to give me one of those “OMG!” moments in years! Any time, any time a show can give me one of those moments, it’s dead on, 100% brilliance.

    BAMSR goes down with the best of the best in my book, and the twist ending, the best of the best of the best of twists. After seeing an episode like that, you can’t help but say “F*ck yea! Now tha’ts A T L A N T I S baby!”

    You’ll have to forgive the rambling, it’s not often that i lack the words to express my joy and amazement. BAMSR, one of the best episodes of Atlantis, and the Stargate Franchise. My only wish is that it could have been itself, a 2 parter! 😉 I can’t wait, absolutely can’t wait to see where the Weir story goes. Is she good? Evil? What’s her plan!? Was she the one who was really behind the whole “this mortal coil” incident ? Was it all part of HER plan to get rid of Oberoth? Does she have some evil Machiavellian plan? For that matter, is it “really” her?

    Rhetorical questions aside, she seems to be pulling the strings of something, she’s hatched a plan, a plan that’s all falling into place. I for one, can’t wait to see what that plan is!


  60. Thanks to all involved with BAMSR. It was awesome!!! Please if guys see Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion, please wish they a happy Birthday. Thanks.
    These questions are for Joe or Martin:
    1) Was there a reason Larrin had to tie Shep up when they talked?
    2) Since this was Torri’s 4 ep, eventhough it was really small. Will we see her more in S5? BTW, like the bad guy idea. 😀
    3) Was John’s reaction to Teyla’s news the big fireworks or is there going to be more?
    Thank you and hopefully you’ll get to answer.

  61. The world’s most obsessive Sheyla is back insisting that Teyla’s Athosian boyfriend is just a plot device to get her to hook up with John.

    Do you ever wonder about the sanity of some of these people? Seriously?

    It’s quite bizarre how many of these nutters neglect their own families, in favour of spending time fawning over TV characters. Very, very scary.

  62. so after my sadness upon discovering that my DVR is once again angling to get itself chucked out the window by not taping SGA last night and also after my car accident thursday imagine my surprise to see the hawks actually pull out a win from the magic bag. So it looks like its one a piece for cookie and baron.

  63. If you don’t bring Weir back after BAMSR, you’re truly crazy,

    Go and check out the episode thread on GW. There are more people who want her back than don’t want her back. Even a lot of people who have been on the fence regarding her would be happy to see her back.

    If you don’t bite the bullet and offer Torri something that’ll bring her back, I won’t be surprised since your previous comments have given me the impression you really don’t like the character, but I will be extremely disappointed.

    Weir’s alive in season five!

    That’s all I have to say…

  64. Please, for the love of all things related to good television, bring Torri back for season five.

    She rocks. She rocks way more than the rest of them. And she wears leather better, too.

  65. Yello Joe,
    Just one question, what happen to the aurora class ship Tria (In Return Part1)? Will it be mentioned in the episode Midway?

  66. Redskins are gone im so thrilled!!!! Hey Joe do you ever watch B.S.G.? If so how do you like it . I myself find it has alot more action than my stargate shows.

  67. An amusing insight into the world of football. I’m sure if I followed football even slightly it would have been funnier, but I enjoyed reading what Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo had to say anyway.

  68. Questions for Martin and Joe, (whomever can best answer them)
    When I heard the title of this episode I had a different picture in my head of what would be going on in the story. I thought it would be the Atlantis crew having something bite them on the butt because of something they had done. (like them finding out from Todd that the Replicators were killing humans because McKay made them go after the Wraith) Or having other worlds upset with them for what they had done.
    1. So that made me wonder, why did you name the episode, “Be All My Sins Remembered”?

    When John said they could tell when the Replicator ships would arrive to the half hour, I thought they were cutting the evacuation too close. Then when the ship arrived before Atlantis’s military could get through the gate I knew it was too close.
    2. a. Since Ronon had said they were ahead in the evacuation schedule, why did they cut it that close with 2,000 people still on the planet? b. And why did Atlantis’s military stay on the planet with the Replicator’s ship so close?

    3. Did the Wraith do anything to John, Teyla, or Ronon while they were stunned and out cold?

    John said to Teyla, “Is this a joke?” and then looked at Ronon. I thought he was looking to Ronon for confirmation on whether Ronon knew about the pregnancy. I have heard other opinions that he was asking Ronon if Ronon were the father of the baby or really just asking if it were a joke.
    4. Was he asking Ronon if he knew of the pregnancy, if it were a joke, or if Ronon was the baby’s father?

    5. Is it certain that the daddy of Teyla’s baby is the Athosian guy(I couldn’t quite catch the name Ronon said)? Some fans are thinking it might have something to do with the Wraith Michael and some kind of experimentation.

    6. a. Why didn’t Teyla tell John sooner? Was she afraid she would be taken off active duty or was it more that she didn’t know how to tell anyone or what they would think? Something else? b.Wasn’t she worried about her baby getting hurt on missions? c.Why didn’t Keller take her off active duty? Keller has the power and it would be her responsibility to do that to protect the baby. d.Will there be any fallout for Keller on that decision?

    I believe that John had good reasons to be upset with Teyla, when he first was told about the baby. She put him in a bad situation, where he was unknowingly putting her baby in danger, every time they went on a mission. Also, he had to feel hurt on a personal level as they are very close friends and she didn’t tell him for 2 months. But, there was no scene with John and Teyla later, where they talked about the baby more.
    7. In the future will there be a scene with them discussing her reasons for not telling him and his reaction to the news?

    8. a. Were they planning on overloading ALL of the ZPMs to make the Replicator mass explode? b. If not, why didn’t they plan on stealing some ZPM’s as they are so badly needed? c.Also, when they weren’t able to overload the ZPM’s, why didn’t they beam some of them up to the Daedalus? (I’m sure they could have beamed them up or the whole device they were in)

    I liked Fran! I kept thinking to myself…wouldn’t it be funny if Rodney ended up liking her and made a copy for himself! It would be interesting if Rodney did that and kept her hidden a while.

    Things I LOVED:
    Sam coming down on Ellis over his treatment of McKay.
    Fran…she was adorable. (I felt bad for her demise even if she didn’t)
    Sam understanding Rodney and knowing where he was going with his idea.
    Sam helping Rodney to blow up planet and Rodney’s, “We’re geniuses!” (it just doesn’t seem realistic that Sam would always stay in the background and never help with the geek stuff)

    Most important questions:
    9. Was she the real Weir, duplicate human Weir or Replicator Weir? Is she good or evil?

    10.Is Todd still on Atlantis or off with the Wraith?

    11. Do the Wraith know the location of Atlantis?

    Sorry if I repeated any questions.

    Scrutinizinly and Ratiocinatively,

  69. THANK YOU for BAMSR. the changes in that episode… dear god i fan boy squeed. it was amazing ^o^

    the last 30 seconds were the best ^o^

  70. BAMSR was amazing. I loved everyone teaming up against the Replicators. And Rodney sorta-bantering with a freaking Wraith. And John sneaking a peak at Larrin’s rack. And Rodney’s “dry spell”

    I think my favourite though was all the Sam/Rodney interaction. I was one of the people who were mildly concerned about Sam coming to Atlantis, and how her and Rodney’s interactions would go. Sam sticking up for Rodney and Rodney’s “We’re geniuses” were so great.

    Did you watch the gold medal game of the world junior hockey championship? We had it on at work so everyone could watch!

  71. Very much enjoyed BAMSR.

    Great special effects – space battles! The whole blob and drawing the replicators from space – way too cool. loved Carter sticking up for McKay, and loved Caldwell being back. I’m not a fan of Ellis – and good to see him facing a united front. Also, very, very glad for the final scene between Sheppard and McKay, because they had spent so much of the episode split up. I’ll have to say, totally realistic reaction of Teyla’s pregancy from John. He worries about his team and the danger, and its been pretty dangerous! The only thing that didn’t work – the lame flirting by John with Larrin. No chemistry there at all.

    My questions for Mr. Gero – was there a scene planned but cut with Rodney finding out about Teyla’s pregancy? And why in the world would John leave the others and submit to being tied up by Larrin? That was an odd jump that wasn’t really explained – so I’m imagining some cut bits.

  72. salut joe!!
    comment allez vous aujourd’hui??

    je voulais juste savoir quel est votre personnages préféré dans sg1 et dans atlantis, et pourquoi?

    voilà, gros bisous!!:)

  73. Thanks for the mention Joe and thanks also for a hilarious blog, just what a birthday girl needs to start the day off right.
    I’m just going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs now til Tuesday when I get to watch BAMSR and find out what all the palaver is about.

  74. BAMSR completely blew me out of the water. I LOVED the space battles. They felt very big-screen…just amazing. I have to say that when I heard Rodney explaining his plan to plant a replicator magnet, I imagined human-form replicators flying towards it whole and sticking, until there was just a big ball with arms and legs sticking out of it. Much more comical than the what aired on Friday. The scene where Tayla told her team about her pregnancy was perfect. Ronan was totally adorable.

    I guess, and this isn’t really a complaint, but I just expected more s*** to go wrong in the episode. It could have easily stretched into a two-hour story if we saw what *actually* happened while the team was unconscious, or if Fran started to take issue the fact that her purpose was to destroy, and then cease to exist, or if some of the replicators survived the exploding planet. My questions: 1) Did you push Torri’s credit to the end of the episode for say, contractual/political reasons or because it would spoil the cliffhanger? (I thought it was a great idea. I hate being spoiled by guest star credits!) 2) Was there debate on Fran’s character, and whether it was “too easy” for her to simply actually work like she was supposed to?

    As of my posting this, 76% of Gateworld voters gave BAMSR a 10/10 on the episode poll. I know it’s still early but that’s the highest I’ve ever seen it. Fan favorite indeed!

  75. Hello Joseph =) sa va bien? vous avez bien dormie jespert!
    Moi j’ai rêver de vous, et oui, encors!

    Eh bien BAMSR a l’aire d’être un super épisode, je suis impatiente de le voire!

    Vivement le 3 février! …..hum le superbawl est bien a cette date???

    1) Aimez vous le foot?
    2) allons nous encors voir beaucoup de réplicateur dans la suite de la saison 4?
    3) Si un extraterrestre se retrouverais dans votre salon, quel est le premiére chose que vous lui diriez?

    Voila, Gros Kisou Kisou, je vous adore ♥Merci.

  76. Be All My Sins Rememberd was absolutely amazing; wonderful character development; amazing story; plot twists I didn’t see coming; awesome space battle; did I mention character develpment? Loved Samantha Carter getting back into science. Loved Ronon being a good friend. Loved John being pissed.

  77. Be All My Sins Rememberd was absolutely amazing; wonderful character development; amazing story; plot twists I didn’t see coming; awesome space battle; did I mention character develpment? Loved Samantha Carter getting back into science. Loved Ronon being a good friend. Loved John being pissed.

    Stopping now. Was just gonna say that I loved it. Got carried away.

    My only question is this: How are you all so awesome?

  78. I loved BAMSR, thanks for a great episode.

    I was wondering if Fondy still has her jewellery site going or whether she’s given it up now to run the boutique?

  79. My votes:

    Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge

    Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions

    Fevre Dream

  80. BAMSR was quintessential Stargate. It contained all the elements (hydrogen, helium, lithium) that make Stargate the amazing show it is. Congrats!

  81. just seen Doppleganger (yeah, ok, I’m a bit behind the times) … seriously, that will have to go right up there with my Favourite Episodes (currently The Eye and The Storm) and now BAMSR – that was a pretty exciting episode! But Dark!Weir at the end…. woah – Where did that come from?! and why weren’t Weirs people affected by the magnetism? Either they aren’t Replicators or they were otherwise somehow protected from its effects….

    And finally Teyla tells John and Ronan about the baby… the reactions by the guys were right on.
    Thoroughly enjoyed BAMSR. Job well done.

  82. Like some of the other ladies I am unable to differentiate between the different battle ships. Can you maybe arrange for them to have numbers painted on their sides or maybe hae them painted different colours.

    Monday 7 January 2008 is diet day number 1.

  83. Bonjour M. Mallozzi,
    Tout d’abord, je vous souhaite une bonne année à vous et à vos proches (et non, ce n’est pas trop tard, on peut souhaiter ses voeux jusqu’à fin janvier, du moins en France 😛 ) en espérant que 2008 vous apporte une bonne santé et un grand bonheur.

    J’ai pu voir “Be all my sins remember’d” hier soir, et j’ai enfin décidé de vous donner mon avis, un de plus parmi tous vos fans.
    Cet épisode était magnifique, tant au niveau des effets spéciaux (magnifiques vraiment) qu’au niveau du scénario et jeux des acteurs.

    Les épisodes précédents étaient eux-aussi bien réussi, et ce n’est pas parce que j’ai préféré “Be all my sins remember’d” aux autres que je vous écris maintenant (pour tout vous dire j’ai préféré Tabula Rasa) mais pour… et bien, parce que je voulais vous dire, à vous et à toute l’équipe d’Atlantis que, même si certains fans se plaignent tout le temps des décisions que vous prenez, d’autres fans vous supportent toujours, depuis le début, et je ne crois pas que cela s’arrêtera là. C’est peut-être un peu présomptueux de ma part, mais voila, je voulais que vous le sachiez. Vive vous, et vive Atlantis! 🙂

    Pour revenir à “Be all my sins remember’d”, j’ai beaucoup aimé la réaction de Sheppard face à la grossesse de Teyla. Non pas qu’il ait bien réagi, mais c’était tout à fait dans l’idée que je me faisais de son personnage.

    Juste une chose: Teyla dit, lors de cette scène, que les femmes enceintes restent “actives” même lors d’une grossesse, cela m’a semblé… et bien, bizarre. J’ai toujours imaginé que dans la Galaxie de Pégase, à cause des Wraith et des morts et disparitions à répétition, une femme enceinte serait bien plus respectée et surtout plus protégée, étant celle portant l’avenir de son peuple. Cela semble peut-être archaïque comme idée, dans notre monde, mais dans la situation des peuples de Pégase, je pense que ce serait compréhensible.
    Bref, je me suis peut-être faite de mauvaises idées, à moins que Teyla ne dise cela pour ne pas que Sheppard l’enlève de son équipe et qu’elle ne puisse plus chercher les siens ?

    Autre chose, j’ai aussi beaucoup aimé les interactions entre le Wraith et McKay, même si elles étaient malheureusement peu nombreuses (je sais, un épisode dure 40/45 minutes et on ne peut pas tout avoir…)
    McKay ne semblait plus effrayé avant que le Wraith ne le menace de se nourrir de lui, et j’ai même eu l’impression qu’il le considérait comme un autre scientifique, extra-Atlantis peut-être, mais pas comme un Wraith, et surtout presque comme un égal, puisqu’il ne l’insultait pas comme avec Zelenka. Je me demande si, maintenant que le Wraith est parti, il ne va pas un peu lui manquer, même si je sais que McKay ne se l’avouerait jamais. Là encore, je me fais sûrement des idées. 🙂
    N’empêche que j’espère vraiment qu’on reverra ce Wraith, j’aimais bien son coté légèrement humain avec McKay, même si j’espère que la prochaine fois, il retrouvera la cruauté et la supériorité spécifiques des Wraith. (Oui, j’aime le style que vous avez donné aux Wraith, ce n’est pas de ma faute si je trouve que ce sont les “méchants” les plus classes de l’univers de Stargate 😛 )

    Et bien voilà, je vous remercie pour ces moments de bonheur que vous nous faîtes vivre chaque vendredi (samedi pour moi) et encore un grand bravo pour avoir fait d’Atlantis ce qu’elle est (que je préfère à SG-1 pour tout vous dire 🙂 )

    J’espère aussi que vous avez compris ce que j’ai pu écrire, parce que j’ai cru comprendre que vous lisiez le français, mais je ne connais pas vraiment votre niveau. ^^

    Encore une bonne année à vous.
    A bientôt.

  84. Good morning. I was wondering the other day. In Hot Zone McKay, shortly before he was expecting to die, told Ford and Zelenka and people that he had been working on a way to use the stargate to power a dummy-ZPM. Something to do with a loop. I was wondering if we’ll ever hear anything about that.


  85. Hey, Cookie, Hey Baron … football, huh? That’s the one without the hoops?

    Hey Annie of F … we already have Talk like a Pirate Day, you should instigate Talk Like an Aussie Day. Brilliant.

    “OOoooh, look, shiny …” … wanders off …

  86. Another quick question: You’ve mentioned that you haven’t read any manga, which really sucks because you’re missing out on some great stuff. But if you decided to try it, what series would interest you most?

  87. Complete Works of Shakespeare

    Hamlet’s famous Soliloquy, from “Hamlet”

    See the final line.

    To be, or not to be: that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
    No more; and by a sleep to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;
    To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
    Must give us pause: there’s the respect
    That makes calamity of so long life;
    For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
    The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,
    The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,
    The insolence of office and the spurns
    That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
    When he himself might his quietus make
    With a bare bodkin? who would fardels bear,
    To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The undiscover’d country from whose bourn
    No traveller returns, puzzles the will
    And makes us rather bear those ills we have
    Than fly to others that we know not of?
    Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
    And thus the native hue of resolution
    Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
    And enterprises of great pith and moment
    With this regard their currents turn awry,
    And lose the name of action.–Soft you now!
    The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons
    Be all my sins remember’d.

  88. Scifan said:
    Was there a reason Larrin had to tie Shep up when they talked?

    Yes a really good reason…I’m unable to think of one right this very moment but…oh wait yes!

    It’s because Larrin is a representative of Shep whumpers every where and so obviously into BDSM.

    You go girl!!

  89. For those folks who wish they knew what “orisons” meant (it’s “prayers”), here’s a great website to expand your vocabulary and do charity work at the same time:

    Free Rice

    For each word you get correct, 20 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations. Yesterday, 112,720,840 grains of rice were donated. It’s an excellent site for middle and high school students, and those older folks who want to improve their vocabulary.

    Here’s my challenge to you, Joe. My highest level is 47. Can you top me?

  90. Hello Joseph….snif demain les cours reprennent!!! Je n’est pas envi, les vacances sont passée trés vite!!!

    ce soir je vais voir Be all my sins remember’d. j’ai vu l’extrait une Teyla annonce a John qu’elle est enceinte ahahah il est jaloue…ce n’est plus qu’une question de temp pour qu’il lui déclare sa flamme j’en suis sur^^!!

    J’ai atteind les 46000 commentaires sur mon blog!!

    Bon aller, Kisou, je repasserais pour vous dire comment j’ai trouver l’épisode^^!

  91. Joe-

    My beloved Skins lost. I fear they were jinxed when the Baron decided to back Seattle and Cookie Monster rooted for them. Actually, I think the Baron and his evil cohorts fixed the game, sounds like something they would do. After all, evil always bands together………

    I have a Hong Kong question if I may ask- when you visit, did you stay on HK Island or Kowloon (like the TST area), or……..????? Was there a big difference between the two?

  92. Dear Joe and Martin,
    I worked so long on my questions that I forgot to say:


    I hope my questions didn’t sound too picky or seem as if I didn’t like the episode. It’s definately one of my favorites! I just had a lot of questions once I got going. ;-P

    Thank you for such a wonderful episode!

  93. Hi,

    This question is for Martin and Joe, if it’s not too late to submit questions. When you guys were writing these episodes, was there a conscious effort to make them so diametrically opposed? TMC is the story of 5 replicator creations and insists that they are human and have a soul. Whereas, BAMSR has an element in it (FRAN) that is a story of 1 creation and insists that it is not human and does not (appear to) have a soul. Was this accidental, or coordinated? If it was coordinated, it’s a subplot, IMO, that really fits in well with the namesake of the episodes.

    One other question is how can I further support SGA? I watch the episodes live and buy the DVD sets. I was, and continue to be, not happy about the loss of Weir and Beckett, especially within 5 episodes of each other. But in the end, I do not want to lose the show, and I would love to see the show go as long as SG-1.

  94. Oh yeah, I forgot to add, this storyline is probably the first time I’ve found Weir interesting since her appearance on SG-1, so well done!

  95. Be All My Sins Remember’d was a great episode. The special effects were fantastic. The ending was great.

    Here are my questions for Mr. Gero. 1) Is the Weir at the end of Be All My Sins Remember’d the original one plus a few Nanites, a Repli one, or the copy team version? 2) Is Be All My Sins Remember’d the last episode that has Weir in season four? 3) If it is the original Weir plus a few Nanites, is the human side of her in control, or the robot side of her? 4) Mr. Cooper did the guest Q and A for Doppelganger and he said that Zelenka’s was scared of walnuts and kittens and that Carter’s worst fear was featured in Grace Under Pressure (question and answer cut and pasted at the bottom of the comment). Since you wrote the episode, what is it? 5) Whatever happened to Sora? Thank you.

    I really hope that these questions arrived in time to be answered. I was helping my grandmother with some stuff yesterday so I could not get to a computer and post the questions yesterday.

    Anonymous #7 writes: “A question though, if I may? If you had longer with the episode to explore more personnel’s fears, what would we see for the likes of Zelenka and Carter?”
    RCC: Strangely Zelenka has a mortal fear of both kittens and walnuts and Carter’s worst fear was already featured in Marty Gero’s Grace Under Pressure.

  96. I was totally surprised that Weir was in Be All My Sins Remember’d. Good job on managing to keep one thing from leaking to the internet!

  97. “Gennifer Says: The world’s most obsessive Sheyla is back insisting that Teyla’s Athosian boyfriend is just a plot device to get her to hook up with John.

    Do you ever wonder about the sanity of some of these people? Seriously?

    It’s quite bizarre how many of these nutters neglect their own families, in favour of spending time fawning over TV characters. Very, very scary.”

    What is scary is that you are now sinking to ridiculous and uncalled for personal attacks. That is unacceptable on any medium. I should hope it would be unacceptable here as well. How dare you even suggest we neglect our families for TV. That is completely uncalled for and completely uncouth.

  98. Excellent episode yet again! A couple of questions:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like McKay is getting out of line? Making decisions and creating things (like Fran) that he should have consulted about before making a human form Replicator? While I love his character, I’m finding him to be a bit annoying. Does he never learn from his mistakes?

    Also, yay for Weir coming back! Or at least not being dead. Was that the real Weir or repli-Weir? Are we supposed to know? (probably not, I guess.). So the real Q: when you wrote the ending, did you have any ideas in mind as to where you’d take the Weir story line? Or is it just an open-ended thing so that you have the possibility of bringing the character back in some form/version if you feel like it later?


  99. Je vient de regarder “Be All My Sins Remember’d”

    Waou! Génial j’adore!!! il est trés bien fait, en plus a la fin on voit Elizabeth, impatiente de voir la suite!!Merci encors pour ce belle épisode.
    Aller gros Bisou, a demain. je vous adore ♥

  100. Does this qualify for a blog dedication? I have to spend the next five days in a law classroom with about 60 police recruits, most (if not all) of whom are 20 years younger than me. I was telling myself not to be anxious, after all, the instructors are nice guys. Then I remembered that the reason I know the instructors are nice guys is because I’ve met them before…when I was helping them teach sobriety field testing last year…by being a volunteer drinker. Great. Last time they saw me, I was drunk. It could be a long week.

  101. In the vote for which books to do next,
    “Bright of the Sky” by Kay Kenyon

    “Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions” by Gaiman

    “Children of the Night” by Simmons.

    You certainly have an eclectic taste in books.

    Regarding BAMSR? The ending took me completely by surprise, in a good way. I love it when that happens. I’ve enjoyed this season more than expected because of the many character moments that are included. I hope they keep on coming.

  102. Y’all just love blowing up planets, don’t ya? What do you think this is, Dark Star?! 😉

    Maybe Rodney can figure out how to blow up a black hole next… No wait! The Ancients did that 10,000 years ago and they’ve all only gots a few years left to the galaxy. 🙂

    Yes, I’m kidding. Yes, I’m a big fan of the show and no, I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the fan sites. I like to just enjoy the show without having to know everything about it. I did love this latest episode and look forward to many more years of it all.

    And big thanks to Annie from Fremantle for pointing out your blog to me, Joe 🙂

  103. Hi Joe!
    Congratulations for BAMSR, what an amazing episode!
    The ending is amazing too, I hope Elizabeth will come back for the next season, because the storyline you have developed for her is too interesting.
    Can you tell us something about her future??? Just a very small clue!!

  104. I loved BAMSR and was shocked at the responses of both Ronon’s and Sheppard’s at the announcement of Teyla’s pregnancy. I can understand Sheppard’s response but for some reason expected Ronon to react like Sheppard and Sheppard to react like Ronon. I almost invisioned as they walked down to the infirmary Teyla and Ronon skipping down the hall. They have grown into a close friendship.

    The biggest shocker was at the end where weir came in play ( I actually expected Mckay to build his own replicator!) After my jaw finally came up off the floor, I have two questions.

    Was it my imagination or was weirs hands blue? where they gloves or is she ill? Secondly Has weir turned evil or will this be an alliance. If it is an alliance does that mean like in This Mortal Coil the purpose of replicator Keelers annoucement that the real weir was dead was only told to stop the team from looking for her, so she can work in peace? OR did somehow replicator weir survive in the attack that allowed the real Atlantis team to get away?

    I cant wait for the next episode

    Do you think if the movies of SG-1 do extremely well and now that Sci Fi Channel is taking into fact TIVO and DV-R watchers that they may bring back SG-1 for a season 11 or bring an exclusive season 11 to iTunes to see how it does.

    OH! being a world of Warcraft player, I loved the cameo in the first episode of season 4!

    I will always be a loyal fan of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, I will always support Stargate and sometimes wish I would love to Vancover CA from Michigan in hopes to be able to have a walk on roll on Atlantis.

    I have high hopes for Atlantis and expect the show to be on for a long time and maybe even longer than SG1 there is so many things you could do with the show.

    Do you think if another major character is killed off in the season that you will bring in another SG 1 team member into Atlantis or maybe FRAN?

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