Woohoo! Look at what arrived in the mail yesterday! Yes, it’s a super special advance copy of the third and final book in Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy. As regular readers of this blog know, I count the first two books in the series – The Blade Itself and Before They Are Hanged – among my Top Twenty-Five Books I Would Take With Me Were I To Be Exiled To An Otherwise Pleasantly Livable Planet By A Loathsome and Senselessly Vindictive Organization Like, Say, The Folks At Blogger. And just how did I get my hands on an advanced copy? Well, to make a long story unnecessarily longer –

I’m an acquaintance of Baron Destructo (who is acting president of L.A.M.E., the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil, an organization hellbent on world conquest and the subjugation of the entire human race) from way back when we used to run in the same Dungeons and Dragons circles (Delfoss Draco, 14th level goblin thief, mediocre numbers across the board with the stand-out exception of a charisma of 18, pleased to meetcha). Anyhoo, several years ago, I ran into the Baron at a baby shower for a mutual friend and he invited me back to the moonbase where the league was planning to celebrate their recent invasion of Madagascar (You didn’t hear about it because it was never made public. I refer to both the invasion and the after-party). So I went to the party where I met the rest of the league and made the acquaintance of Sinderella Washington and her boyfriend at the time, the Tumbler. Her abilities were essentially hypnosis-based – powers of suggestion and the like – in addition to superhuman agility, a spectacular proficiency with blades, and a leather outfit guaranteed to stop casual bystanders in their tracks. He tumbled. Backwards, forwards, sideways – executing a roll or two before bounding back up onto his feet, none the worse for wear. Impressive at parties but as far as inspiring fear in potential victims or Captain Spectacular and his Confederacy of Justice – not so much. When Sinderella excused herself to go beat senseless the waiter who had served her a gin and tonic as opposed to the gin and 7 she’d ordered, the Tumbler confided that he wasn’t cut out for this whole supervillain thing and had only joined the League in a misguided attempt to save his eroding relationship. It seems they were growing apart – he, then a struggling film editor with aspirations to someday write one of the most enjoyably atypical fantasy trilogies of all time, she, a merciless villainess with a penchant for wholesale slaughter. They were destined to be two ships passing all-too-dangerously close in the night, but he sought to forestall the seemingly inevitable by transforming himself into one of the greatest villains in the history of villaindom (or at least for as long as they were keeping official records)! Instead, he settled for The Tumbler. Shockingly, his powers didn’t derive from any mutant gene or alien physiology or even a state-of-the-art wardrobe. He was just good at tumbling. In any case, we had a long heart to heart (it took Sinderella a while to track down the waiter who’d been hiding in the walk-in shoe closet), and it became clear to me that here was a man with courage and heart, a man who was willing to do anything for love. And I decided right there and then that I was going to help him.

We returned to Earth and immediately got to work, fashioning a whole new super villain persona for him – one that he could be proud of, one that would command the respect of not only the love of his life, but the entire League of Aliens and Mutants for Evils. We researched and worked, days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into other months (I think we celebrated Valentine’s Day twice that year) but, eventually, our work was completed. He’d been thoroughly re-imagined, from the lowly Tumbler to the charismatically nefarious Matriculator (because he was eager to learn!) with his ultra-light, space age cyber-suit designed to give him the strength of a hundred men, the speed of a jet, and the ability to withstand molten heat, sub-zero cold, and sudden drafts.

To this day, I’ll always remember the look on his face when he clapped his hands down on my shoulder, smiled at me and said: “I’ll never be able to repay you. But some day. Some day…” And then he turned and bounded off to pursue his dream, and his one true love.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I’d forgotten to recharge the batteries in his suit and he ended up getting pretty beat up at the hands of Captain Spectacular, then spent about a year and a half in traction before being transferred to a state penitentiary in Louisiana. A sad, sad tale.

I’m sorry. What was the point of the story? Oh, yeah. Joe Abercrombie. He was the waiter who mixed up that drink order.

Speaking of Joe, he’s got his own website (Ooooooh, aren’t we special?) and blog. You can check him out here –


Since my mother rolls into town tomorrow night, I figured I’d better get an early jump on January’s Book of the Month Club selections. To all those interested, even marginally so, start reading. You needn’t read all three to participate. Or two. Heck, just pick your favorite genre (Sci-Fi = The Time Traveler’s Wife, Fantasy = The Princess Bride, or Horror = Ghost Story) and read one. Discussion begins that first full week of January. Also, a reminder that in the second week, we’ll be discussing Sean Williams’ The Crooked Letter: Books of the Cataclysm One. Those taking part and weighing in with comments could win a copy of the second book in the series (Blood Debt: Books of the Cataclysm Two) compliments of Pyr.

So, what do y’all think of the new digs? For the most part, I like WordPress and suspect I’ll grow to like it even more as I grow more comfortable with the new location and better acquaint myself with all of the nifty doodads. One drawback I’ve found is the picture quality – specifically the clickable thumbnails. Compare these to the clickable pics I imported from blogger.

Also, re: comments. I had the option of automatically approving comments by previously-approved posters and elected not to exercise this option simply because I want to ensure I read each and every one. I also had the option to allow anonymous postings and, after some deliberation, have decided to only permit comments from individuals with working email addresses. This will hopefully weed out some of the curse-cut-and-run posters and will also allow me to amass a terrific potential customer base should I ever get my mail-order seed catalog business off the ground.

No mailbag today as I’m in the process of preparing the house for mom’s arrival. P.S. Thanks for all of the great suggestions on what I should do while she’s here. They are so great, in fact that I’m considering holding another contest: The Win A Day With Joe’s Mom Extravaganza. Details to follow.

141 thoughts on “December 15, 2007

  1. Am I the first comment? This has NEVER happened to me before. I’m so happy right now. *wiping tear*

    What was I saying? Oh, yeah….here or there makes no difference to me, Joe. Find someplace that YOU’RE happy, and the masses will follow!

  2. Man, here I am stuck over at 12th Dec blog because I bookmarked it there.. *blush*.

    That pic of your poochie in the chair has just concreted my resolve to purchase a pug in the near future (once my rabbit dies – she roams freely in the back yard and wouldn’t want to meet her maker in the gob of a hunting pugwarrior).

    I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! YAYAYAY. It’s now my desktop.

    Oh and found the clue (I am certain) of Carson’s whereabouts…had a few drinks and armed with the dvd and remote, am certain I found it. Just answer me this pretty please..is the clue in dialogue form from a female counterpart?

    Ok over at 12th Dec I asked you the significance of the grass growing (or is that wheatgrass)….

    Love the shirt !! (I know I already said that)

    Annie from WA

  3. Just wishing you good luck entertaining your mother! I was going to weigh in with suggestions yesterday, but quality time with my mother usually involves playing/watching rugby, power tools, a scythe or great heights, and it occurred to me that they might not be normal mother and offspring activities that all would enjoy.

    And the new digs on wordpress are looking good..I do prefer the black on white, it’s easier on the eyes.

  4. I’m an acquaintance of Baron Destructo (who is acting president of L.A.M.E., the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil, an organization hellbent on world conquest and the subjugation of the entire human race) from way back when we used to run in the same Dungeons and Dragons circles (Delfoss Draco, 14th level goblin thief, mediocre numbers across the board with the stand-out exception of a charisma of 18, pleased to meetcha).

    Hey, wait a minute! You’re an acquaintance of the Baron “from way back”? So . . . this whole kidnapping thing was a fraud? A ploy to obtain more funds for the CGI? Or is the Baron part of the “Save Carson Beckett” campaign? Did your mother, an admitted fan of Carson’s, put the Baron up to it?

  5. Each time I come here, it looks better than the time before. I like the grass. I like the slate-colored side panels. I don’t like the font used for the headings. It’s too…severe? Rectangular? Condensed? I like people’s names appearing before their comment instead of at the end. Thumbnail picture quality: Uncertain. The thumbnail images in earlier posts look pretty good, but the ones for Dec. 14 look like crap. Pixelation City.

    And there’s something weird going on right now where the far right side of the text is getting cut off. Don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe it’s a problem on my end. Browser issue, or something.

    I also like how you have to click a button that says, “Say It!” when you want to post your comment.

  6. I would first like to acknowledge that “The Princess Bride” made my wife cry. “The Princess Bride” made me laugh and it was in a sense tangable and since I have an insetiate appetite when It comes to reading books and watching movies, I asked myself why the hell I like Stargate: Atlantis so much.

    The short answer is that I love the science fiction genre, and the long answer is that the performances are exceptional, the space battles are awesome and I’m always waiting for Ronon to rip someone’s heart of in a similar fashion to the Terminator.

    And now, if I had read the book and had a wife this would have made sense. However me, being my fourteen year old self, I would like to reassure you that I am not a liar, merely a creative teenager.

  7. What a very interesting story, Joe. Truely, you are a romantic at heart. So sad that thngs did not work out for them in the end. Thank you for sharing.

    Hope your mother has a safe trip. Enjoy your time together!

  8. When I clicked on the blog an saw no update I thought you must of decided to give yourself a blogger holiday after a couple of days I decided to check comments and was shocked to find blogger would not let you blog but had fun reading about the rescue plans until the wee small hours then near the end you telling us about this site, it looks strange compare to the old site plus would all the hits from the comments count from the beginning of this new site or be continues from the last one.

  9. Hello!

    When did you move here? Someone directed me here so I just found you. Didn’t know what hadd happen. Been busy this weekend with house cleaning and Christmas-y stuff.

    Great to hear that all is well and you’re excited about your mum visiting.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Ciao! 🙂

  10. I’m new to the neighborhood, but I have to say…I’ve been lurking for five or six days, reading comments and I’m already addicted. I have found myself checking up on the site multiple times a day. Anyway, love the site and I have to agree with the others when it comes to the text. Black on white much easier on the eyes…I was seeing things after a while on the blogger site when I would look up. This is better.

  11. Bonjour Joseph,
    Bon à ce que j’ai compris avec mon super anglais c’est que en gros tu lis tous les messages (quelque chose du genre, c’est un peu flou ce que j’ai compris…) Bon ben tant mieux, je me demandais si tu lisais les commentaires. Pour ce qui est des livres du mois, je passe mon tour j’ai fait une razia à ma bibliothèque et j’en ai pas mal à lire (de toute façon j’ai pas trouver les titres que tu proposes). En fait, moi, ton nouveau site de ton blog je ne l’aime pas vraiment il me donne mal aux yeux. Booooon, là je t’entends penser: bon vlà la memère qui a mal aux yeux. Je sais je n’ai que 32 ans, mais je mal au yeux pareil bon ! (Heuuu, là j’avoue que j’ai l’air d’avoir 5 ans.) Bon ok, ça va, je vais arrêter de me plaindre, yé ben beau ton nouveau site félicitaion ! (Mais est-ce que c’est possible d’écrire avec un format plus gros ? Juste un petit peu… C’est vrai que c’est un peu dure à lire…Tu voudrais pas être responsable de futurs problèmes visuels de tes si charmants, passionnés et si fidèles lecteurs ? lol)
    Bonne soirée

  12. Hi Joe — just found the new blog — I’ve been having WITHDRAWALS! 🙂

    You asked if I had read Bios by Robert Charles Wilson — no, but I’ve read and can highly recommend The Chronoliths. A very different kind of time travel story. FYI, sfreviews.net gives Bios five stars.

  13. I’m so glad I decided to read all of the comments on the other blog when trying to fight off my withdrawal and found the address for this one; I was seriously missing your wit and general randomness. Is there any way you can make the font bigger? Even with my reading glasses on (yes, I’ve reached that age :-() catching up on 3 days blogging has given me really bad headache and sore eyes.
    On another note, any news on actors contracts?

  14. Hi Joe, just to clarify, sfreviews.net gave Bios 3 stars, The Chronoliths 4 stars, and Spin 5 stars. For some reason my earlier didn’t post correctly. (I’m sure it was user error!)

  15. Someone just sent me your rec because I was wondering when the rather oblivious people on Atlantis would figure out that Teyla was pregnant. It’s a great site!
    I do have a question- without giving anything away, will motherhood be developed (unlike the Vala situation)? It’s so rare to see women on TV do what so many of us have no choice but do- balance raising a child and a career.Without doing away with what makes us love her, are you going to show Teyla as a mother? It’s not like women haven’t been raising kids while at war for centuries…

  16. Hello, Joe! I like the new blog, except for the smaller print. My eyes doth protest it. *squint squint* The grass is interesting. Chia pet, perhaps? 😉

    Glad you’re back. Somehow in the last few months I became addicted to your unique mix of snark and playful words, and missed reading them when you went missing.

    Do you know if that’s Joe Flanigan’s voice on an Axe 3 commercial? More importantly, would you or Lulu consider doing a commercial?

    Hugs to poor Jelly. Hope you have a good visit with your mom.

  17. Boomer Goodheart wrote: “Am I the first comment? This has NEVER happened to me before. I’m so happy right now.”

    Then allow me to be the first to congratulate you.

  18. Annie from WA writes: “once my rabbit dies – she roams freely in the back yard and wouldn’t want to meet her maker in the gob of a hunting pugwarrior.”

    Pugs are surprisingly gentle with other animals. The woman who used to take care of the pugs when we went away used to own a cat that would get freaked out by other dogs, yet she and Maximus would sit out on the porch, side by side, every day.

  19. You changed the decor again. Me likey.. but you’re worse than a woman in changing your mind. 😉

  20. I feel a bit stupid now, please scrap my previous comment about font size, I just refreshed the page and you’ve changed it, thanks, it feels much better on the eyes 🙂

  21. Keep this theme! Very easy on the eyes and readable on my tiny screen!
    Have a good day with your mum tomorrow.


  22. Shawna wrote: “New place looks good. The text is a bit small, at least on my screen.”

    Yeah, I found it kind of small too and did some research. Apparently, that’s the font that came with the background. I’ve changed backgrounds and believe the text is a little bigger. Preferable? Yes? No?

  23. Oh just saw your response..sorry! Ok great (I have a cat too)I will definitely get a pug. Just better save the $$$.

  24. Morgia a ecrit: “Mais est-ce que c’est possible d’écrire avec un format plus gros ? Juste un petit peu…”

    C’est mieux aujourd’hui?

  25. Naur writes: ” will motherhood be developed (unlike the Vala situation)?”

    Well, I don’t want to give too much away but I will say this: Teyla’s baby will not be rapid-growing or conveniently written out via scifi means.

  26. Very enlightening post. But I dont think we’re going to fall for the “Day with Mom” contest, just so you can have a few hours to do other things….oh wait, other things might mean we get more teasers about upcoming episodes…ok, count me in. And one question for the day. When might we expect to see a picture of a certain Dreadlock-less Jason M.?

  27. Hey Joe-

    Nice digs, really. Oh, and enjoy your quality time with your mother; those of us without mothers are jealous and wishing we had one more day…

    One question that is absolutely driving me nuts; where are the jet skis, Joe? The kayaks? The canoes? Mother of a horse, Joe, it’s a city floating on water. Alantis is full of jet jockies that would get all giggly going 85 mph across the water or trying to stay up right in a kayak. Carter is a speed junkie; this is already canon. I can see her playing jet ski chicken with John and then both of them fishtailing water onto those unsuspecting souls basking in the sun on the pier. (I volunteer to show them how it is done.) This child of the (Atlantic) ocean wonders why there are no dockside parties with scantily clad half naked men in swimming trunks,(please use Speedos judiciously), drinking beer and talking manly things? Why are there no combat water polo matches? Joe, please use the water; it’s a wicked prop. Sag

  28. Thornyrose wrote: “When might we expect to see a picture of a certain Dreadlock-less Jason M.?”

    Not until we resume production (February ’08) at the earliest as I don’t expect to see Jason before then. And that’s provided he hasn’t had them re-attached (which will more than likely be the case).

  29. When you say that Jason has them reattached do you mean actually glued to his head like antenna or are they being made into a wig?

    Personally I have been itching to shave off the dreadlocks for a while. Much more fun than combing knots out of a squirming, long-haired, short-tempered cat.

  30. Win a Day with Joe’s Mom sounds spectacular! A good runner-up activity for Mom following the fall-through of Spend-A-Day-With-Your-Favorite-Atlantis-Castmember.

    Great story about your connection to Joe A. What ever did end up happening in that closet once Sinderella Washington found him? Did he get kidney punched or worse, charlie-horsed into traction. Not knowing is almost as worse. My imagination is reeling at the thought of Sinderella on the warpath. Hell hath no fury…

  31. Joe, I am glad to see that you resolved the problems you had, sadly I don’t like the layout as much, but that is my problem.. not yours. Have you finished with the ice cream making entierly? It seemed to never reach your blog this year.. If I don’t post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.. Oh yea, one last thing, what kind of seeds will you be selling? Just make sure they are legal to sell in the US. 😉

  32. New digs look great, Joe!

    No holiday is complete without an authentic homemade chocolate pie in our house.

    What about you? Is there a food that completes your holiday?

  33. *blinks*

    Joe, is that you? Did you get rescued? How was it pulled off?


    Glad you’re back. I’m undecided on my opinion about the new site so far; like others, the font size is a little hard for me to see too.

    As for things to do with your mom and sister, how about taking them to the museum?

  34. Alright Joe, honesty time: I don’t like this new style. Reason? Well, for starters, what’s with this and this? Is it just me? It looks ever so unprofessional.

    Oh well, whatever your eventual choice, I’m sure I’ll grow to like it…maybe.

    P.S. I actually built a Puddle Jumper out of Lego after being inspired by the rescue mission. Hooray for boredom!

  35. Okay, I vote for wordpress, if you’re asking our opinions. It is much easier on the eyes. While I still think the print is a bit small, I just click on that magnifying glass thingy on the bottom of the page. (I’ve got Windows XP SP-2.)

    ❓ So, is this our new home? Just want to know if I can delete the old bookmark.

    Anne Teldy

  36. I was panicking a little there without any updates on the blogger side. Glad to see you’ve found new home & liking it. Hope you have a great visit with your mom. Is Santa bringing her good stuff this year?

  37. Its hot, its muggy, its raining and its 5.09am. Sigh
    Dogs don’t mind though – both of them are looking like roadkill. So much for sleeping with one eye open…

    You know what I really like about this site? Its the convenience of refreshing a page and not having to start right at the beginning and have to scroll down again because the cursor is back in the “leave your comment” section on the right hand side.

    Yes, the thumbnails look a bit strange but I betya some kind technosavvy soul will soon have helpful instructions for you.

    One final thing – thanks for recommending Old Man’s War. I have it as an ebook on my Palm and I am enjoying it a lot. I have just gotten up to where Perry joins the Special Forces on the Sparrowhawk and so far Scalzi has thoroughly entertained me.

    Right, thats it, I’m going back to bed.

  38. will there be a “bambino” cast for Teyla’s child? i like the sound of those books, i need to check them out when they get to alabama! thanks for listening!

  39. *dies laughing, but loyal companion Todd the Wraith administers the necessary enzyme. A hand-shake follows.*

    That entry was way more fun than watching what 20 bureaucratic chimps can do with a very large roll of red tape. 🙂
    I hope you’ll enjoy WordPress very much, since the Blogger admins are being so priggish about your blog there. – On the “comments” side of WordPress, two small drawbacks present themselves: (1) the commenter can’t preview his/her comment; (2) unless I’ve missed something, tags for italics, boldface, etc., are unavailable to us. But, as one accustomed to hardships of all sorts (mm-hmmm), I’m sure I’ll get used to it. *little sob*

  40. Hooray WordPress! I transferred to wordpress awhile back and I love it to pieces – I think once you acclimate you’ll really like it too. *G* (Also, you picked one of my favorite layouts, which is just really awesome.)

    Also, still loving season 4, just FYI. 😉

  41. – oops, just noticed that my previous comment was automatically approved. A glitch, or a change of plans?

  42. Errrr…sorry for posting three times in a row, but I missed some earlier examples of commenters using html tags. Tsk.

  43. Haaaa ! Mais quel changement ! Merci, merci ! J’étais entrain de chercher une loupe pour lire tes prochains blog, mais à ce que je vois ce ne sera pas nécessaire ! C’est comme un cadeau de noël, mais à l’avance !lol

  44. Hi Joe! First time commenter… glad to see you’re still blogging. I miss the blogger format… so much prettier. But if you bump up the font size a bit it would be fabulous. Whatever makes your blogging experience enjoyable so we can continue to read your TTRRs!

    ps – you always make me homesick talking about Vancouver restaurants etc. But in a good way!

  45. I see you’ve just painted and redecorated already. Looking spiffier and spiffier.

    Oh, and that story about Sinderella Washington and The Tumbler. Sorry, but I don’t believe any of that. 😉

  46. The Man Himself wrote:

    Also, re: comments. I had the option of automatically approving comments by previously-approved posters and elected not to exercise this option simply because I want to ensure I read each and every one.

    Thanks for that but it appears my previous post (#33) was automatically added. At least, that ‘awaiting moderation’ message didn’t appear. Did you change your mind? Or were you just sitting there with bated breath hoping I posted something and you approved it before I even refreshed the page?:lol:

    He continued:

    I also had the option to allow anonymous postings and, after some deliberation, have decided to only permit comments from individuals with working email addresses.

    I think that is a wise decision.

    By the way, what happened to the HTML information that appeared above the comment form? I’m not seeing it.

    Anne Teldy

  47. Wow. I just watched the SciFi second half promo, and…just wow. It looks incredible. I’ll admit I’ve been a little disappointed with the last few episodes, but it’s hard not to get excited with a promo like that.

    Did you all authorize the Carson spoilers? 😀

    While I’m asking, I’m wondering if we can hope for a return to more team mission/gate travel episodes next season. I know you had some things to work around this year (like Rachel’s pregnancy).

  48. \o/ glad to see you’re back. When I read about blogspot blocking you as a potential spamblog, I went to look for an email address for them (or “contact us” feedback sheet) so I could tell them to pull their finger out and reinstate you … no dice. Drives me nuts when websites make it so bloody difficult to leave feedback. Now I must go bookmark this address.

    PS: Glad about your decision re: anons. I’m tired of the anonymous blasts of bile that have been flying around. If you’re going to be an utter cu… um, naughty person … then you should have the courage to sign your name (or even just an online username.)

  49. hi, joe,

    is it known yet if amanda’s going to be in season 5? if you don’t answer this, i won’t ask again. 😉

    sally 🙂

    ps – i miss the other blog. i guess i just have to get used to this.

  50. Hi Joe,
    The site looks good, but the pictures aren’t so great.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months now and really enjoy everyting you like, but I honestly skipped over anything that has to do with villains & spams only because I don’t understand what this all is. Could you explain what is or maybe I should google it…

  51. And the fandom exploded in delight upon the Sci-Fi promo of the last half of Season 4. Looks awesome!

    And yes I must admit I’m very excited to see Carson in the clips! Looks action packed, can’t wait Joe!!

  52. Oh and you’re ready for Wii Sunday right? I know Best Buys will have them—- checked stock levels across the board from one of my former employees. Looks good if you get there early. Or as I said..do the EB/GameStop thing and just wait the first two weeks of Jan.

  53. Hey Joe,

    Have fun with your mum the next few days! I like the new diggs, though the text on the right hand bar (recent comments/archive) is overlapping on my view.

    Have you given up completely on blogger?

  54. Wow, I totally stumbled across this by accident! I don’t make a habit of reading your comments page on your blogger account because, well, it’s the comments page. I saw a random link at Gateworld and came here. Lucky me!!

    Anyway, I just now got to watching the last two episodes of the first half, and I must say, This Mortal Coil brought things into a very interesting position! I hope you keep the duplicates around for at least a little while rather than have ’em arrive and do their part, then die off (like most writers in TV Land tend to do).

    BUT, if that indeed is the case, I won’t complain. There’s too much good going on in Stargate right now to let one tiny thing like that ruin it. A lot of fans force themselves into disillusionment with good art by letting one thing they see as wrong let them forget all the thousands of other things that are great.

    Glad you’ve got a regular blog back!!!

  55. Wow. It definitely took me until today to check through the comments on your Blogger and notice you’ve moved to a new location. I seriously did think you were kidnapped or hurt or something!

    Good to see you’re still breathing!

    – Seren

  56. MMmmm…me likey this new style long time. If we have a vote, I’d vote for this one.

  57. RE:

    Hey Joe, could I get a mention in tomorrow’s blog entry, if you have time to get away from your mum and actually get blogging in.

    I have a blog their too, http://joshmeyers.wordpress.com/

    could you put the link in so i am of some(extremely insignificant) significance. I have been reading the blof for about 11 months straight without fail. except for those couple of days(which I got caught up on)

  58. Glad to see you were finally able to publish something somewhere, I was getting lost in all the comments on your 10th december entry on Blogger ;).

  59. Glad you’re liking WordPress. It’s my personal favorite for blogging too.

    I see you’ve dropped the hostage day count… I’d call this a liberation from the evil clutches of blogger. 😉

    Quick Q about the last episode. When Sheppard sees Weir on the TV, he’s got this misty-eyed, choked-up reaction. Was that planned/written by the writers, or was it something Joe F. decided he wanted to do, or…?

    And whoah… that ad for the 2nd half of season 4! Totally makes me rethink what I thought the Carson character would (or wouldn’t) be. Can’t wait till January!

  60. Uhm, sorry, not TV! When he sees her on the screen/monitor/whatever you guys call it! You know what I mean.

  61. Hi Joe, nice new layout! Very festive. Also, thanks for enlarging the font still a bit more. It’s much MUCH more easy to read now! I asked this on your previous post, but in case you missed it, when is the new season 5 cast line-up going to be announced? I thought it was supposed to happen this week, but I haven’t heard anything yet on it. Maybe this week? As a delightful Christmas present to us all?

  62. Hi Joe,

    thank you for your beautiful Tread. I’m daily on your Side and I like it.

  63. so joe just dropped by to say that i’m digging the new page. so ‘win a day with joe mallozzi’s mom’ when? where? anyone special coming(other than your mom of course) and i should probably shut up now as i have to resume my sniffle fest over ‘under the mistletoe’ starring the wonderfully lovely michael shanks and jamie ray newman.

  64. Was that a Scottish accent that I heard in the clip mentioned by PG15 in comment number 60? I wonder who that could be – could it be your mother’s favourite character in Atlantis?

    We may be a small country but to have a Scottish character in such a high quality programme is great. One thing about Scots is our ability to laugh at themselves and our dour sense of humour, sarcasm is taught in schools in our little country.

    I really hope that Carson/Paul will be back in series 5, but whatever the outcome I will continue to watch and support the programme.

    Have fun with mother; I don’t think that I could have spent a whole day with my late mother without growling at her or even attempting to strangle her.

  65. If you’re asking for our opinion. I like this site better than blogger. I find it easier to read the writing. As for the thumbnail picture quality it doesn’t bother me. I always have to click the picture to really be able to see it anyway.

  66. Joe,

    I just searched for the Wii on Amazon, and some of their partner companies have it in stock. If you really want to get one for Fondy, hop over there asap. I didn’t check into US to Canada shipping, but I’m sure it could be worked out.

    Meanwhile, I have just completed buying all the building blocks for the holiday stockings I make for everyone on my staff. Every year I paint each person’s name on a stocking in gold glitter paint and fill them with tasty goodies. It’s actually Squeaky the Bookshelf Elf who does all this, but he uses me as his go-between.

    Best of luck with the Wii hunt.

  67. Hey Joe,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year with all your family and friends.


    (AKA ScifiNutalways1999)

  68. i like this new color scheme. and it’s easier to read everyone’s responses too.

    just have to ask; what’s your favorite guilty pleasure cereal? i love fruity pebbles and choco pebbles. :p

    sally 😀

  69. Oh here you are, Joe.

    Perhaps you might fill out this survey for us so that we may know if our service is meeting the needs of our customers:

    1. How would you rate the kidnapper’s ability to hold you for ransom? Good___ Poor____ Don’t know____

    2. How would you rate the kidnapper on being courteous and making you feel at home while you were held hostage? Good____ Poor____ Manacles were too tight____

    3. How would you rate your rescue team on the length of time it took to be rescued? Good___ Poor____ What rescue____

    4.What was the purpose of your kidnapping? Monetary____ To gain greater knowledge_____ Increase blog interest____ Hide from your mother____

    5. How would your rate your rescue team’s organizational skills? Very organized____ Not at all organized____ Oooooh Pizza!_____

    6. Who was your favorite kidnapper? Baron Destructo____ John Tesh____ Cliff Simon who really wants an ongoing Stargate role_____

    Thank you for taking this survey. You have been entered to win an all expenses paid vacation on the second moon of Jupiter where you can enjoy private beaches surrounding our very own methane pools. Sand crabs the size of dinner plates await your tender, chewy, juicy body in this idyllic setting.

    Good luck


  70. Hey Joe just watched TMC I did like it. I have some hope for Elizabeth Weir I don’t believe reliplkeller or maybe she was lied too I think Elizabeth is too valuable to kill for the Azurans I just hope that you and and the rest of the TPTB will be honorable to the character you say you like Torri well seeing is believing give the character a happy ending don’t do to Weir what you did to Ford it wasn’t very nice I would rather see him go home alive than be in limbo like he is now you let Jonas go home and have somewhat a happy ending in Fallout. I agree with you he would be in a underground resistance against Ori never cared for the character but he wasn’t left in limbo like Ford and now Weir. I really liked the scenes with Teyla and Ronon both originals and dups well done I wish you would’ve left that scene where Teyla said she would mourn Elizabeth as a friend there is quite a rivalry between Weir fans and Teyla fans I think that would’ve helped that a bit granted most of it is ship reasons they are fighting over Sheppard I just never saw them as rivals or women who would fight over a man like that it is beneath them IMHO I always saw them as friends but I like both characters alot so maybe that’s why I see it that way. I really liked the scenes with Dup Weir and real Sheppard very well done I am a J&E shipper and a R&T shipper just encase you couldn’t tell I really am hopeful that you and the others will give the character Weir another chance and develop her so she can be more interesting for you to write for I love her and others do too we just wish you did that’s why we are upset with you. My ? is I know you said hated Emancipation is there an ep you loved from the first 3 seasons of SG-1. I am guessing you watched all 3 seasons before you started at Stargate.


    Oh it felt so good to see him again! Woot! Thanks PG15 for posting it.
    “What took you so long” ,lmao. God I can’t wait…

  72. Hello Joseph =)

    sa av bien?? Moi sa va =)!

    Oui lol je sais ce francais est effreu, je me demande même si au final je ne serais parler que du drôle de francais, dans quel pays ce parle cette langue?….hum lol!!

    ahhh oui c’est bien se que je pensais, les glace italienne sont les meilleurs =D

    Une photo de Jason sans les dreadlock..difficil a trouver, mais il y’a peut etre cette photo où jason etais en sorti avec sa petit famille….mais on ne vois pas bien…..


    waou! super l’ambiance de noel du blog, jaime beaucoup^^! sa fait chaleureux =)

    Pour l’arriver de votre maman je vous conseille un boite des ces chocolats préféré, sa marche toujour sa 😉

    Ah oui j’allais oublier…..cette nuit je n’arriver pas a dormir, donc j’ai décider de faire une petite video sur vous =) j’ai regrouper toute les photos que j’avais de vous, en plus j’adore la music, quesque vous en pensez?


    Donc voila =), Gros Kisou, Merci, Je vous adore trop trop!

  73. A quick hello, to Annie from Fremantle.

    I lived in Fremantle for 13 and a half years.

    115 Attfield Street, South Fremantle.
    I used to go to at Fremantle Primary where I graduated from, before going to John Curtin College of the Arts.

    I moved to Hobart, Tasmania, where there is only one name in the phone book.*Inbread fu*kwits*

    I truly hope Fremantle is doing well without me.
    and btw I am coming back for a holiday in less than a month, well atleast that’s what my booked tickets say.

    Where abouts in Fremantle do you live? Beaconfield, South Fremantle, White Gum Valley?


  74. Thornyrose wrote: “When might we expect to see a picture of a certain Dreadlock-less Jason M.?”

    Go to his myspace page and click on pics.

    He doesn’t look bad, he looks good and that arm tattoo is awesome.

  75. Just found this site, and I like it very much! The only thing I miss is being able to preview my comment, as I make so many typos usually!

    I love the layout and find the text much easier to read. So, thumbs up from me!

    I hope you have a good time with your mother, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who tidies my house when mine comes to visit.

    I was sorry to hear about the hip trouble Jelly has. A friend of mine has a retriever with hip dysplasia, and the poor dog is only 18 months old. She’s having hydrotherapy to help with the problem, and various supplements. I hope Jelly improves rapidly. Hip problems seem to be pretty common in the canine world, sadly.

  76. How long does it take for you to come up with the a decent blog entry? I’m talking about the real top notch stuff?

    I think that you’ve totally school’d Rob Cooper(my film school idol) in blogging but I don’t know. I think we need a competition among the writers staff.

    I put it to you that once the Arc Mages of the Round return from a far voyage of “Biblical Proportions(mckay)” that you each take an hour to write about your day’s and you post it and we decide who is the best.

    I also put it to you that,
    You create a second blog,
    As a writer of the day’esque type thing where a said writer blogs every day or two days of the week. Or alternatively take eAch day for each writer. You have seven writers to rotate around the week. No?

  77. New home does look nice. And all decorated for Christmas too. And I actually finished one of the book club’s books early (The Princess Bride). Currently working on The Time Traveler’s Wife.

    Have fun with your mom while she is in town and here to hoping Jelly feels better.

  78. I wish to advise all viewers of my blog


    A formidable blog which is of “Biblical proportions.”
    A very heartfelt and truly honest 1/3 of a page about Joe Mallozzi’s trouble with blogger and my short response. Since I have a blog with blogger I felt compelled to act(without action) and voice my response. LOLOLOL

  79. Like the new digs, Joe! Between you and Hewlett flitting about the web, I’ve completely lost track of how many different blogging sites I’ve signed up for.

    I hope Jelly’s feeling better soon, you have good luck with the Wii locating, and you have a wonderful time with your Mom.

  80. Ooh, festive red white and green. And the font is larger – thanks!

    For those that don’t know, Wii is actually called Nintendo Wii and is a TV game console.

    This is what they are selling here in South Africa for:

    Manufacturer: Nintendo
    Wii Sports Pack: Console, Remote, Nunchuk and Wii Sports
    If you divide the South African Rand amount by 6.8 (the rate for the US and CAN $ is almost the same) the Wii sports pack costs $426.

  81. Im fine with this new site. Liking it more everyday.
    Oh! and today at work, the mystery of the eggnog was revealed. Of course i could of just looked it up but oh well. My original thoughts on eggnog was something with egg and milk and low and behold i was right! Woah!
    I asked all my fellow works what it was, two knew what it was, one knew how to make it.
    And me being me and very curious decided to make some haha!!
    Hey! I work at a bakery/coffee shop! We had all the ingredients…except brandy….sigh…oh well…cant have everything.
    Well in the end it wasnt quite right, a bit too much cinnamon but still, i like it =D
    Guess what im going to be makeing next week (wink) muhaha…
    Just have to make sure the boss doesnt find out….:S

  82. *looks around impressed* Well you seem to have settled in nicely, like the decor.

  83. Hello Mr. Mallozzie

    I have a question. I ask myself why can Rodney Mckay connect his Computer with the Wraith technology? Do the Wraith know USB?

    Oh here a recipe from me for you: ( I know you like a good food )

    Human flesh with mediterranean vegetables (Wraith love this 😀 )

    500 grams of human flesh ( turkey breast) chop into small pieces
    1 ts lemon juice mix with meat
    2 zucchini chop into small cubes
    400 grams tomatoes (can),low salted chop roughly
    2 cloves of garlic peel,chop it
    2 ts native olive oil heat it fry turkey breast for 3 minutes and stir constantly

    2 ts tomato paste add this,zucchini,tomatoes and garlic to the meat
    12 milliliters broth (chicken)

    1/4 teaspoon basil,oregano, rosemary and thyme spice nutty and tasty
    1/2 teaspoon salt

    Bon Appetite!!!!

  84. ah oui je voulais vous dire que cette semaine je ne serais pas trés présente…car j’ai mes Bep blanc snif! il va falloir que je révise !!
    bah dit donc, vivement les vacances! 😀

  85. Joe,

    I preferred the look of the older blog ( white on black ) but I agree this is much easier to read. I also like how the comments appear more like letters than newspaper columns. WHY do the transferred pics look better than the recent additions. ?

    “I’m considering holding another contest: The Win A Day With Joe’s Mom Extravaganza.”

    Ooh , is she cooking ? !!

    I understand unleashing this mob on your sister, but your Mom ?
    OTOH , maybe you could let your mom and /or your sister DO the blog , for a couple days ; at least the Q & A’s 🙂 I ‘d trust my mom. Don’t want to even think what my sisters would do.
    I hope the new posting requirements will cut down on those who just want to make mean remarks.
    If we post a website, is that for your benefit or is it published too ?

  86. Now i likie this style! Except now the archive view is gone, but in place is only the recent comments. If your accepting votes, i say archive view over recent comments, but that’s just me. Very nice looking though, and christmassy to boot!

    Mehtinks someone has had fun playing setup his new blog :). Too bad about blogger though, you had such a viewing history there. Maybe they’ll get their act together sometime…

    So about the Wii hunt, i’ll give you what little inside info i have to help. I heard, from a somewhat reliable source (i.e. a friend who works in a Best Buy Distribution Center), that Best Buy stores will be getting a fresh shipment in either today (sunday the 16th), or next weekend. This will be the last shipment they get before christmas. The advice this person gave me was to be at the store before it opens to have the best chance of securing one, or in other words, treat it as black friday. The last shipment they got in at my local Best Buy (numbering 40 for most stores) sold out after 30 minutes of the store opening.

    Good luck!

    Wii would like to play…

  87. Nice to see you have a home and that you even decorated.

    When my Mum comes to visit we always end up fighting, I like to take care of her, go out to dinner, movies, places… she likes to take care of me, so I gave up and just make sure that I have enough laundry for her to take care of and cloths to iron, believe me, it’s not my fault… I tried being a good daughter but for her is more important to be a good mother!

  88. Speaking of Best Buy, the have all seasons of SG-1 and Atlantis on sale this week for $29.99 each. They’re advertised on the DVD deals page in today’s Best Buy ad.

  89. Joe,

    There is a smiley face picture in my unapproved comment ! 🙁
    In all my years online , this is the first smiley face that has ever appeared in my posts. :0

    This is going to drive me nuts !

  90. Hah. What an amusing wee backstory on a tiny part of L.A.M.E. More please! 😀

    I hope you had a good day with your mum!

  91. If you’re giving away a day with your mother can I give my mother away as well…any takers??

    deeinsouthafrica Said:
    Thanks for recommending Old Man’s War.

    Isn’t it great I’m up to the part were he has just found out his new body will be green, it’s such an easy book to read.

    Since leaving the Baron for good after he threatened to kidnap a Mr. C Binder, I have returned to my day job.

    At this festive time of year people don’t just want their parcels delivered on time oh no they also want their children delivered, if not on time, then before the expected date of delivery.
    They don’t want a small thing like nature or childbirth cluttering up their festive plans. Consequently life is hell.
    The small interlude with your possible demise brought great delight to myself and my colleagues in the nicest possible way of course.
    So if you could possibly arrange to be kidnapped say around September 2008, when all the Christmas babies are due that would be a little light relief for some beleaguered midwives.

    One Christmas I took my mum to the circus, but they brought her back!


  92. Thank you for changing the font on the blog. It’s far easier to read now. I like the seasonal theme, too. I just saw the Sci Fi promo for the rest of Season 4. It’s really got me eager to see new episodes, but they gave away so much with the spoilers! It doesn’t bother me because SGA is the only show I allow myself to get spoiled for and watch it anyway. But unsuspecting viewers must be covering their eyes in fear of having Sci Fi put entire scripts up on the screen. Tsk I thought NBC was bad for that sort of thing…

  93. Oy, this looks great! Good to go!! I will assume at this point I can replace your bookmark. Just saw the latest Atlantis promo…. WHOOOAAAA! Like I said, S4 my fave overall since S1, and the next 10 episodes just might push this season to my #1 spot for this series. I am beginning to be a bit worried at how you’re going to top it in S5!

    Best wishes to your mom, hope you have some quality fun with her on her visit. My elderly mom & dad live 1/2 mile away and while I love my parents its been…. trying… since I’m an only child and they call me for every little thing… but at least they are in good health and live in their own house…

  94. I’m back to stalking because….*joins pg15 in somewhat-less-than-dignified squeeing CAAARRRSSSOOONNN!!*

  95. Well, its sad that blogger ran you off, but great that you found something else that you like almost as well. This version of your blog (1.2 in exile?) looks great.

    Enjoy time with your mother. I am celebrating the holidays with some solitude for a change…me and my dog just hanging out. It will be spectacular.

  96. I didn’t even know the promo had been aired for the second half of season 4, but hooray!!! Carson is back..even if it’s just for a minute, he’s back!
    I really dig the christmas theme.
    Have fun with your mother and hope the puppy is feeling better.

  97. SGUEEE!!!!! Just saw the S4 promo with CARSON. It looks like all theories might be wrong.

    Well I got plenty of time over Christmas, I will just have to think about this some more.

    Have a great visit with you mom. Has she been to Vancouver often?

  98. Well, well, I FINALLY found you Joe. Still shaking from Mallozzi Blog withdrawal, (it isn’t a pretty sight). Hey, I LIKE this new locale! Speaking from a graphic designer point of view, the black text on white IS easier on the eyes, (wink-wink), so please continue the style.
    Thanks to pg15 for the SciFi S4 part 2 promo link.
    CARSON LIVES – woo-hoo!!! Can’t hardly control my glee in anxious anticipatory, yes exceedingly anxious, joyful happiness! Happy feet indeed! My entire body is hopping!

    Care to share news/updates/status of our beloved SGA actor’s contracts?
    Lastly, many 21 ct. gold plated KUDOS to EVERYONE working to bring us the FABULOUS and UNSURPASSED, BEST scifi action series on TV! May they enjoy a blessed and happy holidays!

  99. Ah, we find ourselves in a similar situation then.. my job is finally (after 9 months) paying for itself and once my co-worker is finished with it (drat her speedy inginuity in getting it first) I’ll have my hands on a proof for the next Iain M. Banks novel: Matter! We normally never get proofs from bestselling authors so it made for a pleasant surprise!

    The cover on that Joe Abercrombie proof is great! Hopefully the sad trend whereby the actual book cover is a poorly diluted version of the proof won’t play through in this case…

    Weighing in on WordPress; I like a website with a little personality, and I was amused to be told to “Have at it” on the blog registration page! :p

    Enjoy your mom’s visit, I hope you are both adequately entertained 😉


  100. My Tampa Bay Buccaneers just made their first kickoff return touchdown EVER! in franchise history 1st EVER! I know someone there is a Bucs fan, I just HAD to crow about that here 🙂

  101. Just a follow-up to my earlier query:

    Let’s look at the facts:

    1. November 11, 2007: No blog entry. Rumors of kidnapping begin to abound.

    2. You are an “acquaintance” of the Baron. In fact, you used to play Dungeons and Dragons together.

    3. You ran into the Baron at a baby shower, of all things, and were invited to his moonbase for a celebration party after LAMEs invasion of Madagascar. You went!

    4. You assisted a known member of LAME (i.e., the Tumbler, who, under your tutelage, became the “nefarious Matriculator”) with his love life. Didn’t work out so well, but, hey.

    5. Despite heroic efforts by the rescue party, you managed to escape on your own by “slipping out the back while the Baron wasn’t looking.” Come on, you don’t expect us to believe that a villain like the Baron is going to make an amateur mistake like that do you?

    6. The timing of your escape was very fortuitous in that it allowed you sufficient time to:

    a. appropriate a spacefaring vessel to fly from the Moon to the Earth, using a circuitous route to avoid detection by the Baron’s spy satellites; or,

    b. in the alternative, an unguarded teleportation apparatus to beam yourself home;

    c. obtain new shoes;

    all so you could return to Vancouver in time to pick up your mother and sister when they arrive on the 16th (today!).

    7. In the first picture we see of your freed self, you’re wearing a “Save Carson” t-shirt.

    8. Your mother is an admitted Carson fan.

    My question now is, does your mother have any interplanetary communication devices in her possession? Any large withdrawals from her bank account to hire those incompetents JoesKidnappers@Yahoo.com? (Who, as it turns out, were working for the Baron. Coincidence? I don’t think so.)

    Come to think of it, this begins to look like the “Save Carson Beckett” campaign may also have had a hand involved. Hey, susanthetartanturtle, does your organization have any affiliation with Baron Destructo?

    I’m getting woozy trying to figure out who is at fault here. But I’m going to sue someone! I am. Really. Just need to get my facts straight. Yeah, that’s what I need to do. Facts, facts are good. Facts don’t embellish the truth, except when I want them to.

    My candidates so far are:

    Baron Destructo and the rest of his LAME cohorts, together with his lackeys at Joe’sKidnappers@Yahoo.com

    Your mother

    The Save Carson Beckett campaign

    You (need funds for CGI, after all)

    Maybe I’ll just sue everybody. And their dog(s)!

    Anyway, love what you’ve done with the place. Looks real homey.

    **Anais: Aimez la pièce de Superman!

  102. Nice digs, love the Christmassy look! I was all forlorn when i first came over here and you were using the default layout, but wow, you got your Theme act together real fast. Very purdy.
    Also must echo some others thoughts, and say that black-text on white is a great relief. I was getting headaches reading your old one, so i tended to copy paste entries into a text document, and it was a right pain! As for photos, i hate the WordPress thumbnail function too, so never used it. I just insert the full size (i resize to 400px wide or whatever fits my layout) photos into the post, and deactivate the thumbnail function.

    Enjoy preparations for your mum’s visit. And hey, the book you got looks awesome! Must look into that.

  103. Bon là, je ne’ai plus rien à redire, je trouve que c’est parfait !

    Il neige, encore et encore ! (Heu je commence à m’inquiéter ça fait une heure que mon chat est sorti de la maison et en plus il est blanc… Minouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!! )

  104. I like the new site. WordPress is very nice. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your mom, I would love to be able to spend a holiday with mine again. I miss her very much.

    Just a silly question but the book you mentioned to read, is that Ghost Story by Peter Straub?

    Give Miss Jelly a pat on the head for me and I hope she is getting better.

  105. I noticed the wonderful David Nykl was wearing a couple of Save Elizabeth Weir badges at a recent convention. Now I love him even more!

    Oh, and I’m waiting for all the “JF didn’t say that!” people to come out and say “DN didn’t do that!” despite the photographic evidence.

  106. I am so glad you’re back! I was feeling rather lost without you. We’re settling in for yet another snow storm tonight, so I’ll need entertainment!

    New blog seems nice. I think you should stick it out here. Just put a note on your blogger to redirect people! 🙂

  107. dear joe,

    Is this your new official blog from now on or is it just temporary until the other one gets fixed?



  108. Joe,
    Glad to see your blog is back. I’ve missed you.

    Can you tell us if Dr. Fraiser will be appearing in Continuum?

    Enjoy your time with your Mom.

  109. I am delighted to see you are back! Hope no more problems of a like nature occur again.

    I had a quick query. Why do the duplicates have the exact same personality as the originals? I can easily see how these human “clones” have their own personality and soul, but why would that soul be a carbon copy of the original person’s? A soul, which is personality, intellect, will, etc., would be seperate and distinct from a person’s body. This is all metaphysical, but a clone of someone might be identical in every physical way, but totally different personally, having a different soul. How do you clone a consciousness? Wouldn’t every soul be unique and impossible to replicate?

    Or you could program someone with responses, but if they were authentically sentient and autonomous, they would make their own decisions. I suppose it just works best for the plot and story, but I was just wondering.

  110. All the best for the visit from your Mum. Just remember you can never go wrong with art galleries, museums and a nice cafe for lunch, which I wish I knew before I signed up my mother on that paint ball tournament and obstacle course.

  111. I hope your Mom and your sister got out alright. The weather is absolutely horrible here in Montreal right now.

  112. Hi Joe !

    Do you have a christmas chocolate recipe for us ? Will you cook for your mother ? Or is it your mother cooking for you ?
    sorry for my bad english !
    oh ! will we see a christmas day on Atlantis one day ???

  113. I was catching up with my psychologist cousin last night (she specialises in gambling and addictive behaviour) and I mentioned my new addiction to this blog. After much “hmm, yes, hmm” from her with a hand raised to her chin and comforting nodding she asked “so what’s the URL?”.
    We are now both booked in to see one of her collegues next Tuesday.
    If I can spread the word further around here we might have enough people for a support group.

  114. Christmas with your sister? After I went abroad (to England) last year to stay with my brother and family it took my brother 6 months to recover from my visit.

    Strangely they say that they are going away this Christmas.

    So I will be all alone will be the two devil cats. Should be fun. 🙂

  115. ==> je vais au lit!

    aprés 2 heure a essayer d’apprendre je suis ‘out’, ohhh ma plus grande peur et que demain matin en me réveillant..d’avoir toute oublier 🙁 glurp

    enfin bon, bonne nuit, gros Kisou, a demain 🙂

  116. drldeboer Says:

    My Tampa Bay Buccaneers just made their first kickoff return touchdown EVER! in franchise history 1st EVER! I know someone there is a Bucs fan, I just HAD to crow about that here. 🙂

    The Bucs got started sometime in the 70’s, right? Somebody on special teams has been running a looooong time…. o_0 – Okay, really, congratulations. 🙂 And it looks like you guys still have a shot at a playoff/wildcard berth, so good luck!

  117. I’m so glad you are alive! I was worried, thought something terrible had happened and then I read the words “spam blog” and laughed.
    Sometimes I wonder if computers are not trying to drive us crazy.
    The new blog is nice but I loved the old one.
    How is the situation coming with your old blog? Are you still on their “blog spam”wanted list?
    Thanks for this new blog.

  118. anon, good nurse Says: The Bucs got started sometime in the 70’s, right? Somebody on special teams has been running a looooong time…. o_0 – Okay, really, congratulations. 🙂 And it looks like you guys still have a shot at a playoff/wildcard berth, so good luck!

    its been 31 years 🙂 yes we also clinched division title so we are in the playoffs!! now for home field advantage…

  119. So any cast changes for next season? Anybody leaving? Returning? Going from full time to recurring or vice versa?

  120. Joe is back! At last, order has been restored to my universe.

    I will cancel that search & rescue party. 🙂

  121. Oh my goodness, Joe. There are so many people associated with you and SGA with the name of Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe. It used to be that I never heard of people with the name, but now my favorite EP and my favorite actor has the name. And now an author. And tons of other people I haven’t heard of yet, but probably will… hehe, just wanted to get that out. But, I love the name now. I actually named my iPod Joe..

    Oh, and I’ve been wondering for a while now… why is no one noticing that the usually very fit Teyla is gaining weight? I mean, I know ou guys needed to hold it off for a while due to storyline issues, but its getting too noticiable now. They are going to find out about it here soon, right? I mean… like in the next few episodes?

    Not to whine or anything, its just kind of funny.

    Either way, I know it will all rock… And I’m loving the new layout 🙂

    Nighty night!

  122. I went three days without your blog and broke out in a rash! I think the events were related. Thank goodness for LJ, where I discovered you’d moved! Nice new location, and we can only hope the spambots don’t find you here!

  123. Yay!!!!!!! The Blog is back! And just let me say that I am very glad that there will be no more Anonymous entries, I much prefer to be insulted by people with names.

    Can’t wait to see the new promo for the second half of the season and hope you have a great time with your Mom!

    We went through the whole “finding a Wii” debacle a few weeks back. My son wanted one and thankfully we finally got one at Costco. You have to be there the minute the store opens when they get a delivery, they’re usually gone in about 3 to 4 minutes. Good luck!

  124. Hey Joe,

    I have been loving some of the music scores of Atlantis the past couple of seasons. As a musician I noticed these things. :p Will there be any soundtracks available in the near future covering the last couple of season’s music scores?



  125. Hi Joe – hope it’s not too late to offer a mom-related suggestion. Take her to the mall and get her photo taken with Santa. She’ll think you’re sweetly sentimental, and you’ll get revenge for any embarrassing childhood photos that she inflicted upon you.
    Have fun,

  126. Okay, at long last I figured out where you were. D’oh! Curses to the blots (blogger bots), but I like your new digs. I’d elect for staying here. Hope you and your mom have fun!

    -aka Jen the cow hugger

  127. “pg15 Says:
    P.S. I actually built a Puddle Jumper out of Lego after being inspired by the rescue mission. Hooray for boredom!”

    Cool, I built a mothership out of legos once.

    Please, please answer these questions. 1). Is Jack in season five of Stargate Atlantis? 2). Will Janet Frasier be in Stargate Continuum? 3). Will Jacob Carter be in targate Continuum? 4) Is this description (cut and pasted below) of what happened in Unending somewhat accurate or not? Thanks!

    “The reason that there aren’t two Teal’c’s is that they were in a time dilation field (explained further below). What happened was this: Pretend you are watching a video where everyone gets older (or pretend you are watching ‘Unending’ 🙂 ). At the beginning of the video everyone is twenty. At the end, everyone is fifty. Now rewind the video, but watch it on the TV while it is rewinding. Everyone is getting younger, right? That’s the Time Dilation Field, going forward and back in time. In the episode the way they reverse the field is by using the Ori beam as energy. Someone has to stay old, so that he or she (it ends up being Teal’c) can tell original Sam to not start up the Time Dilation field in the first place. The reason that there aren’t two Teal’c’s is that old Teal’c, after choosing to be the one to stay old and give the crystal (that separates the Asgard info from their hyperdrive) to original Sam, stays in a shield/this thingamajig will not allow you to unage device, while everything in the field reverses (AKA the video rewinds). He then stops Sam from starting the device (essentially spliting into a alternate reality). So, in a nutshell, when they start the device everyone ages, when they reverse it everybody unages, except Teal’c, who was in a shield/field that didn’t allow him to unage and when he ended up in the original timeline he keeps Sam from starting the Time Dilation Field, which then splits them off into a different reality then the one where they all aged. So Teal’c is now fifty years older and remembers everything that happened in ‘Unending’ but nobody else does because when he stopped her from starting the device they split off into a new, different reality.”

  128. So is this a permanent move, or just temporary until the negotiations are complete?

    I spent a couple hours helping 30 little boys tie-dye T-shirts this evening. Thank heaven I only volunteered for the actual dyeing part, not the clean-up. Even so, why do I do these things to myself? I stopped on the way home and bought a bottle of blackberry merlot.

  129. Wow, it took a long time for me to figure out your blog moved. I was worried you’d been eaten by a Wraith or something. Either that or buried under a pile of scripts.

    Glad to hear you’re still posting. I’m loving season four so far. 🙂

  130. Joey Joey Joey!! You know whatcha godda do whena your Mamma comes over…

    LET HER TAKE CONTROL OF THE KITCHEN!!! Then take her to a see a Verdi opera.

    take it from an Italian girl! *wink*

    Btw, love the new blogspot. Is it permanent or temporary?

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