Very late blog today as I was dealing with Stargate matters. So short and sweet tonight as I give you the bullet points –

* Martin Gero has agreed to do a post-Be All My Sins Remember’d Q&A on this blog.

* I think I may be allergic to pineapple.

* Less than 45 000 blog visits to go until lucky 750 000 and that virtual dinner.

* The Seer ratings held steady, matching the previous week’s showing for Missing.

* I have to pick up my wife at the airport tonight and I seem to have forgotten her flight number.

This blog is dedicated to future birthday boy Johnny E and Elizabeth’s sister Caroline.

Today’s pics: Awwwww. Puppies!

Today’s mailbag:

Anonymous #1 writes: “Are there plans for Teyla to be in Season 5 or for her to leave with her child and lead her people?”

Answer: Teyla will be in season 6.

Cat writes: “Where does one find deep fried candy bars in the Greater Vancouver Regional District…er, Metro Vancouver area?”

Answer: Go to Wing Nuts on Main Street.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Has anyone on the SG writing staff ever considered doing a holiday themed episode?”

Answer: Not seriously.

Spankys writes: “My sister-in-law wants to get a pug. […] Is there a difference in temperment between males and females?”

Answer: The females tend to be kinda bossy.

Jasmine writes: “BTW I meant to ask have you ever been to Chambar on Beatty St?”

Answer: I have and had a so-so lamb. I should go back to give it another shot.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Have you lied to us yet again Joe?”

Answer: When you accuse someone of lying, you really should provide corroborative evidence to back up your claim. It’s like me calling you a cretin and then simply moving on to the next comment without so much as bothering to acknowledge your question.

Beckie writes: “You and Marty G. are a prime example of what happens when geeks are allowed to have cars and money and free time – “

Answer: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

42 writes: “Lastnight, after I had closed the shop, leaving only one shutter partially open so that I could leave, turned the lights off and was clearly counting the cash in the till to *close*… a guy sticks his head under the shutter and asks “Are you closed?”. This is not the first time this has happened… suggested future response???”

Answer: Sure, crawl on in.

Zabadoo writes: “Is it possible that there was just something about the death of Carson, that we don’t know yet, like, for example: his body was never found or something like that where everyone on the show knows but doesn’t mention until later?”

Answer: If his body was never found, the audience would know.

Anonymous #3 writes: “We find out that 3 months has gone by – and still there is no attempt made to rescue Weir.”

Answer: When Sheppard approached Carter about mounting a rescue, she told him that he needed to come up with a workable plan that she could get behind. He hasn’t.

I Love Joseph Mallozzi writes: “Y’a t’il une langue que vous rêvez d’apprendre?”

Answer: Japonais.

LibKat writes: “Have you tried Xocolate organic chocolate from San Francisco?
What address should I use to send you a gift of chocolate?”

Answer: I haven’t. But no need to send chocolates. Stargate Atlantis – 2400 Boundary Road, Vancouver, B.C. V5M 3Z3

Elizabeth writes: “Do you celebrate the US Thanksgiving Day (November 22)?”

Answer: In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October – and Christmas in mid-July.

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