Last night, Fondy and I went out to dinner with our good friend Ted and his girlfriend Vicki. We’d been meaning to do Peking Duck for a while and, after many, many get-back-ya‘s, we finally got around to it. And so, we ended up at Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant (1475 West Broadway), which is purported to serve up the best Peking Duck in town. For those of you unfamiliar with Peking Duck, I’ve included a step-by-step dining breakdown with accompanying pics. All you need are the following ingredients: steamed pancakes, crispy duck skin slices, green onions, sliced cucumbers (optional), hoisin sauce.

1. Unfold the pancake onto your plate.

2. Lay a piece of the crispy duck skin onto the pancake.

3. Add the green onion and/or cucumber slice.

4. Top with hoisin sauce.

5. Wrap it up and eat.

Simple and delicious. Well, the eating part anyway. The dish is usually served in two courses – the first making use of the duck skin, the second making use of the actual duck meat which is cooked up with onions and veggies and served in a lettuce wrap with hoisin sauce. We, of course, skipped that second, somewhat healthier course. Instead, we sampled a couple of unusual plates, the most interesting being the salt and pepper geoduck with jalapeno peppers. Ever seen a geoduck? If you have, eating it is probably the last thing that would cross your mind (I’d be more inclined to use it as a weapon). It’s a cross between a clam and an elephant trunk. Sounds tasty, no? Well, it was. But then again, fry up Fondy sandals with a little garlic and they’d probably prove pretty damn tasty too.

Today, we all gathered at Rob’s place to watch professional sport’s most milquetoast team win another game. Because the Cleveland-Seattle game went into overtime, I arrived home late. Fondy paid me back by heading out to Port Moody to check out another French bulldog puppy. Paul has warned me that we’re dangerously close to becoming “that crazy dog couple”.

Well, it’s the calm before the storm. After an easygoing week of tossing story ideas around, we head back into the office to actually begin breaking season five. Ideally, I would love for each of us to head off with 2 scripts each Still, with most of November ahead of us, and a number of story ideas in development, there’s no reason why we can’t half the season in play by the time we head back in January.

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