So sad. It’s reached the point know where Cookie Monster’s yahoo account receives more emails from fans than it does from scammers. Still, I’m happy to say that after a lengthy lay-off, I was able to go back and find a couple of potential targets.

The first was an email from a DR. atiko tijani who is in “urgent need for foreign partner” to help him transfer $30 million dollars out of a deceased client’s account. And, just in case I doubted the veracity of his proposal, the good doctor offers up a link to a new story about a plane crash to, in fact, “confirm the genuiness of the deceased death”.

Cookie Monster wrote back:

“ Hello dere,

Me confirm. Yep. He dead alright. But sadly Cookie Monster no can help. You looking for foreign partner and Cookie Monster not foreign. Me American.

Hey, now dat tink about it, Oscar the Grouch one quarter Scottish. Cookie Monster meet his Scottish relatives once. Dey speak language dat almost sound like English. Dat count?

Cookie Monster

P.S. Me love to learn more about DR atiko culture where people no do capitalize names. So exotik!

The other email was from poor, down-on-her-luck Agnes Johnson in Sierra Leone who lost everything (father, mother, two brothers, and most of her worldly possessions) in a rebel attack. Agnes explains: “I have seen war and I have seenpeace, I have seen riches and I have seen people die..” She now lives in a refugee camp in Senegal but is desperate for someone to help her access her late father’s fortune ($85 million). She instructs: “you will open an account for me there in your country and keep the whole money into the account then i will come over there and stay with you or you can buy a good aparment for me over there.”

Cookie Monster wrote back:

“Hello Agnes,

Cookie Monster understand. Like you, he see war, peace, riches, and people die. But not in Sierra Leone. On t.v. show Falcon Crest. Is with Jane Wyman and Lorenzo Lamas. Remember episode where Maggie, Chase, and Richard follow evil baby-kidnapper Melissa into San Francisco Bay and Chase save baby and Melissa but he not come back up? (so sad). Or time Maggie die when wedding ring get caught in swimming pool drain? (so sadder) Or when Parker Stevenson leave show? (maybe saddest of all!) If Agnes not know show, Cookie Monster highly recommend. Would be great way for Agnes to take mind off tough life where she left with only clothes on back and computer to send emails. Refugee camp where you staying get TV LAND? Sure hope so.

Me want to help, but can’t offer hospitality. Count be sleeping on Cookie Monster’s couch since Mrs. Count kick him out last month. Is very depressing. Every night, he cry himself to sleep hugging econo-size bottle of Jim Beam and singing old Transylvania folk songs. Would not be so bad if there be more than two. Also, Count not exactly Rick Derringer. Sometime singing so bad Cookie Monster lie next to open window so sounds of next-door slaughterhouse drown out noise for more peaceful night sleep.


Cookie Monster”

Well, a HUUUUUGE sigh of relief for me yesterday when, at around 6:00 p.m., the doctor’s office called to inform me my blood tests came back and everything was normal. Let’s celebrate! The mailbag is back!

Today’s pics: Lulu shows off her new outfit.

Today’s video: None today.

Today’s mailbag:

Ascended Tauri writes: “1)when you guys write/discuss story line episodes like you did with ‘Reunion’, do you/rest of production staff discuss in detail the possible future direction the story could go? Say, Ronon’s friend that retreats at the end of ‘Reunion’. How much discussion goes into a future plan for that character? 2. Do you/rest of staff already discuss, in this case, Season 5 during your production of S. 4?

Answers: 1) I made the decision not to kill of Tyre at the end of Reunion because I thought he would be an interesting character to bring back for a future episode. 2) When we wrote the season finale, we had a general idea of how we wanted to pick things up in season 5, but we didn’t have detailed plans for an overall season-long arc at that point.

Anonymous writes: “Originally Michael’s name was going to be Charlie, but for some reason it was changed.”

Answer: It was?

Zabadoo writes: “1.)For Atlantis’s 100th episode, do you think you guys will do something epic or comical? 2.)Will any other major characters (Sheppard, Ronan, Teyla, McKay, Zelenka, Keller, Carter) bite the dust this season?”

Answers: 1) Since it will be the season-ender, it will not be comical. 2)

Pauline writes: “It never ceases to amaze me that with all the bravado that men have with taking car engines apart etc. Ask them to put clothes in a washing machine and you would think we had asked you to pilot the Space Shuttle.”

Answer: In all fairness, Fondy usually sees to the car engine as well.

Neek_love writes: “When it comes to the hiring or writers in “the industry” is a college/university background in writing considered important, or more just whether the writing jives with the production?”

Answer: It has everything to do with the talent and approximately zero to do with a candidates educational background.

Anonymous #1 writes: ”One day after getting the greenlight to a 5th season and you spend it writing about washing clothes.”

Answer: Hey, here’s an idea! Why don’t you write up a big, long list of things you’d like me to write about – a sort of a personal wish list covering everything from detailed aspects of the production to, say, aspects of my personal life – and once you’re done that and made sure to proof-read the entire document, print it up, put it in a big bowl, pour milk over it, and enjoy it for breakfast. Bon Appetit.

Anonymous #2 writes: “1. Does this mean we’ll get to see Daniel make his way to Atlantis? 2. If the above is true, any chance for Vala to make an appearance?? Please!
3. Is there a possibility that Weir could pop up in the fifth season as well?”

Answers: 1. It means we’ll certainly try to do a story that will guest Daniel in season 5. 2) No plans to bring Vala over. 3) The answer to this can be found in a later season four episode.

Elizabeth writes: “Who is ‘the guy in Washington’?”

Answer: Jack O’Neill.

Tracy Trollop writes: “Not written on here for a while, but Bob Picardo told me to get online and write to you! Met him today at Collectormania and we ended up talking about you, his wife’s baking and also the dog skeleton he gave you for Hallowe’en last week! I couldn’t see any pics on your blog, but would love to see some.”

Answer: Do a search for Bob Picardo and I’m sure the skeleton dog entry will pop up. It includes a video of Lulu facing off against the hound from hell.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Hi Joe, are we going to see Ford in season 5, at least to close out his story line????”

Answer: Not to be a bit of a downer, but some could argue that him getting blown up on the hive ship he was on could be considered closure.

Cyn writes: “Only question I could come up with was when will you announce the BOTM?”

Answer: Monday morning. So far, White Plague leads Doomsday Book while Gunslinger is well ahead of Lord Valentine’s Castle.

Ben writes: “Hey Joe, did you see southpark Parody Stargate? For that matter do you watch southpark?”

Answer: Haven’t seen it yet. We all love South Park.

Redhooks writes: “Can you say if any deleted scenes from Travelers will end up on the DVDs?”

Answer: I don’t believe there are any deleted scenes from this episode.

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