Well, my birthday week celebrations kicked off last night with dinner at La Buca compliments of one Robert C. Cooper and his lovely wife Hillary. Since it was really a celebratory meal, I won’t offer a critique. Instead, I will just say it was great company and we enjoyed pumpkin ravioli with safe and toasted hazelnuts (the pasta shell was somewhat overcooked and I found the hazelnuts too pronounced as they overpowered the more subtle filling), skate wing (a delicious but surprisingly not-all-that-popular fish [fisherman Carl claims he tosses them back whenever he accidentally catches them] but nevertheless one that seems to be finding its way onto restaurant menus [Speaking of atypical things showing up on restaurant menus – I’m reminded of the grey squirrel pancakes being served up at The Famous Wild Board Hotel in Cumbria. Why grey? Are they that much tastier than the brown ones?]), veal cheeks in red wine sauce served with saffron and parmesan risotto (great risotto and fork-friendly meat but the red wine sauce was too thing), tiramisu (an okay version), and chestnut canoli (that Fondy enjoyed for the same reason I didn’t: it wasn’t that sweet).

This morning, I started my actual birth day by picking up a two-tiered turd sitting on the lower downstairs landing. In many places, this is considered very fortuitous and so I marveled over my good luck – before flushing it and disinfecting the spot with hydrogen peroxide. I then went online and checked my horoscope. According to the site:

“If October 16th is your birthday you have a fair to above average lung capacity, but an innate difficulty mastering kanji and woodwind instruments. In general, the people in your life like you slightly less than you believe they do. You are prone to inexplicable rashes, tuneless humming, and rooting for the losing team in the big championship game. Also, someone named Frederique is conspiring against you.”


I then checked my blog and was delighted to see not only a slew of best birthday wishes from many of you, but a message from writer-director-producer-chef Robert Cooper promising to swing by the blog this weekend to answer our Doppelganger-related questions. Awesome! I’ve got a bunch!

I went into the office this morning and found a multi-colored construction paper cut-out HB (Hemoglobin? Half Back? House Bill?) AND cake complete with candles. Although both Lawren and Marty G. took credit, I’m more inclined to believe the wonderful Tanja Balic was responsible. Well, either her or the artistic Alex Levine. Anyway, while I was in, I joined Marty G. and Paul for a special screening of The Last Man director’s cut. A great season-ender (and a bit of a tearjerker – I defy you not to cry or feel sad or pity or slightly dizzy) with a final shot that will have fandom buzzing from final fade to the opening shot of season five.

When I arrived home, there was a selection of box awaiting me. It was from my sister Andria. Inside: Montreal chocolates! After a quick trip downtown where Fondy treated me to my birthday lunch (yerm) I returned home and sampled a wide selection of gift chocolates – approximately a dozen in all. Very good assortments all around highlighted by Au Festin de Babette’s Camembert en Chocolat and Les Chocolats de Chloe’s Fleur de Sel chocolate.

Feeling a little queasy. But good queasy.

Today’s pics: Hey check out my new Atlantis phone (if you forget to pause after flipping it open, the mini kawoosh will take off your ear!), last night’s dinner, Fondy gifts me with my favorite matcha, and sis’s chocolates.

Today’s video: None. It’s my birthday!

Today’s mailbag: None. It’s my birthday!

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