I received the following email from my surprisingly persistent pen pal (and dedicated scammer) James Williams:

“Dear Cookie Monster,

Good day, how are you doing?why have you not respond back to my mail for the past 1week now, i want yu to know that this transaction is for real and is legistimate okay so just get back to me with your faithful mind and let continue this transaction, however if you are no more intrested you are free to get back to me and open up that you are no more intrested so i will stop wasting my time and efort as a lawyer okay.”

A bewildered Cookie Monster wrote back:

“But Cookie Monster already send money! Is possible dere be other James Williams in London? Hard to believe but just in case maybe you contact him and see if he get your money instead? Here is address:

James Williams

Also, good news! Me coming to visit! Dis year, me and Sesame Street friends take group vacation to England instead of local neighborhood pub. Hope is good idea. Last time try somewhere new, went camping and Big Bird shot by poachers. Oscar attacked by racoons. Bert get lost looking for toilet and den Ernie get lost looking for Bert looking for toilet and den Grover get lost IN toilet (go spelunking in outhouse and discover subterranean lair of mole men dat make him god [lucky!] but he cut himself and bleed and dey say he not god den so try to feed him to firepit monster [unlucky!] but he escape to surface [lucky!] but get poison okay [unlucky!] on eyeballs! [very unlucky]). Count sleep too close to campfire, ignite Jagermeister breath and wake up everybody because face on fire (ever since, have to pencil in eyebrows). Den park ranger give ticket for littering and put real damper on outing.

Hope dis holiday be better. What your address?


Cookie Monster

P.S. Oscar want to know is many racoons in England? Also Grover ask how about mole men?”

Today’s pics: Friday’s action over on Stage 3.

Today’s video: Click on the date to glimpse the director at work.

Today‘s mailbag:

Emma writes: “…Hotel Chocolat have you heard/tried any of its wares?”

Answer: Yup. We received a Care package from the Hotel Chocolat compliments of some fans earlier this season. Sure beat the chocolates at the W.

Vvv0472 writes: “In the SG1 episode Family Ties, Why doesn’t Vala mention to her Father that his grandaughter is the Orici; leader of the Ori army?”

Answer: They hadn’t spoken in years, weren’t on the best of terms, and she didn’t exactly feel like opening up to him about her personal life.

Promogirl writes: “Who will be directing the season finale?”

Answer: Martin Wood will be directing The Last Man.

Dream-of-Skies writes: “There’s a thought – I’ve spotted amongst the comments that there seems to be a little issue regarding Creation Entertainment conventions. However, they are having a Chocolate Bingo Bash on the 2nd April 2007 in Burnaby – would that not tempt you in any way?”

Answer: I’d sooner be devoured by a pack of wild baboons than attend a Creatin-sponsored event.

Jedi writes: “So how can we help the ratings if we don’t know anyone that has one of the boxes?”

Answer: Just tune in.

Padawan_Aneiki writes: “Hey, does Fondy’s shop cater only to dog-owners or is there anything for the feline-lovers among us?”

Answers: There’s plenty for the kitties as well.

Anonymous #1 writes: “You answered the season four question, so the season five one has to be asked.”

Answer: It can be asked but it aint being answered.

Nathaniel writes: “Okay heading to vegas at the end of the october where is the chocolate shop and did you want anything?”

Answer: The shop is Vosges and it’s in the Forum mall. Thanks for the offer but I’m fine.

Patricia writes: “Is chocolate really better than sex?”

Answer: Depends on the kind of chocolate and who you’re having sex with.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “1)Combient de temp passez vous par jours sur votre blog?
2)Quel est votre viande pr�f�r�?”

Reponses: 1) Environs une heure. 2) L’agneau.

Anonymous #2 writes: “…some of us on the gateworld forum were wondering in the episode 200 sam was talking about a time when Jack was made invisible by alien technology and we were wondering did that actually happened or was sam making it up?”

Answer: In my mind, it definitely never happened.

Anonymous #3 writes: “If you guys turned Beckett into a wraith, as people are speculating about on GW, that would be the final nail in the coffin. Watch the anti season four people grow in numbers.”

Answer: Um, okay.

Anonymous #4 writes: “How do you like Dean Koontz?”

Answer: Never met him but I’m sure that if I did I’d like him just fine.

57 thoughts on “September 23, 2007

  1. Cool pictures!

    How’s Lulu doing? Does she still have the collar?

    Please answer my questions. Is Stargate Continuum set after season four? Is Ford going to be in any episodes [either in season four or five]? Will Hammond be in any episodes in season five?


  2. Hey Joe –

    Like your videos – but they are so short! Can’t you post some that are more than a few seconds long?

  3. Hi Joe The kitty here 🙂 was wondering something, there are a few of us (namely me and those of us here in Atlantis on this side of the Mirror) and we were wondering, since we have (thanks to Rodney and Radek) illegal cable hookups here does that also count torwards the ratings? no truely I don’t have cable and I have to sadly wait for the season to come to DVD.

    Can you give this poor flat broke kitty something to look forwards to on the DVD? (IE a cast commentary with Rachel/Teyla & Joe/John on it?)

    Also Cookie Monster might have some advice for me as I have no idea what cookie goes best with a Chocolat Fudge Brownie Cookie. it is over on my LJ so if you would let him take a looksee would be great 🙂

    All our best
    ~Teyilia & the Team

  4. The more I read your blog, the more I get the feeling there are actually 4 (not 3) pregnancies involved.

    Sure, we get to see “Adrift” in a few days, but “Outcast” and the other episodes you have been showing video of are nearly 9 months from when the rest of us will see them. Seems like giving birth to me. ( … she said speaking from no personal experience.)

    Sure, they (the episodes) may not end all that you hoped that they might be, but at least you won’t get a call to bail them out of jail. 😉

    Thanks for the time and effort with the photos – it’s been fun seeing them.

  5. 1.)I’m very aware it will be the same Beckett that will return to the show for a two-parter, but will he be different in terms of his character, like will he be tormented or different than we last saw him?
    2.)Will we get Ronan’s gun’s origin this season?
    3.)Will McKay weild a gun better this season?

  6. Thanks to
    Kdvb1!! That is the movie/story. I don’t know if I saw it or read it, but I’m thinking I saw the short film. Thanks, I’m gonna search for it, because as a teacher, it’s a good lesson for kids.

  7. Bates in a suit?… Outcast, then, I presume. Ah, heck, you’ve probably already told us this.

    Heh. Poor James Williams. So sad that his money was obviously stolen or intercepted by some petty criminal who shares his name. It saddens me so to think that some unscrupulous person took advantage of his all too common name (though you’d hardly think ‘Williams’ would be all that common, especially in England of all places) and accepted money that was clearly not theirs to appropriate.

    Mm, quick question. I can guess we won’t be seeing Richard Kind as Lucius season 4— assuming 5 gets the pick-up, think there’s a chance we might see him then? Or has he finally had enough?

  8. Question about ratings and so forth. Warning- it’s a doozie… Why do you think Scifi (and whomever else calls the shots on whether you guys have a season 5) does not take into consideration the online communities, convention attendees, DVD/iTunes sales and other craziness exuded by fans everywhere? The Nelson ratings don’t seem that accurate if only a certain number of people have those boxes. I don’t really understand the whole concept of the Nelson ratings boxes and such so I apologize.

    Take my case for example: In the past I have not been able to afford cable and quite honestly, the prices are a little high for what it’s worth. So I purchase the episodes on iTunes and at least I get to see them a day after they air. This is the only way I am able to view the show, aside from other means I don’t like to venture into.

    I believe more often than not, this is the case with a lot of fans and they delve into the illegal downloading and such just so they can get their fix. Therefore, I wonder if the fan base is actually much larger than the Nelson ratings could ever imply. What are your thoughts on this matter? Does Scifi not take all this into consideration? Does this frustrate the hell out of you??? (Sorry for the complicated post!)

    BTW – I see you got that bacon bar…is it any good??

  9. Answer: I’d sooner be devoured by a pack of wild baboons than attend a Creatin-sponsored event.

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

    Creation is evil and I’m glad to see you don’t have a “positive” attitude towards them.

    Hope Miss Lulu is doing well – I bet you’re relieved to be off puppy watch now that Frondy’s home. 🙂

  10. question o guru of scifi stuff. “USS Apollo”. hmmmm, how’d the IOC give permission for THAT one? They can’t decide on their own names, or so it seems.
    Just a moment when I was a thinkin’. later gater!

  11. I am grateful for all the pics and mini-vids you have been providing to sustain us until season 4 starts this Friday. While I am quite dizzy with glee that Adrift will be on in mere days, I am quite sad that the production tidbits you have been dangling before our hungry eyes will soon be gone.

    Will you continue your blog? I’m certainly hoping for a season 5, but, if nothing else, I very much want to know what happens to Cookie Monster, Baron Destructo, et al.

  12. You seem to be fairly well travelled… any tips or recommendations in Puerto Vallarta, if you’ve ever been?

  13. Hey, Joe,

    Your chocolate pics from the other day got me googling. Have you ever come across this brand?

    They had some interesting flavors I was thinking about trying…

    Can’t wait for the premiere this Friday. And I promise to watch it live. 😉

  14. Cookie Monster is in rare form this week. Some day you should release all of his transcripts and call it something like, “The Cookie Monster Dialogues”.

    I think that both children and adults would find it hilarious on many levels.

  15. What story arcs can we expect in season 8 of Atlantis? Will Weir be back? Will Carter still be there? Do you think you will be able to elaborate on the Atlantis toilet 3-parter and stick fighting episodes? How many episodes will Jackson and O’Neill appear in season 8? When do you start spinning ideas for season 9?

    These aren’t serious questions.

  16. “What story arcs can we expect in season 8 of Atlantis? Will Weir be back? Will Carter still be there? Do you think you will be able to elaborate on the Atlantis toilet 3-parter and stick fighting episodes? How many episodes will Jackson and O’Neill appear in season 8? When do you start spinning ideas for season 9?”

    …I think I love you.

    “These aren’t serious questions.”


    On the other hand…

  17. James Williams! and Cookie Monster!

    Cookie Monster England vacation with de gang
    bet cookie monster have fun in tea time,

    When cookie monster visit England, go up to da ice cream van, ask for a 99. Will get a cone filled with soft ice cream and Cadbury’s flake a long crumbly stick of chocolate. very good, very good!

    Hope James Williams lawyer send cookie monster money, cookie monster already has picture to send James william if no money send.

  18. Hah good old cookie monster certainly showed that nasty scammer.

    What exactly does that guy want from you?

    Hey I found a chocolate factory/shop near where I live, I bet you would love it. I saw it and thought “Joe would have a field day here”. They make all sorts of chocolates- everything you could possibly imagine! Fudges, caramels nuts… you name it they have it. The selection is amazing! I spent nearly four hours in there just looking through everything they have and in the end I came out with two large boxes and a bag of ridiculously cheap yet excellent chocolate.

    I’d love to share it with you, but unfortunately that may prove difficult given the distance. Maybe when you come to Australia next!

    Take care.

  19. So, in McKay & Mrs. Miller, Rod was going to supposedly stay in Atlantis. Why wouldn’t he, being from a parallel universe, be in the same situation as that other Carter in SG-1’s Point of View? Or maybe I’m just thinking too much.

  20. “Anonymous #4 writes: “How do you like Dean Koontz?”

    Answer: Never met him but I’m sure that if I did I’d like him just fine.”

    Okay, I had that one coming, Mr. Smartass. Let me rephrase it: How do you like Dean Koontz’s writing?

  21. Hey Joe…

    I asked this the other day but I’m not sure if this got lost in the deluge of questions you normally get or whatever but I’d love to know your answer…

    It’s regarding sets and locations. I’m a nut for the blueprints and pictures of the sets and locations.

    Which episode has in your opinion the coolest set…your personal favorite? The darkest? The most extreme? (I’m guessing that one is the one that’s tilting 20 degrees…but I could be wrong here.) The most difficult to utilize? The scariest? Any under water?

    Mary Beth =)

  22. Any chance of a photograph of a pigeon from the set (sound stage 2?) as referred to by David Nykl and Rachel Luttrell at a convention in Australia/NZ?

    Are all the sets really dark and dingy or is that just the way it looks in your photographs?

  23. Creation, hmm…I’ve only been to three conventions, and they’ve all been Star Trek cons by Creation, so I can’t really compare it to other types of cons. However, I did once overhear Garrett Wang (of Voyager) telling someone that Creation had been charging for his autograph (and they’re like $30 at least) without his permission or even knowledge. He was not happy, nor would I be. I mean, that’s pretty low.

  24. So what do you have against Creatin besides their money grubbing, hoity-toity, holier-than-thou ways?


    And I agree with Charles Schneider about the Cookie Monster Chronicles. Too bad it could never happen. I think I would otherwise snort raisins out my nose with glee.

  25. Does Sam appear in “Midway”? Does she kiss anyone this season? Now that Vala and Teyla have become mums is anything like that in store for Sam for the future?

  26. Check out my blog. I think you are one of the few people that could understand what I wrote about.

  27. Hi Joe:

    I just wanted to ask you about your namesake, Joe Flanigan. Who is older, you or Joe F.?

    Joe F. seems to be multi talented, balancing on a skateboard, playing golf and now playing guitar. You said he plays fairly well. Does he sing too? Are there any other new talents Joe plans to pick up in the days ahead?


    P.S. In my opinion, noting is better than chocolate. Even sex.

  28. Regarding the ratings, it doesn’t matter if us Canadians watch it or not right? Because we don’t get SciFi?

  29. PS. By that, I mean they don’t take into account the Canadian channels that air Atlantis, do they?

  30. “Is chocolate really better than sex?” Why compare them, when you can combine them? Don’t you agree?

  31. All those people who look toward season 4 with doom and gloom always remind me of the exchange at the beginning of Sateda…

    McKay: Yeah, I always feel like that. Like something horrible’s about to happen.

    Teyla: How do you live?

  32. It’s Miss Piggy here. Why do you keep picking on James Williams? We’ve been dating for three years, ever since my tragic breakup with my beloved Kermie. When I discovered Kermie face down on the bathroom floor, his brain permanently baked by his incessant and uncontrollable coke habit, I was devastated. As I blindly wandered the streets of my home town, tears rolling down my pleasantly plump piggy face, there was James. Standing in the rain. His lithe frame and handsome face silhouetted by the faux gas lamps. He seemed to have been waiting for me, but when I asked, he assured me that he’d been following me out of concern, not because he wanted to rob me.

    James is generous and patient. He’s going to give me a million dollars, simply by helping him get some money out of Nigeria.

    Shame on you Cookie Monster for doubting his sincerity.

    Love, Miss Piggy

    PS Kermie wonders why you don’t visit him in rehab.

  33. Watch the anti season four people grow in numbers.

    Wow. Do people actually think threats are going to result in them getting what they want? Given that you’re now shooting the last episode, do people think you’re going to go back and reshoot them to make the fans happy?

    Let them tell their story before making threats!

    On a happier note, I am pleased to see that Cookie Monster survived that trip into the outhouse. I’m looking forward to seeing just how ticked off you can get that guy.

  34. I’m probably asking something that’s come up a couple of times, but I don’t quite recall an answer to it, so I’m asking now. (I think someone else asked too, so… XD;; )

    Was there anything specific to turn you against Creation and their events? I namely ask because they’re the only ones who bring Stargate events into my area- and since I see some apprehension from an actual crewmember, I’m starting to reconsider this, and see about trying to make a trek out of state to see you guys at a con instead.

  35. Brilliant pics of Bill Dow, thanks! And Bates! YAY! I used to be a spoilerphobe… 🙂

  36. LOL @ Cookie Monster. Certainly is a creative way to deal with the spammers of the world. Personally I think they need to be voted off the island, so to speak.

    No questions today, but I will say that all the pics and vids are makin’ me very excited for Season 4! 😀

  37. Answer: I’d sooner be devoured by a pack of wild baboons than attend a Creation-sponsored event.


    Sorry. I’m new to the convention world so I’m not up on what’s good/bad/ugly/should be blown up. If you’ve got any tips on where I should be looking for great cons, I’d be happy to hear them (and I promise to never create a sentence that combines your good self and that event co-ordinating company ever again!)

    If you haven’t read any Dean Konntz, may I be so bold as to suggest Watchers, Lightening and short story anthology Strange Encounters – I’ve almost read my copies to death!

    If I wanted to send you something, what would be the best address to use?

    Hope Lulu’s soon to be free of the collar and back to terrorising the others!


  38. 1)Will we see any animosity between Shep and Ronon this year?

    2)In The Last Man, is the cliffhanger multifaceted or focused on one centralized plot?

  39. Hey Joe, great pics 🙂

    So I have this ‘friend’ and she happened to…ahem…’get a hold of’ the preairs of the first two S4 eps and she wanted me to let you know how incredibly awesome she thought they were even without some of the special effects (but that whoever kept yelling ‘bang’ was doing a fine effort).
    She also asks that you not smite her for this with your supervillainness because she lives in the UK so it won’t make a difference if she tunes in or not, but that she will definately be tuning in again when it airs in the UK.
    Thank you for working so hard this season, if those two episodes are anything to go by then I (she) can’t wait to see the rest of the season.

    Who *was* yelling ‘bang’, anyway? They are to be congratulated on such fine skills. Was it Gero?

  40. Hey Joe, just wanted to ask, out of all the ancient technology we (that is to say the viewers) have seen, which gizmo would you choose to have on an everyday basis? (excluding puddle jumpers, the stargate, and ring transporters) Thank you.

  41. Not sure if you are a ‘new man’ and like pampering. Just noticed in an English paper an advert for a Chocolate facial – what a waste of chocolate.

    The pack would be sniffing you for weeks after that.

    It’s 1832 hrs here in Scotland and I have just eaten a white pudding – ever had one of them? Or a black pudding? Us Scots enjoy our stodge. Back to the salad diet tomorrow though.

    Live long and prosper

  42. Hello mon maître spirituel =)!

    Merci beaucoup pour les photos et la video =)

    Et merci aussi de m’avoir répondu^^!!
    Hmmmmm miamiame l’agneau c’est bon=), moi j’aime toute les viandes sauf les viandes rouges que je n’aime pas trop.
    Vous passez une 1heure par jour sur votre blogs, c’est bien! Merci de nous consacré se temp =D

    Lol ma mére Ma demander quand été votre anniversaire…j ai répondu le 16, 16, 16, 16!!!!! 16 OCTOBRE!!
    Je suis étonnée que mes parents n’ont pas encors retenu cette date si fantastique =)

    Mes questions:

    1)Vous aimez l’histoire? quel période?
    2)Quel animal vous fait le plus peur?
    3)Si je vous vénére comme un dieux sa vous embête?


    Voila, voila!^^ Merci!! gros bisou! je vous aime trés trés fort!!! a demain <3<3<3

  43. Oooh oooh…Joe…I have another question for you cuz I’m in a silly mood right now.

    As you inch toward your 500,000th visit, I’ve been doing some thinking (I know…call Guinness, right?) and I’ve decided on what I’d request should I be the 500,000th visit.

    Since flocking is soooo three weeks ago, here’s my request. I’d like an 8×10 autographed photo…

    …of Lulu.

    She is the star of a great deal of your blogs, no?

    What do you think…would she be game or is she too diva to care about what a multitude of her fans are clamoring for?

    And if she thumbs her nose at the idea (or paws her nose, as the case would be), I’d go for an 8×10 autographed photo of Baron Destructo. Or Cookie Monster.

    What can I say? On top of loving blueprints, I’m an autograph nut.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mary Beth

    PS. If Lulu, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster all refuse…which would be mighty cruel I tell ya…I suppose I’d live with an 8×10 autographed picture of you. But let’s not hit that panic button just yet, eh?

  44. (1)Will we find out more about Michael’s bug army in season 4?

    (2)Are there any “light” episodes in season 4? I think Harmony might be one, are there others?

    (3) Will Teyla’s baby be born before, during, or after “The Last Man?” (You could just say no comment if it’s a spoiler. I don’t want to ruin anything. :])

  45. In one of your earlier blog posts there was some talk of Atlantis being featured on Extra – and it would be sometime before the 28th? Maybe? If so has there been any more news about what date it will be?

  46. Is McKay ever going to be happy or positive about anything?

    I really like the character but after about 3 years I thought he would be more used to life and death situations and reigned in his fear a little bit.

    Is there going to be any ‘look how brave McKay is’ episodes at the end of season 3 or in season 4?

  47. Ooh… were they filming the last episode of season 4 down at Southlands today?

  48. I’ve been to two Creation events. Many years ago to a Xena one, and about 3-4 years ago to Stargate in NY/NJ (they said it was NY, but it was actually NJ) Unfortunetly, they are the only cons around. I’ve tried to go to Comic-com the past 2 years, but things have come up and it’s a trek as I live in CT. Thinking might try Dragon-Con next year. The last Creation event I attended really turned me off of them. There was so much down time, not any diverse vendors, everything was money, money. I did not enjoy it. Although I did enjoy the actors, Michael, Chris, Rachell, Teryl and Carmen. But I will not attend their events anymore.

  49. Cookie Monster not pleased. Big Bird send Cookie Monster message:

    Here’s a box of extra large chocolate peanut butter cookies for you, my friend. Maybe Mr. Williams will be nice and send that money soon.

    No questions today other than the one I posted Saturday.

  50. Is anyone, other then Jeannie, going to call Rodney Meredith this year?

    And along with that who was the one that came up with that name? How are decisions like that characters having different first names or the like – made? Does one person make it, or is something that is decided by the writing staff?

  51. Hi Joe, thanks for the photos and videos. When I read the list of flavours from the chocolates Fondy brought home, I have to say “You’re braver than I thought!!”

    Arctic Goddess said… I dare you to answer this: Is chocolate really better than sex?

    That would depend on who the man holding the chocolates is 😉

    After all, it says right on the boxes: “Please consume within 2 weeks of purchase”

    They have got to be kidding!! Do they really expect a box of chocolates to last longer than 2 weeks??

  52. Joe I’m putting this hear since I don’t really have anywhere else to put it… maybe you could mention it in your next post?

    Just found something cool that could possibly help the ratings – it’s a site by Nielsen of the Nielsen ratings.

    http://www.heynielsen.com/ – at the moment there are no ratings for Stargate Atlantis, time to change that!

    Atlantis page: http://www.heynielsen.com/view/951

  53. Some day you should release all of his transcripts and call it something like, “The Cookie Monster Dialogues”.

    My vote would be for this. I think it would be fab if you were able to put together all the spam emails and responses and publish them (avoiding law suits from Sesame Street, if possible). They’re certainly funny enough, each spam artist could get their own chapter, and you can use any proceeds to finally free up that one million dollars sitting in that bank account in Nigeria.

    Or for buying copious amounts of chocolate, what ever.

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