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  1. Cool video, but Carson full time in season 5 plz.. kill keller off and make him the top dawg again =]

    Carson>Keller, you know you wanna write for him

  2. Woohoooooo!

    You did it! Was that 6 times you tried? How frustraited did you get in the end?

    Well done, Joe! Great to see Paul back.

  3. Yay! Thank you I loved it! That definitely made my day. You seem to be doing that a lot lately. I think I need a new job. Hmm…

  4. Joe-

    You could not have picked a BETTER first vid. It was well worth the issues you seemed to have posting it. Thanks!!!! 🙂

  5. Excellent video! It’s great to see PMcG back on set. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wooo!! Paul!! Nicely done Joe, very nicely done. Thank you for that.

    So, how often should we expect these little bits of glorious moving pictures?

  7. *lets out a thrilled fan-girl squeal* It’s Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sends hugs to both beloved Scot and super-cool writer* Yay!

  8. Very Cool Baron Destructo I had to look twice to see if that’s the name it was posted by… hehehe..

    Thanks for posting that we thank you!!

  9. I think I just died from happiness. I am now dedicating not only my Clint Eastwood poster to you, I am also dedicating the first twelve rooms on the second floor of my dorm and the top left wheel of my car to you. And to prove that you do have resources in high places, I snapped a few behind-the-scenes shots down at headquarters. Veeerrry Top Secret, if you know what I mean. *wink wink nudge nudge*

  10. Thanks for the vid! And for all the on-set pics you’ve posted lately.

    Any chance you get Mr. Flanigan on your next vid? Just saying 😉

  11. Thank you so much for the vid of PM as Beckett. That has definitely made my week!

    Please keep him for season five and way beyond! *begs on knees*

  12. Rejoicement and jubilatingness! I can’t stop grinning. Thanks so much for taking and posting this video despite the trouble it must have been.

  13. Feel free to show us plenty more of Paul as Carson or as himself. I love him! Thank you for sharing!

    *offers you my mom’s cannelone as reward*

  14. Hi Joe, well the video was great, especially for the SCB team out there in the ether. Love your blog and posts. I do a lot of lurking and reading. To take a line from “Wormhole Xtreme”, “Hey, it’s what I do” Anyway thanks for all the great tidbits and for making me hungry when I’ve just eaten soemthing. Nell

  15. Yay, you have mastered the art of video(upload)! Awesome stuff.
    A job well done, BaronDestructo. We look forward to seeing more =D

    Oh and I know it’s still something like 8PM there but I’ll probably be asleep when it’s a nice hour of the 28th, so if you see Amanda tomorrow, please tell her Chloe from New Zealand said, “Happy birthday, and have a great one!”

  16. Great job! I have a hard time taking okay video with my camera. And what a tidbit, wow!

  17. Congrats on getting the video to work! Paul looks very happy to be there. And how funny, since I just saw him yesterday in Chicago. The man sure does get around!

  18. Joe, thank you so much for the video clip, and all your efforts in getting the clip posted. We appreciate you VERY much.

    Paul looks wonderful! Looking forward to the new season.

    Best wishes to you and everyone at Stargate and their families.



    I am ded from squee!

    Joe, thank you so very much for sharing this lovely video. I can’t stop watching it.

    CARSON!!!!!! CARSON!!!!!!!!


  20. Wonderful vid!! Paul is the best stargate actor ever! (not to mention so darned good looking…) *insertfangirlsqueehere*

    And yet here is another shameless plug for Carson Beckett as a full time cast member in season 5! You know he deserves it! He completes the show!!

    Thanks again for the awesome awesome vid! You couldn’t have picked a better subject!

  21. Ohh I think you’ve just made thousands of fans swoon at your feet! Can’t wait to see how he comes back too!

  22. Welcome back, Paul! We’ve missed you!

    Thanks, Baron D, for sharing this one with us. =)

  23. Oh wicked, the video was great JM and I’m so glad to get a glimpse of PM. I can’t wait to see him in Kindred (even if it mentally seems quidgy <--I make up words to best describe my feelings)^_^. Here’s a question for you Since I saw another pic of Jewel’s Husband on the set, ever thought of giving him a part on the show? Maybe as a possible love interest for Teyla’s character?

  24. You’ve made a wee Scottish girl awfully awfully happy.

    Well – I am not actually that wee!

  25. Hi Joe,

    Thank you very much for the lovely video!!!! Was great to see Paul again and I really hope he can be back FULL TIME!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  26. Sweet! You figured out the vids!

    It must have only taken like what?
    Three hours to upload the five second video to photobucket?


  27. Wohoo Thanks for that! Made my day. Bring Carson back in season 5 for good, will you? We all miss him soo much, he’s the Heart of Atlantis for crying out loud. 🙂

  28. WOW! Thanks so much for posting this video.
    And I’m so glad Paul is back.

  29. At the risk of being burned alive I have to point out that the aspect ratio is a bit skew for me (it looks like 16:9 recording playing back at 4:3).

    Minor niggle indeed! Great to see Carson back, though as a man I have to vote for Jewel to stay 🙂

  30. Olalala c est adorable^^! je vais fondre^^!!
    Merci pour cette video!
    Vraiment génial!
    Paul est trop chou!
    Je vais méttre cette video sur mon blog! c est sur lol!!

    Merci, Merci, Merci, Merci, Merci
    Merci, Merci, Merci, Merci, Merci
    Gros bisou,Gros bisou,Gros bisou
    Gros bisou,Gros bisou,Gros bisou
    Je vous adore, Je vous adore
    Je vous adore, Je vous adore
    Bonne journée, Bonne journée
    Bonne journée, Bonne journée

  31. I bow before your technological brilliance.

    And please make sure that the schedule stays on track so Paul can come to DragonCon this weekend!

  32. Will we see actual Stargates at the Midway station, or is it simply just a redressing of the Daedalus set with CG shots of the ‘gates that you never see up close?

  33. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!! *hugs to both you and the great scotsman* Thank you so much for that video! i’m so looking forward to seeing Carson in S4! Now all i need to do is be reminded to let my dad put the Sky Multiroom in my room after i’ve come back from my holiday in Egypt! How cool is this me, a avid stargate fan, going to Egypt for 10 days?! Well gotta go! Got clothes shopping to do for Egypt!!

    Thank you again for the video. you could not have picked a better video!!

    Kady (from Wirral, England)

  34. Cool video. To get it to show as a picture on your blog, copy the ’embed’ choice from photobucket. It works with LJ so it should work with Blog too.

  35. …je passe simplement pour fêté un trés bonne anniversaire a Amanda!!!

    Je lui souhaite plein de belle chose et plein de bonheur!!!!

    ¤¤¤¤¤¤HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

  36. Thank you SO MUCH for posting that, Joe! *hugs* You rock! Pwetty Pwease, bring Carson back for season 5 and beyond? 🙂

  37. Good Job, Baron!

    Now you can set up the camera in Paul’s office and see if you catch him playing with his dolls again!

  38. It’s Paaauuuuulllll!!!!!!!!!
    Squeee!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Thank you for posting it Joe!!!! 🙂

  39. Nice Mr. M., thank you for sharing! Love how he says “thank you” – could just fall over for that accent. 🙂 He’s a keeper.

    Since you are spoiling all the Beckett fans, any thoughts to us Weir fans? Pictures/picture, movie, tid-bits… we’re not fussy 🙂

    My kind hearted 5 year old says hello, although I have the distinct impression he thinks you are Lulu typing.

  40. 🙂 Yay he’s back! And it would be fantastic to have him full time in season 5. (and 6, and 7 and… ;))

    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  41. Happy, happy, happy. It’s Paul!

    Thanks for the video, and for the daily laughs.


  42. *SQEEEEEE!!!!!*

    I think a little part of me just died from happyness. Most of the other parts just asphyxiated myself, and the last 12/134ths don’t know what to say, so they’re trying to convince the others to send you lemon squares. Not sure how they’d survive 300 miles by truck, though…

  43. Hi Joe

    I was wondering, it has been stated in both shows that when ZPMs explode they are able to destroy entire planets, however when the 3 ZPMs in the Asuran city ship in Progeny exploded, they created only ‘small’ explosions. Why was this? It has quite a few people in fandom wondering. I know thay couldn’t have exploded to their full potential, as it would have destroyed Lantea, but is there a scientific explanation?


  44. Thank you for posting it Joe, god bless all team Stargate.

    Greetings from Uruguay 🙂

  45. Salu joseph! c est encors moi!!

    J ai appris que Joe et David avaient eu une intoxication alimentaire! c est vrai?

    je n espert pas pour eu!

    aller bisou! a demain

  46. Baron Destructo?

    Just shows one is NEVER too old to have fun! (You’re a year younger than I am)

    Thanks for figuring out how to do that bit of uploading (or thanks to whoever helped you out)

    Best wishes from a cold Cape Town – 11ºC.

    (Yeah, yeah, so I don’t know what cold is… so sue me :-))

  47. Paul!!!!!!

    If that is how happy a short clip makes people just think how happy you could make everyone by announcing his full time return 😉

  48. Hi I live in london and was wondering where The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum in London is ….. becasue i would quite like some rocket boots, and also it sounds like a fun day out for all the family.

  49. You rock Joe! As Cookie Monster would say “Me Want More Videos!!!” Thanks so much, what a treat, a great blog, rocking pictures and videos…you are the best! Thanks!

  50. Hey Joe, I need a great ice cream recipe. You have one to share? Having some friends over for a BBQ and I want to make something cold to cool my guests off. Its been 100+ here in the South US and some awesome ice cream is just what the doc ordered. Thanks…

  51. whoooo hooooo! If only our political system worked as effectively as “savecarsonbecket” did!!!! Joe, wanna run for president?

  52. Thank you so much for that!

    I just got back from the Chicago Stargate con where I saw Paul in person, and one of the first things I saw after getting home was your vid of him back on set – YAYYY!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!!

  53. You’ve made my day – no the whole week.
    How does it feel like to bring so much joy to a human being that she can’t stop smiling ? Shining eyes for the rest of the week thanks to you.
    Großartig gemacht – danke Dir.


  54. From the Edinburgh of the South Pacific to Paul McGillion ->

    -%-@ WELCOME BACK!!! -%-@

    Congrats Joe on learning how to post videos to your blog.

  55. Now I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing lots of Carson through season 4 and back full time in season 5, Carson Beckett’s a great character and Paul McGillion’s a wonderful actor. Thanks for the snippet, it was a real pick me up.

  56. Adding behind the scenes videos to your blog is a nice touch, I thank you for uploading them, they are very entertaining and a great way to help ease the pain of waiting for new episodes to air. And I must say, the way Beckett says “Thank You” is hysterical.

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