I’ve been busy: working on my producer’s cut of Kindred I, doing a polish on Martin Gero’s already great Harmony script, and dealing with miscellaneous publicity/production issues – but still managed to find time to send off two emails to my Nigerian penpals –

The first was to Martin Holme who wrote back, apparently unfazed by Baron Destructo’s request to swing by his offices personally to pick up that $950 000 check, and requested a copy of the Baron’s passport – for security purposes of course. Baron Destructo wrote back:

“ Dear Human Vermin,

I hope this email finds you well. Regarding your request for passport information, please stand advised that none of our members possess international passports as we do not make use of commercial airliners, preferring instead to travel via rocket boots, teleportation, hover disc, anti-gravity belt, or the League’s own shadow scram jets and death cruisers. My representatives will require neither an airport reception nor any hotel accommodations as they are under strict orders to fully decimate the entire area once they have collected the payment and then immediately return to the moonbase for a post-massacre celebration.

Please forward us your address at your earliest convenience so that we may decide how best to annihilate your offices and the surrounding areas.

As always, thank you for keeping the dream alive.


Baron Destructo

Cc: Calamitous Jane, Glaxnor the Miscreant, Sinderella Washington, Xxxaptak’qul, Dr. Catastro, Dr. Disastro, Dr. Quinn Meddlesome Woman, Ray Mephistopheles, Archfiend Animus, Brutus Badly, the Plague Zombies, Vorzik the Planet Squisher, the Malevolater, Count Sinister, Kugal Baruth, Death Knell, Star Father Celestio, Shatterdam, Princess Arcana, the Mystifier, the Procrastinator, the Soul Emancipator, Quickstrike, Professor Frosty, Flamer the Flaming Man, the Pummeler, the Purple Lamprey, and John Tesh.”

That got me a little nostalgic for old ailing Ali, my very first scammerific penpal. We’d lost touch over time and so last night, just for the hell of it, I sent off the following to his last known address:

“ Dear Ali,

It’s your old buddy Aloysius P. Hazzencockle! I hope this email finds you unwell and not quite dead yet and, hopefully, still in possession of your laptop computer as, I’m sure, your relatives and the hospital staff are anxiously circling your property in anticipation of your long overdue demise. I’m reminded of a similar situation several years back when me and my fellow siblings spent the greater part of a long weekend painstakingly reviewing my grandmother’s assets and splitting them into fair and equal shares, only to learn the following Tuesday that she had, in fact, recovered from her bout of pneumonia and would not be dying after all. At fifty-seven, she was still a fighter, God bless her, and proved an inspiration to us all in her subsequent spirited battle to regain her health, her quality of life, and her personal effects. I’m proud to say that my dear grandmother displayed great fortitude and determination to the very end (it took six interns to get her out of her apartment and into that retirement center!). Well, even though many years have come and gone, I’ll always have fond memories of my time with nana and sometimes, if I close my eyes and listen very carefully, I can still hear her voice calling out to me from her room on the third floor of the old folks home located across the street from my place. Occasionally, she’ll even wave to get my attention. Then I usually just close the bathroom window.

In any case, I’m touching base with you because it seems that UPS has misplaced a package intended for the orphanage and I was just wondering if you may have received it by accident. Off the top of your head, do you recall accepting delivery of a shipment of crocodiles within the past two weeks? If so, please let me know.


Aloysius P. Hazzencockle”

I also found time to swing by set (check out the pics including snaps of super director Andy Mikita and the ever-gracious Herb, CJ’s stand-in) AND answer some of your questions…

Tanya writes: “…so i wanted to know if you are going to be around… I would love to meet you…”

Answer: Let me know what day you’ll be around and I’ll come on down.

Teyilia writes: “1) do you guys even have the finale written yet? 2) when you say ‘five acts and a teaser’ is the Teaser BEFORE the five acts start? or before?”

Answers: 1) It’s in the process of being written. 2) The teaser comes before the five acts.

Stargate Groupie writes: “I was just wondering if I could get your permission to post some of your behind the scenes pictures on our Stargate Facebook Fansite?”

Answer: Sure, go nuts.

Amy writes: “ I was wondering if the next blog could be dedicated to me. I severely strained my neck at work today…”

Answer: Sure. Today’s blog is dedicated to you.

Erin Anderson writes: “Hey it’s my birthday tomorrow, can I get a blog dedicated to me?”

Answer: And you.

Wolfen writes: “Tomorrow (the 21st) is my birthday…”

Answer: And you.

Jill_Ion writes: “ Cc: Mike Nelson Destroyer of Worlds, Simon the Gassy Dog, MAXX, 007.5, Pie-Eating Pi, Sarah the Bare Bear, Weepy the Crying Hero, and Yawwwwwwni”

Answer: And you.

Nathan writes: “I read Pandora’s Star this past December. So did you enjoy it or, like me, you found it to be tediously long and uninspiring?”

Answer: I thought that the chapters dealing with the evolution and expansion of the alien race were truly brilliant.

Connor writes: “Hello Mr. Mallozzi. I was wondering if you read the fan boards for the show at televisionwithoutpity.com? Also, is there any way I could get your autograph?”

Answers: I don’t. What am I missing? As for that autograph – are you planning to attend MallozziCon later this year? If so, you can get one there.

Iamza writes: “Out of curiosity, will we learn anything new and surprising about the replicators this season?”

Answer: Possibly.

Paula writes: “Bates: Still in a coma?”

Answer: Nope.

Anonymous #1 a ecrit: “ 1. Est-ce que tous les Wraiths ont des tatouages ? 2. Est-ce que l’on va découvrir la signification de ceux-ci? Ttod. 3. C’est vraiment son nom Wraith ? Je croyais que vous ne pouviez pas donner de nom aux wraiths car vous ne l’aviez pas fait dès le début. 4. Auriez-vous changé d’avis ? Si oui, 5. va t’on découvrir le nom d’autres Wraiths ?6. est-ce qu’il va y avoir une réelle amitié entre Todd et un membre de l’équipe d’Atlantis?

Reponses: 1) Non. 2) Non. 3) Non. 4) Non. 5) Non. 6) Une réelle? Non.

Arctic Goddess writes: “… there a move toward fewer episodes on Scifi, and do you see Atlantis and the new series going that way?”

Answer: Nope.

Jason writes: “Do you ever pre-write any of your blog entries, like restaurant reviews and then use those when you don’t have anything newsworthy from on set or don’t have time on a particular day to write an entry?”

Answer: There are days when I’m unusually prolific and write, among other things, restaurant reviews, responses to scammers, and miscellaneous write-ups, then save one or two for later in the week. Pics are the same way as I’m am presently sitting on a slew of on-set snaps.

Zabadoo writes: “1.)Do you think we’ll be seeing Earth a lot in the new Stargate Universe spin-off? 2.)When Brad and Rob start working on that, do you think you will stick with Atlantis and stay as show-runner on it, or do you think Brad and Rob have other plans for you? 3.)Are you a Batman Begins fan? If so, what do you think about The Dark Knight?”

Answers: 1) Possibly. 2) If it gets a fifth season pick up, I’m hoping to be working on Atlantis next year. 3) I loved the first half.

Sikie writes: “I think that Stargate in general and especially Atlantis lacks Real Aliens.”

Answer: No, no, I‘m pretty sure that pretty much all of the aliens on Stargate have been fake.

Pauline writes: “Can you tell me is there anything about your work that you dislike?”

Answer: Yes. Sometimes the caterers serve orange roughy for lunch.

Anonymous #2 writes: “ Is Fondy short for something else, or is that your wife’s full name?”

Answer: Fondy is her first name and not short for anything.

67 thoughts on “August 22, 2007

  1. You know, if I lived across the pond I would definately attend MallozziCon but living in the UK, that’s just not an option for a lowly and broke student such as myself… Any ideas how this could be overcome? 😉
    I’m loving CJ’s hair! Will we get to find out the names of the three gentlemen in Atlantis uniforms at some point in S4?

  2. Darn it Joe, how come you get all the cool spam? I checked my “Spam” folder and all I seem to get is inadequacy issue inducing ads for products supposedly capable of increasing my manhood size. Just once, I’d like to be contacted by one of those nice dying guys ready to shell out the big bucks.

  3. since the finale is being written at this time yes? when does actual filming for it start/end? (question aimed at is Teyla gonna be in the Finale?) meaning, would you guys flim after the little one arrives or before? (if this is too personal you can respond on my LJ if you like about this question and I wont unscreen the commentto keep it private)

    second question: what made you guys think of Ttod for a Wraith name? Wait till my brother finds out he’s famous!

    Third (and hopefully last) question: have you gotton any of those ‘so and so has died a you name came up in the will so we though I should get hold of you to let you know that…etc’? If so, how do you respond to those?

  4. I know what a director’s cut is (for DVDs, etc.) but what is a producer’s cut? (working on my producer’s cut of Kindred I).

    Also, yup, who are those three gents in the SGA uniforms dragging along their own chairs? 🙂

  5. Hey Mr M,

    Nice piccies – and is that Andy Mikita I see in one of the pics?

    Well, let’s see questions from me:

    1) If say Chris Judge or Michael Shanks asked you to model in their calendar of “producers of scifi”, would you say yes?

    2) Will we ever find out what hair gel/wax/magical hair thingy Sheppard uses on his hair?

    3) Does Atlantis have a barber or hairdresser that keeps everyone looking so meticulous?

    Take care and thanks for the pics.

    BTW, I started reading The Android’s Dream by J Scalzi and have to say to you – it’s brilliant! I’m going to hunt down more of his books.


  6. Either when you were growing up at home, or now with your wife, was/is there a meal that you would consider family only, as it was/is strange enough that you wouldn’t serve it to guests? For example, we grew up with “Pink Potatoes”, a dish I still ask my mom to make when I visit, but most people would look at with caution. “Pink Potatoes” is home made mashed potatoes with a can of Corned Beef mashed into it, turning the whole thing a strange reddish pink colour (but it is delish!!Really!)

  7. Hi Joe:

    I just wanted to say thanks for letting me post your great pics! You rock!

    Sabina 🙂

  8. Hello Mr. M.,

    This week has been hellish for me. Finally caught up today. My son started kindergarten — so in the light of all the blog dedications, is it possible to get the next one dedicated to a wonderful 5 year old, who’s the kindest soul I know?
    By the way, the roast from Carl’s birthday dinner, made me want to lick my computer screen. If children weren’t near by, I’d surely have thought of something as a substitute.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  9. Does the “slew of on set snaps” include any pics of Connor Trinneer? I so hope to see him this coming season as Michael!!!

  10. Joe M. said: I’m am presently sitting on a slew of on-set snaps.

    Oooh…you are truly evil to keep them from us!!!

    You never answered my question from long, long ago. Wraith and their sharp teeth. Just for looks…to be scary? Or did the sharp teeth ever have a purpose? If so, what?
    Thanks, Kimberly

  11. Er, wasn’t actually asking for a blog dedication, but okay! *grin* Thank-you. 🙂

    I got the best pressie ever yesterday! See, when I blew out my candle (on the sundae I wasn’t supposed to be having *halo*), I wished that my bunny, Alice, would “get better”. (She’s got this growth under her chin that we thought was either an abscess or a tumour but the vet was going to charge us hundreds to determine what it was, with possibly hundreds more to treat it!) And when I got home … well, I don’t want to upset any readers’ tummies, but suffice to say I’ve never been so happy in all my life to find my room smelling absolutely horrific, having to give Alice a bath, and having to wash all my bedding! (I sleep on the floor, and I don’t cage my bunny, she’s litter-trained. Mostly.) It was indeed an abscess, and she now seems well on the road to recovery! A month ago I thought I was going to lose her for sure (cause even just an abscess can be fatal in rabbits! I had another one where I paid $600 for the vet visit and surgery just to have him die the day after!).

    And now I hear Jason Momoa’s coming to Dragon. This is shaping up to be a good birthweek! *grin*

    The Chris J piccie is r0XX0r! *Love* his hair like that!! 😀 Thankee!

  12. I’m curious: Does Jeannie McKay keep around photographs of little Meredith Rodney McKay in her house? If so, what would Sheppard/Ronon/Teyla/Elizabeth say about them?

  13. For the tastebud challenged…what is orange roughy?

    As always thanks for the updates…my mobile spammers have abandoned me…must have been the personal touch. 😉

  14. I’ve been so tired I barely have the energey to comment these days.

    However, I felt it necessary to note that Mr. Judge’s hair is giving me that Lionel Ritchie hair feeling.

    And I think I can see that one guy’s nose hairs. I would be so embarrased if someone saw my nose hairs. If I had them. Which I don’t. For serious.

    See how tired I am?

  15. M’s third question made me think of this:

    Are there any non-scientist, non-military types on Atlantis who are there as support staff, like janitors, tailors, cooks, etc. If so, will we ever see any of them?

  16. ‘M’ raises a good point about barbers et al – in Season 26 can we hope to see the adventures of laundry day on SGA? Carter can send out teams across the Pegasus galaxy to hunt out Ancient quarters for the laundromat. The Athosian’s can finally be introduced to fabric softener…and detergent! A pink towel can end up in the wash causing mayhem, wacky hi-jinks, and possibly identity crises. And finally McKay is felled by the unwitting use of citrus scented softener and the team has a sharing caring moment as he recuperates in his whiter than white and cushy soft hospital sheets. Sure fire ratings hit and you’re bound to get a deal on product placements.

  17. Ooooh… Excuse me while I attach myself to the computer screen displaying those pictures and drool all over the keyboard…

    Um… Can the actors see through those Wraith-masks, or do they just have to pretend they know where they’re going?

    Also, seeing as I’ve recently engaged myself in the books: Does the production team consider the Stargate novels to be canon? I mean, I wouldn’t expect any tie-in stories or changing backstories to fit what the authors have come up with, but just generally speaking.

  18. Hi Joe,

    Cool, a blog-distance dedication! How unexpected and nice! 🙂

    Anyway, glad to hear Bates isn’t in a coma. Nice to see Herb (who had some of the best lines in 200) and CJ (yowza!). I hope Ali responds so we know he didn’t die or was eaten by crocodiles. I guess that would make him dead too, eh?

    I agree about Batman Begins. Started off great, then…

    Are you sure all of the aliens on Stargate are fake? I could’ve sworn I saw a mimetic alien about a month ago, but it could’ve just been a politician.

    And we all know the light bugs of M4C-862 are real. Don’t we?

  19. Dear Joe, first of all I wanted to say that I laughed so hard at your reply for the alien question. “Answer: No, no, I‘m pretty sure that pretty much all of the aliens on Stargate have been fake.”
    LOL. ROFL.

    Question: I’ve noticed that when it comes to contests for walk-on roles or whatever, fans have to send in a vid. How about the shy people who don’t like being in front of the camera? Maybe for season 5, you can have a story contest. I’m not sure what legal stuff would go behind it, but it’s just a thought. I know alot of people that would be great at it.
    Thanks you. Hope to hear from you. Scifan

  20. Joe,

    Today was a very hard day in my world, I had to make the gut wrenching decision to have my dearest little Rodney put to sleep. He had been suffering most of the day and this afternoon he went downhill very quickly so I made a final visit to escort him to the rainbow bridge as I did not wish him to suffer any longer. He will be dearly missed as his blonde little face light up my day when I would see him as he was quite a darling little goat.

  21. “The race for quality has no finish line – so technically, it’s more like a death march”

    The perfect meal is out there Joe, just keeeeep looking.

  22. Hey, Joe! Thanks for the great photos today (as always).

    I have one, perhaps, random question. Just where do the Wraith queens get their sense of fashion? I’ll admit, I saw some sneak peeks at the (one of?) season 4 queen and couldn’t help but wonder. They tend to look like they would fit in well at certain Earth clubs.

    Also, did you know Netflix is already way ahead of you and the team on the seasons of SGA?


  23. I have listened to the cd stargate sg-1: the score, the music from season 1. I have also listened to the score of atlantis season 1? How come only music from season 1 is released and not from any other seasons?

  24. How could a person so obsessed with food/restaurants not like Orange Roughey? (or is it just how it’s prepared?) There’s a restaurant in San Jose (or maybe Campbell), CA that serves it mesquite grilled, and it’s quite yummm.

    I’m enjoying your communications with the scammers – especially those from cookie monster. Do you come equipped with superglue? Cuz you crack me up.

  25. Hi Joe:

    So, I’m sitting in a compliance meeting this week when they start talking about e-mail scams. Strangely, I thought of you…

    If Atlantis gets picked up for a season 5, when would you start writing for it?


  26. I just went for a jog and when I got back I had a revelation.

    League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil = LAME

    Isn’t Kugel Baruth Dutch? Sounds like a Norwegian Metal band.

  27. who knew John Tesh was hell bent on destroying the world?

    I was just wondering how many crappy jobs you had to go through before you found one whose only flaw is in the ill-prepared oranges at lunchtime.

    Also, have you read Kane and Abel? If so, what did you think of it?

  28. Damn, Chris Judge must be exhausted…it has too be hard work constantly pwning all the noobs on Atlantis so completely. It’s his world, they’re all just living in it.

  29. Joe, my best friend in the whole wide world! If I ask nicely and send you some New Zealand award winning (if we have any) Chocolate, is it at all possible to Have David’s Dog Mars Guest Star on SGA at some point??
    I’l Love you forever or until you tell me not to!??


  30. Salut joseph!!
    C est moi =D !

    =}Superbe les photo aujourd hui!!

    =}Moi,moi je veux vous rencontré^^!! ….mais sa sera jamais possible car j ignior si j irais a Vancouver un jour =(

    =}Bah dit donc votre blog a etais consacré a beaucoup de monde aujourd hui^^!

    =}J ai recenser 10 de vos cravates..mais vous en avais combient en réalité?

    =}Cette aprés midi je vais m acheter mes fourniture pour l école…oh la fin des vacance approche=(

    =}Je vais vous posez une question vraiment trés trés importante, jespert vraiment que vous pouriez me répondre:
    Comment vous me trouvez? bêtes?rigolote?ennuyante?gentil?

    Car j ai vraiment peur que mais commentaire vous embéte, parce que c est vrai quelque foix mes commentaire ne sont pas trés intéréssant.

    Bon aller, gros gros bisou, a demain, je vous adore !!!!
    **Passez une trés bonne journée**

  31. Do you ever wish for 26-episode seasons, or does a 20-episode season give you more time to work on each ep?

  32. Pics are the same way as I’m am presently sitting on a slew of on-set snaps.

    Oooooh, you… you… you tease, you!! 😀

  33. Hi Mr. M

    First: thanks for giving me something to look forward to every new day! Your blog is addicitve!

    Second: I found a question that I could ask. YAY! So here it is:
    Will we see Mike Branton again? And maybe that German scientist from “Duet”? I loved her. Was the actress really a German though? Coz what she said in German sounded pretty convincing (more so than Nightcrawler in X-Men 2…needed almost a minute to realize it was supposed to be German!)

  34. Hi Joe

    I’m really really glad that all the aliens on Stargate are fake !!

    Brillant work today on the scamming.. And your’re right we can’t let the dream die…
    You’re funny!!! I particularly like Dr. Mettlesome Woman , but why John Tesh?


  35. Hi Joe 🙂

    An idea…. Seeing as how you are involved with book clubs how about starting the “Joe Mallozzi international Book club”

    I’m a huge reader myself and love how you share your thoughts!!

    Have a great day… It’s almost the weekend!

    I’m heading to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) can I get you souvenir?


  36. Joe, my first day of college is today! To celebrate this event, do you think it would be possible for you to dedicate a corner of your office to me? 😀 I would send you a plaque to mount on the wall, but alas, I am but a poor college student and have no money. Ha ha. 😉
    Btw, my roommate was made to watch her first SGA episode yesterday and she loved it. She wonders what kind of advice you have for her as she enters college.
    As always, you rock!

  37. Waou, cool
    Merci pour les photos

    Au fait j’ai une petite question:
    Que font les Wraiths dans la Midway station?
    Ils sont là en tant qu’invités ou ils se sont emparés de la station?

  38. Pics are the same way as I’m am presently sitting on a slew of on-set snaps.

    Great pics today, thanks! You have more? Excellent…(she says rubbing her hands together in Mr. Burns-like glee).

  39. Au fait: pourquoi Teal’c à les cheveux long, ça fait byzare!

    Passez une bonne journée Joe

  40. 1)Will there be any hot and heavy scenes this year for any of the characters?

    2)Will Ronon’s deep seeded rage become an issue this season?

  41. Hi, I really enjoy your blog. Your food pics always make me very hungry. I was wondering if you knew when we’ll be seeing official promo pics of the cast with the new additions and new uniforms?

  42. Hi Joe!!!

    I love reading your blog!

    I thought that I would be brave and stop lurking and actually ask a question 🙂

    Will there be any physical Shep whump in the last ten episodes of s4??? Any particular episode that I should look out for?????

  43. bonjour joseph comment vas-tu?
    merci pour toute les photos de tournage elles sont super
    les wraiths on une nouvelle tenue pour cette saison 4??? donc voila cela mene a ma question.
    pourquoi à chaque saison, vous mettez de nouveau costume pour les membres de l’equipe? non pas que ça me déplaise lol c juste une question qui m’intrigue. et aussi question qui je suis sûre et top secret mais bon il faut essayer. rodney mckay vas-t-il mourir cette saison 4? pitié non parcqu’il y a une rumeur et donc ça m’inquiete vraiment vraiment moi je l’adore mon petit rodneytounet lool je veux pas qu’il meurt ouiiinn lol.
    voila passer une bonne journée kisses et par pitié répondez moi svp je me fait des cheveux blanc…

  44. Two days in a row! I am honored.
    Paula writes: “Bates: Still in a coma?”
    Answer: Nope.

    So, did Bates get sent to his room like Chuck from Happy Days? 🙂

    I really must send you something in appreciation for the ongoing set pictures. Anything you crave from the Atlanta area? (Well, that you can actually mail? BBQ can get a little tricky.)

  45. Dear Joe,
    I was wondering, are you planning on attending any Stargate Conventions in the US this year? If so, I think it would be awesome if you would come to the one in Secaucus, NJ in November. If you’re not, name the dates for MallozziCon and I’ll be there with chocolate.

    Thank you, Cherese Quinn (Meddlesome Woman)

  46. Have you read the book ‘Marley & Me’ by John Grogan? I’m reading it just now. That and your emails to Ali are the only things that make me smile at work.

  47. 1.)I was in the process of writing a script to put in my portfolio to send with my college applications, and my computer crashed and it got deleted. All I had on paper were my notes and character’s backstories and the plot summary. But I lost that too. Has that ever happened to you, if so, any suggestions that can help to get it going again?
    2.)I heard there is a continuation to the Gero/McKay episodes, which I think Gero is best writing, from what you’ve read, is it as good as Duet or McKay and Mrs.Miller? Because those were phenomenal.
    3.)Should we expect any dark twists in Sheppard’s backstory? Like is there a reason he hasn’t told anyone much of who he was before?
    4.)The episodes that Paul McGillion is in, is it going to be a completely different character from what we’ve seen before? Or is it going to be moreso that it’s the same guy, but he can’t stay very long?

  48. Hey Joe,
    Any chance of casting Peter Wingfield in an upcoming role? He has just finished his commitment with Holby City and along with being a very talented actor he is a fan favorite and would make a wonderful addition to the cast.
    Please consider it.

  49. *waves*

    Thank you for the yummy pics 😀 I hope you don’t mind, but today’s blog had me extremely concerned. I know i’m normally shy and retiring, but I have felt the need to speak out once more.

    Mr M says: No, no, I‘m pretty sure that pretty much all of the aliens on Stargate have been fake.

    But, but… that would mean that the Stargate isn’t real… And, there’s no such thing as the SGC… *sniff* say it aint so, Joe, that you were just teasing. You mean there’s no secret underground complex in Norad, no Atlantis! 😮 Oh, Joe…. I thought it was all real… you’ve just shattered my hopes and dreams of one day going through the ‘gate. Only to be told… it’s just make believe. *sniff*

    Oh before I go, I understand that in Harmony, there’s a Quest! Sorry, *cough* a ‘rite of passage’. Well, we all know how noble a *cough* rite of passage can be. 😛 I hope she’s successful. 😛 *puts on her most cheekiest of expressions*

    So may I be very cheeky and ask if there will there be whumpage Mr M? :o)


  50. Salut,

    Est-ce que l’on verra le bébé de Teyla pendant la saison 4 ?

    Si par bonheur, il y une saison 5, quels concepts pensez-vous développer ? (nouvelles races, grandes découvertes au sujets des Anciens ou des Wraiths ?)

  51. Hello Joe,
    Now that there is just the one show, who gets the season finale directing duties? I really love Martin Wood’s directing, but on season 9 and 10 of SG-1 I’ve been really impressed with Andy Mikita, please tell me one of these guys is directing the season 4 finale.

  52. hey me revoila

    …aparament vous n avez pas reçu mon précédent commentaire…

    Donc voila j ai passer un assez bonne journée.

    Et je voudrez vous demandez une adresse postal ou vous envoyé des lettre ou cado..si vous voulez , vous pouvez me l envoyer pas Email:

    sa n a rien a voir mais j ai appris une chose incroyable à al télé aujourd hui!!

    J ai appris que l homme qui détenait le record du monde du nombre d enfants, en avais 890!! vous, vous rendez compte!! 890 enfants! c est incroyable lol!!

    Bon, c etais simplement pour dire sa^^!

    Allez je vous fait les plus énorme bisou de la galaxie!! Merci beaucoup!! a demain! Je vous adore!!!!!!

  53. I believe that Replicator Carter’s full potential was left unexplored. She could have ascended after killing Daniel, since she learned the secrets that were left in his mind.

    It would’ve been cool to see her come back in Atlantis season 4, leading the Asurans. :[

  54. Okay, the mom in me has to ask, after reading all of your restaurant reviews: Do you get your cholesterol level (total, HDL, and LDL) and triglycerides checked regularly?

    My husband and I became vegetarians 14 years ago, when our last two grandparents died of heart disease, making it 8 out of 8. Obviously, we aren’t blessed with DNA that can break down animals in a nice way.

    As a friend once said to me, “My Italian great grandfather ate steak every day, and he lived to be 98” and my reply was, “that’s great for you but he’s not my great grandfather. With my family history, if you eat meat, you die early.”

    So, my other question is, do you have cholesterol-busting genes?

  55. Dear Mr Hazzencockle,

    If you have, in fact, completely mislaid your batch of crocodiles may I be of assistance?

    The Prudence Cockshott foundation (as you no doubt are aware) has been tasked with the conservation of the Nile Crocodile.

    What you no doubt aren’t aware of is that the Nile River actually flows much further south than was originally thought – to Cape Town at the bottom of Africa to be precise.

    Running above ground until it hits Lake Victoria, this magnificent waterway then enters a series of vast underground caves, running straight and true until it finally exits in the South Atlantic Ocean.

    What is disturbing is that over the last couple of years quite a number of Nile Crocodiles have been sucked into these underground caves and conveyed all the way down to us here in South Africa.

    Now, as you no doubt know, the Nile Crocodile prefers warm water, and as the South Atlantic Ocean is a very cold ocean indeed they are not happy. The fact that they no longer eat anyone is another good indicator of their sheer misery.

    With this distressing state of affairs in mind, I ask, perhaps you would be interested in taking some of these poor miserable cold creatures off our hands?

    On receipt of your yay (as opposed to nay) we will immediately ship 2960 fine specimens to Vancouver.

    Regretfully permits, postage and packing are dependent on the recipient.

    Yours kindly

    Agnes Mtutwe
    pp Prudence Cockshott

  56. You know, if I’d say, that I’m tomorrow – Friday – around 4 pm near the Bridge Studios, is there any possibility I could get a set tour? *gg* Or at least, you know, meet you outside – or inside.

  57. anonymous said:
    “I believe that Replicator Carter’s full potential was left unexplored. She could have ascended after killing Daniel, since she learned the secrets that were left in his mind.

    It would’ve been cool to see her come back in Atlantis season 4, leading the Asurans. :[“

    I understand and respect your wishes and preferences… But I respectfully disagree.

    I stopped liking SG-1 years ago because the character interaction and stories, in MY opinion, got boring. The last good season, in MY opinion, was season 6, and part of season 7. When SGA premiered I gave it a try and I was thrilled. It had, for me, everything SG-1 used to have and didn’t anymore.

    I’m OK with Sam coming to Atlantis as long as her scenes are kept to a minimum (Elizabeth as the base commander didn’t have much screentime in most episodes, so I hope the new base commander’s screentime doesn’t increase with Sam). And I do like Sam. It’s the only character from SG-1 I like enough to have as a regular in SGA.

    I love Atlantis and I don’t want to see plots from SG-1 brought over to it. In my opinion, SGA is a great show as it is and doesn’t need to bring plots from another show. If SG-1 fans want to have a follow-up or some closure to any SG-1 story line, that’s what the SG-1 movies are for. Not Atlantis. In MY opinion.

  58. I am presently sitting on a slew of on-set snaps.



    Sorry. Laryngitis…

  59. hi, joe,

    i keep thinking about your superhero names you’ve come up with (or bad guy names really). i was telling my mom about them and told her my fave was “Vorzik the Planet Squisher”.:p

    i came up with a few too. hehe!

    Viagra the Riser, Chuck the Upchucker, The Vomitnator, The Fantastic Nothing.

    sally 😀

  60. Hi Joe,

    I’d love if you could dedicate today’s blog to my niece Caley Rose who was born today at 6:33 this morning. She was very early and only weighed 2 lbs, 9 ozs, but so far she and mom and doing very well. Thanks!

  61. A SLEW of photographs, Joe? And you’ve kept them hidden all this time? You big tease. If we promise to be on our best behaviour, maybe you could have a pic fest? Any juicy ones in the pile with nice big honking spoilers that you’d like to share?

  62. Just noticed the grey in CJ’s hair. That answers my big question for Continuum….

  63. Just thought I’d let you know that the episode I wrote, “Wanderers,” is now being aired on YouTube. Feel free to check it out if you wish. I’m quite proud of the villainous dialogue I wrote. I must go back into hiding now.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

  64. Hi !

    I’m very happy, I found your blog !!! Sorry for my (very bad) english, I’m French.
    I’m a fan of SGA, I write fanfictions, in french of course ! XD (I would like to be a scenarist but…)
    I love SGA, specially Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett, they’re both hilarious ! XD
    And, Rachel Lutrell, Jason Momoa … Very good actors ! Great team !
    Thanks for your fantastic job ! You are my hero ! LOL

    Bye !


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