Opening a restaurant in any city is a risky proposition. Opening a noodle restaurant in Vancouver especially so. And opening a noodle restaurant in Vancouver, within strolling distance of this city’s best-known noodle joint is downright audacious. And yet, this is what the owners of Peaceful Restaurant have chosen to do, setting up shop just doors down from The Sha Lin Noodle House.

The place opened for business about a month ago and, while smaller than its same-block rival, Peaceful Restaurant offers a more varied menu of Northern Chinese creations, Mandarin-inspired noodles, dumplings, and main dishes to tempt the temerarious palate: “Cat Ears” noodles described as “Chinese gnocchi”, lamb dumplings with carrots, napa cabbage and green onions, slow-braised Mandarin ham hocks. It is a noodle house – with its long windowed cooking area allowing curious customers a peek at the smacking/slapping/pinching/pulling noodle-making process – and so we really should have sampled the noodles but, alas on this day we did not, electing to go instead with three types of dim sum, two mains, and a veggie dish.

The first dish up was the Peaceful Beef Rolls, five-spiced beef rolled in a green onion flatbread with hoisin sauce. It proved to be our favorite on this visit – crispy on the outside yet pleasingly soft and sweet on the inside, rich but incredibly satisfying. I could have made a meal of just these. The second dish, the Szechwan Style Beef Tendon, were as fiery as advertised – thinly sliced and served in a blend of coriander, green onion and, oh yeah, chili. I’m not a big fan of tendon, but Peaceful Restaurant’s version offers an interesting take for the uninitiated – but only those willing to punish their taste buds with a little heat. An accompanying bowl of steamed rice is highly recommended. Next up, our third dish, the Tian-Jing Steamed Buns, a.k.a. siu long bao, were somewhat bigger yet subtler in flavor than those I’ve enjoyed elsewhere although they tended to fall apart a little too easily. (Incidentally, we brought the leftovers home and, during her late-night snacking, Fondy declared them delicious, even better cold). The fourth dish was another scorcher, the appropriately titled Szechuan Thousand Chili Chicken. The chicken pieces are flash-fried, then tossed with ginger, green onions, garlic, and red chilis. Described as a “tongue numbing dish”, it certainly was and while I enjoyed it, I also think jalapenos are for pussies, so consider yourself warned. Our fifth dish was a plate of the soft top, crispy-bottom Huang-Jing Pan-Fried Buns. We found the bun too thick and yeasty, the ensconced minced pork and scallion center too bland. Finally, our sixth dish, the humor-my-wife veggie selection, was a surprisingly good gai lan with minced garlic.

Our waitress, Amelia, was first-rate, steering us toward those spectacular beef rolls, checking in on us whenever we seemed to be slowing down, and generally doing a first-rate job with the surrounding tables in fluent English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

A welcome addition to the Northern Chinese culinary scene here in Vancouver, and a very interesting addition to that neighborhood in particular, I’ll be keen to see what kind of following Peaceful Restaurant develops over time. Their beef rolls were enough to convince us to return for a second visit. And, yes, next time we’ll try the noodles.

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  1. Hi Joe

    1. Will we be seeing Torri again after ‘This Mortal Coil’?
    2. Will we be seeing more of the ‘secondary’ characters this year, like Zelenka, Lorne, and Heightmeyer?
    3. Will Carter be in the season finale?
    4. Will we be seeing Larrin or the Travellers in more than 2 episodes this year?


  2. Hey Joe

    So, no blog yesterday, no mailbag today… How are you ? Nothing wrong I hope ! You look like very busy.
    I have one question for you.
    What’s your favorite song ?

  3. Hi Joe:

    Some shows on Scifi Channel seem to go for only 13 episodes as opposed to the 20 that Atlantis provides. Not that I’m complaining. I love watching 20 episodes. But is there a move toward fewer episodes on Scifi, and do you see Atlantis and the new series going that way?

    Thanks for the tremendously interesting blog, Joe.


  4. Wow, a whole blog about a single resturant must of been Delish.

    So silly question- whats your favorite meal?

  5. Joe,

    Do you ever pre-write any of your blog entries, like restaurant reviews and then use those when you don’t have anything newsworthy from on set or don’t have time on a particular day to write an entry? I am amazed that you have been able to produce a daily entry from the start. Bravo!

  6. I’m curious…I know you are a Shakespeare buff, since you mentioned it in an earlier blog…but have you ever visted The Shakespeare Globe Theatre? If so, what play did you see? Did you get any memorabilia?

    When I visited, I loved it, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see A Comedy of Errors. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to the new season of Atlantis…and am incredibly eager to figure out what clue was placed in the episodes after Sunday that will reveal how Carson comes back!

  7. Hey Joe!
    I’m loving the blog and looking forward to Season 4!

    1) What 14 episodes will Carter be appearing in this season?
    2)Is there a chance that we will ever see Halling and/or Jinto again?

  8. 1.)Do you think we’ll be seeing Earth a lot in the new Stargate Universe spin-off?
    2.)When Brad and Rob start working on that, do you think you will stick with Atlantis and stay as show-runner on it, or do you think Brad and Rob have other plans for you?
    3.)Are you a Batman Begins fan? If so, what do you think about The Dark Knight?

  9. Hi Joe, having come out of my business stats lecture with a brain that was half asleep, I decided to ‘veg’ out and so I have spent the last 2.5 hours reading your blog. Great stuff!!

    I love the letters that you (or your alter egos) have sent to the spammers. I wish I had that much creativity, but I usually just blacklist then delete them!!

    I been a lover of fantasy literature since childhood (really, what choice did I have with a name like mine??) and have watched Star Trek since the first episode (careful!!) but I much prefer the Stargate series’ as, IMHO, the story drivers are more fantasy that sci-fi.

    I sincerely hope that there is a season 5, but right now I am looking forward to seeing the second half of season 3. I live in NZ so we are a little behind with the scheduling.

    Take care.

  10. It seems scifi’s advertising types are smart enough to know Torri’s a drawcard and has mentioned Elizabeth’s return in a certain episode.

    If only others realised the same thing.

  11. Hey Joe, that restaurant sounds fantastic!
    Two questions:
    1) Will we be seeing any of the fantastic Dr Biro in this season?
    2) Can you please clarify her first name? (can’t seem to find it anywhere)
    Thank you!

  12. Salut joseph c est moi!!!
    Sa va bien?

    =}miammiam! ce restaurant devait être super bon!!!

    =}Aujourd hui c est grand jour!!
    c est le DENTISTE !! lol olala je me demande se qu il va encors me faire^^! je vous raconterez sa!

    =}Donc voila un super poéme sur vous qu une de mes amis ma faite, vous en pensez quoi???^^:

    Lire vos posts est toujours un grand plaisir
    En peu de temps vous nous redonnez le sourire
    Malgré le peu de temps que vous disposez
    Vous nous répondez en toute amitié

    Vous êtes une personne ouverte
    Qu’on apprend peu à peu a connaître
    Vous avez la main sur le coeur
    Qu’on peut vous appelez le “marchand de bonheur”

    C’est pour celà que nous vos fans
    Nous déclarons notre “flamme”
    On vous souhaite une bonne continuation
    Et continuez à transmettre votre passion.


    c est beau hin?^^

    Bon pour les questions je vais méttre les méme qu hier!^^
    =}1) Un jour dans un épisode de stargate atlantis on pourra voir Jason, rasé et avec les cheveux court?
    2)Vous aimez regarder les épisodes de stargate a la TV?
    3)S il y a une saison 5, on aura la chance de Carson de retour définitivemennt?

    Bon joseph, je vous fait de gros bisou, je voud adore! merci, a plus tard … Passer une trés trés bonne journée!! ^^

  13. a oui! c est vrai j ai oublier de vous dire!

    cette semaine on fêtes un triste anniversaire….

    sa fait 1 ans cette semaine que stargate SG1 c est arrété!!


  14. Not that I notice these things, but dude, you spelled neighbourhood as “neighborhood” in your last paragraph. Heading south, or spelling error, eh?

  15. If someone has already asked this in the past, I apologize. I’ve only started reading your blog recently per a friend’s recommendation. I was wondering what exactly is the time-table on Vala’s time as Qetesh? Did you guys ever hypothesize how old she was when she was taken, or how long she was a host for? The fact that her father is still alive and seems oblivious to her time as a Goa’uld in Family Ties suggests that she wasn’t a host for that long. Thanks 🙂

  16. I’ve heard that you’re a Farscape fan, what are some of your favorite episodes?

  17. 1)Does Michael’s brief reappearance have an effect on the entire season’s arc?

    2)Does the planned cliffhanger for the season finale heavily focus on one or two particular characters or the entirety of Atlantis?

  18. Some shows on Scifi Channel seem to go for only 13 episodes as opposed to the 20 that Atlantis provides.
    Yeah, SG1 and BSG get cancelled and clever shows like Eureka get 13 episodes while “Pain-on-the-brain Jane” and “Flush-it-Gordon” get full 22-24 episodes. What gives? Who makes these stupid decisions?

  19. Me revoila!!

    je revient du dentiste lol!!
    Tous va bien dans ma bouche, oufff!! ^^

    C etait simplement pour vous dire sa lol!!

    bon bah a demain!! je vous fait d énorme bisou!! je vous adore adore adore adore adore adore!! Merci!!
    Passer une bonne journée.

    ps: Ah oui aussi, votre surnom c est “joe”..mais moi je préfére vous apellé jojo^^! sa vous géne pas ?^^

    Bon aller kiss =)

  20. a oui un dernier mots de la part de mon pére ….il vous dit qu il aime beaucoup stargate, et aujourd hui il a regarder l episode ‘La tour” Il a adoré ….!


  21. You were so sweet to post my comment about PZ Myers’ blog. I wasn’t expecting to see it shown since I was really just letting you know about a cool commentary, along with some interesting Stargate references.

    I love, love PZ. He is one of those rare science guys who knows how to spin a story. If you want to read some eloquent writing that will break your heart, read his post at:

    If you weren’t familiar with PZ before, I hope I have introduced to you someone worth reading regularly. You and PZ are my two favorite bloggers.

  22. BTW, would you happen to be:


    at Pharyngula?

    (No need to post this, I’m just curious….

    “Curiosity killed the cat.
    Satisfaction brought it back.” )

  23. I’m a bit dissapointed that the new aliens – travelers – are humanoids. I think that Stargate in general and especially Atlantis lacks Real Aliens. And now with the Asguards gone I think it would have been cool to introduce another advanced non-humanoid race maybe even the fabled Furlings. Well maybe in SG-Uni-vice…

  24. Hi. Can you please tell us, what Season 4 episodes the Replicators will be in? Thanks

  25. “Peaceful Beef Rolls”…mmmmm, sounds good in every way. I made gyros for dinner tonight. I’m having mine for lunch, then I’ll go to work and the guys can heat theirs up when they get home. We’re all adjusting to Mom On Night Shift. I’m really missing my internet time. I always manage to check out what you have to say, but sometimes I just don’t have time to read everyone’s comments.

  26. Joe, you’ll not lack for an occupation after SGA. You can sideline as a restaurant reviewer.

  27. When I first started watching Stargate, I was on a 2 week vacation with nothing to do, and, having never heard of the show before was loaned the first 5 seasons on DVD. I basically ran a 2 week marathon of the show (I think I only made it through 3 seasons). During this time (in which I became addicted to the show) stargate began to invade all my thoughts, I even dreamnt about it. Seeing as how stargate is your job, and while you’re not watching it all day every day, you are doing something with it every work day, I was wondering if it has ever invaded your dreams as well? And, have you ever gotten any episode ideas from something you dreamnt?

  28. Hi Joe,
    I have had a really bad day at work (I’m a midwife).
    Then I was thinking of all the people who have great jobs and I thought of you doing what you do and me as envious as hell because you get to write for a living.
    Something I would love to do (If I was good enough).
    Then I thought well maybe there is a downside to working on SGA?
    Please so I can get up and go to work tomorrow, happy.
    Can you tell me is there anything about your work that you dislike?
    Rewrites for example, come on throw me a bone here!

    Maybe I don’t have such a bad job after all.


  29. I’ve been wondering this since I wandered into this blog. Is Fondy short for something else, or is that your wife’s full name? I’ve never heard it before anywhere.

  30. Les Fez said…
    Hi Joe

    1. Will we be seeing Torri again after ‘This Mortal Coil’?
    2. Will we be seeing more of the ‘secondary’ characters this year, like Zelenka, Lorne, and Heightmeyer?
    3. Will Carter be in the season finale?
    4. Will we be seeing Larrin or the Travellers in more than 2 episodes this year?


    I admire your persistance in trying to get Joe to answer these questions Les Fez, but I very much doubt if Joe will comment on #1 or #4 due to him saying previously that we will have to wait for the episodes to air because it would be releasing too much information if he answered.

  31. Hi Joe:

    C’est moi, again.

    Atlantisfannew1 wrote: “cette semaine on fêtes un triste anniversaire….

    sa fait 1 ans cette semaine que stargate SG1 c est arrété!!


    Yes, it has been one year since Stargate SG-1 was canceled. I am amazed how quickly the time went and that there could have been 20 new episodes we will never see. Life goes on, and shows get canceled or not renewed, as Scifi says, but when shows are written really well, and are character driven, as Stargate and Atlantis are, we fans get quite attached to them. Thanks again for the awesome talents and hard work of the Stargate and Atlantis cast and crew.


  32. Hi Joe!

    I was wondering if Carter’s absence from those 6 episodes will be explained, or if it’ll be pretty self-explanatory.

    Also, do we get to see Evil Carter along with Evil Sheppard and Evil McKay this season?

  33. Carter said to Ba’al and Adria: “Why don’t you two just get a room!”

    That joke got old ten years ago. Embarrassing. That’s my only complaint though lol. Stargate rules, so do you!

  34. hi, joe,

    sometime ago you said that sam had to be written out of a certain episode because amanda had to film one of the stargate movies (can’t remember which ep or which movie). so, being that that was one of her 14 eps (with her missing one that makes it 13), will she be involved in another one to make up for it?

    sally 🙂

  35. A similar restaurant is in Richmond called Shanghai River (it’s on Wesminster Hwy across from the Richmond Centre). It simply has the BEST Xaiolongbao (those little dumplings with the beef and juice inside) you have ever tasted. They also have the smoked pork sandwich and the soup with the crispy rice in it. Their beef brisket melts in your mouth. Make a reservation because it’s always busy.

    Joe, I went to Transylvania Flavour on the weekend and was incredibly impressed! Thanks for the rec. My husband was in gastronomic bliss.

  36. Joe,

    In the style of Inside the Actors Studio’s host James Lipton, there’s a question, if you may.

    If you had the chance to speak to any writer/producer today, whom would it be? And why?

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