With my script work behind me for the show’s fourth season, I now have the opportunity to catch up on some of my other writing projects – namely, my inspired responses to email scammers.

I received an email from a Mr. Jain Haggis who is – stop me if this sounds familiar – on his deathbed and looking to bequeath a sizable sum ($8 million dollars to be precise) to a worthy individual willing to put the money to good use (ie – in Mr. Haggis’s words “distributing the money to Hurricane Katrina victims in USA ,Charity organisations,and motherless babies homes”). Well as it so happens, my alter ego Aloysius P. Hazzencockle is in the process of helping another dying philanthropist’s dream come true, so he was more than happy to respond:

“Dearest Mr. Hagis,

I was overjoyed to read your email and your desire to bequeath me $8 million dollars, yet very saddened to hear about your terrible sickness and your oddly feminine first name. Speaking of motherless babies homes, I am, coincidentally, in the process of building an orphanage with another dying (or possibly already dead) benefactor and could use the extra infusion of cash to help defray the costs of the wave pool and jai lai court I am thinking of adding to the grounds. (Incidentally, do you have occasion to play much jai lai in the hospital where you are wasting away or has your condition reached that state of decrepitude that precludes your participating in athletics? If you have, then I’m sure you can attest to what a sensationally revelatory, truly cathartic, and life-affirming experience the sport can be. If you haven’t, then, enh, you’re not missing much.). The orphanage itself – really more a castle as, at the initial planning stage, it became apparent to me that I couldn’t possibly spend all that money on a simple orphanage and certainly not one in the middle of nowhere like Africa which, last I heard, hardly cracks the top ten list of most popular tourist destinations – is almost complete and I would be happy to honor any last requests to have your ashes sprinkled over the property. Preferably, this should happen before the end of September as that is when the first bunch of itinerant urchins arrive and I would rather not to upset them with the sight of your cremated remains dusting their soccer field. No pressure but, ideally, if you could find a way to die within the next three weeks, then we could make the proper arrangements to have you incinerated and distributed in a timely manner. Should you find this in any way problematic, I’d like to point out that, technically, you don’t have to be dead to be cremated.

Anyhoo, looking forward to that check –


Aloysius P. Hazzencockle”

I also received an email from someone who wrote to inform me that I needed to contact a Mr. James Williams (email address enclosed) to make arrangements so that I could receive the $500 000 USD owed me from some forgotten business transaction. I followed up with Mr. Williams –

“Dear Mr. Williams,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you. My checking account was credited with the sum of $500 000 yesterday. It was great doing business with you.


Alphonso Rubello”

Several hours later, I received an email from James Williams, informing me that he, in fact, still had the $500 000 USD in his possession and required my personal information in order to get me the money. I wrote back –

“Dear James Williams,

As I stated in my previous email, I already received the sum of $500 000 USD from your offices. The transaction was completed the day before yesterday when the money was cleared and deposited into my account. I didn’t really believe it – until I cashed in $150 000 and bought myself a new Aston Martin.

Again, thank you for your generosity.


Alphonso Rubello”

It’ll be interesting to see how far I can take this one.

Finally, an email from a Mr. Usman John directing me to contact (email and phone number provided) The Shalom Global Security Company to facilitate the transfer of 1.2 million dollars owed me for reasons unspecified. All I need do is send them a check for $95 and the money would be mine. Instead, I sent them the following email –

“To Whom It May Concern

I was contacted by a Mr. Usman John to pay you the sum of $95 in order to free up a bank draft of 1.2 million dollars, but when I phoned the office number provided in the email, I was told that Shalom Global Security had misplaced the money and had awarded me a full set of Encyclopedia Brittanica minus entries C, F, and Q-V instead. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, especially since said encyclopedias are the 1957 Hungarian editions!

What gives?

Angrily yours,

Helena Krumpett-Fullbottom”

I’m about a third of the way through Jack McDevitt’s Seeker and added to my never-ending to-read list by picking up three new titles today: Stephen R. Donaldson’s Lord Foul’s Bane (based on Rob Cooper’s recommendation), Dan Simmons’ “Children of the Night” (based on a book club recommendation), and the first book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series: The Gunslinger (based on y’all’s recommendation). I’ll get to these right after I finish George R. R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings and Iain M. Banks’ Use of Weapons.

I was contacted my Eileen Ko who confirmed my panel at this year’s Anime Evolution taking place at the gorgeous SFU campus (aka the Tollan homeworld). Hopefully, I’ll have better luck at that location than Narim did.

And by the way, in case you thought I’d forgotten, work continues on gathering together material for Stargate Atlantis’s very first blooper reel that will be one of the special features on the season four DVD box set. Some recent finds include: an uncoordinated wraith, an indignant replicator, and a little something for those Shepkett fans out there.

No mailbag today as I’m taking the day off to spend quality time with the dogs. Tomorrow, I’ll ignore the dogs and get back to your letters.

69 thoughts on “August 12, 2007

  1. Ok, I admit I am saddened that there will be no Sam/Teyla sparring but I suppose I’ll get over it. Anywho, will the two happen to develop a close friendship, much like Sam and Vala did?

  2. Uh….
    And by the way, in case you thought I’d forgotten, work continues on gathering together material for Stargate Atlantis’s very first blooper reel that will be one of the special features on the season four DVD box set. Some recent finds include: an uncoordinated wraith, an indignant replicator, and a little something for those Shepkett fans out there.

    Very cool news! But, what’s a Shepkett??

  3. Ah, good to see that the scammers don’t communicate with each other, and thus ruin prospective baiting sessions. 😀

    Shepkett?… Oh. OH. >D Okay, can’t wait to see what THAT’S about.

    Something I’ve been wondering about— come S4’s airing, will we get any news about the status of SG-1 when Carter appears, like, a line or two? One has to wonder if the team was broken up again.

  4. *waves*

    Ooh a blooper reel. :o) Can’t wait for that one.

    Before I go, just a quickie, though please excuse my thickness, it’s par for the course these days. But, what the heck is Shepkett?

    I agree that you need to spend time with the brood. From that last pic, they looked a bit hacked off! Are they jealous of Lulu’s sparkly collar, or are they still ticked off with you, because you won’t let them drag Lulu around by her ears?


  5. Hiya Joe!!

    Ok, so this is a repeat post since you didn’t do the mailbag today and I’m hoping you will do it tommorrow…

    My friend Meagan and I are anxiously counting down the days till our roadtrip to Canada and I had a question that I think would fit your unique knowledge of Vancouver…

    What are the top 5 restaurants (in the $20 or less per plate category cause we are poor college students) in Vancouver? I am a meateater myself, but Meagan is an ovalactopesco(sp?) vegetarian: she eats eggs, dairy, and fish (she LOVES sushi in fact). This is her first time out of the country and I want to make sure it is a memorable one and part of a good trip is good food. Hopefully you will have a chance to answer this question…we thank you for your divine food wisdom…and for SGA too of course! 😉

    Cheers, Dani

  6. I’ve always loved science fiction film and television but sci-fi books… not so much. Maybe I just didn’t read the right ones. Any suggestions that might make me dump my mysteries?

    And did you ever mention which episode it will be that we’ll get the explanation for Jason’s new tattoo?

  7. Hi Joe, Thanks for reminding me of Stephen R. Donaldson. I haven’t read his books in years. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the “Thomas Covenant” series (can’t remember if I read Lord Foul’s Bane), I loved The Mirror of her Dreams & enjoyed the sequel A Man Rides Through. Now I have to look and see if I still have those books. I think I’ve moved about 4 times since I read them!

  8. What ep are you shooting right now?
    When wiil we know for sure whether or not there’s goint to be a S5? October? November?

  9. sorry about the 2nd post but… I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s in the dark about this whole Shepkett thing! HUH?

  10. I’m pretty sure “Shepkett” = Shep/Beckett, most likely from “The Kindred”. Joe can correct me if I’m wrong through, can’t you Joe? Oh and to borrow a phrase from the whumpers: SQUEEEE!!! Blooper reel!!!!!

    Anyway, loving those scammer emails! Maybe when Atlantis ends at Season 12, you can collect all of them together and sell it as a Compilation book or something. It’ll be a great read.

    Let’s see…well, same question as yesterday I guess, even though I am no longer sure of the answer: If the Daedalus (or the Apollo) has to land at Atlantis for whatever reason, does it land on a pier or in the water beside one?

    Also, and I don’t know if you have any control over this, but is there a chance that, in the near future, I can find models of the various Stargate ships (i.e. the Daedalus, the Hatak, the O’Neill, etc.) in my local hobby shops? I would love a little model of, say, the Prometheus that I can wave around when I’m bored.

    Oh yeah, and since you’re going back to the studio tomorrow, do you mind telling us the episode order for the second half of Season 4? We would muchly appreciate it.

    Thanks Joe!

  11. Shepkett…-dies laughing-
    What would Moe Jacuzzi say about that? ^^; Ha ha.
    When does the S4 DVD set come out? Sometime in September hopefully?

  12. Heehee…Jain’s a girl’s name.

    There are…Shepkett…fans? O_o I think I’m worried.

  13. I love bloopers. Woohoo! Thanks so much!

    For those who asked, I’m pretty sure he meant:
    Shepkett = Sheppard + Beckett ^_^

    Does it has something to do with that scene in the puddlejumper in Irresistible perhaps? I remember either Joe or Paul talked about this in an interview, something about Shep blowing Carson’s nose 😉

  14. Hey! Congrats on being finished! It’s a relief, I’m sure, to know that all the writing is essentially completed on your part!

    Maybe we should throw a party…heh. Can’t wait to see the blooper reel, since it’s always a riot, no matter what the show. And oh my…Shepkett? Hmmmm…I wonder what that’ll look like. Seriously, I can’t wait to see Season 4, and will avidly watch every moment!

    And now for a question: Speaking of Shepkett, in your personal opinion, which is the most unusual pairing you’ve seen happen, in either the SG-1 or Atlantis universe?

  15. *waves*

    Only me again.

    The chosen one has spoken…

    “I’m pretty sure “Shepkett” = Shep/Beckett, most likely from “The Kindred”. Joe can correct me if I’m wrong through, can’t you Joe? Oh and to borrow a phrase from the whumpers: SQUEEEE!!! Blooper reel!!!!!”

    Thanks to your post, I have learned, I am not as hip and trendy as I once was. Thanking you muchly Mr Snuffleupagous. Keep on sniffing the flocking, it’s obviously keeping your brain in shape to be able to decipher the cypher as quickly as you did. 😉

    And as a whumper, may I be so bold as to say your squee needs to be a bit more high pitched. So less baritone, more soprano. And at the end, your squee should reach to the level that only dogs can hear. Allow me.

    Joe, you might want to cover the pug’s and Lulu’s ears right about… Now.

    S4 Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😉

  16. Joe, you might have heard… that SG-1 The complete series will be out in DVD, now, they are mentioning 5 extra DVDs full of special features not included before in any of the previous box sets. Do you have any idea what they are? will we finally also have a blooper reel for SG-1?



  17. Dear Joe,
    I’m reposting this so it gets a fair shot at being answered. And because some of it got cut off last time.

    If nanites invade your body, does it become sort of like a goa’uld host type struggle for control of the mind? One of those almost impossible to break through but if I try really hard maybe I can do it things?

  18. I wanted to thank you for your blogs. They really make me laugh, especially when I’m having a bad day.

    Have you ever read any of Tuesday Next series by Jasper Fforde? If you love books (as is apparent), and love the crafting of words, I can’t recommend these books highly enough. 😉

  19. I hope you enjoy Lord Foul’s Bane,

    It’s different, you may want to checkout this website http://www.fantasybedtimehour.com/

    which deals with this book in an unusual manner, maybe this is why Rob Cooper recommended it.

    Two near naked girls in bed have acted out the entire book in 40 episodes,over 5 years, including a rap up with the author himself.
    Perhaps they could do an SGA episode for you?

  20. OMGosh….a blooper reel? I am in heaven!!!! EVERY DVD should have one of those. Everytime we rent a movie and there’s not one on it (which is a lot) I want to thump whoever made that decision’s

  21. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with the pseudo “garlic” festival you attended. That’s what you get for attending a wannabe festival! To further add to your disappointment, the one and only true garlic festival in Gilroy, CA is over for this year too…

    Anyway, messing with e-mail spammers, although wholly satisfying, isn’t quite as satisfying as messing with such people who sometimes materialize in real life. I have found messing with car salesmen, especially being a chick, to be quite exhilarating. But thats another story for another time.

    Keep up the good work. Your witty sarcasm continues to fill my heart with an evil joy.

    …But I wouldn’t have gone for the Aston Martin. $150k could have bought you “Kitt” from Knight Rider =).

  22. Ah yes, I see that I have much to learn Master Cheeky. Do not worry, as I will study it for as long as I need to reach that note at the end that will indeed make dogs’ ears bleed.

    And don’t worry Joe, I will only use my powers for good when that happens…although, as you are a supervillain, I’m sure that if I acted good, you will seek to destroy me…hmmm…quite a conundrum, this is.

  23. Heya Joe

    I gotta tell you, man…your blog cracks me up no end! I sat here shrieking with laughter over your ‘spam scams’…it’s like an esoterica way of putting all your junk snailmail into a ‘reply paid’ envelope.

    Can’t wait to see those blooper reels. I live to watch pros stuff up.

    Keep up the good work. Oh, and great pics of food. I check this blog just to suss out the new and exciting ways that chefs can justify exorbitant pricetags on root vegetables.

    love your snark.
    Dana the Oz-chik

  24. First – thank you again for taking the time to maintain your blog. It’s insightful (re: TV production), funny, and at times provokes my lame taste-buds to try new things.

    Second – Shnitzel. Spent 4 years in (what was) West Germany, and have spent twice that long finding a suitable replacement. Have tried your suggestions, but personally prefer ‘Elizabeths’ in Langley. Albeit a longer drive for you, but worth the old world charm and taste.


  25. A blooper reel? Shepkett? I can’t wait!

    Now you’re back in the office, any chance you could take a peek at your schedule and let us know the proposed airing order for the back ten episodes of season 4? Thank you!!!

  26. Hi Joe

    I just had to say a quick but huge thank you to cheeky lil devil for yesterday’s wonderful birthday prose!!!! It made me smile so much!!!! What a fabulous gift…just hoping that my birthday wish may come true! :)- not just for me of course- for all the Shumpers!!!

    Sheppy D

  27. I picked up on the Dark Tower series quite by error as I was looking for a good read, and saw Wolves of the Calla (book 5) on the shelves at a Walgreens. Well, seeing that it was part of a series I had to buy the other books. So far I have read The Gunslinger. It’s a nice mix of western meets sci-fi. Quite interesting. I am a John Saul and Dean Koontz fan myself. I haven’t been able to get past page 10 of the 2nd Tower book.

    I am also in the midst of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. I love it, I just never get off of here long enough to read the damned thing.

    I’m reading Clinton’s autobiography…haven’t gotten past chapter 1.

    And then, on this most recent trip to Vancouver, I picked up John Saul’s latest in the airport.

    I am reading four books. Very…strange…but it works.

  28. So now that you are done writing…what work lies between now and hopeful pickup of season 5?

    And…my mother is a HUGE King fan and is in the middle of the Dark Tower series now…listening to the CD’s where ever we go. Keeps telling me I’d like the series but I’m not much for his writing style…something annoying about it. But I did sneak a peek at the end of the last one once…I’ve got to say that is interesting…

    Anyway…I did pick up Game of Thrones last week and it’s definitly going to be the next series I read…gotta finish my 2nd read of Deathly Hallows first though…I’m in a trivia contest for a Deluxe Edition…

  29. Salut joseph!!
    Si vous saviez de quoi j ai rêvé cette nuit…

    =}J ai rêvez que j écrivais un épisode de stargate avec vous et qu ensuite on allaient manger dans 10 restaurants à la suite, j aime bien les restaurants mais 10 à la suites sa fait beaucoup^^!


    Vous savez si Rachel à accoucher? Si oui.Quand?et le bébé est une fille ou un garcon? vous connaissez son prénom?

    Vous pouvez me répondre s il vous plais.

    Bon voila! gros bisou! Merci beaucoup! A demain! Je vous adore!
    ******Passez une bonne journée*****

  30. Hello,

    Two days ago :
    KMcK writes: “Would you like to have Weir back as well?”

    Answer: Depending on how certain storylines evolve and Torri’s availability, we would love to have her back.

    Thank you very much for answering my question, a lot of people are waiting to have some news about Elizabeth Weir.

    IF there is a season 5, will you have plan to have her for more than 4 episodes ?
    (because with your answer I have the feeling that you don’t plan to have her back as a regular)

    Thank you for your time !
    And Lulu is so cute !

  31. Answer:If you’re referring to the Daedalus and the Apollo, they don’t land. They remain in planetary orbit.

    I thought they could land somewhere in the city, because im sure they did it in the seige 3 e.g
    CALDWELL: “Until repairs are complete, the Daedalus is gonna need Atlantis’ shields as much as you do.”
    Also do u think that the stargate will ever be sold off or will one of the crew take it?

  32. Wow bloopers that’s really cool! How about a deleted scenes feature as well or am I being too greedy?

    p.s. This is my first post and I just want to tell how much I adore SGA. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a S5 pickup.

    Thanks Joe

  33. Saw the long two-minute preview of season four. Hmmm. All I can say is one month, two weeks, and one day to Adrift. For health reasons, I will be holding the “squee” (barely) until Labor Day.


  34. bonjour je vous passe faire un petit coucou, j’espere que vous allez bien. moi oui cette après-midi je vais allez tondre ma pelouse. je sais très interessent ce que je viens de vous dire lol. sinon vous n’avez pas mit de photo aujourd’hui snif lol. bon allez je vous laisse et vvviiiiivvvveeee stargate atlantis the best serie of world, and the best serie of the pegasus galaxie. mdr. kisses

  35. Tonight I shall hopefully be bringing home a nine week old golden retriever puppy! 😀 😀 any advice for a puppy novice?

  36. Hiya Joe,

    The whumpers were discussing DG, and we were wondering if there will be any ramifications in the waking world with our heroes *cough*shep*cough* suffering from nightmares?

    We are a persistant bunch aren’t we? It’s just some of us don’t want to overdo the squeeing just yet, although we are reknowned for it. :o)

  37. Hi Joe:)

    As you didn’t have mail bage yeaterday, I thought I would repost my question for the next lot as it’s quite important.

    I was wondering, alot of ‘anti s4’ people seem to think that because Carter is coming over and will outrank Sheppard, he will no longer be military head/head of security in Atlantis and she will take over from him, and he will become useless on base. I thought that even if Carter did take over, because of Sheppard’s experience he would still have a big say in what goes on military-wise, and she would acknowledge and respect his opinion.

    1. Will Carter take over as military head of Atlantis? 2. Will Sheppard still have as big a say as he does now if she does?

    It would certainly clear up some fears that some people are having(i.e jumping to conclusions).


  38. Hey Joe,

    First just wanted to say, that Season 4 is looking really good, and have been spreading around that it could be one of the best seasons of SGA to date. My concern is the few fans who doubt that there will be a 5th season. Have you been paying attention to Sci-fi’s ratings? All the shows are down big time. I also feel the long hiatus lost a lot of viewers but should hopefully rebound in Season 4. Do you think Sci-fi will wait for the Season 4 premiere before making a decision? Do you think the odds are good since the Sci-fi show line-up is running very very thin. In fact the new show Flash Gordon did not get really good feedback from viewers and critics. Anyway, sorry for all the questions, I just want to see SGA keep going and a small dip in ratings should not be the entire decision factor for a renewal, IMHO. Thanks for your time in reading this comment!



  39. ++++Petit message personnel++++

    Vive les blog francais de stragate!!

    Je vous aime tous!


    Et oui lol c est tous mes amis fan de stargate XD

  40. Hello Joseph:

    We hear about Shep-whump and about Teyla’s action scenes and so much about Rodney so if you would please answer “yes” or “no” to the question of if there is any Carter whumping in S4? Thanks.

  41. Glad you will try some more fantasy and you couldn’t pick better than Donaldson, my absolute favourite fantasy series I was going to ask if you’d tried it(Mr Cooper has serious taste). He has also written SciFi, the GAP series, did you try those?

    Not a fan of scifi books myself, but love it on tv and in film, and yet fantasy books are great but tend to suck on tv/film. I wonder why that is.

    Enjoy the blog very much, keep it up

  42. Salut Joe,
    J’ai lu que vous aviez prévu un cliffangher pour la fin de la saison 4, cela veut-il dire que nous aurons la chance de revoir Torri dans le casting principal lors de la saison 5 si celle-ci a lieu ?

  43. Have you ever read anything by Christopher Rowley? His older sci-fi stuff is pretty good, (if you can find it, since it tends to no longer be in print.) and I enjoyed his Bazil Broketail series. I’ve read Starhammer and The Vang and the Black Ship. (I have them here somewhere still probably in boxes… I am in desperate need for more bookshelves! :p)

  44. Les Fez said…

    I was wondering, alot of ‘anti s4’ people seem to think that because Carter is coming over and will outrank Sheppard, he will no longer be military head/head of security in Atlantis and she will take over from him, and he will become useless on base. I thought that even if Carter did take over, because of Sheppard’s experience he would still have a big say in what goes on military-wise, and she would acknowledge and respect his opinion.

    1. Will Carter take over as military head of Atlantis? 2. Will Sheppard still have as big a say as he does now if she does?


    It seems that some people sit around and think up the absolute worst scenarios possible just to make themselves anxious.

    Let me say again what has been said before. Yes, Carter *will* outrank John. She *will* be the military head of Atlantis. But since Carter is well aware that Shepherd has much more experience in dealing with all things Atlantis, including their enemies, she *will* defer to him at times, and certainly ask for his opinion on crucial matters. No, Shep is *not* going to become a useless character. There may be some tension between Carter and Shep due to Carter’s more by-the-book mentality as opposed to John’s more unorthodox approaches, and that *should* be interesting.

    But I’m sure none of this matters to most people. Some of the fans don’t believe anything Joe tells them, some of them love to get themselves in hysterics and imagine all sorts of ‘horrible’ things only to finally see the episodes and realize they over-reacted. Then there are those fans that actually take it all with a grain of salt and are content to not make any judgments until they actually *see* the episodes. Imagine that!!!!

  45. No, don’t ignore the dogs! They’ve been waiting for that moment.

    George R. R. Martin’s great, though I was never able to get into Donaldson. It’s never a good thing when you think the hero should be taken out with the trash.

  46. Who would you say has the most surprising character development for Season Four?

  47. I was wondering. Have you ever pitched an idea for an episode that you thought was a great idea only to have everyone else hate it? And if so, did you manage to convince them otherwise?

    Or has the opposite happened, where an idea you thought was terrible to begin with eventually turned out to be a great episode?

  48. hi Joe, i was wondering if you could explain something, obviously the executive producer is the big boss of a tv show but i see various other jobs (co-executive producer, producer, supervising producer, co-producer and others) how do the people in these jobs contribute to the show

  49. Jai-Alai is a bit of a specialist reference, isn’t it? Fabulous. I used to watch internet streaming of it. Oddly hypnotic.

  50. Hi

    So assuming there will be a 5th season, when would you start writing it …. only i think you have become a little obsessed with your comedy letter writing. Not that i am complaining!

    Also what preportion of the time is Shepards team on off world missions. Assuming that each season represents roughly a year atlantis time, and we see 20 episodes (most story lines not lasting more than a week). They would (i gues) spend time doing boring trade type missions which are not shown as episodes….. but that still leaves a lot of time for them to twiddle their thumbs. I supose Mckay, Shepard, and Taylor could fill their time, but what does Ronan do?


  51. Oh… forgot to say in the last post … HURAY for bloopers! I can’t wait!

    does shepkett refer to the little known (and probalby non existent) affection shared between shepard and beckett?

  52. Hey Joe, got a question for ya. . .

    In the episode Sunday, Ronon makes a comment to the effect of he thought Shep and Teyla would get together. John made a funny face at that, and I don’t quite know what it was supposed to mean. . .

    Can you tell me if it was like “What on earth gave you THAT idea,” or something else?

    Thanks a bunch!

  53. YES! Bloopers!!!

    Yeah, ignoring the dogs would be bad. I have three ferrets and a cat, I would be insane to ignore those fuzzies!!

  54. Hi Joe!
    First I’d like to say that SGA is the best show I ever watched! 🙂 Regarding the possibility of a ‘deleted scenes’ feature, can you please please please include the rest of the scene with Carson and John in the Jumper after John ‘kidnapped’ him in the episode ‘Irresistible’, and the scene we didn’t get to see between Carson and Rodney in ‘Tao of Rodney’? Please please please? Also, will Carson be in more episodes after he ‘returns’ in season 4? (Please? sniff)

  55. Have you noticed, Joe, that whenever you do something special for the fans; like the blooper reel we always want more?

    We’re just like Oliver Twist!

    ust so you know, i’m looking forward to whatever we get.

  56. Will the horrific reveal at the end of “The Seer” be that one of the characters has been a wraith/replicator/gould/whatever the whole time?

  57. I’d like to suggest (if you would consider a bit of a slip to the fantasy side of literature) Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series (5 books in all… so far).
    Wonderful reads.

  58. Answer:If you’re referring to the Daedalus and the Apollo, they don’t land. They remain in planetary orbit.

    I thought in The Pegasus Project the ship that SG1 was on was shown landing at Atlantis.

  59. Joe, I need your help with something:

    I need you to list all the writer’s names and one or two things they enjoy.

    For Example:

    Joe Mallozzi: dark chocolate and pugs
    Carl Binder: pink hairbows and hot wings

    Only I actually would like a real response. I’m confident you can de-smart-ass-ify yourself for a couple minutes to help with this….good things may (or may not) come to you, depending on how genuine I believe the answers to be.

    Thanks in advance for the answer I am certain you will provide.

    Your pal-iest of pals,

  60. I recommend adding Dan Simmon’s Hyperion to your list as well. It’s wonderful.

  61. I left this comment on an earlier date, since I haven’t quite figured out how these blogs work. Anyway, the question is, will Shepherd have to address Carter as “sir” or “ma’am” since she outranks him. After all, she had to call O’Neill “sir” for all those years on SG1. Or will they just call each other “Carter” and “Shepherd”. Thanks.

  62. Hi Joe!

    1. Will we see much of Dr. Heightmeyer this year?
    2. Now that you are well into the second half of the season storywise, and now that you don’t have to write anymore scripts, any chance of a new poem?
    3. We know that Weir will be in 4 episodes of the first half (first ten) will she be making any appearances in the second half of s4?


  63. “In the episode Sunday, Ronon makes a comment to the effect of he thought Shep and Teyla would get together. John made a funny face at that, and I don’t quite know what it was supposed to mean. . .”

    That look was “EWWWW! You’ve got to be joking!”

  64. I’m not sure if you have anything to do with conventions or you know who does but 1.Do you know if they will ever do any Stargate conventions in Scotland 2.Do you know if there’s anywhere or any websites i can go to so i can find out where the conventions are being held?

  65. I loved your comment with the respectfully,dipstick….I almost fell of my chair laughing when i read that and i am glad that Teyla’s got an arc in S4,she’s one of my fave characters.
    With Rachels’s pregnancy an all,i’m hoping that we will still see Teyla in most of the episodes in S4,do you know at all how many if any eps that she won’t be in,it just isn’t the same without her?

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