Final preparations are underway for Comic Con. Even though the Stargate panels are on Friday, I’ll be flying in the day before – and since the only direct flight available leaves Vancouver at 8:40 a.m., it looks like I’ll have plenty of time to kill. To that end, I’ve already put together my in-flight/post-flight/pre-dinner reading selection: George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Frederik Pohl’s Gateway, Terry Pratchett’s Equal Rites, Keith Laumer’s A Plague of Demons, and Jack McDevitt’s Seeker. That should tide me over until I can hit a bookstore and pick up something for the flight back.

Last year, we stayed at the Solamar, a beautiful hotel within easy walking distance of the convention center. This year, we’ll be staying at the W. Cons: A little further away from the convention center, employees dress and display all the warmth of an existential nightclub staff, their trademark down comforters smell real funky if not properly dried after laundering, minimalist décor makes for an austere and thoroughly unmemorable stay. Pros: Last I heard, they had warm cookies and milk on the room service menu. And so, I’m going to try to get out and about (when I’m not in my room reading). So what’s to do in San Diego besides this weekend’s Comic Con? Suggestions?

The Atlantis panel should be a lot of fun and will include: Joe Flanigan (who apparently will be able to make it after all), David Hewlett, Amanda Tapping, Jewel Staite, Charlie Cohen, Nora O’Brien, and myself. Fans, I’m sure, will have plenty of questions about the upcoming season and, as always, I’ll have to walk a fine line between providing them with answers and not spoiling the episode for them. It’s a lot easier said than done, especially when you’re in a roomful of 3000+ people, so, like last year, I’ve put together a quickie list of Things Not To Discuss at Comic Con. It’ll be a handy little reminder I can refer to over the course the panel. Once we’re done, I’ll probably head downstairs and walk the floor.

We watched the Day One Mix of Tabula Rasa today. Another winner! The teaser felt like something out of the movie Saw. A very unique-looking episode that Marty G. predicts “the fans are gonna love”.

We also started shooting Kindred I today. Check out the pics.

PG15 writes: “Why is Atlantis’s shield only “half-a-shield” when it’s supposed to be air tight?”

Answer: Actually, it is air tight and does encapsulate the entire city. Check out Adrift. Oh, right, you can’t yet. Well, check it out when it airs.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Any nice/emotional moments with Shep/Weir at all?”

Answer: Scenes in both Adrift and This Mortal Coil come to mind.

Cathain writes: “Will Hermiod appear in S4 or did he go back to the Asgard Homeworld prior to “Unending”?”

Answer: Hermiod will not be putting an appearance in season four.

Shipperahoy writes: “Well a friend recently gave me The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein so apparently that’s what I will be reading on my way to Comic Con. Have you read it?”

Answer: Yup. I enjoyed The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Farnham’s Freehold, the most recent Heinlein I read, not so much.

Dori writes: “His Majesty’s Dragon? Have you read that one yet?”

Answer: Just started.

Anonymous #2 writes: “In the season 9 dvd commentaries (several eps including ) you hinted at an off camera relationship between Cameron/Carolyn – really? Why was this dropped or was it never really a serious character development point? or were you just messing with us?”

Answer: Nope. It was something we seriously considered but didn’t end up developing.

OctoberMoon writes: “Why does Sheppard wear that black wrist band all the time?”

Answer: Because Joe likes them.

Paul Eaton writes: “I’m not from Vancouver but there was a Chinese restaurant that was told to be to be very renowned I have not been there in 5 yrs but it was called the Pink Pearl. Is it still around and is it still so Famous?”

Answer: There are far, far better Chinese restaurants in Vancouver.

Alipeeps writes: “If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what you it be?”

Answer: Dark chocolate bars.

96 thoughts on “July 24, 2007

  1. ah, joe, you put up pics of amanda/sam, so you know what’s coming…

    THANK YOU!! 😀

    (i love the uniforms)

    sally 😀

  2. ok, after careful consideration and with respect to the rules, I have a question that’s been nagging at me for a while. If you’ve answered it, I haven’t read it. SO, here goes. The early legends and lores aside, do you get any feedback worth mentioning from religious groups about the careful line you walk regarding God? There have been some great moments (Vala conceiving w/o …. and other such moments I noticed previous to that one) where it was addressed in a secular reference.

  3. Have you seen Anchorman? And if Comicon is in San Diego will you be doing you part to keep it classy, like the good Ron Burgendy tells you to?

  4. Thanks for the fun behind the scenes pics. I have to point out that your boom guy is wearing a Sanctuary shirt. Maybe a little plug there? 🙂

  5. Hi Joe,

    Great Pictures. I noticed that Comic Con lists Rob joining you guys on the Atlantis panel too. Will Rob be joining you or is that a typo? I was also curious if you will be sitting in on the Arc of Truth panel?


  6. Hey Joe!! I’m glad to say that the Glorious Stargate SG1: Continuum flocking has finally arrived on my door step. For my indepth view of this near-religious experience, you can take a look here:


    Those Kindred scenes look marvelous!! Can’t wait to see it for the obvious reasons.

    A few question: 1. Are you going to continue to update your blog over Comic Con? 2. Any EVA action/spacewalks (like McKay in “The Siege Part 1”) in the near future for the show?

    Thank you!

  7. I know it’s cliche and very touristy, but can you really go to San Diego and not go to the zoo? I’m a “city kid” and not a huge animal lover but I thought it was amazing.
    Oh and thanks so much for the pictures of Joe F. (with Jason as an added bonus – yeah!)

  8. 0215 hrs here in Scotland, cats were hungry and I was wakened to feed them! It is called ‘feeding on demand’.

    Do you ever read non-fiction books? Obviously I have been reading one on Cat psychology!

    I hope you enjoy yourself at Comic Con and everybody has a great time – which is what it is all about.

    Take lots of photographs whilst you are away.

  9. Man, I wish I could make it to Comicon. I’ve never been before. But looks like I can’t this year. Dang. Well, hopefully there’ll still be a Stargate panel next year.

    Interesting to see Jason’s tattoo. Did that cause any issues for you guys, like costuming or anything?

  10. Ah yes, the W – vey much see and be seen, although they do have milk and cookies on the room service menu (and if I remember correctly, Ben and Jerry’s as well). The bar (Beach) is ok, although there are better outdoor bars at other hotels. There is a Ghiradelli chocolate near the convention center. I’m drawing a blank on any good independent bookstores around the downtown area.

    I do recommend Balboa Park if you have the time (also home to the Prado restaurant) – its a nice set of gardens to wander around (and parking usually isn’t too bad) – very popular for wedding photos – and various museums as well. Seaport Village is a little tourista. Of course there’s always the beach and the zoo.

  11. The costume changes are starting to worry me a little, Can you guys go back to the original ones for a while, because i miss them?Would a petition help?

  12. I hope the trip to ComiCon is fabulous fun. Alas, I cannot go, and am quite despondent over it. I was looking forward to security doing their thing to raging fans and hanging off every word from your omnipotent lips. Safe trip to all from SGA & SG1 heading to SoCal!

  13. I’m glad you think the Comic Con panel will be great, but given the fact that last year everyone but Jason was there (that’s right, isn’t it?) it seems a bit of a disappointment.

    Even though they’re not part of it now, since Torri and Paul are both based in LA, it would have made sense to get them in on it. You would have had more people turn up. Now you’ll get some firefly fans, Amanda freaks like MajorSal and the David Hewlett fanclub. That’s not representative of the fans of the show.

  14. Visit Torrey Pines State Park on the north side of La Jolla. You can walk along the beach or hike around on top of the cliffs. Not far from there you can also visit the Gliderport next to the Salk Institute and see paragliders jump off the cliffs.

  15. Did you catch the Prime Minister of Australia’s slip up?(literally)

    check out the footage.

  16. I would hope that there would be a consideration for everyone who was on Stargate for the Ultimate Collection.
    Could you pass along that, i want to see Don Davis, Corin as well as the regular crew to MGM please???

  17. Oh, and if you don’t mind, Joe, another question just popped into my head.

    One of the biggest things that draws me to Stargate is the music. Joel does a SUPERB job with it, and another season means another 20 episodes filled with awesomeness in the music department.

    So the question is; has Joel started putting in the music for the episodes? If so, do you have a favorite piece yet?

  18. Loving the pictures! Hope you enjoy Seeker, I’m hoping to start reading it again this weekend. And I agree about The Moon is a Harsh Mistress — great book!

  19. I picked up this DVD today at my store…something called Stargate SG-1 Season 10. I’m not familiar with it, but the cover was all shiny and pretty, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

    Ever heard of it?

  20. Thanks for the great pix, now I *really* can’t wait for Season 4 😀 Jason’s new tat is especially cool and so is Amanda’s hair!

    Quick question: I see that the official water of the Pegasus Galaxy is Avian. My dad works for Nestle (Deer Park) water and I was wondering if there was any chance of getting ya’ll to convert. Who wants to drink “bird-water” anyway? 😉

  21. Lol, Joe. Your blog last night was wonderful. (I’m a day late in reading.)

    The images from Kindred I make for fun questions. “What’re they talking about? Why is Ronon laughing, or who is he laughing at?” Pictures speak…even when we don’t know the language.

    Enjoy Comicon. I would enjoy meeting you….but California to Florida is a long distance. Don’t get too spoiled on room-service food. 🙂

  22. I was wondering how you managed to read so fast, its a trait I really envy and would love to learn. Also do you have any recommendations for a cyberpunk themed novels?


  23. Squeeeee!!!! Thank you for the set pics! You’ve made a very crappy day a *lot* less crappy!! *Happy sigh*

    Have fun at the con — wish I could go! *pout* I have a friend who is supposed to bring a copy of that pic I did of you for you to sign for me, at least. (I collect autographs on drawings I’ve done, instead of on photos. More interesting, I think! I have James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Armin Shimmerman, Ted Raimi, and the Weasley Twins so far. I aim to get Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, and Paul McGillion at Dragon*Con this year … wish David Hewlett were going there too! Maybe next year …) If you’re uncomfortable with that, though, lemme know and hopefully I can get the message not to bother you to her — I think she’s gonna try to catch you after a panel. (She’s a Tart too, and has to “cover” the con, so she probably plans to attend panels instead of the signings ….)

  24. I just recently found your blog and have been working my way backwards through your entries. I really enjoy your writing… unfortunately, it’s making me all the more impatient for season 4 to start up again!

    My question: I assume you watch the episodes when they air on TV. Do you think being involved on the show makes watching it more or less enjoyable? Sorry if it’s a Q already asked and answered.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Comic-Con!

    – CuriousGeorgette

  25. You might want to consider ‘walking the floor’ on Thursday when you arrive, if you want to be able to see or buy anything. I’ve a feeling Friday is going to be as crazed as Saturday was last year. That’s why I’m driving down tomorrow, so that I at least have the full Thursday at my disposal.

    I’ve never stayed at the Solamar, but it is a commanding sight. Somewhat quaint looking if I remember but definitely eye-catching if you are walking around there.

    Have a safe flight.

  26. Thanks for the wonderful photos! September seems so far away…

    They gave me my official police officer radio today. Alas, they haven’t entrusted me with the battery for it yet. I feel like Barney Fife. Tomorrow is an important rite of passage, though: pepper spray training. They tell me my sinuses will be clean as a whistle afterwards.

    When will Alex be back to blogging?

  27. Anonymous #3 writes: “In Season 4 will there be any more main character deaths like Carson’s?”

    Answer: 6.

    Questions that may seem innocuous enough but, if answered, will require me to divulge spoilers.

    Ok, so you basically imply that there will be some more main characters dying off. If there weren’t you would have just answered no.

  28. Hey Joe; I picked up my copy of Season 10 this morning, and I just wanted to say how much I LOVE the deleted scenes. =D

  29. Dear John, In your pics today,is that Katie Hewlett?
    Also, I know you said the order before and I’m sorry, but between IMBD on GW which one has the correct order for eps or are they both wrong. Thanks. Have fun at the comic con.

  30. I so agree with cheeky lil devils comment from July 22: “Finally finished HP 😀 Loved most of it, was disappointed with the very last bit… but overall how can you possibly go wrong with such a noble quest. :P”

    I felt exactly the same way!! It was such a great book but I felt after the ending there should have been a bit more dialogue between the characters. I didn’t think the epilogue was well written. It seemed to have a different writing style..not very J.K., and it seemed very disjointed from the end of the book. Still overall it was fantastic…just wish the last bit hadn’t been the poor part of the book.

    What do you think Joe???

  31. Thanks for the pics, Joe. I hadn’t imagined Jason’s tattoo was so… interesting. Can’t wait to see how ya’ll explained that for Ronon’s character!!

  32. Joe-

    Well had the Padres been in town I would have screamed “Go to a baseball game!!!!”. PETCO Park is gorgeous, baseball is the best sport in the world (cough, used to work for a team, cough) and I know you don’t get to see many games up there in Canada (PS- sorry DC took the Expos, if you care). But alas, they are in Houston. Damn. I will be at Comic Con and would have gone to a game myself. If you get any good ideas, let me know.

  33. Anonymous #1 writes: “Any nice/emotional moments with Shep/Weir at all?”

    Answer: Scenes in both Adrift and This Mortal Coil come to mind.

    PLEASE see the light and bring her back. Even if you have to have Carter there (and I can’t stand the character) I’d watch, and so would many others who have given up if Torri was returned to the cast in at least half of the episodes.

    In an ideal world, she’d be in as many as Amanda.

    There are so many possibilities for Elizabeth. She’s such a versatile, compassionate character.

    You could do wonderful things with her instead of dumping her purely because you can’t see her in anything but the ‘big office’.

    Of course, personally I’d like her back there and Carter to go far, far away. But I understand that won’t be happening. Still Carter as a regular shouldn’t exclude Elizabeth from regular status.

  34. In regards to the half-a-shield comment, it looked more like a full bubble in First Strike… Does the shield have different shapes or modes to save power maybe?

  35. I’m totally looking forward to Sam whumping Rodney. We’ll get some of that right? 🙂

  36. Thank you for the comic con jflan update. I’m apparently the only one of my friends who can be arsed to look at your blog and they’ve been harrassing me about it for weeks. ANYWAY blah blah blah thanks.

  37. Hi Joe,

    Cool pictures, but why is Carter’s hair out of regs (her braid goes below her collar)? I tell you, you make full colonel and you think you can get away with anything… 🙂

  38. Hi Joe!

    I’m back from my vacation and am thrilled to see the lovely pictures from Kindred I. It looks like the cast are having fun! I was also delighted and relieved to hear about the Sheppard backstory planned for a season 4 episode. That’s good news for me, and I think Cheeky told you how pleased I was whilst I was away. I believe she said I was bouncing? Hmmm, not a nice image!

    I have a question for you.

    I am personally baffled by the vitriolic and mean-spirited posts about AT/Carter coming over to Atlantis that I’ve been unlucky enough to read. In fact, I’m absolutely fed up with it all. Indeed, yet another post in your blog today is harping on about how awful it is Carter is in SGA, and how dreadful it is that Weir has been sidelined because of Carter’s inclusion – even though you’ve told us numerous times the two events aren’t linked and that the fate of the Weir character was sealed before a replacement was decided upon.

    Are you surprised that Carter coming to Atlantis has generated this sort of reaction from an incredibly loud minority of fans?

  39. Dear Joe

    Thank you for today’s pictures … especially for the two great Amanda pix!


  40. There’s a rumor that McKay’s sister dies. Yes or no?

    Also is there any chance Teyla will waddle away into the sunset with her spawn?

  41. Thanks for the pics- seeing Joe always brightens up my day!!!

    Glad that he can make Comin Con, not that I am going myself, but it means we should get some new pics and news about him hopefully – which is always good!! 🙂

  42. Oh! Me, again, with a question:

    Cadman–is she a second lieutenant or a first lieutenant? Or do you not know?

  43. Mr. M,

    1.)Like the Sam look with the braided pony tail, not that that means anything to you, but its cool.

    2.)It’s almost HERE! Can you feel the magic in the air? (NCAA Football of course) Any teams you’ll be keeping an eye on this season for whatever reasons? ROLL TIDE!

  44. I’d love to see a 3D (or part 3D) Stargate episode, have you ever thought about it before?

    Even though Medium did a few 3D sequences in an episode last year – it wasn’t that greatly appreciated by techno-people, but ordinary viewers loved up and ratings jumped a little and probably gained a few new fans of the show.

    Plus I think with you guys using CG animators you could do a great job – especially a cool ship battle scene. So if/when there’s a season 5 it could be a ratings puller!

    And the 3D glasses could be two stargates!

  45. Someone mentioned the San Diego Zoo. I’d just like to add the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It’s like a zoo, only instead of walking around and seeing animals in cages, you drive around and see them out in wide-open habitats. Very cool.

  46. Oooooh all the pretty pictures! 😀 Thanks for those Joe.. I love seeing behind the scenes/on set pics. Makes me all the more impatient for September!

    Hope you have a fab time at ComicCon.. sounds like it’ll be a blast.

  47. Hey Joe, thanks so much for the pics. I’m loving Amanda’s long hair, and I spotted Chuck Campbell in the third one so that’s made me even happier!
    How’s Joe Flanigan’s sprained wrist? Better, I hope. (How did he do it, anyway?)

  48. It’s nice that Sally’s all excited, but I feel bitterly disappointed every time I see a picture of Amanda Tapping on the Atlantis set. All it does is serve to remind me that you’ve got rid of Torri Higginson. I’m planning to watch Torri and Paul’s episodes of season four, but there rest of it? Nope.

  49. J’ai fini le deuxième tome de A Game of Thrones il y a deux semaines et j’espère qu’il vous plaira autant qu’à moi. Je fais un travail pour l’école sur le mythe de l’Atlantide et je voulais savoir si Robert C. Cooper ou Brad Wright avaient lu le Timaeus ou le Kritias de Platon, avant de créer SGA ?

  50. Hi Joe

    Been to San Diego a couple of times .. I liked it.. I liked the Spanish feel to the city.. the Missions particularly.. I have a lot of really great pictures.. but if you get bored , why not shop? Hey, I saw that wince and heard that moan .. It’s a lot of fun you know.. Anyway enjoy the Con. I have a feeling you are developing a good fan base in your own right.. You staying in that obscure hotel to avoid the paparozzi?

    Take Care


  51. More importantly, can you recommend a great Thai restaurant in the Vancouver area? My best friend and I are going to be going up for a stay in August, and I we both share a love of Thai food. Any recommendations?

  52. Hi Joe!

    I got my SG-1 Season Ten DVDs yesterday. I spent last night watching most of the extras. Please let Ivon know he did an excellent job with them. Of course, because I am pathetically emotional girl who has been know to sniffle during Hallmark commercials; I got teary eyed at the end of the Director Series for Unending when they were showing the final day of shooting.

    In regards to San Diego, it’s been years since I’ve been there, but the Zoo was cool. I’ve emailed a friend who used to live in San Diego for a list of suggestions and restaurants, but since she is notoriously slow on responding to emails, you’ll probably be back from Comic Con before I get an answer.

    Have a safe trip and much fun!


  53. Hi – was wondering if it would be okay to put some of the layouts and plans photos onto a site of mine, with mention of where they came from and a link to your blog? If not, that’s okay.

    Also, wanted to say how much I love your blog – and that it has put a few of my minor worries about season 4 to rest, and I am very, very much looking forward to seeing it. Thank you. (From Leesa Perrie.)

  54. Way back in March you answered this question:

    Peter writes: “If you were to assign one word for each episode in the first half of Season 4 of Atlantis […] what would they be?

    Answer: Adrift (desperation), Lifeline (gamble), Reunion (roots), Travelers (rivalry), Missing (missing).

    So I was wondering, would you be so kind as to tell us what words you would assign to the other season four episodes?

  55. I’m not sure if you care for baseball at all, but if you do PetCo Park (where the SD Padres play) is right across from the convention center.

    (though, I don’t even know if the Padres are in town…)

  56. I don’t think dark chocolate counts as a dessert anymore – haven’t you heard, it’s health food now!!! Choose another dessert.

  57. Anonymous said…
    There’s a rumor that McKay’s sister dies. Yes or no?

    Also is there any chance Teyla will waddle away into the sunset with her spawn?

    HAHAHA!!! Waddling off into the sunset with her spawn. Now that’s something I’d like to see. Most boring character EVER.

  58. Thanks so much for the pics! And well done on the W description. Ha!

    For stuff to do, I’d suggest the short drive over the bridge to Coronado Island and the historic Hotel del Coronado. Their patio is a nice relaxing place to hang out in sight of the beach without actually getting sand in your shoes. And they have a great ice cream parlor.

    See you at the panel, Joe!

  59. Things to do in San Diego? The possibilities are endless! My favorite is to just walk along the ocean front. Of course, being a desert dweller the ocean is probably more interesting to me than it would be to you. Seaport Village is a shoppers delight. Can’t forget the Gas Lamp district either. Anthony’s Fish Grotto on Harbor is reported to be a very good place to eat…though I wouldn’t know first hand – after a 4 mile walk/harbor stroll to get there the wait was 3 hours long. Needless to say we opted for other arrangements. Next time we will make reservations. Have a blast in San Diego! I got in a car wreck (other persons fault! Yay!) and I’m still not feeling up to a 3 hour road trip. 🙁 Maybe next year for season 5!!

  60. There are tons of things to see and do in San Diego, but since you will be at the convention, I assume you won’t have a lot of time for sightseeing and probably won’t want to go too far. If you get a chance, Balboa Park is great and not too far away (, with a lot of different museums, including the Fleet Space Center ( and the travelling Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Museum of Man.

    Closer to the hotel, the San Diego Maritime Museum is a great walk down along the harbor front ( and includes the Star of India, which is the world’s oldest active ship.

    In the evenings, the gaslamp district has some great restaurants, and you can finish it off with ice cream at Ghiradelli’s or a stop at Border’s books around the corner at 6th & G St.

    If you have any time on the weekend, the US Open Sandcastle competition is in Imperial Beach this weekend with the main competition on Sunday. Junk food, sun, sand and huge crowds (

    Many people like to go down and visit Tijuana, but I don’t recommend it if your time is limited because the border lines can be very, very long on the weekends.

    Bienvenidos a San Diego and enjoy our city!

  61. Have fun at Comic Con Joe!

    Any chance you could bring your camera on stage and take a few pictures from your POV? Not only of the crowd but of the others on the panel? And whatever munchies you get while on stage too of course. 😉

    Then just tell people if they want to see the pics to check out your blog. Of course, people who already read your blog would get it without being told.

    Be safe!
    Mary Beth 🙂

  62. Joe,

    I posted this last night at about the same time you were posting your blog for the day. It showed up on yesterday’s thread, but I decided to go ahead and repost it on today in the off chance you might actually answer it.

    So, tell me, why is Goblet of Fire your favorite HP book?

    And, given the incredible hype and anticipation over the last book in the series, do you think HP and the Deathly Hallows lived up to the hype? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being “not at all satisfying”, 5 being “satisfied in general” and 10 being “wow – I’m sad it’s over but what a great end to the journey”, how would you rate Deathly Hallows and why?

    Hopefully you can answer without being too “spoilerish” since I know there are some folks out there who didn’t read it in a day like we did. I honestly did try to drag it out, but dang I couldn’t put the darn book down!


  63. Man I thought Unending was bad enough without even mentioning Jack, but after finding out that Amanda just felt the need to confirm a Sam/Teal’c romance on the DVD commentaries I’m just sick. So that’s keeping Sam and Jack status ambigous? So Sam/Teal’c got more in one single episode than Sam/Jack ever would. Guess the pics on Sam’s desk make more sense now. So now what should we expect from Sam and Tealc’s “Reunion”? Some groping, some kisses, a bedroom scene? Just tell me so I can adequately calculate the amount of liquor I require to watch that episode.
    /sorry about the rant but since Coop wasn’t available…
    I’m really thinking of ditching the whole franchise altogether…

  64. Hi Joe,
    Would you like to have more of the Firefly cast make guest star appearances on SGA besides Jewel Staite?

    Love the pictures btw

  65. BTW Sam has longer hair because Tealc likes it more since she had long hair in Unending too?

  66. In the photos I spot the coms/ear units. Are these actually funcional and is the mic quality useable enough for production dialog. Or is the boom mic still the shiznit? 🙂

  67. Hi Joe, reading about your list of topics that you plan not to talk about in Comic Com, just saying that you can’t talk about, for example, who is the father of Teyla’s baby, isn’t it a spoiler by itself? I think you might need to write one of your poems to keep the information even more cryptic. Have fun!

  68. As pleased as I am to see a disgusted J/S shipper, you do realize Carter has no memory of what happened in Unending, right? And regardless of what AT said on a commentary, what was shown on screen was certainly ambiguous. And if Teal’c and Sam did get together after decades of being trapped, could you honestly never forgive them for that?

    I think you guys need to take a page from the slashers and learn to see what you want to see!

  69. “Alipeeps writes: “If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what you it be?”

    Answer: Dark chocolate bars.”

    Word. Dark chocolate is the only kind to eat casually as a desert.

    I’m really liking the new uniforms (more than the SG-1-style they wore a lot towards the end of last year). The pics help soothe my Stargate-less soul. Can’t wait for the premiere.

  70. disgusted Sam-Jack shipper said…
    Man I thought Unending was bad enough without even mentioning Jack, but after finding out that Amanda just felt the need to confirm a Sam/Teal’c romance on the DVD commentaries I’m just sick.

    And so goes that positive look of
    the “New” Atlantis you wanted to project on the panel at the convention.

    No one will care about Sam as the new leader, they will want to know all the dirt on why she told the DVD buyers that she and Teal’c were a couple for those 50 years. Especially since it wasn’t a direct part of the script. (Perhaps to finally rid herself of being thought of as Jack’s girl)

    Comparisons are bound to be made with D. & V. and how MS said in his blog that the first draft was not true to their characters and they had it rewritten (adding the big emotional scene as D. went through all the reasons he could never love V.) before they became a couple.

    Was Sam being true to her character?

    Guess I see another question being added to the “Don’t answer” list

  71. Thanks for the photos Joe, especially AT. With the JF and DH interviews recently and the nice comments they are making about AT and Sam Carters addition to the cast, as well as the photos on set, I am sort of getting excited (well maybe less apprehensive) about Sam Carter being on SGA.

    Seeing as how badly things were handled on SG1 it made me question whether I would want the character (a character I like) to stick around just to be crapped on by the stories and by that small group of spiteful fans but it is starting to feel like it may actually work out. I hope you and Paul find success as showrunners, just please remember to block Seasons 9 and 10 of SG1 (a/k/a SGC) out of your minds.

    Claire Jersiac

  72. Dear Sir,
    It is a peasure to play this blog game with you because you are rigorous.
    I’ve asked many times why in Ripple effect Black BDU Mitchel say “…when the time comes, cut the green one”
    Is the following the reason why you did not answer :6. Questions that may seem innocuous enough but, if answered, will require me to divulge spoilers. Also, similar yes/no questions that require me to either confirm or deny that some major event will take place?

    My guess is : the answer will be in Continuum not in Ark. I’ll tell you why an other time.

  73. “Also is there any chance Teyla will waddle away into the sunset with her spawn?”

    One can only hope.

  74. FargateOne said…
    Dear Sir,
    It is a peasure to play this blog game with you because you are rigorous.
    I’ve asked many times why in Ripple effect Black BDU Mitchel say “…when the time comes, cut the green one”
    Is the following the reason why you did not answer :6. Questions that may seem innocuous enough but, if answered, will require me to divulge spoilers. Also, similar yes/no questions that require me to either confirm or deny that some major event will take place?

    That question comes under the category of “already been answered”. Try reading through some of the previous blog entries (well, all of them really cos I can’t recall exactly which one answered it.. but I know it was answered). 😀

  75. Joe,
    When you see the people from Sci-Fi at ComicCon, can you please ask them to put the Atlantis Season 4 promos up on their web site after they have aired them? I know you don’t have any say, but you can tell them your Blog readers have requested it. If they say no, that’s OK, but at least they will know what SGA fans want. Just don’t tell them the reason we want them on the website is so we don’t have to sit through the mediocre shows they have on, besides SGA and Doctor Who, to see the promos. 🙂

  76. Thanks for the pics of Joe, Jason, David and Amanda. I can’t wait for the s4 season premiere! Where’s that puddlejumper with the time machine from Before I sleep when I need it? *cries*

    Looking forward to your comments about the San Diego Comic con, more s4 teasers and pics, and -hopefully- more stuff from the art department too (love those layouts!).

    I really appreciate you taking the time to come here and share the pics and tidbits with the fans. A big thanks from this huge Atlantis fan!

  77. Ooooh! You guys have pissed off the Sam/Jack shippers again.

    Do you write a list of people to piss off at the start of each year and just mark them off as you go? Because you’ve gone through a good proportion of the fandom this year:

    Beckett fans
    Weir fans
    Sam/Jack fans
    Carter fans
    Mitchell fans…

    Anyone think of anyone else???

  78. *waves*

    *looks at the large number of posts this evening*

    Are you giving away more flocking Joe? 😛 I’ve not seen the blog so busy in ages. Or are you just authorising more since everyone’s playing nicely again?

    *reads the comments, then reads what she’s written*

    Never mind, forget I said that! Thank you for the yummy pics. I’ll try and minimize the squee. 😀

    So, are you wearing a suit of armour for the comic con, lol? Have a safe journey down there, and try not to get into too much trouble while you’re playing with the fans. :o)

    Alas I won’t be there to basque in the squee of talking to the panel, but maybe next year! As for San Diego and things to do. Why not go swimming with the dolphins at Sea World? I did that a few years ago, and loved every minute of it. Or there are lots of antque shops if you feel like browsing. I agree with anon though… Did I say that out loud? *cough* In that San Diego definately has that mexican flavour. It’s a beautiful place.

    *wishes she was going*

    Anyway i’ve rambled more than I usual do. Have fun and give the cast a hug and best wishes from me for S4.

  79. I have to say while I wasn’t happy with the Beckett and Weir “losses”, I am thrilled that Carter will be on SGA. Can’t wait for the Carter/Rodney verbal sparring sessions:)

  80. i just picked up sg1 season 10 today and saw the preview of the ark of truth, is their going to be other previews of it or a release date for it???

  81. Touristy fun in SD: San Diego Zoo

    Green fun: Balboa Park or Mission Bay

    Geeky fun: Dead Sea Scrolls (San Diego Natural History Museum) or Bodies: The Exhibition (Westfield UTC)

    Beach fun: Windansea

    Independent SciFi bookstore fun: Mysterious Galaxy

    Chocolatey fun: Chuao Chocolatier

    Sushi fun: Sushi Ota (expensive), Shirahama (expensive) or Sammy’s Sushi (reasonable)

  82. *waves*

    Only me again… sorry for hogging the blog, but felt the need to get on my high horse again.


    “Anonymous said…
    Ooooh! You guys have pissed off the Sam/Jack shippers again.

    Do you write a list of people to piss off at the start of each year and just mark them off as you go? Because you’ve gone through a good proportion of the fandom this year:

    Beckett fans
    Weir fans
    Sam/Jack fans
    Carter fans
    Mitchell fans…

    Anyone think of anyone else???”

    Well, how about I play Devil’s advocate for a moment and see who ANON’s pissed of this year instead.

    Weir fans
    Teyla fans
    Shep fans
    Sam fans
    SJ fans
    Mitchell fans
    Vala fans
    SGA fans
    SG1 fans

    Hmmm I think that might trump your list! For the record, I know it’s not all ANON people, i’m guessing it’s just a select few. Thankfully Ronon and Beckett fans have managed to escape the wraith of Anon!

    Now i’m as passionate as anyone when it comes to Stargate, and I love all the characters (although some more than others), but i’ve never felt the need to slag anyone off, and I really don’t get why others do. Business decisions have been made. Do you really think that the show runners, writers, producers, execs want to do themselves out of a job? Really? Do you really think that they sit in their boardrooms each day, and say. “Ooh I know, who can we piss off now!”

    It’s business, it’s not personal!

    *gets off her high horse*

    Sorry, Joe. That 12 step programme really wasn’t for me though. 😉

  83. Dear Joe,
    I am sooooo sorry that I called you John again. I saw JF and just thought of Shep. It was just pointed out to me. I thought I’d e-mail this so I wouldn’t get, “Who’s John”, like last time. * hanging head in embarrassment*.

  84. Nice! Yey for more people at the SGA panel!

    The weather here in San Diego is AWESOME. It actually feels like summer! Can’t wait to see you on Friday! =D

  85. I think you guys need to take a page from the slashers and learn to see what you want to see!

    Apparently the Sam fans would rather believe her so undesirable she couldn’t get a **** even if she was the only unattached woman in a closed environment for 50 years. LOL! No wonder she can’t get Jack!

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