Well, after calculating my carbon footprint and subtracting the amount I will personally be saving the environment by following the ten-pronged strategy outlined in yesterday‘s blog entry, it turns out that I am now OWING carbon emissions. As a result, I have had to take up cigar smoking to make up the difference, thereby attaining the sought-after statistical zero. So just to clarify – are you or are you not supposed to inhale these things?

We intended to go to my favorite spot for dim sum, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, but wound up arriving there at a bad time – just a little before lunch. The place was packed and so, while I sat back in the passenger seat and sulked, Fondy drove us to Aberdeen Center where we paid a long overdue return visit to Northern Chinese Delicacy. To be honest, I’m surprised we ended up going at all since the last time we went there for dinner, one of the waiters endeared himself to Fondy by commenting: “You got bigger.” and then, realizing his faux pas, attempted damage control by feigning invisible dumbell curls. Oooooh, so THAT’S what you meant by “bigger?” You meant to say “muscular”! He meant “muscular”, honey! Yeah. She wasn’t buying and so, NCD was on our shit-list for months until, finally, late this morning, fate and Fondy’s A4 conspired to bring us back.

What Northern Chinese Delicacy does extremely well is noodles – homemade and served a variety of ways. Today, Fondy opted for the house noodles with a sauce of minced pork and green onions. The noodles were tender and chewy, the sauce thick and satisfying. The rest of the lunch entries were of the dim sum variety: good pork belly chia siu bau, very good chive dumplings and pan-fried pork potstickers, and excellent siu long bau that were so juicy I accidentally sprayed the neighboring table on my first bite. The scallion pancake rated a solid meh, while the delicious-sounding egg yolk and custard in puff pastry proved the afternoon’s biggest disappointment. A second dessert of green tea dumpling stuffed with yellow bean paste was a pleasantly surprising late addition.

Last night, we paid our last visit to the Burnaby Greek Fest to help close out the week-long celebrations. Again, I did the half kilo of lamb and, for dessert, went with a gyro. For second dessert, I had the baklava. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but next to the Cadbury Easter cream egg, there is no sweeter or more cloying dessert. Love ‘em.

Hmm. No word from my buddy Ali or that poor war orphaned Somalian boy and his needy mum. But I did receive an email from a Mr. Patrick Chan offering me a SWEET business proposal that involves my helping him withdraw $24 million from the bank account of a long-dead Iraqi General. I responded:

“ Dear Patrick,

Thank you for the offer but I don’t really need the money. My wife passed away last month following a freak parakeet accident and I am now independently wealthy. Had you emailed me with a business proposal that would have required my financial involvement, then that would have been something which would have surely interested me because, I’m embarrassed to say, I am presently sitting on more cash than I can spend in my lifetime. I say this with certainty because I have been diagnosed with ARA (Advanced Reverse Alopecia), a condition that causes my hair to grow inside my scalp and into my brain. The condition is theoretically unpleasant-sounding yet practically quite pleasant indeed, simultaneously illuminating AND itchy in instances where I’ve studied advanced calculus, string theory, and that second season of Twin Peaks. The scene in which David Lynch’s son appears in a vision cupping a handful of creamed corn almost killed me, inciting what the doctors referred to as split ends aneurism.

So, which was your favorite scene from the show’s second season? Please write back and let me know. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject.


Percival H. Lintmuffin

P.S. It was the one with the giant, wasn’t it? Yeah, I thought so.”

I also received an email from Mr. Adams Muda an accountant and accounts manager to a Mr. Edward Witney who was killed in an earthquake in Asia last year, leaving behind no family to speak of and, oh yeah, $182 million dollars. Alas, get his hands on the money, the enterprising accountant requires a foreign partner. Which is where I come in. Would I be interested in helping him out? My response:

“Adams, you fool, I‘m not dead! It’s me, Edward Witney! I did not perish in that terrible earthquake. Instead, I was struck in the head by a falling sad clown painting, lost my memory, and spent the latter part of 2006 wandering the beaches convinced I was Dano from the old Hawaii Five-0 series. Over the course of the past few months, between arresting rogue surfers and opening my second Crab Shack Café, I have had my memory return in bits and pieces. I am happy to say that your helpful email has successfully illuminated whatever dark passages still remained.

And so, please be advised. This weekend, I will be returning home so that I can resume my life, reunite with my $182 million dollars and, oh yes, fire your ass.

Yours in bitter hatred,

Edward Witney”

Finally, an email from a Mr. Tony Johnson claiming to be an employee of a bank in the U.K. He needs a business partner to free up the 15 million British pounds that have lain dormant in a forgotten account for the past three years. To him, I responded –

“Dear Tony,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the introduction of the Euro has rendered British pounds useless.

I have forwarded your email to the proper authorities and they have informed me that they will be by your place of work to burn the offending currency within 24 hours.


Abigail Wazznucklegrant”

Hmmm, the switchboards have certainly lit up. And this time it wasn’t anything I said (I can’t tell you how disappointing that is). So let’s wade into the testy mailbag –

Kdvb1 writes: “Have you thought of adding a historian/archealogist type of character to SGA?”

Answer: A historian/archaeologist would be a better fit in the Milky Way where many of the civilizations encountered evolved from various Earth cultures. If one were to add someone similar to Atlantis, he/she would have to be an Ancient specialist – in which case, yes, I’ve considered it.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I was just wondering if Joe F. is going to be joining you, Amanda, and David at Comic Con?”

Answer: The last I heard, Joe F. was a probable but it’s still up in the air.

Michael writes: “Why is everyone always wearing the North Face jackets, etc. in most of your pictures of the studio?”

Answer: They were a crew gift a couple seasons back.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Have you Ever been to Megabite pizza at Commercial station?”

Answer: Nope.

Osiris writes: “ I have B-day today – July 8, I’ll be 29.”

Answer: Happy belated birthday.

Silver writes: “Are you a cufflinks man?”

Answer: Very much so. I have some 20 different pairs.

Silver also writes: “ Has Fondy found a new tile guy for her shop?”

Answer: Nope. The last guy finished up and actually ended up doing a fine job. Now she has to deal with the painter.

Silver also writes: “That french bulldog puppy is too cute . He looks like he could be a Kobe.??”

Answer: Apparently, she’s actually more of a Lulu.

Andron writes: “Did you already get around to start writing your first short story? What would they be about?”

Answer: I’m jotting down ideas here and there for several short stories and a novel, both scifi and fantasy.

Yasmin writes: “Have you ever tried Bengali sweets?”

Answer: Some. If they contain rosewater, I’m afraid I’m out.

58 thoughts on “July 8, 2007

  1. Hey,
    I love your blog. You’re amazing. Anyway, I’m wondering if you’ve ever had Roger’s Chocolate from Victoria, BC? It’s really good.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for answering my Comic Con question about Joe F. I hope he is able to make it. Since you didn’t answer my question about the SG1 panel I figure you probably don’t know. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Michael and Chris are able to make it. Amanda, Michael and Chris haven’t been together at a convention for awhile so it would be a real treat if all 3 could make it.

    Another great blog Joe, and thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

  3. Hey! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your email to ‘Tony’ was wrong… British Pounds are still in full swing, as we here in Britain never adopted the Euro! 😉

    Hehe… Don’t you just hate smart alecs? lol

  4. Joe,
    I bet I could live for a year on what you and Fondy spend in a year just on eating out alone. More power to you.

    By the way, do you ever go to restaurants that have just plain old food like steak and potatoes? Most of the pictures are of stuff I’ve never seen.

  5. So where was this helicopter-shot sequence that opens The Ark of Truth take place?

  6. Will we [the viewers] ever see boats in Atlantis? Oooh, or Jet Skis, or some other awesome water sport activity? Cause with all that ocean (assuming Atlantis returns to some kinda water world), Boats are just begging to be included. Speedos and Bikinis too – hot hot action!

  7. If you ever need a new blog name, you could go with “The Joseph Mallozzi Internet Dinner Theater,” based on the entertainment value. However, actually eating or drinking while reading could be dangerous to both people (choking) and laptops (the spit take).

    In my relentless, and so far fruitless, campaign to get Martin Gero to blog on his MySpace page, I’ve stooped to bribery. Perhaps you could mention to him the joys of blogging?

  8. Same old anonymous said “Oh, I understand now. So your just a troublemaker? Thanks for explaining. *Headdesk* “

    Are you really serious? You need to get over your self-righteous self. I have been coming to this blog for several weeks now and have posted before and if I’m a trouble maker what is Joe?? What are the dozens of other nuts that post here like a certain someone who feels it’s perfectly alright to tell people to “go to hell”. Back-off because you really look assinine now.

  9. Same old Anonymous again: “Please don’t stoop to this level Oooobs! Why didn’t you defend Daniel in the post that a Sam fan (from Gateworld) posted that was worse.”

    Perhaps “Oooobs” knows a good healthy snark (read sarcasm) when she reads it. I implore you to get off your self-righteous soap-box, you look sillier and more foolish than you did originally.

  10. Wwhat’s wrong with rosewater? Are you allergic, or just plain don’t like it? Hmmmmm…

    Anyways, I do want to thank you for answering so many of my questions. Whether silly, stupid or insightful, your responses always make me laugh…I shared the results of your carbon footprint with a few friends, and you’ll be happy to know they laughed theirselves to tears in honor of your selflessness. Add in the giving to the needy and the dying…you are a man to live up to. 😉

  11. “Alipeeps said…
    Anonymous said…
    Hey Joe,

    I was hoping since comments have to be approved by you that the comments section of your blog wouldn’t end up like it was on G.W.
    How wrong I was. If you have total control now than why do you allow it? Bickering doesn’t make for more fans it makes for less. I’ve noticed quite a few fans not posting on boards anymore because of the fighting – especially Atlantis fans. I guess I’m just curious why you’re allowing your blog to be a place for fans to verbally attack each other when now you have total control?

    Maybe because when people post this kinda crap on someone’s personal blog, all they really achieve is to make themselves look [ridiculous/stupid/pathetic/crazy/foolish/insert adjective of choice]? “

    Okay first order of business for Pauline – I will designate myself Anonymous No. 7of9 so you can add me to your flowchart.

    Now in response to Alipeeps response to Anonymous No. Unknown -while I agree with you it could also be because Joe, like me, gets a hearty laugh out of what goes on here, or perhaps it’s because he wants to see just how nutty some of these people who cannot define fiction from reality can get, or maybe its because some of this is just the funniest shit he has ever read too.

  12. Oooobs said “No…no stooping. Promise. 🙂

    The reason I didn’t respond to the post about killing Daniel off was because I saw it as being sardonic wit rather than a genuine wish for Daniel’s permanent demise. I saw someone sarcastically applying the flawed logic another poster used in order to show how ridiculous the notion was of determining a character’s popularity based on anecdotal (and rather dubious) “evidence.” Read it again with that in mind: “I once went to a convention here in the states where I spoke to dozens of people, including a few of the promoters, and they all disliked/hated the Daniel character so there is your proof positive that Daniel stinks. Can you please now just kill him and leave him dead once and for all.”

    MB :)”

    Ahh – Oooobs (MB) you are so smart – the bright and shining penny in a wading pool of tarnished doubloons. And you think my wit is sardonic to boot – thanks!!!

    Anonymous 7of9 (yo, same old anonymous again – want to call me out by name yet?)

  13. Joe,

    Taking a page out of your book, I am going to try and ignore the nonsense going on in the recent comments of your blog. Maybe it will help me be less annoyed (although I doubt it will work).

    You recently mentioned that you had a M.A. in Renaissance Drama. Just curious… What was the title of your thesis?

    Has your knowledge of Renaissance literature influenced your writing for Stargate in any way?

  14. Joe – sorry to be posting so much in a row but this stuff is gold, gold I tell you. I am finally all through yesterday’s comments and today’s so I’m done – for now. If the posters with the gift for funny shit keep it coming though I can’t promise I won’t be back, I’ll bring my sardonic wit with me.

    Anonymous 7of9

  15. Question about Teyla’s baby.

    Will the baby be normal? And I was also wandering if she will actually get to keep it, instead of the baby being taken away or aged quickly just to get rid of the kid.

  16. Wow Joe, I think I owe you an apology. I’m the one that Farscapefan told to go to Hell the other day after reading my post. Even though I just let it go and didn’t respond I didn’t realize that so many people would gather together on your blog and fight about it.

    I know that Farscapefan doesn’t like the idea that I’m a fan of the original team and that I refer to Sam, Daniel and Teal’c as the Big3. I even forgot to sign my post that day, but by mentioning the Big3 in what I wrote I guess it really made Farscapefan mad. I’m confused about what’s going on in your blog today but it looks like it all stemmed from something that I posted that Farscapefan didn’t like, and for this I am truly sorry.


  17. I’m *so* enjoyng your e-mail exchanges with the spammers. If Atlantis doesn’t get a 5th season, I think you might have a career writing weekly column for a newspaper. This is funny stuff.

    Egads, after reading today’s blog, I caught up on yesterdays comments as well.

    And this is why I no longer visit GW or any other Stargate forum…

    Finally figured out that if I have any chance of still enjoying anything to do with Stargate I should stay far, far away from fandom.

    The fans who were always nuts, are still nuts. But now nearly 1/2 to 3/4 of the sane fans have joined them!! LOL.

    Barely clinging to sanity,


  18. Will Sheppard have any romantic scenes with any other women other than Larrin in Travelers?

  19. Good for Fondy for not losing perspective! I still haven’t forgiven the WalMart greeter lady who called me “Grandma” several years ago when I walked in with my sister and her son. I still shop at WalMart, but every time I see that lady I have to resist the urge to kick her in the shins. However, she’s probably as old as my grandma, I manage to control myself.

  20. hey I love reading your blog. Next time you get an email asking for your contact number give them this 201-808-6011 (The rejection hot line)


  21. Joe,

    LOVED your story about the Chinese place. It reminded me of my childhood spent in SE Asia, where my Dad would drag us all off to his fav outdoor restaurant at least twice a month. We loved it. My Mom HATED it. Mostly cause the head waiter always had to comment, loudly, about how fat she was. Reading your food-filled blog makes me miss my years in a land of good food, where having a few extra pounds was considered “lucky”.


    PS. On the off chance that anyone thinks I’m insulting Mommy, not the case. She was never fat, just larger than the petite Asian locals.

  22. Are you really serious? You need to get over your self-righteous self. I have been coming to this blog for several weeks now and have posted before and if I’m a trouble maker what is Joe?? What are the dozens of other nuts that post here like a certain someone who feels it’s perfectly alright to tell people to “go to hell”.

    You’re all troublemakers, obviously. There, wasn’t that easy?

    I’ll post my name too, just so all the people whining about anonymous posters won’t have another fit.

  23. no, Big3Fan , it was me throwing something and telling farscapefan to fetch it. in other words, leave dodge. i ticked some certain ppl off and then all that Anonymous heck took off. (LOLs at pg15 :p)

    sally 😀

  24. Vertinox says: You’re all troublemakers, obviously. There, wasn’t that easy?”

    I have to think the Vertinox wins the prize – right Joe. It is rather simple, we’re all troublemakers, yourself included, you have to admit. You have taught many well with your snarky posts and replies, must do your heart good to know you excel as a teacher and that this type of behaviour is welcomed on your blog.


  25. I am finding your blog wars amusing. Well even though you didn’t answer me with a Jack episode list I did tell you I would give you the results of the other games as they finish up here is the Sam list
    Voted by GW Top 5 Sam episodes

    1st place Foothold (50)
    2nd place Singularity (50)
    3rd place Grace (50)
    4th place Solitudes (50)
    5th place The Road Not Taken (50)

    Here is my top 5 for Sam
    1. Jolinar’s Memories / The Devil You Know
    2. Singularity
    3. The Road Not Taken
    4. Grace
    5. Space Race

    If you won’t take the time to think of 5 will you at least tell me one of your favorites for Sam and to catch up one for Jack they don’t have to your absolute favorite?

    I also want to comment on the wars Farscape Fan and MajorSal can you both accept that both Sam and Vala each have fans passionate fans and neither are right and neither are wrong. Yes they are some fans who can be mean and vicious they exist on both sides neither side has a Halo or is innocent and last time I checked 2 wrongs don’t make a right remember that. I like you both so that was said with love. I am rather new to this fandom but from what I can tell every character has their followers. I am a Daniel fan and a Vala fan both separately and together but I don’t hate the other characters. I have hard time relating to Sam sometimes and I really don’t understand why she is going to Atlantis from a character standpoint or a storyline standpoint but I am reasonable I will wait and see. Will there be any emotional scenes between Ronon & Teyla in season 4 ?

  26. A questioning regarding the status of Weir: I know you’ve likened her departure to that of Ford.. does that mean that we won’t be seeing her again, or will she be back on a regular basis? She’s way too good a character to leave, and the response Torri got at the Toronto convention was massive. Seriously Joe, there are so many people who love her and her character and are still just baffled about why you’d get rid of her.

    The woman’s way too talented just to discard.

  27. Do you think of your puppies (young and old)as the pugs, the kids, fur people or … ?

  28. Is it just me, or did PG15 spell “Anonymous” incorrectly the entire 42 times it was written down in various ways? Copy and paste??

  29. Joe you do not inhale cigars. If you do you will most certainly choke and that will probably ruin cigar smoking for you. If you can inhale and not choke.. more power to you. But I’m sure it has really bad taste on its way out… Who wants a cigar that tastes like lungs? Cigars are meant to be savored and are like a wine you could say. Some go well with liquors or wines. I personally prefer cigars that go well with Scotch. If you really are interested in smoking them I would look into a local tobacco shop. I have learned that some of the best ones are normally run by really old men. Like.. these guys should be in homes eating dinner at 11am and falling asleep kind of old. Another source for good cigar tips is strangely from one of my local radio personalities here in Sacramento who goes by the name of Rob Williams. He actually has a webpage set up with his information that isn’t really too hard to read at all… In fact its totally written for idiots to enjoy. But he doesn’t really talk down to you. The link is here: http://www.robarnieanddawn.com/RobCigarSmoke.htm I suggest the site because he is informative and funny. Let me know what you think of the cigars; if you like them I’ll try to send you a good box of some of my favorites. I even have a cigar that goes well with hot chocolate.

  30. Hey joe!

    short one for ya tonight- Have you ever been to Whidbey Island, in washington?

  31. One question today for ya Joe…If there was to be a NZ Cuisine store open where you are, would you try any of the food there?


  32. Caveman said…
    Is it just me, or did PG15 spell “Anonymous” incorrectly the entire 42 times it was written down in various ways? Copy and paste??

    You counted? But…damn yeah. There’s nothing worse than making a joke and failing. Still, I put effort into it, and it’s still kinda funny. So here it is again:

    *sigh*, these Anonymouses. What I don’t understand is, why don’t Anonymous just help Anonymous instead of berating Anonymous with Anonymous, Anonymous, and of course, who can forget, Anonymous. These Anonymouses really are getting out of hand. I’d say, if only Anonymous would step back for a minute and really read Anonymous’s post logically and perhaps try to talk to Anonymous nicely instead of insulting Anonymous and Anonymous in Anonymous’s comment. I mean, it’s not that hard for Anonymous to maintain a cool head, unlike Anonymous and Anonymous and that really pushy Anonymous. They (the Anonymouses) should not be behaving like this, and are giving Anonymous, the real nice one, a bad name by insinuating that Anonymous and Anonymous are actually Anonymous and Anonymous, when they’re really not, but instead are Anonymous, Anonymous, and Anonymous.

    I hope the Anonymouses know what I’m talking about. I spent a lot of time thinking about this after consulting with Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, oh and Anonymous. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. They really helped me put my thoughts regarding the Anonymouses in order, and I thank them. We are all in agreement, the real problem is Anonymous, and Anonymous needs to go.

    It’s that simple.

    – Anonymous (really!)

  33. Anonymous No. 7of9 said…

    Now in response to Alipeeps response to Anonymous No. Unknown -while I agree with you it could also be because Joe, like me, gets a hearty laugh out of what goes on here, or perhaps it’s because he wants to see just how nutty some of these people who cannot define fiction from reality can get, or maybe its because some of this is just the funniest shit he has ever read too.

    Well, there’s that too. 😀

    Anonymous (unnumbered) said…
    You have taught many well with your snarky posts and replies, must do your heart good to know you excel as a teacher and that this type of behaviour is welcomed on your blog

    If only that were the case. However, in the recent (and repeated) spats on here, I am seeing less in the way of snark and far too much self-righteous spite and aggression. The few snarky posts make me laugh; the large amount of childish, foot-stamping, blame-flinging posts make me groan.. and despair for the future of humanity.

  34. Salut Joseph!
    Trés belle photo aujourd hui,trés apétissante =}
    Joyeux anniversaire a Osiris en retard!
    Mon blog fête ces 5 mois aujourd hui! Et j en suis trés fiére plus 7800 commentaires, 600 articles, 3600 visites depuis sa création! c est génial!
    Bravo hier vous avez eu 99 coms!
    Waou vous avez 20 paire de bourton de manchette! bah dit donc, mais c est normal car vous avez vraiment la classe 😉
    Oh vous n avez pas répondu a ma question d hier et avant hier =(
    Donc j ai eu autre question.

    Dans la saison 4, y aura t il une alliance entre atlantlis et un ou plusieur wraith?

    jespert que vous pourrez pour réponde^^!

    Bon j y vais, Bonne journée, Je vous adores,Bisou; a demain!

  35. One of the things I love about Atlantis is all the fight scenes (especially Sheppard and Teyla sparring)- Will there be more sparring/fight scenes in season 4?

  36. From a couple of days ago:
    Anonymous #6 writes: “Did you always want to be a sci fi writer? What did you study at University?”

    Answer: Nope. I wanted to be a novelist. I have a Masters degree in English (and Renaissance Drama specifically).

    So, you went from Shakespeare and Marlowe to sci fi – which really isn’t much of a stretch, I guess. Aside from children’s programming, have you written anything else outside the sci fi genre? What type of novels would you have written, if your career path had taken you down that road?

    Were you instrumental in developing the whole Arthurian-themed story arc for SG1 – or was that someone else’s idea? Will we see a similar, historically based theme for SGA?

  37. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the book recommendations a few days ago. I have the list tucked into my purse and am trying to get to the bookstore. Unfortunately, everytime I’ve been “in town” (can you tell I’m a country girl?) I’ve had my dog(s) in the car and it’s far too hot here to stop and leave the pooches in the car. I really think Barnes and Noble needs to become pet-friendly!

    Anyway, there actually is a point to this post. Question: do you ever read anything other than Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Like a good mystery/thriller now and then? Even a romance/romantic suspense?

  38. No questions of the Stargate kind from me, sorry — I’m all about the food! Does siu long bau mean those Shanghai style soup buns? My Chinese friend and fellow foodie is offline at the moment so I can’t ask her. I mean, they sure do look like soup buns. Wow, now I’m craving soup buns.

    Do you also like Japanese style dumplings, like gyoza? My mom makes the BEST gyoza ever. If there was a way to send them to you fresh out of the electric skillet, I would. They’re amazing.

  39. Hi, Joe. I’m a writer but not the fun kind like you. I write stuff like the exciting tri-fold brochure you find in your doctor’s office describing the frequently asked questions about your upcoming colonoscopy. As a writer, I have books, articles, copyeditors notes, random other stuff scattered across my desk. Frankly, it’s a mess. Thus, I was rather disconcerted to see a recent picture of Paul on your blog. His desk looks crisp, clean, and clear. How can this possibly be explained? I’ve never known any writer to have such an empty desk?!?! I am disturbed.

  40. “One of the things I love about Atlantis is all the fight scenes (especially Sheppard and Teyla sparring)- Will there be more sparring/fight scenes in season 4?”

    Sheppard is a lousy sparring partner. The Teyla and Ronon practice sessions are very cool though!

  41. Alipeeps, regarding this comment: “However, in the recent (and repeated) spats on here, I am seeing less in the way of snark and far too much self-righteous spite and aggression. The few snarky posts make me laugh; the large amount of childish, foot-stamping, blame-flinging posts make me groan.. and despair for the future of humanity. “

    self righteous would be you, pretending to hold the moral high ground both here and on GW, and constantly telling people their behaviour is bad and that they must moderate it. Or even just getting into the middle of fights with everyone. I know you see yourself as a ‘peacemaker’ (yeah, I lurk at GW), but there’s often a fine line between peacemaker and busybody.

    I’m sure you, being you, will find something to belittle me for in this comment. You do it all the time, and you need to realise that people don’t need your opinion on absolutely bloody everything.

    It’s bad enough in the episode threads where you and your friends demand people give you 20 odd reasons for why they didn’t like eps, etc.

  42. Anonymous said…
    “One of the things I love about
    Talitha Said..
    Atlantis is all the fight scenes (especially Sheppard and Teyla sparring)- Will there be more sparring/fight scenes in season 4?”

    While Anon responds..
    Sheppard is a lousy sparring partner. The Teyla and Ronon practice sessions are very cool though!

    He is getting better though. 😀 He’s just lazy. 😀 Besides being so crap makes fro great Shep whump. 😀

  43. I forgot to mention yesterday, that I really dig the tie.

    Have a great day. Even though I am not a pork eater, I was drooling over those dumplings.

  44. Hi Joe, (me again)

    They posted the complete schedule for Comic Con. It looks like the Ark of Truth panel is on right before the Atlantis panel, and Michael and Chris are on the list with Amanda. It will be a real treat to see the 3 of them on stage together again. I’m really glad that Ben can make it too.

    There’s only a few weeks left now before it all starts, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to both panels…..I guess it’s kind of obvious that I’m excited.

  45. Joe, There has been some discussion about the actual “level of technology” the Travelers have. Some of the writers from the Press Tour two weeks ago have said that the Travelers are far more advanced than the Atlantis expediton. Can you tell us if the Travelers are more, less, or about the same technologically advanced than the expedition/Earth? Also, will the Travelers appear a third episode during the season?


  46. I stopped going to Gateworld’s forum months ago due to the negative/nasty/insulting posts.

    Could you people from GW stop bringing your GW “love” here? If you have a problem with someone from that forum, talk about it and solve it in private or within GW.
    There’s no need to carry your GW “love” to other places.

  47. Hi,

    I have a question about season 3e11; ‘the return part 2’, the team uses the cristals from the anti-replicator guns to turn the shield into an anti-replicator weapon, however as the team only includes 6 people, and as clear from the images when they are captured, they only cary one anti-replicator gun each and there are 10 shield emitters, they are 4 cristals short, how did they solve that problem?

    Btw, great blog!

  48. Joe,
    If you do add a Historian/Archeologist type of character (who is also an expert in Ancient) to the Atlantis cast, would that be as a recurring character or as a regular character? I like the idea BTW.

  49. Speaking of comic con, have you given any thought to your attire for that friday?

    a) suit
    b) slacks
    c) jeans
    d) shorts
    e) other

    And what about a cool hat and some shades to complete whichever look you choose?

  50. Anonymous said…
    Alipeeps, regarding this comment: etc etc etc..

    Wheeeee! I got a personal attack on Joe’s blog! I feel so honoured! Is there some kind of a prize? A commemorative plaque?

    Honestly though, why get yourself into such a tizzy? Despite what you may think from lurking on GW or elsewhere, you don’t know me. Why do you even care what I think? Why should it bother you that I think manners are important (you obviously don’t feel the same way)?

    Take note of your own sage advice – if nobody cares what I think, then nobody cares to hear what you think either.

    P.S. Thank you for comprehensively proving my point.

  51. Awhile back, I read somewhere that the dude who wrote the original Stargate movie had pitched a feature to MGM that completely ignored the whole SG1/Atlantis franchise all together. Pretended it had never happened. I was just wondering what your thoughts on that are?

  52. Oh My God! I just shelled out $233.60 for a book!! For a book! It’s true, Stargate truely does make you loose any capacity for rational thought processes. For a book!
    At least with the exchange rate at the moment I’ll get it for at least £116.

    Here’s hoping for your John Hancock, Joe 🙂

    Joe, I have to say that I have been throughly enjoying the ‘Character’ wars.

    I personally have liked and disliked all the characters at some point. But it’s not the characters fault or even the actors, it’s the writers (sorry Joe) for putting the situations and lines together. I may not of liked all of the storylines (coughpetecough) but at least I’ve always respected everyone involved and not resorted to name calling or character assasination of the posters, writers, characters, actors, hell even the person who delivers the mail.

    But if you guys are happy to indulge in such behaviour, then I’m happy to read and laugh hysterically at all of you.

    Oh, and for the guys who were asking about deep fried Mars bars,
    as a Scot (naturally who else would come up with this type of confectionary enchancement.)
    Here’s a basic recipe.
    1. Take one Mars bar, frozen for several hours is best.
    2. Dip in batter, non-beer, tempura batter is a nice alternative
    3. Fry in piping hot oil for 1 minute max.
    4. Dry excess oil on kitchen paper and serve.
    100% Guaranteed to clog arteries

    Cadurys Creme Eggs can also be used.

    Hope that is useful.


  53. Joe,

    Caught up with the last four or five days of blogs. Thanks for the laughs…I needed them!

    Menefee writes: “I was wondering if you had a least favorite script of SG-1 or Atlantis that you and Paul worked on.”

    Answer: Probably Prometheus.

    Yes, whose idea was it to wimp out on giving the General CPR? (I’ll NEVER let you guys live that one down. *grin*) You missed out on a great “hero” opportunity for Sgt. Harriman and Col. What’s His Face.

    Then again, I understand Don enjoyed eating onions for lunch that day…!


  54. ” “Zabadoo writes: Why is there such reluctance in bringing in Ford for another episode? “
    “Answer :It’s not reluctance. If someone comes up with a great story idea for the character, then by all means we’ll bring him back. But until that happens, it aint happening.”

    Hm… Êtes-vous ouvert aux suggestions ? ^^

  55. I know that Farscapefan doesn’t like the idea that I’m a fan of the original team and that I refer to Sam, Daniel and Teal’c as the Big3.

    A lot of SG1 fans don’t like it either since it seems to be an expression adopted by a particular group of Sam fans who never gave a damn about the “team” or Daniel and/or Teal’c propping up the scenery until it was their precious Carter that they felt wasn’t getting the attention she deserved. I have been a Stargate fan since the original movie and I never watched Farscape but I have very much enjoyed Claudia and Ben’s contribution to the last two seasons of SG1, they gave it a much needed shot in the arm after wallowing in turgid soap opera of season 8 and brought back a real feeling of camaraderie among the team. I think it is far too late for these Carter fans to start to complain about the loss of something that they weren’t interested in in the first place.

  56. I have been reading back through some of your earlier posts and find one of them really disturbing – a February post about shark fin soup. Being the knowledgeable person you are, I assume you know how shark fins are obtained? The shark is caught alive, the fins cut off, and the sharks thrown back in the water to die. It’s a horrible “tradition”, and even if sharks have a bad rep, they do not deserve that kind of treatment for the almighty dollar and just because you can afford to pay for such things, doesn’t mean you should. Do you have no respect for the environment or its creatures? I’m an disgusted and disappointed with your “tastes”.

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