Happy Fourth of July to our neighbors down south! Also, Happy National Country Music Day! AND Happy Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day! I celebrated all three by working on my script. It reads pretty solid to me. But then again, I’m the guy who wrote it. Wait until the other writers get their critical little fingers on my masterpiece. It’s always the same thing. Paul will feel there’s too much philosophical introspection while Marty G. will feels there’s not enough. Alan will inevitably demand a better understanding of the deeper cultural subtext that underlies the off-world scenes. And Carl will criticize the font. Well, after tomorrow, it will no longer be my problem as I’ll be emailing it to Paul who will do his pass, after which hiatus will be over, we’ll be back at work, and it will be my problem again as we begin prep on The Kindred Part I.

I spoke to Paul McGillion just before the hiatus kicked off and pitched out what we had in store for him. He was very excited about the story and very much looking forward to coming back. And we look forward to having him back and, of course once again being audience to his beautiful singing voice. Oh, and forgot to mention that Joe and Jason did look quite dashing in their dark suits and white shirts for the final days on Miller’s Crossing. As Joe was leaving the production offices one day, I snapped a few pics as he posed and quipped “I’m doing my Joe Mallozzi imitation”.

Well, I’m halfway through my to-read pile and have ground to a snail’s pace as I work my way through Gene Wolfe’s Strange Travelers. I hope to be done by tomorrow at which point I’ll be switching it up and starting on Reaper Man for what should be a nice change of pace. One of the books I’ve already read, SFWA European Hall of Fame: Sixteen Contemporary Masterpieces of Science Fiction from the Continent, a selection of works from various countries Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, and Russia to name a few, was great. Lots to like in this collection. Sergei Lukyanenko’s Destiny Inc. and Lucian Merisca’s An Earthling’s Adventures on Outrerria were particularly memorable.

On the t.v. front – it’s Flight of the Conchords, some Big Love, and not much else. I did catch a couple of movies including X-Men 3 (which I’d heard a lot of terrible things about and expected to hate but ended up liking – with the exception of the sequence in which Madrox pulls off his multiple bait and switch – for no good reason other than it was a cool scene), and Blade Trinity (starring Wesley Snipes’ biggest fan = Wesley Snipes. He works so hard at being cool you can‘t help but worry he may hurt himself.)

Today’s pics: Jelly clowns for the camera, part of my scifi library A-M, the fantastic restaurant we passed the other day, Joe Flanigan – male model.

Kind of an anemic mailbag today but, hey, who am I to complain…

Carolina writes: “I watched the video of the digital press tour and I have to say, you look great and in my opinion, if I may, much better than this pic, what’s your secret?”

Answer: Working out, eating right, having a positive attitude, and bathing in the blood of 30 virgins every second Friday does the trick.

My Name Is Scott writes: “ Oh man, I asked you to confirm me a a friend on Facebook, but I didn’t even give you my name.”

Answer: I fear the whole Facebook experiment didn’t pan out. I really only signed up so that people I knew way-back-when could get in touch with me. I don’t use it to correspond with anyone and so find it pretty useless.

Vikitty writes: “Do you ever go out for dim sum, Joe? What’s your favourite dish?”

Answer: I like the cia siu bao, pai gwat, fung jau, and the lin yung bau.

Lisa Gabi Marie writes: “Do you think that a SGA character will ever ascend in a episode?”

Answer: Anything is possible. But many things are also highly unlikely. Like an SGA character ascending for one.

Seahen writes: “Do you know if Ali has a friend who also needs an heir?”

Answer: You know, he probably does. But just in case that doesn’t pan out, I’m going to need people to help dig the moat surrounding my castle. You good with a shovel?

Anonymous #1 writes: “ A certain Sheyla shipper’s at it again, hinting at inside information, and a Ronon Keller ship. True? False?”

Answer: True, someone is hinting at inside information.

Anonymous #2 writes: “On another topic: someone wrote a letter to Sci Fi Weekly and named you.”

Answer: That was really sweet. Thank them for me.

Jennifer writes: “My brother that has started watching anime is 30. Any recommendations?”

Answer: Start him on Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo for starters, then get back to me.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Can one have an orphanless orphanage?”

Answer: I think an orphanless orphanage would be the best of both worlds. It has all the feel-goodness of a warm, loving, and accepting environment minus those depressing little kids.

Benjamin writes: “Have you ever touched, or seen, any of the mecha anime?”

Answer: Yup, I liked both War in the Pocket and Blue Gender a lot.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I was wondering why you guys don’t participate in the Leo awards anymore?”

Answer: I can’t speak for the production and it’s decision regarding the Leo’s. But just my personal opinion – when a huge sequence like the one at the end of Lost City loses out to a simple eye glow in the visual effects category, the awards lose a certain amount of credibility.

My Name Is Scott also writes: “Now that we’ve got films coming, do have have sweeping landscape shots, cinematic camerawork, etc.?”

Answer: Check out the amazing helicopter-shot sequence that opens Ark of Truth.

90 thoughts on “July 4, 2007

  1. Oh, and forgot to mention that Joe and Jason did look quite dashing in their dark shirts and white shirts for the final days on Miller’s Crossing. As Joe was leaving the production offices one day, I snapped a few pics as he posed and quipped “I’m doing my Joe Mallozzi imitation”.

    Okay, so now you’ve got me confused… are we talking one of Joe and Jason in a dark shirt and the other in a white shirt, or should that read “dark suits and white shirts”?

    Either way, Joe looks very dashing in your pics… though I fear his Joe Mallozzi impersonation is sadly lacking. He just doesn’t have that supervillain vibe somehow.. maybe it’s the hair… 😉 😀

  2. Hiya Joe,

    YAY!!! Thank you so much for bring Paul McGillion back. My sister and I both love him so much. My sister has not seen Sunday yet. Cuz she said she will probably flood the whole city of Burnaby… XD

    And here is a question for you.
    How you going to bring Dr. B back?!
    1. Alternate Universe
    2. Parallel Universe
    3. Going back to the past
    4. None of the above, I just have to wait and find out.

    Thanks Joe… YOU ROCK!!

  3. …after which hiatus will be over, we’ll be back at work, and it will be my problem again as we begin prep on The Kindred Part I.

    …as well as mailing off a certain piece of flocking, yes? Heh. Well now, even you’ve admitted that you’re bad with remembering things, so I’m merely helping along.

    So when’s hiatus coming to an end anyway?

  4. Oh, and one more question, if you don’t mind.

    Is Jewel Staite in The Kindred? Or, to be more precise, will we see her interacting with Beckett?


  5. Joe, you just made my week with those pics of Joe Flanigan, thank you so much!!! And seeing Paul McGillion get a mention was great too. (Funnily enough, I just turned on the X-Files and discovered that Paul was in it. Spooky, eh?)

  6. Neat shots of Joe Flanigan. Thanks!

    So, did you (or do you plan to see) the movie Transformers?

  7. I was watching Worm-hole X-Treme! earlier today, and I noticed for the first time your little cameo, such a great episode…

    hey, check out my site!

  8. Hey Joe,
    I asked you this before, but I don’t think you answered. Have you ever seen or watched ReGenesis on Canadian TV(or any other TV for that matter)?

  9. Thank you for recommending Old Man’s War over and over again on this blog that I finally had to pick it up in the bookstore the other day. It was one of the most interesting, funny, enjoyable books I have read in a long time (been reading a lot of non fiction lately and I almost forgot that reading can be fun!) Finished it in a day. The sequels are next.

  10. Answer: You know, he probably does. But just in case that doesn’t pan out, I’m going to need people to help dig the moat surrounding my castle. You good with a shovel?

    Well, I am a civil engineer, so yes, as long as it’s attached to a backhoe. Better yet, do you need a project manager? What kind of benefits do you offer?

  11. Joe,
    Thanks for the partial shot of your Sci-Fi collection. I notice numerous books by Philip K. Dick. Two questions:
    1) Where’s your copy of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”
    2) I don’t quite know what to make of Ubik, what’s your take on it?

  12. Is it September yet?
    GAH! Time moves soo slowly…

    BTW Have you tried some Swedish Meatballs? Or are you more of a smörgåsbord kind of a guy?

  13. You only just saw Blade: Trinity now? I would’ve thought you’d have watched a while ago, what with you (by which I mean the Atlantis production team collectively) inheriting their set and all.

  14. I just suggested that mayhaps Millers Crossing required suits as it involves Rodney and a wedding, and I think my housemate just had a heart attack… which was pretty cool, so thanks for inspiring that.

    Also, have you read any Douglas Coupland? I’ve just finished jPod and, though good, I’m still not sure if I like the insertion of Coupland himself in the novel.

  15. Joe,

    Thanks for answering my question about the Leo awards. I agree with you 100%. I think it was an episode of The Collector that beat out “Lost City” that year. The visual effects in “Lost City” were excellent, and considering it’s competition, it should have won.

  16. Hi Joe:

    Have you ever taken an IQ test? Your ability to read extremely quickly, your amazing grasp of vocabulary and your wittiness indicates a mind of genius. Would you have an idea of your I.Q level? How are you at math?


  17. I just saw ” A dogs breakfast”. Very funny. Will Hewlett’s success with that interfere at all with his contract for SGA?

  18. So you and Countess Erzsébet Báthory have a lot in common then. Interesting.

    On another note. How is your favourite suit maker? Any preference? Are you a single double breasted fan? Do you agree with the saying that a good tie can make an ordinary suit fantastic?


  19. A Season 9 question …

    Richard Dean Anderson appeared in one episode in two scenes … one with Michael Shanks in Daniel Jackson’s office and another with Ben Browder givng Mitchell another chance to fly.

    When they actually filmed the scene with Michael Shanks and RDA, were the two actors physically in the same room at the time or were their lines done separately at different times and put together later?

  20. Hey Joe,
    Just wondering who came up with the title “Be All My Sins Remember’d”? Because isn’t the title a bit long compared to the other episode, usually your episode titles are less than 5 syllables long while this title is like around 7 syllables 🙂

  21. Is that bookcase doing a leaning tower impersonation?

    Jelly looks cute, is she a daddy’s girl? We call Jello Jelly in the UK – useless bit of information.

    Say hello to Paul McGillion – I hope that he is reunited with his turtles.


  22. Joe, you either need a better camera or a steadier hand. I can only make out a handful of book titles in your bookcase and it’s driving me nuts!

    Joe Flanigan will never be able to imitate you well; he’s more pretty boy woobie than villain.

  23. I gather you have good taste for high-quality food, but is there any “low-brow” food that you would consider a guilty pleasure to be eaten only under the cover of darkness?

  24. Thanks so much for those pictures of Joe! He looks great. Any chance of snapping a picture of Torri when she’s around? Thanks!
    Also, will Dan Payne be in any of the episodes with the Wraith this next season?


  25. Ronon/Keller, Shep/Teyla, wow, Sanssong has been busy talking with your inside folks. Please don’t go this way. Its disgustingly cheesy, and gooey cheese never works the way you want it to.

  26. I’m hurt Joe. You never answer my questions. 🙁

    So, I’ll try again. 🙂 Have you heard anything about a full SG-1 DVD set? If so, any extra special extras that would come with said set?

  27. Joe,

    Sanssong is at it again over at GW:


    OT- As for person who made fun of VB’s Ronon/Keller shippage? You just wait and see how close to the mark Vaberella’s banner is after S4 starts, then we’ll talk. [/QUOTE]

    I think you need to plug up your leaks at the studio.

  28. Joe Flanigan is way too pretty for his own good.

    If by some chance you get Torri and Paul around at the same time, could we get a pic of the two of them? If not together, separate would be great.

    I’m going to miss my two favorites immensely.

    Though Joe is very easy on the eye. And I don’t think he has villain in him, somehow!

  29. This is my first post but I have been reading your blog for awhile now. My question is do us Teyla & Ronon shippers have anything to look forward to in season 4? They are my second favorite ship next to Daniel & Vala and while I am on the subject do us D&V shippers have something in the movies you have read the scripts and seen them you don’t have to specific just do we have something to look forward to.

  30. Dear Aloysius,

    Just a couple of words!

    JOE FLANIGAN rocks in that outfit.

    Thank you.

  31. if you liked xmen3 just wait till you watch transformers omg such a good movie

  32. So I am just sitting here chilling after blowing the socks off my uncle and family at the family fireworks festival.

    Jelly looks adorable in that picture.

    Random factoid- i got bit by a rogue bug and now my whole leg is swollen up.

    QOTD- What are you MOST looking forward to after hiatus?

  33. *waves*

    *looks at pics*

    *has a fangirl moment and becomes all unnecessary*

    It has to be said,after seeing ‘those’ pictures, I am unable to attend work due to suffering from apoplexy… Not unlike our good friend Ali. But goodness me, what a way to go. ;o)

    Thank you Mr M, you’re a very wonderful man. :o)


  34. Hi Mr Mallozzi,

    Did you enjoy watching Blade Trinity or was it a case of ‘ooh thats where we shot….’ or ‘theres the walkway’ or ‘over theres the chair room’?

    anyway enjoy the rest of your hiatus. J.

  35. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe Flanigan in a suit- woo hoo!!!!! Just awesome!!!

    (Oops – just remembered that saying such things is wrong according to some around these parts!!!! eek!- sorry!!!- I couldnt help myself)

  36. Joe F looks very handsome in that suit. Thank you for the photos! Kinda disappointed about the late Sept premiere date for season 4, but oh well…

    Nice choices on the dim sum. I’m so selective but my brother eats almost anything. I’m curious, do you pronounce the names of the dishes correctly too? Because the way you wrote them phonetically was just perfect!

  37. Answer: Working out, eating right, having a positive attitude, and bathing in the blood of 30 virgins every second Friday does the trick.

    ..and here was me thinking promiscuity was to blame for the lack of virgins.

  38. Salut salut joseph!!

    =} génial la photo du chien qui tire la langue XD, et celle de Joe aussi biensur!!^^
    =}Vous écrivez votre manuscrit, génial! bfff sa doit fatiguant…La derniére foix que j ai écrit une fic, quand j ai vue que je n etais qu au debut et que j avais deja atteint 7 pages j ai arréter ^^! Enfin bon comme vous aimez sa!
    =}ha oui ! éhéhé au faite , je ne vous avez pas parler du stage que j avais fait au moin de juin!! sa c est super bien passer! alala des bouteilleq de vin j en est vu passer^^! mais bon comme j aime sa, non pas en boir.(quoi que defois pour gouter..)mais je ne sais pas je trouve sa beau XD!
    =} Aussi ce soir c est moi qui cuissine a la maison ..je n est pas encors trop d idée, mais je sais qu en desert je vais faire un congol!!
    si sa ne vous dit rien..

    Si vous pouriez être un personnage de Stargate atlantis, qui seriez vous?

    Enfin voila^^!! Je vous souhaite une bonne journée, bisou, je vous adores!Merci

  39. Joe Flanigan – male model

    That had me chuckling over my cornflakes…well, and sort of drooling, but let’s not go there…

    Suffice it to say my morning was cheered by your piccies. Jelly is so cute but looks a cheeky little poochie, and Joe F just looks as handsome as ever. He hasn’t quite got his Joe Mallozzi impersonation right though. There’s something a little sinister, sort of ‘mawahaha’ about you that Joe F hasn’t quite mastered yet…or perhaps he doesn’t want to spoil us for Doppelganger?

    So, just so I don’t lose my reputation as an incessant nag : Any news on that Sheppard backstory yet? Throw us Shep fans a bone here, Joe! 🙂

  40. I was about to nag you for going back to the office while on hiaitus and dragging Joe F. with you. Glad to see it was only digging into past photos.

    Although I have to agree with Ali. Joe just can’t pull off your villainy. (Although I have seen a role in which Joe was quite scary. But you have a certain spark to you that no one can capture.) Still, nice to see pics of Joe!

    Glad to hear that Paul is psyched about his upcoming story. You realize that you have many of his fans wishing he’d sing on the show. But I’d suggest just having him do something for the DVD, instead.

    Enjoy your break, now that the script is off!

  41. Sorry to post again. As usual, if you feel I’m spamming, please don’t authorise this post!

    Anonymous said…

    Sanssong is at it again over at GW:


    OT- As for person who made fun of VB’s Ronon/Keller shippage? You just wait and see how close to the mark Vaberella’s banner is after S4 starts, then we’ll talk. [/QUOTE]
    Anonymous said…

    Sanssong is at it again over at GW:

    Yet Another Anonymous answered…

    I think you need to plug up your leaks at the studio.

    What is it with you Anonymous posters? If you’re going to post things like the above, at least have the guts to put a name to your post. Why? Because when I see posts like the two above it just makes me presume yet more rabid, sore and pathetic Sheppard/Weir shippers are mouthing off again, trying to hit out at those who follow a different pairing. At least if I see your names I’ll know who it is, and then that whole section of the fandom doesn’t get tarred with the same petty brush. That’s not fair, but as a GW mod said to me the other day, it’s sure isn’t, but that’s the way it is when a few stupid posters behave in a petty and nasty way. Everyone takes the flak.

    Who cares if someone has inside information or doesn’t? NEWSFLASH, it’s a TV show and it isn’t life or death. We don’t need to call in the FBI, do we?

    Hang on a minute! Joe F., in that smart suit, could be FBI. Joe?, (blog owner Joe, I mean, naturally). You and one of your many dapper suits could pair up with Joe F and interrogate your staff. He could be the good guy, and naturally, you’d the bad one. What a double act you’d both make. How much would I love to see that? Oh, quite a lot! Yeah, I have no life…

    On a sidenote, what is it with the unhealthy obsession some have with posts made at GW by certain fans? If I was Sanssong, I think I’d feel stalked. How does it feel to be suspected of being a stalker, Anonymous? Oh, and I mean First, Stalker Anonymous, as opposed to Second, let’s go on a witch hunt anonymous. Not as unpleasant as it does to be followed round the forum at GW and finding yourself quoted all over the place, I’d imagine.

  42. Hiya Joe,

    Its been a while since I posted here and checked the blog so apologies if this question has been asked.

    Will Carter get a face to face encounter with a Wraith in the new season? Also, will there scenes showing her adapting her tactics or being advised on how to combat the Wraith? Just saying that her experience so far has been against the Goa’uld and Ori so was wondering whether she would ask Sheppard or another person’s advice on the matter.

    Take care Joe!

  43. Hi Joe

    Poor you.. it’s such a short break.. Re your orphanage.. maybe you could have an age limit for orphans .. say over 21 female.. sort of an Hugh Heffener setup.. Just kidding .. Loved the picture of Joe .. he can do the scruffy look really well..


  44. Thank you so much Joe for posting those “Joe Flanigan – Male Model” pictures, he looks mighty handsome all dressed up!

    Also, a big, big thank you for bringing back Paul, Atlantis just won’t be the same without him. Season Four is going to rock!

    Have a great day, I’m going to go and drool a bit more as I stare at the pretty pictures of Joe Flanigan…*drool, drool*

  45. Yay! I am so looking forward to season four!!! Grr–I need a ship with time travel capabilities!!!! You’ll at least try to get a pic or two for us the next time Paul is around, right? (Pretty please? With chocolate??)

    Thanks for the pics, by the way. I’m totally envious of your book collection…

  46. I fear the whole Facebook experiment didn’t pan out. I really only signed up so that people I knew way-back-when could get in touch with me. I don’t use it to correspond with anyone and so find it pretty useless.

    I signed up for Facebook, found it to be a complete pain, and deleted myself. I think I’m just going to sign on my college’s alumni section, much easier.

    I celebrated 4th of July on my sofa (& July 2nd & 3rd), re-watching Season One/Two of Atlantis, waiting on my antibiotics to kick. They finally did so I’m back at work.

    Have a good one!

    PS I agree with Alipeeps, Joe’s Joe Mallozzi impersonation doesn’t work, not quite evil enough.

  47. Hey Mr. Joe,

    Your comment the other day means alot to me —Thanks. I see this as a great opportunity to start my long awaited business.

    Joe F…..male Supermodel.

  48. What, no photos of Jason in his black and white suit? It will be nice to see him in something that hasn’t been through the wringer a few times!

  49. I got the Discworld trivia book last week from Amazon, and yesterday I open an e-mail from amazon to find that they had sent me a list of recommended books. All quizbooks. Is there a Stargate quizbook? If you were the author of such a quizbook, would you give us all of the devious and hard-to-answer questions, like “In the __ episode of the __ season, what shirt was Daniel Jackson wearing when we see him in civilian clothing?” or the classic ones like “What planet shares a name with a town that is often the set of many episodes of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis?”

  50. Again, as representitive of the Shallow-end of the Pool. I’d like to thank you for those pictures of the gorgeous Joe Flanigan.

  51. Joe,

    Thank you for the pictures of the hotness that is Joe Flanigan.


    Random question: ever had a chocodile?



  52. Life can be such a load of CRAP sometimes. This week especially!!!

    It is nice to know that I can always drop by here for a laugh and a gorgeous pic or two. Joe F. looks HOT!!!!!!!! Thanks. ((((HUGS))))

  53. Jennifer writes: “My brother has started watching anime. Which ones would you recommend watching?”

    Answer: Depends. How old is he?

    I love that answer;)

  54. Joe by the mail-bag being “anemic” do you mean that there isn’t enough vitriolic language, anger, mud-slinging, actor bashing, character bashing and general fan animosity for you?

  55. Answer: Anything is possible. But many things are also highly unlikely. Like an SGA character ascending for one.

    But, Joe, what about the whole sentient Gorilla/dead goldfish/ascention-descention arc? I was really looking forward to that. Is this your way of telling us that you were just stringing us along with that? Don’t make me lose my faith in you, Joe – I might just cry.

    I think I am in love with your bookshelf. One of these days, I plan to have a room solely dedicated to books. An in-home library. (at the moment, we just have one wall of each bedroom, the living room, and random hallways adorned in floor-to-cieling bookshelves – filled with books, of course. We have a lot of books. I suppose it comes from being a homeschooled family.) One wall will be purely sci-fi.

    Love the pictures of Jelly and JoeF. And nice to hear that Paul McGuillion is excited about his comeback. It would be a little sad if he wasn’t into how you guys plan to bring him back.

    And, I second the question about ReGenesis – ever seen it?

    Take care, Joe,
    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  56. Okay. Who(apart from Ali) is going to die now?? Every time Joe wears a suit someone dies!

  57. I was just wondering, did you ever watch Transformers growing up? If so, what are your thoughts of the new Transformers movie?

  58. Hi Joe,

    have you been to The SciFi Wire webstite today? They’ve posted TOP 10 SF&F DVD Sales from Amazon.com:

    1) Stargate SG-1 season 10
    2) Heroes season 1
    3) Bridge to Therabithia
    4) Lost season 3
    5) Stargate Atlantis season 3
    6) Babylon 5 The Lost Tales
    7) Ghost Rider
    8) Pan’s Labirynth
    9) Smallville season 6
    10) Eureka season 1

    I’m wondering what numbers we’re talking here, but Stargate SG-1 season 10 doing better than Heroes, which was seen by much, much larger audience than SG-1 is truly impressive. And makes you wonder how many of the people pre-ordering DVD have totally boycotted SciFi channel, but are the silent fans of the show who are patiently waiting and purchasing the DVDs. SciFi (although they’re not making money on Stargate DVDs) should really take these numbers into consideration while deciding the show’s fate… ’cause it clearly proves that the SG-1 fanbase is definitely very big.

  59. I just thought I’dletyou know that I don’t expect a reply to any of my questions although you have answered one or two, I just think its so cool that I can write something and you will read it. cheers Joe.

  60. Hey Joe, you got some reading recomendations for my wife. She is outta books, and I know you are a foremost expert in Sci-Fi. She has all the Young Miles series, and the Sword Maker Series from Louis McAllister Bujold (sp?) Any recomendaitions along those lines? Also any hopes of coming to Texas any time soon? Thanks!

  61. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for bringing Paul back onto the show for some stories. Any thoughts about giving Zelenka a story arc of his own? C’mon!
    This idea might be totally out there but always wanted to see actors Sean Patrick Flanery and Amanda Tapping do another ep together (or maybe a story arc.) They have awesome onscreen chemistry together. And Flanery doesn’t have to play Orlin again—any other alien race would do fine (except Wriath. How about a Traveler?)

  62. Hi,my name is Emína.I live in the Czech republic.I LOVE STARGATE SG1 and ATLANTIS!So much!Thank you for Stargate!!!!!

  63. Salut Joe,

    Sur la photo d’hier, Joe Flanigan était-il habillé pour une scène ?


  64. I have a NEWBIE Question for you.

    I an a brand spanking new Stargate Atlantis Fan and I am trying to catch up since I am a few years behind. Well truthfully I am now caught up with Season 1 and Season 2. I know the cast and know who Robert Cooper is. But

    I see your name pop up here and there and was wondering this. I know I said a question but I am a newbie.

    Who are you?
    What do you do?
    And what is your role in regards to SGA?

  65. Hi Joe,

    Any chance you’d be willing to give us a few more tidbits/hints about any episode(s) in S4?

    It’s a slow day here at work. I thought I’d give it a shot. 😉


  66. Hi Joe

    Recenly I had the displeasure of celebrating the death anniversy of my father (24 years!!) and every year I mark the occasion, this year I re-watched season 3’s episode “sunday”. The music in this episode was absolutly fantastic, espically the end sequence where they are dialing earth and the pier.

    If you could please extend my thanks and gratitude to the producers, editors, staff and crew, but mainly to Neal Acree, Sound Designer Steve Smith, Sound Editor Kirby Jinnah, Music Editor Rick Chadock, and Re-Recording mixers Kelly Cole and Bill Mellow, who were all credited in this episode.

  67. I had been hearing *such* terrible things about X-Men 3 that I had avoided it altogether. Is it worth giving a chance or are my childhood memories going to be scarred à la TMNT?

    Not quite a match for Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day, but it appears that today is X-day!


    I expect to see you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in style on September 19th 😉


  68. would ali be nterested in opening a ‘Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too’

  69. Joe,

    After reading your blog for a couple of months, you’ve convinced me to give Sci-Fi fiction (books) a try after many years of avoiding those shelves. Would your recommendations for a Sci-Fi novice reader change if I asked you specifically for books with strong characterization? What turned me off on Sci-Fi so long ago was that so many were about technology and alien worlds and failed to make me care about the characters. Also, do you read any female Sci-Fi authors?


  70. Hey Joe, how’s it going? I just don’t see Joe Flanigan as you. He doesn’t have the evil genius feeling. lol 😉

  71. Your killing my with this Aloysius P. Hazzencockle/Ali business. Are you making this stuff up?
    Just in case you’re not, I am not that good with a shovel but I can certainly help keep those pesky little puke machines errr I mean lovely angel orphans in line…. for the right price.

  72. Joe, thanks for those pics..
    Hmm, have you ever read anything by Robert Radcliffe (was that correct spelling…)??

    Have a nice day..

  73. Joe,

    Do you use medical consultants when you incorporate injuries or infirmary scenes (like Echoes or First Strike) in an ep?

    Is it more difficult to write an infirmary scene or a technobabble scene?

    Who will suffer the most serious injury in S4?

  74. Hey Joe!

    Louisiana Culinary Correspondent here once again. How have you been? I haven’t been doing so well this week…been kinda sad. Thanks so much for the pics of Joe Flanigan…..that helped cheer me up!

    My question for you…..have you ever had chocolate covered ants, grasshoppers, Iratus bug eggs…..(hee hee….sorry about that last one!) You seem pretty fearless when it comes to trying food so I was wondering….


  75. Hey Mr. Mallozzi,

    One question for the day:
    When do we get to baby-naming?


  76. *waves*

    Only me again. Everytime I come to your blog today, I forget my question. :O) I’ve no idea why…

    This time, i’ve kept my eyes shut as I zoomed past the pics, just so that I could stay focused. 😀 So, I was just wondering about what you said a while back about bringing Beckett back, and that the clue was in the last few eps of S3. I’m guessing it has something to do with Michael’s experiments, but then my brain is just goo at the moment so I could be mistaken. 😀 So, now that S3 has finished, can I be really cheeky and ask if we get a bigger clue of which ep it was in?

    Glad to read that the masterpiece is doing well, any hints of what it’s about, a word maybe to help us through the long hiatus? *Insert as much pleading and begging as is required* 😀

    If you’re that worried about the philosophical introspection, I could give it the once over before the others get their mits over it.. 😉 And before you say anything, I don’t mind, really, it’s not a problem, anything I can do to help out. We wouldn’t want you worrying on your days off now, so allow me to release your burden. 😉

    Okay that came out a bit rude. Sorry, my mind has been in the gutter all day. I really don’t know why that is… It’s a mystery to me.

    Anyway, i’m going now, i’ve rambled enough for one post.

    Thank you again for the yummies Mr M. You’re a very wise, kind and generous man.


  77. Joe,

    Your blog is aways so nice to read from the snark to your noddle whipping of some annoying ‘fans’, but this morning, you made my day with those stunning pictures of Mr. Flanigan—wow–he is a handsome devil.

    Thank you!

  78. How can a guy with messy hair who needs a shave be “pretty”? I never get that. Attractive, yes, but pretty?

    I moved on to Phase II of eradicating all traces of my former career: untangling all the cords in what used to be my home office. 5 phone cords, 3 power strips, two printers, a scanner, the fax, my laptop, speakers, data phone, desk lamp, fan…it’s a wonder I never caught the house on fire over the last six years! Next I’ll start popping the keys off my wireless keyboard to see if I can clean out any of the sugared tea I spilled on it. Some of the keys still work, but every time I hit the shift key, it opens a new Internet Explorer window.

  79. 1. Ronon/Keller, Shep/Teyla, wow, Sanssong has been busy talking with your inside folks. Please don’t go this way. Its disgustingly cheesy, and gooey cheese never works the way you want it to.

    2. Sanssong is at it again over at GW:

    I think you need to plug up your leaks at the studio.

    Anonymice…no-one likes green-eyed monsters. Jealousy gets you nowhere – your stalking however, might get you both – if indeed these are posts by two separate people – nice two-bunk shared accommodation at one of the state’s finest correctional institutes one day.

    Moving swiftly along – Joe…great pics of the other Joe. Though he’s too much of a sweetie for the ‘evil overlord’ look too work…

    On the issue of the ‘fantastic’ restaurant – are you going to see if it really is as good as it claims?

  80. poundpuppy29 said
    “…do us Teyla & Ronon shippers have anything to look forward to in season 4?…”

    please answer this!! *cries*

  81. Joe,

    I have a book recommendation for you.

    It’s an older novel, by English author Victor Canning. “Finger of Saturn.” It starts out as a missing person mystery…and ends up science fiction.

    Mr. Canning also wrote for TV and movies, and several of his novels were adapted into movies, including “The Rainbird Pattern” – Family Plot.

    Hope you enjoy the remainder of your hiatus.

    It was 108 today here in Sacramento. Whew!

    Best wishes.


  82. Yummy! Pictures of Joe Flanigan are even better than pictures of chocolate.

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