The second I walked into the chocolate shop, the counter woman’s eyes widened in recognition. “You’re the guy!”she announced. The guy? What guy? The guy from Stargate? The guy who dropped $100 on chocolate last time he was here? The guy who made off with her purse last Sunday afternoon in Stanley Park? “The blog guy,”she clarified as if reading my mind. Instantly, I was assailed by a totally different panic. What had I written about this place in my blog? Good? Bad? Indifferent? I was immediately on guard, expecting to be blindsided by a good old-fashioned hot chocolate throwdown. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. Two men walked into the shop all smiles. One introduced himself as Karlo Flores, the owner of Monde Chocolat and welcomed me back.

Apparently, someone had tipped him off to the fact that I’d mentioned his new Burrard street business in a recent blog entry and he was eager to talk shop. Chocolate shop that is. We discussed the varied in-store selections – Michel Cluizel, Valhrona, the inhouse bark, frozen treats, and the exotic (some might even say downright bizarre) Zotter line of chocolate bars that covers everything from straight dark to mare’s milk with oats – then chatted about his own award-winning line of chocolate bars – Terra Nostra – the top-selling organic chocolate in the U.S. According to Karlo, his chocolate differs from most in that he doesn’t use soy lecithin as an emulsifier. The 73% Intense Dark I sampled was silky smooth with a nice snap. Apparently, Karlos will be offering his own handmade ganache in the coming weeks and intends to experiment with a variety of different flavors.

And speaking of experimental flavors, I decided to pick up five interesting-sounding bars from the Zotter line: “almonds with grappa raisins“, that “mare’s milk with oats” I mentioned earlier, something called rowanberry or mountain ash (if I’m being offered a choice, I’ll go with the former), “VinziSchilcher” (named after the brandy cream of the same name), and the intriguing “hot chicken ensemble” which, sadly, doesn’t contain any actual chicken but whose list of ingredients include chocolate liquor, almonds, egg yolk, and Williams Brandy. And, oh yeah, I picked up a dozen bars of my new favorite milk chocolate bar, the sublimely sweet and salty Chocolat Stella Finissimo Cioccolato al Latte con Pane Ticino which, Karlo informs me, is made by a buddy of his.

I intend to go back in a couple of weeks to check out his ganache creations. Yeah. Given all of the chocolate I got today, two weeks does sound about right.

Today’s pics: Karlo, Monde Chocolat, lookit all the chocolate!

Questions, comments, and quibbles (minor of course) –

Crazymom writes: “Do you have a favorite all-time movie?”

Answer: These kinds of questions are always tough. I love The Princess Bridge, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (with the exception of the dated musical interlude), and The Sting. Some movies that almost come to mind – that may not exactly be considered high art – include: Reservoir Dogs, Fudoh, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Karen writes: “I’m always looking for new types of sushi to try. What are your favorite types that you’d recommend?”

Answer: I’m big on the toro (tuna belly) nigiri, and spicy tuna sashimi.

Crh writes: “Any idea how long filming will be going for the SG-1 movies?”

Answer: Filming is more or less done. Robert just has to get around to getting that helicopter shot for Ark of Truth.

Crh also writes: “Have you ever been to Kansas?”

Answer: Never been but there are so many places in the U.S. I’d love to check out – including Kansas.

Smiley_face06 writes: “What do you like to watch on the Food Network?”

Answer: Pretty much any show but Food Jammers. And, yeah, I think Rachel Ray is a cutie.

Steph writes: “1) Have you ever read Terry Pratchett or Jim Butcher? 2) What’s your favorite sushi ingredient? 3) I’ve no you’ve pulled some pranks with SG-1, but what about with Atlantis?”

Answers: 1) Pratchett. 2) The fish. 3) Well, there was the time I set a family of wild raccoons loose on set. Who’d have known those things could be so vicious.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Check out my late November – early December 2006 posts for a rundown of my HK trip.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Do you belong to the Writer’s Guild of Canada or any other union? Are there any unions that you have to belong to?”

Answer: I have no choice but to be a member of the Writer’s Guild of Canada. Membership has its privileges however. Like that glossy WGC magazine I get once a month.

Anonymous #2 writes: “ Heard a rumor that if there is no season 5 for Atlantis that Stargate Universe would also not be made, at least till later down the road. Is there any truth to that?”

Answer: Nope. The two are separate entities.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Joe, have you ever been to Korea?”

Answer: Never been.

Ramia S writes: “Please, can you suggest me and to my friends a nice typical restaurant.”

Answer: Typical of what? Vancouver?

Ashley writes: “…as I understand it, Tapping crossed over to Atlantis because she still owed the Stargate franchise one year under contract after SG-1 ended.”

Answer: Amanda had a deal in place. We offered her the opportunity to come over to Atlantis and pitched her our idea of how we’d do it. She was given a choice and chose to accept. If she had chosen not to come over, we would have honored her wishes and looked elsewhere.

Anonymous #4 writes: “…it seems you only ever allow two females at most to be main characters on your shows.”

Answer: With the upcoming fourth season being the exception to the rule of course…

76 thoughts on “June 22, 2007

  1. Wow…I’ve never been inside a chocolate shop, but I’d imagined it to be like a gingerbread house, except everything is chocolate. My hopes and dreams have been dashed Joe, thanks to your photos.


    Anyway…has the hiatus started yet? Are you planning to go on another cuisine-y trip, or are you going to be too busy?

  2. all that chocolate sounds amazing, especially the one with oats!

    I have a question about Hong Kong, Im going there next week for two weeks and a lot of the time Im gonna be wondering around by myself while my dad’s at work. do you have any particular recommendations for interesting things to do or places to go in the daytime? (except shop, which I assure you I’ll be doing a lot of!)

    thanks for the great blog.

  3. hi, joe,

    is it 100 percent settled that jack/rda won’t be making an appearance on atlantis’ season 4?

    sally 🙂

  4. Just saw a preview of Season Four on Sci-Fi… I have to ask… what in the world was coming out of Teyla’s stomach (No not a baby)? Was it a nightmare in Doppelganger?

  5. I noticed The Goonies was omitted from the fav movie list….all time top film that one 😉

    I was wondering if you ever had a fancy to write for a different genre once in a while and if so what kind of story would you want to tell?

  6. Well I’m watching – for the 4th or 5th time – and still enjoying it. Even got a few friends to tune in. Here’s hoping the ratings mean we get further seasons.

  7. Hey, do you know that timeline of the SG-1 movies and season 4 of Atlantis, since Carter is in both the movies and season 4? Is the assumption that the movies take place before season 4 a correct one?

  8. I have to say, I’m kind of depressed that tonight is the last episode of SG-1. Friday nights just won’t be the same anymore.

    Here in the US we don’t have Food Jammers, so I looked it up out of curiosity. That’s kind of strange…

    Have you ever watched “Bizarre Foods” from the Travel Channel?

  9. Thanks for clearing things up for me on Miss Tapping’s contract. 🙂

    Haven’t seen anyone ask just yet, so… Any feelings on SG-1 finally being completed (across most of the world, now, I think)?

  10. Hi Joe,

    Congratulations on being Co-Writer of the episode (Window of Op) voted number one by viewers on I have two unrelated questions. 1.) Did O’Neill only resign and kiss Carter the one loop we saw or did he do it more than that? 2.) Have you read anything by David Eddings?

  11. Hi Joe,

    Watched “Unending” for the first time tonight…..LOVED IT!! It was great to see Thor again. I have missed him and was glad to see him in the last episode. He will be missed. Glad that Michael was able to do the voice one last time. LOVED Daniel and Vala. Yes, like you, I’m a Daniel/Vala shipper. Excellent acting job by Michael in the scene between the two of them. Loved Sam taking up the cello. I really enjoyed the scene between Sam and Daniel…..a very nice “Science Twins” moment. The only thing that would have made the episode better for me is if Daniel could have had a few scenes with Teal’c and with Mitchell.

    I was glad to see the team go through the gate one last time at the end. Please pass on to Rob a big THANK YOU for an excellent way to end the series.

  12. Wow! Thanks for answering my questions! 🙂 It’s nice to hear some feedback from the writers whose products my world revolves around…


    Just kidding. And since you haven’t read and Jim Butcher, I recommend his Dresden Files. It’s a really good fanstasy read! And how do you enjoy Pratchett? My favorite story from him (currently) is tied between Wintersmith and The Truth. What’s yours? Well…if you in fact like him…

    And for the record, First Strike turned out exceedingly well, in my opinion. I have to admit, Keller is definitaly growing on me. Can’t wait to see Carson back though. Hmmm…maybe you can get both to stick around. Yup, that would work. 😉

  13. Joe, just wanted to drop by and say that tonights eps were awesome.

    I have been doing a lot of reading lately and was kind of curious. I keep hearing the phrase the “Nobody really dies in Sci Fi” is that true?

  14. You’d like to visit Kansas? Why? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived in Kansas for 25 years and I love it, but we’re not exactly loaded with “sites to see.” The Flint Hills are very pretty, and there is the big ball of twine, but still, Kansas?

  15. Mmmmm. Chocolate…

    I was wondering about recurring guests like Gary Jones on SG-1 or Chuck Campbell on Atlantis.

    How does that work, schedule-wise? Do you know way in advance how often you’ll plan on using them? Are (or, were, for SG-1 *sniff*) they beholden to the show schedules or were you guys limited by theirs?

    I should probably warn you that now that I’ve worked up the courage to actually comment, you might not be rid of me easily.

  16. “According to Karlo, his chocolate differs from most in that he doesn’t use soy lecithin as an emulsifier.”

    That right there is enough to make me want to check the place out next time I’m in the area. Or possibly beg my brother go to get some and send it to me. It’s amazing how hard it is to find chocolate that doesn’t have soy lecithin.

    Regarding the Atlantis season finale, I was really wondering how Weir was going to end up leaving, in a way that would seem natural, but if it’s for the reasons that she was talking to Teyla about, if that develops into why she leaves, suddenly that makes a lot of sense. I won’t ask if that was the reason, because I know you wouldn’t tell us anyway, but it was nice to have that sort of hint at least. It was also nice that Dr. Keller doesn’t come in all, “I’m so great,” that she doesn’t actually want to take over, which I think helps us Carson fans warm up to her a little easier. (Of course, she does still seem a tad young for that position to me. Unless she’s Doogie Howser in space. Which could actually be really entertaining.)

  17. Best “Stargate” comment of the night

    “You are the Fifth race …”

    Brought the whole thing full circle for me.

    “First Strike” was excellent with two great new characters, Keller and Ellis(?).

    My only problem with Keller was expecting her to be there to fix the star drive rather than fixing up Weir. (Still miss Firefly..)

    I’m sure that will fade as I get used to the actress in the role.

    My favorite season ending episode (so far) on Atlantis.

  18. Will you bring back rainbow in the last episode in season four or in season 5 beginning for me and all the other ford fans?

    ;;Please, Please, You wouldn’t have cast him if he didn’t serve his part please bring him back;;

  19. Would you ever consider working on one of Joss Whedons productions?
    (eg. another network picked up FireFly/more Serentiy movies.)

  20. Just wanted to say that the series finale of SG-1 was great. I cannot wait for the movies. And to see Carter in Atlantis, she will, I am sure, be a great addition to the cast of that show as well.

    I was wondering, could the fact that Atlantis and McKay won Spaceys influence the chances of the series continuing to season 5?

  21. I loved Unending.

    What was the reason for Vala crying in Daniel’s arms?


  22. hey, joe,

    watched ‘unending’ again…

    jack should have been there.


    sally 🙁

  23. Saw a few short promos for season 4 while watching the finales tonight…to what epi has all the filming or whatever been completed?

    Oh, whatever Teyla is pregnant with…looks damn creepy. I wouldn’t want that thing in me. And I do like the new uniforms.

  24. Wow, all that chocolate seems heavenly! So, Joe, if you could make a chocolate bar, with any combination in the world, what would it be?

    Also, regarding the Season four previews: they were extremely intriguing, and have gotten me pumped for the next season. All the scenes were well done. The thing that grabbed me most was Lorne’s strange behavior. I don’t suppose he might be controlled by nanites…would he? Loved that you gave us a tease of Weir in there, and her potential ark. Teyla’s ending scene was also an eye catcher for the curious.

  25. Thank you for “Unending” and “First Strike”!

    Seems to me that both series got stronger, even more imaginative, in the back halves of the seasons. I’m guessing that the SG1 cancellation came about 3/4 of the way through S10 production. Did everyone decide to put their best efforts forward in the last few eps?

    Since “Sam Carter” is continuing in SGA, will you all eventually clarify her statement in S9 that she was “seeing someone” and the relationship was “complicated”? (Wouldn’t be a hoot if it turned out to be Teal’c or one of the non-coms?)

    I just noticed…you and Fondy dress up the pugs. Hmmm…maybe I’ll crochet something for THEM.

  26. “Unending” was crap for a series finale.
    Seriously what were you guys thinking
    1. No Jack
    2. Killing (and a stupid death) The Asguards???

  27. Go and see how many angry fans there are regarding the Elizabeth situation.

    Now all the people who didn’t want to be ‘spoiled’ have seen the episode go to air in the US, they’re as angry as those of her supporters who knew from the moment the ep aired in Canada.

    You will lose a lot of viewers though this dumping of Torri.

    And you know what? Not all of the anti-Carter people are Weir fans, so you’ve pissed off a lot more than just one fan group.

  28. Did you know you made the 4th place in Google?

    Was looking up Monde Chocolat and this is what I found:

    “Thoughts and Tirades, Rants and RuminationsA new chocolate shop open it’s doors in Vancouver today. Monde Chocolat, located at 2391 Burrard Street just below West Broadway, is the latest player in a …” – 21 Jun 2007 – Similar pages

    You also have the honour of fourth place on Google using the keywords “Monde Chocolat Vancouver” and this is also how I found the store –
    It’s still expensive for me, as the Canadian Dollar is worth 6 x the South African Rand, but it’s better than the US Dollar, so when I next rob a bank or something I’m definately ordering!

  29. I just wanted to say thanks for all the great blog entries that have been keeping me very entertained for the past few months. I’m spending a month in La Napoule (the south of France) and my last question to you (til Aug.) is have you ever been to that area (Nice, Cannes, etc) and do you recommend any great (but still reasonably priced) places to eat around there? Thanks so much! Have a great July!

  30. Ah more chocolate to try. If only Washington,DC would get a few more shops. But then I probably REALLY start to hate my dentist. Worth it though.

    And now I’ll have to think of something new to send you guys besides chocolate.

    And just had to comment on what Alex posted on his blog about yours and Paul comments on the ending of SG-1.

    From Paul Mullie:

    “In my mind and in my heart the stories will continue.” And then he turned to Joe and said “Top that (bitch)!”

    Did he really say that? That comment had me laughing.

    And yours:

    “Now where am I going to store my chocolates?”

    You actually had enough left over to store?

  31. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you to you, cast and the rest of the team for ten years of great entertainment with SG1. As a fan from the beginning, it’s incredibly sad to see its TV run end although we still have the movies to come. I also want to wish you the best with the upcoming SGA S4; I know after the excellent First Strike I’m definitely looking forward to it. Rachel 🙂

  32. Anonymous said…
    Go and see how many angry fans there are regarding the Elizabeth situation.

    Now all the people who didn’t want to be ‘spoiled’ have seen the episode go to air in the US, they’re as angry as those of her supporters who knew from the moment the ep aired in Canada.

    You will lose a lot of viewers though this dumping of Torri.

    And you know what? Not all of the anti-Carter people are Weir fans, so you’ve pissed off a lot more than just one fan group.

    Oooh, go where? GW, LJ? Because there seem quite a few around those places who don’t care Weir is leaving, and quite a few who are pleased with the cast changes too.

    ‘All the people who weren’t spoiled are angry’ too? Really? You know every viewer and fan, and can say that?

    Characters are axed for a reason. Just because you are angry with the decision please don’t presume everyone else is…

  33. *waves*

    Just a quickie to say thanks for not authorising my post yesterday. After the yummies for the S4 promo, it made me look like I was telling fibs, lol. 😀

    Hehehe, and while I could have kept my mouth shut… *snorts at the absurdity* i’m nothing if not honest, lol…

    So thank you Mr M it looks as if the panic has been diverted and we’re back on track. 😀

    *hugs for the S4 promo*

    And before I depart for now, please pass on my hugs, thanks and tissues to all the cast, crew, writers, and producers for some great years with SG1. I hope we’ll be saying the same thing with SGA in 7 years time. 😀

  34. Hi Joe,
    sometime earlier you said that “co-leaderships are lame”. Yet we’ve had three years of co-leadership between Sheppard and Weir. Does it mean the three years were lame in terms of leadership?

  35. As to the Asguard ….

    I was sad to see them go, but, since the hologram program is still intact, I am assuming that Thor could still reappear when needed. He was my favorite after all.

    Just one question … Did the Asguard stationed on the Daedelus also go “home” for this mass suicide or is he still out there? He did seem to be somewhat the rebel.

    Killing off Jacob Carter is what still hurts :(. Even an AU visit by him to Carter in Atlantis would be appreciated.

    As to Weir’s big scene in “First Strike” … I have no objections with the technicals aspects of the scene or in how Torri played it.

    However, it did nothing to enhance Weir’s image as a “leader” in my view. You win some and you lose some when you are in charge. (In fact you probably lose more than you win.)

    Since the IOA was clearly behind the preemptive strike, her raging against “the military” and blaming it on being a “woman” came across as her blaming everyone but those responsible for the decision she didn’t like.

    She knew where the military stood from the beginning. It was the IOA – if anyone – who failed to keep her in the loop and I doubt it was because she was a woman. It was the path of least resistance for them to go around and it was because they knew where she stood from the beginning.

  36. I don’t know if it’s the same for you (on a completely different scale and in a completely different way of course!), but in moderating a large and often complex forum I guess I tend to get caught up in the minutiae of what’s happening in what thread, and I forgot how much FUN fandom can be, and how awesome the show is. I’m a bit behind, but I was just reading/watching the “SG1 Farewell” Darren put together for the airing of “Unending” and it brought it all back – how much fun it’s been, the wonderful people I’ve met (and incidentally made me sob like a little girl :p ). So, thank you – to you and everyone else who works so hard to make these shows. I’m sad SG1 has ended as a TV series – even as I can’t wait for the films! It just doesn’t seem right that somewhere in the world a new SG1 isn’t being filmed…

  37. Joe,

    First Strike – good episode. I think it gives folks things to think about. What would we do in that situation? Make the pre-emptive first strike or monitor the situation and then determine a different course of action.

    Had some good team interaction in there as well. Loved the scenes between Elizabeth and John. I think she was really disappointed in his feeling that the first strike was the right move, but after she’d done what she could do to lobby for another course of action, resigned herself to accept she couldn’t change things. And, John seemed troubled to see her reaction to the course of events.

    But then, when the Asurans retaliated, she came back strong, taking charge of the situation and helped move the team to find another solution.

    But, Joe, I gotta admit. I am seriously bummed out about Liz’s fate right now. I know I don’t know how it’s all gonna happen and I won’t until I see it, but Im not getting a good feeling here.

    To see her get blown clear across the control room in last night’s episode and to read that she’s probably “going the way of the Ford” in Season 4…..well, it just doesn’t give me a whole lot of hope for this character.

    I’m trying to believe that you really will bring her back full-strength and full-time in Season 5. Please tell me my belief is not misplaced.

    Guess I’ll keep writing those letters and postcards. By the way, are any of them actually making it to your desk?

    Slightly less “cheery” today,

  38. Why are you all complaining about cast changes when the episodes HAVEN’T EVEN AIRED YET?!? Sure, I’ll be a little upset that Weir is gone, and that they’re having Carter cross over, but it’s still THE SAME SHOW. True fans wouldn’t stop watching because of cast changes, it’s the show ITSELF, ALL the cast and the storylines, that should keep you coming back for more; not a single actor/actress. It’s what you get out of watching it, the feeling you get at the end, that makes it worth watching.

    Question time:
    What in the world was that thing coming out of Teyla’s stomach in the season 4 trailer? Not her baby, I hope.

  39. Saw Unending last night for the first time, I absolutely LOVED it. I, like some others, didn’t think that that scene between Vala and Daniel (where he goes… out of normal Daniel character?) was too horribly done. The acting was tremendous in that scene, and throughout the whole episode. This was definitely a good way to end the series on TV, and I hope for more SG-1 in the future!!

  40. in the recent trailer aired between the last episodes, Carter is seen to say “colonel, I am relieving you of duty?” can i be cheeky and ask if that is from the episode Doppelganger? And no, you can’t answer with “yes you can be cheeky and ask.” and then not tell me!

  41. I was thrilled to see the announcement that we’re getting Season 4 in September!!! I squealed. My dog was annoyed with me for waking her up. I got a look.

    Congratulations on two wonderful finales. Bawled like a baby through them both. (This is a compliment, actually.)

    And congrats on having one of your scripts be chosen for the Fan Favorite Show. I have seen Window of Opportunity at least 20 times and it never fails to make me laugh like a fool. (And yes. I cry at the end, too. RDA rips my heart out when he yells to the guy about losing his son.)

    You have inspired me to seek out chocolatiers in Atlanta. Apparently I am not in a hip part of town for chocolatiers, but a long drive is worth it for a chocolate treat.

    Enjoy your “hiatus.”

  42. Um. Joe, the fourth season isn’t the exception to the rule when it comes to your two females at the most policy.

    Carter = regular
    Teyla = regular
    Keller = RECURRING
    Elizabeth = Fordified.

    Yeah, FORD-ified. Which we know means she’ll be around for a couple of eps and then she’ll be conveniently forgotten.

    So that leaves you with two regular female characters..

    Nope, not the exception to the rule at all.

  43. Answer: Amanda had a deal in place. We offered her the opportunity to come over to Atlantis and pitched her our idea of how we’d do it. She was given a choice and chose to accept. If she had chosen not to come over, we would have honored her wishes and looked elsewhere.
    And even if Amanda had said no, you still would have gotten rid of Torri right?

  44. Jack should have been in “Unending”. Do you plan on having in Atlantis again? I loved him in “The Real World” and “The Return”…

  45. Pardons for hijacking your blog, but my comment is chocolate related.

    To amy lynn, have you found Chocolate Moose in Washington, DC? Every year for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day I get some of their Belgian chocolates. Their other kinds are yummy also.

    And Joe, you can order here:

    Now after all the sobbing I did last night watching First Strike, I may make a run down there today.

  46. Hey Joe–

    After watching “Unending,” it got me wondering: if SG-1 had been picked up for an 11th season, what would the season 10 finale have looked like?

  47. Hmm, “the Princess Bridge” must be the sequel to “The Princess Bride”:)
    just thought I’d let you know that reading your blog has given me a deeper appreciation of what you guys actually do, you’re kinda like Santa, we sit back and wait for you to bring us the presents, so thanks Santa and for this christmas I’d like…..

  48. To anonymous: Who are you to decide that someone is a true fan or not? Many people I know are not leaving just because the characters got ditched but because of some mistakes from the past that pent up until Sunday/First Strike. Yes, some may not continue to watch due to their favorite actor leaving, but please, don’t generalize.

  49. “Anonymous said…
    Why are you all complaining about cast changes when the episodes HAVEN’T EVEN AIRED YET?!? Sure, I’ll be a little upset that Weir is gone, and that they’re having Carter cross over, but it’s still THE SAME SHOW. True fans wouldn’t stop watching because of cast changes, it’s the show ITSELF, ALL the cast and the storylines, that should keep you coming back for more; not a single actor/actress. It’s what you get out of watching it, the feeling you get at the end, that makes it worth watching.”

    It’s nice that you feel that way, but you have no right to attack the views of those who feel they can no longer enjoy the show without Torri or Paul.

    It’s our perogative to be annoyed, and to say we won’t watch. Nobody’s telling you you should stop, so don’t tell us we should keep watching.

    There’s such a thing as actor loyalty. A lot of us don’t like the way Torri and Paul have been dealt with. Forgive us for supporting them when they’ve been left without jobs because TPTB though losing them and shaking things up would boost ratings. Did it boost ratings? Check out how Sunday rated and see for yourself.

    Big. Fat. No.

  50. People, can we not say ‘got rid of Torri’ like she’s some kind of fungus? Show her a bit of respect, for crying out loud. She’s a great actress, who gave incredible performances during three years. In an ideal world, she would still be a regular on the show instead of being sent the way of Rainbow Sun Francks.

    There’s just no justice at all in what has happened with her.

    JM, the thing with you saying the plan was never to have the character leave permanently might be believable if the actress herself hadn’t said that she’d been told she could “do some recurring work or walk away.” The fact that you would offer her the walking away option shows that you would have been perfectly happy to lose the character altogether.

    Besides which, Joe Flanigan has said in an interview that that’s exactly what’s happened. You’ve lost Torri.

    And it’s YOUR loss.

  51. anonymous said: “And even if Amanda had said no, you still would have gotten rid of Torri right?”

    He answered this MULTIPLE times. He has already confirmed that the decision about Elizabeth Weir was made way BEFORE the decision of bringing Sam to SGA. And he also said multiple times that they had been looking for several actresses. Had Amanda Tapping said “No”, they would’ve choosen one of the other actresses they were considering. And, before you ask, he already say that, out of respect for those actresses, he couldn’t say who they were considering as a replacement.

  52. Hello Joe, in the SGA Finale when Weir was blown from the control room was that Torri doing her own stunt or her stunt double?


  53. My goodness! I’ve been lucky enough to see the season 4 promo vids which aired on SciFi, and I’m almost, but not quite, speechless!

    Rather than embarrassing myself by demonstrating some fangirlie squeeing, I’ll say: I’m incredibly excited and so pleased with the cast changes, from what I’ve glimpsed so far. Season 4 looks wonderful.

    I really can’t wait until season 4 airs!

    Thank you! 🙂

  54. salut! salut! sa va bien aujourd hui?

    moi oui^^!

    Je voudrez savoir si il y a une chance qu un jour qu il y est une relation entre john et teyla?

    c est mon couple préféré^^!

    Voila ! merci ! aplus tard!

  55. GeekBoy here: Elizabeth didn’t have a problem with experimenting on Michael or helping the Wraith turn other Wraith into humans so they could consume them, but she thinks it’s wrong to destroy the Replicators’ military sites without trying to negotiate first? Oh, please! She’s forgotten where she is!

  56. Hey Mr. Mallozzi,

    A few years back, I bought the season one DVDs from Stargate Atlantis. I had missed part of the first season, admittedly in part because I didn’t particularly enjoy Rising, but had become intrigued when I caught a few other episodes later in the season and wanted to see what I had missed. I was not disappointed.

    When I was originally considering whether or not to buy season two, I figured that because I had dutifully watched all of the season two episodes as they aired, or taped them on DVR, there would be very little point in actually owning them. Thus, it didn’t really matter to me that it was delayed for so long because I wasn’t intending to buy.

    Funny thing is, I happened to stumble across your blog shortly before the season two DVDs came out, and as a result of reading your daily entries and your responses to viewers’ questions, the executive producers of Atlantis became strangely humanized in my eyes.

    As somebody living in Canada, my viewership does little, if anything, to guarantee that you get to keep your job. I don’t think I count for any ratings or anything. I figured the best way to show my support was to buy your DVDs, even if the commentaries are a little dodgy at times, so I went out and bought the season two DVD.

    In another couple of months, from what I hear, season three will be coming out on DVD, and even though I’ve seen all of the episodes, except Irresistible, which my television seems determined to make me miss at every opportunity, I will buy the DVD.

    The point of this whole story is that even though you keep this blog because you enjoy it for its own sake, if the complaining fans ever do get you down, remember that you’ve make at least 100 CAD for your show just by answering a few questions every once in a while, and, if there are others like me, maybe even a lot more.

    Anyway, questions:
    1) Do you play any musical instruments?
    2) Does Mr. Goldsmith use actually musicians in his production of the the Stargate music, or is most of it accomplish through an assortment of keyboards, mellotrons, chamberlains, etc?
    3) Finally, I don’t usually pick holes in episodes, but a question about Dominion: if they had a matter creator, why not just create a heck of a lot of very dense material and put it between them and the approaching Ori beam, using it in the same fashion as the asteroid in First Strike?

    Anyway, hope you’re having fun.


  57. Okay i have two questions that alot of people are probably wonder… if not then its just me…
    Sg-1 Series Finalie Was the planet that exploded the Asgard homeworld? And did they do that themselves or… what was the deal with that?

    Atlantis Season Finalie… not diretly relating to the finalie but where was that hint for that characters return? and i must say i loved the effects of the finalie they were great until the last scene… yep here comes the critism my first for the series of Atlantis but what was with that last couple of seconds when the city was floating in space the entire episode Atlantis looked real like it normally does and then there it is floating in space and it looks like a plastic toy with lights O.o but otherwise i must say a wonderful episode none the less

  58. anonymous said: “sometime earlier you said that “co-leaderships are lame”. Yet we’ve had three years of co-leadership between Sheppard and Weir. Does it mean the three years were lame in terms of leadership?”

    I might be wrong, because I’ve never watched SG-1, but from what I’ve seen online, it seems quite a bunch of SG-1 thought the whole Sam/Mitchell coleadership in SG-1 was lame. I might be wrong, but I assumed Joe was talking about that coleadership.

    I never saw John/Elizabeth as a coleadership. Elizabeth was the base commander, and John was his second in command. He had the authority to run the military part of the expedition, but Elizabeth was above him in the chain of command (sort of, since she is civilian). Even in First Strike we see that he submits the performance reports to her. He always worked for her. They’ve never been coleaders.

  59. Thru the power of the internet (I live in Canada) I just watched the Sci-fi channel S4 teaser for Atlantis. I thought I saw Dr. Lee. [b] SGUEEEE!!!![/b]

    If so What ep he is in and is he the other member of the SGC that you said might be visiting Atlantis?

    I think it would hilarious to see him mix it up with McKay and Zelenka.

    YAY for a SEPT PREMIERE!!!!

  60. Anonymous said…
    Go and see how many angry fans there are regarding the Elizabeth situation.

    Now all the people who didn’t want to be ‘spoiled’ have seen the episode go to air in the US, they’re as angry as those of her supporters who knew from the moment the ep aired in Canada.

    You will lose a lot of viewers though this dumping of Torri.

    And you know what? Not all of the anti-Carter people are Weir fans, so you’ve pissed off a lot more than just one fan group.

    You know I for one am sick to death of all you Weir fans speaking for the entire fandom and declaring that ALL SGA fans are pissed over her departure. The reality is that a lot of fans will NOT be lost over Weir leaving and a lot of fans are NOT heartbroken, pissed, whatever over the situation. You are speaking for yourself and a very SMALL minority.

    SGA will do very well without Weir and I dare say will be an even better show than it was before.

    I’m not trying to belittle the upset of those who will miss her when she’s gone, but I am damn tired of a self-righteous few acting as if they speak for the whole. She’s gone, life goes on, and so will Atlantis. Quit beating on JM for making a smart business decision and acting as if you know better than he does about a show he gets paid to run!

  61. Sad to see it go out on such a whimper – love letter to the fans my a$$. It’s amazing how much I loved this show for almost 8 years and then to care so little at the end and then to see what was served up – just confirmed what I thought of seawsons 9-10 all along. For Stargate Command typical, for SG-1 not even close.

  62. “what in the world was coming out of Teyla’s stomach”

    Haven’t you seen Alien??? It’s the homage to Alien, of course!!!!

  63. I really enjoyed “Unending.” Watching how they all coped (or didn’t) with the situation on the ship was interesting, and I liked the ending, with them heading off on an unspecified mission. Even if I didn’t know about the movies, I’d like the idea that they would be continuing on with business as usual in my imagination.

    “First Strike” was very unsatisfying, but that’s mostly because I felt like we were just getting set up for the good stuff when it ended, and now I have to wait a couple of months to see what happens!

    Where were the Athosians? Did they leave them behind, or did I miss something?

  64. A resounding “Well Done!” to Rob Cooper and others for their work on Unending. First Strike was amazing too. I won’t lie, I had already seen them online, but I always watch them on tv as well.

    OH! And good job on Window of Opportunity being voted the fan-favorite episode for the marathon on Sci-Fi.

    Have you ever thought of making your comments page private so people can’t clutter it up with arguments? 😀

    What is the most serious accident that has occured on-set?

    Has anyone tried to pull a practical joke, but it failed and nobody thought is was funny and was in fact quite angering?

    You’ve made me hungry for chocolate, but I’m a poor college student. Thanks a bunch.

    Oh hey, from where will Joel Goldsmith get his studio orchestra for the films? Audition? Hand-picked? Pre-arranged group? I’m a little bit of a symphony nerd, so I’m curious.

    Have a good one!

  65. today, june 23rd, is my dog’s birthday! her name is trina and she’s a yellow labrador…
    any idea when your dogs’ birthdays are?


  66. I’m not trying to belittle the upset of those who will miss her when she’s gone, but I am damn tired of a self-righteous few acting as if they speak for the whole.

    JM has listened to the majority of SGA fans and has gotten rid of Weir.

    LOL sanssong, you condemn people for speaking for an entire fandom and yet you do the same thing yourself. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  67. you said on april 15
    “Nicolas writes: “Lt Ford will make he an appearance in the season 4?”

    Answer: It’s possible.”

    if not for 4 maybe 5 ? yes? no?

  68. Please convey my thanks to the cast and crew for some special Friday night sci-fi moments last night. I really enjoyed both shows.


  69. If you live in another country such as Canada, where can u watch the season 4 preview?

  70. There was a scene in Unending where Sam got Teal’c some Tretonin.
    I know that you didn’t write the episode but do you know if Sam was the only one on the ship that could get them what they needed?

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