Well, we’re only days away from the hiatus and everyone is shifting into holiday mode. Everyone, that is, except for the writers. Hiatus for us amounts to little more than a change in venue. Instead of writing at the office, we’ll be writing at home. Now truth be told, we could have some time off, but that would be wholly dependent on how much work we get done before week’s end. And, in my case, it’s in the ballpark of, oh, not-so-much. I’ve always felt that when it comes to scriptwriting, getting started and writing the first three acts and a half are the hardest part. By the time you’re partway through that fourth act, the script practically writes itself. Alas, I’m still a long way off as I struggle over the proper turn of phrase that will allow me my seamlessly segue from Keller’s comment on Teyla to McKay’s reaction to McKay tracking down Teyla in the mess for their conversation. Seriously. How hard can that be? Well, plenty hard when you keep being distracted by Carl Binder and his seemingly endless outlines for his Midway episode. What are we up to now? Eleven? “This was great!”Marty G. congratulated him after reading his latest pass. “I feel you’re only two outlines from going to script!” In the end, we signed off on both Carl and Alan’s outlines and, to ensure that Martin have something to work on/have a miserable hiatus as well, we started discussing his secret episode – let’s call it Foxy Loxy with Floppy Socksies. Now I realize that, on the surface, this may seem like a ridiculous joke title designed to send fans off on a frustratingly fruitless search for hidden meaning, but the question I posit is: “Is it?” Yeah, probably. Or is it? Again, yeah. BUT – you never know!

The movies are wrapped and as Brad heads anxiously awaits Martin Wood’s director’s cut of Continuum, Rob has finished up his producer edits of The Ark of Truth. Regarding the latter, I predict fans will be exceptionally pleased with the scope of the movie that will tie up some outstanding loose ends. Kudos to Rob Cooper on the writing/directing/producing trifecta. Now if he could only learn to compose his own music and edit, he could produce the next movie from the relative comfort of his own basement. And to all you Boston Legal fans out there, check out Assistant D.A. Frank Ginsberg’s turn (aka Currie Graham to friends and family) as one of the many thorns in our heroes’ side in this memorable intergalactic outing. Apparently, he and Tim Guinee (Tomin) are good friends and had a great time working together. As for Continuum – well, the dailies looked great and we look forward to seeing something soon.

Today’s pics: Marty G. shows off his mad arcade skills, then weighs in on playback, James Robbins on his coffee break, the last day on Continuum.

Mailbag will return tomorrow. Apolgoies. My day job is putting a crimp in my blog time.

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  1. Some of us were talking over on Hewlett’s site and we’ve decided that it would be hilarious if the season 4 DVD set included a wraith sex ed tape (I’m thinking the uber-cheesy 50’s style). What do you think? Any chance you could pass the suggestion on to the chap responsible for DVD content?

  2. Mailbag will return tomorrow. Apolgoies. My day job is putting a crimp in my blog time.

    Aw i’m sorry that you are having such a hard time balancing your day job and your blog Joe! I was wondering what was up when it wasn’t up around 4:45 as is custom(except the occasional 8pm post just to throw us off).

    Have you read “The Surrogate” by Judith Henry Wall?

    On the surface the title may sound like Chick-lit but it is a quite suspensful, heartfelt read with quite a few twists and turns. I quite enjoyed it as a break from my normal reading.

  3. Joe,

    I have a couple of ATA gene related questions I was hoping you could answer.

    1) Is Major Lorne ATA Gene a natural expression or did he receive the gene therapy? If his is natural, how does his gene compare to Lt. Col Sheppard?

    2) With Beckett no longer with the Atlantis Team, who has the seconded strongest ATA gene?


  4. Have enjoyed Currie’s work since NYPD Blue days when he annoyed Sipowitz. Also in House where House was annoyed that he was married to the woman House loved. And of course as the Asst. DA who always loses. Glad to hear he has a part in the SG movie.

  5. Quick Question: Did they (AT and RDA)have a lot of scenes (together!!!!) in Continuum? As a shipper, I would like to see them end up together. And of course,a kiss like in “Grace” would be hot! Anyway…to conclude, the scene when Sam goes to see Jack at his house in Threads was SO HOT!! My god,Sam was SSSOOO close to reveal her feelings for him .AAAAaaahhhhhhhh!!!! 😀 Take care my friend, thanks for reading!!

  6. I was just thinking and this is a completely hypothetical question. If SG-1 didnt get cancelled, would Weir have been replaced by one of the other 2 candidates you were thinking about, or would you have revised the replacement of her character?

  7. Please include Jill Wagner in any more episodes that you can please. She is HOT!

  8. SO are you going to bring another cool character from SG-1 over to SGA?
    A+ IDEA if i say so.
    Teal’c, Carter and the team.
    Daniel, Carter and the team.
    Mitchell/Vala, you definantly won’t get a season 5. (just Joking.)

  9. It sucks when work interferes with your fun time. As much as I enjoy reading your blog, it would be better to push this week so you can enjoy an actual hiatus.

    May the muse get you past act three!

  10. Are you gonna continue to blog during the hiatus? We’re gonna miss you if you don’t!

  11. In one of the stargate movies, the sg1 team goes back to past right… so does this mean we will see like Oma trying to ascend Daniel again?

    Man i know how you feel when you cant balance work and free-time school is beginning to get repetitive over here in Australia and also boring….

  12. Hi Joe

    I’m really getting excited about the SG Movies .. Will be nice to see how you tie up the endings? DO you have any idea when they will be airing?

    HAve you watched any Doctor WHO? I’ve watched about four eps so far and I’m finding it hard to get into.. Maybe its the strange half man/half creature characters that they’ve created.. Although I loved FArscape, but that was more character driven ..

    Anyway you take care and I’ve noticed you have been behaving yourself lately.. do you think that is wise?


  13. Hello,

    In the interview with GW you said :
    “JM: Yeah, we kind of launch her in a new direction. I think a very interesting, very different direction from the Weir character that we know. Hopefully it’s something we’ll be able to pursue and develop over time.”

    Well, we still don’t have any reason for that decision to write her out. What was so wrong about her ? Why writing out a character loved by the fans ?

    And I’m really really worried that you will change the character that we love like she is now.
    The one who already gave her life to be able to explore a new galaxy.

    “GW: So it’s maybe a situation that’s comparable, to Lieutenant Ford in Season Two, where he’s out there and could come back?

    JM: Yep.”

    Well, no good news then ! Ford didn’t appear at all in season 3, and only 3 episodes in season 2.

    I already miss Elizabeth Weir !

  14. I have more of a comment than a question – but it will become a question, so I digress…

    Y’all seem remarkably adept at writing women (I note that the writers are all men). Do you ever get stuck on creating/writing the female characters? Would you say that the women you create are more of an idealized archetype of woman or more true to life. More importantly, do y’all get help from your significant others when creating strong, interesting female characters? Just wondering. When I write, I sometimes have a hard time writing men – and was thinking that it must be equally as difficult on the opposite side.

  15. I have just got to ask this – where did you do your media training. Does MGM provide it or Bridge Studios or is it a third-party? The first part of the interview you did for Gateworld, which was just posted, is a phenomenal piece of work.

  16. So you’ve admitted Elizabeth’s in a similar situation to Ford. I guess we can forget her ever coming back.

    Four eps? We saw how that worked out for Rainbow Sun Francks. Anyone want to give a count of episodes since we last saw him?

  17. You’re pulling a Ford on Elizabeth, hey?

    Let me guess: she gets disfigured, turns evil, and disappears, never to be seen again.

    What an insult to an amazing actress and character. All so you can lure some SG1 fans over with little miss perfect, Sam Carter.

    I think I’m going to puke.

  18. Joe,

    Big interview with you and PM on Gateworld. I’m sure you’ll get some comments/questions on the blog today.

    At least you and PM answered the questions about Weir in the interview. Considering how sensitive that issue is at the moment, I suppose you could have simply declined to answer anything.

    Here’s an excerpt I’d like to comment on:

    “JM: Yeah, we kind of launch her in a new direction. I think a very interesting, very different direction from the Weir character that we know. Hopefully it’s something we’ll be able to pursue and develop over time. That will depend on Torri’s availability and, as always, the stories we come up with. We’re not going to lose a character entirely.

    GW: So it’s maybe a situation that’s comparable, to Lieutenant Ford in Season Two, where he’s out there and could come back?

    JM: Yep.”

    YIKES! How often have we seen Ford since he left SGA? Twice? While it is comforting to know Elizabeth isn’t being killed off (and staying dead), it is very disheartening to hear the Ford comparison. It’s not something that fosters a lot of hope. With what little hope I have left for this character, I hope her “reality” is far different from Ford’s and that we actually see her again on a regular basis.


  19. “Mailbag will return tomorrow. Apolgoies. My day job is putting a crimp in my blog time.
    Since your busy working on my favorite show on TV–no more co-favorites after Friday–you’re forgiven. Hopefully the episode you’ll be working over the break will just flow right out so you can enjoy some down time.

    Wow, I just realized if the new series on this fall suck, I’ll be down to 3 TV shows I make it a point to watch. And Lost won’t be back until February. The third Stargate series needs to be developed and aired soon.

    Have a good one!


  20. There’s just no Carter love going on here. I want to say that I’m excited that she’s coming on board and can’t wait for the interactions between them all. I’m not worried about the alleged possibility of shipping her and McKay. We all know that he’s with Katie and she’s with Jack! 😀

  21. Joe,

    I once read (I don’t remember where, probably a cereal box) that a study was done and psychologists could find out a lot about a person’s personality based on their favorite Simpson’s character. So who is yours?

    Mine is Moe the Bartender. At first I was a little freaked out when I realized this, but after going back and watching a few of his highlight episodes…it just means I like, cough syrup and Aerosmith. I can live with that.


  22. “Now if he could only learn to compose his own music and edit…” aww… but I like Joel Goldsmith’s music! You’re keeping him around, aren’t you??

  23. You know after reading your interview w/ GW I was quiet hopeful for Weir. Not that I liked the comparison w/ Ford and all, but hey it’s only been one season Ford’s not been present.

    I really hope Torri is present in more episodes in the second half and that she returns to her full time status in Season 5.

    I just can’t help going back to my X-files experience. Just reminds me how that show disintegrated once the Mulder character was basically written out (at least it was a decision made on the actor’s part not to return, where as from what little I know, it was not Torri’s decision not to be back full time).

    I always considered SGA to be a stronger show than SG-1 in the later years, and I hope the trend continues, and doesn’t diminish w/ Carter’s presence. I hope AT does mesh w/ SGA and doesn’t cause so much conflict that it becomes “As Atlantis Turns”. I never considered the Fraiser character to be a vital part of SG-1, so it never bothered me 100% to see her gone. Even though I loved Beckett’s character more, I never considered it to be a “main focus” role. Weir on the other hand is different.

    Anyway, sorry it got so freakishly long. I hate long winded posts. Whatever happens, I will tune into season 4. W/ 2 small children babysitting help is not always guaranteed on a Friday night — *tongue in cheek*, so gotta find something to watch.

  24. Hey,

    I have a theory. My theory is that the Stargate program really exists, and you guys are all in on it. You all realised that it was far fetched enough that you could make money off it by televising the events that occurred and no one would be the wiser!

    What do you think?

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  25. Mailbag will return tomorrow. Apolgoies. My day job is putting a crimp in my blog time.

    Chocolate, you need chocolate! Take two and call in the am. 😛

  26. QUOTE
    What are we up to now? Eleven? “This was great!”Marty G. congratulated him after reading his latest pass. “I feel you’re only two outlines from going to script!”

    Now I feel better. Wrote some new lyrics to a favorite song recently, took about ten tries before I was satisfied. Maybe it’s time to “take another run at” my SG-1 Season Six fan fic.

  27. I just read the news about Atlantis getting two spaceys, congradulations… Two questions, will Atlantis getting the rewards have a positive impact or no impact (Cause i can’t see it being negaitive) on whether or not the show gets a fifth season

    And Two… i realised the other day that every season has atleast one episode dealing with water, Season one: Storm and Eye Season Two: Grace Under Pressure Season Three: Submersion, and i geuss you can count Echoes… Theres one more space left as far as i can tell for the new episode roster in Season Four… any chance of a Water related episode… or have you already got one and i havn’t realised it

  28. Hi Joe,

    Great interview over at GW. I’m really looking forward to season 4, and am really interested to know what’s happening to Weir.

    I’ve never really warmed to the character of Weir, and for the first time I find myself wondering what’s going to happen to her, so you’ve certainly piqued my interest there!

    I did chuckle at Paul not knowing what it’s okay to say though, bless him. Good job he had you there to spill the beans, or should I say good for us!

    Have you any more news on the episodes in the back half of season 4 – any working titles we don’t know about, or spoilers to share? Have you filled the empty spot yet?

    Okay, okay, I’m leaving quietly now…

  29. In your recently posted interview, Paul Mullie said of Weir “I think when you change a character out…” Can you explain what that means? It sounds like the intent was to replace Weir with someone else. Or what wasn’t working with Weir?

    No doubt you’ll get a ton of these questions after the interview.

  30. Up to 11? Joe are you a Spinal Tap fan? That is my all time fave film. A friend of mine who is a professor in a Music Business program makes that movie required viewing and gives out a 100 question “quiz” with it for extra credit. How do you think you would do on it?

  31. I hope you don’t mind my bugging you about the SG1 character crossing over. In one of your previous blogs someone asked you if we would see Mitchell/Vala or Daniel on Atlantis in season 4. You answered the question saying possibly. Since then you have confirmed that Ben and Claudia won’t be making an appearance. So that leaves Daniel, however, you also have said that if the right script comes around and Michael was interested you’d love to have him. That makes it sound like it isn’t Daniel either.

    I have to admit that I’m really hoping that it’s Daniel but I’m afraid to ask in case the answer is no.

    Oh well! – closes eyes, crosses fingers and asks – Is it Daniel?

  32. Forget Weir, the character never worked. Bring back Ford, he was awesome in Season 2 and theres a lot of potential there!

  33. I was just wondering how the writers came up with the name for Tomin. It’s my last name and not very common. The only other Tomin’s I know or have met are related to me. You even pronounce it right. That’s beter than half of the restaurants I’ve ever made reservations at.

  34. Hey Joe, thanks for your blog, love reading it!

    Do you listen to music when you write or have any other rituals to get you in the mood?

    Carter fan here.. looking forward to seeing her on Atlantis! Thanks for the great writing on both series.

  35. No apologies needed!!!

    Next time….
    Can we PLEASE stop for ice cream???

    I fell in love with a vanillla ice cream when i was in las vegas last year( I may have to hunt it down this year…screw the whole ive just turned 21 and can gamble…wheres that ice cream!!!!)

  36. *waves*

    Joe says “My day job is putting a crimp in my blog time.”

    I know how you feel!

    *passes over Madagascar Chocolate* I hear it’s supposed to be good comfort food.

    Just think, only a few more says and you can be a sloth and have a duvet day. :o)


    Oh look at that I can do short posts! Just don’t expect it every day. 😉

  37. No offense to the actress, but Weir as a character should have been replaced by a military leader after Atlantis was breeched by the Genii and certainly after the attack by the Wraith. The fact that the writers have kept her on this long is testimony to how hard they tried to make her character work as a civilian leader in a military setting. I have never watched SG-1, but I am looking forward to Carter as a strong female leader with military experience who will be a more realistic leader in a warzone.

    from Gate_Strider

  38. frustratingly fruitless search for hidden meaning, but the question I posit is: “Is it?” Yeah, probably. Or is it? Again, yeah. BUT – you never know!

    You’re cruel! I hope they pay you well to torture the fandom in such a way. Or do you do this part for free?

  39. Are we ever going to get more details on the plague that wiped out the Ancients or is it pretty much been figured it was the ORI?

  40. If you were in charge of Rebooting the Stargate Franchise, what would you do different?

  41. Any chance we will have an episode where we see an Alternate Atlantis where the team is Ford, Beckett,Weir and Jonas with a Spock beard?

  42. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, the whumpers appear to have misplaced their squee. If you find it, please could you return it to them as soon as possible… preferably before you go on hiatus, as patience is not exactly one of their virtues… 😛

    *runs and hides from the whumpers*


    Thanking you Mr M. 😀

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