Well, I was off on another field trip of sorts this afternoon: back to Coquitlam to check up on that pug we’re not getting. There are six in the litter and, one week later, they’re starting to walk (or, to be more precise, stagger about like my old college buddy John M. after a night at the Peel Pub). Yes, I’ll admit, they are awful cute. Still. Just looking. Just looking.

For all those of you keeping track of this sort of thing – we broke The Rise of the Googlions Part Deux yesterday. Alan is no doubt working on the outline as we speak. For my part, I’ve received the notes on Part One and am ready to go to script. Yessiree. Good to go. All I need to do is open up a new script file, type in the TEASER heading and I‘m off. Yup. Ready. To. Get. Started.

Okay. Someone give me a One, Two, Three – GO!

I finished reading Speaker for the Dead, blazing through the last 200 pages in one sitting last night. Very different from Ender’s Game. A thoughtful and thought-provoking read. Now most of the books that make up my library were picked up on the recommendations of other writers/fans/readers. And when it comes time to choose my next read, I initiate a complex system that randomly selects 5 titles which I compliment with 5 wild card personal choices, rounding out the field of prospective candidates to 10. Then, after reading the book jackets, I initiate a second multifarious procedure that randomly eliminates the various entries until I am finally left with one. It’s sort of like American Idol but without the judges. Or the singing. I’m thinking of registering the idea with the Writers Guild of America and pitching the potential show to the various networks. Between this and the sassy maid series Paul and I are sitting on, our future is set.

Anyway, sometime the system works. Sometimes it doesn’t. My third choice, the Theodore Sturgeon short story collection The Golden Helix, lost out to another book – what turned out to be an offensively bland alternate history novel that I set aside after some thirty mind-numbing pages. “Why’d you give up?”asked Fondy as she watched me toss the book into the back seat. “L.T.S.,”I replied. Life’s Too Short. It’s a mantra that has saved me the trouble of sitting through crappy books, t.v. shows, and movies, and (for the most part) crappy people.

Dinner last night: Tojo’s, for the freshest, melt-in-your mouth sushi in town.

Q&A –

Quilani writes: “ 1) Obviously you’re a dog person, but do you like cats ? and did you ever think to adopt a little kitty ? 2) What do you plan to do during your vacation in july ?
3) On the SG1 front, will us have a bit (even a tiny) start of an answer concerning Jack and Sam lovestory in the movies ? 4) What character in SGA do you enjoy the most writing ? 5) Do you think one day, maybe, if it’s possible, people will stop complaining about what they didn’t even watch ?”

Answer: 1) I like cats a lot, but am more of a pug guy. 2) Write. Read. Maybe take a weekend trip to either Vegas, L.A., or San Fran. 3) I’ll leave the SG-1 questions to Brad and Robert. 4) They’re all a lot of fun to write for. That said, torturing David – I mean McKay – is always fun. 5) Never.

Alipeeps writes: “Can I be cheeky and ask what episode it was being considered for?”

Answer: My, my. You ARE the cheeky one, aren’t you? Well, you and Cheeky L’il Devil.

Rebecca writes: “How important do you think the music score is to an episode?”

Answer: Very important. Fortunately, we have one of the best composers in the business in Joel Goldsmith.

Anonymous #1 writes: “So far, TPTB have irritated: **Beckett fans, by dumping him.
**Weir fans by dumping her. **Atlantis fans who quit SG1 because they got bored, or have never watched it **Shep fans who don’t think he should be taking orders from Princess Samantha **Shep/Weir shippers for dumping one half of their ship
**Weir/McKay shippers for dumping one half of their ship **Shep/McKay slashers for bringing in Carter, who’ll cut in on their Shep/McKay time, because of course she has to technobabble with McKay **Sheyla fans, because Teyla has a mystery boyfriend, and it’s not John **Ben fans for making Carter superior to Mitchell **Carter fans for putting her mostly behind a desk **Sam/Jack fans because if Carter’s in the Pegasus galaxy on her own, without Jack.”

Answer: Might I also add: **Fans of big ship shows by not giving them enough big ship shows. **Fans who hate big ship shows because we’re not giving them enough big ship shows. **Fans of unshaved Daniel by having the character shaved sometime after the start of season 9. ** Fans of blond soul-patch Teal’c because, like unshaven Daniel shaving, Teal’c also lost the soul-patch in time. ** Fans of pineapple cameo because the pineapple only appeared in certain episodes. ** Fans of the big wrench cameo (see above). ** Fans of old stock shots of Cheyenne Mountain after we had Martin Wood fly down to Cheyenne and take new establishing shots. ** Fans of Teal’c with no hair.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Hey Joe, you wear such pretty suits…any favourite designers?”

Answer: My favorite suits are the ones I had tailor-made in Hong Kong. They fit incredibly well and cost a fraction of what I would have shelled out for a designer suit.

Sophie writes: “Will Sheppard be more emotional in season 4?”

Answer: He’s got some great scenes with Teyla in season four.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Will the character of Katie Brown be making an appearance in season 4?”

Answer: Several.

OhioAnne also writes: “What I think the “Michael” episode (episode name?) didn’t show was the discussion of its morality before the decision was made.”

Answer: Similar types of dilemmas will come up in season four. And you may be surprised by the choices some of our characters will be forced to make.

OhioAnne also writes: “Teyla has seemed to dislike the “morality” of the decision even prior to it being made, but she has been more restrained in the past couple of seasons versus her wild earthiness of Season 1.”

Answer: Teyla will be re-connecting with her warrior roots in season four. Wilder and earthier!

OhioAnne also writes: “So, her stick fighting skill must have been honed to fight for a different purpose. Either there is a race we haven’t seen yet…”

Answer: Hmmmm. Yeah. There is that possibility… Also, keep in mind that while knife fighting could well mean life or death, stick fighting would be preferable in situations where submission would be a preferable goal.

71 thoughts on “June 16, 2007

  1. Face it buddy, you’re completely screwed. From the second you stepped into that room you were a goner.

  2. Uh oh ‘just looking’ aye? we had a couple of those at the shelter today and i think all of them left with a new furry bundle of love. Good luck with that ‘just looking’ bit.

    Decided on a name for the pug you are ‘definantly not getting’?

  3. Joe:

    Maybe to keep everything “even” you should award Daniel and Teal’c the CMoH – just to be “fair”. Yes I know Daniel and Teal’c cannot get it because they are civilians however others (that would be fictional others) who do not deserve the CMoH were awarded same for pretty lame reasons so giving it to Daniel and Teal’c who actually deserved it for saving the world, galaxy, universe umpteen times with Jack and Sam over the course of 10 years would be deserved (as opposed to giving it to a guy who got shot down while backing-up SG-1 who were, yet-again, saving the universe). Lest we also forget fly-boy was not alone in helping SG-1 he just happened to be the only sot that got shot down.

    Goodness if 2 years worth of Gate travel (well at least a few trips through the Gate and a whole bunch of ship trips) and getting your teammates into trouble (and almost killed several times)when it’s your turn to lead is grounds for a promotion to Colonel than the SGC surely is in trouble if that’s their standard.

    A soldier, leader, warrior who battled for and saved earth for 10 years is so much more deserving of Colonel and that is the standard the SGC should live up to not the guy that’s only been there 2 years and had trouble finding his way out of a paper-bag for the most of it.

  4. Can we look forward to any startling revelations concerning the history of the Lanteans, or even the Ancients as a whole, in season 4?

    By the way, very cute pugs :-).

  5. I know this is just the sort of thing that I probably shouldn’t be asking… but I couldn’t help myself…

    Teyla’s pregnant, but she also apparently kicks some ass in the coming season (if I read right). So… does the pregnancy stick? Does she actually have the baby?

  6. Haha. Admit it, man – it’s OVER. There is going to be at least two additions to your family in the very near future!

  7. Will there be any explanation for the new Atlantis jackets? (Which are very cool) Or will the team just suddenly start wearing them?

    And congrats on Atlantis winning the Spacey for Fav TV show!

  8. Will we see any wildlife indigenous to the pegasus galaxy other than Sam and his family?

  9. Hi Joe, I love the pictures of the pugs and envy the fact that you not only have three but that you are considering not to have one or two more… I would love to have one, but with all the traveling I do, being out of the house 10hrs a day and living in an apartment I think it wouldn’t be fair for the pug, unless you have some secrets to share with me and give me a little kick? Thanks… oh, btw, copying a question I heard the other day, if you had to leave town for 3 months and leave your pugs at the care of one of the characters of the shows (taking out the women) who would you leave them with?

  10. There is no such thing as “just looking” at puppies. Or cars, where my husband is concerned.

    I’ve nearly survived The Nephew’s visit. Today was the penultimate evening, with popcorn and Shaun of the Dead. At least it wasn’t pizza with the movie. Tomorrow I make the 2-1/2 hour drive to hand him off to his dad and then head back home.

  11. Dear joe,
    First of all, cut pics of the pugs. Thanks for sharing.
    What is the proper term for shushi without the meat? Is it maki? Obviously, being a vegetarian I like the ones without meat. Do you use the wasabi and pickled ginger?

  12. Don’t forget ** Shaggy-haired Daniel fans (I still miss the long hair) and ** Fans of Red Jell-O.

  13. Hey, don’t forget the biggest group of fans you’re pissing off: those who don’t want the days of the week used as episode titles. Yeah, I know they’re the biggest because I know, like, 10 of them on my LJ list.

    Anywho…which episodes are you writing this season Joe? I think I know of “Reunion”, “This Mortal Coil”, and now “Rise of the Googlions Part 1”. Am I missing any?

  14. And you may be surprised by the choices some of our characters will be forced to make.

    In an interview with Robert Cooper about the first movie, he said something about those moral dilemas actually being a way of holding a mirror up to the audience to let them see how they would react. (lots of paraphrasing) I like that approach so while I may be surprised and even occasionally offended, I stick with it.

    Teyla will be re-connecting with her warrior roots in season four. Wilder and earthier!

    Thank you!

    … stick fighting would be preferable in situations where submission would be a preferable goal.

    Ah … so it DOES have something to do with Athosian courtship rituals. 😉

  15. Joe,

    Do you know (or even care) what the syndication ratings (previous season broadcast showings) are? I know they are not as important as the new episode ratings but I am curious how the Gates do off of sci-fi and on non-cable channels.

  16. Hi Joe,

    Those puppies are sooo cute. I think you better come up with 3 or 4 names just to be safe. I almost forgot, since you’re the one that brought it up, that I loved unshaven Daniel. Of course I loved shaven Daniel just as much. Lets face it Joe,unshaven,shaven,long hair,short hair,or even ’24’ hair it doesn’t matter to me I’ll take Daniel anyway I can get him…… *ahem* moving on……

    I watched “Dominion” for the first time Friday night and really enjoyed it. It was a great team episode. I enjoyed the character interactions between everyone including the guest stars. I’m especially looking forward to “Unending” next week even though it will be sad to see the series end. We’re very lucky to have the movies to look forward to though, and hopefully like Michael said on his blog *fingers crossed* there could be more.

  17. Did you get part like 1/9 the idea for ECHOES from the movie
    “Salor Attack.”?
    Would you ever consider working with someone like Joss Whedon on SGA or another show?

  18. So-when the two pugs you are insisting you won’t be getting will be old enough to be brought home-are you going to get one of each? or will you let Fondy decide. And will she let you name one?

  19. Gotta say, cool book choosing system Joe. I usually just grab the first book I find in my room that I haven’t read yet. Occasionally, I’ll do a reread if I feel like it.
    As for your July trip, I say come out here to sunny California! (Though I’ll be out in the Northeast U.S.) Know any good eating on the U.S. east coast?
    Hmm…I could also add that your blog irritated **Pug lovers because you probably won’t get another, **Cat lovers because you’d probably get a pug than a cat, **Food lovers by allocating only 1 sentence for food in this entry, **People who think L.T.L. (Life’s too long), **and people who hate reading because now there’s another thing in the world to read. Those anti-literacy people probably hate me too for going on and on with this comment here too.
    Hope you had/have/are having a good weekend!

  20. In your opinion, is SGA episodes more arc based or more stand alone? And would you like to have it more arc based like Babylon 5 was or more stand alone each week? Most fans want shows to be more arc like, but for some reason most networks want shows to be more stand alone. =/

  21. Sophie writes: “Will Sheppard be more emotional in season 4?”

    Answer: He’s got some great scenes with Teyla in season four.

    Scenes of him angsting over a certain Dr. Weir leaving right??? *crosses fingers*

    And from my mum- why isn’t Peter Deluise directing any SGA episodes this season?

  22. How did you and Fondy just choose TWO of the six puppies? They’re all so cute!

  23. I have it! I have the name for your Googlion episodes:

    How about something with the words ‘impossible’ and ‘elephant’ in them? I’m sure Rob and Martin would give it the thumbs up.

  24. Hey Joe,

    After watching all the great eps over S3 and I can’t wait for First Strike next week. After all the talk of relationships here and testing relationships. Is there any chance that Ronon delves into the romantic waters a bit in S4?!

    Shepard kisses Larrin, which I can’t wait to see. Katie Brown and McKay (-_-). Teyla and a possible beau and a crush in the wings. I was hoping Ronon gets some loving of his own. Or at least a kiss. ^_^

    2) Joe, if a person is interested in making a design of a costume seen in an SGA episode, how would one go about getting the pattern?

  25. Annoyed said…
    I read that interview with Rachel Luttrell, and it doesn’t say Teyla has a boyfriend.

    Teyla gets a love interest and it is not someone we’ve met on the show.


    Luttrell added that Teyla may also find a little romance. “She actually does have a love interest that she’s been hiding from everybody,” she said with a laugh. “We haven’t met him yet. I haven’t met him yet. I hope I’m part of the casting process.”

  26. Ha. Your responses to the never-ending stream of complaints from complainers and ‘fans’ are extremely amusing. **You’ve annoyed the Lord of the Rings fans for no incorporating Ents into the series. **

    Also amusing that these complainers don’t use common sense in the fact that if everyone got what they wanted, Sheppard would be dating about 5 people, you would have 16 main characters and oh so many contradicting storylines just to appease the minority… the Galaxy would probably fall in on itself.

  27. 1) Does watching commercials count as watching the show or just mainly the show it self when the ratings are in? 2)Will Rachel be in all the episodes in S4, will she be out for a few episodes like Amanda was when she was pregnate? 3) Why did you guys decide to give the atlantis expedition a whole new wardrobe in S4?, who decided it was time for a new look for the characters?

  28. Ender’s Game and Speaker of the Dead are both wonderful books. May I suggest that you keep reading along the series? What I liked about the Ender series was the way all these thought provoking questions about humanity spring up and make you think. Even though all these books are based in scifi, they’re more character driven than anything. Also, if you liked Ender’s Game, you should try the Bean series. The first book is Ender’s Shadow and it’s basically Ender’s Game told through the perspective of Bean. His series is also very interesting as well. Can’t say which series I enjoy most, but they are fantastic reads.

  29. “It’s not only the fact that she’s going to have this darker side, but also the fact that she’s going to be faced with taking care of someone who may be the last of her kind.

    Luttrell said this in her interview. Does this mean that Teyla’s baby is going to be born and stay around?

    I hope not because children are irritating in scifi tv shows and movies.

  30. Hi joe,

    I’m just wondering. Did the up-trend in the ratings continue for Vengeance lik you hoped it would?

    I can’t even think of watching TV without Atlantis 🙁

  31. Now you’re making me want one of those puppies. Ah puppy love, it’s contagious! If even I can be affected by just seeing them on the monitor, I can only imagine them in real life. Resist! Resist!

    Bah. I’d get the black one.

  32. I’ll forget these if I don’t ask them now:

    -Did Rachel’s pregnancy kind of throw a monkey wrench into any previous ideas you had for Season 4?
    -What seafood dishes would you recommend for someone who avoids it? I like kalamari, but not a big fan of the other species. What should I try?

  33. Don’t forget the numerous Kavanagh/Grodin shippers you’ve pissed off by killing one half of their ship and sending the other packing. But if you’re willing to face their wrath, then you might very well do anything.

    So here’s something I’m wondering: Will Carson’s death (more specifically, the circumstances surrounding it) have a detrimental effect on McKay and Katie’s relationship?

  34. Anonymous #2 writes: “Will the character of Katie Brown be making an appearance in season 4?”

    Answer: Several.

    Ewww… No no no… I don’t know what it is about Ms. Brown, but seeing her with McKay just makes me… Ewww. He can do so much better.

    On that note, I have an idea for an episode. The team brings back a weird alien plant for Katie to study, and it eats her. Then it tries to take over the city.

    Hilarity ensues as McKay cracks witty jokes about killing plants. I know, I know, too much like that SG-1 episode, but I’ll leave the details up to you, as long as the plant eats Katie Brown. 🙂 Too bad, so sad, bye bye.

    So… We can count on that being ep. 418? 419? 8^)

    I like the little black one that always looks at the camera! Get him/her!

  35. Hehe, that first photo looks like the big pug has just sneezed out a bunch of pups and they are still sprawled all over the place.

    Sorta like this,, but with more dog.

    And oh, what about the group of fans who want to be able to bitch and complain about anything they can without being taken down a peg with snarky, humourous comments that call them on their own pettiness and stupidity? I’m thinking they will be feeling pretty gutted right now too. And probably posting anonymously.

    Just remember, for every very vocal “anti” there are probably dozens of people who just enjoy the show. That’s why they watch it.

  36. The pugs are adorable, you are making me broody.

    How old are the three that you have at present?

    “Dugg” is such a lovely Scottish name if you get a little boy.

  37. First off, just wanted to say congrats to you and the rest of the SGA cast and crew on the Spacey.

    Second, loved Vengeance. Always great to see Connor T and he and Rachel have great chemistry. Looking forward to First Strike.

    Also, wanted to say I admire your patience and tolerance for everyone who posts; the complainers, the lobbyists, the warring fandom camps, the self-appointed blog monitors and the slightly bewildered…love the snarky answers you give – very cool.

    Just wanted to warn you that I’m pro-Shep-as-Kirk, pro-Teyla-kicking-butt-and-getting-a-meaty-story, pro-SGA-getting-more-allies, pro-Michael-as-baddie, pro-bringing-back-Kolya, anti-Lucius, pro-Sam-on-Atlantis-and-FBC-but-still-want-confirmation-she-is-with-Jack, pro-bringing-back-Weir, pro-bringing-back-Beckett, pro-the-Pineapple-cameos…I’ll be posting a list of my demands later or maybe this already counts!

    PS. Sorry if you got this twice – connection did something weird on me!

  38. 1) Do you read any Terry Pratchett? If not, they’re amazing boooks, so check some out (I recommend anything with Sam Vimes as a character) 2) When you are considering an episode, do you already know if you want it to be a character specific episode or a team episode? 3) What’s your favorite song at the moment? 4) Keep up the great work! I’m getting as many people as I can to watch the Season 3 finale, because a having Season 5 would be a Good Thing. Of course so would a Season 6 and Season 7…Season 8 wouldn’t be a bad idea either…

  39. Will we be seeing any new energy-based Lantean weaponry in season 4 and if so will it be mounted or hand held? Thanks

  40. So you went back to the pugs to “just look”, eh? It is surprising how quickly “just looking” can turn into buying. The pugs are adorable, and you are already tempted, admit it. Resistance is futile. ;p

  41. Hi Joe!

    Cute pups. 😀 I never go “just looking” at kittens for the same reason – you’re history, and you know it!

    I just thought with so many irritated fans that I should send you some love. Heaven forbid that someone actually tells you that you’re doing a good job and we appreciate your efforts. I loved the turn the last half of s3 took, and s4 is looking fantastic. The only problem I can see is that we have to wait too long. 😀

  42. Hi !!

    I’ve finished “To say nothing of the dog” that you mentioned a few months ago in your blog, it was my first science fiction book and I really really enjoyed it, Thank you Joe. Now I’ll try some other titles that you gave us also !!

    About Stargate,
    I’ve found a chanel airing several episodes of Atlantis this afternoon in France, so I watched “The real world”, “Common ground” and “McKay and Mrs Miller” again. I love those episodes and I find that you gave Elizabeth an occasion to be a great leader in “Common Ground”, so I wonder “Why decide to get rid of her like she isn’t an important character and like nobody cares ?”

    By the way, what about Kolya as a dog name ? 😉

  43. Will we see more of the back story of Shepard? ’cause all we’ve seen now are more like flashes

  44. Severeal appearances by Katie Brown, oh my…

    Since that is an unavoidable fact now, can you at least maybe write her less like the big-eyed girlie who’s infatuated with Rodney, and a little more like the intelligent scientist she’s supposed to be as a member of this expedition, so that she’s actually INTERESTING in any way? The way she’s portrayed now I simply cannot believe that Rodney honestly loves that woman. Until now I just think he’s flattered that she seems to like him and that’s about it, or maybe he thinks that this is a nice chance to…ehh…’have some fun’ once in a while, too.
    But she surely doesn’t come across as a strong enough and equal partner for someone like Rodney McKay. He needs no super-brave independent woman like Sam, and he also needs no shy sweetheart with a crush on him like Katie, but a real woman with brains, who’s smart enough and also empathetic and understanding enough to live with someone who’s as difficult as RM can be sometimes.

    On another note, I’m not a dog person, but these puppies you are so not buying are really cute!

  45. Hi there Joe!

    Looking forward to seeing photos of the pugs you’re not going to keep when you bring them home!! 😉

    Hope you’re still going to watch the latest season of Dr Who when you can. It’s been absolutely brill…with only 2 or 3 average episodes. Very exciting!

    I’m reading ‘Blindsight’ right now. Haven’t decided if I like it yet, but I definitely want to know how it ends!!

    Can you give us any little spoiler with regard to the story Joe F pitched yet please? Or is it too soon?!

  46. I have to ask this question.

    Are the two puppies you’re not getting, the two that are alone (one is tan and the other is cocoa) together in one of the pictures? One is on his/her back and the other is tickling him/her.

    If they are the ones, you are in for some fun times.


  47. Hey Mr. M.,

    I am curious, what happens when an actor is scheduled to do a shoot and they are really sick? Are there contingency plans to shoot another scene without the need for that actor? Or do the actors just need to suck it up and get the scene done? Has a shoot ever been called off because someone felt an actor was too sick to do the shoot?

    Thank You.
    Gate Geek

  48. Joe,

    I have a question on the renewal process.

    In the past, the seasons premiered in July, so you needed to begin planning/writing in November. With the premier pushed out 3 months to October, couldn’t the planning/writing for a potential season 5 be pushed out 3 months to February? By then, the first half of season 4 would have aired and SciFi could make a more intelligent renewal decision.

    Love your Blog.


  49. I love Ender’s Game and the rest of the Ender books too. One of the reasons Speaker for the Dead is so different is that Card started it as a standalone book, which wasn’t working out until he realized that the main character was Ender. He went back to retool the Ender short stories into a novel and made Speaker a sequel. The third book, Xenocide is different again.

    Love all the food shots from restaurants in Vancouver, but you’re making me hungry and homesick!

  50. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, i’ve gone off on one again. Sorry in advance.

    The pubs are adorable, so have you settled on names yet? 😛 So, any hints on the ‘Googlions’ teaser, or is it top secret? 😛


    Shubra said…
    Dear Cheeky Lil Devil – Can you please get off your daily high horse and stop being “self appointed blog moderator” for Joe Mallozzi?

    Everyone is just writing their own opinion, as you are writing your own in response to the posts. So please don’t repeat the “going into rant again” … because that seems to be all you do.

    If people feel the need to be anonymous poster, it’s their prerogative, just as your need to school the fans.

    Thanks and have a wonderful time watching SGA.

    Dear Shubra

    But…but, I like my high horse. It’s very comfy especially for riding roughshod over the minions who are continuously rude and enjoy slagging off whole groups of genres in one fell swoop, just to bolster their own arguments. 😛 And for the record, when one is on the a quest, a high horse is essential for going over the rough terrain. Which as you can imagine happens so very frequently when playing in the fandom!

    As for blog moderator, I shall be succinct on this point *blows a raspberry* Okay so I can’t be that succinct. But as you’ve rightly pointed out, I am entitled to an opinion am I not? If you’ll take note I wasn’t singling out anyone at all (unlike you felt the need to do to me). It was just a general plea for people not to lump everyone in one basket; especially when they’re slagging off Sheppard/McKay/Weir/Ronon/Teyla/SGA and SG1 fans. No one has the right to speak for me or anyone else for that matter. THAT was part of my point. Speak for yourself, but don’t speak for me. I don’t want to become embroiled in any fandom wars, but people are targeting certain fanbases and using the wonderful old adage of ALL Weir fans think this, or ALL Sam fans think that, and I’m sorry, but they’re out of line. If you feel that, that’s okay, well that’s your prerogative, just as it’s mine to say enough is enough. If you want to slag people off, get your own blog and tell the world how you feel, but here is not the medium to do it in. If you disagree fine, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me… well actually I do. 😛

    Ranting is all I do? Really? But I’m normally such a quiet reserved person… You’re right though, it has to be said. My normal posts relating to shirtless Shep were actually a cipher for ‘piss off, you’re getting on my nerves’. You should work for the government; you’re so talented deciphering all that! I honestly thought that my ranting posts were concealed quite well. How wrong was I….

    As for your last points, I don’t know about you, but I actually like to talk to people and see different perspectives. But what is the point of posting anon? The whole idea is to make your voice heard is it not? But if you’re a nobody… then… Do you get my drift? If you’re posting to Joe, wouldn’t you like him to know who he’s conversing with? My very long-winded point…without ranting 😉 was that if we were to meet up with the cast/producers/other fans of the ‘gate, would people behave in the manner that they do on here? The majority I’m sure wouldn’t, so how is posting here any different? It’s still a person at the end of the blog who has real feelings, and their feelings hurt just as much as yours when someone rides roughshod over them!

    And for your very last point. Thank you, I always enjoy SGA, and rarely have cause to rant or moan (contrary to what you may think). Or was that directed at Joe? Sorry Joe, I was obviously playing at being ‘moderator’ again. I’m sure it will no doubt happen again. So if I apologise profusely in advance do you think I can build up credit for when I next tick someone else off?

    Joe, if you want to delete this post I leave that in your more than capable hands. 😀 Thank you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man, and I shall attempt to not be so cheeky in the future.. *snorts at the absurdity*

  51. Your blog has been taken over by self appointed hall monitors! All the nagging with no actual authority to go along with it, LOL!

    Cute puppies!

    Can I second the request to give more oomph to Katie Brown? She’s nice but rather doe eyed and bland.

  52. Cheeky Lil Devil said…

    “No one has the right to speak for me or anyone else for that matter. THAT was part of my point. Speak for yourself, but don’t speak for me. I don’t want to become embroiled in any fandom wars, but people are targeting certain fanbases and using the wonderful old adage of ALL Weir fans think this, or ALL Sam fans think that, and I’m sorry, but they’re out of line. If you feel that, that’s okay, well that’s your prerogative, just as it’s mine to say enough is enough. If you want to slag people off, get your own blog and tell the world how you feel, but here is not the medium to do it in. If you disagree fine, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me… well actually I do. :P”

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. I may be a weir fan and also a sparky lover, but that does not mean I’m out to terrorize the other parts of the fandom, or Joe for that matter. I’m just concerned over my favorite character and actress on the show. It is truly a shame that other fans look down upon the entire Weir or S/W fandom when really only a few radicals try and cause a problem. Lately it is as if everyone is at each others’ throats. Yes, there are S/W fans and Weir fans that conduct themselves poorly. However, there are also many more of us who do not seek to insult other fans or writers or producers. We simply wish to voice our concern over Torri being reduced, and what that could mean to the show as a whole. I have been a lurker at gateworld for many years, and I can safely say that the SEW campaign and other Weir/Torri/Sparky fans there are respectable and do not deserve to be generalized as pests. I know this is only one site, and yes GW does have its share of radical members, but not all of us are bad. Sorry if I’ve been standing on my soapbox for too long, but I thought that I should just say on record that not all of the Weir and Sparky fans are out for a vendetta against the other fandoms or the show, and it is not right to generalize all of us based on the actions of a few. This conflict will break us apart if we let it. In fact it has already started to do so. I hope that some form of peace can be found.

    Sorry for taking up your comment space, Joe, but I felt the need to respond to the heightened hostility here as of late.

  53. I know it’s been said before but thank you for allowing us to hijack your blog and ask you endless questions – it’s greatly appreciated. Now back to the endless questions…

    I’m intrigued by the Travellers you said some time ago that you wanted to create a race that wasn’t black and white but shades of grey, which is something I would love to see on Atlantis also – have the Travellers turned out the way you’d hoped?

    And judging by the tiny glimpse we’ve seen thus far can we expect Sheppard and Larrin’s relationship to be less than black and white too?

    Thank you.

  54. With Carson gone, will there be a new “partner” for McKay (or for that matter, David Hewlett) in terms of comedy and a buddy relationship, or will he just be spending more time with Zelenka now? Or possibly more time with Sheppard?

  55. Regarding Katie Brown, I have not been a fan of Katie-and-Rodney in the past, and have said so, but I’ll admit that she showed promise in “Sunday.” She was a lot less starry-eyed and obviously had a pretty good understanding of how Rodney operates, so I’m willing to suspend my vote on Katie and give her a chance.

  56. Went back for a second visit to the pups? Just admit you put a deposit.

    As for books, I’m about the same way. If the book doesn’t have my interest by the third chapter, I toss it. Currently, I’m reading The Bone Collector. I know it’s old, but a few people told me the book was better than the movie.


  57. Gee, Katie Brown’s popular with you blog readers… NOT!

    She’s probably been in more eps than Beckett will be, though.. And he’s hugely popular.

    That makes a lot of sense in the general scheme of things..

    Just remember, a lot of the show’s fans are women. Vapid, overly girly girls don’t go down well with women. Men like to think they can get their hands on some ‘pretty little pushover’, but the more you put in there, the more the women are going to be turned off.

    On that note, why oh why couldn’t we have both Carter and Weir in 14 eps of season four? There’s room for both of them. The more intelligent women on TV the better. Dropping one and bringing in the other just looks like you can’t handle both of them, or like you’re afraid that having too many women on the show (considering you have Teyla and Keller, too) will turn off the manly men who just want to see death and destruction.

  58. hi, joe,

    since you guys have written out 99% of season 4, what can tell me which eps will have some good sam stuff?

    also, on another note; when scifi finally airs atlantis (which we still don’t know which month yet, right?), will the station air all 20 eps without a break? this would be fab!

    sally 🙂

  59. The more intelligent women on TV the better. Dropping one and bringing in the other just looks like you can’t handle both of them, ….

    An odd accusation to make against a franchise that actually has shown more intelligent, strong, female characters than virtually any other ….

  60. “OhioAnne said…
    The more intelligent women on TV the better. Dropping one and bringing in the other just looks like you can’t handle both of them, ….

    An odd accusation to make against a franchise that actually has shown more intelligent, strong, female characters than virtually any other …. “

    More than the Law and Order franchise, OhioAnne? More than the CSI franchise?

    My point is, there’s no balance. It’s okay to have 6 guys, but you can only have 2 girls as regulars. Heaven forbid the numbers should be more even.

    JM has said many times he doesn’t watch BSG, which has plenty of female characters, and manages to utilise all of them. Well you know what? He probably should. It’s like homework to watch other shows and see what they’re doing. Otherwise you live in a vacuum.

    The fact of the matter is that they could have utilised both of them. Instead they chose to lose Elizabeth and lose a significant number of her fans, if what’s happening online is an indication. The same thing will happen with casual viewers once they realise after a couple of episodes that she’s gone.

    Why voluntarily lose viewers? What kind of TV professional VOLUNTARILY loses viewers? It’s suicide.

  61. Just curious, is there any chance of Jamie Ray Newman reprising her role Laura Cadman in season 4?

  62. Ah yes, Speaker for the Dead. Not as good as Enders Game, but still one of Cards finest.

    Any plans on finishing the series in your break, or to read the Shadow Series?

    ps love your blog!

  63. I’ve seen David Hewlett sing in two movies now — he has a nice voice! I don’t suppose you might find a way to put that talent if his to use? Not a musical ep or anything, mind. Just something like having him singing in the lab (and being oh-so-embarassed at being caught, probably by Sheppard), or forced to sing in some weird alien cultural exchange ritual. Pretty please? 😀 Think of how you could torture David by making him learn a new song along with his 10 pages of lines! 😉

    LogicSequence & Crazymom ~ Logic, I kind of like your idea, I must confess! I just can’t seem to get into Rodney/Katie. But then again, Crazymom, yes, I guess Katie/Rodney has some good points — especially since she brought out that angsty uncertainty in McKay about not getting what she sees in him. And I guess since the likelyhood of McShep being canon is extremely unlikely (*sigh*), I don’t want the poor boy to be lonely …

    Hmm. I suppose Rodney could serenade Katie! Still want him to get caught and teased by Shep over it, though 😛

  64. Glad to read Katie Brown will be in several episodes. I liked her a lot in Duet and Sunday. I don’t ship (or slash, for that matter) anyone. But I think Katie and Rodney together are great, as long as we see some scenes here and there and doesn’t become the central focus of the show. I especially loved their scenes together in Sunday.
    Thanks for bringing her back!

  65. My point is, there’s no balance. It’s okay to have 6 guys, but you can only have 2 girls as regulars. Heaven forbid the numbers should be more even.

    Otherwise you live in a vacuum.

    Are you living in a vacuum?

    I work in education. That breakdown is pretty much the same as what our administration is despite the fact that there may be even more woman than men in the field with the appropriate credentials than men.

    As to BSG, CSI, and Law and Order possible having more strong, intelligent female characters … I would say that depends on your definition of strong and intelligent.

    Why voluntarily lose viewers? What kind of TV professional VOLUNTARILY loses viewers? It’s suicide.

    Which is why they don’t …

  66. I’m terribly sorry, But I just had to say..

    Cats > Dogs

    It’s clearly mathematically valid.. 😉

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