As some of you may or may not know or previously noted and/or chosen to forget, Fondy is thinking about getting another pug. At least one. I say “at least one” because when we drove to Coquitlam last weekend, the plan was to simply look at some soon-to-be available pug puppies. Two hours later, Fondy had already chosen a name for the pug she wanted – Uni (named after the Japanese word for sea urchin and not any lofty universal concept of The One) and was clearly heartbroken over the fact that she couldn’t have the little black puppy as well. As I stated in previous blog entries (and despite what everyone assumes) I have yet to make a decision on the additional pug(s). Just because my wife has already chosen a name for the pug doesn’t mean we’ll be getting another one. I’m putting my foot down. Pugs are a big responsibility and we already have our hands full with the three we have. And speaking of which – would Jelly, Maximus, and Bubba welcome a new addition to the family? Probably. But that’s beside the point. Bottom line: this is a decision we must make together – not unlike naming the naming of the pug in which I played no part.

And so, nothing is set in stone. We may get a new pug or probably not. Really – probably not. And getting two pugs? Out of the question!

However, in the event that we do end up getting two pug puppies instead of none (not at all likely by the way!), I feel it is only right that I get to name the second one. And so, I’ve come up with a list. Here are the candidates:




Lex Luthor



Your thoughts? Fondy expressed a preference for Mysterio and Lex (Luthor) although I am personally leaning towards Electro or Galactus (He’s the planet eater after all!).

But, really, there’s no point in even discussing this because the chances of getting a new pug puppy, much less two, is somewhere between slim and none.

Just finished the first book in David Wingrove’s Chung Kuo series and am about to start Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead, the sequel to Ender’s Game (which I loved). Also, on the reading front, I’m sad to report that will be shutting down it’s short story archive effective tomorrow – June 15th, 2007. Get ‘em will you can!

Fondy and I went back to Chows last night for a wonderful meal. We started with a refreshing chilled cucumber soup crowned with frozen shaved yogurt, then followed that with a very good beef carpaccio which was served with a surprisingly good fennel salad, the whole topped with just a touch of the requisite white truffle oil. Fondy followed salad with salad, opting for a roasted organic baby beet salad with candied walnut and goat cheese (which she adored) while I had an atypical foie gras dish – this one eschewing the traditional fruit reduction in favor a pea soup bath and fried onion accompaniment. Both different and delicious. A side of subtle but oh-so-tasty house made nutmeg gnocchi accompanied the foie gras. For our mains – Fondy had the organic chicken with harissa and lemon sauce, Israeli couscous and rapini while I went with the pan-seared scallops (sweet and meaty) served atop a couch of fall-apart-tender braised short rib and cauliflower puree. We also shared a side dish of pan-fried organic wild mushrooms that proved the buttery/garlicky/white truffle-scented highlight of the evening. Alas, no dessert on this night.

Q&A –

Anonymous #1 writes: “Answer: Her history of disobeying command…” I think you misread the question.”

Answer: My bad. I mistook you for someone else. Apologies.

Mackenzie’sMomm writes: “I was wondering what your favorite chocolate is? Also how do you feel about buttercream caramels?”

Answers: Amedei Chuao. Overwhelmingly positive.

Anonymous #2 writes: “She’s huge, and the minute Carter steps foot on Atlantis she’s going to be the most important character there…”

Answer: Based on what? Your gut feeling? I can’t wait for you to wade back in here with your apology after season four airs and it turns out you’ve totally overreacted.

Cassie writes: “Hey Joe, ever been to Portland?”

Answer: Not yet.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Would it be right to assume that the reason you can’t give the name of Torri’s fourth episode because she’s only in three, not the four you said she was in?”

Answer: That would be incorrect.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Regarding the ratings, this articles shows that maybe things aren’t so bad:

Answer: Very interesting. According to the article, only 58% of primetime content is watched live. When DVR playback is accounted for within two days of a show’s broadcast, that number went up to 92%. 95% within a three days span and 100% within a week of the show’s original broadcast. Interestingly, some of the people behind the back-from-the-dead Jericho are asking their fans to make sure they watch the show live.

Jen, the cow hugger writes: “Since Carter will be heading Atlantis, does this mean she was promoted to Colonel?”

Answer: She will be a Full Bird Colonel for both the movies and Atlantis‘s fourth season.

Shawna writes: “According to a report on IMDb, Boston Legal has gotten rid of four cast members: Julie Bowen, Rene Auberjonois, Constance Zimmer, and Mark Valley, although it looks like “Hands” will be a regular now. Thoughts?”

Answer: I’m very much looking forward to seeing Jerry Espensen as a regular.

103 thoughts on “June 14, 2007

  1. (Psst… about that misread question… you misread “Him” for “Her”. They were talking about Sheppard, not Carter :-D)

  2. First of all my vote for the pug puppy goes strongly with Electro.

    Pugs are addictive arent they? kind of like potato chips once you have one you end up with way too many.

    What is your favorite way to spend your down time?

  3. Answer: She [Carter] will be a Full Bird Colonel for both the movies and Atlantis‘s fourth season.

    Joe, where does this leave Mitchell, then? Will he also be a full bird colonel in the movies?

  4. “Sinestro”…now that’s a nifty name for a puppy. =)

    (Re: the Boston Legal question)
    If Julie, Rene, Mark and Constance are out, I’m going to be deeeeply disappointed. Paul is my favourite (after Denny and Alan, of course), Brad is so macho-ly annoying that he’s fun, Denise is pretty cool, and I love watching Claire and Clarence’s unlikely romance. I don’t know about Jerry being a regular–I can handle him in small doses; sometimes he’s a lot of fun, and then other times I just want to punch him out.
    I hate cast changes. =(
    I think they should bring Jeffrey Coho back–HIM I liked. haha, especially with the Buzz Lightyear gag.

  5. I prefer “Apocalypse” myself, “Lypsie” for short.

    What is your fav ep of seson four so far?

  6. Hiya Joe,

    Hypothetically speaking, I like Galactus or Lex. They are rather “dominant” names. Hypothetically of course. Mind you I wouldn’t call my dog any of the above though (but that’s me).

    Well onto SGA…

    There’s something I’ve wondered since looking at the various photos and some behind the scenes clips (eg spaceys award).

    Do you guys (aka the writers) dictate the uniforms in the screenplay or is this something that’s entirely up to the wardrobe department?

    So for eg, if someone reckons team Sheppard should emulate Martin Wood’s shorts one day is it pretty much a “Yeah, ok why not?”


  7. Enjoy Speaker for the Dead. Its a lot different than Ender’s Game but just as enjoyable if not more so.

  8. We did a mini-poll here. Not very scientific, since I counted the votes and didn’t show all the entries.

    It seems “Sinestro” is the fav here.

    Joe, you can’t just go looking at puppies. That’s crazy. You have three babies. It’s in your blood. In my life I have never peeked at a litter and escaped, although you’re beating my record. I’ve had three wet noses in my home at one time. They’ve all passed, yes, and now I’m caring for just one little guy, but I wouldn’t trade the memories for the world.


  9. I’ve had two puppies at a time and it wasn’t too much more work than one (I’m not counting the time we bred a litter and had seven Irish Wolfhound puppies until they were 12 weeks old and 25-30 lbs each). I’m partial to Sinestro – but are you sure you’d want an alien supervillain pug?

  10. Thankee muchly for the Tapping & Shanks piccage yesterday!

    I vote Galactus. Hey, and you could call Uni “Unicron” (when Fondy’s not listening, of course), the planet-eater from The Transformers! Then you’d have a matched set!

  11. Hi Joe!

    TWO pugs? Wow – it’s like “just add water” – insta-puppies! My vote is Mysterio – “Misty” if it is a girl, and “Myster” if it is a boy….LOL!

    And, to the poster who said (or typed)…”It’s interesting how differently the Beckett fans and the Weir fans react. The former had a positive campaign that they forcibly steered away from personal insults and unecessary abuse to support something they truly believed in. “

    Not all Weir fans can be, nor should they be categorized along with some of the, how shall I say it, zealous posters that have shown up as of late on this blog.

    There is a very positive and professionally focused Save Elizabeth Weir campaign in motion. We are doing good things. We are voicing our concerns in a constructive manner.

    We care enough about this show and the actors to speak up when we have a concern. We support SGA, we want to see more SGA. We’d just like to see more Torri along with it.

    I have wanted so many times in the last couple of days to comment about how unfair it is to lump all Weir fans into a category they don’t deserve or to consider that we’re all out to attack others. I refrained from doing so because I didn’t want to further inflame the masses.

    But, I give up. My nature just won’t allow me to be silent any longer. I won’t rant. I won’t rave. I won’t call people names. I won’t attack others.

    I’ll just state my feelings and be done.

    Hoping others can take the high road too….


  12. Anonymous, what’s the bet Hewlett gets a slap on the wrist now for actually telling the fans something??

  13. I vote for Electro. Those puppies were sooo cute. I get the feeling you will have 2 new additions in August.

  14. To all the people carrying on about my comment that maybe writers should go instead of actors if they can’t write for the characters — heaven forbid they should be held to some standards.

    If the ratings suck, it’s not because of individual actors. It’s because people aren’t happy with the storytelling. The actors have nothing to do with the way the writers decide to tell their stories. Simple as that. They can only do so much with what they’re given, but of course they’re on the front line when it comes to firing, and the writers get to sit in their ivory towers and play god, firing actors and saying it’ll boost their ratings, when in actual fact, if they were telling stories to a standard the audience thought was acceptable, they would have the ratings.

  15. On June 12 you note that S5 will be decided somewhere between the Monday after First Strike airs and mid-October. You have also said that an S5 may be decided based on S3’s ratings alone.

    Does that mean that you do not anticipate an S4 start until late October?

  16. I vote Apocalypse! If you don’t use that name I may have to steal it. Galactus also rocks. I would just like to say, high fives on being a 5 pup family. Because they are so yours.

    I named my sister’s kitten Pup, short for “Not a Puppy.” We were running out of clever names for polydactyl cats because we have so many 6 and 7 toed cats in the extended family. We have everything from Cletus Anne to Pedicat to Hemingway.

    Blue or red?

  17. Actually, I like Magneto for a dog name. But if I have to vote for one of yours, then Lex (Luthor) is definitely the way to go, except that it’s a moot point, right? 😉

  18. Provided you watched season 3 of lost,1.)what did you think of the ending?

    2.)what would you think of Julie Bowen playing Sheppard’s x-wife in a possible earth episode.?

    3.)If not who do you think you would put in it as his wife should their be an episode?

  19. Um, in yesterday’s photos… What is that stuffed down the front of Amanda’s top?

  20. Since Torri is only in 4 episodes, can you tell us if she is busy doing other projects? 2) BamBam is so cute, is he single? 3) Is Torri single? 4) Can you tell us if The Real World will be left off S3 DVD box set? 🙂 Thanx

  21. kyle said…
    Would it be possible to put a tank through a Stargate?

    June 14, 2007 5:35:00 PM PDT

    If you beamed it through to the other side, maybe. Otherwise it’d be a pretty small tank.

  22. You’re putting your foot down, are ya?

    stiffles a snicker

    Y’know my husband used to “put his foot down” when it came to deciding what kind of pets and how many we could have in our home.

    I divorced him.

    Now, I’m happily living with 5 pets in-house and fostering 6 others around the world, including a horse, a hawk, a whale, a wolf, a camel and a python who were rescued from abusive situations and certain death. Next I intend to foster one of Cliff Simon’s KarmaRescue pooches. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a hard-luck story.

  23. On the pug names, are we to assume the black puppy you are definitely not getting is a male? If not, the poor girl is going to get off on the wrong foot whenever she meets someone new. Anyway I vote for Mysterio — Mysti for short if it’s a girl, Rio if it’s a boy.

    Today’s meal is the best you’ve ever described, I have to say. Chows is going into my Vancouver wishlist file. 🙂

  24. 1. Joe, it’s June. July is next month. In most realities, at least.

    2. Think of it this way. You’re sauntering through a lovely public park on a breezy summer’s day. Moms and dads sit at picnic tables next to strollers; kids play on swings and climbing bars. Birds chirp and teenagers on inline skates go whizzing by as you realize you’re one pup short of a brood. Cupping your hands to your mouth, you clear your throat and call out (in your loudest possible voice) either:

    b) GALACTUS!

    ‘Nuff said.


  25. I think you should call the puppy “Googlions” and rename the episode “Rise of Galactus”.

    Shepherd’s team in shorts? A definite ratings winner. Sure, we will all feel cheap afterwards – but then there will be a season 5 in which we can reclaim our moral compass.

    Maybe Shepherd’s team and lots and lots of Marines?????

  26. Well, it would partially depend on if the pup is male or female, but I suspect it’s male, since those are the only names you’ve chosen. I’d vote for Apocalypse, because hey, who else has a whole Age named after them? (One of my favorite alt uni’s, btw.) Of course, that does pose the problem of what you’d call him for short. Apy? Cally? Lypse? You’d probably just have to go with the full name all the time. But hey, it worked for Hermione.

    What’s wrong with Magneto or Venom? Or here we go…Fin Fang Foom.

  27. Will we get to see Carter’s promotion take place or will it just casually be mentioned?

  28. Joe: Thanks for confirming the info on Carter’s status for both movies and SGA as full bird colonel. Can you confirm that she will now (as she rightfully should) be sole leader of SG-1 for the movies. Thanks so much Joe.

  29. Hmm, I’m actually partial to Ozymandias and then you can call it Ozy for short. 🙂 However, if i had to pick a name from your list I think I’d go with Lex. It seems to fit best with the rest of your brood. 🙂

  30. If Carter is a full-Colonel, what does that mean for Mitchell? Will he be promoted too? Otherwise, Sam would take over command of SG-1, being the higher ranked officer.

  31. Galactus DEFINITELY. & Uni for Unicron

    Do think long & hard re: more doggage. Sometimes they are less special & appreciated when they become legion. I took in a parti- colored Aussie pup in addition to our Greyhound & Sheltie awhile back. Then we had to give the Aussie away, & it was hard, esp. for my 12 year old.

    Orson Scott Card is one weird wonky writer. The time jump makes the “Ender Stories,” most interesting.

  32. Bonjour Mr Mallozzi,

    Les deux telefilms se passent-ils avant, apres ou pendant la saison 4 ?


  33. Yo, Joe!!

    So I read RL’s interview with scifi wire. We know Teyla gets a man, will he be there for more than one episode?! (Please, say YES!) ^_^ I’ll take a not confirmed

  34. I go for either Galactus and Dr. Oct if you had him on the list. I loved Dr. Octopus!! ^_^

  35. I like Electro. Short and cute.

    Do tell us what you think of Speaker for the Dead. And once you’ve read it, you should also share where you think the Wraith fall in Valentine’s classification of beings.

    Oh, and Joe. I’m doing my best to get those 5,000 friends of mine to watch tomorrow. I think if I can convince the whole town I live in currently to sit and watch it, that would be…carry the 1add 5…a total of 400 people. Whew! Now if only my plan to steal the Nielson boxes goes smoothly…

  36. Quote ‘Answer: Interestingly, some of the people behind the back-from-the-dead Jericho are asking their fans to make sure they watch the show live.’

    CBS and other networks who want to bring back their audience in front of the TV will lose the battle , ultimately. They’re just trying to salvage their business model, but you can’t go against progress forever.

    I watch a lot of TV shows, not on TV or DVRs, not even online. I watch them on DVD boxsets.

  37. my vote goes to Galactus…or maybe sinistro seems more appropriate this time…
    anyway I think you might have your eppisode name as well 😀 though Lex Luthor is probably out of the loop on this one !! lol

  38. Hey Joe
    I would go with Galactus, it sounds romanish and would go will with Maximus. would ever you guys decided i think that you should definately go with a villian name. the ones you listed are really good.
    I know that you are big. or atleast you seem it, a comic book fanatic. of the ones that have been released, what have you enjoyed the best.
    i hope that you guys are doing well, so excited about season 4!!!!


  39. Thanks for answering my question, I wonder why I didn’t think of it before. Anyway, I vote for Lex (Luthor). A friend of mine has four dogs, a boxer and three pugs, though she’s always been a pugamaniac. We call her ‘Lexi (short for Alex).

  40. Hi Joe,

    Still enjoying your blog way too much ….. hmmm, methinks that you protest too much over the additions to you family *smile* … and I am with Fondy .. Lex would be a lovely name for the black puppy or Mysterio (and if I can’t have him / her — I really hope you will so I can watch him / her grow up).


  41. Hello Joe!

    I have a couple of questions. The first is about the pictures. On the 13th you posted a picture of Amanada and Micheal and Amanda seemed to have long hair yet in the ones I’ve seen for Atlantis it’s short— what’s with the difference?

    And second. When do the movies fit into the overall timeline of the stargate universe? Ie) Do the movies take place BEFORE Season 4 of Atlantis or do the movies take place AFTER season 4 or during season 4, and will Carter be mentioning the fight against the Ori in Atlantis? (I guess that was three questions, but if you could answer one of them, or all of them that would be great)

    Thank you Joe! And I hope that filimg of the movies and Season 4 is going well. Must be tricky with Amanda having to be in two places at once….

  42. Luttrell added that Teyla may also find a little romance. “She actually does have a love interest that she’s been hiding from everybody,” she said with a laugh. “We haven’t met him yet. I haven’t met him yet. I hope I’m part of the casting process.”

    My question is will Rachel be allowed to help select her new man for Season 4? Please make him hot. Thank you. 🙂

  43. *waves*

    Joe says: As I stated in previous blog entries (and despite what everyone assumes) I have yet to make a decision on the additional pug(s). Just because my wife has already chosen a name for the pug doesn’t mean we’ll be getting another one. I’m putting my foot down.


    Me thinks you doth protest too much. 😛

    As for the name(s) 😉 I’d go with Mysterio for yours. At least with those you might not feel so silly when you’re at the vets, and they call out the pets name and your surname. Mysterio Mallozzi has a nice ring to it! Some of the pets names (with the owners surnames)i’ve heard in the vets waiting room, have me in hysterics.

    I sill don’t know how to do the link thing on here, but here ya go. Thought you might find it intersting.

  44. A lot of us are getting sick and tired[and also embarrassed] about all the campaigns that have been popping up everytime a character leaves the show. I’ve also heard you say somewhere that you listen to the points of view but that the campaigns do not sway you one way or the other. We’ve had one for Daniel, Weir, Jonas, Beckett, SG1[Which is about the only one that is valid in my opinion] Don’t you think that these people need to get a life? Also, I hope you’re going to make Mitchell a full Colonel. Sam seems to be jumped through the ranks quicker than would happen in reality. There were four people on sg1 and you seem to continually reward Sam for everything as if she’s the only one who does anything.

  45. To “Alan Sugar” Anonymous (“You’re fired!”):

    Again, you miss the point. What people take issue with is not your suggestion that the writers be held to standards, but rather your repeated and spiteful suggestion that they, that anyone in fact, should be fired. Can you not see that people find it offensive that you are advocating firing people, putting them out of work, cutting off their income? That you are doing this at all is inappropriate, that you are doing it because you are not getting your own way with the direction of a TV show is nothing short of incredulous.

    I also find your assertation that the writers be held entirely responsible for the ratings a little blinkered. I rather think how well a television show does is the product of a combination of factors including the concept, the writing, the characters, the actors, the sets/locations, the special effects etc etc etc, not to mention industry and social factors, such as the changes in how people watch TV nowadays. It’d be nice to be able to point the finger so squarely at one factor that was responsible for lower ratings but, given that TPTB have been doing this job for a looooong time, don’t you think if the answer was that simple, they’d have done something about it by now?

    Given that the impetus behind your opinion seems to be frustration/indignation at the loss of particular actors, your argument is also remarkably dismissive of the actors and their contribution to the show, suggesting that they have little influence on how the story is told. Surely, if that were the case, anybody could be an actor as long as the writing’s good? I think most people would feel that how an actor inteprets the written word is a massive factor in the audience’s enjoyment of the show; it’s certainly an integral part of fandom. Why else would people get so attached to the characters in the show? Why else would you feel strongly enough about a character to come here and protest their loss?

    As difficult as it may be for you to accept, the fact that you personally do not agree with the decisions of TPTB or that you personally don’t think the writing is up to standard, doesn’t mean that a) you are right or b) the majority of viewers agree with you. My point, and that of others who responded, remains the same; regardless of your opinion on the show, suggesting that people be fired – for any reason – is inappropriate.

    P.S. Apologies for waffling on your blog, Joe!

    P.P.S. Speaking of Alan Sugar.. there’s a new idea for a TV show for you – Stargate: Apprentice! Each week the writers are given a brief and have to write the best script they can! Joe Mallozzi, in true evil overlord style, assesses their puny efforts with a few well-judged, scathing words and each week the writer who is judged not to have made the grade is cut! It’ll be awesome! 🙂

  46. Well, I’m going to add my voice to the choir and say:

    Apocalypse for a boy. You can call him Apoc for short.

    And Galactus for a girl. Galy for short.

    Five though? Really? REALLY? FIVE?
    OH! Wait, of course, I get it. You’re going to start breeding your own army of genetically enhanced evil pug overlords and you need a bigger gene pool.

    Ok gotcha, that makes sense now. You’re not bowing to pressure; you’re furthering your own evil visions of galactic domination. Niiiice! 🙂

  47. When choosing a dog’s name, I think it’s always useful to try yelling it out very quickly as you would when you’re truly annoyed with them because they’re being mischievous.

    Thus, I’m kinda leaning towards Lex and Electro.

    I hope you enjoy the next Ender book. I felt like the concept got pretty tired after the second book, though. (Waiting for people to throw things at me.)

  48. “Fondy had the organic chicken with harissa and lemon sauce, Israeli couscous and rapini while I went with the pan-seared scallops (sweet and meaty) served atop a couch of fall-apart-tender braised short rib and cauliflower puree.”

    Why a couch and not a bed?

    “But, really, there’s no point in even discussing this because the chances of getting a new pug puppy, much less two, is somewhere between slim and none.”

    Joe, Joe, Joe, Me thinks thou protestest too much! As for names, how about Pugsley – no, too obvious?

    Here’s a foody question for you:-

    I am thinking of using squid ink lasagna sheets when I next make my vegetarian lasagna. I thought it would look great with the red capsicum, eggplant and basil pesto (which goes on before the bechamel sauce). What I would like to know is – have you ever had squid ink pasta before? If so, does it have a strong flavour? And does it change colour dramatically when you cook it?

  49. Since Carter’s going to be a Colonel in S4, is she going to be the new military commander of Atlantis?

  50. Methinkst thou dost protest too much. Everybody knows its the wife who makes the decisions in these cases, you wouldn’t have gone to look if you weren’t already entertaining the idea so quit fooling yourself, we’re all on to you, pick your pug and get on with it. BTW Galactus? Sinestro?Electro? you have to be kidding right?your other pugs will just rip the piss out of the poor little guy, call him O’neill, give the little fella a name to live up to LOL

  51. Hi Joe

    I loved Ender’s Game and Enders Shadow (Bean) and I wonder why no one has made it into a movie? They were great stories..

    YOu know thinking about Stargate ATlantis.. There was and is something so fascinating about the idea of Atlantis and the mysteries involved with it. YOu guys have really taken the idea and turned it into something really exciting.. And the idea that there are always new Ancient technologies to be discovered in the city itself makes it so interesting. There was one espisode where Rodney destroyed alot of the ancient stuff to stop a virus. I thought oh no they can’t do that.. But it turned out o.k. But I wish you would fine a good source of ZEDPM’s to run the whole city. (An aside, do you pronounce Z as Zee or Zed?) Anyway I love the show, the opening shot of the city the music the writing.. As you can tell I’m a fan.. Anyway please keep up the good work and I hope that you get as many seasons as Stargate SG1..

    By the way I have a strong suspicion that you will end up with a new puppy so you probably should name the puppy by the personality that you want it to have.. Probably something nice and cuddly or knowing your acerbic wit, how about Nuisance. The puppy probably would live up to that one..

    Have a great weekend


  52. I would vote for Lex. It seems like a good pug name.
    Do you ever put your pugs in daycare?
    We take our malamute to a day care place where he and many other dogs (pugs included) play inside on couches and chairs, and outside with a pool and jungle gyms.
    Wen chocs were a BIG HIT! Especially the spicy ones:) Thanks for sharing that tidbit!

  53. Congratulations on the two new additions to the family! (You do know you’re getting both pugs, don’t you?)

    My vote is for Galactus. The tender irony of naming a tiny (generally) pug after the massive “eater of worlds” makes it a no-brainer.

  54. Okay what did I miss? Was it a time dilation bubble in Liverpool or does your blog say 14th of July on purpose?
    Pug puppies very cute but I prefer Golden Retrievers. I have one called Jack (no not named after O’Neill)
    As to a name for the little one how about Ming?

  55. Hi!

    I vote for Galactus. The food looks yummy. I’m very excited about the Atlantis & SG-1 tonight.

    Have a good weekend!


  56. To all the people carrying on about my comment that maybe writers should go instead of actors if they can’t write for the characters — heaven forbid they should be held to some standards.

    You are ABSOLUTELY right. As an actress myself I can attest to this. I can’t tell you how many times my personal “crap” writer should have been fired instead of me. I mean what was Bill Shakespeare thinking with all of that wonky language? How can I be expected to work that way? “Forsooth” this, “hours unmeet” that. I most certainly could have pulled off Hero better if he had written her different. Oh and DON’T get me started on Noel Coward. He’s the worst of them all. “Blithe Spirit” would have been a much better experience if he’d just stepped aside and let Tennessee Williams finish off the script. None of that frivolity and more character development! Everyone knows that there is no place for “filler” or “fun” in the world of acting. Sorry for the snarkyness, but you do realize what a silly arguement this is, don’t you? Most likely if a character gets axed it has nothing to do with the actor or the writers abilities, but other factors. (such as personal issues or the audience doesn’t respond to them or their story is done… Re: Nikki and Paolo on “Lost”.)

    As for the dog names, Joe, I’ve stated before that the name is SO important. (Thanks for the Fin Fang Foom suggestion, by the way. We’re not going to take you up on that one, so feel free to use it.)I personally think something with the Title “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Doctor” before it has a certain charm. So I’m entering a write in vote of Dr. Strange or Mr. Fantastic. Not pretentious at all! Although, choosing from your list I’d have to say “Galactus.” The only thing better would be naming a chihuahua that name. It is sort of the “Fat Guy named “Tiny”” principal, in reverse.

    Also, one question, do your dogs have a “preference” between you and Fondy? Ie: is one more of a “mommy’s dog” and one more of a “daddy’s dog?”

  57. Salut Mr Mallozzy, je trouve que vous faite un super bouleau sur stargate sg-1 & atlantis ce sont d’ailleurs mes 2 séries préférer.
    J’ai hâte de regarder les 2 téléfilm de sg-1 et la saisons 4 d’atlantis !!!

  58. Ratings question — in my neck of the woods (and think everywhere) they show SGA and SG1 twice on a Friday (first at 8:00/9:00 and again at 11:00/12:00). From a rating standpoint, does it matter which showing we watch, or do both count?

    re pug puppy names – I’m with Fondy on Lex (Luthor).

  59. Bonjour Joe,

    J’ai vu sur Imdb que james Lafazanos était de nouveau au casting de Stargate Atlantis dans l’épisode “This Mortal coil”.
    C’est vrai ??? Il va de nouveau incarné un Wraith ? est-ce que ce sera juste pour de la figuration ou il aura un rôle plus important.
    Est-ce qu’il va revenir dans d’autres épisodes ? Va t’on revoir le Wraith de “Condamned” ou même voir Steve ressuciter ?


  60. So, my friend and I were shooting the breeze and we were wondering since the energy weapons, like ZATs, Ronon’s gun, etc., can be set to ‘stun’ as well as ‘kill’ through theoretical means of changing the power output, would it be possible to set an energy weapon to ‘tickle’? Ha ha. I can see it now.
    [Previously on Stargate: Atlantis: Radek discovers a way to modify a regular lazer pen, setting a range from ‘stun’ to ‘tickle’ and finally gets his revenge on McKay for sending him to M7G-677. Hilarity insues.]
    (and congrats to the Spacey award stuff) 😉

  61. Hi Joe. Here’s a couple of qs for you
    1. Are Season 5 and “Stargate Universe” dependant on the succes of the DVD movies ?
    2. Will Jack be mentioned at all in Season 4 ?
    3. Is there any Sam/Jack ship in the movies ?
    4. Does Sheppard get promoted too in Season 4 ?

  62. Hey Joe,

    As follow up to my previous question, olliebollen is like a donut; dough, deep fried, and then rolled in sugar. It’s very tasty, and I suggest you try some if you ever get the chance. They’re also really easy to make. Of course, it’s probably not a good idea to eat a whole lot of them – the whole deep frying thing probably isn’t good for arteries… but they’re sooo good!
    Take care!

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  63. Hi Joe,

    I think my vote would have to go with Lex. Our dogs were named Toulouse Lautrec and Monet after the famous artists….you could always go with Van Gogh. That name seems to be popping up quite frequently on you blog. Anyway *ahem* growing up with a Father who was a professional Artist/Art Director….well – nuff said.

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what name you come up with. The important thing is that you will have one or two new little puppies to love.

    P.S. I am still in my happy place from the pictures you posted yesterday of Michael and Amanda. Thanks again for sneaking over to the set Joe….YOU ROCK!!!

  64. Lol. Judging from your name list, I’m guessing you’re the one who named Maximus.

    You could call the new puppy Ender, that might be cute. ;D

    And a quick question – do you know how long after the end of S10 ‘Ark of Truth’ is set?

  65. Well, Joe, without having seen the puppies or getting to know their personalities, I guess I either Galactus or Mysterio would be the best choice. It really would depend on the little one’s personality.

  66. “There were four people on sg1 and you seem to continually reward Sam for everything as if she’s the only one who does anything.”

    Sam is the only other military person on SG-1 she was there and saving the world for 10 years – reward my a$$ – well deserved promotion (and she has plenty of time in grade for it). As for Mitchell, reward him for what? Standing around looking like he’s lost and out of place? or for endangering SG-1 with his ridiculous nonsense especially in S9, or for his cutsey granma stories – puhlease.

  67. “Answer: She will be a Full Bird Colonel for both the movies and Atlantis‘s fourth season.”

    Good, she’s catching up with Robyn Burk, the USAF officer who gave Amanda her (MAJ? LTC?) insignia at Gatecon 2002 or 2003. Did I send you a copy of the promotion invite?


  68. What is this nonsense around Gateworld stating that Ronon and Keller will be a “ship” item, and all this “ship” stuff is so sqeeee worthy (good grief)? With all the Teyla baby talk, and Teyla romance (Sheppard, someone else, who cares), can we please shut down “As the Gate Turns” and stop with all the mushy garbage? I want scifi, not soap!

  69. In case you find yourself in that slim to none place and get a new pug, don’t give him or her a name that ends in “o.” You don’t want your pet’s name to sound too close to the word “no” which can create confussion. Or so I’ve been told by my older sister.

    I went out to a great Japanese place for dinner last night and had chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce. It was delicious! I’m not really a big fan of seafood but I’d like to try something different next time. Are there any non-seafood dishes you’d like to recommend?

    Final question, as a writer, do you put one space or two between sentences?

  70. Re Pug Names

    gotta admit, none listed were appealing (well, to me). But remember, whatever you name the critter, one day you may have to yell that name across the entire neighborhood if the pooch escapes…. 😉

  71. Joe, on RDA’s website, it is implied that SG-1 will experience several different timelines in “Continuum”. Can you confirm this?

  72. Since you threw a bone to the Sam fans how about let us Cam fans know that he will get his due and be promoted as well in the movies.

  73. joebags – “As the Gate Turns”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard today.

  74. joebags said…
    “What is this nonsense around Gateworld stating that Ronon and Keller will be a “ship” item, and all this “ship” stuff is so sqeeee worthy (good grief)? With all the Teyla baby talk, and Teyla romance (Sheppard, someone else, who cares), can we please shut down “As the Gate Turns” and stop with all the mushy garbage? I want scifi, not soap!”

    June 15, 2007 8:49:00 AM PDT

    More like “As the Stomach Turns”. Don’t forget Sheppard and Larrin. Though I must admit. That one looks pretty hot.

  75. I think you should name the puppy Apocalypse. That way, if everything ends in disaster, you’ll have at least got the name right 😉

  76. Why don’t you call the new baby pug “Dugg”. A good Scottish name for a dog. Ask Paul when he drops in for filming! 🙂

    Since Mars seems to be a buddy of your trio maybe you could pass a little message on to his ‘daddy’. DH seems to be an irregular visitor to his blog and never answers questions. could you please ask him who the hell are Lester and Maggie.

    There is a question relating to this on his forum – does he know that he has a forum?

    Susan (SCB) – or is it soon to be saveatlantis???

  77. Joe: just weighing in here to thank you and the guys at Bridge for making Carter a Full Colonel for AoT and Continuum as well as for Atlantis and confirming that fact.

    Now all we need from you is confirmation that you all are rectifying the mistakes made in S9-S10 and giving her sole command of SG-1 back again like it should have been from the get-go in S9.

  78. Lex Luthor? Poor pup. Nothing like pre-ordaining destiny.

    My vote goes to running around the park yelling Apocalypse! Appeals to my dark and twisty side.

    And yeah, you’re so getting two dogs Joe. So my other vote goes to Lex.

  79. If Carter’s going to be full bird, will Cam have been promoted as well?

    I have another Terry Pratchett suggestion – “Guards! Guards!”. It leads to a whole mini-series of books that can be re-read over and over and over again!

  80. I’ve heard that there will be some moments between the two new Atlantis ladies, Carter and Keller. Are we going to be seeing a friendship developing here? One of my chief complaints about SGA (and tv in general) is that there seems to be a lack of any strong female relationship. I often felt like the writers were afraid of what would happen if Teyla and Elizabeth were to share a scene alone together. Although, I have to commend you for the wonderful little Sam/Vala moments you wrote in “Family Ties.” I would have loved to have seen how their friendship developed had there been another season. Any idea if we’ll be getting any good scenes between the two in the films (I know, I know…those are RCC and BW’s territories).

  81. oh dont be such a meaney!! ….. Apocolyps gets my vote … especially when it is a cute puppy, becasue it sounds like you are describing a massive dog when you have to shout it across the park!

  82. So, Col. Samantha “Wonder Woman” Carter is to become the military commander of Atlantis. Does this mean that TPTB plan to resurrect the previously fan-rejected plotline in Season 1 having the two highest ranking Atlantis commanders go head-to-head? Please, Joe, say it isn’t so.

    P.S. I’m terribly envious of your metabolism.

  83. so joe, do sam and jack finally get their snog on in continuum? poor dears. must be in therapy by now with so much sexual tension between them for so many years. way overdue for some snoggage, they are.

  84. No Xavier on that pup list, huh?
    My vote’s for Lex, then. ;p

    I have to agree that it would be nice to have more female moments on Atlantis. I love how Sam and Vala developed over the last season of SG1. It would have been nice to see more moments between Weir and Teyla in SGA: the only ones that stick out to me are the scenes in Sunday and First Strike. Forgive me if this post strikes a blow to the more masculine posters here, but I’m all for a little more united girl power.

  85. Aww…I just watched the first two episodes S1 of SGA, and I found I noticed that the first season somehow had a much different ‘feel and atmosphere’ to it then S2 or 3. I wish you guys would try to go back to and try to capture that feel from S1.

    Oh and BTW Teyla getting a man. <3 Thanks for that hehe.
    However, talk about Keller and Ronon is interesting–she seems like a Malena to me. Would prove interesting– =S for a
    On to my question.
    About How many episode for S4 would you say Binder was working on? =D

  86. On another note, sorry to double-post, but I have to ask:

    You said that Weir will appear in four episodes this next season, yet you’ve named only three of them. Is the fourth episode already set with her, and you’re just keeping it under wraps from the fandom? 2) Or is it that her appearance in the fourth episode is not quite set in stone yet?


    SWEEP CITY!!!!!

    I am SO tempted to suggest a photo op…a Spurs banner hanging off the Gate…!

  88. Happy Weekend! I’m two short this weekend, eldest daughter staying with he who sired her, eldest son at an art festival being held in aid of Bipolar Association.
    Time to change the locksand burn their beds LOL
    Have a great one;P

  89. Joe,
    There have been all the news about Teyla’s pregnancy but what i want to know are we going to see Teyla kicking some bad guy backside and generally putting them back into their slimy, scumey filled place?

  90. Hi Joe
    Is there any food you would not eat?
    Only I have some great recipes for placenta (human after birth) including placenta pate and placenta lasagne. After Teyla’s baby is born she could make a traditional Athosian dish for every one only telling them what it was made of after they started to eat it. Of course it would be considered rude not to finish the dish as it would be part of her culture to be shared by close friends and family. Can you imagine McKay’s face? Sorry if I made you feel nauseous.

  91. Can you let us know when Continuum is coming out? I’ve read everything from this fall to sometime next year.


    PS: You left out ‘Godzilla’ for a prospective puppy name. From experience, I’d stick with the three you already have unless you have the time, patience, time, money (did I say time?), energy to actually spend with the NEW PUPPY(S). Have you ever truly experieced puppy-hood? (*shudders*) Or have you only taken on already adult dogs?

  92. Mr. Mallozzi,

    Food for thought.. well, those names simply don’t match with the ones that you currenly have. Let me see if I remember, Max, Bubba and Jelly, right? I don’t know but I might see this as a sign of things to come with the new addition having the longest and most prominent name! LOL

    Now, all these recent spoilers for Teyla..Wow! As a Teyla fan I”m excited and concerned. As a John and Teyla royal shipper, I”m almost confident that all this angst will bring them closer together.

    Regardless, Teyla is my favorite character and I hope that all these changes add to what I already love about her.

    My biggest concern, we have a father, a crush and now a love interest, all in one season. With that in mind, are you concern as to what all these sudden changes and story arcs might do to her character with the fans and your viewers?

    Is this love interest related with her past, something completely new introduced in Season 4 or is this the same person that she mentioned to Dr. H in Sunday? Lastly, will her story arcs resolve in Season 4 or will these continue on to Season 5?

    Please send my warmest wishes to Rachel. This must be an exciting time for her and it’s wonderful to read that she has such support at work.

    Good luck with the names!


  93. Hahaha!! You think 3 (possibly soon to be 4 or 5) dogs is enough – try reaching 13 (3 whippets, 3 red cattles, 2 blue cattles, 1 black lab, 1 boxer, 2 rhidgebacks and 1 staffi)!! I wouldn’t part with any of my babies for the world, but I can never seem to resist the puppydog eyes! Good luck convincing your wife “no”, mate!

    I’d be more inclined to go with Lex for the new pup, but Electro is a close runner-up. ^_^



  94. Hi,

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to answer the questions (with out giving too much away) of SGA fans. Peeking into the world of cuisine, SGA production and potential e-mail scams from your point of view has been an interesting and hilarious experience. Thank you for the photos, insight and spoilers. Looking forward to your next post.

    (Yes, it’s spelled that way on purpose.)

    P.S. Lulu is beautiful. Don’t forget to update your blog photo or she will never forgive you.

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