Dinner was half an hour late. I was frustrated, hungry, and ready to get up and go try my luck elsewhere. But eating somewhere else wasn’t an option on this night. No. Plans had been made, the meal already prepared, and, oh yeah, I happened to be eating at home. “What time is it?”I asked Fondy, knowing full well what time it was. “Seven,”she replied. Beat. “What time did you tell them to come for?”I inquired, well aware of what time she’d asked them to come for. “Six thirty,”she informed me. Beat. “Hunh,”I remarked. Translation: Well, isn’t that interesting.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Our guests were notorious late-arrivers, always oh-so-leisurely popping in long after the RTA (Requested Time of Arrival) armed with apologies, excuses and, on this night, ceviche. This was the couple that arrived an hour late to their own engagement party. At the time, I’d just gone ahead and ordered dinner and then, on their grand entrance, feigned obvious distress: “Are you guys okay? We were worried that something had happened! I was about to go out looking for you!”

At about 7:15 p.m., we finally settled down to a dinner of ribs, garlic stir-fried egg plant, salad, and, ceviche. Okay, last things first. I’m a fairly adventurous eater and will try pretty much anything. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy everything I try. Like ceviche for instance. I just don’t get it. It’s always struck me as more a weird high school experiment than an actual culinary creation, not quite sashimi yet not quite sole en papillote either, encompassing the worst of both possible worlds with the added unpleasantness of concentrated citric acid. Bon appetit.

As much as I applauded the chef for the effort, I wasn’t blown away by our main course – the ribs. Although the experimental marinade was excellent, the meat itself was somewhat tough owing perhaps to the extra time it spent backstage awaiting its grand entrance. The eggplant was undercooked. The fresh green salad, on the other hand, was surprisingly good.

Dessert took the form of a coconut cream pie compliments of the fine folks at Costco. Now I say “took the form of” because, while it certainly looked like coconut cream pie and tasted somewhat like coconut cream pie, I didn’t recognize many of the ingredients listed. Well thank God for the internet which helped me make some sense of what, exactly, I was putting into my body. For example:

Glucono-Delta-Lacone: I didn’t really need the internet for this one. As any true fan of scifi will tell you, this is a sector of space on the far side of the Pegasus Galaxy.

Flavor: Rrrright. I suppose they mean “artificial flavor“.

Artificial flavor: No, wait. I thought this was covered under “flavor”. Unless “flavor” and “artificial flavor” are two completely different things. Am I to assume then that “flavor” is natural as opposed to artificial and, if it is natural, why the need to list it in the ingredients? Isn’t that like saying: “This Snickers bar contains peanuts and the taste of peanuts?”

Polysorbate 60: Presumably after their first 59 tries, they got it right with the new and improved version 60!

Vanillin: Not, under any circumstances, to be confused with vanilla.

Esters of fatty acid: Not even the internet was able to help me out on this one. All I hope is that Ester isn’t the name of a person.

Propylene glycol aliginate: Not sure but I suspect that while explosive in its liquid state, in its solid state it proves both inert AND tasty.

Maltol: Here’s what wikipedia has to say about this delectable little addition – “Maltol is natural organic compound used primarily as a flavor enhancer. It is found in the bark of larch tree, in pine needles, and in roasted malt.” (I’m praying for malt over pine needles and larch bark. But wait! There’s more!) “Harold D. Foster, PhD, notes research that suggests that maltol, especially as an aluminum-maltolate complex, damages the blood-brain barrier and so increases the ease with which aluminum, mercury and other toxins reach the brain. Aluminum neurotoxicity has been implicated, somewhat controversially, in the genesis of Alzheimer’s disease.” – I couldn’t help but share this interesting little tidbit with my fellow diners, after which everyone mysteriously lost their appetites and the remaining two-thirds of leftover cake was set aside for later consideration. And by later consideration, I mean disposal.

Sodium alginate: Wikipedia says – “when extracted from the cell walls of brown algae, is used by the foods industry to increase viscosity and as an emulsifier.” – Brown algae. ’Nuff said.

Agar: Again, I defer to wikipedia – “Agar is a gelatinous substance chiefly used as a culture medium for microbiological work. It is an unbranched polysaccharide obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae or seaweed.” YUM! Oh, and – “It can be used as a laxative…” Hopefully not in this case.

Methylcellulose: Apparently, like cellulose, it’s not toxic, not allergenic, and not digestible. I could say the same for the pie as a whole.

Finally, a warning on the label alerts the unwary to the possibility that the pie “may contain milk, egg, fish oil, nuts, peanuts and sesame.” Fish oil?!

So, a big thumbs down on the coconut cream pie although it did prove an almost spot-on replica of the real thing. Plus, whatever lab technicians assembled this baby did a really nice job in blending together the flavor AND artificial flavor. You could really taste the microcrystalline cellulose!

Overall, a disappointing dining experience although I wouldn’t dismiss this place entirely. I have eaten here before and enjoyed some excellent meals in the past.

Apologies. No mailbag today as I have to humor Fondy by accompanying her to Conquitlam to check out some pug puppies. Also, I have to gear up for the series finale of The Sopranos. So to tide you over, here are pics of the meal in addition to select art department designs for some upcoming season four eppies.

89 thoughts on “June 10, 2007

  1. Joe! Any chance of seeing either Sgt. Stackhouse or Bates again? I love Stack, and Bates is a wonderful foil.

  2. The coconut cream pie does sound pretty scary, but you’ve probably had agar before. Yes, it’s made from seaweed, but vegans/vegetarians like it because it’s a good non-animal product gelatin base. It’s called kanten in Japanese and I think the Chinese simply call it agar agar. C’mon, I consider you sort of honorary Asian — you should know this already!

    And could you maybe post the recipe for the garlic stir fried eggplant? Is there soy sauce involved? My mom makes fried eggplant with soy sauce and garlic powder (yeah I don’t know why she uses garlic powder either), but of course I can never make mine taste like hers.

    The ribs look fantastic.

  3. Hey Joe!

    I don’t mean to bother you, but I just finished watching the Spacey Awards and I had to say congrats! Of course, I voted for McKay and SGA as my fave character and TV show. Then I sit on my couch and get ready to hear BSG being named the fave TV show and Jack Bauer taking fave character, as has been the pattern in previous years.

    When they said SGA took both, I fell off my couch, freaked out and had my entire family racing in to see if somebody had broken into our house.

    Say congratulations to everybody for me, please, and that you all totally deserve the awards! And everybody’s acceptance speeches were hilarious (“In your face Jack Bauer!” LOL David is the best, the absolute best). It’s obvious that everybody loves working together and everybody gets along so well. Everybody wrestling over the award and Joe F. jumping on Jason as a last resort was hilarious.

    So, a big congrats, and even if we can’t help with the ratings very much, I hope this proves that you guys have very supportive fans up here in Canada.

    Have a good night!

  4. Hi Joe:

    In reviewing the last few weeks, I have to say Stargate fans certainly have strong opinions! That can be a good thing as long as we respect each other.

    I was surprised to hear in the season four preview vid that it was felt the show hadn’t gelled. Obviously I have no idea what steps you guys have taken to fix whatever it was you thought wasn’t working. However, given that the cast has been tinkered with, I would like to say that I really enjoyed both the main and secondary cast in the first three seasons. I’m not happy with the cast changes, but will wait to see how they play out. This leads me to my Elizabeth questions:

    1) Will we hear anything about her in the second part of the preview? (I think it was mentioned it has 2 parts)
    2) Any chance we’ll get Elizabeth in that last episode that hasn’t been filled yet? Depending on what you’ve done with the character, maybe an AU of some sort would work.

    Have a good week,


  5. Okay! That is disturbing on very many levels! I’m never eating store-bought Coconut Cream Pie again! (not that I think I actually have, but STILL!)

    Anyhow, just here to offer my congrats to ya’ll on winning Favorite TV Show for the Spacey Awards.

  6. Our dog, Patch, passed away about an hour and a half ago.

    She was a rescue animal. We adopted her in 1994 and she was already somehwere between one or two years old when we got her, so she was getting on in years — we’ve been expecting the end for months now. I’m sad, but at the same time kind of relieved …

    Pictures of my “sister” …

    Anyway, your blog’s cheered me up a bit, as it often does — thank you.

  7. God, that pie sounds simply terrifying. I’m hoping it wasn’t tested on animals…

  8. Joe,
    Tony, alive or dead?
    Earlier in the season Tony had a conversation when he said you would never even see it coming, you would never even know what happened.
    Somebody said since this scene was shot “third person limited” Tony is gone. Do you agree with this and what was your take on the ending? Great or wimpy?

  9. Wolfen, I’m so sorry about Patch. You have my condolences.

    Joe, an Ester is an combination of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid…uh…well, I don’t want to insult your intellegence or anything, but let’s just say that an alcohol in this case is anything that has an oxygen bonded to a hydrogen (like water, but one of the hydrogens is replaced with a carbon/hydrogen chain), while the fatty acids would be the carboxylic acids, where you also have an OH group, but attached to the carbon that’s attached to that group is also a double bonded oxygen.

    When the alcohol come together with a carboxylic acid, one of the OH groups and one of the other H form water, while the rest ends up as an Ester. It’s mostly used in perfumes and certain foods because of its aroma. It’s present in A LOT of food, actually, including some chocolates, I believe, so no worries.

    Here’s the wiki on esters:


    Finally, a question: any word on where Amanda Tapping will be placed in the opening credits? Will she take the place of Weir? Beckett? Or will she be placed elsewhere altogether?


  10. Would it be possible to have a pic of Kavan Smith on your blog? There aren’t enough pics of him, in my opinion…

  11. Kelly reads the list of ingredients on the bag of pizza flavoured chips she’s eating

    “Monotrifectaglucozorbata-what? Oh, dear.” 🙁


    PS: Congrats on the Spacey award wins!

  12. Re: Sopranos, geez, they make me sit through all that talk-talk-talk (okay and 1 squish) and end it like that? I feel so cheated. What did you think?

    I’m so glad about the Spacey’s. I hope the SGA bits are put on-line somewhere!

  13. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    1: Same No. 1 question as two days ago except; the Rainbow=Ford.
    2: Have you ever been or going to NZ? The Air Marshall said it’s a nice country. (Air Marshall = Lt. Gen.)
    3: As well as Asian anime, how do you feel about Asian movies and your favourite?
    4: So you guys can’t accept a freelancer like me. So do I have to join something in order to become a writer?

    Sorry for the lengthy comment,


  14. Oh thank God my mum bakes hor cakes.. And i love themmmmm =).. We’re not buying cakes..

    Esters of fatty acid: Not even the internet was able to help me out on this one. All I hope is that Ester isn’t the name of a person.

    Oh my Esters, my reaction between alcohol and acid.. had to learn that for college..


  15. Hey Joe,
    Does Peter Deluise have a blog site?? Is he out of the picture as far as Directing anymore Episodes of SG-1 / Atlantis?

  16. I’m wondering how the timeline is going to work with the SG1 Movies and Atlantis S4 with Carter being a full-bird. I’d assume Ark of Truth would come before s4, unless there is a long period of time between Unending and Ark of Truth in which Carter can get promoted and take command of Atlantis for a bit, but then what about Mitchell’s rank? And is Atlantis s3 happening at the same time or close to as SG1 s10 or are they a fair bit out of whack? It’s all so confusing, help me clear it up 🙂

  17. Wolfen, I’m so sorry about your dog, Patch. 🙁

    May she rest in peace. {{hug}}

  18. Just read some news about Keller.
    A love interest?

    Please say it is: Keller has a crush on McKay-but McKay don’t want it. I would love to see that. Maybe have some bickering-bring on a sort of Carson/McKay dynamic back.

  19. Hiya Joe,

    I should say kudos to Fondy for those ribs. They certainly look delicious even if you said the meat was a tad bit tough.

    I’ve never had coconut cream pie but I can imagine that it’d be filled with various articial enhancers including things that could impede fertility mainly because well, Canada isn’t exactly coconut country…

    (by the way – agar agar is actually Malaysian/Indonesian for jelly – I just read namiko’s comment).

    Regarding late running guests, well you should have told them 6pm! We do that with people we know who are notorious late runners! It’s a common trait amongst Malaysians (and I can say this because I’m formerly one).

    I wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon that MGM vid with some sort of interviews with yourself and Paul. It leaves me rather excited (not that I’m not already) about Season 4 as I really like the idea of different character interactions and character moments. I hope to see more of Rachel/Teyla.

    I do love the uniforms and anytime the cast are ok to post for your cameras, do swing them by your blog!

    Questions… well, I was wondering if you guys got any new sets for S4? I mean the new Puddlejumper (the bigger one) appeared in S2 and I’m constantly in awe of the various sets.

    Take care – enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  20. Hi Joe Mallozzi !

    Why on the video Carter is wearing a jacket with RED stripes ?
    Isn’t she military ?

  21. I’d always thought that “natural flavors” was a silly thing to say on an ingredients list. Shouldn’t one assume that the flavor of the ingredients are included with the ingredients? Ah, but apparently “natural flavors” simply means “flavors that come from nature”. In many cases, this means some variety of soy. Which I find endlessly aggravating, because I’m allergic to soy, and unless the list specifies that “natural flavors” is something else (and it could easily be just about anything), I assume it’s soy. Most sugary drinks, for instance, have this. “The natural flavor of cherry is soy?” I wonder, looking at a box of Capri Sun. Amazing. Evidently soy is the natural flavor of everything from orange to cinnamon.

    And now you’ve made me look at the ingredients of my delicious Henry Weinhard’s Orange Cream. Glycerol ester of wood rosin…yum. And what exactly is brominated vegetable oil? More than likely, knowing my luck, soy.

  22. At last! My knowledge of chemistry is coming in handy! I knew it would one day. 😛
    An ester is a type of chemical compound (in case you don’t know what a compound is, it’s a substance of two or more elements bonded together. If you don’t know what an element is, check out the periodic table) which is made in a reaction between an alcohol (not just the stuff you drink – it is a molecule containing a hydroxyl group – which is hydrogen and oxygen bonded together) and an acid. The reaction, oddly enough, is called esterification. Fatty acid esters form fats.
    Esters are usually sweet smelling, and are what gives many fruits and perfumes their smell. (Also solvents like glue and nail polish remover)
    Hope that clears it up a bit! 🙂

  23. Hi !!

    On the video you said ” One of the nice things the Carter character gives us is she’s so multifaceted. She doesn’t have to be stuck behind a desk even though she’s the leader of Atlantis. She has a military background so she can go out on ops and on the other hand, she’s got the science background so when McKay and Zelenka are sort of trading gobbledygook, she can get right in there with them.”

    “Doesn’t have to be stuck behind a desk” ???? Liz didn’t HAVE TO be stuck behind her desk. She has a political and linguist background, she could have done everything that Daniel Jackson is doing in SG1, she could have gone with the team to negotiate alliance and so much more. We always hoped that you would write her that way, but it never came !!
    I didn’t think you could hurt Weir fans even more ! I was wrong !

    And I have nothing against Carter, I’m a fan since the beginning and will always be, it’s just that I won’t be able to watch her play Elizabeth Weir ! She totally could be a part of Atlantis without destroying another beloved character .

    Thank you

  24. I’m with you about late people. I’m always early (which is just as annoying), but it bugs me when people are not only late, but considerably late (which I consider to be over 30 minutes).

    My dinner on Saturday was with a fellow early-type. We said 6:30pm, but at 6:20pm we were both there. My friend’s comment, “It is so nice to set up a dinner with another early person. Late people drive me crazy!”

    Sadly, I suspect my dinner was worse than your Sunday night fare. I fear that I shall never find decent Tex-Mex in the Atlanta area.

  25. Joe!!

    Tell everyone a huge congrats to the wins on Spacey Awards…
    Really great…
    Fun to watch and it looks like everyone gets along great and have so much fun working together..

  26. JOE

    Hmmmh… equivalent to spam distributers!!! That’s really really low.. Arn’t you a TV producer? You are a rare character indeed….

    A question .. On Atlantis they don’t seem to be too worried about the Ori Threat to Earth.. Why would that be?

    The Pie did look discussing.. But I’m sure the conversation around your table made up for its deficiencies..

    Take Care


  27. Hi Joe:

    How did you like the series finale of the Sopranos? Did you feel that it was a fitting end to such a great show? As a fan I have to say I did enjoy it but at the same time the end left me feeling unfulfilled. I understand what they were trying to do but I really, really wanted an ending…

    Congratulations on winning two Spacey Awards last night. David’s speech as well as the entire cast’s acceptance speech for best TV Show was awesome. I also enjoyed the opening intro for the Spacey Awards featuring the SGA Team. Great stuff!

    Have a wonderful day!

  28. If Sheppard stole Ronan’s gun and hit hid it and Ronan found out, What would he do to Sheppard?

    Could you get Sheppard Ronan’s gun?

  29. Hey Joe, question, any outdoor scences you shoot for SG1 or SGA, do you guys have to get a permit for it, or are you just running around the woods? Thanks Joe.

  30. I sure hope Fondy doesn’t read your blog or you were less forthcoming w/ your evaluation of her cooking. Look at the love in her eyes as she smiles into the camera for you!! Sometimes husbands just need to lie!!! It’s completely acceptable! Not about everything – but how’s the dinner lie is ok.

    Thanks for a great post once more. You had me laughing w/ the pie breakdown. Don’t you just love Costco though? Or any of those giant stores? I go in for paper towel and come out after $300 w/o really understanding what i just purchased. heh.

  31. confused said: “Why on the video Carter is wearing a jacket with RED stripes? Isn’t she military?”
    I assume you’re new to Atlantis, so let me explain it:
    The red is the color for the base commander (Elizabeth always wears a red shirt while on duty).
    Medical team uses yellow, science team blue, etc.
    The idea of having shirts or stripes or something of a certain color according to what department that person belongs to (medical, mantainance, supply, operations, etc) is not new. The military does it it in real life (the US Navy, at least, in the aircraft carriers decks).

    In Atlantis everybody uses a color according to the department they belong to, no matter whether the person is civilian or military.

  32. Sheesh… Yeah those food terms are kinda deadly when you think about it.

    I can help you out with “Esters” actually (against my will, chemistry is compulsory when doing my Biological Sciences university course… mighty handy while watching House and sci-fi.)

    Esters (from experience of making them in the lab) is basically a chemical compound mixture. Esters are mainly used as food additives to add flavour and improve smell to make it more appealing.

    Oh, did you know that the esters, they use concentrated sulfuric acid in some of them? 😀 Yes… I used that stuff to make an ester that smelt and tasted like rum (not that I dared to try it.)

    Its like a fairly common saying here in Australia: Tastes good, but…

    Anyway, I need to cram for some exams.

    Keep on rocking!


  33. So, I’m interested to read your take on the Sopranos’ finale. I’ve been sick of little AJ since season one, so to see so much of the finale center around him was disappointing. I’m still re-thinking the final scene. Obviously, it was to make the audience think and imagine all sorts of build ups, and since the reality could never equal what I was imagining, I guess what was broadcast was just plain genius…now that I think of it, the next day. Last night, my initial reaction was, “wow, that was disappointing”. What did you think?

  34. Hi Joe, that Coconut Cream Pie sounds too close to ‘Soylent Green’ for my liking.
    I would avoid eating something that even a Chemist would have to look up!!

  35. Hi Joe,

    Since you didn’t answer questions from yesterday I hope you don’t mind my asking my question again.

    Will there be any team members crossing over for an episode of Atlantis in season 4 besides the one that you confirmed for Teal’c? I thought that in one of your previous blogs you talked about a crossover episode that was going to be alot of fun.
    Thanks Joe

  36. Joe,
    I hope you don’t mind my touching base with you about something that is really bothering me. Now that SG1 as a series has ended I’m concerned about certain character arcs not being completed. I’m not concerned about Cam or Vala because they are new to the show. I feel like Jack’s arc was completed when he was promoted to General and I’m very glad that Sam is being promoted to Full Bird and will run Atlantis. That leaves Daniel and Teal’c. Even though they are not military they still have arcs that need to be completed. Since Daniel and Teal’c will not be in the new series or regulars on Atlantis has Brad or Rob taken into consideration that their characters need some form of completion too?

  37. Hey Joe,

    I’m the “mysterious Jim” of whom you speak. Daniel’s Chocolates did not have an option for a gift message on their website, so I asked them to include a little note, keeping it short and sweet.

    In all honesty, I attempted to send you a nice bar of the Amedei Chuao 70%, through Amazon.com; but the pesky exportation of foods products laws and tarrifs from the US to Canada hindered that.

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the Daniel’s in it’s stead! They’re headquartered in Vancouver, so that made it easy.

    Jim Taylor
    Berlin, NJ

  38. I see Fondy uses Henckels! Great choice. I have a collection of Henckels and the new Katana series knives from Calphalon. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for new cutlery in the future.

    Perhaps Costco adds the multiple layers of “flavor” to the Coconut Cream Pie so that you don’t realize that you’re actually eating modified algae. Just a thought.

  39. Joe,

    When (not if – I’m an optimist) the word comes down about the Season 5 renewal, how soon do you think you’ll start breaking the season?


  40. Dear Joe,
    Congrats on the show winning the Spacey’s award. And to David as well. Eventhough I also like Hiro as favorite character, I was really glad to see David win. They, everyone, deserves it. I loved how David and the cast (DavidH,DavidN,Rachel,Joe and Jason) accepted their rewards. VERY funny.

  41. I don’t watch The Sopranos, but I read the news article on last night’s developments just so I’d know what you were talking about in your next blog, Joe. However, since I’m traveling across the state to fetch The Nephew, and my brother only has ::shudder:: dial-up, it will be Tuesday afternoon before I can get back to my usual obsessive blog-checking. I’ve tried to read your blog at his house before, but your usually enjoyable photos are a problem in that situation, so this time I won’t even try. A little restraint will be good for me.

  42. Joe: You woudl not answer this in the past but now that it has been made official that Carter is a “full-bird Colonel” on SGA can you please tell us when it happens in AoT or Continuum? I also would like to know if she will once again take over sole lead of SG-1 in the movies as she should and leave this co-lead nonsense behind?

    Thank you very much.

  43. You, sir, are a very brave man. Are you planning on eating again or are you just going to be wearing one of Fondy’s experimental marinades next time she makes dinner. Does she read this blog??

  44. Please post pictures of the pug puppies! You just know you’re gonna come back with one right?!

  45. *hugs Wolfen* sorry about Patch.

    Very discourteous to be late,I wouldn’t bother inviting them again.

  46. What’s up with all the food pics? I’m getting mad b/s I can’t touch it! It’s just like “Ex-Factor”, Lauryn Hill’s song: “…It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard…”. It’s a sweet distraction…

    Also have you ever heard of an “urban fanstasy” genre?

  47. Good day!
    If a Wraith were to suck the life force out of a heroin addict, do you think he would let go right away as to say “that guy tastes like a Costco bought coconut cream pie”?

    thanks for reading my silliness

  48. Hi Joe,

    two questions: 1) will Mitchell be promoted to full bird Colonell as well, and take over a sole lead of SG-1 in the movies since Carter is being sent to Atlantis to take over there?

    and 2) we’re having “Family Ties” discussion at Farscape board and some people started discussing the Van Gogh’s painting above Vala’s bed. Was it Vala who chose this reproduction to decorate her room? If she chose that painting herself was it because that deep down inside she is sad and lonely just like Van Gogh used to be?

  49. LOL! Joe, I never thought that I ever would see a reason to say this, but: I am glad we are not married… 😉

  50. Thanks Joe for FINALLY answering my question about the longevity of Vala being a Goa’uld host 🙂 although I expected more detailed information. “Not that long” is too general answer. In comparison to other goa’uld hosts – 10% of their time? Less than 50%?

    BTW, question about Van Gogh’s painting was also from me.

  51. One more question and I’m done with this subject: did Vala’s goa’uld host period took time during these 20 years mentioned by her father in “Family Ties” episode?

  52. 1. Regarding the Q&A about Ronon’s rank:

    There are no commissioned “specialist” ranks in the four real-world US military branches’ officer corps.

    In the RW US Army, a specialist is a non-com, ranking between private /airman and sergeant. The other services don’t use “specialist”.

    So, either Ronon’s rank has been deemed commissioned military by the (fictional) IOC, or he is actually a civilian employee with a unique rank that is equivalent to commissioned rank in the RW US armed forces.

    (Sorry, had to learn the ranks when I worked for American Red Cross, Armed Forces Emergency Services.)

    2. “Answer: When have you ever known me to kid? What’s wrong with Rise of the Googlions? Is it the “Rise of” you object to?”

    As long as no one mis- spells /prounounces Death Glider…*grin*

    3. “Sopranos” finale, end scene:
    I saw the sense of it, but Beloved Husband, the original fan in the house, felt cheated.

  53. PS–Adding my congrats on Spaceys awards! Can’t find results online at this time, will look again later.

  54. OMG — JOE: Ban the nut now. How do you stand this incessant BS over and over and over. You answered for cripe sake — but OMG your answer is not good enough!!!! I myself am on the egde if insanity from it — I don’t know how you do it, AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Can I have some of what you are smoking as I have to assume that must be the only way you can possibly stand this tripe.

  55. Oh and I’d like to join in the question about when Carter becomes Full Bird and takes over as leader of SG-1 where she belongs. Does the promotion happen in Ark of Truth or Continuum (this will also factor into whether I bother buying AoT as there doesn’t seem much to entice a person other than a few tidbits here and there but having Carter in charge of SG-1 where she belongs would go a long way to my considering to buy AoT. My guess is that she will be leader of SG-1 for one or both movies to at least rectify that huge mistake while there is still time.

  56. Congratulations on the Spacey awards for favourite show and favourite actor (David Hewlett).

    Which office will have the honour of housing the award for the show?

  57. “BTW, question about Van Gogh’s painting was also from me.”

    Joe are you surprised – not sure anyone would be.

  58. So, I’ve seen the MGM preview and have to wonder why it seems you writers think the way to improve and develop Teyla is to have her romance one of the leads. Why can’t Teyla stand on her own? Let’s see who she really is, and what sort of leader she makes. Last thing I want to see is how much she pleases someone else, and how happy she is in love (oooh, just hear the violins!). That isn’t the way to make a strong woman interesting.

  59. Joe –

    A couple of posts back, I asked if you had seen any of the BBC’s “Planet Earth” series. You said you hadn’t.

    Here’s a website about the series. I got the chance to watch more of it this weekend. It is very cool, if you like nature shows, which I do.


    Hope the link works. It was a long one to try and paste in.

    Of course, nature shows may not be your thing. But, if they are, it would be worth it to check this series out. You know, in all that free time you have….


  60. Congratulations to Atlantis winning a Spacey for Favorite TV Show Spacey and to David Hewlett for his Rodney McKay as Favorite TV Character. Will you somehow get that Spacey award in a scene on Atlantis? It does kinda look like an Asgard and could have been a present to McKay from Hermiod.

  61. If you want a good laugh, Joe, you should head over to Our Stargate forum (and I love whoever gave the link to that crazy place) and see the sour grapes. They are upset that Shanks didn’t get the shot to be on Stargate: Atlantis.

    Whoever decided Tapping should go did a very wise thing. She and her character are popular and, from what I’ve heard, she plays fairly behind the scenes. A real team player and all around sweet gal.

    Looking forward to Tapping and Carter on Stargate: Atlantis.

  62. I’m notorious about lateness, it’s just a caribbean thing, I follow polychronic time. We’re late to even funerals. Those things never start on time. ^_^ They normally give us 2 hour leeway to get to an event.

    On another note: Congrats JM!!! I heard you guys won the spacey and to people totally deserving. Great show for the past 3 or so years, and hopefully more for as long as we can get. I’m extremely happy where it’s going. I love the team, I love the team dynamic, and I really like the writing (even if I have my probs with some characters). Great job done. I can’t say it enough. Obviously my post yesterday was a bit predestined I guess. 😀

    Great job and keep up the great work…as I’m sure you will. With all the great stuff I’m here, changes wise, you’ll probably come out sweeping Spacey’s 2008. 😀

  63. Congratulations to Atlantis for winning a Spacey for Favorite TV Show Spacey and to David Hewlett for his Rodney McKay as Favorite TV Character. Will you somehow get that Spacey award in a scene on Atlantis? It does kinda look like an Asgard and could have been a present to McKay from Hermiod.

    Agar is used to make kanten. I love kanten, kind of like a Japanese version of Jello. Having no flavor itself, you can add whatever flavorings you want. I use almond or lemon flavoring.

    Have you ever had almond float for dessert at a Chinese restaurant? That’s made with agar.

  64. Just checked out SGA’s Season Three DVD date(s). I’m curious. Why hasn’t there been any featurette on Joe F.? Doesn’t he want to do one?

  65. HA HA HA i loved your pie explanations! I like the SG1 episode where vala says one of the ingredients would make a good alien name.

    I know you dont normally take picture requests but David hewlett mentioned a new Gear Room set, any chance of some pictures if you are down in that area?

  66. Okay, I’m nothing if not tenacious! So, Ba’al – SGA – great idea, right? He’s funny, he’s super smart, and he’s wonderfully devious. What do you think? He could hijack the gate bridge! He could collaborate with Dr. McKay on a way to defeat the Replicators. Ba’al and McKay – now that would be a riot!

    My 2Cents on the Sopranos finale. I think Tony was killed. It refers back to something that Bobby said before he died … that everything goes black before you die. Everything went black – Tony is dead!

    And one other thing, does anyone notice the parallels between the Wraith and vampires? I’m geeking out here … but maybe all the Pegasus Galaxy needs is an ultra-hip blond teenager named Buffy. Yes, I’m nuts, but I’ve totally been noticing parallels lately between BTVS and SGA. (Yes, I’m nuts!)

  67. A year-long intensive organic chemistry course will clear that fear of food labels right up. Can I recommend Che118 at University of California? Here, have my textbook.

  68. Hi Joe !

    Congrats for the spaceys, to all the cast and crew !

    – What means “googlions” please ?

    I’m french and, apparently it’s something controversial, I’d just like to be filled in on this one !

    You looked nice on the season 4 promo video, but WHERE THE HELL was your tie ? you always wear one but not on TV interview ! I feel you’re a rebel guy, aren’t you ?


  69. just watched your interview for priview to season 4.

    It all looks realy exciting, i cant wait!!!!


  70. anonymous said:
    If you want a good laugh, Joe, you should head over to Our stargate forum (and I love whoever gave the link to that crazy place) and see the sour grapes. They are upset that Shanks didn’t get the shot to be on Stargate: Atlantis.

    Wow Joe what an insulting post! I’m sure you have better things to do with your time (unlike this poster) than to check out all of the boards that’s upset about whatever. This poster must have inside information because I didn’t even know that Michael was interested in doing Atlantis. I believe in one of your previous blogs you said that Michael and Chris are looking forward to moving ahead with “Rage Of Angels”.

    It really bothers me when someone gets their jollies trying to cause problems between two separate fan groups. I’m a huge Amanda/Sam fan but when I see another Sam/Amanda fan resort to bashing one of the other actors through a site that the actor has no control over it really ticks me off! Posting crap like that on Joe’s blog is insulting to other Sam fans, to Michael’s fans, and it’s especially insulting to Joe. To assume that Joe is immature enough to take the time out of his busy day to visit all of the boards that stoop to actor bashing is ridiculous. Please GROW UP!!!!

  71. On further reflection… on one hand the Sopranos finale sucked, but on another, my anxiety on Tony’s behalf was palpable every moment, so they must have done something right. I guess in retrospect it was good to see life going on. I just expected an actual ending, and we didn’t get that.

  72. Repeat from yesterday:

    I’m curious too. TVShowsOnDVD.com lists Season 3 of Atlantis as being available on Sept. 18 (region 1 i suppose). It listed the audio commentaries for the episodes, but it appeared as if none of the actors have made commentaries for season 3. Is that correct? There are no commentaries with the actors for the season 3 DVD box set?

  73. Hi Joe,

    I think I remember you saying you enjoyed horror movies. Do you have a favorite? Do you enjoy the “B” horror movies?



  74. Hey!

    Rumor has it that Lucasfilm is now looking for writers for the live action TV series bridging the gap between Episodes III and IV.

    Send them your resume! You’d be great!

  75. foolishpleasure said: “So, I’ve seen the MGM preview and have to wonder why it seems you writers think the way to improve and develop Teyla is to have her romance one of the leads.”

    How come a simple hug automatically means Teyla has a romance with John? So everytime you give or receive a hug it means you are having a romance with the other person?

    I guess the writers will have to put every character in different rooms from now on, because it seems that if a character looks at another one for more than one nanosecond, some fans think they wrote romance between the two of them.

    It’s laughable beyond words.

  76. Wow, congrats to David Hewlet and SGA!!! Two Spacey awards. 😀 Yippee! I laughed so hard when I watched the vid today, please pass along to the cast that they are fun to watch even as themselves.

    Okay, for a completely different subject. Speaking as a family member of a loyal Costco employee, I must needs ask all of you to cease and desist in the bashing of this wonderful company! If you don’t it might hurt my feelings and I might cry. Seriously, I know I always spend more than I ought when I go in there, but it’s such a great place I can’t help it! Very funny pie story Joe!

  77. Should I start a new World of Warcraft Character or level one of the other two I have higher than 40?

  78. I had never heard of that “our stargate” forum until someone mentioned it several weeks ago. I don’t remember who posted at that time about those people bashing Amanda Tapping, but you were right. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s a shame there are fans like that. They give the fandom a bad name.

    What’s even worse is that this behavior is allowed by the moderators from that forum.

  79. As bad as you think Our Stargate is I have actually seen alot worse. I have seen Rob bashed almost daily on Gateworld. I have seen Joe bashed almost daily on Gateworld. I have seen Michael bashed on a Ben Browder sight by those who are suppose to be modding. I have seen Amanda bashed by Farscape fans that’s 100 times worse than Our Stargate. My point is that while you are focusing on one forum you must not notice all of the bashing on lots of forums that goes on daily…and yes it’s very sad.

  80. Hi Joe:

    how come my comment about that same forum wasn’t posted. I put one in the other day and you didn’t post it so I thought maybe you thought it was insulting or something but compared to the ones you have posted mine was tame.

    I said that I went to that forum after reading some comments here made earlier on and what a hoot it was over there. Well I thought was that it was terrible and sad not funny. It is horrible what they say and how they behave there. To personally bash the actress the way they do is such bad form and it is embarrassing to Mr. Shanks that this is the type of fan base he has to deal with. My gosh if I was Mr. Shanks I’d ask those “fans” at that site to please exit stage right as I think I would be better off with no fans than such small-minded mean fans.

  81. Darn you and your cute photos of pugs, Joe! I’ve actually started entertaining thoughts of fostering or even adopting one … which means I’d have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to my three cats.

    What does the Magic 8 ball say about prospect of Dr. Janet Fraiser appearing in “Continuum”? Brad Wright promised us “dead characters” would return and I’m all fired-up about the comeback of the nastiest Goa’uld ever, Nirrti (she’d kill your @$$ for a nickel and give you 4 cents change). But to go back to “old” Stargate Command and not see “much-loved, sorely missed” characters from the early seasons? That would be a buzz kill.

    Mind you, “Continuum” is the movie on which I pin my hopes. Spoilers for “Ark of Truth” fail to stir my pulse … which could be said for the entire Ori storyline, I’m afraid.

  82. Do you honestly think that those few fans is Michael’s entire fan base? I hope your kidding when you say that Michael should do something about it. Should Ben stop a handful of his fans from bashing Michael? Should Amanda stop her fans that bash Claudia, Ben and Michael? I mean seriously it’s obvious to me that you have an agenda. Like I said before I am a huge Amanda/Sam fan but it really ticks me off when I see other Sam fans stoop to the same level. Amanda/Sam is being bashed right now by Atlantis fans and in the last 2 years has been bashed by Ben and Claudia’s fans and yet you are only targeting a tiny handful of Daniel fans. Why? You can come across as nice as you want but the agenda is still there and Joe knows it.

    And please don’t come back on Joe’s blog acting like Sam fans are innocent. Since I am a Sam fan I know exactly what’s going on…Sock Puppets and all!

  83. hello!!
    Do you like play with Richard dean anderson and amanda tapping??
    How are they like?


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