“The trick is to breathe through your nose,”the dental assistant advised me as I bit down on the molding. “And if you start feeling nauseous, try lifting your arms.” And avoid throwing up in your mouth, I wanted to add but, of course, I was unable to do so what with the fact that my jaw was effectively sealed shut. After a couple of minutes, she wrestled the plastic mold from my teeth and proclaimed this session “Almost done.” Almost? I’d been in the chair for close to two hours being poked, prodded, and drilled. “I’m just going to pop out and feed the meter,”I told her, moving to get up. “This’ll only take a couple of minutes,”she informed me. I eased back into my seat and waited. And, true to her word, a couple of minutes later I was done. Just in time to stroll out to my car and pick up the $30 ticket sitting on my windshield.

I returned to work, my mouth still frozen from the anesthetic. I could barely talk, much less manage a sip of water. If our office assistant Lawren hadn’t been kind enough to chew my food for me, I probably would‘ve had to skip lunch. I was like the Joker from that first crappy Batman movie, ghoulishly expressionless. And, to be perfectly honest, I kind of liked it.

Well, it turns out today is my wedding anniversary. That’s May 23rd and not March 23rd as I’d previously assumed. I, of course, can be excused for making such a simple mistake because I‘m a busy guy, but shame on any of you who forgot that Fondy and I were married exactly eight (or nine) years ago today. We’ll be celebrating tonight by going to dinner at the award-winning Bishops after which we’ll head back home for a nice romantic evening of port, dessert, and the second half of that Terry Pratchett book I’m reading.

The mailbag will return tomorrow at its regularly scheduled time. To tide you over, how about some pics: fan chocolates from New Zealand, Don Davis appreciates some fine dark chocolate, setting up a sparring sequence.

88 thoughts on “May 23, 2007

  1. Congrats to you and Fondy… or should that be commiserations to you once Fondy’s done with you (did you really forget?!! *tsk*)

    Thanks huge amounts for the pics… I love sparring scenes! 😀

  2. Hiya Joe,

    Congrats on 8 or 9 years… you know, as a female myself, I can say in all honesty that jewellery is always a fine gift (in case you’re contemplating last minute surprises!)

    When do you all (ie cast and crew) take your summer break from filming? I’m highly anticipating the next season though I know that it’s a long way to go…

    Chocs from NZ – oh yummy! You are a lucky guy to have sampled choc from so many countries.

    Re the dentist – grumble grumble! It’s really not that bad… at least you didn’t throw up!

    Wanted to say – love the Shanks pics previously – he’s a lovely looking man. Hope you like the adventures of Rincewind. I love all the wizards of the Unseen University myself… and let us know if you want more recommendations of Pratchett stuff.

    Personally all his stuff is great and there is no need to read in sequence but I’d highly recommend Reaper Man (Death takes a holiday there…) and Thief of Time (Death’s granddaughter is involved).

  3. As it so happens, today is my wedding anniversary, as well. You and Fondy are practically newlyweds; my husband and I have been married for 20 years!

    Enjoy your dinner, dessert and book. And many more happy anniversaries to you both!

  4. Ohh a great day today then! Enjoy the choccies from NZ (looks scrumptious!) and enjoy the special night out. I expect we’ll be seeing some fine food? or is the camera going to be forgotten today?

    Bad luck at the dentist’s. Sometign that needs to be takien care of and more painful it seems this time in more ways than physical. At least the joker-est look fits in with your supervillian reputation.

  5. I feel for you with the dentist, i recently had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth and some jaw bone removed.
    had no tasty food for 2 weeks, i think the lack of food hurt more.
    Get well soon, Cheers Chris.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Joe!

    And rock on to Continuum….now THAT is the way Stargate is supposed to be! More please!

  7. Hi Joe:

    What a way to spend an anniversary, in the dentist’s chair. Congrats on being married for 8 or 9 years. I have the perfect anniversary gift. A foot rub for Fondy. Nothing feels better than having your feet looked after by the man you love.

    Best wishes,


  8. Happy anniversary to you and Fondy, Joe! There’s some rather declicious cake (chocolate, of course) left over from my parents’ 25th yesterday, so I mentally send some your way. =P Here’s to many more eight or nine years…es. *grin*

    “…try lifting your arms.”
    Uh…does that actually do anything? All those years I’ve suffered through gag-inducing flouride treatments and I never got that kind of advice from Satan…err…my dentist.

  9. Congrats Joe on your Anniversary! Here’s to you and Fondy and many more! Hope you both have a wonderful evening. Did the pugs get you anything? Kids tend to forget anniversaries…….

  10. When you wrote Season 4 did you take into account what happens in the DVD movies ? I mean what happens in the movies will have an impact on Season 4 ? Do the action in the 2 movies happen before S4 or after or in between ?

  11. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I am moving to Vancouver soon. Can I buy you lunch or dinner sometime this summer? There is one stipulation: that we go somewhere (anywhere) that you have never been before. You can bring a friend.

  12. Congratulations on your eighth or ninth anniversary. 😀

    It is with deepest sympathy that I say better you than me at the dentist. 🙁

  13. Happy anniversary! Let’s hope you were only kidding about the “eight (or nine) years ago” comment. 🙂

  14. what episode is that “sparring scene” from??
    also more shep whump? i want to marry season 4!!:D

  15. I hope you both have a delightful evening. You have my sympathy, I forgot my 10th wedding anniversary this year. My husband didn’t think it too funny, but I had fun making it up to him. Good Luck. Signed fellow busy person (by the way he didn’t buy that excuse either…he mentioned something about priorities?)

    P.S. I loved “Bad Guys”. I think the Vala character makes Daniels character more exciting, and I look forward to seeing Amanda on SGA. I was a bit floored by the axing of Carson Beckett, tsk, but am glad to hear he will be back in future episodes. Have you read any Marion Zimmer Bradley, the Darkover stuff, not the Arthurian novels, if so, which did you like?

  16. Happy anniversary, congratulations! I remember when I was younger, the dentist made molds out of my teeth, he said it was some material made out of seaweed. It didn’t taste like seaweed – it tasted more like what burnt rubber would taste like. Quick question – have you ever considered directing? (inside and/or outside of stargate)

  17. Happy anniversary to you and Fondy! May you have many more years together with lots of laughter and joy.

  18. -absolutely sated by wonderful pictures and the updates on ‘Sins, etc’.-
    Warm fuzzies to all! Congrats! My parents have been married for…I think 22 year? Hm. Well, all I know is that my Great Aunt and Uncle have been married for almost 70 years now. Young couples are so cute ;D

    Glad to hear you’re putting Hewlett to work with great quantity of words for ‘Mortal Coil’. Huzzah for snarcastic techno-babble :D. And give Don a big hug for us in Austin. Is it just me, or do you just have to have a Texan influence in both SGs, eh? When my friends and I were watching ‘Michael’, we almost ruined the carpet from all of the spewed soda. Got him a nice hat, though. We approve ;D.

  19. Joe, technologically speaking how advanced ‘were’ the Satedans before they were wiped out by the Wraith compared to Earth…minus Stargate technology of course.

    10/20/30/40/50 + years etc.

    I personally figure 1980’s, but others have gone back as far as the 50’s.


  20. Happy anniversary!

    What did you think of the Heroes finale?

    Is Peter DeLuise still around? I haven’t heard anyone mention his name in a while.

  21. Joe ~ Omedeto to you and Fondy!!

    Cheeky & Jenn ~ Thank-you both for those excellent explanations of why some of us like whumppage! (*is a hurt/comfort fiend and has been for as long as she can remember*)

    Although I’m confused as to why someone thought that liking whumppage means hating shipping? I’m very fond of both, as are most shippers I know …

    And to all the Jack/Sman haters — you’re certainly entitled to your opinions, your likes & dislikes, but so are the rest of us. And so is Joe, who is a professed Jack/Sam shipper. That may not have any bearing at all on whether Jack/Sam ever get any resolution, and no, I can’t actually speak for Joe, but personally? I don’t see as how you’re telling him how bloody awful you think it is in such a hostile fashion is going to win you any sympathy, sou desu ne? 😉

  22. Oh no … those dental moulds are hellish. I’ve always had a fear of breaking my jaw and/or having to have it wired shut for just the reasons you mentioned. *shudders*

    Don Davis is completely adorable in those photos. Also? Yay for makeup people! Lucky girl. Aaaaand finally: happy anniversary!

  23. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! My ninth anniversary is the 31st. Here’s hoping my husband doesn’t forget (I’ve pointed out the same handbag four times this week, as a gentle reminder)…

  24. Fabulous pictures these past few days. They are always appreciated.

    Happy anniversary! I hope you treat her to something exceedingly special, as I am sure she deserves it.

  25. O yay, CONGRATULATIONS on 8/9 yrs!!
    And thanks for updating, even when you’re busy. Hope your mouth de-numbs:P

  26. Congrats to you and Fondy. And as awesome as PTerry is, put that book down!

    I walk past that chocolate shop sometimes and because I was considering sending you some, my friend assumed that was from me. I will have to find some other Wellington chocolate now. Hmmm…

    Oh, and something my friend Space just showed me… check out the order of starring names here. Go Gary!

    Have fun! And cuddle that Don for me!

  27. Maybe you should suggest the dentist pay the ticket. After all, it is their fault. I was rather annoyed to see I got a ticket the other day for parking in front of my own house, foolishly during the two hours a week they do street cleaning. I can’t wait until I’m allowed to use the garage.

    I do hope Hammond will continue to make his periodic occurrances. Can’t help but like the guy.

    Thanks for the pics, btw. It’s always fun to get the little mini-previews of upcoming eps.

  28. The Nuts to CBS Jericho campaign is up to 12799 lbs of nuts shipped to CBS, and counting !

    All Stargate fans, unite behind Jericho against dumb network decisions like long hiatuses and poor promotion, unite against possible cancellation of your favorite show for poor ratings. Deluge the networks with tons of nuts !

    Long live Stargate Atlantis, Long live Stargate SG1 movies, Long live Jericho !

  29. Congratulations to both you and Fondy. May you spend many, many more 8 (or 9) years together.

  30. Hello and happy anniversary !!

    thanks for the pix it’s always interesting !

    What were the producers motivations to decide that change for Elizabeth Weir in season 4 ?

    Thanks for your attention and the time you’re taking to answer fans questions !

  31. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

    Just also wanted to say the biggest thank you for the pics of Joe…what a treat!!! 🙂

  32. thx so much for takin photos of the set for us. like me living in midland bc i dont get the chance of seeing this. again thx so much keep up the good work, and iam waiting for you movie 🙂

  33. Happy Anniversary to you and Fondy, Joe. March..May…they both begin with M!

    I hate those dental moulds. I had them when I needed crowns made, and yuk, it was unpleasant and made me feel sick. So you have my sympathy there!

    Thanks so much for the pictures. I’m fascinated to know what’s going on in the sparring scene!

  34. Joe,

    Doesn’t your dentist validate? If not, they should.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Fondy.


    PS: Thanks for the pics.

  35. Yes, happy anniversary (well belated at this point) to you both.
    May I be as lucky as you two someday.

    Ah and the dentist is never fun. Personally hate mine but after 3 root canals (and another costly procedure coming) you have got to understand.

    Hope everything ends up well with it.

  36. Happy anniversary, Joe and Fondy –hopefully, with many more such happy occasions to follow!

  37. Congratulations! I hope you have a great day. 🙂
    Thanks for the pictures.

  38. I used to hate the dentist when I was younger. My last one scared the heck out of me, even when I was 8 years old. He and his assistant would practically sit on top of me while doing fillings. He’d call for tools like a surgeon in an OR and drill at my mouth till I nearly choked to death (even with the nose trick). High school though I’d had it and picked a dentist from our family. He doesn’t charge a lot (though he’s waay too good), and if he ever half asphyxiated me… he’d hear about it from the rest of the family. Awesome.

    Happy Aniversary

  39. Salut!!!! Joyeux anniversaire de mariage!!!
    Passez une bonne journée!!!
    A plus tard!

  40. Joe, I’m sure this is your fault. There is a Joe Mallozzi look alike in the law offices next to my apartment. He wears a super villain black suit and everything. When he is standing at the photo copier, he stares into my bedroom.

    I just figured that you have a Hiro from Heroes thing going on in order to pull off the writing gig in Vancouver and the Wellington lawyer thing. Anyway my question is… if I throw some chocolate over onto your fire escape, will you stop staring? Thanks. Maybe I will even chuck over a couple of pugs.

  41. I enjoyed Terry Pratchett’s novels very much but they’ve all run together in my head now – I can’t distinguish them. That said, neither can Terry Pratchett. He was on our table for a scifi/fantasy quiz, and when a question came up about one of his books ours was the only table that got the answer wrong 😀

    Enjoy your anniversary 🙂

  42. Congratulations on your anniversary !
    I hope you had a wonderful time.

    Would you please give some port recommendations ?

    Our dog was diagnosed with cancer the day before our 10th. In the drama of it all we completely forgot the anniversary & spent the day spoiling the dog. In retrospect its the best way we could have spent out time : He died in post op a few day after.

    Every Sat. my husband would walk the dog to an outdoor cafe & buy him a muffin. Which leads me to my next question. What do you feed your dogs ? You mentioned bringing home doggie bags.
    Do they eat anything or are they really picky ?
    My neighbor was manager of a resteraunt. Our dog scared some burglars off her property. After that she completely spoiled the girl on prime meat.I swear the dog ate better than we did.

  43. Happy anniversary to you and Fondy!

    Thanks again for all the great pics and bits and pieces of news.

    Also, thanks as well for all the scifi recs you and everyone else are posting. I’ve now got a long list of books I must get around to reading. My local library is going to love me!!

    Have a fab day!

  44. Will Lt. ford be making any appearances at all in S4 or any beyond that?
    Personally, i would have on Ronon anyway and make him/Ford recurring, and only when they appear in the same episodes together to kind of become an irritant to each other.

    Ultimately, what do you feel went wrong there with that character? If you had the chance, what would you have done about it?

  45. Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for posting those great shots of Sheppard and Ronon, are they working on Doppelganger?

  46. Congrats to you sir! Don’t worry about the date, if it makes you feel any better I almost forgot, and my wife and I have been married 2 years! Got wrapped up in my Season 9 dvd! No not really. Any who, who determins your shooting and airing schedule? You guys or Sci-Fi? And is one dependant on the other? Thanks!

  47. Happy anniversary to you and Fondy! Congratulations. Personally, I only made it as far as six years, so I think you guys are doing well. I’m glad you both found someone to be happy with. 😀

  48. Hi Joe!

    Question: Do you hide Jason Momoa’s tatoo on the show? What are the rules about that? Did he have to ask you before getting the tatoo or did he just do it? And did Rachel Luttrell have to ask you before she got pregnant or did she just do it? Is she pregnant, or is it just Teyla? Anyway, what are the rules for the actors? 🙂

  49. First off Happy Anniversary to you and Fondy. My husband and I just celebrated ours last month. I have to say that I think that I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dentist. It’s a good thing that my kids don’t know that.

    A special thank you for the pictures that you posted yesterday. Seeing pictures of Don Davis in uniform and Michael(drop dead gorgeous)Shanks is very much appreciated. I am extremely excited for both movies and hope that this is not the last of SG1.

    Although I started watching for Rick,it only took a few episodes for me to love the character of Daniel. I’m really,really going to miss him. Thanks to everyone involved for 10 great years of SG1 and best of luck with Atlantis.

  50. My husband and I went back up to Scotland (where we got married) for our second anniversary and stayed for two nights at the hotel where we got married. Hubby very romantically booked us in to eat in the fabulous 2 Michelin star hotel restaurant for a meal on the night of our anniversary… and.. you guessed it, picked the wrong night out of the two! 😆

    Kristine said…
    And did Rachel Luttrell have to ask you before she got pregnant or did she just do it?

    Are you serious? :S

  51. Happy anniversary! After all this time, I’m sure Fondy will forgive your lapse (as it will begin to happen more and more in the coming years). I know because I’ve been married thirty years longer than you (to the same man, imagine), and we’re lucky if either one of us can remember the date.

    Nice pics. You said Don Davis was there for Continuum. What episode is the sparring scene in?

    Blue Rebecca

  52. this is the first time ive actually posted anything so here we go happy anniversary!!! from me donna

  53. hi this is the first time ive actually posted just wanted to wish you happy anniversary
    and i have a question when you have finished wrapping up a season do all the cast and crew have a wrap party at all as i know alot of shows do

  54. Bon anniversaire de mariage Joe.
    Les chocolats ont l’air succulents, j’espère que vous vous êtes régalés.

  55. Hi Joe,
    Happy Anniversary One Day Late! My mom remembered that it was May 23, and I argued it was May 28, like I do every year…She also said you got married in 1998, I’ve decided not to challenge her.
    Cheers! Lots of love!
    Sis in law,

  56. On the patented Suicidal Goldfish awesomeness scale (Lost City of awesomeness down to Irresponsible of…not so awesomeness), how good are the best eps of season 4 shaping up?

    Come on Boss, excite us!!!

  57. Hi Joe,

    love the blog hate the dentist.
    Congrats to you both on the 8 or 9 year thing. Word of advice some thing that sparkles helps, and I don’t mean champagne!The pictures are really great love the spontaneity of them.

  58. Hi Joe!
    I’ve had several problems with my teeth, so I can REALLY understand how it feels. I even couldn’t talk for almost a week…
    Congratulations to Fondy and you, and may you post even your 50th anniversary (at least!)

  59. Alipeeps,

    Why wouldn’t Kristine be serious? There are some situations where actresses have it written into their contracts. An unplanned pregnancy can change the entire path of a series, as happened with XF, and as is happening here. It’s not like the public service where you just take as many days off as you want during a pregnancy and then have God knows how many days off for maternity leave. This can cost huge amounts of money if the storyline isn’t acccepted by the viewers or if shooting is delayed/disrupted.

    Rachel’s very lucky that they’re changing the premise of season four to accommodate her. JM has already said the plan was for another character to experience parenthood. Personally, I think that if their vision for season four was so important, they could have shot around it. Plenty of shows have done that. Obviously what was planned can’t have been that important to them if they were willing to dump it.

  60. I cannot believe you forgot! tsk-tsk. Don’t you have one of them electronic organizers? You should set it to yell, scream, shout, beep a dozen beeps for next year.
    Well if you don’t, get your next year’s calendar now and make a huge sign on this day next year. Big flag big flag!!!

    Congratulations and God bless you.


  61. Hi Joe

    8 or 9 years !! When is Fondy going to Rome to have her sainthood conferred on her? I bet if you look close, you probably can see a halo forming around her sweet head..

    All jokes aside ,with your good humor and great sense of fun, your marriage has to be a very interesting and lively one.

    Enjoy the day.. By the way I loved Bad Guys!! especially the Die Hard references..

    Take Care


  62. Happy Anniversary from South Africa!
    Don’t forget the flowers the day after, just to let her know that she’s appreciated on more than one one day a year.

  63. Joe,

    Would you be giving away too much of a spoiler if you could answer a question about the outfit that Michael had on in yesterday’s pictures? I’m just curious,since Don was in costume,if Michael was also in his Continuum clothes?

    Since Michael’s part had to be tweaked because of his filming 24,I’m just trying to figure out what is going on with Daniel in the movie. You don’t have to give away that much info just yes Michael’s or no not Michael’s.

    Thanks and Happy Anniversary!

  64. Joe – remember Tangent when Daniel asked if Jacob could “just beam them aboard” and Jacob’s retort was “what am I Scotty?” Those were the days some of us fans miss – the days of Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c needing to think their way out of problems – imagine that eppy and that scene today; Jacob: Sure I can – no problemo, here they are, voila!!! No tension, no drama, no show; which, unfortunately, is what we have had for the past two seasons now.

    With all the pretty spaceships (does the SGC all of a sudden have billions and billions in the kitty and a flock of elves to build the ships? – it takes 8 years to build a new US Navy destroyer/aircraft carrier)and the way too convenient beaming technology (that scene of Carter, Daniel, Teal’c and Mitchell being beamed out of trouble after being caught by the Lucian Alliance (thanks to Mitchell’s dumb-moves)was so silly; beamed up by the skin of their chinny-chin-chin. HA! (and their minor cuts and bruises being healed in the process – that’s some beaming machine they got there!!)

    The drama factor is gone, the team using ingenuity and intelligence to get out of trouble, the question of “can they pull this off” is all gone because of these typical, sci-fi cliches Stargate now relies on (at east the arm-bands in Upgrades were not sci-fi cliche, they were a little different – you actually had to think about it — and the team had to get out of trouble on their own at the end after the bands wore off. Picture if they had the convenient beaming technology there as they do now – no suspense, no drama, no worries, no show – just cliches like we have now).

    The team in peril has just about reached the same cliche level as Daniel dying or ascending or disappearing or being in peril – it doesn’t matter because he’ll always be back and it doesn’t matter for the team either because now they’ll always be beamed out of whatever spot they get into – Scotty does live only under the title of Stargate now.


  65. Hi Joe,

    first of all Happy Anniversary!

    and… thanks a lot for the pics of Michael Shanks yesterday, now I’m waiting for at least one of Claudia Black!

    And two questions: 1) could you please ask Rob Cooper whether we’re going to see Vala driving an Earth car in one of the upcoming or perhaps future movies?
    2) could you confirm that Beau Bridges is in both The Ark of Truth and Continuum movies?

  66. Hearty congrats to you both on another year of marriage, its a tough job but someone’s got to do it. *raises glass* here’s to the next 8…or 9
    Are you sure Fondy didn’t arrange your treatment with the dentist as punishment for forgetting?

  67. Oh my god. I just had foie gras for the first time last night Joe. Unbelievable. It is soooooo good. What is the favorite way you like it prepared. What I got last night was seared. Really good. I’m in Toronto this week and now I have to find other restaurants that serve it. Yummmy

  68. Hi Again!

    Have you started watching Dexter yet? If so what do you think of it? A friend is recommending that I that I add it to my Netflix queue, but I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of show featuring a serial killer as the main character entertaining; of course, I’m just envisioning him going around and chopping people up, so that could be why.

  69. On the pregnancy issue, yes, it can be very costly. Look at Desperate Housewives. They had to create a set at the house of one of the actresses because she was bedridden for the final stages of her pregnancy.

    As understanding as they were, I bet they would rather not have had to do that.

  70. sorry to hear about your dental experience :o(

    When i had a mold of my teath taken last the goopey pink stuff that eventually turns solid squidged out of the back and tried to choke me. Tried to tell the dentist i couldnt breath (even through my nose!) but he wouldn’t have any of it! Havn’t been back since (8 years … oops)

  71. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, just popping in to say Happy Anniversary to you and Fondy. Hope you had a great day… or are you behind us? So in that case have a great day. Enjoy your dinner out as i’m sure you will. 😀

    About the dentist *shudders* I feel your pain. We have a saying on the whump thread, ‘Whump Shep not self’. 😀 But I don’t need to remind you do I, because you’re doing a fab job of it so far. And we luffs you for it.

    Loved the pics today 😀 You’re a lil gem, Be careful though Joe, you’re turning into a really nice guy, and you don’t want your reputation tarnished as being a softie. 😉


    To Wolfen… *hugs* I don’t get it either, lol. I just love these sweeping generalised statements. Seems as if they’re going from one genre to the next… oh I wonder who’s up next to be slated. Lol. 😀

  72. Happy Anniversary!

    I’m glad you survived your trip to the dentist. Yuck! I think I would die if they stuck something gross tasting into my mouth, regardless the purpose of it.

  73. OMG do I see some Sheppy whump!?!?!?!?!?!?! Woo hoo!!! Does a happy dance!!!!!JM you rock!

  74. Thanks for the sparring scene pics of Joe and Jason! Awesome! I cannot wait to see S4!

    Also, to the anon who thinks whumpers hate shippers, let me set the record straight. I’m a shipper myself! And I like to dabble in some slash every now and then as well. Why in the world would I have anything against shippers or slashers?

    And even if I wasn’t a shipper and you were, what would I care? If that’s what you enjoy, that’s fine by me.

    Maybe you did have an unpleasant encounter with someone who happened to be a whumper. If that’s the case, I’m sorry, but you need to realize that in any group, there are bound to be one or two people who believe they have the right to be rude and to snipe at people. But it’s not fair to judge an entire group on the basis of the misbehavings of one or two.

    So please don’t generalize; it’s really unnecessary. Thank you.

    I’m sorry, Joe. Back to you and the lovely pics!

    Oh, and congrats to you and Fondy on your anniversary!


  75. Hi Joe just read Anonymous Jeans opinion on the use of beaming technology in Stargate. The use of the technology does paint the writer into a corner when you’ve used it once it’s hard to ignore it’s existence and carry on without it (remember the famous Zat gun one blast unconscious etc). The key is to use it to extend the story for example Ba’al intercepts the beam or blocks its use or we find out it has an adverse effect used long term on people from earth. Star Trek had the same thing happen they stopped the use of travel over Warp five.

    The fact that you have interstellar craft would suggest that you also have the ability and knowledge to build it using new materials and techniques and to give it a twenty thousand light year service.

    The dynamics of such a close team as Daniel, Sam, Cam and Teal’c and Vala and wanting to keep them together while introducing peril means that the peril has to be resolved ultimately. Or five episodes in and you have no team.

    I do miss the verbal sparing between Daniel and Jack but can see how Daniel and Vala have taken that to new heights in a battle between the sexes that Sam was never given an opportunity to do.
    She was govened by military protocols which ultimately limited her to the odd scientific wise crack and put down.
    As far as scifi cliches go well there are only seven basic story lines so they say!
    [wo]man vs. nature
    [wo]man vs. man
    [wo]man vs. the environment
    [wo]man vs. machines/technology
    [wo]man vs. the supernatural
    [wo]man vs. self
    [wo]man vs. god/religion

    so please give the writers a break.
    Sorry for going on probably makes no sense but believe me it did at 2330 hrs. Best wishes from Liverpool. Pauline

  76. if you were stuck in a groundhog day style loop with your day repeating over and over, what would you do?

    for arguements sake you could break the loop yourself with an action you may be aware of like a word you may not say in everyday life but know

    i’m guessing you would totally kiss the hot female actress’s you have working for you in Atlantis :3, who wouldn’t, since the day would repeat and everyone but you would forget 😛

  77. Kristine said…
    And did Rachel Luttrell have to ask you before she got pregnant or did she just do it?

    Are you serious? :S

    Of course it’s serious….
    There are SOME perks to being a ShowRunner/EvilOverlord.. which include such matters as He chooses…
    Same as abusing the time jumper to get that gig as a lawyer. Eating out this much can’t be cheap, even for an Evil Overlord.(or ShowRunner)

  78. Joe:

    Hope you and Fondy had a great wedding anniversary celebration.

    Did I mention how ecstatic I am to see Don S Davis back as General Hammond. Give him a hug for many of us and let him know there are those of us out here happy to have Hammond back (not that Landry wasn’t nice and all but..)

    Thanks for sharing all the great pictures of cast, dogs, food and Chocolate:)


  79. hello joe

    i’m a webmaster of a website about Torri higginson, I would like to add the sedge’s picture on my website. Could I? Of course i’ll credit you.

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