They say “You are what you eat”, but I think a more appropriate axiom would be “You are what you watch”. As someone who spent a good part of their formative years parked in front of a t.v., I can honestly say that what I watched as a kid helped shape me into the unique (some may say eccentric) individual I am today. I would wake up early Saturday mornings to watch my cartoon block, starting at 8:00 a.m. and ending around noonish when the – ugh – more educational programming would kick in. Sunday mornings were early wake-ups as well although the offerings were fairly meager by comparison and ended much earlier, usually around 11:00 a.m. when Batman would give way to Sunrise Service et al. Weekdays, I would rush home from school at lunch to enjoy smoked meat sandwiches (sometimes KFC and Bubble Up) and catch The Flintstones, then rush home again after school so I could catch the big Get Smart/Hogan’s Heroes/The Beverly Hillbillies trifecta. Evenings were, of course, family time – and what better way to celebrate kinship than the NBC Mystery Movie, Dallas, and, to a lesser extent, Laverne and Shirley. Some nights, my sister and I were even permitted to stay up past our usual bedtimes for “special events” like The Oscars, The Emmy’s, The Miss America Pageant, and any of the Planet of the Apes movies.

Looking back over those early years, it’s not all that hard to pinpoint the shows that had a significant influence on me growing up. My top ten…

10. Dallas (1978-1991): My family’s very first commitment to “appointment television”, Dallas was the show we never missed – well, at least those first five seasons anyway. We would gather in the living room every Friday night, my father sprawled out on his big green easy chair, my mother, sister, and I on the couch, and watch the trials and tribulations of the Ewing family. Who knew being filthy rich could be so complicated? While my father would drift in and out of sleep and my mother would tut-tut the scheming, philandering J.R., I rooted for my favorite t.v. villain (and secretly harbored a 13 year old’s fantasy crush on Charlene Tilton). Eventually, J.R. became a mere shadow of his former nasty self, my parents lost interest, and family night became a thing of the past. We did try to recapture that former glory with Dynasty but, sadly, it just wasn’t the same.

9. Spiderman (1967-1970): The show was essentially two hours of original footage re-edited and re-used ad nauseum to make 52 Franken-episodes. I would even hesitate to call this an animated series because, really, most of the action sequences were comprised of quick cut still images or the same six-person crowd continually cycling through the shot. Still, it offered some outrageously memorable sequences (“Hey, that doorknobs a hand!” “Look at the football-helmeted caveman riding the dinosaur!”) and the coolest jazzy soundtrack. To this day, I feel this cartoon is the closest you can get to experiencing the euphoric high and paranoiac low of a drug experience without actually doing drugs.

8. The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971): If this show taught us anything, it was that with a little luck, even the biggest backyard doofuses could stumble onto untold riches. And, decades later, today’s modern celebrities have proved ’em right.

7. Soap (1977-1981): The anti-Dallas, Soap was a show my mother strongly objected to on moral grounds. Not that she had actually ever watched an episode, but the press the show received for its controversial adult storylines was enough to turn her off. And enough to make me tune in. If nothing else, this one introduced me to the infuriatingly unsatisfying reality of “the incomplete series”, the end of season cliffhanger that would, unfortunately, never be resolved because the show had been cancelled.

6. Gilligan’s Island (1964-1967): Whenever homework would get me down, I’d tune into the adventures of Gilligan and his pals and marvel at how good they had it. No homework. No school. No Saturday morning swim lessons. Nothing but comfy hammocks, coconut cream pies, and the odd radioactive seed that imparted telepathic abilities. Yup, I envied them and nary a week went by when I didn’t wish I could be the eighth stranded castaway.

5. Hogan’s Heroes (1965-1971): Holy crap. In hindsight, how incredibly politically incorrect. But as a kid who didn’t know any better, I loved this show. And, more than any other show, I so desperately wanted to see a follow-up special, sort of an “After Hogan’s Heroes” which explained what happened to Hogan, Carter Lebeau, and their lovable Nazi captors after the war ended. Surely Schultzie had been able to resume a fairly normal life after hostilities had ended, but what of Colonel Klink? Did Hogan and the boys end up putting in a good word for him? I sincerely hoped so.

4. Star Trek (1966-1969): Not only did I watch the original series, but I also tuned in for the animated series and bought the entire line of 8 inch action figures (they weren’t dolls, they were “action figures“). One Halloween, I even went out as Kirk. I just slapped an aluminum-foiled wrapped cardboard insignia onto my canary yellow pyjama top with the brown trim and – voila, transformation complete!

3. Get Smart (1965-1970): There are few of the old shows that still hold up today but this is definitely one of them. The very first program I actually taped on the family’s humongous top-loading VCR, my library of tapes contained the entire six-season run. Get Smart, more than any other show, shaped my skewed sense of humor.

2. The Flintstones (1960-1966): At noon, we would have to endure the unendurable five minute adventures of Max the 300 Year Old Mouse. But it was a small price to pay because the “odious history lesson disguised as a cartoon” would eventually segue to The Flintstones at approximately 12:05 p.m. Between commercials for Gaslight Village (“Yesterday’s fun today!”) and banal segments of Hinterland’s Who’s Who (“The spotted owl is a denizen of temperate coniferous forests…”), my sister and I would delight to the adventures of Fred and Barney. I own the entire series on DVD and plan on hosting a Flintstones party – provided I can convince anyone else to attend.

1. Batman (1966-1968): Superheroes, colorful villains, Yvonne Craig and Julie Newmar in tight-fitting bodysuits – what more could a kid ask for?

Dinner tonight:

Today’s Q&A –

Anonymous #1 writes: “1.) I’m wondering something about being a Showrunner. It was my understanding that a Showrunner doles out the notes and makes passes to his/her liking on everyone else’s script. So how is it then that you’re getting notes on your own script? 2.) Will Carter every find out that McKay named a whale after her?”

Answers: 1) All scripts benefit from the input of everyone in the writing department. Regardless of who wrote it, if the script is problematic in some respect, then it needs to be changed. 2) Probably not.

Lorr54 writes: “Hey, I work in that forest! Stop by my cube sometime.”

Answer: Leave me a trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

The First Lily writes: “Now back to Reunion. A mess hall scene with Joe? I love the friendship between all the characters, and in particular one of the friendships I love more is the one between John and Ronon (I’m also a huge fan of John/Rodney friendship, team friendship, etc).”

Answer: Well it’s an episode about friendship and belonging, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Anonymous #2 writes: “1)Will we be seeing a bloopers reel sometime on the dvds? 2)Is Mortal Coil giving you so much trouble because of tangles in the story or is it more just work to write?”

Answers: 1) It’s very possible. 2) It’s a script with some very tricky – and subtly complex – story elements. It’s out of my hands now and over to Paul who already has some ideas for the scenes in question.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Joe, do you expect lower ratings for Tao of Rodney due to the Spiderman 3 premiere on Friday May 4th?”

Answer: I’m hopeful our ratings will continue to uptick and…Spiderman 3? Aw, shiii –

Yvette writes: “Any chance of getting some younger script writers and/or characters for SGA?”

Answer: We were thinking of writing in a sassy talking baby.

Joshua Meyers writes: “ Have you/network/mgm ever considered having sg on another night because more people would be home on other nights like wednesday or thursday?
What day did they show sg1 on showtime? Have you ever considered yourself as a excecutive producer before the promotion and would you ever consider
having a sg show on the same platform as Sanctuary?”

Answers: That’s a network decision. Don’t know. Which promotion would you be referring to? Not really.

Pilgrim writes: “A while back you answered a question where you told us who you thought the SGA team would be if they were comic book supervillains. So I was wondering, who would they be if they were superheroes?”

Answer: Sheppard would be the leader, Cyclops. McKay would be the scientifically-minded Beast. Teyla would be the attuned-with-nature Storm. And Ronon would be the heaveyweight Colossus.

Mary writes: “Do you actually believe in Vampires?”

Answer: Does Count Chocula count?

Minigeek writes: “Your previous puglet photos have inspired me to make a short film.”

Answer: I’ll produce!

Michelle writes: “I second the person who asked why you can’t delegate your soul-sucking script to Brad or someone given all your show-runner super-powers.”

Answer: Uh, first of all, Paul and I may be the Atlantis Showrunners, but Brad and Robert DO NOT work under us. Secondly, if I tried to get Brad and Robert to do a rewrite on one of my scripts, they’d more than likely bludgeon me with the damn thing.

54 thoughts on “May 2, 2007

  1. Your experience watching Dallas with your family reminds me of watching The X-Files with my family when I was younger.

    If the SGA team members have their superheroes equivalents, does SG-1? If so, what are they?

  2. Hey Joe, i was wondering something. I noticed that you have mentioned that ratings have been down on almost all the networks. Did you notice that Fox cancelled Drive after 4 episodes? Got to feel sorry for Tim Minear, who has produced like 4 shows since Firefly, and it seems they’ve all been canned. it sad to hear.
    I was wondering if you got a chance to see Michael Shanks on 24 this past Monday night? It was nice to see him look different, yet somewhat the same. What did you think (if you saw it).
    Have a great day


  3. My all time favorite show was Rat Patrol. If I see it playing in syndication, I still watch it.


  4. I’m a kindred spirit re: Star Trek, Gilligan’s Island, and Soap. Never watched any of the others.

    Let me beg a small favor. Please, do not, under any circumstances, write Teyla into having a fast-maturing magical baby with superpowers. That is sooo BSG.

  5. 8. The Beverly Hillbillies… If this show taught us anything, it was that with a little luck, even the biggest backyard doofuses could stumble onto untold riches. And, decades later, today’s modern celebrities have proved ’em right.

    You’ve just won my undying devotion, or at least my ‘net induced six second attention span.

  6. Aw, regarding Brad and Robert, I know they don’t work under you and Paul. That was my warped sense of humor combined with having heard of Brad doing of “passes” on finished scripts. Sorry — didn’t mean to advocate any bludgeoning!

  7. In your opinion, what’s the best time of year to visit Vancouver (I’m a city girl, not much for outdoor sports.)? I don’t suppose Jason was singing an Elvis song?

  8. We do the family TV thing, too, only with Stargate. The three of us watch other shows sometimes, but those usually involve GeekBoy sitting at the computer playing an online game and watching TV over his shoulder. He actually moves to the couch on Friday nights, and we plan a fun dinner. When SciFi used to do their Monday night Stargate marathons, we pretty much sat hostage to the TV for the evening. This Friday night is chicken nachos.

  9. Oh–I loved Gilligan’s Island and The Flintstones when I was a kid!!! Though, looking at the dates you put down, I doubt they were the same shows that I knew and loved. I have to say my favorite cartoon was Gargoyles, although there were a whole slew of shows I watched on a regular basis. I even watched some Star Trek.

    Anyhow, I was wondering–just curious, as always–why did you guys have Jonas Quinn leave? Was it because the actor opted to move on with the return of Michael Shanks, or was it because of something else and what was it?

  10. My favorite 3 shows that I grew up watching Superman /George Reeves
    Long Ranger /Walt Disneys Zorro…Joe you ever check any of these out?/

  11. Hey Joe! Have you seen the Stargate Universe main character list? Can you tell us if there is any old SG-1 or Atlantis characters there? (*hopeful* Jonas Quinn, Sarah Gardner) Thank you.

  12. As far as the new stargate series goes do you know who is going to be the executive producers?(will brad and rob hog that title?)

    I dont know if you were trying to do this but Sheppard seems to hold the weight of Ford Teyla and Ronon on his shoulders which makes him a really complex character+=
    So are we going to see him taking on that role more in season 4(i.e reunion)

  13. I remember being subjected to Knight Rider, Baywatch and The Banana Splits; I feel you had the better deal re: Kids TV.

    We had a lengthy, intelligent discussion the other day that concluded Batman isn’t a superhero; he has no powers, but that almost makes him superior to the others as he relies on his own gadgetry and strengths.

    Best superhero is a tie between Spiderman and Superman; maybe someone could arrange a fight Godzilla/King Kong style…

  14. And now I’m having Spiderman flashbacks. It’s funny because it’s true. I’m 12 years younger than you, but adored Get Smart re-runs. When I was home sick, as a kid, the daytime line-up was Charlie’s Angels, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Get Smart and … The Flying Nun. Speaking of hallucinatory experiences.

    But my giant stash of VHS? MacGyver. MacGyver, I’m sad to report, does not hold up well to adult viewing.

  15. Hi Joe,

    Longtime reader, first time poster. Toronto says hello. I’m intrigued by the “bit more darkside” aspects to season 4 which you have suggested in an earlier post especially for Teyla and Sheppard. I was wondering if this applied to favorite recurring characters like Zelenka and Lorne as well.

    Thanks for blogging!

  16. Okay I’d so have a Flinstones marathon. Back in the day, at my elementary school if it was too cold to go for lunch hour recess we would watch Flinstones instead.

    As for the other shows unfortunately I didn’t watch them…I watched Batman with Adam West as well as the cartoons back when I was younger but unfortunately most of my childhood favourites were in fact reruns.

    So then can you picture Stargate Atlantis hitting 10 seasons? I’m sure there are many more arcs and adventures the team can explore, but I suppose it remains to be seen based on ratings.


  17. Do you have any idea who’s doing the DVD commentaries for 200 and Unending?

  18. Hogan’s Heroes was/is a big hit in Germany, too. It was one of the few shows that made my family come together in front of the TV. In our dubbed version they made Schultz and Col. Klink have accents from two different German regions, so that’s where most of *our* laughs came from.


  19. Oooh… the big question: Batman or Spiderman?

    By the by, how many hours are there in a normal Atlantis-Day? I think you might’ve answered this question before, but I can’t seem to find it.

  20. Ha! I love that you’re a Dallas fan. My favourite crackpot theory on how Carson is coming back is that it’s all been a Dallas-style dream and Shep and the team are going to wake up on that planet from ‘Home’.

    I believe I would pay proper real life money to see that ending filmed.

  21. Did you not have “The Million Dollar Movie” on Saturdays? I thought that was both in the US and Canada.

    I actually grew up in a town where the local CBS affiliate owner despised cartoons and refused to show the CBS cartoon block. So it was that, once I finished watching the live action shows like “Land of the Lost,” I was thoroughly educated in Hammer and Universal horror films.

    He’d cycle through all the classics from both libraries and then do a run of all the Abbott&Costello films. It was great!

    Cartoons. Horror films. Gee. I wonder which would have warped me more?

  22. 1) Have you mentioned what episode you will introduce Sam into the mix?

    2) What shows have inspired you while creating new episodes?

    3) What are your thoughts on books by
    Lyda Morehouse?

  23. Bonjour de Poitiers

    j’ai quelques questions au sujet des Wraiths et en particulier de celui de l’épisode “Common Ground”.

    1 )Est-ce que les Wraiths ont des prénoms ? si oui, va t’on en connaître quelques uns pendant la saison 4 (le vrai prénom de Mickaël et de celui de “Common Ground”).

    2) Va t’on connaître la signification de leur tatouage ?

    3) est-ce que l’on va en apprendre plus sur leur structure sociale et familiale et sur la manière dont ils élèvent les jeunes ?

    4) est-ce qu’on va en apprendre plus sur les vénérateurs de Wraiths aperçu dans les épisodes “Lost Boy” et “Hive” ? Que penseriez-vous d’un épisode où l’équipe infiltrerait un hive en se faisant passer pour un de ces adorateurs ? (ça ressemblerait peut-être un peu trop à l’épisode de SG-1 où Daniel se fait passer pour le serviteyr de Yu ).

    5)Dans quel épisode va t’on retrouver le wraith de Common Ground (faudrait prenser à lui donner un prénom quand même…)? dans “the Seer” ? ça ne serait pas lui le Wraith qui veut travailler avec Atlantis?

    6) va-t’il devenir un personnage récurrent ?

    voilà, j’ai posée toutes mes questions.
    bonne journée et merci pour avoir crée des méchants aussi fascinants que les Wraiths .

  24. Joe

    What a list!! but it shows why our generation has some of the strange quirks we have. Remember Dynasty and those broad shoulders .. That must be where they got the inspiration for the Romulan outfits on STrek NG. I saw Lady Hawke this past weekend and I was so delighted with the Music Score. Allan Parsons Project did the soundtrack. They are soo great to put on when you are driving on the open road. You tend to speed , but boy what a ride. Anyone in your music section out there know where I could get a movie soundtrack for Lady Hawke?

    Anyway Take care


  25. What day did they show sg1 on showtime?


    Showtime called their Friday shows “Sci-Friday” when SG1 was part of the line-up. I can’t remember the shows that came on before or after SG1. What premium cable network had the newer first-run Outer Limits episodes? I think Outer Limits might have been part of the line-up, along with some horror series that wasn’t half bad.

    I think a show with Peter Weller ended up replacing SG1 when Stargate moved to the SciFi.

    Again, not sure. I gave up Showtime after it gave up SG1. Didn’t need it anymore.


  26. Since you guys have started adding video games in your offices, do you think you will be looking into the Stargate Pinball game? It’s from the movie, but it is great!
    Also, thanks for another pic of Jason Momoa’s car, but the next one would be worlds better if he were in it 🙂
    Still wondering, did the whale produce the “Sam” hallucination in Grace Under Pressure, like the whale’s produced “Ancient” hallucinations in Echoes?

  27. Which of the SGA actors is most like his screen character?

    If they were each a breed of dog which breeds would you pick for each of them?

    My dad was a train driver and away working weird shifts when we were young. I remember watching Dr Who from behind the sofa. Saturday afternoon wrestling on the B&W TV is ingrained in my mind. We had to watch it in the dark and in silence. It was plain hell. Then in 1980 we got a ‘little’ puppy (a bull-mastiff/GSD) and I went out walkies instead.

  28. Answer: We were thinking of writing in a sassy talking baby.

    Hmm. Teyla’s or McKays? 😀

    Can I come to your Flintstones party? 😛
    Any update on the release date of the SG movies?

  29. Ah the joys of Star Trek!! I recently purchesed “The Animated Series” for my husband for Christmas. Although it is now cannon, we could not help but laugh our heads off as we recreated Myster Science Theatre during every episode. Our favorite part was when the studio continued to reuse the same footage for the transporter room and suddenly Scotty had a mustache in some scenes. Funny!

    Have you read any of Whedon’s run on “Astonishing X-men”? It is some really great stuff. It is how we got our Joss fix after Firefly was cancelled. Check it out if you haven’t already. Even though he’s still writing his last story arc, I’m pretty sure there are two TPB’s out there.

    Tanya C. Anderson

  30. Batman’s one of my favorites, too. I used to have a cassette tape of the music from that show. It may be buried in a box somewhere. I’ll send it to you.

    I’ll come watch The Flintstones with you if no one else will. Just have the ice cream ready!

  31. Even if it aired and was cancelled some 20 years before my time, Hogan’s Heroes is one of my all-time favourite shows. I still watch it religiously on DejaView =) Love those guys, especially Lebeau and Schultz! =P

    Unfortunately, TV-wise I’m the black sheep in my family, and family TV night usually only extended to our Hockey Night(s) in Canada and now with my mom and I being obsessed with House.

  32. Alot of those shows that you mentioned sure brings back memories. I had a number of English teachers,however,that considered television a waste of time. I had one teacher who always refered to television as the boob tube and made it a point to stress how important reading was.

    One day I had to drop off something for school for him and as I glanced over at his coffee table I happened to notice a stack of magazines he was reading. Needless to say he turned at least 5 shades of red and as I turned around to leave,with a smile on my face, I realized that Romeo and Juliet would have to be put on hold that night – the boob tube was waiting.

  33. Can’t forget about Wishbone and Bill Nye. All my years of getting up early for Wishbone have really paid off for ambiguous European History tests (thank goodness for that Joan of Arc episode) ;D.

    And Drive got cancelled? How unfortunate. I was planning to watch it, but I didn’t know when it came on. Our family doesn’t watch that much tv, although the occasional hour or so of NOVA, Masterpiece Theatre, or Mystery keeps me set for a while (no cable). MASH is pretty fun over the summer, though.

    You should force the script on Martin ;D.

  34. Have you gotten a chance to check out Stargate Worlds yet? Also, will you be playing it when it comes out?

  35. Hi Joe,

    Many of your childhood tv shows were mine too, some of which I haven’t thought of for many years. I felt all nostalgic when reading your list!

    I was listening to your Hi Scifi interview today. I really enjoyed it, but was rather disappointed that you don’t have a villainous laugh, in fact, you sound like a big softie to me!

    Anyway, when listening to the interview, a couple of questions sprung to mind.

    Firstly, that ‘certain’ episode with the ‘certain’ closing scene involving Teal’c you wrote. I live in the UK, and nearly burst a blood vessel when I watched that scene – that’s how much I laughed, even dear hubby did too, and believe me, that’s an achievement!

    I was a little surprised Sky showed it intact, though very pleased they did. Do you think SciFi will allow that scene to be aired intact too? I could be wrong here, but US TV strikes me as a little less…liberal than UK TV.

    Also, you mentioned about each character getting their own ‘showcase’ episode in the first ten episodes of season 4 SGA, mixed in with team episodes, which we all know about, of course! However, what about the back half of season 4? Are we going to get more showcase episodes, or will they all be team eppies?


  36. I’m planning something for release later this evening. You will play a big part in it. In fact, you and this blog will be the focus, and the success of my endeavor will rely solely on the participation of the people who read this blog.

    Scary, isn’t it?

  37. Joe, will the third stargate series be set in another galaxy and would there be a unlikely/likely crossover from SGA or SG1? Thanks for your time.

  38. Joe: If you don’;t know this can you check it out please:

    Does Carter get promoted in Ark of the Truth or Continuum? It would be nice to know when exactly she will take over sole lead of SG-1 again since it is her rightful place after season 8 and the mess made on seasons 9-10.

    Thanks a bunch.


  39. Howdy Joe,
    I am a little to young to remember the first run of Hogan’s Heroes but I have found it on HDNET, a high-definition television station on the upper channels of cable. I find that the Non-P.C. give it a great edge in today’s, some what bland line of programming.

    I think a move to Wednesday nights would really be awesome.


    Great week of programming if you ask me.


  40. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, feeling in a bit of a rambling mood again today. We’ve been studying body language on a training course, and as you can imagine, not much talking going on; so i’ve been a bit deprived. You might want to go and make yourself a cup of tea…i’ve kinda gone off on a tangent 😀 Sorry in advance.

    Been reminiscing with your blog. Ah good childhood memories :o) I remember watching Batman, Saphire and Steel, Star Trek and Dr Who on Sunday evenings with my Dad and eating lemon curd sandwichs for supper. And I’ve only now realised why i’m such a big SciFi fan! My Dad brainwashed me when I was younger. ;o)

    Anyway Joe, enough reminiscing (lovely though it is). Let’s talk whump today. 😀 Specifically Shep whump, (as if I could talk about anything else);o). Well I could always talk about hot, sweaty, semi nekkid Shep, shirtless in the up and coming S4 episode that you’re currently writing. 😀 But i’ll save that for tomorrow.:D

    Shall I shut up rambling and just ask you a question now? Feel free to do the whole snippedy doodah thing that you do when you answer tomorrow. 😉

    So, the whumping crew have been talking, and while we adore and are waiting patiently *cough*not*cough* for S4 and the whump that you’ve got planned for Shep. *sends lots of hugs for that* So with that, we were wondering just how much whump he was going to get. Is it just a few bumps and bruises ala Teyla kicking his ass :o)or will it be the full monty ala intubation, coma on deaths door and the such? ;o) Martin Wood said this needs to be done now and again to our characters as to add ‘Jeopardy’ and I agree… While he didn’t say Shep whump specifically(darn it), it would certainly add a sense of danger for our leading character. Not to mention making the whumpers *squee* with delight at the character development it would bring. ;o)

    I know you probably think by telling us it might give away too much of the plot, but it can just be our little secret. :o) I won’t tell anyone. *flashes her cheekiest smile*

    Thank you Mr M, you’re a very wise and kind man :o)

  41. Hi Joe, I was wondering if you could do some of us a really big favor and ask Brad Wright or Robert Cooper if the S/J shippers will find any specific confirmation of their ardent hopes for this pair in Continuum and report that answer back to us? I’d do it myself, but Hammond destroyed the quantum mirror and Mrs. Miller has an unlisted phone number. Thanks a lot!

  42. Oh yes… Who shot JR?
    I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but in mine there were even car bumper stickers asking that question.
    There we were, in a country where riots were commonplace (yet were forbidden to be mentioned) people were dying by the thousands for simply asking for the vote and we were obsessed with..Dallas.
    God, what a screwed-up life that was.
    Still is, come to think of it, (but at least we have a good constitution now).
    Ah well, in my case, at least now I can retreat into good Sci-Fi.
    – Thank God.

  43. what’s up with never mentioning Jack? seriously, you guys have major issues.

  44. Joe-

    Being such an avid reader, how do you feel about newspapers, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, getting rid of book editor positions or other papers who are seriously cutting back on book coverage?

  45. hi, joe,

    with jack o’neill being in the second sg1 movie (continuum), will there be s/j ship to look forward to?

    frustrated, but eternally hoping shipper

  46. O.K. Joe I know you and the magic 8 ball have been asked numerous times so why break the trend:

    Daniel Jackson – Atlantis – Guest Spot – PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

  47. I totally know what you mean about the shows one watches in one’s youth having an impact on who they become. For me, the major ones would be Star Trek: TNG, Quantum Leap, and Highlander, most likely (though in retrospect, I realize how cheesy the latter two are, but I still love them. I remember a scene very much like your Dallas family time, only for me it was TNG, and often TGIF (which I’m still a little sad had to end).

    I hate it when a show doesn’t get a proper ending, which is one reason I hate season-ending cliffhangers. What if the show isn’t renewed? Then all we’ll get is some crappy text saying, “Doctor Sam Beckett never returned home”…if we’re lucky.

    Speaking of which, as I understand it, you may not know whether Atlantis has been renewed for next season until after the finale has been written or made. Do you still plan to make it a cliffhanger, or are you just hoping for the best?

  48. Joseph:

    It’s Chef William from WEN in Denver….I was reading your blog about shows from the era in which we came from……Can you tell me that Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Johnnie Quest (the original) had NO influence on you?!? Sacrelige!

    Thanks for the incredible blogs regarding the product(s), sounds like you all had as much fun eating everything, as we did making it. Glad to be a part of your party.


  49. Ah, but what about the great movies that were shown on Saturday afternoon TV? Two of my favorites, then and now, were The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet. Both had stories and special effects that still hold up, even after all these many years.

  50. My parents were so obsessed with Dallas when it originally aired that I now have a box of VHS tapes of every single episode (this was lightyears before DVD sets) in my basement.

    On TNN (before it became Spike) when I was in high school Dallas would air every night at 11pm. My parents rewatched the entire series, I became enthralled. It singlehandedly changed my body chemistry so that I cannot sleep before midnight.

    Everytime anybody mentions enjoying Dallas I LOVE hearing about it. Seriously, can’t get enough.

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