Last night’s dinner at Don Francesco Ristorante was a nice change of pace, a return to an old favorite I haven’t visited in a while. Finally, after several weeks of waiting, I got my pasta fix and am good for another month. Or day anyway as my agent, Robb, is in town and suggested we hit that “great Italian restaurant across the street from the hotel”. Yup, back to Don Francesco Ristorante for another serving of the squash-stuffed agnolotti with black truffle butter. That should tide me over to Spring of 2008 – or at least until next week’s SciFi dinner.

At times, incorporating notes is not unlike playing Jenga – the removal of one seemingly inconsequential bit of dialogue is enough to trigger an avalanche of problems. Change a line here, add another there, and suddenly that carefully crafted scene is a shambles and you‘re starting over from scratch. Next to visiting the dentist, there’s nothing I hate more than doing a script rewrite. Oh, and to truly make my week, Fondy informed me that I have a dentist appointment on Thursday.

The pics: Don Francesco dinner Take #2, director extraordinaire Robert C. Cooper in action, and doing that Satanesque eye glow thing he usually reserves for the writer’s room, SG-1’s lovely VFX Producer Michelle Comens, Camera Operator Andy Wilson camera operating, the Prior presides – and unwinds, the dungeon, the producers at work – on the Golden Tee Arcade, Alex Levine thrilled to be sporting his Ark of Truth cap, a thoughtful Evil brings me flowers – for approval in Reunion.

Over to you…

Smiley Face06 writes: “On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how comfortable is the captain’s chair of the Daedalus?”

Answer: It’s about a 4. Could use a little more cushioning.

Crazymom writes: “Well, I’ve succeeded in converting 3 more to Atlantis.”

Answer: 3 down, 997 to go!

Shawna writes: “You do know you all are like the coolest show producers/makers/what-have-you EVER, right?”

Answer: We’re alright cool I guess.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Do the ratings folks take into account Tivo/DVR hits and DVD sales?”

Answer: Yes to the former; no to the latter.

Just Jess writes: “So tell me how much leftover chocolate did you have??”

Answer: Lots and lots of bars, although guests helped out with the filled chocolates by putting together some take-home loot bags. Today, I brought in some of the leftovers. The Theo’s Chai Milk Chocolate was a hit; their coconut curry not so much.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Will there be any Wow I didnt see this coming moment events? that make peoples jaws drop?”

Answer: There’ll definitely be a few of those in season four.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Is there any sort of pattern to episodes with good vs. bad ratings?”

Answer: Not really. Some subscribe to the fact that people are not tuning in as a reaction to the previous week’s episode while others subscribe to the fact that viewers are actually not tuning in a specific episode. For what its worth, the individual episode tracking showed that viewership for both shows built over the course of its airing which is always a good sign.

Ses110 writes: “The ratings are down 30%.Is it time to admit the Stargate francise has major problems and is in need of big changes?”

Answer: Like a telepathic alien dog? I hear ya!

PrimatesForever writes: “One of thing ive noticed about the Scifi promos for each show is they make them look like B-flicks…do you think that contributes to the drop in ratings?”

Answer: Best not to comment. Better yet, I’m just going to say “no comment”. No, even better, I will ignore the question. P.S. Remind me to delete your question before posting this entry.

Spamco writes: “What other lovely anime do you suggest I should watch as well?”

Answer: Depends where your interests lie. I’m presently watching the second season of Ghost in the Shell and enjoying it a lot.

Tory writes: “I’m a little curious if you know anything about the reasoning behind airing the back half of season three in Canada a full … what, three, four months before it airs in the U.S.?”

Answer: SciFi pushed back the original episode airings of both Stargates to April of 2007 while broadcasters like Sky simply stuck to their established schedule.

Anonymous #2 writes: “This is strange because Echoes is really one of the fans favorite episode for season 3 !!”

Answer: It IS strange because we all thought Carl did a wonderful job on the script. Still, the ratings did drop and we had to blame someone so who better than Carl who was forced to return the money he was paid for Echoes. Hopefully his next episode, The Game, will do better (I hope so as he has already spent the cash on such vanity purchases as food and clothing).

Konman72 writes: “Bender from Futurama: “They’re doing the minor technical awards. I think they’re up to writing.”

Answer: Which reminds me. I need to have a Futurama night.

Vikitty writes: “And, I’m curious, are you Canucks fan?”

Answer: I don’t not support them. I know this is sacrilege my being Canadian and all, but I’m not that big a hockey fan.

Lily writes: “What can we do to help you and the show out?”

Answer: If you can just manage to convince a half million more viewers to tune into the show next week…

Anonymous #3 writes: “I note in one of your shows Mitchell makes reference to the Da Vinci Code. Have you read it?”

Answer: That was Rob Cooper’s gag. And, yes, he has.

CassieTheGater writes: “It’s not looking good for season 5 is it?”

Answer: To be honest, it’s still too early to tell.

Crazymom writes: “I’ve been meaning to ask: how are actors who play recurring roles contracted?”

Answer: They are contracted on an episode-by-episode basis.

SMB Books writes: “What is the hardest type of scene for you to write for SGA? And, why is it the hardest?”

Answer: Writing exposition is a real pain the ass because the information has to be relayed in as economical and entertaining a way as possible. But it’s exposition!

Cheeky Lil Devil writes: “Could you possibly tell the whumping crew and lil ol’ me if it will be Our Shep that get’s the [strike]crap kicked out of him [/strike] sorry, whumped, or will it be Evil Shep?”

Answer: Two for the price of one. Both.

Anonymous #4 writes: “If the ratings were still in the 2.2 – 2.4 range like they were for season 8 (32 short episodes ago BTW) would the ratings sytem still be unfair, wrong, inaccurate, yada, yada?”

Answer: I never claimed the ratings system was unfair, wrong, inaccurate, yada, or even yada. Given the fact that the episodes have aired elsewhere and been available online for months now, I would have been stunned had we been pulling in those stellar numbers.

Andrew writes: “Are we likely to see any new types earth warships in season 4 since earth has gotten access to all of the asgard’s technology?”

Answer: New Earth ships are a long way off. Souped-up versions of our established Earth ships are another matter.

J Williams writes: “Anywho are we going to learn the wraiths weakness in season 4?”

Answer: Yup. And they’re not the only ones.

Anonymous #5 writes: “I am a bit puzzled by your response to Alyssa’s heartfelt tribute to Torri’s acting.”

Answer: Really? Did you happen to stop reading after a certain point?

59 thoughts on “April 24, 2007

  1. Joe,

    If season five doesn’t come to pass, will you guys be able to wrap up all the Atlantis storylines? At the very least, will the Wraith and Replicator stuff be tied up? How many episodes do you think you’d need?


  2. Answer: Like a telepathic alien dog? I hear ya!

    Actually that would be a great idea – employ Mars Hewlett. It would increase your ratings.

  3. I’m not a huge hockey fan either, though I support the Canucks because well… they’re from Vancouver, and I grew up here. ^.^

    Answer: It IS strange because we all thought Carl did a wonderful job on the script. Still, the ratings did drop and we had to blame someone so who better than Carl who was forced to return the money he was paid for Echoes. Hopefully his next episode, The Game, will do better (I hope so as he has already spent the cash on such vanity purchases as food and clothing).

    LOL! I love your sense of humour. And Echoes was a really good episode – it’s the episode that got me into Stargate Atlantis actually.

    Do you guys base any characters on people you know? Or is that kinda iffy, since said person could potentially recognize themselves in a character?

  4. Joe,

    You said that you’re not really that big a hockey fan even though you’re Canadian. Well never fear…I’m a Southerner who ADORES hockey so we cancel each other out.

    Oh and my fiance says to say thanks for the pics of all the chocolate…now he doesn’t have to worry about his sweet tooth. (He’s diabetic.) Have you ever tried chocolate liquer? If not (and you like alcohol) I’d highly recommend trying it at some point. Tres bien.

    Au revoir!

  5. Any chance of seeing Hermiod on the daedalus in s4 or did he go back in Unending?

  6. Do you think scifi will look in to how the shows fared wherever they were first run before freaking out about the state side ratings?

    And for the record… I liked “Echoes”! It’s so sad to see the ratings drop so much on something that deserved much bigger numbers.

  7. Lol, looks like they’re having fun with the golf game.
    Thanks for the pics! And don’t be scared of the dentist. Just imagine him/her in a big fluffy bunny costume. (On second thought, scratch that. That would probably be more disturbing than helpful…)

  8. Ah the hockey questions. I suppose as a fellow Canadian I should scream riot right about now because you don’t follow hockey, but then again I should be kicking myself for missing so much of it this season. Something about University priorities….

    Yipes…chocolate curry? Wow wherever did that come from?

    I’ve read in past blogs about your love for scifi novels. However, I haven’t been exposed to very much scifi besides some minimal television. So, can you recommend a good scifi book to start?


  9. How come the fansites who gave away spoilers months before the show aired in the US don’t feel a little tiny bit responsible for the drop in ratings ? People can’t wait six months to see a show they heard so much about. So they download and then don’t need to tune in when the show actually airs.

    The Stargates are two of the most downloaded shows. SciFi should have thought of that when it decided on a longer hiatus than its competitors abroad. But fansites giving away the plot before it airs in the US should also have their part of responsibility for their fellow americans downloading from the UK and Canada.

  10. Have you ever playe any sports????Do you follow Baseball,Hockey Soccer ,Etc,Etc

  11. Hello Joe!

    Let’s be honst, do you already know when Season 4 will premiere on the SciFi channel and you’re just not able to tell us?
    Assuming it won’t air before October/November, do you think Canada will once again stick to their schedule and air it earlier? That wouldn’t help the ratings any…

  12. Hi Joe,

    First off, thanks for all the great pics you’ve been putting up! They’re a lot of fun to look at (especially the blood draw thingy from Travelers..heehee :D)!

    Anyway, I know a lot of people have different views of a certain character, and I was wondering how you, as one of the writers, see the characters of SGA. What do you think defines each of them?

    So if you were allowed up to 3 words to describe each member of Sheppard’s team (including Shep himself, of course), what would they be?

    Thank you!


  13. I may have misread a comment but I believe I’m right in understanding that season 4 will air in the US sooner than you originally thought. If this is the case does this mean that the ratings numbers for the early season 4 episodes will be the ones that will be critical in SciFi’s decision to commission season 5?

  14. Hey Joe my MAN.
    What in terms of ship upgrades will their be and i mean like new hyper drives or better senors?
    What of TABULA RASA?

  15. I’m sure someone has asked you this before..but what helps you get into a “writing” zone. I’m taking a teleplay class this semester and I’m have major blockage. It might be because I’ve never tried writing a TV script…but I will take any advice I can get.

    And one more question…how technical do you get with the science and stuff like that in the first draft?? I’m writing an epi for Bones, which is a forensic show…so lots and lots of technobabble.

    Not that I’m gonna sell it or anything…just curious to how it really works in the TV business.

  16. I’ve noticed in a lot of shots, many crew make finger gestures (V’s, or thumbs up). Is that a requirement to make the grade and have the picture posted to the blog? 😉 Or is is just a Canadian thing?

  17. Are there any chances that Stargate dolls are gonna be up on the shelves? Coz I’d really like a McKay bobber-head(:


  18. Cheeky Lil Devil writes: “Could you possibly tell the whumping crew and lil ol’ me if it will be Our Shep that get’s the [strike]crap kicked out of him [/strike] sorry, whumped, or will it be Evil Shep?”

    Answer: Two for the price of one. Both.

    THUD!!! Thanks so much for answering that, Joe – and for contributing towards the concussion I now have – or should I thank RCC? LOl! I foresee the whumpers will be happy for quite a while now!!! Doubly whumped Shep…hmmm, sounds exciting to me! 🙂

    I read yesterday, that a poster on GW found a site that reported SGA season 4 will premiere on Sunday 15th July. Obviously, nobody knows if this is true or not. Can you shed any light as to whether that is the likely premiere date?

    Thank you!!! 🙂

  19. Lily writes: “What can we do to help you and the show out?”

    Answer: If you can just manage to convince a half million more viewers to tune into the show next week…

    Okay, so *say* that while that might be kinda difficult, we nevertheless try, is there anything the international community can do as well/in the mean time?

  20. My original post.

    Anonymous said…
    I am a bit puzzled by your response to Alyssa’s heartfelt tribute to Torri’s acting. Are you saying that, for example, David Hewlett has nothing to do with how Rodney McKay is portrayed? Is every nuance totally written for him? Because, I have always thought that actors took the dialogue,etc and interpreted how they would portray the character. Is that not correct?

    And your response:

    Answer: Really? Did you happen to stop reading after a certain point?

    Now I really am confused. I read every single word. I know you must be frustrated with all the comments about Torri, but her fans are sincerely and profoundly upset by how she has been treated. Now you make it sound like her contribution was just to walk on set and read a few lines, and that the entirety of her character was all in the writing. I was just wondering if this also applies to the other cast members, because the wonderful David Hewlett has been praised by everyone for his portrayal of McKay. Can we logically assume that it’s all in the writing for him also?

    If all the actors suddenly disappeared, could the writers take over without a blip in the show? Would you agree that it might be a little bit of both? Somehow I can’t picture Martin Gero having as many fangirls as Joe Flanigan. Maybe if he took his shirt off and got whumped a lot, but still…

    My questions aren’t intended to be rude. Okay, maybe just a little sarcatic, but you of all people should appreciate that.

    Thank you for your patience.

  21. Hi Joe:

    Can you give us a hint on what some of those “jaw dropping” moments in season four might be and who will it have the most impact on? Sheppard? McKay? The team? Atlantis itself?? Yikes!


  22. Joe M said “I never claimed the ratings system was unfair, wrong, inaccurate, yada, or even yada.”

    I know you didn’t and I didn’t say you did.

  23. Stargate stuff aside, I’m now trawling through your blog for places to eat when we’re in Vancouver this summer – foodies unite, etc. Anyplace you haven’t blogged but that you recommend? We live in DC and spend a lot of time in NYC; what does the west coast do much better than what we can get here?

    And to respond to something from a while ago – if you ARE going to try Stephenson (which I can’t recommend enough; his work is so smart) I wouldn’t screw around with Snow Crash. While it’s very good, if you don’t already have a taste for cyberpunk I think it’s better to go straight into Cryptonomicon, or if you want more society and world building, Diamond Age. DA in particular is good nanotech stuff that, although it was written 10 years ago, has aged well as the tech has moved forward.


  24. Lily said…

    Lily writes: “What can we do to help you and the show out?”

    Answer: If you can just manage to convince a half million more viewers to tune into the show next week…

    Okay, so *say* that while that might be kinda difficult, we nevertheless try, is there anything the international community can do as well/in the mean time?

    Well, I’ve been posting as Lily for months and so far I was the only one, but it seems there’re at least two of us here, because I didn’t write any of these posts I’m quoting above.

    So maybe I need to start signing my posts as “the first Lily” or something :p

    Thanks for the pics, Joe. Looking forward to seeing more of the Atlantis cast, as well as the Atlantis sets and art.

  25. Answer: Like a telepathic alien dog? I hear ya!

    Actually that would be a great idea – employ Mars Hewlett. It would increase your ratings.

    I was hoping more for a pug in the role of the Telepathic hound.

  26. Hey Joe,

    I feel depressed even writing this but are there plans in place to wrap up the main storylines in Season 4 if the worst happens, or will we have to keep our fingers crossed fro a straight-to-DVD movie?

  27. Holy hades, your pictures are making me WAY to hungry for dinner, it’s only 10 am. I can’t say as I’m not baffled by NBC/Universal’s advertising/scheduling. I believe they all have a kegger and then play “pin the show on the master schedule”. I doubt we’ll ever know, but seriously between the Fall ’07 debut of S4 and the ’08 of BSG, I am baffled by the Poo-Flinging Monkeys who seem to be in charge of Skiffy; at least they’re not trying to “educate” viewers like ABC daytime.

  28. Hi Joe 🙂

    Just wondered if you and your magic 8 ball could find an answer for this question (pretty please with a cherry on top):

    Has Connor Trinneer been contracted to appear in any of the first 10 episodes of season 4?

    Just going a little crazy here over all the speculation about certain episodes, and Michael’s involvement in kind of the central point to all my theories 😉

    Thank you muchly!

    p.s. loved all the photos of concept art you posted the other day. I’m currently studying animation at University and concept art is something that I’d really love to get involved with.

  29. Just hoping that you will find your way clear to answering a question posed previously – will Carter be (1) playing an active role (action, out with the team sometimes, sam-whumping, commanding her ship, etc.), (2) be more like Hammomd where it is basically talking and directing the teams what to do or (3) just a figure-head that you can say is there and in charge but with no real role or action to play?

    Thank you.

  30. Aw, the dentist isn’t so bad – he just wants to fondle your teeth. 😛

    I think I’m starting to see a pattern here, and I have to ask – do you really enjoy writing Rodney!snark? I know I love it on the show, how can you not love a personality like that? (well, to be honest, I would probably try strangling anyone who was like that in real life)

    Haha, people tell me all the time I’m not canadian enough, my disinterest in hockey and alcohol being top on the list (what do you mean every 19 year old Canadian should be passing out at a hockey game every Saturday night?!)

    Good luck at the dentist, a close friend of mine is in an appointment with his dentist as I type this. Seems to be a toothy week.

    Don’t forget to brush! (especially after that party!)
    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  31. Joe do you know if there has been a change in when season 4 is going to start airing?

    This month’s Stargate SG1/Atlantis Magazine has an article which at the end says season four will air in the “Summer” – is that just because they wrote the article before SciFi announced the fall airing and didn’t have time to fix it?

  32. Hi Joe, I will be flying to Canada tomorrow for a quick meeting, just one night! it will be my first time in your country, is there anything I should know and be prepared for? 🙂

  33. Hi Joe

    Regarding the revelation that Teyla is pregnant in ‘The Seer’ that was revealed by a Stargate fan site today, will the father be Sheppard? (that’s what it said on wikipedia but I didn’t believe it)

    Oh and regarding upgraded Earth ships, althoughthey will not technically be a new class will their be any noticable cosmetic differances? And will we see 2 Earth ships fighting together in season 4? Or maybe even all 3?

    Thank you!

  34. Anonymous #5 writes: “I am a bit puzzled by your response to Alyssa’s heartfelt tribute to Torri’s acting.”

    Answer: Really? Did you happen to stop reading after a certain point?

    You know Joe, you should have gone into medicine. Sarcasm is an essential ingredient in the practice…or else you could just go crazy.

  35. Teyla in a “family way” isn’t exactly what I envisioned for her season-long, character changing arc. Its pretty bad when “developing” a female character means making her pregnant.

    Tell the truth Joe, this is your way of bring back Lucius, isn’t it? ;o)

  36. I had my 1st “JOSEPH MALLOZZI” dinning experience at Club 33 in Disneyland. It was a 5-course meal that lasted about 3 hours. The food was excellently prepared, and presented. As the courses came out I was reminded of your blog and wish I had brought a camera to document the eating experience. Overall the food was good even though I have had better tasting steak at my parent’s house at Sunday dinner. Although not a fish fan, there was this fish thing that tasted very crisp and fresh but inevitable the fishy after taste came and I couldn’t get past 2 or 3 bites. The highlight of the evening for me was the Sheryl Temple, it was the best I have ever had and was forced to stop myself after the 4th glass.
    Please let Ivon Bartok know that he is totally hot (as per your Chocolate party pic) and has a Cali girl dishing on him. Also he did a fantastic job on the special features and extra’s on SGA Season 2. I would tell him on his blog at Gateworld, but last I check his latest update was Dec 12, 2006.
    I know this is late in coming but an excellent book title for you would be “A Super Villains Guide to World Domination in 5 Easy Steps” Wordy but I believe appropriate.

  37. Hi and thanks for the job you make for the show. Some spoilers tell carter is the new leader of atlantis but where is Weir and the civil commandement on atlantis????

  38. When SG-1 was cancelled, an exec from Sci Fi said that there was a clause in the contract so that no new SG-1 episodes can air anywhere else in the States, therefore MGM couldn’t pursue a season 11 anywhere else.

    What about SGA? Is there a similar clause, or that only applies to SG-1 because of their 10 years record?

    If you know but you can’t answer because it’s confidential, I’d even apreciate a simple “Can’t answer” 🙂

  39. Hello, Joe!

    Between the behind-the-scenes pix and the food pix and your posts and Q and A’s…you have created a very exciting blog. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    I know that several commenters have asked what they can do to help keep SGA going past S4. My question is along those lines.

    Of course, I want to see SGA continue on past S4 and was wondering whether, in lieu of getting 500,000 of my closest friends to tune in next week, it would make any difference if fans of the show wrote to whoever makes the decision to cancel/not cancel, asking them to keep the ship afloat at least for a fifth season.

    I and a lot of other people see how forces beyond our control have affected the show’s ratings. Can writing in support of the show before it’s canceled help? If so, to whom would we write–MGM, Sci-Fi?

    What do you think?

    And, again, I love your blog and look forward to reading every one of your great posts!

  40. If I may?


    Two for the price of one :o) you’ve made a lot of whumpers extremely excited. 🙂

    Thank you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man.

    *sends hugs*

  41. It’s a shame the renewal of SGA depends on the ratings it gets in the Sci Fi channel, and not in the overall popularity 🙁

    According to some info I’ve read:
    SGA was the #3 download on Amazon Unbox on television downloads yesterday, and #20 overall.
    And it was #25 for television dowloads on iTunes.

    Many people nowadays choose to watch their favorite shows in this way instead of watching them on TV.

  42. Hey Joe,

    Haven’t had a chance leave any comments lately, but I do enjoy reading your posts.

    Can you tell us what month Atlantis will premier in this year?

    Also, am I the only one who finds it odd that we typically sign our comments even though we sign in with names only five to ten lines up?

    Somewhat sincerely,

  43. How about a telapathic SINGING alien dog? I think a musical episode would be great … and we already know Teyla can sing.

    Do any of the actors or writers on atlantis have any suprising additional skills?

    Check out the gummi bears themetune acapella style (watch for the key change towards the end). Very anoying, and gets stuck in your head! Not sure if you were the gummi bear generation or not, i think it was more of an 80s thing (posibly Martin would be the correct age group) it seems to be on in every country i have ever visited so chances are you get it in Caneda!

  44. Will season 4 have more SG-1 related stories and references? Will Carter speak about his earlier adventures (blue chrystals, to be the host of Jolinar, replicators etc.)?

    Will the second half of season 4 have new or old races?

  45. Hi Joe,

    Any idea why RDA was not in Unending or no mention of the Jack character? We are talking about one of the most important characters in SG-1. Thank You

  46. Half a million viewers? DONE! LoL
    I was, and will continue to be, one of those people that get Episodes from the internet BUT I am also one of those people in the ratings numbers.
    Meaning… I’m not like some people that are not well informed that ratings DO matter. So, I download the episode, that way I have it to watch later and at that moment, but I watch the episode when I see it in the programming on TV.
    Even if by chance I don’t decide to watch the episode again I always have the satellite tuned to the channel!
    Simple really, it’s not like they know I’m watching the episode or playing pc games? Eh?
    After all that you may think maybe I just don’t buy the Season when it comes out on DVD? I just burn the episodes, don’t I? NO!
    I fully support Stargate and buy the Seasons.. So, what’s everyone else’s problem? Little effort to SHOW them your support?

    That’s my two cents. Hope people here see it, understand it, and follow it because this IS the way it should be done by people that love the shows but download episodes anyway.

    Oh and it’s greatly appreciated that you keep us up-to-date Joe! None are more kind.

  47. Joe,

    1. What does your heart tell you about a season 5 for SGA?
    2. Are we going to see all three earth ships together in an eppy in season 4?
    3. What is your position regarding sci-fi’s awkward decisions regarding the timetable changes? If SGA was to be dropped, wouldn’t it be their fault for f***ing around with the schedules.

    Thanks my friend,

    your montreal fan

  48. LOL at the Teyla being pregnant. It amused me, but will it last. The pregnancy I mean not the LOL.

  49. Joe,

    I’m uber-bummed to hear about the recent ratings. I just started watching SG-1 & SGA this past summer and am now afraid that my new obsession is going to be gone before I even get a chance to be frenzied about it. *Grin*

    I do have a couple of questions too. Thanks to a couple of recent DVD purchases I’ve now caught up on the whole series. So:

    –If I’m being totally honest, I enjoy SG-1 more than SGA. That said, I think the best Atlantis episodes are the ones that feature SG-1 guest stars. In particular I thought Grace Under Pressure, McKay & Mrs. Miller, and The Return all turned out fantastic. Somehow I think the SG-1 guys make Atlantis seem more grounded and real. Are there any plans to have more crossover appearances in Atlantis next year? (I already know about Teal’c :D)

    –One of the really neat things about SG-1 is that each member had a mentor figure that they could always talk to. Jack had Hammond, Carter had her father, Daniel had Jack, and Teal’c had Bratac. So far, this is not really the case in Atlantis. In fact, everyone there is all alone. Are there any plans to introduce mentor/father type relationships for the characters there? I think it would be really interesting and would add alot to the show.

    That’s all for now. Well, I do have more questions. But I don’t want to swamp you all at once. And you might not even answer these. So I’ll end with thanks for a great show. It’s sure kept me busy for the last while.

    New Gate Fanatic

  50. so, teyla’s the one pregnant?… dang, i wanted it to be sam, with jack’s baby. :p 😀

    sally 😀

  51. As a poor college student who is completely sick of dorm food, you’re torturing me with your food pics. I hope you’re happy! 😉

  52. Teyla’s pregnant?

    I can see it now. If it’s not Sheppard’s, all the Sheylas will be sending you death-threats (PLEASE let it not be Sheppard’s… that would be so Days of our Lives…)

    If it IS Sheppard’s all the other shippers and the no romance people will be so disgusted they’ll give up on the show.

    THIS is her big character arc? This is the ‘treat’ you mentioned? It just proves that if you can’t figure out how to develop a female character you off them like you’re doing with Elizabeth or you get them pregnant… where have I seen that again? *insert rolling of eyes here*

  53. Oh Joe, the whole McKay daddy thing in the poem… please tell me you guys were planning on knocking him up, ala Trip on Enterprise? That would make my week (which has admittedly been very bad, for details that don’t need explaining at this juncture).

  54. Since we know you don’t like spaceship episodes much, can we expect less of them? And in turn more use of the gate?

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