Allow me to start off by congratulating the San Diego Chargers for reaching deep, deep, DEEEEP down within themselves to come up with a game so uninspired, so ubridled in its carefree sloppiness, that it actually proved alternately painful and unintentionally hilarious. I could find fault with the Charger’s poorly conceived use of time-outs, their sieve-like secondary, their hands of stone receiving core, or their predilection for ill-timed penalties but there’s not point in trying to pin this on a single heinous contribution. Truly, it was a team effort. And while the Patriots played a less than stellar game, perhaps suggesting they could have settled for the loss, it was clear on this day that the Chargers just wanted it more. So much for my superbowl prediction. Still, the afternoon was not without its highglights. The sushi spread that Rob Cooper put together for the afternoon debacle was excellent.

Special mention should also be made of the lunch I enjoyed yesterday on Granville Island with two friends from L.A., Vanessa and Rosemary. We ate at Bridges (they of the superior calamari) where we shared a trio of desserts: espresso creme brulee, warm pecan pie with bourbon cream, and an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce.

Back to work on Wednesday where, between interviews for the big special feature Ivon is working on, we’ll get together with James in the Art Department to discuss what’s in store set-wise for the front half of Atlantis and the SG-1 movies. On the script front, Rob has already finished his first Atlantis script and distributed copies. Carl, I know, has at least one script in hand. I’m betting Alan does too. And Paul doesn’t. Spoke to Martin today who has finished his first draft and is in the process of polishing the dialogue and, to his horror, discovering the occasional plot hole along the way (no to worry, we solved the whole dialing the gate/sending the MALP/where does the jumper go problem). As for me – well, page 42 and counting. Al…most…there…

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