David Hewlett (seemingly trying to hang himself with his own scarf above) and his lovely fiancee Jane dropped by for horror night tonight, their dog Mars in tow. Equally lovely Martin Gero and his beautiful Stephanie also came by for dinner, but ducked out before we headed downstairs for the screening. Martin claimed he was feeling unwell (as the pic will attest) but I suspect he’s just a little squeamish when it comes to scary movies.

After a casual dinner of three kinds of pizza (barbecue chicken, philly cheesesteak, and extreme peppperoni with extra pepperoni), wings, and chicken salad, we moved onto the main course: chocolate. We had French truffles, an assortment of Italian giandujas, some Michel Cluizel discs ranging rom 33% to 99% (the latter which David gamely sampled), and that assortment of macarons my sister got me for Christmas, all accompanied by a fantastic Mission Hill ice wine.

David, it turns out, is a huge fan of horror movies. He and Jane were by in November for a screening of the Russian Night Watch which we all enjoyed. Tonight, we screened a movie that David has been dying to check out for months now: The Descent. It’s rare when a horror movie actually delivers the goods, but this one certainly did. The Descent was a truly frightening film about six women who get a lot more than they bargained for when they go spelunking deep within an underground cave network. Lots of startling scares had my wife (and, humorously enough, David much to Jane’s delight) jumping up in her seat and occasionally digging her nails into my hand. CREEEEEEEPY!

And painful.

5 thoughts on “January 8, 2007

  1. I’m glad to see that you have not disappointed with your taste in Pizzas… worthy of a respectable connoisseur of all the food that matters… Buffalo Chicken!!! and with blue cheese sauce on the top 😉

  2. OMG – are they Nanaimo Bars I see David Hewlett’s fingers inching toward? I love those and, believe it or not, have made some of those scrumptious little numbers here in OZ. I surprised my Canadian friend, who nearly had an apoplexy, as she had not had them in years and could not believe I had a recipe.

    I also remember fondly when I asked her where in Canada she was from and she said British Columbia, and I said “but where in British Columbia” and she said “Oh, you probably have never heard of the place”, so I pushed her and she said “Kelowna” – well hello, SG1 fan here!!! LOL

    P.S good to see you guys washing down all that Pizza and Chocolate with a good dose of water!!

  3. I did not want to be too verbose in my last comment, so have seperated my thoughts.

    I’m not a big fan of Horror myself, however my brother loves to inflict them on me. On New Years Eve, he conned me into watching Final Destination and Final Destination 2. I had to walk out of the room on a number of “occassions”, but must admit to still coming back!

    I had no idea these were shot in Canada until I spotted Robert Wisden and Aaron Douglas.

  4. I love horror movies. It’s funny because I just watched The Descent over the weekend and was thinking about some of the production notes in the commentaries about how they worked with creating that cave.

    I liked The Descent but had a problem with the confrontation between Sarah and Juno. I did not like what Sarah did to Juno, but it also was in keeping with how the pressures of the situation was tearing apart the friendships and bringing things to the surface. I felt sorry for Juno because she didn’t mean to kill the other girl, it was an accident made in the midst of desperate struggle for survival.

    I also watched Haunted Highway (too artsy for my tastes) and there was something in the commentaries that made me think of you. The movie is produced and directed by a Japanese company and a man whose name I don’t want to mangle in spelling. Apparently it is customary in Japan for all productions to be blessed with a religious ritual to ensure success of the movie and safe keeping for all involved.

    I could just picture you going in and doing this for SGA and the SG1 movies (hey it couldn’t hurt).


  5. i LURV david hewlett! and yes, The Descent is one of the better horror movies in the last couple years. ranks up there with High Tension.

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