The Winter Olympics are coming (God help us)! Only four short years before we can once again thrill to world-class displays of athletic prowess in events such as curling, the bobsled, and the skeleton. Move over football and baseball. Here come sports that the every day individual can relate to. What child hasn’t dreamed of one day donning the skintight ensemble of the champion luger and careening headfirst down an icy slope at speeds of up to 130 km/h? Or, at one time or other, said: “Forget Playstation and X-Box, dad. For Christmas, I want a junior curling kit.”? This is a time for all nations to rise up as one and ignore the scoring discrepancies that have cast a pall over the judged events and the doping scandals that have tainted past games, to cheer on their athletes! Finally, we can once again enjoy the grand spectacle of the opening ceremonies where the spirit of friendly competition is embodied in Mohawk-sporting dancers in leotards and red-suited rollerbladers with flames spewing out the back of their helmets. It‘s a time when all peoples of all stripes come together to celebrate, be they Jewish, Muslim, or Yoko Ono. And those fortunate enough to attend the games in person can bear personal witness to all the records that will be shattered as everything from lodging to the price of a Coke achieves truly Olympic heights. I for one can’t wait.

And speaking of waiting – expect the back half of the Gates to air sometime in 2007 on SciFi, although they’ll have probably aired elsewhere between now and March (Sky comes to mind, you lucky, lucky Brits). Every season has it’s highs and lows (for there will always be the odd Instance of a Rather Rueful or Exasperating and Singularly Palpable, Occasionally Negative and Surprisingly Irremissible Bothersome Lows Engendered in any series) but both shows come back in fine form and with definite highs: Return II for Atlantis and Quest II for SG-1. Yup, that is Rick performing the underwater swim (sans stunt double) displaying an almost super-human ability to hold his breath. And, yes, that is Chris Judge displaying equally super-human ability in running, jumping and looking generally alert despite having enjoyed less than a couple of hours sleep the night before. How DO they do it?

5 thoughts on “December 18, 2006

  1. Hmmm…those words, they almost seem to form an abbreviation of some sort…strange.

    Hehe, nice one Joe. Still, I enjoyed said episode and can’t wait for the new ones!!

  2. Oh my! This is the funniest entry of this blog! (I was one of the lurkers at the beginning, but now that it’s out in the open, I dare commenting… Hope you won’t mind ;))

    Football and baseball are sooo overrated. Especially baseball (sorry, Frenchie speaking here, we don’t play baseball). Let’s teach curling at school! It would diminish violence and improve love for housecleaning. Brush brush brush!

    The second half of SGA has already started airing in Canada (lucky, lucky Canadians). As for SG1, UK will be first.
    You’re right, every season and every tv show has its highs and lows. Sometimes very high and sometimes very low but what’s important is that we, audience, get entertained during 40 minutes and forget our real life, isn’t it? At least, that’s what I think an entertainment program is meant to but I’m not a specialist 😉

  3. Hey, I really liked Irresponsible! If some people lack the imagination to mentally a replace a Dutch village with the OK Corral, that’s their problem. 🙂

    Re: the Olympics, you are truly a cynic. My first visit to Vancouver was the weekend after you won the games, and Roots already had the tee-shirts for sale. It was magical! So don’t naysay until you see the mascot and the moving opening ceremonies. Depending on how high you are, those are always great. Heh.

  4. Instance of a Rather Rueful or Exasperating and Singularly Palpable, Occasionally Negative and Surprisingly Irremissible Bothersome Lows Engendered

    Clever! – the final product didnt exactly appeal to me either. I don’t think I knew about your blog back then, wish I did though!

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