Here I sit, watching the battery recharge on my new HD camera (less than an hour to go!), making final preparations for my trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo. For the purposes of keeping a travel diary of sorts – and keeping you all entertained, natch – I’m attempting my second foray into the wonderful world of blogging. Unlike the last blog which focused on the show and its various behind-the-scenes happenings, this one will adopt a more scattershot approach, covering a variety of topics in a half-ass manner, ensuring that anyone checking it out in search of any one thing will come away feeling wholly dissatisfied or, at the very least, somewhat disappointed.

That said, for the next couple of weeks, I’ll mostly be writing about my trip to Asia and the fantastic meals I’ll be enjoying along the way. Some people travel to experience the world and its various cultures. Others travel to learn more about themselves and discover their true priorities in life. I travel to eat – really, really, really well. And, to that end, I can’t think of two better places than Tokyo and Hong Kong, a couple of the cities that make up part of my holy trinity of dining destinations (Las Vegas being the third). Among the establishments topping my “To Visit” list are Ginza Miyachiku Restaurant (which, if you believe my friend Ena, offers a terrific “steak/fat-soaked toast cracker dessert! Crazy good!”), Jiyugoaka Sweets Forest (a dessert theme park in which Japan’s top chefs show off their signature creations), and Liu Yuan (for its famed crispy eel of course).

And if I can figure out how to do it (provided I can theoretically do it at all), I’ll include some pics to accompany the undoubtedly dry text to follow.


2 thoughts on “November 21, 2006: The Beginning

  1. After viewing the the photo of the pugs in regala, I’ve decided they are secretly planning some sort of revenge upon the house while the owers are away for making them pose in these costumes.

    Have safe and food filled trip. Can’t wait to read more:)


  2. Joe, I envy you and and LOL, I do the same thing, when people come to visit me I prepare a culinary tour and then maybe there might be some time to go to a couple of museums (of course they have to be close to a restaurant) if you ever want to go to Madrid, let me know, I had it all mapped out, restaurtants, site seeing, tapas to the minute when I used to live there… of course, you have to be ready to gain some pounds, otherwise it’s not fun.

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