SG-1! Atlantis! TimEscape! Dark Matter!

The results are in and, well, was there really any doubt?  Window of Opportunity steamrolls over Moebius Part 2 to stake its place in The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament semifinals.

And, for the early looks of things, The Fifth Race could well be on its way to an equally impressive win over Ripple Effect.  But there’s still plenty of time left in this one so head on over and cast your vote:

I’m thinking that once our Final Four have been established, we should do a re-watch and share our thoughts here on this blog and over on twitter.  I will, of course, try my best to rustle up whatever dormant memories remain in the dusty cupboards of my mind related to said episodes.  Like, for instance, did you know that before it received its official title, a certain time loop episode was referred to as “The Groundhog Day Episode” for the longest time?  Or that when we were having trouble securing the okay to feature Froot Loops in one scene, the coordinating individuals suggested we use Cheerios instead?  The Fifth Race was before my time on the show (my then writing partner and I joined for SG-1’s fourth season), so I may have to ask writer Robert C. Cooper for some interesting insights.

We could do one episode a day.  Who’s in?

And while we’re taking a trip down memory lane…

In other potential sci-fi show related news, fans set up a twitter account for my formerly Untitled Awesome Project, aka TimEscape, late last week and the follower count has already topped 1k!

I appreciate their optimism and, as always, the overwhelming support.  And promise that I’ll share details on my prospective new sci-fi series as they become available directly with TimEscapeHQ so click on the link to follow as well!

Oh, hey, having covered SG-1, Atlantis, and TimEscape in this post, why not round things out with a couple of Dark Matter BTS clips as well…

See?!  He’s fine!

Nyx vs Miaski rehearsal.  Fight!

Rehearsing the Kill Them All sequence.

Name another showrunner who spoils you so!

August 30, 2019: Sci-fi and Vietnamese drinks!

And the quarterfinals of the Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament have begun!

First up is a battle of two time travel-themed episodes: Window of Opportunity vs Moebius Part 2.  And, by the early looks of things, it may be a blowout.

Head on over to twitter and vote!

Yesterday, I asked “What draws you to science fiction?” and received many terrific responses.  One recurring element in a lot of your personal stories was the fact that a family member either shared your love for the genre or introduced you to it in some way.  So, today’s question is: “Who introduced you to sci-fi?”

Wow.  TimescapeHQ nearing 1000 followers in less than two days.  Not bad for a show in early development!

In my case, it was my mom.  She’s not much into sci-fi but a firm believer in reading and while I was growing up, she would gift me the classics: Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Ellison, etc.  In fact, many of those vintage books still sit on my mother’s basement bookshelf.

Yesterday, we went out for lunch with one of Akemi’s absolute faves: actor Mickeey Nguyen (Make It Pop, Z-O-M-B-I-E-S, Utopia Falls).  Following a veritable Vietnamese banquet at Oxtail Pho & Banh Mi, we walked over to Coffee Daklak for Vietnamese drinks.  I usually get the Egg Coffee (espresso topped with whipped egg yolk and condensed milk), I recently discovered they do an Egg Chocolate as well (chocolate topped with whipped egg yolk and condensed milk).  Mickeey had the Egg Matcha.  Akemi watched.  None of us tired the “cat’s poop coffee”.  Maybe next time.

Maybe not.

In addition to acting, Mickeey also teaches dance – and one of his classes happens to be Kpop Dance!  I told him I was going to join, maybe start easy with Blackpink and eventually move up to intermediate Momoland or advanced Everglow.  If this whole writing-producing thing doesn’t pan out, I’d like to be in a position where I can transition seamlessly into a second career as part of a Korean boy band.

Fan Support! A Sci-Fi Survey! And the SG-1 Elite Eight!

Wow.  Tuesday I mentioned that Playback article detailing some of the projects Vanessa Piazza and I have in development, among them a sci-fi series called TimEscape.  Well, yesterday fans, clearly impatient for another rollicking sci-fi show, got the ball rolling by establishing a TimEscapeHQ twitter account.  It’s early, as several pieces still have to fall into place, but who’s going to argue with almost 500 followers in less than 24 hours?

So, if you love Stargate and Dark Matter (and, for that matter, other fun character-driven sci-fi adventure like Farscape, Firefly, and Cowboy Bebop to name a few), click on the link (or visit @timescape_hq) and give them a follow.   Get the early scoop on what will no doubt become your new favorite sci-fi show!

I’ve already mentioned the things that I think make for a great science fiction series: action, adventure, humor, twists, turns, surprises, a compelling character-driven story, a sense of friendship and family.  But I’d like to know what draws YOU to sci-fi.  Especially fans of Stargate and Dark Matter.  What was it that you loved most about those particular shows?

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!


Now, on to the Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament!

Ripple Effect’s close shave victory over Foothold (51%-49%) closed out the first round of our Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament.  The initial field of 16 has been halved and starting tomorrow, the Elite Eight will face off in Quarter Final action.  The advancing episodes have been re-ranked based on total votes received in first round action.  So THESE are your second round match-ups…

#1 Window of Opportunity vs #8 Moebius Part 2

They’re two of SG-1’s most humorous episodes, yet both invariably deliver an emotional punch as well.  Can Moebius spring the upset on the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut that is WoO?

#2 The Fifth Race vs #7 Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect has its hands full taking on another big first round winner in The Fifth Race.  But do a roomful of Carters and underwear Cam have the fallatus to take down the Asgard?

#3 Lost City Part 2 vs # 6 Heroes Part 2

It’s a battle of the Part 2’s, both written by Robert C. Cooper and both hugely important episodes in the Stargate: SG-1 canon.

#4  The Pegasus Project vs #5 Children of the Gods

On the strength of a solid upset victory over favored Abyss, The Pegasus Project sets its sights on the pilot that started it all: Children of the Gods (both written by Brad Wright).  This one may well go down to the wire.

So, place your bets!  Who will be in our Final Four?

And who’s up for a Final Four rewatch?

August 28, 2019: Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

These were my favorites…

Action Comics #1014 (cover art by Ben Oliver)

At the End of Your Tether #1 (cover art by Deena So’Oteh)

Avengers #23 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Batgirl #38 (cover art by Joshua Middleton)

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2 (cover art by Sean Murphy)

Black Panther #15 (cover art by Daniel Acuna)

Books of Magic #11 (cover art by Kai Carpenter)

Captain America #13 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Daredevil #8 (cover art by Chip Zdarsky)

Doctor Strange #18 (cover art by Jesus Saiz)

Fight Club 3 #8 (cover art by Duncan Fegredo)

Just Beyond: The Scare School (cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco)

Manor Black #2 (cover art by Tyler Crooks)

Martian Manhunter #8 (cover art by Joshua Middleton)

Marvel Comics #10000 (cover art by Mark Brooks)

Marvel Comics #1000 (cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco)

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #42 (cover art by Jamal Campbell)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #46 (cover art by Rahzzah)

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica (cover art by Fay Dalton)

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica (cover art by Cat Staggs)

Spider-Man: Velocity #1 (cover art by Skan)

Spider-Man: Velocity #1 (cover art by Gabrielle Dell’otto)

Spider-Man: Velocity #1 (cover art by Adi Granov)

Thanos #5 (cover art by Jung-Guen Yoon)

The Terrifics #19 (cover art by Arist Deyn)

Tommy Gun Wizards #1 (cover art by Declan Shalvey)

So, which were your favorites?

August 27, 2019: Stargate and other shows!

Well, there you have it.  Children of the Gods with the relatively easy win over 2001, moving on to the next round of the Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament.  Only one spot remains to be claimed and two fairly evenly matched episodes are going to battle it out:

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Someone mentioned this article online today.  It’s a profile/interview with my friend (and former Lost Girl and Dark Matter Executive Producer) Vanessa Piazza.  Previously, the article was only available to subscribers but now it is free to read here:

How Vanessa Piazza Keeps Her Shingle Steady

It’s a great read and includes this giant tidbit of information –


I’ve already mentioned these three projects shortly after this article was first published: TimEscape, Little Heaven, and Crosswind.  All equally exciting.  All in various stages of development.  The latter two are collaborations with the authors, and both have been an utter delight to work with.  Craig Davidson, aka Nick Cutter, author of Little Heaven, is one of the fastest writers I have ever worked with.  He turns things around faster than I do – which is saying A LOT.  And it’s all been brilliant – and downright scary.  It’s been an equal pleasure to work on Crosswind with writer Gail Simone and artist Cat Staggs, both legends in the comic field and incredibly smart, supportive, and very funny.  As for TimEscape, it’s a solo original and the closest thing I would compare it to would be the fun and funniest episodes of Stargate and Dark Matter: Window of Opportunity, Moebius, Ripple Effect, All the Time in the World, Isn’t That A Paradox?  And, at the end of the day, it’s a show with a ton of heart.   So… fingers crossed.

So, I’m thinking of doing a taste test of the city’s best fried chicken sandwiches.  And then I came across this article today:

Apparently Popeye’s can’t be bothered to introduce its chicken sandwich to Canada.  WTF?

August 26, 2019: And so begins another week!

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament is in full swing and these are the first round results so far:

#1 seed Window of Opportunity defeats #16 seed Urgo

#2 seed The Fifth Race defeats #15 seed Solitudes

#14 seed The Pegasus Projects with the upset win of #3 seed Abyss!

#4 seed Moebius Part 2 defeats #13 seed Threads

#12 seed Heroes Part 2 upsets #5 seed 200

#6 seed Lost City Part 2 defeats #11 seed 1969

Presently, #7 seed 2001 and #10 seed Children of the Gods are battling out for the second to last spot in the quarter-final round.  Click on the link below and cast your vote!

I woke up this morning to this sitting in my inbox:

This takes me back: 

Aloysius P. Hazzencockle vs Ali Abbas

Baron Destructo vs Martin Holme

Cookie Monster vs James Williams

Ah, good times!

True this.

In addition to work on my various projects, I’m also trying to add two songs a day to my Kpop playlist.  Discovering new songs I like is harder than I thought.  Suggestions?

Finally, my Snow Monkeys had their first fantasy football draft of the season.  THIS is my team in the League Accommodation:

Yes, yes.  I’ll eventually get around to picking up that kicker.  But in the meantime – what do you think?

August 25, 2019: Not quite Suji Sunday!

So, for some reason I assumed yesterday was today and ended up posting Suji Sunday a day early.  To tide you over until next week, here is a pic of Suji being lazy.  Full disclosure – it was actually taken yesterday.

Add the above to the ever-growing list of Akemi-isms.

As I aim to be in L.A. the final week of September, I really need to nail down my dining destinations.  This one is already at the top of the list…

Tonight marks the kick-off of the 2019 Fantasy Football season – much to Akemi’s chagrin.  I’ll be managing my Snow Monkeys in two leagues and, of course, plan to win both.  Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to do any pre-season research, so if you have any hot takes before 8:30 p.m., let’s hear’ em!


August 24, 2019: Suji Sunday on Saturday!

All day, I’ve been operating under the assumption today was Sunday.  So much so that I published this week’s Suji Sunday post a day early.  Enjoy – while I consider what I’m going to post about tomorrow.

Okay.  Now what?

Suji complaining.

Hey.  Hey!  We’re going to Fan Expo!

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament is in full swing.  And it’s coming down to the wire in on first round match-up that sees Moebius Part 2 with a slim 2% lead over Threads with less than 3 hours to vote!


August 23, 2019: Whirlwind Day!

This morning it was work, workout, and walkies.  Then, taco lunch with friends followed by chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered pistachio gelato bars and…

Fan Expo!


These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

The Green Room.

Somebody help me move this bar cart into the lobby.

This kid’s a natural!

Then, it was another round of walkies and dinner…

Note the Gudetama theme.

And, finally, it was a brief walk over to SOMA Chocolates for…what else?

Oh, and pistachio gelato.

I capped off my day with more walkies…and work.

BIG upset today in our Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament!  

I honestly thought Abyss was positioned to take it all.  But #14th seeded The Pegasus Project had other plans!

The tourney continues and, once again, the underdog is ahead…but not by much!  Click on the link or head on over to twitter and vote!


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August 22, 2019: Lunches! Lunches! Dinners!

Today, I had lunch with former Dark Matter line producer Norman Denver.  Yesterday, it was lunch with Utopia Falls writer Andrew Burrows-Trotman.  Tonight, it’s dinner with former Stargate Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper.  Saturday, it’s dinner with writer Gail Simone.  

Lunch at Buca with ABT!  We killed those desserts!

Aside from all the eating, it’s also all systems go on the development slate.  Three pitches more or less locked down, and two to go.  But perhaps more important than nailing down those pitches is nailing down the restaurants Akemi and I will be checking out while we’re in L.A.  Any recommendations?

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament continues!  The Fifth Race secures its spot in second round action with its big win over Solitudes.


Next up, it’s Abyss vs The Pegasus Project.  And it’s surprisingly close early on.  Click on the link and cast your vote:


August 21, 2019: Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

These were my favorites…

Aquaman #51 (cover art by Joshua Middleton)


Fearless #2 (cover art by Yasmine Putri)

Grayson: The Superspy – Omnibus (cover art by Mikel Janin)


James Bond 007 #10 (cover art by Khoi Pham)


Spider-Man: City At War #6 (cover art by David Nakayama)


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #35 (cover art by Ashley Witter)

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #2 (cover art by Ben Oliver)

The Sandman vol. 11: Endless Nights (cover art by Dave McKean)


Tony Stark: Iron Man #15 (cover art by Rod Reis)

Vampirella #2 (cover art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau)

Wonder Woman: Year One (cover art by Nicola Scott)

So, which were YOUR favorites?

P.S. Window of Opportunity is moving on to the next round of the Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament!

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.05.07 PM.png

Next up, it’s The Fifth Race vs Solitudes.  Cast your vote!

August 20, 2019: The Stargate SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament is underway!

11 hours in to our 24 hour poll and Window of Opportunity is showing why it is the #1 seed in the tournament, opening up a huge lead over its opponent in this round, Urgo.  

If you haven’t voted yet, click the link or head on over to twitter and cast your ballot.

Tomorrow, #2 seed The Fifth Race faces off against surprising #15 seed Solitudes.  I have a feeling this one’s going to be much closer.  Could there be an upset in the making?

I’m thinking that, once we get down to our Final Four, we should do a mass fan re-watch of our semi-finalists.  What do you think?


Lately on twitter, I’ve avoided all of the political discourse in favor of the far more heated debate on fried chicken sandwiches that has pitted Wendy’s and Popeye’s in online battle.  Coincidentally, two weeks, Business Insider taste-tested fried chicken sandwiches from eight different fast-food chains, and THIS WAS THE RESULT.

I am…unconvinced.  So much so that I think I’m going to do my own taste-testing of the eight candidates.  Maybe sometime next week?  Who’s in?!

Another big story today is the news that Disney and Sony couldn’t agree on a deal, thus putting Spider-Man on the outs in the MCU.  Frustrating for longtime fans, yes, but there’s a silver lining in that this opens the door to the long-overlooked Japanese Spider-Man from the 1970’s.  I mean, who doesn’t remember THIS – ?

No?  Are you sure?  Come on, have some respect.  He fought a transformer!

Lately, I’ve been a little…exhausted.  I’ve been averaging about four hours of sleep a night and have now resorted to sipping chamomile tea before bedtime.  I’ve cut out my afternoon espresso zabaglione and keep my melatonin pills handy.  And still, it takes me forever to fall asleep – only to not stay asleep for long.  So, what sure-fire remedies would you all suggest for sleeplessness?  


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August 19, 2019: The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament is set!

We have our last two contestants.  The field is set.  Here are your first round match-ups:

#16 Urgo vs #1 Window of Opportunity

The hottest episode coming into the tournament, Urgo rides a write-in vote and upset victory in the playoff round to capture the last seed.  But it has a tough first round match-up against Window of Opportunity, a perennial Top 5 favorite that sailed into the tourney on the strength of a commanding seasonal win that saw it garner 71% of the vote.

#15 Solitudes vs #2 The Fifth Race

Shippers, rejoice!  The Sam and Jack-centered Solitudes defied the odds and secured one of the last playoff spots as a late wild-card.  But it’s going to have its work cut out for it up against one of show’s seminal episodes.  Will The Fifth Race, another longtime Top 5 favorite, secure the victory or are things going to get cruvis?

#14 The Pegasus Project vs #3 Abyss

Two of Brad Wright’s best SG-1 episodes go head to head.  On the one hand, you’ve got that much-anticipated SG-1/Atlantis crossover; on the other, there’s Jack and Daniel and, also, Ba’al at his nefarious finest.  Still, Abyss may be the odds-on favorite to not only advance, but, perhaps, win it all.

#13 Threads vs #4 Moebius Part 2

Coincidentally, two of the episodes that wrap-up the Jack O’Neil era of SG-1 face off here in first round action.  Which one will have the final word in the tourney remains to be seen, but if there was any match-up that was primed for an upset, this would be it.

#12 Heroes Part 2 vs #5 200

One of the saddest episodes of the franchise’s 17 season run goes up against, arguably, one of its finest as fans are asked to choose between the poignant death of Janet Fraiser or puppets and invisible Jack.

#11 1969 vs #6 Lost City Part 2

The more humorous episodes continue their strong showing in the tourney with time travel romp 1969.  But it is up against an enormously significant episode, rich with mythology – and boasting one of the greatest space ship skirmishes in franchise history: the Battle of Antarctica.

#10 Children of the Gods vs #7 2001

It’s the one that started it all vs. the encounter that may have ended it all via a massive bio attack.  Although 2001 is the higher seed, Children of the Gods is in a great position to pull the upset here.

#9 Foothold vs #8 Ripple Effect

Two classic sci-fi concepts – alien invasion and alternate universes – go head to head in our final first round match-up.    Foothold was the surprise winner of the season 3 poll, edging out Nemesis by a mere 1% of the vote while Ripple Effect eked out a somewhat easier win (by 3% of the vote) over Camelot in its seasonal match-up.  Both episodes are a lot of fun and clearly have a lot of fans – but it’s the end of the road for one of them here.

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament kicks off tomorrow.  Follow me on twitter (@BaronDestructo) for the latest – and don’t forget to vote!

Finally, while we’re on the subject of Stargate, I hear that Ben Browder’s latest movie, Hoax, is being released tomorrow and is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Epic Film’s Dread Central.  Check out the trailer.


August 17, 2019: The calm – and octopus balls – in the eye of the storm!

Over on twitter, four episodes are battling it out for a wildcard spot in next week’s Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament.  Seven hours into the voting, and it’s surprisingly close.

Have a feeling this one is going down to the wire.

Rainy day here today, but we took advantage of the occasional sunny breaks to take the dogs out – and us over to the Chinatown Festival where we enjoyed giant scallops, molten takoyaki, various meat sticks, lobster dumplings, banh mi, and my favorite: the pistachio popsicle!

Oh, hey, here’s some interesting new:

James Wan To Produce Horror Camping Movie The Troop

If The Troop sounds familiar, it was one of my recommended horror reads back in the day – written by one of my very favorite horror author Nick Cutter (aka Craig Davidson)…

…who I also happen to be collaborating with on an adaptation of another one of his novels, Little Heaven.  Perfect timing as Craig and I are just finishing up our pitch for the project.  If all goes as planned, we’ll be taking taking it out next month.

Spent the better part of last night watching KPop videos.  Now, I can’t get Blackpink, Fanatics, Momoland, and BewhY out of my head.