5 thoughts on “October 27, 2023: Tastiest parts of the chicken ranked!

  1. When I was a kid, my mom use to cut up and fry a whole chicken. It was THE BEST – with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a slice of bread. I’d be first to the table, beating my 4 brothers and dad, so I could grab the wishbone first. I prefer the white meat so my top 5 parts would be:

    the wishbone
    breast fillet

    I can’t believe your list! You are so weird! (the neck??!, feet??!, BUTT????!!!) 🙂

  2. #1. Chicken livers sautéed in a salty butter.
    Or Chicken liver pate. Usually on a thin sliced peeled cucumber
    and topped with bits of marinated roasted red bell pepper meat or
    with marinated artichoke mixed into it.
    #2 Thighs.
    #3 Drumsticks.
    #4 Skin. My favorites are crispy, salty, and spiced up with various seasonings. Or with italian seasoned bread crumbs baked on to golden brown perfection. Albeit it’s really good as soft skin in homemade chicken soup considering I make my soup with extra bouillon cubes and add lemon juice and onion to the broth.
    #5 Wings. Especially yellow mustard and butter wings!

    By the way: Very clever to think of offering to pet sit your neighbors dogs until you can find Sharky the perfect permanent supportive sibling.
    I’m sure he is absolutely loving the company. xoxoxo
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya that you find the perfect support companion to adopt soon because me spidey-senses are still signaling once he’s grown fully accustomed to getting attention and treats all day and his pupper pals have all gone home
    Akemi will start having to bring him into the bathroom with her whenever she goes to take a shower or else learn to tune out frequent barking and whimpering.

  3. Gots an idea.
    No idea if it’ll work.
    Albeit, easy enough to do
    and most definitely worth a try.

    Have Akemi record her voice on her phone talking to Sharky.
    Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.
    Just stuff like
    There’s my handsome Sharky!
    Such a good boy Sharky is! etcetera. etcetera.
    Then she can set the phone outside the bathroom door
    with her voice recording playing back on auto loop
    when she goes to take a shower.
    If it works to keep him calm. The next thing you should try is a longer recorded dialogue played on loop. Or maybe?, playing some of Akemi’s longer already recorded you tube videos set up for all her vids to auto play in chronological order,
    while you two very quietly tip toe out the front door leaving him alone
    in the apartment. Stay out in the hallway, standing very quietly so he doesn’t hear you,
    for ten minutes. If you don’t hear him bark or cry, it works.

    Another thing to try is playing a bunch of different music to see what songs & sounds
    seem to perk him up and make him happy. Once you find something he likes
    try putting him in the bedroom alone a few minutes per day with the door closed listening to his favorite song. This might do the trick for allowing you to resume some of your normal routines outside of home such as your weekly trips to grocery markets and other places where he is not allowed to go, without worrying you’re going to return home to find a scared, upset, puppers.

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