It takes me forever to start a script and sometimes, if I get bogged down on a scene, may take me weeks to figure it out.  Yes, as I’ve already said, writer’s block is a luxury problem experienced by unemployed writers – and I do indulge every so often when I’m working on my originals.  But as I draw closer to the end of a script, any script, I pick up the pace, completing portions in huge chunks.  7 pages one day.  12 another.  Today, as I raced toward the ending of my latest pilot, I completed 21 pages in a single day.  And I now have a first draft.  Still kind of rough.  Still a few plot points to work out, a little dialogue polishing to do.  But I’m hoping to complete that tomorrow and then send it off for feedback in the coming days.  It’s the latest in a surprisingly productive year for me: three pilots, two features, several deals, a few prospects and, of course, zero green lights.

Yesterday, I likened advancing in your screenwriting career to this –


Once I’ve sent off my script, I’ll refocus my efforts back to my #CrimeBinge.  Once I hit 50 series, I’ll put together my Top 10 list.

Looks like I can add dog sitting to my list of varied accomplishments.  For three days last week (and this week) we looked after a cute Pomeranian in the building.  And tomorrow is the first day of a 10-day stay for a neighbor’s pug who will, no doubt, love our pudgy Sharky.

I’m considering a second career.

Finally, today’s blog entry is dedicated to a most beautiful dog, my sister’s husky Fernando, who crossed the rainbow bridge last night.  I was looking forward to him meeting the equally vision-impaired Sharky over the Christmas holidays but now, I’m hoping Suji isn’t giving him too much trouble on the other side.

11 thoughts on “October 23, 2023: Yet another one to toss into the maelstrom!

  1. Great to hear about all the productivity – it’s keeping me inspired! Looking forward to seeing something new of yours grace the screen sometime in the near future 😀

  2. So sorry to hear about Fernando. Hugs to Andria.

    Nice that you’ve been offering to pet sit. I’m sure Sharky is much enjoying the company. xo

    Have you picked out his halloween costume yet?

  3. Aww, sorry to hear about Fernando. He seemed like a sweet dog anytime he got mentioned in the blog.

    I will be cool for Sharky to have a stay-over friend so soon! He’s getting all the socialization a pug-about-town could ask for!

  4. I’ll miss seeing Fernando pictures when you visit with the family. Very sorry for your loss, Andria.

    I hope Sharky likes the new pet you’re sitting. It might be good company for him. He seems so chill. Does anything make him feisty?

    On his background, I bet he got away from someone and they gave up looking for him. He’s an old dog, and nearly blind…. I’d be looking for him high & low.

    I’m always telling people to microchip their pets but not everyone listens. If I had a dog, I’d get one of those iTags, too. (they are too big for cat collars)

    How’s the weather there? It’s nearly 32C here. I put my summer clothes away too early.

  5. Are you an outline or treatment kind of guy?
    Or do you whiteboard stuff. What is your process?



    1. I outline, but my outlines tend to be fairly detailed. I then essentially write the scene in my head, the dialogue rhythm, before sitting down and actually writing.

      1. I guess that if you outline it must add at least several days, maybe a week to the writing process.

        1. Yes, but saves you having to do a major rewrite if there is a structural issue.

          1. Thanks for these replies.
            I was reading a Stargate script the other day and I wondered : why did you write in Times New Roman and not in classic final draft format?

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