Sitting at the airport waiting for our flight. Moreover, we’re so early that we’re actually waiting to see if we can get on the earlier flight. I am exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed – for the next three nights, and then it’s off to LA to pick up a pug. Or two. The plan is to adopt Sharky from pug Nation of LA but, just in case, we’re traveling with an extra pet carrier and have booked room for 2 dogs on our return flight. You never know!

Blogging via the app on my iPhone has not been ideal. My posts don’t appear. Then they disappear. Then I try to post again and they disappear. And then I share my post and it still doesn’t appear. Then three different entries suddenly appear out of sequence. I’ve got to come up with a better system before Monday.

Which happens to be my birthday as well as our wedding anniversary. I’ll be celebrating by waking up at the crack of dawn after a doubtless sleepless night after which I’ll spend a couple of hours in line and waiting, the mom a 5 hour flight before touching down on one of my least favorite cities, Los Angeles. I informed my agent last minute (in response to a related question he had) so that he would t have time to book me any pointless meetings. Dinner that night will hopefully see us catch up with a Dark Matter cast member, approximately three weeks after our dim sum lunch with the ever awesome Zoie Palmer. It’s nice. I’ve kept in semi-regular touch with every former Raza crew member. A truly great bunch.

Why pay to see the truncated 3 and a half hour version when you can wait to see the 9 hour director’s cut.

See you in Toronto!

So, what’s I miss while I was away?

14 thoughts on “October 13, 2023: Homeward Bound!

  1. Joe,
    We’re moving to a retirement community next week, after six months on waiting list. Still in San Antonio. Email me if you want the new address.
    Best, Gilder

    1. @Gilder Hope the move goes okay and the new place works out well for you and hubby. Hope you’ll update us whenever you can. xo

    2. Message me with the address through Facebook. Best of luck on the actually moving part. I hope you guys settle in. I’d love to maybe come see you and a few other friends in SA next year sometime.

  2. Sharky will have a wonderful life with you and Akemi. If you rescue a 2nd pug they too will be lucky to have you as parents.

  3. So cool to hear that you’re still keeping in touch with the DM cast. There will always be a small glimmer of hope someone in my head for some kind of resolution that the cast can take part in.

    I’m very excited to hear how the pickup with Sharky goes – and if he’s coming home with a companion!

  4. Glad to hear you survived your NYC walkabout.
    Looking forward to hearing the details for better or worse.

    As far as blogging while traveling goes …

    WP has an auto scheduler so you can write posts in advance,
    on your laptop at home,
    save them in drafts,
    then schedule when you want them to post.
    It’s supposedly fairly easy to use but if you have any difficulties
    just ask one of your next door neighbors or Ivon downstairs if he’s home
    this weekend? to help set it up.

    pleasant dreams xo

  5. Can’t wait for all the NYC pictures and commentary.

    Good luck on your LA pug hunting adventure. Can’t wait to see one or two new pugs lounging around your Toronto apartment.

    I realized it is quiet and I miss you when you don’t blog or are not on Twitter.

  6. So let me see if I can guess here.
    If you’re exhausted and left for the airport super early.
    It probably wasn’t from the walking all over the place, because you walk all over the city in Toronto on a semi regular basis, as well. So I’m going to deduce that you picked a mediocre hotel with an uncomfortable bed? And when you got to the restaurant you selected for your first nights meal you had a long wait for your food and not so great customer service?
    Hopefully the meal was at least tasty though??

  7. Kinda makes you miss some of the covid days, yes?

    I can’t wait for news about Sharkey (and friend?).


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