6 thoughts on “October 9, 2023: Recent Yes/No’s – Pick the Best and Worst!

  1. Pick the Best and Worst? Ooooo-kay…

    Best: Honey Cheese Cake
    This can NOT be bad.

    Worst: 3D Printed Meat
    Surely that’s not where we’re headed?! Please Lord no!

    Runner Up Best: Deviled Egg Burgers
    Could be a great (and easy) party appetizer!

  2. Peach Caprese? Yes.
    Honey Cheese Cake? Yes.
    Devilled Egg Burgers? No. How about Scotch Egg Burgers? Yes!
    Ghost Pepper Whopper? No.
    Sake Coffee? No.
    Ping Frosting Creamer? Sure, why not.
    3D Printed Meat? I’m sure vat grown would be nicer.
    Chocolate Moussed Latte? Not a coffee fan. Chocolate Moussed Hot Chocolate? Hell yes!

  3. Big Yes to honey cheese cake, Chocolate moussed
    latte and deviled egg burger.
    Bigger No to everything else including
    3 d printed meat. I’m sure some will say “tastes like chicken”
    even though it really doesn’t.

    Wishing everyone in Canada a safe, happy, Turducken Day! xo

  4. Hi, I got problem to send comments since a while and don’t know why. hopefully I will se this one!

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