The Tower (2021-2023) – First season

After a long-serving cop and a teenage girl fall to their deaths from a London tower block, Detective Sarah Collins investigates the dark heart of policing.

My thoughts: Logic goes out the window in service to a social justice message.  Pass.


Love/hate (2010-2014) – First season

The story of the organized crime scene of Dublin is revealed, centered on Darren, who wants to stay out of trouble but ends up returning to his old habits and his old gang.

My thoughts: The visual style is dated and the soapy elements are a little much at times, but the characters are great and the story is compelling.


The Responder (2022-) – First Season

A crisis-stricken, morally-compromised first-responder tackles a series of night shifts on the beat in Liverpool.

My thoughts: Bleak.  Not for me.


Guilt (2019-2023) – First season

Two brothers accidentally run over and kill an old man. They cover their tracks, but their lives start to fall apart when neighbors and relatives of the dead doubt the way he died.

My thoughts: Maybe on or two too many twists in this darkly humorous Hitchkokian thriller, but it’s loads of fun.


Line of Duty (2012-2021) – Season 1

Drama series following the investigations of AC-12, a controversial police anti-corruption unit.

My thoughts: A terrific set-up with some great twists and turns, but marred by plot conveniences.


2 thoughts on “September 19, 2023: The Crime Binge continues!

  1. Joe, your comments on the British crim shows is bob on. Bleak is a perfect word to describe them and, if I am honest, it pretty much sums up most of our TV output especially on the BBC.

  2. Jeff, being 100% Irish (DNA proven), will watch anything about Ireland, so I’ll let him know about that one.

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