Today, we took Suji to another vet for a second opinion.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we fear that Suji’s neurological condition is worsening and a creeping paralysis is working its way through her body,  making chewing and swallowing difficult.  Lately, this has manifested in nasal discharge and choking.  So Akemi and I are faced with the tough decision.  Given her condition, we figured she had maybe days left at most…

BUT, miraculously, she seemed to bounce back today – as if she knew we were taking her to the vet.  She demonstrated a good, healthy appetite, cleaning out half of the clinic’s collection of beef treats, and displaying NONE of the symptoms that had us worried over the past couple of days.  She seems to be back to her old self.  Almost.  Somewhat quieter but certainly less sniffly.

So, for the time being, we’re going to keep an eye on her and play it by ear.

Thanks to everyone who posted and reached out with well-wishes and will keep you posted on our feisty, cantankerous gal.

12 thoughts on “September 15, 2023: The Suji update!

  1. I am so glad to hear that you will have some more quality time with Suji. As long as she is happy and feels safe, rock on! I wish someone would carry me everywhere, prop me up on comfy cushions, and hand feed me nutritious morsels!

  2. Very relieved to hear Suji is feeling a bit better today.
    Hugs n much love to You, Akemi, and your gal today and always. xo

  3. Glad to hear she feels better today. With all the special attention you and Akemi give her, hopefully she will surprise you and stick around for a lot longer. I think I recently read of a 24 year old dog, so she can do it too!

    (Finally figured out this leaving a comment thing and having to log in now. I use my email account. It is just different than what it use to be. But I’ll get it done. Don’t know if it is a WordPress change or my old computer acting up.)

  4. It’s powerful how this little squirt has worked her way into my heart. I just went through health traumas with my Frenchie Lola. I am 100% in your corner. She is one lucky pup. (Wish she was still a pup.)

  5. So glad to hear she is doing better today! We just lost our Goldendoodle a few months ago, so I know how important it is to cherish very day.

  6. I think that’s a good line to draw. The fact that she still has an appetite (and ability) shows that she’s still enjoying life. Every story has an end, but whenever that is I think you can take comfort in knowing that Suji has lived her best and fullest (18 years!) life. Love to you, Akemi, and Suji.

  7. That’s such a relief for you both xxx You’ll have to tell the little furry lady that she’s going to the vets every day!

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