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Canceled But Shouldn’t Be – 20 Canceled TV Shows That Need More Seasons

Fantasy Football kicked off this past weekend and the Snow Monkeys look like they’ll be winless in both leagues.

Looks like it’s going to be a long season.

Uh oh.  I could be in trouble.  New bakery opened up within walking distance of my place and it’s REAAAALY good.  Pictured above: the Kouign-Amman, the pistachio-chocolate croissant, and the triple chocolate croissant from Geste.

In the meantime, I have commenced my CrimeBinge starting with a few of the shorter shows.  Have finished four.  Thought two were okay.  One was awful.  And one was fabulous.  Once I have one more under my belt, I’ll post the reviews and scores here on the blog.

Today’s Yes/No…



7 thoughts on “September 11, 2023: News of Note!

  1. Yes to all things Geste.
    Pass on the caffeinated instant noodles.

    Hey Joe, I haven’t seen it, and may just skip it, but just outta curiosity
    did you ever bother watching the Dexter-New Blood mini series?

  2. Hey, Gang. Need your help deciding on what to make for a lunch gathering.

    Do you all remember Naomi? The fellow cancer patient and sculpture artist
    who was pretty much the only one who completely understood
    how unnatural and uncomfortable the mastectomy bras and prosthetics made me feel
    so she made me a unique custom made prosthetic.
    Her sister invited me to a ladies luncheon gathering where the pun intended theme is
    All Things Stuffed. Everyone is bringing a dish. Thus far on her rsvp buffet menu:
    Stuffed artichoke. Stuffed sweet peppers. Stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed avocado. Stuffed onion. Stuffed fruits. For the meat dish – Stuffed free range small game hens.

    So what do I make that fits with this poke fun theme menu that is also delicious?
    I could do stuffed grape leaves but there is only one place to get fresh grape leaves here
    and it’s fairly far away. I was thinking maybe? Mini stuffed cabbage rolls. Or maybe? Stuffed pasta. But what kind of pasta or cabbage? And what do I stuff it with? Preferably something non red sauce based.

  3. How can they have a “Cancelled but shouldn’t be” list and not include Firefly? Outrageous! I enjoyed watching Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies back when they aired but don’t remember thinking that they needed more seasons. Also, could they have picked a more boring still from Dark Matter? They make it look like some sort of office based corporate drama.

    Those pastries look amazing!

  4. Oh, that triple chocolate croissant looks like it would be worth the plane ticket to Toronto.

  5. I’m leaning towards the pistachio-chocolate croissant. Which one do you and Akemi favor?

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