The t-shirts I ordered finally arrived!

Which is your favorite?  I’m partial to Roxxon Oil!

It sounds like utter bullshit to me so I checked the article that cited a news release that cited the study – but clicking on the link led me to this –


The results to this poll were very interesting…

Thoughts?  I’d be Team Supervillain all the way.


A lot of interesting responses to this one.

Someone asked me Why? and I told them that, drawing from my own experience, I can readily conclude that these individuals are untrustworthy.

Is this guy ever right about anything?

From the aches and pains department…

Speaking of potential aches and pains…

Today’s Yes/No…




2 thoughts on “September 1, 2023: News of Note!

  1. Jim Cramer was shown to be wrong on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2009. He is trying to be people to join his club on investments.

  2. I’d be a superhero.

    Flavor I miss the most: Chicken & dumplings that my mother or grandmother used to make (not sure which one).

    Painful part: Currently? My ankle, back, knees. Why: Partial tendon tear & walking funny which is hurting my back and knees. Also have avascular necrosis in both knees so that isn’t helping either. Fortunately, my broken ribs seem to have finally healed. Then I have my chronic back pain from the cauda equina syndrome surgery & subsequent giant pseudomenigocele that had to be surgically removed which has left me with spinal arachnoiditis. Fun times! What am I doing about it: OTC meds, ice or heat, physical therapy.

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