5 thoughts on “Auditioning Advice for Actors!

  1. Don S. Davis told me that auditioning is like fishing. Worrying about the ones that got away is a waste of time. (Paraphrased from memory)

  2. I’ve often wondered with some of my favorite shows, who else tried out for certain parts. I think it would be interesting to know but they seem to keep this a secret unless someone confesses themselves what they auditioned for a part and didn’t get it. My favorite part in The Fabulous Baker Boys is the audition for the new girl singer. A couple I thought would work until Suzy Diamond walked (stumbled) in. Lol

  3. It boggles my mind that people would show up to what is basically a job interview either drunk or stoned. Now that I think of it though, there were a few interviews that I was part of where we basically cut the thing short because yeah, nah. No sense wasting their time and ours.

  4. I don’t know if the Twitter (X?) integration is working properly on this page. I only see the even numbered tweets (Xes?) except for the last one (#19) which appears as a screenshot. Normally I see a screenshot for the odd numbered tweets and text underneath for the even numbered tweets.

    The same thing happened on your “Breaking into the industry” post.

    Is it just me or anyone else?

  5. A very interesting thread!

    I had a friend stay with me last weekend. We shopped/ate our way through the area.

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