6 thoughts on “Some of my favorite buildings in Japan!

  1. I love them all. Architecture is so beautiful and interesting – especially if it’s surrounded by an awesome landscape. Buildings have personality.

  2. My favourite would be Tod’s – Omotesando. I like the tree-looking design of the facade.

  3. Yes, I think the Louis Vuitton building is gorgeous. That’s my favorite of that group. My least favorite is the Mikimoto. Unless you tell me their jewelry comes in boxes that look like that building. Then it would be cleaver and cool.

    You didn’t say why you like them. What attracted you to these buildings.

  4. They are all very interesting and appealing in their own right. For my more traditional favorite, I choose the Wako – Ginza. For modern architecture, it would be the Louis Vuitton – Osaka, which looks like ship’s sheets full of wind. The Tokyo Station – Chiyoda, while beautiful, is ultra traditional and expected, making it a tad boring when compared to the others.

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