Hanging out with coco.

Two old-timers commiserating.

Suji continues to slow down.  She now sleeps through most days….

She’s also having an increasingly harder time chewing and swallowing.  We suspect it’s the neural paralysis that robs her of her ability to walk that is slowly working its way up her spine.  So this is how dinner usually goes now…

Stil, she’s happy, seemingly always hungry, and always up for a good massage…

She’s pretty demanding, but still a sweetheart…


One thought on “August 13, 2023: Suji Sunday!

  1. Awe, poor Suji. This brought a tear to my eye. But then I thought, no no, don’t feel sad for Suji. She has a great life! At least the second half of her life. She is shown unyielding, unconditional love and gets the best care possible. Anything she needs she gets. Her mom and dad plan their days and activities around her. I bet if she could tell you, she would have no regrets about her life. Suji’s early life is what led to you, Joe and Akemi. So I will, like you, enjoy Suji for however many more days, weeks, months, years she has. Thank you for sharing her storybook life.

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